Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 24, 1912, Page 14, Image 14

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"r l Milk I i s l r
I Shoes, m'm' m I w V ftrial t
A New York Manufacturer Accepted a
I Considerable Loss When He Sold Us These
600 Serge and Wool Dresses
t run wuincn ana husses
t Made to Sell op to $10 and $12.50, Wednesday at $3.98.
t Tou would declare they were excellent value's at $10 and
$12.50. Scores of smart white and colored sergea,
6triped worsteds, whipi-ordg, etc. plain tailored and
fancy trimmed wool frocks for every oeea- AQ AQ
sion. The season's most attractive, bar- Zkfl JlS I
X gnin. nt .'
i 18 inch Cambric Embroidered Skirtings and f
! Cirset Coyerins, lany WorthZUc,itlUcyd. I
Also fino Nainsook and Swiss embroidered edgings, in- I
Bertions and galloons big bargain square piled , I A I
hieh with wonderful bargains, at, yard ......... IvC J
27 Inch Swiss in. Batiste Embroidered Floucinfs
Also 22-m. allover embroideries choice, new designs ;n I
eyelet, floral and new combination effects; worth QA. J
T ii n tn T.'w n vard on hifir bargain souare. at vd.. . . T
y - X ' -" - r f 7 ' -
Great Values in Black teUti Ribbons
No trimming is so much in vogue as ribbons for mil
linery purposes, sashes, dress garnitures, etc.
We offer this splendid oppornnity to purchase our
best quality black velvet satin back ribbon at the follow
ing low prices:
No. 12
20c yd.,
$1.90 bolt
No. 16,
25c yd.,
$2.25 bolt
' No. 22
29c yd,
$2.75 bolt
- No. 40
45c yd.,
$125 bolt
No. 50
55c ydL
$5.25 bolt
No. 30
39c yd.,
$3-75 bolt
No. 60 .
65c yd.,
'$6.25 bolt
Elegant quality High Luster Taffeta Ribbons Splendid
millinery ribbon, 6V2 inches wide in black, white, old
rose, cardinal, light blue, at per ' . . (- 29C I
Warp prints in floral designs, 5 inches and 6 . 9Cd
inches wide unusual values, at per yard . ."v t
' Sashes and hair bows made free of charge.
Tkursday We Will Sell Thousands of Pairs i
- 01
High and Medium Grade Shoes
Bought from, a Prominent -Eastern Maker at a Most;
Extraordinary Sacrifice -
8m them In tba window. They are all alt and all good, up-to-date
styles. Ton can set torn bit bargains Thursday.
f InBrandeis Bargain Basement
Flowers For Trimming
Thursday la our Millinery Department, second floor, wa wtll aall
209 doses (eoulna Imported American Beauty Roaea, bou(ht ot
Altken Soaa Co., Broadway. New York. Both the
large alngle roaea and tba cluateri ot all roaea, worth
up to at.
Throughout This Entire Week
Special Demonstration and Sale of the Famous
.Mia White, apeclal representative from 'the makers will be la
oar Corset Department to explain and demonstrate the superior
advantages of this renowned comet. Yon wilt find her advice aad
her service ot great value la the eetectloa ot the proper model.
I yjy cause
Sell Pictorial Review Patterns Be-
They are the Best Patterns Made.
Ten S. 0. H. Green Trading Stamps
FREE to All Wednesday
But In order to art them Tom aut Mag yon book to the Premium Par
lors, balcony. Main Floor. If yoa are not now a collector of 8. ft H. Green
Tredlns Bumps, we will elve you i FREE STAMPS for every book yon wish
to art. Alao thoae who already have booka and wlah to atari new omea
ran awure the JO free stamps. If they eeme to the Premium Ierlora
Wednesday. Remember
10 Free Stamps for All Your Old Books
And 20 Fret) Stamps for All New Books
We are Are Pleased to Announce. In Connection -
With the Closing Out of the Suits Left From
Our Big Sale of- Last Week, a
gU-Sale of 200 Suits
grV Worth From $25 to $35 at
.r l nese suits were snipped 10 us
I by our New York office, being a
' u share of. the entire stock of a
J manufacturer whose business was
i a1
jeopardized Dy a DreiiK in tne
market-remarkable values in ev
ery way. The choice of this purchase,
and the aulta left from the big aale ot
last week, ahould bring every woman
In need of a new suit to the atore early
Wednesday morning.
They are made of Scotch mixtures,
serges, diagonals, cream-white cloths,
eto-ln fact, nearly every cloth, shade
and style that la desirable may be
found la tba assortment.
Wool Serge Dresses. $9.95
This price, too, had been brought
'about by a large purchase from a prom-
inent maaer. 1 uere are unpen ana
'jl "plain aergea trimmed with laces, braids
ana biibb. values irom a is.qu to vio.ev
-slies for women and misses.
Lingerie and chiffon walata to go
with the new tailored aulta are priced
as followe-Ungerle waists in all of the
choicest styles, IMS. $2.76, z.a,
13.15 and ap to 121.00; chiffon waists
In fancy and plain styles, fS.OO to
$13.00 each.
m7 If
Advance Notices of Special Sales i
Hundreds of Woaea't Tailored Suits
All correct New Spring Styles- White Serges, Pine :
Stripes, Mixtures and Plain Colors Many worth
' double the price we wiD ask Saturday , "
Notable Sale of Men's Suits
You Will Easily Save at Least $5 on Each Suit
You Buy Here Saturday at , -
$9.75- 011.75-$14.75
See the Windows Watch for Later Announoemrita.
Watch Our Advertisements for Particulars of the
Sale of a Great Purchase of
18.000 Bunches of Imported Flowers
and 3.000 Untrimmed Dress Hats
To Be Offered Beginning Friday. April 26th
The prices will be lower than the maker s actual coat ot pro
duction. Watch our window displays, read the advertisements and
plan to be among tba first here Friday morning.
New Corsets for Summer .
Many of the Lines Shown in Our
Corset Dept. are Exclusive With Us
It variety were tta only claim to distinction, the
Bennett corset department would occupy an en
viable position, but even mora Important than the
number ot branda It displays is the worthiness of
those branda-tha discrimination wa have employed
In selecting them. ,
Evmt Una we carry owes Ha presentation by us to
ome feature In Ita construction which la better than
the averac and, In the rut ot a number or th.m ot
unusual eacellenee, wa hav. the eictualre sals for this
dir. Chief amoaf the yartoua llna are
Madam Grace Corsets at $3 to $25
American Beauty Corsets. $1 to $5
which-we are enowln -In many variations of the low
buet and long hip etfmta-tha lateet lUctum or Pans
faahlona. TtitM corset. how the work of a manter
dxlsner and builder In ev.ry lln. and bit of material.
All are elesantly trimmed, boned with non-ruatable bon
Ina. equipc with ood how aupportar. and made
to .ol every other comet offered at a elmllar price.
The eervlcee of our eapert eenettnes are entirely free.
Notion Bargains
Tat Wsdassdsy Only
SOe bolts white or colored embroidery
-edflntm, four yama 10 ine eon,
10c holt, of finishing braid,
vara, to the bolt
t .pool. Mack darnlna- cottim
tc cards nickel plated aafety pin..
f or
WIm K. tr tihB Mfku . 0
tee-yard apool m.chin. thread, black
' or white, all number., t for
lie silk alaatle remnant., ail con.
for 4.
Ironing Was ,....
Stationery Specials
19 8. M. Rthi Tradlar ataatpa
yree wua Baea ei ae ceuew
, laa Barratasi
Three nackarea shelf paper In a.'
sorted colore .....f.lOo
Roll lunch paper 10s
I OS decorated napkins 10a
Pn.ic.rd albunia that will hold 199
cards for toe
1 tuu-kaae. anvalooea. commerce
.lie for lOo
Box of fine atatlonery 14 .heel, of
..r.. with 14 envelone. to match in
each box Wednewiay lee
2-lb. Can triTJl Coffee ir.am4".52c
And Other Pure Food bargains for Wednesday Only
Amnrtad teas
tamper lb.
Tea elf lln
atampa, lb. ....
H-lk. can black pure
pepper and t pa.
if IkeTeraaalatei
fee loa
Pint can Oallbird'a pure
olive oil reduced to 0e
Larae can (inlder'a pvrk
and beana and e
itc Jar Bl.hopa Cill-
forala fruttate ....aae
rull cream rheeM ena
1 lb. ... aae
Uc buttle large Queen
tie can Llbby'a llarpy
Vale awarasua
t mi Kversreen corn
and rtampa. can toe
One dnaen boxea aafety
ntatrhee for be
1 ran. Eal. Lye and
. IS atampa .. .as.
Lea Perrin'e taLpovted
Worre.ter.nire raura,
bottle for te
la ban'a Bar
ral. Seep fer aa
Bonelees sardlnea and
IS aiampa. ran ....las
Peanut butter and la
atampa. Jar lae
Quart bnttt. malt
cider Vlnecar and IS
limM for
Carpentere ekinlesa flea
and 30 stamp., can too
1-ltv roll Premium but-
tertne for
1-lb. r Bennett'a Cap
itol eats, 10 et'pa. loa
t Iba. o Jap rice.
fFaney Red River potatoes, peck
large buncbea radisne
. .40c
. .10c
. .S5c
. .10c
lba. extra choice new potatoes . . .
Fancy Florida tomatoea. In.,.,....
Lane cucumbers, each . .'
1 buncbea new beeta or turnipa ,.10e
Larae. iuifj lemons, doten we
Our famous Redlanda ormngea-tne finest
arown 'anywhere-per dosen,.15c, roc, gnc.
30c and-. ....w..: S3c
1 lbs. Corned Beef ... , . .25c. j fcamburger, 3 pounds, 25o
3 lbs. Country Sausage 25c J Pork Chops 15c
Hotel Zmplra.
Sew York City.
Aprs lata, uia.
Omaha. aTefe.
I as yr--r tke folio wlnf araelaa
fey expraea te be elaaaed aa retanaa
sooa aa poeslsla to the above addraaa:
a areases. 1 Iriak Mee eeuar aaa
4 pain of gtovea.
aeepeetnuy yean,
Mia. W. X. Orsaaay,
Oreasey fe Days.
Aad agatat
Xotet Baddtana.
trl..eapoll., Ktaa.
v.Mh atb. 191a.
tkt Faatoriaxa,
Oataka. area.
I am eeaalag fey ex pine has oom
talalag the fellewtag arttelea to fee
i WMt Bhewl. 1 rtlk
crepe aaawl, palra of gloves.
neaae revor. ve ax
pie T beaux, Betxett.
auMpemauy ywmra.
Kra. W. xt Oieaeey.
u.-v. hAn dninc Mrs. Creaaey'a
work for ten yeara and ahe thlnka
we are the best In the country, ao
aenda her work to us clear from
New .York, or any otner city
where ahe bappena to oe piajiug.
II. tiav bnnftreda nf CUScOmert
.h.etrip.1 neADle who aave
their work for weektWore reach
ing Omaha In order -to nave, re
cleaned at the Pantorium.
i wank we cleaned part ot
MBtirta AHnm'. wardrobe, and the
week before we cleaned the entire
wardrobe for the Spring Maid
company. It being the aeeond time
we have cleaned it tnia season.
We do all the cleaning for the
Brandels, Boyd's, Qrpbeum ana
American theaters.
yi-a mum .la.nlnv and dve-
f. UU .U H . V. .. o '
ing In our plant every week than
la done In any other two plants
in Omaha and . wa do It better.
We. have the equipment, experi
ence and competent help.
Any atatementa made In our ad
vertising, are true and we atand
ready to prove them at any time.
Just now we are cleaning lota ot
house furnishings, such aa por
tieres, draperies, pillow, atand
and couch covers, earpeta, ruga,
curtains, etc. Ask our driver to
quote prices on all your work.
w. na. the latest methods (ex
cept the "hot air" system), and
nroduca work that cannot ba
equaled in Omaha. Try ua.
-Hood Cleaaera aad Iryera,H
1515-17 Josea BU Both Phones,
Cases cfthgi CesB
onsABLt-a twt cLtV - I
. rwo men is aa-'
Bew prlsur rraxta aad J
Spinach, per perk aOa '
New aprlng onions, dos. . .10.
Klne Juicy lemons, dux. ...too
Rerlland orancaa, par doa. toe, i
so. and 1
PYeah roasted peanuta, qt 0.
Dtrawbarrtee, Muahreoma, To- I
matoea, Egg Plant, Jiadlva.
Celery, ate.
1. t and 1-qL "North Pole- Ice .
teanv Preeaar, each gl.10,
tl-SO and ai re
to "Mule Team" Boras pkg. 10a
Fancy Bankets, all kinds and
colore, each ....Ida to Aa.00
All alxaa Automobile BasHota,
awoh 070 to ae oo
"Brownie" Dustleaa Duatera
and Bruahea, each .... Ma ap
Ik jar Houthwell's Kngllxh
Marmalade IT Ha
q tyutajj esa
VValit A-S
mm 56 as as
gffiss mm s
r-immm e e b 'a s n S Ss
I wajjtitffwrtawrtHie r
La Salle Station
(In the Heart of the City) : ;
Only Itatlon en BUvsAOd Ballway Xioov
Chioago Terminal Rock Island Lines
' Electric Ughted tralna with drawing
. room and stata room sleeping cars, .
observation cars and dining cart
every day to Chicago.
Chkafo Limited KcT Itmittii tmitei
Leaves . t.Og p. m. Utvea . lS:Ma.m.
Arrlvea . 8:0 a. m. Arrive . 1:00 p. at.
Other tralna at well.
Ttclott, reseipufiont, in:ortnotim
J. 8. McNAIiLT. rf
DiviaioB Fasaenger Ageaat
1822 Farnam St, Cor. 14th
Phones: BU ft 4M; lad A-4411
The safe beer for all the family
Old Age is Invaluable aa a tonic, perfect as a
food and delicious as a household drink.
keeps pure beer pure. Old Age la
always good and wholesome, whether
exposed to the light or not. Accept
only Amber bottles.
gouth Omaha WM. JETTER, 2502
W t. Phone No. MM.
Omalia HI GO F. BILZ. 1324 Doug
las Bt, Phone ltoaglaa 1342.
Jetter Brewing Co.
The Very Latest In
White Footwear
Thi will be a "white" season.
White footwear ; is saiictiorjed - for
street costumes of every shade and ,;'
color. Never before hav we dis-; ,
played such an assortment of
OxtOrds, Pumps, Colonials and High Shoes
in White Nubnck," White Linen,' etc.
Our generoui stook includes
and all. widths from AAA .to E
so that a correct fit is assured. Let
us show yon while assortments are
1615 Ct. DOUGLAS.
. I ts -
r " -
A Wonderful Little Hand Sewing Machine
' t
aatSsMaMaMaTal te9
Kealaat eaBiaaad daaial ofTVa as
Oaaa. Hlsben craAe dcotutry at
liaimaMi pnoaa. I'm uslala fUl
tnaa. jut lUa tba tomft. Ail l
siiMiiiais eanrelry atarliasd attar
avk oparattoiav
Ovrsar Mta awdl
Famaus Lock Stltctl
A Stitch 1 V?7 sewing awis. noney
W-. N!aa-
in Time -
' SiresV ... ; ' " -'"C -77
. . SewsLcather
Sud Is
THE MTERS FAMOUS LOCK STITCH SEWING AWL to the original and only one of tta kind ever
laveated. It la designed for apeedy stitching, to be aaed by all classes, the tocxpcrrrwccd aa weU at Ua
tnechaalc. Ita ilmpllcity make it a practical tool for all kiada of repair work, even In the hands ot
the moat unskilled. With this tool yo can mend harness, ahoes. tenia, awnings, pulley-be Ita, carpets, -aaddlea,
boggy tope, suitcases, daahboarda or any heavy material. Toa cab tew up wire cats oa nortee
and cattle therefore the veterinarian and stockman Indispensable. The patent wcedle as aim.
smmmI pot n't and avtU cut throagh the thickest of leather. H has groove to contain the thread, raa
Blag the fall lewgtli throagb the shank, overcoming any daager of cutting off the thread wheat eewiag
heavy material.
The reel rju-ryijig the waxed thread la la a aaost ro-aveaiesit positloB awder the ftajrers' eada. ao
that the tension can be controlled at will by a atmpto atovenent of the fingera oa the reel and the thread
can be taken up or let out as desired. This feature is very eaaewtial ia a device of thia kind. These
are exdaalve feat ares: Convenient to carry Always ready to mead a rip or tear la any wrgetary
Toole In the hollow of the handle Assorted needles A aupply ot waxed thread wrench and screw
driver combined. .
Wa want yoa to have thia useful tool.
Wa will give it to yoa FREE, If yoa will send as 11 1 for a year a subscription to The Twentieth
Ceaiury Farmer. - - -
Aita The Twentieth Century Farmer, Omiht, Sek.
j HsPlsSa3sBaoaB