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Scenes at. Rouie park When the Weern League Season Was Opened
1 firM
mi' -M ( l:'f "-"-ii u;-., U.J 'J
lJiJ JrU m" """ 'as' ) ME
. r
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m m
- V-, . W. .
Raising Old. Glory &e Reason
IT m
;554 fcr
I " i n , M
S J V If
il 1 1 WT
Sioux City Twirler Hat the Sourke
-' Family at Hit Mercy.
:.Errr fcr ,k r.r4 Mac
! !- Aflrr riaarra
J.. . rramm Xnmh Hall U
Har4 MM.
Nous Oly. ; Omaha, ,
5 Paul Brown, loux Clly'a mound arUat,
by hi glll-olKMl burllnc. hrM lh
Raurkao rualraa In ycatarday't tam,
jwhlla hla tcammalea, with timely hlca.
jmanafad to bat In aix runa off Mark
ijlalla bradrra. It va Drowo from tha
'trty baalnnlnt, and only thrta aara onra
lwra (armrod off hla 4livry. Thaaa
. rama In tha aighih Innlnc. but did not
natarlallaa Into talllaa. Ik-ore. I to .
Omaha had onljr two chancea to arora
, during tha entire nine Irnlnaa. Tha flmt
chanca cama In tha aaventh round, when
.after one man had died llrown paaaed
three awn In aueceaalon and then llnht
aned up and let tha hoya down with a
hard Jolt. In tha eighth, after one had
Bone aut. . Hall came to hat anil hMb.
" Drown'i hltleaa game with a pretty alnale
. to center. Juatlre followed with a hit
,paat Brown In tha Infield. Willi two
.men on baeea foyle eent a neat rlngle to
lahorl center, filling tha be. we. Thomiain
went an eaay on to Brown, who threw
Jlall out at tha plat. Kane akled one
-nd Breen, after a long run. made a
"diva and caught the ball a km Inchea
tfrom tha ground. ,
3 Waathea la Chilly.
Tha weather waa cold and dlamal and
al ball playing waa a I moat out of tha
juration. Brown'a wonderful pitching
;ept tha Bloux Clly playera from work
rng vary hard In tha fleM. while the
rOmaha bora had to keep on tha Jump
HI tha while.. Omaha rolled up four
rrora, hut three of them cama In the
Jaat toning, when their fine re were al
inoat numb with tha cold. A good eiied
turned out deaplta' the unaettled
and chilly atmoaphera.
'.Hall waa not effeotlva rrntenlay at
tlmea. Ha waa found for ten hlta, whleh
la two or three Innlnga were bunched
nd meant nine, but at other tlmea he
e Ja great form. Thla fart la demon,
atrated by the atrlke-out record. Ten of
""Red" Andreaa prldea ninel before
Haifa myatartoua bendeo. while but flea
f the Rourkea fell for Urown'a twlatera.
t'adaaaa HUa Wall.
Cadman Waa the btg. noiae with the
at. far tha Kknix. n four tlmea at bat
he made three Wta. The Ian time up he
.hlf fad- tha aaona for three. Thomaaon
and Coyle played good ball for tin home
heye.' Tommy puBrd sown three difficult
fonea, while Coyai got away with four
jdean catches,
jJOnly one. man tried to ateal during the
,ama. Brook a In the aecood Inning got
ta ffrat oh hlt and tried to ateal. but
I eaugni xne feet from the plate. The
ground waaj too heavy and the real at
I the playera on both fro ma did col take
'the chaaca. 1 Scorn '
IZ. ", t ' OMAHA."
I DerneHon ex. 3 g
s a
the nlnlh wlih tlia.buara full laved the
game fur lx- Mulnra. h.uru:
li MUI.NK8.
AB. R H O. A. E
rniiigan. th 4 t : o
lonard. aa 4 1 1 a J a
Kelly, t-f I I I 1 t 0
Tin. mm, lb I 1 t e
Welch, lh 4 0 111
Korea, rf 4111
Curtlii, If 4 1 1
MrUraw.c I 1 W I 0
Douglaa, p 4 I
Total XI I 71 11
AB. It. H. O. A. K.
Powell. If 1011
Watann, rf 4 t
Ewllllna. cf I 1
Horton. lh I I 10
Anilrena. 3b 4. I 1
Melnke. ea 174
McriclUn'l, :b I I
Uoawtt. c 1011
t'hellrtta, p 1 1
Whraller, p
J. Kelly 1
Caelle t
Tulal 1 "l II 11 1
Stinding of Teams
'Halted fur Mct.lrlland In nlnlh.
Pea Molnea I
dt. Joeenii i a a a a
Three-heee hll- U'.lu. r.K. I.I...
Kurea, lonaril. Htolen baae: Kwllllng.
Ijeft an m! iim iininM a at .f.Mi.ii
I. Htrwk out: Hy Douglea. 10; by Chel
Ult hu 11 ' I .1-.. , I. L I .
iMimin, . nom tin nai'll
Off Douglaa. i; off Chellelte, S. Mlta: off
. ".urn,, w in eiani uininaa; orr v nea)ev,
none In one Inning. Halk: t'liellrttr. Hll
by niched ball: lly t'hellelle. Kelly.
Double plava: t'olllaan to Thotnaa; rhel.
telle to Mclnke to Borron. Time: J 14.
Umpire: Knapp.
TOPRKt 1'lg l TIIK K(0D
Haahea Mad Threw Allawa Lead at
Twa Nana Over Wichita.
TOPFK A, Kan., April Sl.-lliiahea' had
throw In the eerond Inning, which per-
mlllc.l in ..i.i.j t 1..
defeat Whhlla. The vislliira flllert the
bawa aeveral tlmea. but were unable to
av-ure after tha firat Inning, tkore:
, . AB. It. It. O. A. K.
Rlrkert. If A e a a
(lanlner, lb 4 1 1 T e
If - 4 I I
Franta. tu 4 111
King, if 4 1 1 4)
Emory, lb l a a a a a
tl'ar. rf I a I 1 a
(tuminan. e l a ti e
Punate, p Il
Kueel. n 1 a a a a
Cochran, p
Mee. aa
MliWieton. if...
Belilen. rf
Kuerner. lb
Clare. H
Huxliea. n ....
Pettigrew. If...
Kavle. If
Olemojia, c.....
Durham n
Schmidt ,
33 1
AH. K.
7 17 11
I M 17
iWane 41c .
:Denoa.:f. ,
Nlehoff, 3b. ........
Wanner, J.
lArbogaat. c
'Hall. o.
V Total ...
Andreaa. ah. .
irarrell. cf. ....
Rrtlly, lb. ....
I !7 II
Aa K. JT, O. A.
; 114
... , 1 I 4
.... t 11
a , i a -
a. i a . a-
i Brooke, lb... .... 4 1 IS 1
Breeo, rf. 4 1 a
JCadman, c '4-1 I t 7
Brown, Km .4 . j j
h Totala i M K 5 -
I eBatted for Warmer la the ninth.
fOn.aha ....... ...
,- H'na .. 4
om City
;JluVia 1:(
:JilUi ... ....1 I I 1'4I I 1 le
Baat aa' baUa-J Off Hall. 1; off Brown.
3. Double play: Hall to Arhogaat to
Ken,! Hit by , pitched hall: irooka.
ixtruck- aut: By? Halt W; br Brownlk
'Paaaed bail: reeaat. Wild p-tThe
HalL. on baim: Omaha. 7; H'oua
klty. a. I mpinve: JUaaaoe and Canal.
Time of utame: .l ti.
....a 1
WHtted for Durham In ninth.
oMiieu lue ale in nlnlh
Tope k a t 1 ei
Wlcltita 1-1
TwA.haaa hlf .!...l.. I v . I - 1 .
Ktnory 10 t'lianman to Oardner. Hlta: off
Kllf Ul a In flea InnlnM. Af f . I
three and one-third Innlnga Baeea an
belle: Off Kuaate. I; off Kueel. ; off
Durham. I. Htrurk out By f uaale. : by
Kueel. 1; by Cochran, 1: by Durham, I.
Hit by pitched hall: By Kueel, 1; by
Cochran. ; by Durham, t Umpire: ilaa
keU. .
Llaeola Laaea,' Threw tw. Two, la
DEXVKR. April M.-The locale took the
HUrd atraliht from Lincoln la a enow
atorm. It waa a hard-hitting ror.leat. In
which the Kebraekana took the leid an
a home run and twa three-hagjteni. but
Denver elugged the hall to a tie In the
lith and pounded out the winning run
In the aercnta: Mrore:
Aa R
Baa ' Mafaea I tan tie tiff Vkrterr.
.T. JOSEPH. . April a Douglaa held
'the "ocaj chi to three hha and etruek
lout tan aaea. cauatag the home clab'a .
4el 4 . V graat causa h Curtia la
I.los-4 Jb .
Uulllin. lb.
'hanneU. c.
Caeauty, rf.
Ufutwav .In
Coffey, aa. ..
rrambea. c.
Schrelber. p.
Klnaella, p.
Total ..
U!IU, i.f .
Coe. !b
Cobb. rf.
McCormlck. cf.
Xlillen. Ik ...
Barbour, lb. .,
Walker, lb. ..
xtratlon. c ...
Kmita, a.
Bacnant, c. ...
11 I
Aa r.
...... 4
311 1
ToUla .34 t ' 24 M t
Denrer . J
JLIocoIb ..f a
filnlM ... t-n ...
Two-baae hlta: ChenneU. Unaaay. Three,
bee beta: McCeiwihk. Mi lien. Frambea.
annelL Heme rua. Ca. aacrUiee Wt:
W.L.Pct 1
Denver 13 1m
Kt. Joneij. J I .B7
Tore-ka I. S 1 .6ST!
Omaha I 1 1 .j)
Hlmii oil 1 1 .Irti
Wichita .J I 5 ,:w
lea MulnHI 3 .XO
Llnrnln ..V l .nw
v c t 1
V I .KB,
I 1 !2.V
44 .'
.13 .6im
i -"OO!
Ponton ....
Chicago ...
Iietnilt ....
Ht. Uillla..
New York.
Cincinnati.. 5 1 .714
Nv York.. 5 3
Phllari nhla 4 S .671
Ht. Louis... 4 4 ..VO
Boatnn 4 4
Chlcam ... 3 4 .4J"
Plttehuiitli. 3 i .:
Brool lyu ,. 2 6 .Wi ASR'N.
W.L Pet
Columbua . 0 1 ."0
Tnledo 7 3 .7'1
alinneap'lla I 3 .w;
M. Paul.... i t .:
Ixulm llle , 4 S .444
Milwaukee. 4 .4"i
Kun. cit).. 3 7 .yn
lnillanaii'lla 1 .lou
I Reaalla.
Blnui Cltv, K.lomaha, a.'
idiicoui, z; itiiver. a.
Wlchlia, I: Tuacke.
Dee Mulnea, 1; fit. J6aeph, 1. '
St. Louie, 1; Cincinnati. 7.
rittabuigh. : (Vrano.
Chlraao, I; Ht. Ipuia. 1.
Cleveland, 4; Detroit, . ten Inning.
Knw City, (: Ihllanapolla, L
at. Paul, li ColumYie. i
M'niiMPolH. I: Tor do. u.
Milwaukee, I; Loubvllle. 4, eleven In
nlnt, Uaaaea Taday.
We-lern league riioiia cily at Omaha,
De Mnihea at St. J..Vh.
National League Beaton at Brooklyn.
New York at I'hlladelohla. m. Iiula at
Cincinnati, l1tli.hurli Ht Chicago.
American league Detroit at St. I.011U,
Philadelphia at New lork. Waxhiimiun
at Hoaton.
American Aafoclatlnn Kanaaa City at
Indianapulia, St. I'aul ut Columbua.
MtnnratHiii at Tolclu, Milwaukee at
Chicago Scores Six Times and Pitts
burgh Gets No Bans.
Local Traaa Ulii Uaae by Oa
taae IlltllaaV too tiled with l.el
fleld'a (,cncroaltyArchrr
4ria Two.Uaager.
. CHICAGO, April a.-Clllcago defeated
Plttaburgh today In the opening game
of the series, to 0. Cheney waa In fine
condition and held the visitors at hla
mercy. The locale won the game by op
portune hitting, coupled with Leltleld'a
generosity. A large crowd wltneaaed the
game, e'eore:
AU.ll.OAE. O.AE.
Hlierkar4, II
Hihulu. rf.. 4
Tinker, H . .
llnfmia, if. 4
KlM'maa. lb 4
a.m. lb... I
Laanni. lb. 1
Arfbar, e... 4
Cbtaty. 4
II 4
.14 1
4 111
Caaaldy. Sacrifice fly: Llord. Struck
out: lly Kchrelber. 3. by Hmlth. I: bv
Klneella. 1. hate on balla: Olf Klnaelia 1.
Double play: trambea to lfi
on haeea: Denver. : Unralti. 4. Innlnsa
pltrher: Hchrelber, S; Klnaella, 1 Tuna:
1 J. UmjUfe: JohnaoiL
Complete Lilt of Champions in All
Events of High School Athletic.
Time af Twra(rTwa aad Twa-
Klfthe SeVwada Beatea by a
fifth, bat Never la State
Track Meal.
In anawer to reo.ucata from many
rhuol throughout th atate Th Bee
la hereby publlahlng an authentic, Uat of
Nebraaka Interacholaatlc track record.
Which ha been complied from State
High School Athletic data, going back at
far a It organization.
Bom of th reoorda hare more than
one holder, and tha century distance
haa three, Bobert Wood, the crack
Omaha High achool aprlnter, being one of
the trio. Omaha and York each have
four record! to their credit and the otrfera
are scattered among Lincoln, Falrbury.
Franklin, Kearney Military academy and
Relay, two-mile, university: Mlnneeota,
flrat; Nebraska, sound, Ames, third.
Time: l.leAa. ,NW rei ord.
Drake relay, two-mile, college: Morn
Ingslue, firat; Cornell. -ond: Orlnnell.
third. Time: S.SV Breuk Drake track
Relay, one-mile university: Chlcaao.
first; Kanaaa, second; WasbUigton, thud.
Time: 1:SS.
Relay, one-mile, college! Cue. first;
Mornlugaide, aecoad; Cornell, third. Time:
Relay, four-mile, anlveraltv: Wisconsin,
first; Ames, aecund; Minnesota, third.
Time: lS.tlUt.
Relay, half mile, college: Coe, first;
Orlnnell. ercond; Highland Park third.
Time: 1 .
Relay, half mile, university: Kansas,
first; Amea, aecoad; Iowa, third. Time:
Kelay. four-mile, college: Pea Molnra.
flrat: Coe. aecood; Grinueil. third. Time:
Motoring Time Has
Come m These Parts
"Spring time I motoring time: there' ,
no doubt of, that." aald IL E. Fredrick. !
son, local dealer in Chalmer cars. "Right
now about half the motoriata I knew are
getting ready for country trip. In th
sprier everyone wants to get out Into
the open. The country Invite th man
with a car.
"And with the opening of the touring
season tha man whose car haa a long
stroke motor and a ftva-apeed tranamuj.
eloB bcglna fully to realize th adraat-
Byrns, 3b..
1 I tlaiei. II...
1 I h. cf..
t 1 OWtansr, M
I I 0 Miller, lb.
1 1 SWIlnon. rf.
Ill nM.1lrth7.ib
11 dllwon.
II Ihsltleia, .. 1 11 lllll I Total! II I il 11 7
Chicago 4 1 0 0 3 -
PHtsuurgh 0 0 0 0-0
Two-base hit: Archer. Rlolen haMea:
T,each. Carey. Evers, 2immernian. Dou
ble play: Archer to Tinker. Left on
baNea: Chicago, It; PJttHbuiuh, 7. 1-lrst
base on halls; Off llfldd. i; off Chenev,
.1 ll.t with pitched ball: Hv l-lflelil.
Ever, riliuck out: Hy Cheney, : by
Lelfleld. 1. Wild pitch: Cheney. Time:
1:4, Umpire: Johiialune and Eaaon.
Detroit loses Heartbreaking- Pitch
ers' Battle with Naps.
Mae Reaalona of Hard Baae Ball
Without Scoring Followed hy
severe Panlahlng of
TUera Pitcher.
DETROIT. April 21. Bill Burn went
to piece in the tenth inning and Detroit
lost a heart-breaking pitchers' buttle
with Cleveland. Butcher's one-handed
catch featured. Jackaon waa hit on the
right forearm In th fourth and Birming
ham replaced him. Score:
C1.KVgl.tM. .WTROIT.
Kulrbsr. If. 4 ! 1 I "lit,
Olftnn. as... S 1 4
JaikMMV rf. 1 S
Brewers Defeated After Strong
Eleven-Inning Fight.
Barrta LaatU Ivturjr for Local
with Two-llane lilt la Final
laalujc ntrhrr Strhlrl
Bert Murphy of "Murphy did It" fm
ha returned to Omaha from a trip to
New York. Philadelphia and Boaton,
where he visited various factories and
ascertained the condition for spring busl
neaa. Mr. Murphy I favorably Impressed with
the general situation. "The motor truck
market." he says, "Is very active, espe
cially in Boston. It la pleasing to not;
how eagerly conservative Boston houaea
have adopted thevinotor truck, and th"
businesa there compares well with New
York and Philadelphia.
"Prom my obaervatlons I am convinced
more than ever that the 'after aale' serv
let is the Important factor in deciding
sales. Merchants want to feel aallsriej
that tli equipment will be kept up to &
certain standard of efficiency; that the
manufacturer will render such assistance
a la consistent with good businesa Judg
ment; that the purchase of one or more
trucka doea not mean an uncertain In
vestment, but will have a value for year
to come.
"For this reason merchant who con
template changing to trucka are seeking
advice from companies making a com
plete line of commercial vehicles, thereby
Insuring unbiased recommendation. This
unbiased recommendation ia being sought
only from companies whoa commercial
and financial reaponaiblilty la an assur
ance of their own permanency In th
businesa. 7
(Special.) The Weslryan base ball team
In the first game of the season, April
H. was defeated. 4 to s, by the team of
Chinamen representing the Chinese High
achool at Honolulu. The team were
evenly matched. Wetleyaa having the
stronger battery and th Chlneae ex
celling In the fielding department. Wes
leyan haa three intercollegiate games
scheduled for nct week, playing Kenr
ney Normal at home Tuesday and Belle,
vue and Dcane on Friday and Saturday,
respectively. Coach Kline Is (till seri
ously ill aa a result of an operation for
appendicitis and Mr. Engeart Is taking
his place aa baae ball tutor.
i s 1
louawi. It.. 4 4 s 1 l
0 a4t.r. rf.... fi S 1 0
Htm' him. cf lit Mwford. If 4 3 4 4
lAiole. 2b. .. 4 1 1 s BiKinkMr.:b 1 j s
K)Ui rf.... 14 11 fl!alnir. lb.. I I 14 I I
Hi.hnb'na lb 4 111 I 1 Kusk. ....! I I I 1
Turner lb.. 1111 IHtsnar. 4 111
Kaitrrlr. c. 4 III Jones, a I I I I
KaUr, .... 41111 .
Totals li 1 10 It 3
Totals 7 14 4
Batted for Ixiuden In the tenth.
Cleveland 0 0000000 4-4
Detroit 0-0
Two-base hits: Butcher, Burn. Kaler.
Stolen bases: Cobb. Delehnntv. Iouhle
pluvs: Mush to Galnor; IVIehanty to
Bush to Galnor; Turner to Olson to
llohnhnrsl. l,eft on baaea: Cleveland.
4: Detroit, . Flrat baae on balla: Off
Hfirna, 1: off Kaler, 3. First base on er
rors: Cleveland, 1; Detroit. 3. lilt with
pitched ball: By Burns, Jackson and
livan. Struck out: By Burns, 1: hy
Kaler. 4. Time: 1:9. Umpires: Dlnecn
and Terrlne.
flax Beat Rrowna Again,
ST. llt'IS, April it.-Chicago made a
clean aweep of the opening aerlea with
the locals, winning the final gHme this
afterumn by a wore of a to X in the
lith with one nut St. IjouU had two
men on baeea. Peters waa relieved by
Walsh, who held the honie team hltlcss
for the remainder of the game. Hcorc:
ST. LOliS. CHll AIH)
Shottoa. rf . I 4 IRsth, lb.... 4 114 1
Austin, lb.. 4 111 llird. lb ... 4 1111
Storall. lb. 1 I I I rsllshan. If I 1 1 III
Lspone. rf.. I I I I IBodle. rf... II
lioaan. If... 111 OM.'ll.k. rf. 4 1 I I I
P.SI1. SB..... I 14 4 lZlr. lb . I I II 1 1
HalMnan. ss 4 1 I 4 I Wtsvor. as. 4Xlt
aiephres. e.. 4 I T 1 ehlw-k. C... 4 1 IS I 0
P.wril, 141 ntxtrs. 111
Alllna ... 14 11 I Walsh, p... 114
lJ. a 41 ...lllll Totals N 11 11 14 1
Totals II I 17 II 1
Batted for Allison in the seventh.
t. l-ouis 0 6 1 2 0 0 0 42
Two-base hit: Peters. Sacrifice hits:
floican, l.ord, Callahan (Tt. Double plays:
Pelera, Weaver, Rath and ZeuW;
Pratt, Ilalllnan and Stovall; Bath and
Kelder. Htolen base: Xeider. lilt with
pitched ball: By Peters. Laporte. Bases
on balls: Off Howell. 1; oft Walsh, :;
off Allison. L Struck out: Bv Powell,
2; by Alltaon. 1: by Petere, 3: by Walah.
S. Hits: Off Powell. ( in four Innings;
off Allison, 4 In three Innings; off l,ake,
4 In two innings; off Peters, ; In five and
one-third innmgs; off Walsh, none in
three and two-thirds Innings. Left on
baaea: t. l.ouls. i: Chk-aitn. 4. Time:
1:M. Umpires: Evan and Egau.
LOl'ISVILLE. April 2,-It took eleven
Innings for Iiulsvllle to defeat Milwaukee
today. It w-as a ace-saw gamo and wa
Interspersed with good and bad playinc:
hy both teams. Burch lan led v 'ctory
for the locals with a two-base lilt in tho
final Inning. Catcher Settle! waa uplk-il
above tli ankle by Lewis and was forced
to retire. Score:.
Wins Local Honors by Taking Three
Out of Five Games.
Winner of II a art win t Koltt MiaI
Arrompllamea A Ictorjr hy C lever
Dark Coart IMay ln Oarae
Tlxal Intll Knd.
Alt H O A K
Sit nature, lb
!tur... If... CSS
tU-4B. rf. 4 2 S
Hrnrtl'.lb : W
Itraumil'r.H 6 t 4
Kll. 2b 6 2 S
Bjfk, rf.
Hilttrl c-... 4
L drraillk. S
Pun If)-, cf.. 1
"TIM 1
Uad'lfn. c. 1
tiodr, 1
KR-ntlKll. rf. 4 1 1 t A
Ol-'iulurty. II 6 3 J
tJn-.. lb... ft 1 I l ft
1 li Urk. 3b... 4 2 11ft
S 1 lwl7, m. .. 4 ft 7 i 1
1 BrQ. 2b. .. ft 1 4 & 9
3 OHmhH, c i ft 1 0 ft
ft ftCuitlnc, 2 1 1 3 0
ft OajHllvun. p 1 ft ft 4
ft, t. S ft 1 1 I
ft ftHovlltv, p... ft ft ft ft ft
Totals a t31 IS 2
Totals 4& 11 a 13 4
ItatlM for (lurk In the eiphlli.
Two out whi'ti wlnntns run i-eoiwl.
laOiilHvllle ... 0 0 o 9 1 0 0 0 1 0 C 4
Mllwatikp ...0 M II 1 1 M H 1-3
Htolen base: Stanlpv. Ttvo-tiae httH.
Ilaydtn ,.'. Hark. Ilunh. Tlirw-baae
hll; luirke. Khiharty. Kren. Hacrtrictj
htm: t'uttlnic. Stunliury, (Mark. Sr ri
ft ea fly: l,i-buld. Lniible plav: Iwla to
Jonea. lilts: nff Hovllk, mne In one
third Innlim: off ('uttlnp, 8 in aeven In
nlnKK; off Mefilynn. In three and one
third tnnhiKs; off ,o.'rmiik. S in niiit
Innliiits, off Snyder. I tn two Innings.
Stnitk out: Lowdirmilk, i; tinyder, 1,
McUlynn, 2.
Pennla Hvan won the local hand bait
championship Saturday afternoon on the
couru at the "Y" by taking three out
of five close namen from C. G. Linn.
'former I'nlvernlty of Oklahoma hand bflll
shark. The scorei were 21-18, 21-H, 10-21,
16-21. 21-19.
lly dint of clever hack court playlmr
Ryan took the firat two frames, but Linn
came back strong and outclassed his
rival In the third and fourth game. Tho
final cpntest a exritiii(r, the players
sce-fawin; back and forth until the lant
two minutes of play, when Ryan forged
ahead and won barely by two. points.
Ryan wins a handsome gold medal and
Linn will receive a silver "V" budge as
second prlie.
Live wires emoko Permits. 5 cents.
A Ton of 4old
could buy nothing better for femalo
weaknessen, lame back and kidney troublo
than Klcctrte Hittorf. Only 'JK: Fur
salue by Dcuton lriiR Co.
Permits to smoke, ii cents. All dealers.
PRINCETON. N. J, April a.-F.' C
Thompson, a rbrmtsrr of the second rear
class of PrliKetoa Theological aeailnary,
broke the world a record for the number
of points scored la aa all-round "athletic
championship trial held here rods 7.
Thompson scored T.KT p tnts, or IX points
mora than Sheridan, tlie bolder of the
all-round champions!. tp record. Thomp
son's record 1U not Ft and aa offic'al,
aa It waa act enade In an official inert
The trial in held ander the Amateur
Athletle union rvfea, however, and It
lacked on:- official eanctioa to stand
a record. Thompson haa twice von the
Amateur AlMeste aiWraua4 a 1
CLEVELAND. O.. April n.-The list of
entries for the seven early-closinc stake
of the North Kandall Grand circuit me-t-ina.
Julr 9 to Auxust a. as announced
tnriav Ineludea fi enlrtea tha "Tavern I
Steak," one of the bisreest amateur events
of tha year, heading the list with
nominattone. The stskes are:
Chamrrtonshin sweepstakes, freeor-all
padna. ai.l. eleven eitlrie. 1
1 ne roreel lit v. 2.0 pace, value v:.bim, ,
twenty-rive entries.
The Hsini.-, ::l! pacing, value
thirty entries,
t'hsmplonship sweeprtakes. free-for-aj
trot. fl.Oal added, six entiles: amon
them R. T. I'.. Millie Burke and Uudie
Tile "Tavern Steak." i:W trotting, value '.
si.nia, 11a entries.
The Kaeie. 2:S trotting, value COt.
eleven entries.
The Ohio. J M trotting, va.ue .",).
twenty-nine entrlee.
LOS ANGELES. April Jl.-The pugilistic
proaTam arrjn:ed by Manager Thomas
McCarey of the Vernon club for the next ;
three munth show the following schedule
of twenty-round bouts:
Frankie Conley and Johnny White, j
April S: winner of this bout with Abe
AtteJL ilay IL
Think of the Hot Summer Coming
Comfort then means much to the
employer as well as the employe.
More and better work can be accomplished
in a cool, well ventilated office such as is
afforded by The Bee Building.
Tiitt7!ttrMIr 1 u
' ' 1 '11 if 1 1 1 'rat, a i'.ii"'
The spaciousness of
the building is
made prominent
through the large
court and good
ly connected with
outside exposure,
which aids in form
ing air passages
through the whole
structure. Other
conveniences pi
Bee buildintr ten
ants are assured through attentive janitor service
and speedy elevators. Now is the time to move into
A few vacant offices are listed:
sftaoaa 634 aai J - Adjoining rooms ran l rented inula or er.
auitc At present both room are divtoXI by ten.purary wood
and f!a.i!i rariitiontf, hare an m exposure ea fieve:,teenttt
street and are very ttesirable rvrotita.
Booa 42SV Is 1 i xI9 "4 fet In size: has two nortli wiadova and
private office partitioned off insiJa tnia ace. Vlus .wib
would be parti-uiariy well aultext tr ao axemtect or atudiu.
goes 35- Fronts on Farnam street and la almost la front ot ele
vator land in Siae r 1 aqara leet IrsrUUUL4
to ax ford ir.vata wifKe and recepUoa room.
fos ReceptJoa Room, private offlca, tmm late elostti. larrv
aor-raom with two north window a Ideal office for utinr.
' archatacl doctor or otbar profaslnsi men. hental pet
. BMM.Ua - - - .M-MW
fteem MSIm ll-tT3 la slaa. located ea the court, close to sky
11(3 1. tbua havtna excellent natural lifffit. The spaca couid
be divtoed ao aa to oaka two vary ij-saiit rooiiA-w price,
lr awmia 37i
Room 33 Office Id tha ttorthwest corner. Hann? fovr larte win
towa A fireproof vault for the krotectioa of valuable papers
la iauch tn demand and Is afforded In this room. There is a
total of J2 aqtiare feet of floor aace and some would fee
equipped wttb partition to satisfy good uoant. Tb rental
WKe as per BwaUi ....... ........ MM4..-t A
The Bee Building Co.
Bee Business Office 17th and Fanuun Sts