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Preudent'i Supporters Say He Will
- - CoBtrsl Stats CoBTcnttoa.
- CibbUi In Say Tlwr WtU Ban
J Majority f Pasia OlMtiwttl
J - Delegate Mar Held stale
-- un of
" (From a Sua Correspondent)
2 , DU MOUSES. April ll-iSpadaD-AB
" of the covjuly' ooorsu lions (or tho Iowa
; retnbUcana have wow been held. .Th
attoatioa baa km Ml to snea form that
both tactions la the atata ara claiming to
oa aaie to iwum ma su mmw
- Prior ta the hoidmg of the last eaamaia
- the claims vera tuamn and somewhat
. - aoawataa, bat SMa recently thay hart
beea aaodlOed (M bow botB siaes aamu.
. " prrratery at least, that tba aoimntSoa Is
as don that its eoorrot wul depend opoa
la tha eooTontloB and tba
of some of tha ualostrocted
It Is eialneed for Tift that bs
- clear aaajsrtty at thirty or forty ta tha
ccarewaitoa. aad tba elalaj i mad for
- Senator Cumwane that ba baa a majority
psrhapa aa high as a dose, not mora.
, Nafta ski Is disposed to gn
'" rata figure. Wanes of a feeSng that ta
cs e woald draw tba ttia en sot
" " rations watch ara jelaUnsd by both side
Thsy prefer .to 1st tba aaatter rest anl
wait ta aa what tha teaasattsa win da.
Tha feature- tha- oarapalgn that la
BMat striking hi tha fact that it waa a
' darted wltboat btttenas on atther aide
and then war aa fierce contests for coa-
P --nM,a 1 th HlAlS Hfii flOUBtV WSS
1 left to taka ear at Itself, with ealy such
' urging from- aantral, teadquartere aa
" could bs dona biCconasfwadaaca. - There
"" has heea disappearance of mor of the
" " farawr strtfa aad in fssHat la lows, save
r m a lew uiioiniss, aaa waww wm rw
Z salt of the eoBTeattsB the Ioe iwpub
Ucaaa will bs 'left In Chape to support
the aewnea anltadty.
Tha campaign for Prestdant Taft was
' ttractad by Jaha T, Adams front Du-
- bonne. Mr. Adams will. If tha Taft
faroaa aontral the convention, be
V banted. tha Iowa member of tha
ttoaa1 cents. UsW Tba, . jownpalca
CumrnSssT as See a tnsrarwes- any.
Jj dlrectad;by hts secretsnr. Mr IWar. wha
baa be with hlm 'for nany rhr. There
T. was prartliiallr a moepeatla the
cempaJsn. onlr..snB .M tu oeaaaa ta
pay fsMtaa-a od 4. few lsttaran tals-
pheae.fin, ta a,fw 'loaders oh both
; ,''. s - hi.;. i
leealU le taa . n'ls'trkZ
The madpattera aow have iwerra dele
aataa asiurad from six of tha leva d1
trtctay whUaithe prorreaHna afa Itha
wtss assiira of tea daawmCM from the
ether fjv Xttrtrlctik If the former rat
ths fooy.hi larre ttrry wlH har srrtesa
of tba tnty-shi detrtraleafrom Iowa:
If tha lalter win s4 (Tooal-' tlaplis they
will bavV feumrd ol tha rwnty-l dle
catas. Tba con trot of ' the detsdaUon
therefort depaod tt
tjoa. y v v. v ,
' Tha-OaramVas aMa hare not mad any
slat fsr the atata oMaeattaa. tha .only'
a una aoasltfered batne; that of aeoatsr
Sammls of Plymouth. Tha. Taft mea
are aadcrstood to hT arranf d that la
esse they ran da so ths will name ad
delecates, W. P. Hepbara. Lata TohC
Oaorta Dl Peralas and B. K Carrel 1.
It m aasared that as matter who amy
be tba delaaaue la the aattonaf easvea
twa sawcted at ths Camir RaiXdsoenvan
ttoa the national anl state administra
tions aad tha Iowa deletalloa la conjTaas
wlU bs Indorsed and semmsnded. Thar
baa been no disposition la Iowa to flcht
or attack ths president and there has
been aa ass mad of any of the various
situauulxx addreews deanred la ether
u taa. j
Csateat tea ttata Of flees.
One thla which helps greatly la tht
sltuaUoa ta tha character of the contest
for the. Mat etrices. Thar are thret
candidates for avemor ea ths repubBoan
tlekac ; Only one could be elsaaed aa a
at riot ry factional candidate Proudfoot.
Mr. Cbirko la recelirln quite as Irons'
support- from one faction aa from tha
ethe. I Prof. Heldea la tannine Inde
pendent and does not area alalm to be a
republican. 80, also, for t'ntted Btstn
ssnals.toUi candidal are counting open
' eupporv from both factions. Ksnyon,
the Incumbent, waa lt by jvotss of
both uadpeuers sod prorrenstraa, and
has almost as many rtaadpat supportm
ss pTocreaslT.'' Yoonf make an appeal
to thd Volar without retard, to, factloa.
Clean floors and
floors with
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your crabbing water, and you
can clean your floors, doors
and wrxdworkina jiffy. Cold
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Gold T3XOX is
sold at 60 siss
aad large pack-,
ages. Tba large
packet snaaaa
For state treasurer there Is bo one cant
didate Brown. For secretary of atata
all three candidates ara rlssinl aa aro-
Cwjsrre. CVw auditor, tha areata la.
cumbrnt. a stronf standpatter, la not
balac opposed at aB. Tha htek of a eJeer
faetieBal sjlfament oa the state fjefcat
has made it easier to keep down feeoaf
so to the ymldanual atattera. ;
T aia Maka mtaaa.
Concressmea Hsiiren. , Pepper., and
Towner' bar filed their nomination
petitions with tha secretary of
PrsTwoaly the ftllnca bad bet
Messrs Prouty. Good. StfUmaa aad Sestt.
Tha flUnta ara comm la slowly, but s
win be la durlnc the aext tea' days.
The state railroad conuriaetoa Baa re-
eetved request that tho Morth
railroad bo required to ftrs better trafa
aarvtoe for Blenooe and also to not atop
uaffl la that town so oftea.. .
Ketahka Trial to Oeauaoae,
The trial In eourt of Emmet Flood for
conspiracy ta eoflaectVm with ths strlka
of button workers at Ifuacailna Is
scheduled ta bs ostnmeaced very.oooa la
Scott county. Flood la a Chlcaco
elaUst who went to Muscatlpe and
Uvered anarchlstio speeches; ta Incite tha
strikers to violence and fallofflns; whoaa
appearance the most serious trouble, brake
out. He was a national organiser of tha
American Federation a labor.
' Rail' trevlats lacrease.
Tho reports ef the Iowa railroads as
to business la tho past few years shows
sa excellent eaadltloa of business. The
receipts of the railroads on Iowa business
repoTted for tha caiendsr year tm war
t74..9 and tor, mi they had Increased
to f7I.m.tlii Ths net earnings ales show
a similar substantial mcresss as Indicat
ing that ths expense sooount has been
kept down. .The ml lease of Iowa roads
Increased about ninety mUes.
Peed Corn Maaees Cease Tree Me.
The Stale Food and Dairy Department
la still hearing from all over taa state
aa to alleged misconduct oa the part of
some of tba big houi making a specialty
of selling seed corn. Tha most general
complaint appears to bo that corn Is
being sold to farmer at fancy prices
when tha corn Is perhaps no better than
that which can be secured. at homo of
neighbors. Boms of the houses era de
clared to be buying their seed corn of
farmers who have cot kept It far seed
and then ft f Imperfect sorting of the
same, to sell It as letted seed. The stats
authorities, are aceumulatlng Ininrveailoa
wrdch may form a baa la for prosecution.
PretMudna rrisoa Probe Report.
Attorney General Cosson Is sngaged In
preparing the report of tho commission
which hs Inaugurated to maka Inveetl
gatloa of Iowa prison conditions sad to
recommend as to reforms. The Investi
gation was carried an from time to time
ha Included aa iavestigauoa at
prisons In many states. Recommenda
tions WlU be mad that will bring about
la ho leglalatur a strong effort to piece
Iowa prison management oa a modern
basis..- ' ' -
- Sadden Death) of Wossaa Alaa.
Hrs. JU.A, Starkweather died at her
homo la this etty lata last night Her
huabaad ' n a travel lag man sad wail
out of the oily- last Bight ho tslsphoaad
to hi house, , Ha received aa answer
sad lr. Qraham was asked to visit tha
house and' learn why Mrs. Starkweather
did not answsr tho phono. Dr. Ore earn
found Mrs. sHarkwoathar dead ea tba
floor of tha kathnseaa. Heart paralysis
Is given, as ths fCapes, of tba death. Bh
ana oeen sic iw or lore wee as.
" 65 VOTES IN 76
(Continued from First Page.)
Boossveit strength aiU be five oat of a
total of M delegate.
Ksneae Coenatteo for T. R.
KANtUB CUT, April 11 Both Booraoflj
and Brown oountles Kan., yesterday voted
to aead Boossveit delegate to tho state
and oangreMlnnsI osavnalloa. lit arawa
oouoty Boossveit carried twenty-twa at
tha twenty-six precinct a, wall ta
ooonty be carried thirteen at
nineteen precincts.
rioBT m iowa iuut tcr
Cwaamlaa Ma Caatss ' Coatrat of
tare remewattam.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS MOIMErV U, Aprfl Tt.-(peoleJ
Telegram.) vnth the holdhit of omnty
conventions la ! Muscaaast Marshaa,
Cherokee, Floyd aad aama other counties
la Iowa tha last of tha conventions for
tha republican tte oonvetitioa ar dis
posed of.
All of the convention today war
carried fay ths progisasUss and thay asnt
delegates tor Cumrnlrav. Tms eanasd aa
surprise their action waa faro-
shadowad ta caucosea, save as to Mus
catine, where an effort bad been made
ta sscnr a divided delegation.
John Briar, aecrarsry te Benator Cma-
mtns, stated tonight that this settlea M
posttrealy that ths pi ogi leal i ta win at
trot tho atata omrreatloB end cacoss four
deaagsieasl-aarga who will be for Caxa
mtns for ptestdent.
Tho TsA people chum thay have a ana-
JerTry of sbxhty. Tha tsaiisutloa Is aa-
LINCOLN. Neb., April It (Special. -
Tryouts will be held sometime during
ths present week tor the Ames dual meet
which bj held In Lincoln April M. The
exact day tor the preliminaries baa not
set although It will pfobaMy be
Tha probable Uneuy for tha Corah oak-
er for ths season will bs aa follows:
rW Tard tsh-May and Wherry.
X3 Tard baeh-Christmea aad May.
w Tard PaahMoOowan aad Hirtaer.
Half Mite Mua McUowaa and Becker.
kliie Baa Anderson aad Becker.
Twa Mile Run Anderson aad Bates.
Pete Vaule-Beavts.
Shot Put-Rose and Herman.
LXacuee Harmon aad Mayor.
H ammer Harmon.
High JumpHastings.
Hrued Jump No entries.
Hurdles Kussrll, Roberta and Leeee.
Bttehm bsllovea that be has Worid
beater la McOoweji far ths long ssymtor
a autroanlag the rest of the field wltb
oat practice. Tha squad la rapidly
rounding Into farm and will be In excel
lent snap tar the class meat best next
Bad BUs Beasoaa.
A rural clergyman misled aa af his
perishtonere several sun eealie Antonys
from sis pmce ta enures, and wbeaae
met in aosentee one oay na saat:
-well, wuuam, 1 kavea t aeea yea at
chorea tor seese time."
"No, sir. 1 have reasons for staying
Oh, yen have? And what may year
ai a enow us expiaix
them away, if poaatai."
"Wen. str. I doubt you'll auuuum that.
They are vary decided selections. The
nrst m toat 1 eoso neiteve la bsm' wheee
one does ell the epeekia'; the second is
taat 1 swat oeueve in so mock eingtn'
ss we set In rear charch: the thM.
aad last, and most important reason af
Secretary Ssilt for Bone inn
Emu will Stained.
Kepeeeeatatrvo of Waited, states Baa
Prtewt Talk with President of
Bach Be-pablle of Isa.
parts at Character.
airivt Aorll It. The American
aserstary ef state sailed tor horns this
veatng well satisfied, he says with his
ttploasntis mtsstsn to tho Central Ameri
can republics and tha countries In the
"It was hardly to bs expected,'- ssid
Mr. Knox today, "that wa 00a Id visit so
many countries where there ara factional
political disputes without being made the
target of tome factional feeling.- But
with the exception of a few owwapapor
1 11 1 1 1 ..inn, ta which I attach no great
significance, we were honored with only
tho moot oordlal rseoptiens.-'
n-v emir WashinstoB with the Knox
party aboard steamed out of Havana
harbor at T o'clock bound for Norfolk.
t will arrive there Tuesday night and
the following morning the party will
tranship to tha president's yacht Sylph,
arriving at the capital Wednesday even
ing. whiip, Im nan will begin another
trip this Urns oa land. On April t ha
will I peek at Nsw Orleans on ths occasion
ef the nentennlal celebration of the ad.
mission of Louisiana to statehood. He
wlU thea (0 to Baa Francisco, where on
u. t ha will aneak on the Panama
canal. On slay t hs will deliver a political
addrsss ta tha same city, tie w uso
scheduled to address the newly organised
Paa-AmsrlcaB society at New Tork oa
asms data sftsr the middle of Msy. He
will then make publlo the conclusions
ret ok ad aa a result of his two months
trip among ths neighboring republics.
Obllgatlsae at Veiled ptates.
It can be said with assurance that Mr.
Knox returns mors determined then ever
In the policy with which his name has
been linked. 'Those who traveled with
htm hsve received the impresstoa that be
believe the United State la maintaining
tha Monroe doctrine has assumed aa
obligation It oaneot dodge, Havthg built
a wall around these countries, making It
Imposslbls for European of other power
to step In for tba purpose of restoring
order or earn palling these governments to
fulfill their financial obligation, ha be
lle vee It la incumbent upon tho United
states to see ' that stable governments
are maintained and that ths governments
live up ta their International obligation.
A feature of the latter upon which the
secretary baa touched only guardedly Is
tha possibility that unless the United
Btates can bring about the desired con
dition of affairs, some other country hav
ing Interest at stake will make as Issue
of whether the United Btatae has the
right to defend the (overamenet un
laas It Is ahls to guarantee their good
There Is no doubt that oa af ths chief
benefit at tha trip will bs derived from
the personal contact the secretary bad
with lbs heads of the state.
At sack capital Mr. Knox bad a private
talk with ths president While these
conversations msy nvr become pub
llo, their character waa tucb that they
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QlwV""elwl '' A" 'VV'mVw'11 " JV
It mteht be well to remember that the
thing thatdiscnmmnHes vou
s. the time being may respond
lar needs and demands of a larger majority
: ot thpassengers. : ! : V .
ara act likely to be easily forgotten.
me instance. It la believed that
Ruatemala City Secretary Knox said J
to President Cabrera la effect that in
the future Guatemala, which has not
been overscrupulous In adhering ta the
Central America peace pact, would be
Judged by ecu and not by words. Thers
is also reason to believe that Cabrera re
plied that Guatemala was willing to be
so Judged.
Aroseaaena Retire.
In Panama. President Arosemena, who
wss thea oa a wave of absence from hut
official post, visited tha American secre
tary, it was generally considered, for
the purpose of making political capital.
His re-election to tha presidency, as
Panamans viewed It would have been a
violation of at least the spirit of ths con
stitution. A few dsys after Secretary
Knox loft Panama, Arosemena eliminated
himself aa a candidate. Mr. Knox takes
as credit for this development, but the
coincidence was noticeable.
In Costa Rica tha secretary made a
splendid Impression. Ha believes Us
visit went far to remove suspicion that
the United States wished to tore Costa
Rica into tho Central American union.
In Nicaragua the secretary gave no coat
fort to General Mena, whose election by
congress to tb presidency Is considered
by other, factions a violation of tho Daw
son convention, nor did bo takes sides
with Diss or Chamorro, who would be
glad of American support of their can
didacy. He urged that, tha will of the
people be respected and made It under
stood that tho United Bute expected
such to bs tho case.
In Havana the secretary had a long
talk with Senor Bangullly, tho .Cuban
secretary of state, concerning ths ac
quirement of additional land by the
United State at Guantanamo. the mat
ter of free sugar legislation aa affect
ing Cuba and tha subject of the port
concession held by ths Compenta da kn
Puerto de Cuba, which has been mads
a point ot attack by tha opposition to
the government. It Is understood that
Senor Sangullly requested Mr. Knox's
good offices for a reduction ot the Brit
ish, Oerman and French claims growing
out ot tha war of Independence.
Kxpeaera Nat High.
Considerable has been said regarding
the expense attendant upon tha secre
tary's trip. It ha been estimated that
mora ban half a million dollars has been
expended on his entertainment. Thla es
timate Is probsbly tar too greet. A
third of that sum w,puld probably cover
the bill, and It must be remembered that
while tha governments wer entertaining
the aecretsry they wer also entertain
ing themeelva. In fact, tha secretary's
reception at all points was In the nature
of a national holiday. .
Mr. Knox's expenses ara estimated at
between ROM and HW. This a
chiefly for gratulltlea, as he was allowed
to pay but few bills. The cost of ths
warship la not to be Included against
tha aecretary'a account, aa tho ahlp
would hsve bees burning coal and feeding
the 1.000 officers and men If Mr. Knox
and hie party had not bean aboard.
Altogether tha reception verywhere
waa most cordial and In not a single is-
stance wa thar any affront ta tha sec
retary or any member of big party.
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Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Company
Xiral Claim of Kin age rt Show
Wide Divergence.
gtatesaeat leased by Celeael'e HeaeV
aaartera Claims Haadred aad
Ftfty-Oao aad Allows Taft
Oaly Forty" lac
WASHINGTON, April 14 -Wide di
vergence In tha claims ot pledged dele-
fa tee and a difference of sixteen between
the totals of tho delegates selected up
to date, exclusive of Pennsylvania,
marked rival statements Issued by ths
Taft and Roosevelt managers.
The Taft headquarters claimed Ml for
President Taft and conceded 111 to Colo
nel Boossveit.
The Boossveit managers claimed Ul
and conceded t to Taft. In the Roose
velt statement. M4 wer listed sa con
tested and W aa tmlnstructed. -
Ths total number of delegates selected
up to data as presented by tho Roosevelt
managers is hie, whlls tba Taft records
show only tM. In Louisiana, the Taft
beadquarUra claimed six delegates had
been chosen, while tha Roosevelt mana
gers took credit for a full delegation for
the colonel.
The Taft statement showed a tout of
twenty-two delegates selected In Michi
gan; the Roosevelt statement based on
reports from But Chairman Frank
Knox, gave tha total ot elected dele
gate aa twenty-six.
Celoael Will Start Tear la Nebraska
a Wednesday.
MANCHESTER, N. H.. April 14.-
Colonel Roosevelt carried his campaign
for the presidential nomination Into New
Hampahlr yesterday. Ha spoks to large
crowds. In Nashua, Concord snd Man-
cheater. Ib Concord, where less than a
month ago President Taft spoke In
defense ot tha arbitration treaties Colonel
Roosevelt declared himself opposed to un
restrained arbitration. Hs again denied
that tha president Is a progressiva and
directed criticism at Senator Galllnger of
this state.
'On Monday ha will leave tor the west
Departing from New Tork at 4 o'clock
ta the afternoon on the New Tork Central
ha will go direct to Hastings. Neb. He
will speak In Hastlnga, Lincoln and
Omaha on Wednesday and at several
other potnu In Nebraska. Colonel Roose
velt said bis western trip probably would
extend over more than a week. His
mevemenu after leaving Nebraska have
not been decided upon. From South
Dakota, Kansas and a number of other
wsstara states have coma requests for
Regarding arbitration Colonel Roosevelt
'In considering International peace I
wish to look back to the seven and a
halt years when I was president I said
always Just what I Intended to do about
peace and I did It I said I would never
consent to the United Btates not acting
toward other nations with scrupulous
Jueloe. I lived up to It .
Woald Mat Jewpardls Hsaer.
"Understand, I would not have tha
nation submit to a wrong-doing. I was
blood disorders and impurities, I
ritKtE, m. u., oujjaw, ";m
The Best.
r ,J -. r---. -. r -
iirfjV at isrV r n astyWn
somewhat for
to the particu
careful not to have a thing dona by the
United States which was act Justified by
ethics, but I waa not willing to ieopardlie
tb national honor. That 1 did not favor
and never will. Under my administration
wa made Tha Hague court, which bad be
come moribund, a live instrument tor
promoting international peace. Every act
that I could submit to arbitration I did.
"I want to can your attention to the
tact that I was th only president that
got tho Nobel peace prise and I woo Id
not have got it It I had wanted peace
because I was afraid ot war. I will no
more agree to arbitrating questions wbloh
should act be arbitrated between nations
than I would agree to arbitrate questions
that should not be arbitrated between
In referring to President Taft'a posi
tion tha colonel said that four year ago.
the progressivea favored Mr. Taft and th
reactionaries opposed him, but that aow
thla position was reversed.
Mrs. Jaae Oder.
TECUMSEH, Neb, April K-SpedsJ.)
Mrs. J. A. Dillon ot this city received
news of the death of her mother, Mrs.
Jane Oder, at Nashville, Tena., last even
ing. Mrs. Oder waa aged sT years. Her
husband. Jesse Oder, died tat Tecumsah
ten yearn age. A son, D. R. Oder, will
take the body from Nashville to the
old family home at New Berlin. lav. and
the funeral and burial will be held there.
Mrs. Dillon has left for New Berlin.
'life i7l
A beverage that
should have a part
In the household
Its tonic and flood
properties are a
valned domestic
asset. .
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lbsasi Poaglaaaaga
When von 1
When you
visit . your ;
and b a y
you buy wisely
and well and
get purity,
quality and
food value.
Tip-Top bread
is a " baker's
loaf" that ri
vals and sur
passes lie "borne
made" kind.
It eonttns aewdg of Dock, Plan
tain, Dandelion, Soviel, Shepherds
We can help you with intelligent,
practical advice about tba ear ot
your lawn. Coma in aad talk It
Open Saturday Evening.
Seed That Grew. Need Any?
The Nebraska Seed Co.
PtKena Il laai. ISIS Hoerard St.
sgaa, Mrazy may Ida. sTvwry wga ailA
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atlas Caeiam Loftae, Csarier Oraoe
win. M alien aad oaogaa. ttinatlnt Brota
re. Caraoa muUieas. A. O. Duncan.
Tlii i enure etsv glimliiai isja Orphenm
Concert Oiilsmlia. rranss: JTlsla. 10.
-. At an aid ta HEALTH,
ihtx conett rat teUh th
greatest achloarKtitt bi fit,
medical orld.
Don't think that this
corset is a surgical device
juft because doctors every
where are "pretcnbuig it
(or women, Aout or slender,
who need perfed hygienic'
abdominal support
Your dressmaker wul rec
ommend it quite as ftrongry
as your dodor, especially
3 you are stout and want to
look slender without danger
or discomfort It is per
fed STYLE corset (or a
flout figure.
The improved eltA's
BarxSet. made with slender
fled wire springs, curves,
snugly under the abdomen,'
giving firm but easy support
and freedom from that peril-,
out bearing down serisanon
which every woman dreads.
No hose supporters
attached to the BancHet
it can't slip out of place,
and the corset can't ride up.
Two models:
New No. 523
Jow awadj
Very long skirt, which
spreads comfortably when
you sit down.
Atk jour dealer to thow you'
these perfrel new roodek
COPS BROS, Mho, Nnr York
fill a long felt want ia the aiada
many who wish to forget tba busy ear
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