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We Will Gladden
Any Little Girl's
Uniri West Cicaba
nodi .""Girls Know
that they can tenth Uirough
ever? store In Omaha without
flmUna. anything to oompaie
with tho pretty dresses shorva
hero.,, , -
Most mother 'know that
them ! re il economy la buy
ing the girl's dresses ready
Biiit; that is. In buying the
well made; kind;' in other
words, the tind we Mil. ..
Vor Play. School or Outing
there 1 an abundant showing '
of fresh. u-w wash drcssea of HSJ
percales, piain coamarays ana jyt
tan, pink ur blue In many neat
patterns. - Aliut a number of
beautiful platda in soft tones.
Cleverly styled and effectively trimmed. SUes to 14 'years.
SV-- -
S1.50 S1.95
If $2.50
CI a am -e
AW f VV kll
Survivors of Third-Class.
1518-1220 FARNAtf STREET
answered, and the indications are that
. ae details of the disaster wilt be known
' aatil lh C'arpethta reaches port.
Judging tram the .nature of the few
ntMiai received tress th urvlvori
aboard the Carpethia, the Inference 1
that mow of th.m are unaware of the
awful tragedy that took place aboard
the Titanic after It was abandoned. Thus
many wives are Ignorant that their hus
bands have perished and are hoping that
they were picked up by aonw passing
11 aw which subMouently rendered ser
vice similar to that et the Carpethia.
la New Terk all preparations have been
made to reoelve tne survlvore when they
lead. JTMd. clothing. - embulanoea and
other neceMltin and luxurlee have been
provided; the police protection will be
ample,, and every nieeaure will be taken
te protect the unfortunates who have
seen under such a terrtflo strain. For
the women of the steerage a committee
ef prominent New Tork worn have
been formed as house and take care of
them until relatives abroed caa be noti
fied e their plight.
Thirteen Ufebcwle Picked I. p.
The CarpatMa has sent ashore the
name ef 1 third class pseaengara ami
bag requested the Wblte Star Una to
eend a shln'sotrtoar and fourteen eallors
en twe tuss to take charge of thirteen
Titsqlo lifeboats et quarantine. This
would Indicate that only thirteen life
boats had bemt found lavellable lor row
cue work Instead ef twenty Meboate, as
has baea approximated."
Alt hope has bn given up that Colonel
John Jacob Aeter, leeier Sireua, Bea
Jamtn Ougganheem, Oeerge If Wldener,
Major Archibald. Jitt, military aid te
President Tafti Henry B. Hurts, the
theatrical manegfr, end Charles, M. Here,
president of toet-TfreYid Tntf-af railway
have been
lake. any touamees lium ina.'
The cruiser Cheater lias Informed the
Navy department by wlreleso that hav.
trig sent the list of thlrd-claaa passengers
on we t-arpatnia via the Mlern, it waa
now proceeding to Delaware Bay,
The Salem haa sent the following wire-
lee to Washington:
"FTom United States ship Salem
Washington: Your telegram relative td
Major Butt and others was relarsd to
Chester promptly and acknowledged,
and I later sent a second Inquiry to learn
at jt p. m. Uiat the original messase was
not reoolvtd by Chaster. Am now trying
tor larpiahia direct to Inquire. Condi'
Units very unfavorable with many ste.
uona uiterrering with each other. Balem
will proceed It red ford Thursday for coal,
thence Boston. (Signed) CHANDLER."
Ueorge D. Wldener, the Philadelphia
cepiuum la not aboard the Carpethia.
That Information wee received by the
White Star line office early today. No
mention was made of his son. Harry
Klklns Wldener. In the wireless dlipatch.
Many of ths wtrsiess meassges by eur.
vlvors to their tamlllee show that they
hold the hopes thst those from whom
they bad been separated were safe aboard
otner steamera. -
'1 am praying that my huaband ha
been picked up by Another steamer." waa
a wlreleae message sent by a survivor to
her family.
Only a few of these who still clung to
a taint hope that their family or friends
might still be numbered among ths saved
aboard the Oarpatiila remelned all night
at the White mar line ofttoes. The wire
Has word received late yesterday from
the cruiser Cheater thet the first and
second class passenger lists had been,
aent ashore wss a heavy blow to the
many who sent vtil 9m h....
r. nnet.mcew of the eomjjany. fir
a-ii "Will fare far aeVW.r
was net on the Carpethia, and he did
not know whethed Baejamln Oucgenhelm
or Major Butt. "eyre aboard. Toe
crulsar Paler requested Information re
garding Major Igitt from ths Carpethia,
but the Cunerder gave 'no answer.
The Salem sent ashore the following
awessga; . . .,..'
"I can read the Carpethia, but he won't
Vera Murphy.
K.Ue ilultln.
Kate McCarthy,
a. D. Meseemeekes.
Annie Meseemecke.
Marie Tuslff.
Bene Moubarck.
Hailn Moubarck.
Oltoa Moubarck.
Mina Musulmoa.
Sanuca SubulakaL
Jstlna Mudo.
Kirkoeea Muhan.
Delia Dlanodrtma.
Karl Mathjoax.
Bertha Mallledell.
Massle Morrlgan.
Bertha Maran.
KrUtof Madsen.
Albert Moss.
Mary MrOovem,
Erneet McKey.
Alice McKey.
Thomas hloCermeck.
John Nlckaren.
Bertha Kelson.
Mary Xtktt.
Demlna J. N el eon.
Tree Nybem.
Annie MoGowaa.
Agnee twyt (or Mr
A. tdck).
Margaret Nanga.
Maggie J. Murphy.
Leonch Kidegrek.
Huena Manman.
Krlkorean Klroia.
f-enwaken (?).
Delia McDcrmotL '
John MrKaren.
Alng Ludguna
Helena Angasea. Caadersea Oealumd.
Anna Kelebottei. .'one Cbarlea.
Nora O'Leary. Ro Abbott
Arthur Okwn. Edna Andersoa.
Cotertna Pstros. zima Aatlund.
Genert Pleard. rellx Astlund.'
Xobeaa Patros. Lillian Astlund.
Ernest Pereon. Akiesp Abelseph.
Xorah Both. Leak Aksaks.
Anna Reibon. Lee Blng.
John Cburchson. Marie Boklln.
Xicola Surlrt. Eugene Boklln.
Juho BTmnder. , Marie Boklln.
Jio Srhurbtnt H aline Eoklin.
Juice Sap. Latefe Boklln.
Anna Sofia. Mlljr Akaaks.
8. Joblom. Xaaalf Casern.
Ee'.ertca Slnde. Boysm Cajiem.
Hose Slhelrome. Emily Batman.
Agnes Slbelrome. Maria Bockstrom.
Amy Stanley. Daniel Duskier.
Johan sumdlaa. Bridget Bradley.
Falla Smythe. Chlng Hip
Axel 8hlne. Elnare Barlaon.
Florence Keaormy. Beatrice Sande.
Craft Hedrlg. Qua Coha.
Hedvig Turkula. L. M. Crtbb.
William Turkgeet. Minnie Conto.
Varuuon Varuuoa. Neville Conto.
Ellen Wleke. will Conto.
Silence Teeburg. Katie Connelly.
Hanna Toueef. Ellen Can-.
Oeorge Yousef. Theodore Demueder.
Marian Tousef. ' Jteepn Kiigesne.
Sourll Oumsoa. p. D. Daly.
Philip 2enn. Charles Dsly.
Nicola Ellaae. Manoola Daly.
Nicola Oane. ' jire. Etta Dean and
August Abrahenuoo. two children.
Bedneura Alousn. - Margaret Deraaey.
Mariana Asslm. toes Bridget
Carle NeUon. , -
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receives sersral massages from Mr.
Jsmay. The lest one cams la during the
nignt. air. lamay is stunned beyond ax-
preasion. He is almply overwhelmed. "
sir. rTanmin declined to make public
' meseagea rrom Mr. Isrney.
MetboelleS Mteelourp Mtoslng.
READ! NO, Pa.. April U-Mlaa Ami.
Funk, a Methodlet EtHeoonei mlaalonarr
from Indja, and daughter of Jamee Funk
ef Boyeratown. Pk, is believed to have
perished In the Titanic dlaaster. Thla
waa to be her first furlough In five years.
nne was a second class cabin nassenxer
and her name la not oa the list of sur
vivors. ,
(ConUnued from first Page.) .
eauae of the Tltanlc's wreck. Theee offi
cers were amased by the raporta that the
Tltanlo waa going ahead at full speed la
view of the knowa preaenoe of danger.
Quarantine surprised . even the customs
official". 1M of whom antra oa the pier
under the direction of General Neleon F.
Henry, surveyor af the port, who came to
facilitate the landing of the survivors.
Five hundred friends and relatives hsd
gathered Inside the pier shsds at I
o'clock, taking up their positions under
the customs alphabetical arrangement
each one under ths Initial of the name of
the survivor. The Carpethia at thla time
was a quarter of a mile down the Hudson
ana a rawing near the docka. A stream
of people waa filing Into the pier en.
trerfre add a.momelree eoMlrrhed to- take
"- w - , ,n HIM. AM K ,MA
The Carnethii wfteieoa ooeeaWf "sent - BueMet araftinmenfll h... " T1 T " ."r":
worq mis morning taat t'oioaei aster
The Pure Product of
Nevtur' Sprinji. You will
l Din m Arlalnfl for
nr ... ... j. I At noaer aireeaaf sat b.k.
! oomiiui(e at ,tna new Tork Slock
tSi row.
reagf sjayei 11111
to v ik ii ai
Antiseptic Powder
Aheneww tateura e mm e
. wnikraae Wat JMea) VlUWet
VMS t akweieas ail ever warts far
71 Tin. H, M ual u a ervwata.
DImimi -.Bat..il7 hi vitw.
nat vim gwSaa S saoaaa alaa4-
fca Sr Sreasteo) eawwaie.
ae rmr eertw ere a tooalet.
XL ma, CseeHWisihgtsa.P.C
Asthma Catarrh
wMoonm. cough ctoue
swowtwrti COUGHS COLDS
M rfawSaVl. mU mm Xllwe) fcttlaaWt fcf fcjf
np. Vmt tm ggsiss tt urn? fmm
Tkm rti iiswgl mm y tmiimftk, tmjtwi
sU aWaWT k-egejU, 4Mk hntk,if tmf. WsUsj
UM WriMat. 4 tspj W Msaftj .(Mnst rMtW
hi BlfBMw Cnisiisn t tUliyilkl sj sagnWal
tmwitttammA imm mmimntnm
SaaaVA IB VasaVsal 9tf Mtttt OaVteat,
9m am arruaHS awau
in wmi aalavaiic
Vssw Crsseitss Co.
tiCeraassi !..
I jrt r -vet
patfala decks. Cusieras regulations hav
been suapeaded aad there will Oely bs a
short Inapeotloa at Quarantine by the
neaitn department, as Is maneatory under
tne lawj Police reeervea will be stationed
about ths Cunard Una pir and only
those woo are friends or relatives of ths
survivors with proper credentlala will be
permitted on the pl.r.
Taxiesb aad hotel accommodations have
been provided for first snd second cabin
passengers who are not able Is proceed
at once to thetr homes, wblle ths steer
age passengers will be eared for by the
Immigration department at Kills Islsnd
or by ths municipal lodging hsuse. which
nas neon placed at their dispossl.
A score sr more of wealthy society wo
men have organised a relief committee
to aid the steerage survivors of the Tl
tanlo and have telegraphed Preeldeat Tat
offering to aaaiat the government In the
work of coring for the thlrd-claae pea
eesger survivors.
leaaar Mar Ketara at Oaew.
The White star liner Codrlc. schedule!
te salt air Boon today, map be detained
until tomorrow, as ths White Star Hns
hss rasstved a wireless from the Car
pethia making thla request, j. Bruce
lamay, managing director of the Inter
aauoaai Mercantile Marina, one of the
aurvlvora aboard the Carpethia. will. It
la understood, return to Bnglaad aboard
the Cedrte If It Is detained bers until
Vies Preotdsnt Franklin of the White
Star Une autkorlaed the following an
'The Cedrie sailed as scheduled at noon
today- .
C. w. Themes, aasiotant manager of
the traffic department ef the White Btar
fine, said that bo arrangements had been
made te transfer J. Brace Ismey,
aging director of the International Mer
eadtlle. Marine, from the Carpethia to
the Cedrie at sea, and that as tar as he
knew Mr. Ismey would remain aboard
the Carpethia.
A representative of P.. H, Uttr ft
Ce. said an official of the firm had
received ny wireless confirmation that
leader Straua and ble wife were not
among the survivors oa the Carpethia.
aether Dealal treat rvsaaJta.
Vice President PrankUa of the White
Star Une said this afternoon:
"We are not setting a thing by wire.
leee from the Carpethia. We have beard
from It eeverai tlmee, but there Is not
the eligbtest explanation of the Tltanlc's
staking or snything pertslnlng to the
disaster In any way In any of the wirs
leee meesacee we have received."
Have you beard from Mr. Ismayt-
-Tes." replied Mr. Franklin. "I have
aTew kUxaedy That Bemeeea Piaaklea as
Costa Xotaiag.
Here s a rhaiK ilna Freckle-Face, to
try a hi remedy tor freckles with the
guarantee ef a reliable dealer that it wiu
I? 2L,yo,, Py "' it removea
the frecfclee. whll. if it An . T
clear eomplnloa. toe expanse la trifling.
rnply get aa ounce of ethtnedouU.
etrength. from Bmioo Drug Company
and one nkrht's treatment will ahow voa
bw eaeylt ta to r yoareelr of the
hoowly frMAleo end cet a beautiful eom
punion. Rareir le an. iku v.
j Denied for the worst ease.
1 , "are to aek Beetea Drug Company
, far the double strength etalse. aa tiae u
too only prawrrptkan sold nader gaacaa.
IrJLJLnesoey back if It faiia to remove
eacnaagf brought to the pier ahortly
before the Carparthla arrived, bringing
s,asj In rash to be distributed among
those most In need of assistsncs. This
money was raised on the exchange by
popular eubseriptloa and brought to the
pier la an oblong box. The oemmtttee
wa oompoeed of K. H. Thomas, prea).
dent of the exchange; Chariee Noaloek.
tL N. Barruch. , Chariee D. Holdoner aad
1. Carllle.
Surveyor Henry, aaalgned to their use
the little customs bouse oa the pier.
Several Rer Cross nurses and a doaea
physicians arrived on the pier and two
ambulanoes from St. Vincent hospital
stood outside.
The Pennsylvania Railroad company
bad a special train waiting at Its sta-
tioa at Thirty-fourth street and a num
ber ad taaoabla te convey survivors ds
atrtng to go to Philadelphia to their
Aa apartment for Mr. Ismany has been
secured at the Rite-Carl toa hotel
(Continued from First page.)
by ths preeldeat la a letter made public
to day by Cardinal Otbbona, as follows:
My Ddear Cardinal Olbbons: I have
received the written expreeeloa by the
Roman Caihaloo arehbiahopa of the coun
try In lolnt eeeeloa with the trueteee of
the f wtholto univereity. of their profound
grtcr u tne awrui raee ot numan uvee
la the etnhlna of the Titanic, and aa
behalf of the bereaved I beg to eipreea
craterui appreciation at this meeeaare
of sympathy.
I note In your communication the vei
ned ouggoetlon as to ths necessity for
less! provtelon for greater eocarlur at
Oceen travel.
Sincerely Tours,
Its Total Keeeae Caaalf v tin..
Haadred aad Seveaty-Blobt.
LO.N'DOX. April U-The actual number
of aaaaengers and crew on board the Ti
Unls at the time of the disaster was
Z.U, sccordlng to Sidney Buxton, presi
dent of ths Board of Trade. In reply tn
a question In the House of Commons this
Mr. Buxton, who was flooded with
questions, etsted that the Tltanlo ae-
tually carried sixteen boats on Its davits,
giving accommodations to W persona.
other boate carried on board provided
accommodation for another- 1H. making
a total of 1.17S. In addition there were
forty-eight lifebuoys and ka lite twite
The actual number of passengers and
crew on board the Tltanlo waa tint
The widow of Captain Smith, the com
mander of the Tltanlo, hee written pa
thetic messags which waa posted todsy
outside the White Star offices. It reeda
aa follows:
'To my poor fellow sufferers: My heart
overflow, with grief for you all and le
laden with sorrow that you are weighed
down with this terrible burden thet hsc
been thrust upoa us, Msy Ood be with
us and comfort us all. Tours In deep
sympathy, ,. . ELEANOR SMITH."
All the Lace Curtains
on Sale Monday
April 22
All the Curtain Materials
. on Sale Tuesday
-. - , .t. ;
T. ereyw.''i..
CBOAK FALLS. Ik, AprU liWSpsolal.)
-T. Jerry Burr, Senior proprleter of Suit
hotel, thla city, died St noon (oday after
ag illness af three days, aged years.
Ho hss lived m Cedar Falls tor ever
thirty years snd Is sne ef the beet gnowa
hotel men tn Iowa. He .was ana of sis
brothers, aU of whom are (one but hie
partner, A. N. Burr. One stater eur
vtvss. Mrs. Lowe ef Denver, who la aa
Invalid. Mr. Burr waa a veteran of the
civil war. belonging to the One Hundred
and Thirtieth Kew Tork volunteers.
a. d. Howe.
WIRXEK. Nea.. April ls.-(ReerlA.
0. D. Howes, one ef the aid ploaeera ot
Wiener, died eery suddenly Sunday after.
m. Kev. Aper, a former Congrega
Uonal pastor, came from Missouri and
preached the funeral aermon. Deceased
lesvee a widow and one son, a physielaa
of Lincoln.
JfxXmleT Kikes Charge ef Co imp.
tioi Afainit Colonel's Backer.
Ms Sara tbat One Dletrtot Captala
la City et Weer York Sold Oat
aaS that Otherw Wee
WA8HIMOT0N, AprU U-Dtreetor Mo-
Klnley. ef the National Tart bureau, to
day Osued a Statement oalllag attention
to the alleged use of money In ths Roose
velt campaign.
The lev-tar) expenditure of money In
thla campaign by the baokers of former
President Theodore Roosevelt" says ths
statement, "has Isd to ths question being
" 'Were the victories of Roosevelt In
Pennsylvania and Oklahoma due to a
great popular demand for hia renomtna-
Hon or to the use of money f"
Further along Mr. McKlnley says:
"tn no prcoonventloB campaign la ths
history of the country had money been
used tn such large sums, amounting. In
view at the general verdict of the .country
with respect to certain expenditure! by
ssnators of the United Statee. to plain
bribery and corruption, aa has been ex
pended by the baokara of Colonel Theo
dore Roosevelt"
Mr. MoKlnley declares the Roosevelt
force apent large aums In Oklahoma,
that they distributed M In Alleghany
county, Pennsylvania, Including Pitts
burgh, by Issuing . places of "scrip'
In It denomlnatlona to "meeeengers:"
thst the total Roosevelt expenditures in
Pennsylvania were between tao.oot and
SK,(W; (bat la New Tork county alone
MOO.aoe was spent la endeavoring to In-
riuenoe the primaries aad that efforta
were made to "buy out"' precinct cap-
Ulna In Kew Tork.
In this eoaneeuoa." said the McKlnley
statement, "one district captala la New
Tork did sou out to the Roosevelt
manager, plainly showing that Mr.
Roosevelt waa not the candidate la an
swer to ths 'great popular demand.' but
the beneficiary of a bag of good, hard
Ashland Bridges
Are Put in Repair
..SIILAND, Neb.. April It peoiel.
Work on two wooden bridges en ths
Sarpy county aide and One On thla aide
of the Platte river Bear the main bridge,
to take the place of brldgee washed away
by the flood a of over three weeks ago,
waa completed Wedneaday and automo
bllea and other vehloles crossed over.
This work was delayed for twa weeks by
the nonarrival of bridge limber. Traffic
over this bridge will be heavy. Inquiries
coming In from aU parte of the a late
asking when the Ashland bridge could
bs creased. The roadway Is about com
pleted on the Saunders county side, but
several days' work wUl bs necessary to
restore ths road across ths river to the
condition It was In before the flood tore
It out Automobiles are gutting through
without difficulty by detourlng around
the Une of the original road, at a Uttle
longer distance. At the annual meeting
of the Ashland Plane River Bridge com
pany Wednesday-trie stockholders ehoee
the following board of directors: JK.
P. Coodfellow, T.r D. Mickey,-.' J. 1L
Granger, M. U Mead. H. A Wiggenbora.
A. Laverty and V. K. White. The only
change In the directorate was the elec
tion of Granger to succeed H. i. Curtis.
The directors immediately ' re-eleoted H.
A Wlggenhorn as president. F. B, White
secretary and M. L. Mead treasurer.
To Our Patrons:
Wa will make our temporary lo
cation at 720 South lfUi SL (18th
and Leavenworth) la tha game room
with the Great Western Pharmacy.
We have our prescription files.
ett., and can refill your old prescrip
tion and new ones the same aa nanal.
Our delivery aerrlce la free; last
tele, none ui the number of your old
prescription or have us send (or your
uew one and we will deliver am
promptly. - .
Bell pboao, Doug. 8288; lad. A-18M.
Hsllta. I).... A.
name uiug vo. -
720 South lath Street V,
fletth mwtA v - - v
NEW ORLEANS. La.. AprU It-Hereafter
any woman In New Orleana who
wears a hat pin protruding more than one
Inch from the crown ot her hat will be
subject to arrest, according to an or
dinance which paseed ths city council
lete last night
Expert Repairing;
Watch and Jewelry
Best eX Work, lowest
Fritz Sasdwsil - Co.
S0 South 15th Street.
(Continued on Second Page.)
Will Call
The sombre task of investigating tha
wreck of tha Tttaate waa begun today
by aeaate The commerce
roan teniae appelated a swaeemaatuss of
aevea. headed by Senator William Aldan
Smith of. Michigan, to take testimony.
Chairman Smith will leave at oooe for
now lora. acoompaniea ay a senate oar.
geent-at-arms. to procure witnesses to
attsad imsmsdlata nearinga.- J. Brwce
Ismay will be among the first aeked te
Other tnembers of the senate eubcoas-
mlttee are Senators Perkins. Bourne
Burton, Simmons, Newlands and
Senator Cuilom announced today that
be would call a meeting af the foreign
ralationa committee Saturday with a view
te reporting oat the Martua reealutiea
requesting the preeldeot to open a emtio-
liens for aa '--' ' anaeinsnl la
regard te tha safety af jasmigns at asa.
Will cut Oftlem ( 1-ltaala.
Among thoss who wiu he summon d te
answer before the mveetigatiag commit
tee, besides President 1. Bruce lamay
wlU be the second, third, fourth aad Bfti
officers of tha Tltsjnc who are reportel
to have beea saved, aad any other offi
cers af the ship who may have survived
sad are oa the Carpethia.
Aa Important feature af the tnvestlga
tioa may be the meeaeare traasmltted
through ths Titanic AprU M. the day af
the calamity, from ths steamer Amerlka
te the hydrograpeJe etflce of the United
Stetee navy giving Bailee ot Ice bergs tn
the Tttanlc'e vicinity.
Naval ofrrdaJi are af tha opinion thst
ae of the I cab 01 ge npertsd by the
Amerlka through the Tltaaia was the
Mendelssohn Choir Festlral
no -B-eaelssoaa Chote of
The Theodore Tnoawa O
A TaTB AVBXTO-arnis.
MOWOAT, aWI, gad. Slid p.
1 uses at, apjux. gas. g,is 9.
r ow amai wieaesa. Sl-SS
wwmwwK ..i aomiiiuuj hola
, kree eoaeerta, aaly ga.
wmmmvtm mm aoepo
aad Xardea Broa.
or from any eaelx tiahsi
a. aaa-sonaaa .
Holders ot aeasoa tickets
Shenge them for regular aeata at
Auditorium box office.
Base Ball
APRIL 19, 20, 21 and 22.:
Monday, April 22d Lwdlea' Oa
eaaa. k
Mat. Beery Bay Stlg. Bres-y axurht gill
Miss Cecilia Loftos
Charier (IreiMwIn MHn . .
SOUr1in'-Broiher Cafsen Brother., A.
L!P,VTh'"wn'-1 Pttn- Kinetaeope.
Cjnoert Orchestra. Prlcie:
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A Hotel Food Now Served at Home
Post Tavern Special
A rich, fiavory breakfast pemdge, to be staved hot with cream
and sugar. Combines the field Savon of wheat, cam and nee.
This food was first served exchisively at the famous Post Tay
ero in Battle CreeL Is now supplied tor use oa the home table.
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