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i Nebraska
3. Arnold Arrive ia Lin cola to
Open Headquarters.
w. K. taarena. Aadttar far the
Ireasary. Will Make Ftrat Samt
la rural (Mr Maeear
Krom a Staff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN, April ! -Special Tale
a -cm -:!jnily B. AnwM arrived la Lln
'ii today and will open headquarters
"- '.m,nr. Clark's pmMutlal boom la
ii- l.liwo:n bowl. In addition la speak
er", previously enaotrnced. no says mora
cmlne, and tha Mtsaauriaa'a friends
ti.ey export to carry tba state- One
' t-ir plana It ta data the. campaign
"ith b e moatinf In tt Lincoln Awtl
mr u-n. at which cither Ollla James,
'mmer Senator Petllirrew or George Prod
W::i:nn of Mastachosetrs will be the
ptuipai speaker.
A adrevi a la Talk.
g , K. Andrews, auditor for the Ueae
. and formerly congressman from the
Fifth U.-tret.. will wake a number of in the sate In behalf of Mr;
Tjf' - cir.d.'rfary. Ho altl open Monday
i sit : Central City, Tuesday night at
I. .-.:no. . w ilner day night at Wayne ami
1- : at Mailiaun.
Trouble a I Millard llassr.
VI trtiullem the soldiers' home at
Ji.'.f -! Tu.'loifU said tu have been brew
it z t . ,he,riir... ha broken out. Com
.i Milliard ha dismtoed Chris
O. i ;. ft;e .engineer, and Gllesberg s
Mil., vvi j v.i matrt-n, has ciult. and
t'hsilfs Lvna-!, the- himiorynian, ha
li kru st oat, L? ulho reports to the
tmr.nur ihiat sexeral veterans have been
i hai';d from the hi-ine. The com-
itkanclant says t,.t trgnina tor the dls-
1 hates tv.'rc that the, parties broujht
l.hhkv Into canr. '
' The Bl.iu ul romp-my of Omaha filed
articles of liiiot piimyon today, paying a
,Mi!K foe uf ! vn a UwX'.mu capitali
st ion. v
The XorltnKU:u ixatl lias been per
rented to reduce ihv ntrsvut rate of S
ir-nta on canned goods. Norfolk to Craw-f-.-t.
to 51 cents. This la to put Norfolk
iun the same ail Grand Inland on
the Burlington.
Hosier Asnlusl Harris.
(V.vcrmr Alorlcli has Initruetrd Allor
v Central Martin to Institute ouster
.ccedlnsa sgshiV Mayor llarrla. Mar
ti J. A. Ilunnacker and Nlgut Watch.
fii Fla.d R. Iwnovaaof Alliance. Boms
fne ago the grand Jury In Box" Butte
ouniv linlicted the!' marshal and night
ratrhiiuti on the tlUirge'of permitting
ambling housea and dUieputablcreaorta
lo be operated 1a the town, and also, for
accerdng money ";from the keepers of
inosc places, iiMi-ai'inw it
. bers of the grand Jury filed a complaint
llh the governor setting up that not-
listandlna- these t acta Mayor Kama
refused to remove these, of, f Ida la and
rharges) that tie refused well Knowing
they wera not fit persona to hold office.
They aaked ith.t governor to commence
o'wter proceetllnaa. The governor, how
evvr, addreasoH.a letter to lha mayor
calling ateaitMn to the "matltrgml ta
formlne hii ' ,lW erldenca submitted
with, tba petition.. advising Harris to ra
finn. Mayor Hartts declined to resign
and tlia governor haa Instructed lha at
torney general ta bring lha ouster pro
ceedings, .
Labor Report la Slat. '
1-abor Coram tasluner (Jure, hi a report
of labor condition In Lincoln, acts out
that 31a conoerna wma Inspected and a
numlxr of them wera ordered lo protect
machinery so as lo satrguai the H(e
and limb of employes. Condlttona, as a
ahole. wera not found lo ba bad. ; In
summarising" the waga question ba aaya
iljut conditions tn UneolB abova tba
. erase so far as the employment at
Mid labor or Ihe sweatshop aVstom, but
hat thera sre (Vo cen cents employing
f children and women whlclr alva their
emplo'-ea work ta Uka borne attar they
1 1 sve n'orked asr many hours In the shop
, - II- Mini. Mil Ik.
caknrfs of the law to reach such cases.
us there is no. , limit lo tue, number of
hnni X vjr4tn may work In her borne
or ne" number at-hours labor parent
m) iaqutre a child provided H U
lierformed In the home. Tha report oom-
nents on the bad moral and physical ef-
-t ot tha long hours and paor pay ra-
-- l-t- M H -u.
t c rti vj punnu a"1" ' " w
lores. ''though aondltians sre no worse
than llTothar dtles. Many, ha aaya, asm
less, thsn Ti per week, which Is tha
minimum upoa whlih 'they can Kva
tfpcently- .
Veteran Fire Chief
Bauer of Nebraska
. f City Retires
NEBRASKA CltT. Nea.." April 11
(8peclak At a wieatlng ot tha firs com
pany bekt last evening tha resigns Uoa of
Mlka Bauer.' lha veteran fir chief, was
accepted and Stale Senator H. H. Bart
Hot elected In Ms St sad. Mr. BartllruTs
election will ba confirmed by the aew city
comrnlsslonora at their meeting next Mon
day craning.
Mr. Bauer la tba oldest fire chief in
tha state, having served as a member of
the volunteer fire company ot this du
el nee 1WS. and -baa been chief of tha fire
department stitc U71 He haa never
missed a fire during all of . that time
whea ha was In the dty or wds not con-
j-flned to Ma bed by Illness. Often be at
tended during some of tha severest
storms that prevailed In this . vicinity.
despite tha fact be got up out of a sick
bed to go. lie was Injured several times
going to fires, being thrown from his
horse twice and once bit vehicle was
wrecked. Ha haa had numerous escapea
from Injuries at fires where tha burning
b leadings gave way. as he alwiye made
It a rule never to send aay. at hia men
Into any danger where ha did not go
with them. There Is no man In the west
who has the record of sating at much
valuable property as ha has.
After tha meeting ot the fire company
last evening all of the members were In
vited to attentl a banquet given by Sam
Goldberg In honor of tha veteran fire
chief. This .morning the fire company
presented the retired chief with a hand
some mahogany rocking chair with an
appropriate set af resolutions. Mr. Uauar
is a very active man. despite his age.
and looks after h!a business-affairs as
In yean vest, despite the fact that ha is
l years of age. Ha cams here when It
years ot eje and baa made this city his
home since that time and strved with the
first fir company organised in thja dty.
lie hopes to retire to private Ufa and en
joy the accumulations ot years with his
wife and three grown children.
Etctt woman's 'heart mpoads U
the charm and tweatnesa of a baby's
jolce, becaiiae) nalara Is tended bar for
motherhood. But at en tha lortaf
aatura of a mother shrinks from tha
ordeal because such a time Is nsoallr
a ye -tod of-sufferlnc and daaftr.
in'onii-a who us Mother's Frlsnd sra
. (art-d much discomfort and taSvtag,
t..t- .vatems beinr thorooxh!
prepared bT this reat remedy, ara
in a cea'.tbr conaiuoa u mm u
' with the least possible sunerms
p . A-m tinirifr rneia (a
auu ii ji.ui .
.nt nl far ilia relief and
BtvuiureHwo " -J
comfort of expectant mothers; It Is ta
no seaes a remedy ror Yanous mm,
lat Its many yeare of succsss, sad
tha thousands of endorsement! re
ceived from woman who hara aaad It
are a guarantee) ot tha benefit to ba
derived from its use. This remedy
does not accomplish wonders but sim
ply assists Datura to perfect Its work.
H other's Friend allays nausea, pro
She breasts,, and ttlotllCIS
Jn every way &rr a
Wributai to jof Ttcno
strong, healthy
motherhood. Mother's friend is sold
at dm stores. Write for oar free
took for expectant mothers.
talrftaa) pan a W d
WM kaalT- aaly M J
saVss mm
iphina La 7erre Compasjr
old by Beaton Lrug Co., tha Bdl Drug
Ca, mui tsa Benneu Company. Onmaa.
Couple Married in -
Nebraska Celebrates
Golden Wedding
FALLS OITT. Neb.. April lS.-tSpeclaLI
Mr. and Mrs. John Kloepfel celebrated,
their golden wedding at their home lu
this cly. Mr. Kloepfel waa born in Ger
many and waa TI years of age. April i
Hia wife, who is ten years his Junior,
waa born In Prussia. Her maiden name
waa Anna Buchman. They wera married
at tha borne of C. Schmidt, whose farm
adjoined Mr. Klorptel's farm, near Falls
City. They retired fiom the farm In
Its. since which time' thdr home has
been In Falls City. They are members
of tha Lutheran church.
Mr. Kloepfel la a republican in politics.
He waa elected a representative from
this county to thestate legislature tn
km and re-elected In list. ' Ha served his
rural school district as treasurer for
thirty years and for a while' held the
office ot Justice ot the peace.
There are eight children and all wera
present at the folden wedding celebra
tion except Herman L. Kloepfel of Monta
Vista, Colo. Tha one great-grandchll.1
and twelve grand children were also
Club Women Hold t
Session in ClTadron
CHADRON. Keb.r-April ll-SpeClal.)-
The alath annual convention et the Ne
braska Feneration of Women's dabs far
tha Sixth district closed Friday night at
It :0. glvlns east-bound delegates just
time to make tha midnight train.
Mrs. J. T. Qltt of Falls City, state
president, baa charmed northwest Ne
braska by her talks, her musical per
formances and her own personality.
Every public school In tha dty la Singing
her "Nebraska Land" today and the
State Normal haa adopted It also. Here
after It will be sung In this part of tha
state ' whenever America, and The .Star
Spangled Banner; are appropriate.
There were forty-eight delegates from
outside Chadron present, and the ses
sions were presldd over by Mrs. J. It.
Paul, district vice president,, and Mrs.
Elisabeth A. Smith of Chadron, . secre
tary and treasurer.
Wednesday' evening the Commercial
dub of the city gave a banquet to tha
iriasta, at which MS covert were laid at
tha Blaine hotel. " All wire met and re
turned to trains In autos, and Thursday
all were given a tide about the dty and
vicinity. Last evening a program and
reception were , herd in the Piste Normal
building, at which Mlts Johnson of
Brownell Hall spoke.
The programs included papers and talks
on libraries, charities, domestic science,
franchise, home-making, training 'of chil
dren, parka and playgrounds, heaUh.
streets and alleys, end all showed the
intelligence and culture of the women.
The state art exhibit, promised, failed to
arrive, and baa not yet been located.
If IS to be- shown In' the new Carnegie
library building. ' .
Boys P16ad Guilty to
Kobbmg Two Stores
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., April 11
gpeClaJ.r John ' Birker and Boy Carney
were arraigned In tha county court yes
terday an a charge ot robbing Olnn.
White Scheta hardware store in this
city on last Sunday -night They wera
brought from Grand Island Thursday,
where they were apprehended. .The boys
confessed to robbing this store, and also
a store , at OgslsJla. Roy Carney said
hia home la In Kansas .City. and John
Barker said hie home la Portland, bra.
They each aay they are past It years of
age and they d not took' any older.
The took Ova revolvers, two -rifles, thirty-
three knives, qultfe a quantity of ammu
nition and 'M-M 'in-cash. .They boxed
these goods ap and sent them by freight
ta Kansas City, they pleaded guilty and
were bound over .to the district court.
ASHLAND. Ne, April U-8pee1aJ.)-
I'nnsual .activity ,ln Burlington railroad
circles at this point win aeon begin, to
last through tha summer.. A large and
permanent bridge across the Platte river,
with apane fifty feet long and abutments
ea solid rock, wilLbe built to replace the
present bridge, which baa been before
partially 'eat of commission prior to the
recent high water since tt , Was con
structed twelve -years ago. NTbe new
bridge win ba double treated.- In addi
tion, an extension of the local yards will
be nade and probably the completion of
the double traok to UncoMT which has
been, built from Waverly to Lincoln.
Over a week's work remains to restore
tha road grade approaching the Platte
river wagon , bridge near Ashland- Two
mllee of road on . the Sarpy county aide
that waa washed away durmg the recent
high water will ba replaces' as soon as
possible, also a sixty-foot wooden bridge.
TKCL'MSEii, Neb, AprU IL-iSDerJaJ l-
Judge J. B. Raper of Pawnee City con
vened district court In adjourned session,
la Tecumaeh. Thursday. . The argument
advanced by the attorneys ot c. E. Mad
den for a new trial m the i Image ease
Of Oscar Eleeotraut seal net C. C Madden
as heard, as was the argument opposes.
tco court overruled the motion and the
ceae will not be retried. Tt la llkelv' it
will go to the supreme court In the last
regular aeaslon of the court Mr. Klsentraut
secured a verdict for M in a case
brought for I lt,tt for alleged personal
CENTRAL CITY, Neb.. April 11-(Spe.
cial.)-In the district court this week.
Merrick county scored sn important vic
tory in the matter of the collection ot
township taxes. A couple of months ago
the I'nlon Pacific Railroad, through Its
attorneys, tile a ault In the district court
against tha county treasurer asking that
ba be restrained from collecting certain
taxea levied by four different townships.
Tha contention rested on a technicality.
It seems that some of the townships In
certifying their levies to the county clerk
make the levy for bridges, road and
general purposes to read "for all pur
poses." The railroad attorneys contended
that this merit tfH general purposes, sfed
as, the amount exceeded tha levy al
lowed by law for general purposes, they
asked that the county treasurer be re
strained from collecting all In excess of
the geenral purpose levy allowed by law.
Tha contention of the county and the
townships was thst Ihe total levy did not
exceed., and In fact did not nearly amount
to the levy allowed for all purposes, and
that the tax should be collected, at clearly
bo wrong was done the railroad. The
amount of taxes Involved tn the various
townships was as follows: Central toa-n-
shlp. CM: Chapman. tb: Vleregg, tlOt.H;
rrairle Island. HJ.Ot Judge llollenbeck
heard the evidence In tha case to weeks
ago. and when he came up this week de
nied the application of the railroad, de
ciding In favor of the county and the
. 1
KEARN'ET, Neb.. AprU 13.-lf-DMlal.l-
Excavatlon en tha basement ot tha new
ta.ON christian church was beaun today.
tha contract having barn awarded to
Walter Kauttcn. one of the partners who
constructed the analn building of the State
Normal school in IMS.
The building contains nihi. class menu
dining room and kitchen tn the basement
a large auditorium and spacious balcony.
It la to be constructed of Dressed hrlck
with stucco embelllsbmaals and a tile
rooi. tne style or architecture being
etrtctly .American, following that of the
latest lines that contain no trace of the
conventional or classic styles used to
untversely In church construction.
Big Special Sale of Rugs
The Greatest Display and the Greatest Bargains
In all the larger carpet mills the inspection is very rigid, only absolutely perfect goods are
passed. Those rejected and laid aside on account of a drop stitch here or there, or slightly
mismatched figures are just as good for wear and general use. We were fortunate in securing
all of this season's rejected nigs from the Hartford Carpet Corporation, of New York, at prices
that enable us to offer them to you at a saving of from 33 1-3 to 45. They consist of small,
medium and room sizes, in Tapestry, Body Brussel, Axminster, Royal Wiltons and Hartford
Saxony. In many of these rugs it's almost impossible to detect any imperfections and we
will give our customers the greatest rug bargains of the season. In this purchase we secured
the Mill Drop Patterns which are absolutely perfect goods. These will be placed on sale at
the same corresponding reductions. Come Monday, April 15, to '.' .,.
ttQ nil 8x9 Tapestry
a a on
Brussels Hugs . . VT7v
$13.50 r.r.T: $9.50
$24.50 R6ii.BodyB:r.,:i6
fh7 Cft 8 Royal Ann C(
DO eOU Wilton Rugs 3aCa.OU
$33.00 Saxony Runs $20.00
$12.50 .KV'rr $6.75
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POJ ton Ruga ..: Paw4.f
dOil C( -3il0- Extra Quality
OeCi'x.UU Axmlnater. 50
OC "d tfcOQ xlS Eitra Quality
PawO spsCOxx- &ia en
minster Ruga sPX'TaOU
4 E xlj Extra quality Kremlin Seam
vfu leea Wlltone, beau- &OQ Cft
tlful patterna to .elect from VaataeOU
&A'7 CO e-Si0- Hartford Saxon
e ,wv too beat
wearing rup- that 1a manuf.
$52 RHunf0.rd8.,r!'r.. $35.00
aLR price
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tt1 7C Blu B0 White Bath QC
P 1 e O Ruga l-5 . . OO C
Special Demohstration-Chi-Namel
Come lot us show you what Chi-Natncl will do, what it in for, how it will make old woodwork
look new, how to keep woodwork from looking old, how to preserve its natural beauty, to rohko
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Dressing Up the Home With Cretonne Draperies.
produces an atmosphere of harmony, individualism and comfort, that makes the most pleaning aud IniprcssiTo ap
peal to the eye. Jufit a few moments' inspection of our special cretonne display will give you ninny ideas to whloh
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in .all colors. Prices range from 25c to $1,501 a yard. , .
Special attention is called to our domestic line at 37&C a yard and our imported line "at 60l' and 65c a yard,'
Cluny Lace Curtains, five different styles at, per pair. ,
Duchess Lace Curtains,, eight different styles at, er pair
Novelty Net Lace Curtains, seven different styles at, per pair . . .' t , ;-t ( ( ( 1 1 1 ST75
Colored bordered Swiss Curtains to match any roomat, per pair . ! !" ! !!'!"! M','! !'! '.f 150
Urcnard & Wilhelm Carpet Co.
Freaaaatera Osiaoae Dike.
FREMONT. Neb.. Anrii tj -isr-l.l l
A strong ODDOsltion is devalonlna aralnal
the rebuilding ot the dyke across the
norfh chsnnel of Ihe Plstte at the hesil
of Fremont Island. This dyke was put In
at a heavy expense by the Fremont
Drainage district about five yeara ago tv
ur th shrdleutnetaolnetaolnetao lentnsna
turn the water Into the south channel
and was nartlallv rarrtrf mi Kv ih. nA
onMarch 34. The directors of the district
inspected the . property yesterdsy stxl
whlla formal action has not been taker,
seem to think It Is best to replace (fie
dyke. Those opposing spending any more
money on It ara mostly residents of tiro
south side and some of them are In
clined to be very vindictive .id ,hr..u
to prevent the dyke being repaired, by
force. If necessary.
Taray Jastlee.
Freedom, on her mountain height had
SOne thratlSh thm mnilr. ... . .
- -" ... ir. Ills
.N 1 K h f s 1 1 r. mh. .ml u..i- . . .
of glofy tnar ' "
01111. sne said. "If there's a spark
of chivalry in the boeom of man he
will proclaim throughout the world that
th ! trUir miiai fluo- aa. is w 1. .. j . . .
nd klu owM ta colon to my lips, my
teeth and my eyes!"
Hwt waited all thee years, o. fair
(oddMM, for this construcUva acknowl-
' "
g J The "Silent 1
Live wires smoks Permits
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Cured at Home
Instant Relief Trial Package) Mail
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( 7 ISv
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ww. ' -j . - -w.ii. juui name
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Its tortures, the douter and hia bllla .
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Only 100 Women Can Join The
Hoosier Cabinet Club for $1
Club Opens Monday, April 15 Closes Saturday, April 20th
After you atody the above picture you will not wonder that
women are anxious to join the Hoosier Club, when by no doing they
have a Hoosier Cabinet delivered to their homeg on payments of
only M OO.
Think of the hundreds of needlesa atepa every woman you
know could aave by bavins her table, pantry, and cupboard, with
all her toola and supplies centered In one spot.
Your energy Inatead of being waated ia saved, and the time
pent in your kitchen tha least pleasant part of your work la
reduced by one-half, the moment Ibia famoua Hoosier Cabinet cornea
Into your home.
The Hoosier Company aenda lt 3,000 agents a limited number
of Hoosier Cabineta each year to be sold under direct supervision
of the factory on the famoua Hoosier Club Plan.
This year moat cities received only AO-cabinets. Our urgent
request secured us 100 of these cabinets for the ladles ot Omaha.
' Only 100 women, therefore, can loin the club and have a
Hoosier Cabinet delivered immediately on payment of $1.00; bal
ance In a few weekly payments of (1.00.
The Club Plan differs radically from the Installment plan
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low price of the Hoosier Cabinet Is fixed everywhere by the factory.
No Hoosier agent can aell for leas or more on any terms.
So club members get a great benefit from the liberal club
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Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet Co.
t.eoo faraltmre asaroaaata who sellers la assay sales at assail profits sis.
play this Uoaaaa aig They are goad ssaa to kaew.
licfc4elg Aetata Bg
STERLINQ, Johnson 0o . NIB,
Htpubliean canJidatt for '
Lieutenant Governor
18711-Cnrao from Ohio, looatcd at
( Harvard, Clay County.
. . Admitted to practice law
same year. ,
1882-Moved to Htefling.
188.j Itepir-cnted Johnson Co.
in Legislature.
1887 to; l-Pulilislier of Ster
linjc Kun. .
1911 .Stsifl Senator from John-
' ;on nud Ncmglia Counties.
V. ' MaaMaasaassaasasiaMsas '
Primaries April 19th
... .. . r
Block 286.
Aavfl 14, itiBi
Do your customers
live here
7 ? ? 7 ? 7
pn 31st Ave. between Farnam
and Douglas there are 6 occupied
houses and in 4 they take The
Bee. ,
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arelaa tha bowels Is Is well. It'a
sar to yourself, "Way. how
i i i
Free Land Information
The Twentieth Century Farmer, to meet the demand of Its readers
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farming conditions In all parts of the country. It la willing to give out
thla Information free If postage ia sent with inquiry. ...
Do You Want to Know ;
About government land laws, location of land offices, ate.
How to gat irrigation lands, location of protects, ' laws govaraiog
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dairying. . ' . . ..
Tour questions will get prompt attentloa. State plainly aad insrtsl
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- Land Information Bureau .. . - '
The Twentieth Century Farmer
Omaha. Nebraska
rate eLZAtxMMJtuk viLittu, .