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The Omaha daily Bee
Entered at Omaha postoHice as second
class matter.
Bandar Bee, on jrar -C.w
Ssturday Be, one year J1 "
t-elly Bee (without Sunday), one year.JtflO
DaBy Bee and 6unday. one year te
Evening Bee (with Sunday), per ma...Z
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Dally Bee (without Sunday, per mo - ;
Address all complainu or trresu.aiilles
Id delivery to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft, express or postal order,
payable to The Bee Publishing company.
Only J-cent stamps received In payment
of small account. Fsrsonal checks, ex
cept on Omaba and eastern eicuange, not
Omaha The Bee Building.
South Omaha-23I N St.
Council BluUs-Ti St
Lincoln-X Utile Bulldlnf.
Chicago IMS Marquette Building.
Vlnui ritv Hlianea Building.
New York-34 West Thiriy-tiurd.
Waanlsgtan 72 tourteentn oi..
Communications relating to new and
mstlrr should be addressed
Oman Be. Editorial Depart menu
n.. - v.K.kB County of Dougla. SSi
Dwlsht Williams, circulation manager
f Tbe Be Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the average dally
circulation, less spoiled, unused and re
turned copies, for th month of March,
mf. was "51)W,0HT WILLIAMS.
I . circulation Manaser.
' Subscribed In my presence and sworn
So belor me this 1th dsy of April lsia
i Saeaerlaer leavlaa the elty
t scesaarerily shoal have Tk
tee suited tk. Address
, wUl a ekaaced as oftea as re.
: - Aad the coat-tail candidates hung
Now to recall a
few court decl-
lfanklnd Is deeper than ever In
debt to MarconJ. , .
When doe Brother Underwood ex
pect really to start?
It's a far cry from an April primary
to s November election.
Th cost-tall , hangers certainly
played In luck (or once. '
We can 'readily do without a re
turn engagement Of lack Frost. ' '
ilj:. i .3
Into the jaws of death rod the
2,100 and out came but one-third Of
Tbe world-wide grief over the vic
tims nay also be fitly described as
Tltnntic. ' 1 . '
The political ambition of some men
ends with having a E-cent cigar
named for them.
"Champ Clark Runs Llks a Hare,"
says a headline. Not even a hound
dog eould catch hitt).
A few rapturous notes from our
own Governor Aldrlch are about due
m .ectant people.
In Illinois a cabman is running for
congress. No matter how dark the
night, they will never lose him.
A woman in an ; eastern' city
been fined $100 for gossiping.
'other blow, to women's rights. . '
. ..... M'M -"T " - '
e Ths people do rule, hut Tom Black-
turn persists that his platform ts
:kalded en the rock of eternal truth.
1 Tr. . whom 1 Murphy?" Im
udntly ask, th Washington Post.
.Why. for Mltther Murphy, of course.
e Second beat in the municipal com
'Aisslom plan kandtcap Is scheduled
J to Mar 7, Coming fast snd not far
' -
Whil'Goveraos, Wilton and Jlar
'mon were quarreling over Nebraska,
' ipeaaer ' Clurt slipped' In between
them. s ,
what would happen if someone
walked Into the White Stsr Line of
fice and began calling tbe passenger
foil of the titanic? '
Senator La Follctte will be more
certain than ever now that k would
itave won out In Nebraska had not
in colonel followed in his trail.
' It U said that J. P. Morgan has
a mobbed la Flereace. Showing
bat sreat art collectors, like proph
ets, ar not without honor sav in
their own countries.
A fine golf course, an elegant
pronwnad, a luxurious palm garden,
delightful swimming pool, a breezy
tennis court, a modern theater all
the on board, but not enough life
y all means a campaign publicity
law for presidential candidate and
on that will apply retroactively for
this campaign. ' W may yet learn
who 1 paying for all those special;
trains. - ' '
, With Bryan and Hitchcock both
hoea delegate to represent Ne
braska la the BsKlmore convention
ander Champ Clark instructions, thst
: "question of honesty" wtU aUU re
maia unanswered. ' '
Baldrige for Congress.
Out of the triangular contest for
the republican nomination for con
gress. Howard H. Baldrige emerges
with a substantial lead over his com
petitors, and It will therefore be Mr.
Baldrige who will trr !t out with
Congressman Lobeck for the seat now
beld by the latter.
This congressional district, consist
ing of Douglas, Sarpy and Washing
ton counties, is naturally republican.
and by right, .hould b. represented
at Washington by a republican. The
truth is Congressman Lobeck is there
now, not on his own account, but be
cause he was carried along on th
democratic ticket as beneficiary of
the wet and dry fight of two years
ago. In which the democratic candi
date for governor was the rallying
point for the liberals.
On the relative merits and abilities
of the men Congressman Lobeck will
have no license to win out over
Baldrige. Mr. Baldrlge's position In
the business community, his standing
at the bar, his good record In other
public offices snd his services to bis
party and to the public mark him as
the man to redeem the district to the
Chief Donahue Again Vindicated.
Chief or Police Donahue has again
been handsomely vindicated by the
decision of the supreme court in bis
favor in the ouster proceedings in
stituted against him by direction 'of
Governor Bhallenberger. The court
plainly aays tbst, notwithstanding all
the noise and froth In the hearing of
the charges, no case was established
showing anything like willful neglect
of duty that would Justify an adverse
finding. ' 1
Everyone in Omahs knows that the
city has never hsd a more faithful
and efficient head for Its police de
partment than It has today In Chief
Donahue, and that the constant war
fare waged upon him emanates from
sources that would use the position
for their own selfish ends. Everyone
here in Omaha also knows thst the
chief ha been made to bear the brunt
of this attack as a scspegoat for
others with whom responsibility
rests; that the . charge were
originally drawn to Invoke ouster
proceedings sgalnat the mayor and
police board members; that Governor
Bhallenberger' for purely political
reasons exculpated tbe mayor at the
outset, snd later upon legal advice,
annulled-th proceedings so far as
they related to the police board. Un
der such circumstances to hold the
chief of police culpable for the gen
eral policy of the department directed
by tbe mayor nd police commission
ers would have been an unmitigated
outrage. , , -y
Chief Donahue Is to be congratu
lated on Ml 1ndtoatlon, but no more
so than is Omaha on the assurance
of the continuant of his services. I
Work for Worker.
The San Francisco Chronicle de
clares that the league formed In that
. I(y,,(i)f ,,'ttao ostensible purpose qf
helping the "unemployed" Is hurting
the city by disseminating exaggerated
reports snd ststements of the number
of Idle men and the lack of employ'
mcnt In San Francisco. The Chronicle
says the governor of the etato had
an offtlcial investigation of the em
ployment situation made In that city
with a result demonstrating that the
condition is entirely normal, that no
more -men are Idle than Is natural at
tlila time of the year. It that Is true,
KnitthJiig should be done In Ess
Francisco's behalf to stop this black
washing of the city abroad by soma of
its own citizens. That is one of the
pernicious' evils, though, that many
cities have to put up with and the
strange thing is that those who give
their home town thin damaging pub
licity always seem to find some ex
cuse of reform or philanthropy In
Justification. But It la quite probsble
thst the unemployed In most If not
all cities will liuve a call to 'work
when the 'great construrtluD. cam
paigns of the railroads and other big
builders begin. The Burlington sys
tem recently gave employment to
6,000 men and advertised for an
other J.000 and that number will be
multiplied many times 'by sll the
western roads before long.
The Fame of Industrial Peace.
No news from the coal mine con
fereare these dss mar be considered
good news. The longer the confer
ences contiuu th loafer a strike Is
averted. Messrs. Baer and White, the
respective mine snd union leaders,
will achieve a fame for themselves of
sn enduring character If they succeed
finally In securing permsnent pence
snd no fame either or both might
achieve through the channels of a
disagreement or a strike would be
worthy a comparison with this fame
of Industrial peace.
To add to the other deterrents
thst stand between business and nor
mal prosperity in this eouatry Just
now, a tieup of the coal mines would
be a little more than a patient and
forbearing people should be called on
to suffer. The public finds Itself slow
to respond to appeals for sympathy
on either side ef this controversy; Its
sympathies lie alongside of Its
Interests and that la on the side of
peace snd Industry, against disorder
snd a strike.
It Is quite, probable that any strike
precipitated st this time ef such gen
eral effect as a coal mine strike
would fall to arouse much public
sympathy and the same may be said
of the pending troubles between the
eastern railroads and their engineers.
That does not mean that public senti
ment would necessarily be against the
employes, but it means that public
sentiment probably would be very
much outraged at the failure of the
factions to overlook selfish Interests
for the time being and sacrifice
something In behalf of the larger In-
I'"18' that ffectin the whole pe
The Thief of Time.
Without wishing to excuse offense
In the old rogue, we may admit that
procrastination la not alone -the thief
of time. The fellow who drops in on
you during your rush hours, when
business Is piled a foot or two high
before you, and takes as much of
your time as your patience and good
manners will permit you to grant
blm, where does he come in? Over
your desk you have that fine pungent
little motto:
This Is my busy dsy.
On the wall to the rear is another
one, reading:
Talk fast; that's the wsy I work.
And yet your visitor tarries and
talks, not faat, but long. In addition
to being a thief of your time, he
might, by a more vulgar classifica
tion, also be denominated a boor.
Time is golden. It k old, but true.
Yet with what astonishing profligacy
It Is wasted, by all of us, no matter
how furious th pace with which w
work. It Is not always the bead
burled In a huge pile of papers at
tbe deck that le most Improving the
time. Psrt of that time, perhaps,
should be spent In resting that weary
brain, or that tired body, as a pre
caution for the future. So It comes
by that on may be his own Ihlef of
time, and that, too, when he Imagines
himself most honest and prudent with
every moment at his command.
But the commonest waste of time
which most of us make Is the failure
to get out of each day and each hour
all that we can. Constsnt progress,
larger efficiency, should be tbe lauda
able ambition of every man and be
who neglects to improve tbe proces
sion of opportunities as they come
falls to achieve the end he had
aought. That Is a wast of time, quit
as much as that of procrsstlnstlon or
of th "friend" who ha Just dropped
In upon you.
To a man up a tree, that vault fix
ture deal for our new county court
bouse exhibits at least enough cir
cumstantial evidence to arouse sus
picion that th fixture men bad
started out to do some fixing In ad
It has been noticed that April Is
stealing, a march on Jane as th
merry month of matrimony. Perhape
Ihwijnsung folk wish to get these
Httle- preliminaries off hand before
the' June conventions.
Th' steamship owner, tbe auto
scorcher and every other - speed
maniac who gambles with death usu
ally loses and the great sad fact Is
he has not the power to pay for the
Mr. Morgsn Is 75. Tet for an old
gentleman he seems to be quite ac
tive. ImiaartalKr of Trwtk.
Philadelphia Bulletin.
Th psalmist's reference to th peril of
thus "that s duwn to th sea In ships"
Is a applicable today a when David
penned It.
Irrtfr t tk Daweikter,
New Tork World.
At a reception In Washington th repre
entatlve of th Daughter of th Ameri
can Revolution are said to have worn
nior than worth of Jewels dis
play their grandmother would have re
tarded a a revolution Indeed.
iMifrly feacrlfld ( Lexary.
Pittsburgh Dispatch.
The world ha heard much about th
Tltanlq's outdoor gymnasium. Its multi
plicity of bathtub. Its swimming pool. Its
ballroom and It other striking features,
hut a proper supply of lifeboats would
hav been a more sensible kind of equip
ment. t'lrlaa: oer the Herder.
Philadelphia Record. .
War ran be waged overhead as well as
on terra firm. It baa therefor beeej
determined by th War departmeat that
aeroplane ar sr material, and may wot
b shipped acres the border Into Mexico
under present revolutionary conditions In
our nelshbor republic.
Crael as tk urave."
Chicago inter Ocean.
Nature, or whatever you choose to call
her. I far from being the loving mother
eh t e often called. Though a cap.
rlcloua as furtune at times. In general
she Is as cruel a th grave. 8n seldom
pardons s mistake and Is wont to exact
full penalty.
'lark ml a Itesra Palais.
Philadelphia Prea.
Sara Invest atlw Ints tke lugk coat
of Uvtng In New Terk has revealed the
fact that certain kinds of supplies passed
' through twelve hand from th producer
I e tbe consumer. This explain st least
some of the trouble. Jt is scacrted that
a on of these got more thn a reason
able profit, but twelve reasonable profile
en any article pile up and
esw hardly fall te asaka ultimate coat un
reasonable. Win Pradariloa aad Tesaeeraa.
SH. Lewi Oleb Bissau at
Franc take the lead af all other coun
tries tn wtae rvnductlaei, wltn Italy aa
tta etoseat competitor, for itu there a as
a total of l.tT.rf.J cations of win made
In France, valued at P"4a,ni iB l.!,
th prodaetioa of win (or I'll wa 1.111.
tiLM gallons. There arc ever U.aeJ
acres ef land in Italy set apart for wine
grap cultivation. It la the knast of both
tkea st wlne-praduring nations that
then- pcop.e are more temperate than the
aver ei outer civilised peoples.
HiisDav in Omaha
April 23.
Thirty Yean Ago
Donations to the child' hospital dur
ing March are acknowledged by Sister
garah in charge, including among ether
thing.-: fatiuge from Mrs. Harris, a
parcel of baby clothes from Mrs. Bal
combe, one bushel of potatoes from Mr.
Byron Reed, six sheets from Mrs. Wool
worth snd two Jar of preserves from
Mr. Parker.
The St. Joseph hospital fair at Crelgh-
ton hall closed after two weeks of un
precedented success, with net proceed!
expected to exceed b.OM. Article voted
away brought the opera bonnet to Mia
Maggie Dalton, a carriage whip to W.
A. Paxton. th stole to th Holy Family
church and th fir king's desk to F.
J. Meghan.
A pleasant entertainment took place at
BrowneU hall with musical and essay
number by Mia Cody, Miss Thomas,
Mis Latham. Mis Hagsr, Ml Unlnger
and Miss Spark and closing with a
drama entitled A Cup of Tea" pre
rented by Mis Ambrose, Mis Li singer
nd Miss TarbelL
Th old and reliable jewelry and music
house of Max Meyer Pro., have again
placed Pease White, jr. la charge of their
piano and organ department.
For th four weeks ending today
twenty-two marriage licensee were Issued
by the probate court as Indication of
brisk work by Dan Cupid.
Th sportsmen encamped on the Raw
hide ar having a jolly time.
Tenth street below Jackson Is consider
ably cut up now for th laying of water
Th North Presbyter an church wa
ready for the plasterer, who are asked
te put In bids for th Job.
The walk acros the Ninth atreet bridge
ha bean put In excellent condition by
order of the city council. It ha not
been in such good shape for four years.
Pred Llnherg. the . Union Pacific
blacksmith, Is th happy father of a
tan-pound girl.
Deposition are being taken In th
ess of W. 1. Connell again! th Penn
sylvania Railroad company. In which th
plaintiff sue for I15.900 for being put off
train when he held an unlimited
ticket. ...
Twenty Year Ago
' Washington hall waa densely filled
when Chairman Dave Mercer called the
county convention to order. Chrta Specht
nominated J. h. Carr and D. U Johnson
of West Omaha nominated Kra P. ftav-
age of South Omaha for temporary chair
man and Savage won. Harry Counsman
and Charley Potter were elected tem
porary secretaries, Th temporary or
ganisation was mad permanent Re
sponding to a call Edward Rowatr
addressed th convention and declared
bis readiness to support th choice of
county, stat and national coeventlona
Th bollrmkrs gave a Mg ball at
Washington hall. Jamas J. Fagan was
master of ceremonies and Ed Kennedy,
Mstt Tnughten, James H. Whales. J
J. one snd ethers hsd active place on
th program.
Will carleton, th creator of "Betsy
and I Ar Out," delighted an Immense
audience at the Teung Men' Christian
association. - -
Fred 0. Matturwe, cashier of the Bup
llngtoa general passenger department,
wa. It wss announced, elated for tbe no
sltlon of J. R, Griffith, traveling passen
ger agent, wbe was promoted to Chicago
J. B. Reynolds, It wss stated, probably
would be transferred to th territory :
of th river.
H. H. Henderson, who had some excit
ing business experience In Omaha and
had gone te reside elsewhere, waa ex
pected to return to this city snd resuras
business connections
Tea Year Ago
Th thirty-first snnual meeting of th
Woman' Presbyterian Board of Missions
of th Northwest convened at th First
Congregational church. Rev. Jt M. Ste
venson of the Second Presbyterian church
presided at th opening session. Among
th speakers were Hera, J. N. Hyde of
India, H. O. Underwood of 8eoul, Korea,
and O. F,'Knauer of Batanga, Africa.
Th weather Hid a' back action atunt
fur Omaha, which gave alternating cur
rent ef hot and cold. The mercury ran
up to S3 and then suddenly plunged down
to SI and the wind rose and fall about
th cam way. '
Fred Loew returned to Omaha from
Milwaukee and resumed bis old place in
the Brandel etore.
Mr. A. T. Plgwarl proved to on man
that it pays to be the wife of a policeman.
At midnight Mrs. Sigwart heard the
wrong kind of a not at her front door.
1115 South Fifth street, mat fired through
tlw window. Later eh went out te ex
plore and found large spots ef bleed on
her front porch. .
The young people of the St. Mary Ave
nue Consregational church gave their
new petor and Ms wife, Rev. Robert
Tost Sb. Mr. Tost, a reception. It waa
In charge of Miss 8. Grace Cady. Mis
McKensla, Roy Pierce and E. L. Hunt
ley. Mrs. Hood. Herbert Elliott and a
quartet look part hi a literary end mu
sical program.
People Talked About
After having ridden more than t.oaa
mile m th earn ran, J. r. Smith, s
conductor for fifty.iwo year and th
oldest employ in point of service en tk
Boston Alkany railroad, has retired
Mtas Charlott Rurobold and Miss Mary
E. Buckley are the first weroea to be
nominated fur placea on th executive
board of the Civic lesgu of St. Louis.
Pi4ng women an th board I the result
of a direct primary conducted by the
' nominating board.
tver since the battle of Waterloo the
Rothxehitd hav been th actual ruler
or Europe, and European nation ar
so in debt to them that It would be Ins
possible ever to pay them off. said Davtd
Starr Jordan, president of Stanford uni
versity. In a recent address to th stu
dent body.
Hating bee without sleep thirty years.
Albert E. Herpln. s Trenton man. at
vat eaaielata at feel ft weary. Mentally
he experience ne wesrinass. but says he
Is phjstraJly weak. Ha believes a nap at
oaty five anutse' duration would give
him new ttre.
Miss Frances Ptern ot th Massach
setts Institute ef .Technology. Is an advo
cate of th use of a microscope In th
home as a means of assisting la the
proper preparation of meals. Th us
ot tl microscope, acordlna- to Mi:
j Ptern, would help the housewife to de
j her work more uiUlligtntlv
Before After Taklaa.
OMAHA. April 29. To the Editor of The
Bee: Nevertheless and notwithstanding
these continue to be my view and th
sane thought of America cannot he
driven or stampeded tnjo the unwisdom
of departing from thee fundamental
"Referendum or recall of judicial deci
sions by vote of the people is the rankest
of revolutionary rot
"Recall of Judge Is an assault upon
th keystone of th arch of American
popular sovereignty.
"Initially and referendum a applied
to stat snd national legislation emascu
lates the legislator, eliminate political
leadership and weaken representative
Initiative, referendum and recall ar
a trinity of heresies directly In conflict
with th American theory of self -govern
ment, with three Independent branches,
each a check upon th other two. and all
united under th American constitution.
the greatest charter of humau liberty
thus tar devised by th brain of man."
Araieale Retaras Sysapatky.
OMAHA. April 3.-T0 the Editor ot Th
Bee: As an interpreter to the feelings
of a nation, whose existence Ivan been
an eternal misery, and where life Is a
suffering. I come to offer our most
hearty sympathy and sorrows to the
great and noble nation of America, who
has recently been terrified by one of th
most horrtbl tragedies tbe world has
ever seen.
Horrors ot Titanic remands me ot a
mourning event at th same nature, whose
third anniversary i gm nnfortunsts
sough to mourn.
In th latter part ef April, pns, I wai
th ay witness ot the most Inhuman bru
tal calamity which th human mind can
ver grasp My unhappy country,
Armenia, was one more reddened with
the Innocent blood af COM unfortunate
sons. Thousand of women and children
were the victims of th superstition of
the most merciless and evil blinded
Mohammedan vandalism. Our towns were
burned te ashes, our properties plundered,
our dear ones wr subjected to such de
grees of tortures thst human mind falls
te realise.
In this stag of affairs, of course, any
littles measure of sympathy and friendly
feeUnga expressed were appreciable.
though thy be powerless to enlighten
to. sny degree, our unfortunate and sor
row-darkened hearts, when, sir, you
wer th first nobis nstlon who stretched
us th first hand of sympathy; you were
the first that expressed hatred against
the mean tricks of the dirty Turks.
So, now, when w are before the un
known tomb ef thousands of Ill-fated vic
tims of ths horrible tragedy of tbe Titanic
our bleeding heart again unconsciously
run to the miseries of eur forsaken
nation, and through our slncara sym
pathies and sorrows we arc satisfied in
thinking that, heneeforth In eur eternal
trouble and misfortunes we will hive
the sisterly sympathies of this great
nation, more heartily and sincerely, a it
has praotlcally felt what a national
calamity Is. M. K. KRIKORIAN.
Lew Student m Cratghton University.
Saa-paetas; PI la faae.
WAUNKTA. Nb., April 17.-To th
Editor of Th Bee: I think It is my duty
te call attention toward th condition
concerning the stats hospitals tn general,
espselally of thos who cannot afford to
piac thalr beloved ansa tn a privets
hosptlsl for treatment. I myself was
sent to the Nebraska State tiospltal.
Ingleslde. tor almost four months. This
wss hi the winter ef IMS-lilt, st which
Urn W. B. Krn. M. D.. wss superin
tendent. I will describe th condition
b) th institution. I found thm such
thst It would he a crime en my side not
te do anything In regard te the welfare
ot th deplorable patients. If I would
hav been under the supreme direction
of Dr. W. B. Kern much longer I wuuld
have died, 1 presume. In this hospital
the attendants ar paid by th state
snd hav no sympathy with ths sick
whatever. Many of th attendants are
s crusl tbst a large number of live
ar shortened through their treatment.
In som eases Instant dastb Is ths eonss
quenc. The patients, whether they may
bs ever sa tnnsssat. era threatsned with
torment tX they will report anything of
ths kind to ths Superintendent There
fore, the latter may wot be aware of the
present conditions te th full extent. If
f in wot badly mistaken Dr. Kern
showed himself only nr while I was
thee la the wards. In th winter of IMS
Jilt th temperatures In the day and
night hall. Including tk dining room,
must ave been ss low s from I to 11
below ssre. 1 know at natlesta who rs
eelvrd nothing else for dinner but three
frozen end partly rotten potatoes, soma
dry bread snd a cup ot hot water. Sine
t aw st bom assia with my beloved
family. 0d Almighty has helped m be
yond comprehension: It It le according te
His will I will bs a sound man In a very
short Urn, after which I shall cause an
tnspaetlon tn th Nebraska State hospi
tal by som prominent men. Th guilty
enaa mar have to servs a fixed term In
the atat penitentiary unless th condi
tion of this Institution ars changed al
together In the near future. Many state
hospitals hi this United 8ts.tas ar simi
lar te the above named In rsgsrd to con
trol, medical treatment snd nursery
Phlld4pha Record.
A decision Just handed down by the
Nsw Tor court of appeals brings eur
corporation law In line with the best
statute? emvrtnraitt ef Buroaeaa coun
tries en the subject of promotions snd
promoter' liability. Th court holds
that persons who Invest tn th bonds of
a company, relylns; upon a are pectus
rsnuuelng mlaleading sutaevents con
cerning the properties af th corporation,
are entitled lo reeovcr from the pro
moters ths money no Invested. Where
promoters employ as atsert, snd th lat
ter utter tbe misleading or falsa snd
fraudulent statement snd prospectuses
ever his sols signature, all of th pro
moter are nevertheless responsible as
principals: and they are liable to pay
ment ef damages te th deceived pur
chasers "without referee e ts their moral
guilt or innocence. ' Thus, one by an,
are the subterfuge behind which the
hypocritically honest financiers have
been In th habit ef stslkmg th deer u
veetae thrown aside by tk court.
A Maslt to Patleaee.
Baltimore American.
Mexico has been wsrned to keep bands
oft Americana. Uncle Bam I patient
and long-suffering, but even his tolerance
believe there la suck a thing as Im
posing a good nature.
Captain Jinks of the horae marines was his horse on corn and beans.
"Talk about the con of living:" he
vegetarianism was expensive. Chicago
Said nn, man nn ),. .luatln.
to a friend: "Well. m,.n.v talk "
"Maybe it does," answered tae other,
'hut all , r . ... .A . .. .
Dye.' "Baltimore Amehcan.
"What do VOIl IhinW Af Ihi n- riinw
society has taken up?"
.an 1 ay, replied the professor.
Like most of the ailments that iwtm,
experience, a new dance doesn't seem so
very serious until you hear the
name for lu" Washington .Star.
"Why do you scorn that younc man?"
RlTIUS. h- ,..11.. ..n!,. . ....
fagyi - ' " wiij im iw in a uui-
"Well, what's the matter with that? Ho
naa lha rioh, ..I. -
--- ... ,u.B nnai ou save on
'"..P0" ou cn P "o the auto
mobile. Louisville Courier-Journal.
8treet Urchin Whpr.
gie? -"-
Maggie-Coin" ter de butclier fer fr
cents wort" uv liver.
t rchln Chee! Ter goia' ter have com
pany fer dinner, ain't yer? Boston
1 ranscript.
.V1 n.?,r Jagsby's son has taken to gam
bling." "So he has."
"I aiinn,a im Kb- i i. . , , ,
- - - -. ' ' wiacn pour oiu
father's heart?"
ot much he broke his poor old
l : .. 1 ,lv u,u- te uroae ttie
bank. Baltimore American.
"People nowadava." a lit ii, Aii hmu
cat. "don't know how to raise children.
They let the youngsters have their own
"The, 'a viali, ' m.iii . i , j , i
V. in, mi
hen. "Now, look at these chicks of mine.
They wouldn't hsve amounted to any
thing If they hadn't been sat upon."
Catholic Standard and Times.
'Words sre terribly funny thlnits, aren't
they." said Mr. Jones. "Take the word
gargle how on earth do you suppose thev
ever got that?"
"Very simple, my dear." said Mr. Jones.
"Just look at yourself in tne glass some
time when you gargle, and then look at
a saj-goyh), and you II e."-Harper
New Tork Time.
She's not a member of a club.
d..w i..vr eiaae or women S rignts,
8he could not stand the sneer and snub
iii auiiraseiio incites.
She never gossips, never hears
Of scandal In another's life
To her a world of Joy appears
Because she Is th perfect wife.
She does not scold If home to dine
Her husband bring some city friends,
But serve the good cigars and wine
And to their general comfort tends.
Nor does she frown when morn reveals
Half-smoked cigars, a cause for strlf.
Upon the rugs where down she kneels.
Because she Is th perfect wife.
And should her husband phone to say
At business he will be detained.
She never thinks that some new play
May be the reason he remained.
To poker game h alway goes
At any time th game I rite.
And. win or lose, sh never knows
Because she Is the perfect wife.
When homeward sound, th rooster crows.
He doesn't have to ahed his shoes:
She never yet went through hi clothes.
As othere do when husbands snoose.
She doesn't wield the rolling pin.
Ho useful !n domectlc lit
When husbands blow their money In
Because sh I th perfect wife
Hav Your Ticket Read "Burlington"
Summer Excursion Fares
Round Trip from Omaha
San Francisco, Lot Angeles,. Portland, Seattle, Van
couver, daily commencing Jane 1st $60.00
San Francisco, Lot Angeles, April 27 to 30, May 1 to 3,
June 12 to 20, August 29 to September 5 55.00
Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, May 15 to 17, May 27
mid 28, June 3 to 6, June 27 to 30, July 1 to 5, Julv
11 and 12, October 12, U and 15 . 55.00
Including California, Portland and Seattle. $15.00 higher.
Open gas 14 .
Basad Trip trass eeah
To Gardiner entrane g SS.00
Going and returning via Gar
diner, all accomn.udationa in
Park for Hi day M0
In via Gardiner, out via Tel.
lowaton and 8cnlc Colo
rado, alt accommodation for
ti day tour In Park lOT lS
Going and returning via Cody,
all sicomnic-ladons in Park
for6 day tour H.iS
Dsuvei' and return
Big Horn Basin and return.
The above are representative ratee. They show also
how to reach the territory oearby these destinations.
Ask for litersture for your proposed Journey. Lot us
help you plaa ths most attractive tour at the least cost.
J. B. RKr.NOI.DH, C. P. A., 1302 Ksrnaru St., Omaha, Xel.
i r- -- l
Have You Decided to Go to Dallas
With the Omaha & Lincoln
f Ad Club? We Hope So!
, This Convention Is goinj to be tbe fineet opportunity ever of
fered business men to broaden their knowledge on this great sub
ject of sdvertlslng, and at the same time making a splendid trip
into a new country which will be restful and invigorating from every
standpoint You will hsve a complete change of diet, air, scenery
and thought, and return to your work with renewed vigor and filled
w ith new ideas and enthusiasm.
Last year in Boston the Associated Advertising Clubs of Amer
ica was conceded by all te be the brainiest convention ever held
there; and Teias wants you to see Dallas, Ft. Worth, Waco, Hous
ton, Ban Antonio and Galveston, en dress parade at tbe loveliest
time of the year.
Leave May 18th.
Apply to
Victor White
Chas. C. Rosewater
J. A. C. Kennedy
R. B. Wallace
Edith M. Thomaa in N. V.
We trees are your brothers. O cSildirn
of men. have a car
That ye war not iukii u w wno aie
pledged unto peace!
Behold, every blow, every ill. that for u-
ve prepare . . ,
Rebounds to your K-athe. through
years to your soirow s incit.-se.
Tour brothers we stand to the skh-s. a
we stood from the first:
But ye. children of men. cie ye ft jr. ..
all lowiv must creep
Tour servant" ye bring on yourselves ti
plague of preat t!ilrt
When ye strip from the land our en
claves lofty and de- p.
We stand to the kie-e, eider ari
better than e:
With heaven hive cracv, for wc spec.
with the fountains, of strtams
The full laden clouds, would Minn
you and pass to the
But for us. w ho will BJk for the earl t
and for you. as be"eem?.
W ak" And th channels and rivers
are filled at our prayer.
The laughter of rills, long silent, is
heard in the land:
And the User of heat, that hath tracked
you. Is turned to his lair!
What will ye no alien no more to the
skies we shall stand
Also, ye mortals who envy and menace
our state.
Have ye forgotten how once with u
solely ye dwelt?
We were your refuae. your shield, from
rapine and hste.
Whence, ambushed in us. your rude
sbapen arrows ye dealt!
There Is none that remember save some
old dreamer of your
Who f.wters a rootiree dear unto him
aa his hearlh!
And the love of that tree tn turn for the
dreamer endures
While Its years and its rines Increase
'ncath the rough armored girth.
We sing to t:iat dreamer. s The
dreamer may sing to the world
(For ye would slay s. our treasure
thereby shall not find!
Where Daphne I hid, like a flower at
evening unfurled.
Or Aty lies sleeping overflowed by th
sweet-scented wind!
Ay, and we tree to th dreamer ss ssges
sre known
As prophets snd heroes snd minstrels,
Inxathered ef old:
From all of these, swaying In council.
some murmur be blown.
That, reachlnt your ear, your violent
hands shall withhold!
And well. O ye children of men. If a day
ye decree
When th yoimceet among you, whose
flower and whose hope are at spring.
Shall kneel on the sod. with tender hands
planting a tree
A deed that shall grow with the years
and th annual ring!
Commencing Jane 1
meaad Trip fross Omaha
Penvsr snd Colo. Springs . ...I1T.SO
Eats Park. Colo H.SO
Bait Lake. Utah soje
Deadwood. 8. D , is. 74
Rot Springs. S. D. ;.. ia.T
elhridaq and Ranchcstsr, Wye. S&.TS
Parkman. Wye. SSJS
Cody, Wye Sloe
Tharmopoll (Hot SprlngshWyo 340
Rllllns. Mont, and return.
lireat Kalis and return
butte, Missoula and return.
. 16 CO