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Warm Contest on for Control of
State Convention Wednesday.
for a di-usrton of the dispute. Thf rw 1 ur ,.f life" His Ilf as a young 'man
the assembly demand and latr when success had tuny crewiwa
Deflate f rostews In Fear t ww
tin Will Determine Infraction
of DlratM-al-Uft
Mtate Convention.
DES ilOIXES, April a.-Hspcial.)
Iowa republicans have scheduled before
them for this week another mate con
vention and if it comae, up to the pre
liminary advertising matter It will be an
interest!! event In tata politics. There
are 1.41 deleiwtcs entitled to sean In the
convention. It will have before It but
on, duty, that of selecting four dele
gates to the republican national conven
tion. U la probable that nearly very dele
gate will bs present, for the convention
Is admitted on both sides to be so close
that nobody knows who will control. The
temporary chairman la C. M. Thomaa of
Maiuoketa. regular republican, se
lected by the Mate committee soma time
ago. Vnless possibly there Is a contest
against th regular delegates from Os
ceola county there will be no contest be
fore, the convention and that delegation
Is the smallest In the state.
The preliminaries for the conventioa
were conducted with dmorum and fair
ness, or at least as (air as possible under
the caucus system, and there are very
few sore spots left as the result of the
various county contests, ft was a square
contest between the regular republicans
of Iowa In support ut Senator Cummins
nnd their long-time opponents In support
of President Tsft. There waa really very
little Interest on either side. The support
ers of Cummins felt early In the gam
that It was a useless effort to secure the
delegation fur him aa they believed It
to be a foregone conclusion that Tsft
would be unsjialmously renominated. Be
sides, they had tour years ago taken the
lead In support of Tsft and secured the
stmt for him unanimously, aad It sua
not easy for I hem to turn. On the other
hand there was lack of enthusiasm for
Preetdenr Taft and only when outside
pressure ram waa tn tight mad good
and hard. Tha Taft committee placed the
ml Ira natter In tha bands of John T.
Adams of Dubuque, while Senator Cum
mins' score tary did tha work that waa
dona for him. '
riearseas el Cssmlies.
These can be no doubt whatever of the
eioacaesa of the slat convention be
tween tha two factions. Tha convention
majority Is 74L Tha regulars claim. Just
"4a for their total vote on the faca of
tha return. Mr. Ad tuna claims for Taft
delegate, or thirty-three mora lliaa
majority. The difference ilea In Potta
wattamie, franklin. Webster and Dallas
counties. There Is a disagreement aa to
conditions In the delegation, from Potts,
wattamlt, ths difference amounting to
about a duien. vote. In Franklin only
three vote are In question- - In Dana
and Webster the situation la'complk-atfd
by the fact that- In those counties Sen
ator Kenyoti and Lieutenant Governor
Clarke are candidate for office and each
toe expects then to deliver votes in the
skat convention. Both delegation wers
originally reported as solid for tha pro
gressives, but tt la now claimed that Taft
will get fifteen eut of Webetar and eight
out of DilUs. Aside from, these tour
oauntlaa there are delegation from sit
or seven other counties not Instructed,
d there nay be delegate tliereo whose
position I not yet fully defined.
Th convention la to b held at Coder
Rapids on Wednesday of this week.
Already seven district conventions have
been held. Pour of them carried for Taft
sod three tor Cummin. Th other tour
will divide evenly between th two candi
date, so (hat out ot th district dele
gates Taft will hav twslvs and Cum
min ten. It Cummins controls the slate
convention he will hav fourteen at Chi
cago; If Taft controls, he will hav si,
teen at Chicago from Iowa. In esse Taft
controls th delegation John T. Adams
wlH bs elected national committeeman.
Senator Cummin will be at th Cedar
Rapid convention. There will also be a
notable gathering ot Iowa republican
rioaator Ken yon, governor Carroll, W. P.
Hepburn, Lieutenant Governor Clark,
Senator I-roudfoot, Congrsasmaa Wood
aad others.
To Wekesass New
Preparatlone are being made for
royal welcome to Bishop Dowllng when
ha reach De Moines. May 1, to as
sume his new duties In chaise ot th new
see. All th Catholic societies will
participate la th ceremonies and the new
bishop wilt be escorted from the train to
bis new resldenc with a parade. Then
will be a banquet and ether ceremonies.
Governor B. P. Carroll win glvs th ad
dresa of welcome In' behalf of the stale.
Mayor James R. Hanna la behalf of the
city, and Jerry B. Sullivan In behalf of
the citlseaa ot bet Moines.
Mgr. Flavin ot Dea Moines, accompanied
aeveral priests of th pariah, left for
Provident-. R. 1.. tonight to be present
at th consecration eaerctae ot th sew
teed Cera Ceatrevrrar.
As Interesting controversy that is sure
ts be valuable to tba Mat has
started aneat th agitation fnr ased corn
estjng and the procuring of niw seed
cars. Tola I because of th statement
repeated again by John Cowm along
th fin he ha been advocating tor many
years. Mr. Cownl represent th prac
tlcal farmers and their view as to the
n csra question. He haa bent for
ssaay year tha Iowa resreeeautlv of
eh agricultural department aad tor nor
nan forty years has been a successful
w tanner. Wail a member of the
beard of control he mad th farm
at ths Iowa Inetlturtoea model ot their
1a He take Issue with Prof Holdea
and arges mat seed corn should b gath
ered in time In ths fie id and a saved In
a room not exposed to the freezing of
winter, and then that th tasting be
mads In soli. Thousands ot farmer hare
rained In supporting him in his position
and a nerry controversy I raging.
1teVrar mm l.ertwre rtstfetm.
. John Mac Vicar, former member of th
council, started today for a long trim
tn which be will deliver several lecture
an the eoauniaatoa form f government
Mr. Mac Vicar I president ot th bangs
of Xantetpaiines and aa such has a
standing all aver th country aa aa ex
pert m municipal affairs. H lecture In
Louia-rlOe, Wheeling and other ctttea. It
Is possible that bs will derot much at
bis Urn to tat lecture work.
, Ts Prevent Jew Bate. '
Legat action to. rastraan the etrtlectio
of ths near Inwrnms rates by th Mod
ern Woodmen of America officlala will
b taken unless- ths "ew-ils heed the
damans of to low a Madera Woodmen
assembly t repeal th action ot th Chi
cago head cants; a tba result of the
meeting her. A emnmtrte of five wss
jrorlded tor ts meet with th officials
Iutitis pafed by
the repeal of the new rates on the ground
that they are not needed and in add;
tiou are In direct violation t the arti
cles of incorporation.
Two Deaths Result
of Freight Wreck
IOWA FAUJ. la.. April a. -The sec
ond section of a double-header stock
train in the Illinois Central crashed into
the rear end of the first train here this
afternoon. Hotli engine were demolished
and the rolling- stock badly damaged.
Two stockmen in the cabv.e cf th train were killed and another was
pruhahly fatally Injured, The .lead :
KKKH i'AHSOS. Ilto. la
KTtEI) BLISS. Wsshta. la.
Kelt Juergeoson of Aiithon, la., had
his legs badly crushed and probably ii
fatally Injured. Eleven others- In the
caboose at the time escaped unhurt. Both
engine crew Jumped.
I have said before, whiierln buvmear he buildings which wlU be here longer than the "infinite justice, the dislike of ea
se or any or us could have hoped to i cuaea. the energy, the truthfulness and
IOWA CITT. la.. April a.-(Biwcial Tel
egram.) Senator Lambert or the Stale
Board of Education told today ot plans
of the board to reclaim 2.JWJ acres of land
throughout Iowa w hich It la believed
hns been squatted upon. Th board will
direct the bulk of Its actlvitle towards
farm land owned by the Stat university
In Davis and Appanoos counties, where
it Is claimed Low acres of land Is being
Illegally cultivated. Jackson P. Bodlsh,
executive clerk of lows, will be aealgned
the task of investigation. ,:
. , Iowa ws sten, .'.
CHARLES flTT-Only on boy remains
In the senior clawa f th high Mbuol wap
Is not suspended. Thursday several met
this fate when thev cut an operatl
practice to play base hall, and Prl)f. tl.e
reef of the boy were suspendud. with
th esceptlon of one. forhs awful crime
of stealing th Junior flag. . -
, . i . . t-- - . ,
(Continued from, First Page.)
ius efforts wss referred to.
I m-mber him well then." said the
senator, ' when he was s Mrnintltns; bust
new man and I was a struggling young
nrwstaiier man." - Th intimacy ot their
earlier life waa not kt in Hie succees of ;
liter days. althoBKh they saw lens of ea--h I
other as the hardships gradually van- j
lined. I
Miss Mary Mum-hunff 'sane the song
played by the ship's land when tne pus
lengers of the Titanic faced the dangers
of the sea mat night of the wreck.
'Nearer. Mv t;od. to Thee." and the audi
ence ,iroe and stood with bowed heads
and tesi -dimmed eves until the last
echoes r.dd dit-d away.
Talks af Hid Friend.
Spraku,g from long and intimate ac
qoaintante with Emil liranuclej Victor
Rosewater recalled his breadth of vision,
his am easing energy, his firmness, his
quickness to grasp a subject and .his
quick decision, his modesty snd his use
fulness as a 1-itiseif of Omaha.
"We are gather- here upon a sad mis
sion. We are h-re to pay our tribute of
respw't to the memory of Emll Brsndt-M.
whofi tragic ending haa . shocked the
whole community, and whose loss w will
realise mora and mere as we go along
without him. What will be said here to
day most be largely repetition, yet It is
fitting tout you have the strong points In
his character and personality presented
to your view from all their different aspects.
Kmll Brandels had many friends but
few intimates, and those of us who oc
casionally got close to hint were Im
pressed with his breadth of vision, his
unceasing energy, his staunch firmness,
snd his svwiest disposition. lie was quick
to grasp a subject presented to him. and
quick to reach a decision. A decision onto
reached by him was final and adhered lei
without wavering, g-le wasted no time
upon any Iran-action, but acted Immedi
ately on the point at Issue. It .was agse
or disagree, and if an agreement waa
reached the terms were carried out with'
strictest fidelity.
Waa SJost lonaldeteue.
Again. Kmll Brajklris was n man
most considerate of others, although, as
mi thorough believer in pobltciiv and
advertising, the help he was constant"
extending to others was carefully kejt
under cover. He had not always en
Joyed affluence, but had himself risen by
stay. Omaha as a city has nad several
eras ot construction and reconstruction.
It waa first put permanently an the map
by the completion of the transcontinental
owa efforts - from lowly station railroads, with their tenninahi here.,,..
through dint of hard work, and knowing
by personal axpertana-e what hard work
waa, had a feeling ot fellowship for other
workers which 'responded to.every legiti-
i mat appeal. Tnis constaerwiion tor
! others waa I know, particularly manl
' tested toward members of his family
lie had had sorrow s of his own to endure
by the successive deaths of his father
1 and mother, and went through no small
ordeal a y?ar or so sgo by another trag
edy that startled us all. In that trying
time. Kmll was the stroag right ' arm
upm which the stricken- sister leaned
and to whom ths fatherless boys looked
i for advice and aid in planning their ca
reers. This consideration for ot Iters, too,
! we may well picture" as coming Into play
! amidst th crash and confusion of that
; last fatal hour. It is a soothing consola-
turn to know that th women and chll-
dren. that the weak and th dependent,
were given th right of war Into th life
boats, and that the big. strong man
bravely took their chances wtth.tbe stag
ing vessel without raanitestlnjl faar ft
death. ' '"
laaatslp Modest.
"Another chaxacleroJtio of Emil Rran
deis those cluee to' bira could not fall to
notice was his Innate modesty. And In
referring to his modesty 1 use ths word
In its broadest sens. He did not want
to go anywhar unless he believed that
he was welcome. He never obtruded, al
though he doubtless often felt that he
was not appreciated at his true value
or accorded attention and favor .which
he might have commanded had he In
sisted upon what by rights belonged to
him. 'It was this' sense ot modesty that
permitted him to perform his work un
noticed while others doing less occu
pied the conspicuous positions.
"We" are compelled to hold these me
morial' services thousands of miles from
the watery grave in which . Kmll Brandels
rests, and no monument such, as Is cus
tomary can be erected over his remains.
The reui monument to this man, how-
wver, has already been erected by him
self and his orotners in tn magnificent
Mark Enochs.
"Another great epoch waa marked by
the erection twenty-five years ago of the
two great office buildings that rise within
this block, and a third great era of re
construction waa Inaugurated when, the
group of handsome structures bearing tne
name of Brandeis were projected and
carried into execution by the three
brothers. Were . it not for the intense
faith in Omaha thus proved, were It not
for the example ot public spirit and en
terprise thus shown, the advent of the
new Omaha, ot the Omaha of touay,
with its Impressive business structures
snd 1U metropolitan appearance, would
nave been long delayed. And so the
monuments to Kmll Brandels are many
and lasting. They are not In a far-away
or Inaccessible cemetery, but right 'here
in the throbbing heart of the busy city
as contant reminders to countless thou
sands ot his real achievements before his
Ilto was cut untimely short. '
Had Many Aerosaplleaaarata.
''Some men can plan, but cannot exe
cute. Others can execute, but' cannot
plan. But Emii Brandels could do both,"
said John L. Kennedy, who spoke ot. the
deed man's sympathy, sentiment and
Mr. Kennedy said the fact should not
be lost sight of that the sorrow occa
sioned by the Titanic disaster waa world
wide. Ha spoke ot the memorial services
in that old church In London where
hundreds who had lost dear friends or
relatives hsd gathered two days ago to
honor th Titanic dead.
"'Ons lesson, at least, we should learn
from this. It has been often unjustly
charged that wealth Is creating castes.
Hut bow little, after all, does great
wealth mean. We bring nothing into the
world snd can take nothing out of It
Friendship and love are the only things
that count." And he showed that In
these Emil Brandels was In nowise de
ficient. Trieste of Ksaploye.
Robert. H. Manley. au employ of th
Brandels firm, paid a touching tribute to
th friendship' ut nul Brandels.
"He loved the truth, he spoke the truth
and. ha demanded the. truth, He was
more than a comrade, more than a friend,
he wss a brother to us. His burdens ware
never so heavy but we could go to him
and ha was willing to carry ours."
It we -a self-imposed duty that kept
him on th ship, forced htm . to assist
the women and the children. Into life
boats and remain to meet death on the
Titanic; said-Mr. Manley.
- Rev. John Matthews, thankful to God
tor the evidence of regret and devotion
shown by -t he-at teneanoe at the memorial
services, pronounced the benediction and
to the strain of "Nearer, My Hod, to Thee"
from the - orchestra the great audience
filed slowly out.
The flowers were taken to the cemetery
and strewn on the graves of the father
and mother of - Emll Brandels.
of carnations veer also taken to the
several hospitals ot the city. At the
ooncluslon of the services those who had
been usable to find room In th theater
came in and stood tor several minute In
silence, gaging on the portrait of the
Ask Your Grocer r .i$'
io sena i on a
Case ot Blatz,
cr order direct
from distributing point
Most Valuable Food
The original Durum wheat was grown
on the banks of the Black Sea. and be
cause of Its richness in gluten has al
ways been used by the Italians for the
making of macaroni. The V. & Agricul
tural Department imported some of the
beet speclmena of this Durum wheat
and tested it out. . When they found
the right soil, and climatic conditions
they produced the finest Durum wheat
jo the world.
-From this wheat, so rich In nourish
ing elements, Kaust Macaroni Is mads
Kor this reason Faust Macaroni is the
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Faust Macaroni is a cheap food, too.
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Macaroni 5c and loo paokaaea. Writs
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1231 It. Loals Avenue, at. Louis, Mo.
aoa-siooiaasn wsii.seas.issi. I
fhonss Denaglas SsS I
l3T FINEST 11! Wt
and respect to th tnunwy of a tnsrr
whoa untimely deals haa left h vacancy
In (heir ranks which cannon be filled.
Too often Ww leave unsaid, wont of en
couragstnent and appreciation hntH, death
makes them -meaningless, as an, Inspira
tion for fuiure efforts. , The pantanemio'
approval from every ourr of the puA
poses ot this, meeting Was In Itself an
expression of , appreciation of th. life'
work ot the distinguished Vlead. . Tki
place selected for, ths meeting, was. ex-.
ceadlngly appropriate, and th large num
ber nf ctttaeni who' hav gathered her
thia morning ts pay respect tot-bis mem
ory .Indlcstesi the high tmt la whlatt
h was seal la this community:
. ... Tells sf.MJs ljeetljfc.1'..'
"I am asked to simak for a eawtme
mants of: Lmil HrsndtMn a ' .uillk
spirit ad. bftiaieta. man, . A inusWrnsitW
of his many deeds, for the upbtUldlog jbt
Omaha would consume mut than my '
lotted time,' He began- hi be dl near-career
-tiers a poor hoy, a a o.tfk,wt Kls father"!
store. Ills promotion .to a partnership
and. Jinsll to ths. heail ,ot .tbe, largest
rotntmn-daJ hone in our-city 'was wen- by
his persistant efforts snd but. honorable
bualne methods, Kik IHn. as-a- egam-
nlitebe isward that wrl eMgnen
willing, tu, pay th price of ure, Vffo
shaft of msrls Vasds erected-1' hit
memory. : His SKMSument are Built-in
brick snd granite aad. ar the great build
ings that adorn our city. His nam need
not he, chiseled la marble; It stands In
this conunuolty aa a synonym for honest
business methods.
"For twenty years 'It has been my priv
ilege to know mttmately of his tforts ts
promote those suhM enterprises which
hav hal tor their purpose th upbulldr
Ing ot our city, t'nder all circumstances,
whether In good time or bad, h haa al
ways given freely his means and encour
agsawnt to every worthy puhlta purpose.
He hot only rave money with a lavish
band, hut he was willing to work for
the success ot every puolls enterprise.
Hours and days and weak of bla valu-
able time have, been given to promote
such ulrprise as ths exposition, th
grain exchange, the Ak-nar-Ben, the
Commercial club and the Ad club. He
waa aa officer, director or helpful mem
ber In all the and many other public
organisations, and during all th recent
years ot bis business career his Work and
financial aid hav been a great factor
In planning and sustaining the. fall fes
tivities ot th Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben.
His strong business management will be
greatly missed by his associates un th
board ot governors of that organisation.
Lsyalty Hat Qaeetloaed.
Ueaersas ts a raw It.
As a business man he wa generous
to a fault He not noly gave liberally
to all deserving public Interests, but
many a friend and fellow-worker has hsd
his advice and financial ahL ' Only a tew
will ever know ot his many acts ot kind
ness, for he waa aa onoetenlattous in his
charities as he was la his business.
There sr many men In this community
who hav had hie help la times of need.
Many ot his charities were secretly be
stowed, snd all ot the public associations
for the car ot the poor and unfortunate
war recipients ot his aid.
"U was quick la his Judgment ot men
and measures and seldom made a mi
take. Ha wasted no words with those
who had hi confidence, and when ap
pealed ts tor help in any worthy cause.
he would aak th amount wanted, and
seldom reduced the amount asked,, and
more seldom stilt .refused . to give. lie
waa retiring and courteous,' aud to fhos
that knew him best the reports that came
from the great disaster in which he lost
his life seemed but natural. It would
only be in keeping with hi great, gen
erous nature to stand aside and give
place to the women and children, while
be with other ' heroes took the chances
ot sinking with the ship.
Cesd PredosalBatea.
"Death Is th great mystery which
makes us all akin. Daitlncllons of creed,
race and wraith sink Into oblivion in its
presence. When the book of Ufe closes
w come to realize that on th pages ot
all earthly records ther are written mis
takes and errors as well as good deeds.
In the Ufe ot ear friend and fellow dtl
sen the good predominated. He waa s
generous man in his dealings, charitable
and kind. He was true to his friends
and bora no malice. He died as he Hvett
true to his Instinct ot kindness and
generosity. I am sure I voice the sent!
sweat ot everyone who knew hint when
I say, we bower hie metneiy and sin
cerely mourn his untimely death."
l.eral ts Friends.
Senator Hitchcock called attention to
the useful deeds unestentetiouly per
formed by Emll Brandeis snd paid tribute
ts his business sagacity, his untiring
energy and his loyalty as a blend.
"Esstt Brsadels had nvwd long and
known suasaog ths hardship and plea-
Wix& Women
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not know Meg, Jo, Beth and Amv -she .'.,
knfwbeTKboolpHjricndB'' Ewysromart,
2''nrMt Men and 'all children will be trttmen. '
doutlf interested in th play maJe from v
''eUttja Women with the permisaiqa of , ,
Louisa M. Akotr't heir, the "Daisy'' of .
"Little Mel-M?vn skseirb in the -shop
letV the boot and helped in the hunt
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No modern ' best teller" can hope to equal
. the Sale of thUchlldhooddWnQrTUiat
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When It contes to jweplnt s sari's fiaseis beay. jest took
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Their Home and
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- "siis bs oTvssuis; wrvu-ssMs econosntcaisr. . ,. -
wi " lacawsuggests sosn rsnousr
tor tbe remote woman.
A nVmmnsl ideas tot ssothcrs
: Graduation Dress
' -- - it
By Miss Gould
Girls naturally want to look
ttcir bcst pn Commence
mcntvDay.l It is right and
natural. There is a new
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Day extravagance.
; ; May Day may be moving- day
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Who does not know tn valu of Sacs
and 8ulpnur for keepinc tba nals dark,
soft and flossy and In good condition?
Aa a matter, of fact. Sulphur Is a natural
element ot hair, and deficiency of If in
the hair is held by many scalp specialists
to be connected with loss ot osier- and
vitality ot th hsrr. Unquestionably, there
Is no better remedy for hair and seals
troubles, especially prematura STaynaaa,
than Sac and Sulphur, if properly pre
pared, Th Wreth Chemical Company at New
York put out aa Meal preparation ot tola
kind, called Wyeth's Sac and Sulphur
Hair Remedy, In which Sacs and Sulphur
ar oemalned with other valuable reme
dies for keeping: the, hair and scalp In
clean, healthy conditi o.
It your hair la loosing Its color of con
stantly cominK out. or it. you are. troubled
with dandruff or dry, itchy scalp get a fitly
'cent bottle ot Wyeth's Sag and Sulphur
from your druggist, us it according to
the simple directions, snd see what a dif
ference a few days' treatment win make
In the appearance ot your hair.'
All drwgglsta sell It, under guarantee
that the money will be refunded It tba
remedy la not exactly as represented. '
npedat aaant, Sherman' A McCanaea
Drug Co,
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Interest allowed io
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