Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 14, 1912, EDITORIAL, Image 22

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The Omaha Sunday bee I
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Written byCarviynWIr
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SAff Go Shoeing.
TTTTHY. Mr Willing. food afternoon! How tktmnt to
I BM tou on the imw like this. But what are
yoo doing tn th stopping district Hunting bar
gain neckties? There, there, doa't look to utterly galvanised
I didn't meaa It Beaidea, I know perfectly well why you r aer;
ro cam oa the mar cbaoe of aieetlng met Ah, ha, jot
aeadat look ae eaibarrae4 about It. I doat mind betog are
with row; .I'm not a bit cieloat. Well, It waa a abase to
teaae aim to it waa. Now, a tery special fmror, how would
yo Ilk to go Into Prices with aw, while I shop a little?
"H m. yoa doat atem awfully eager. What? Walk u the
tvensje luateadt Well, we will, afterward. Bat let's rua la her
just ailnate while I twy a veil. It woo't uk say tine at all
And thea we can go for a walk.
"Oh. what a crowd! I do think tb people get thicket
eery year. Well. dJd yew get through? I thought I d lost yoa.
Whew I saw yoa wedged l that rerolrtng ouor wtta that rat
lady yeu looked so funuy. She waa a real croaa, wasal
she? but yoa were So aarrk, I M to laugh. To) looked like
feeble-minded Jelly flab.
"Now. anw, Willy Willing, doat peeve. Smile a It tie blwy ;
ye, yoa do Seen to bo th oaly man her But I'm glad to havo
you. It m so uleo to have a sua to pilot on through a shopping
crowd. Oh. of couraa, th floor-walkers are Juat lor that parpoaa,
but they caat go outside thtlr dlocoaa, or whatever yoa call
it Mow, yoa gu oa ahea4 and bail a trail. Th veil counter
w over that way. 1 think, anyway. It's aulte aear the ribbons
ad oattyuwuered aerues from the arttBclal owera.
"Tea, here we are al hurt. Mow, 111 sit en thl at out ana
yoa stand right by me. Doat let women push la between a,
tor I want your advice.
-Oh, look who a hero! Why. Tott: May! I Uveal seea
yom si iicr we were la Venice. , Do yoa remember Venice? And
tuoor two lung tines of Hottmaa boom each side of th Oraad
Canal! Wasn't It staualug? Yoa. art tug. bow lovely to are
yoa agala. Tea, yea. I da, I do wwat to ba waited o. but do wait
a minute, can't you? Tea. I want eelllug. by the yard tber
that's the kind I want Oh! pleas doa't let that womaa carry
It off!
"Cood-by. darling, muat you go? Tea. the large aMshed klad
' Ob, so, not that oue euvered with little bine brads. 1 should
fvrl a If I had turqueiar mesaele. 1 want a aiirt f gray tb
shade they call VHgbtrAed Mousa' though why a mowso
tild ever we frightened wbrn we are all uraml to dnitb of
tliem TVre Mr. Willing, do yvu think this ne h becoming?
Vhrn I bold M np agalut my face. an. Where's baby? Irb0.
Oh. amdou. thit gjor-walker Uioegb I peep-bned at Ulsv .
-Jlprey aw, I nave rubbed all thepowrr of my " Oh.
..' V-OSS 1
"Why. Mr. Willing, good afternoon.''
bo. It wont sort th rait I beg you
pardon, madams, did I push jrov with
my lbow? Indeed, I'm sot taking up
all th room. I'm fearfully crowded.
And I rather fancy I ou try tb eSct
of a vail if I want to.
"Now, WUly Willing, bow do yoa
Uk this on, with th big polk dots?
Tea, t know, only on dot hows,
thyr so big and so far apart But
-Polka dot ara so fashionable.
"Do yoa know th polka la coming
In sgaln th danc T mean? Thsy
call It tb panther polka. If awful
'sinuous a sort of stealthy gild-
make you thing of Sarah Bernhardt.
tr Ulnor Weeks, but th best peopl
bar taken It up.
"What? you'r afraid tbyll tt
taken no? Oku Will! Willing, bow
witty you ara.
-Tber, do you Ilk that tI1? Doat
you think It autts my hair? Mr. Dow
says my hair Is. a yellow peril. I
dont know what ha
"Ton Uk my face better without
my veil? Why, how pretty of yoo.
Now, Just for thit 111 let you oolw
"Tou'i select a bridal veil? Ob.
fie. ft. Mr. iWllllng. Tou doat really
Tea. I o want a van. Pie
show m aom of your other style.
And Mr. Willing, what do you think? At
Oladys'a wedd ng next week, ah la going to bar Cer
tainly, my dear girt. Tm ready to look at your good, but tb
ar not the vails I want Show m something newer. tha ar
,H why, Gladys said that Polly Peters' said do you re
member Polly Ptra? Well. Tou'd vor know br bow. 811ml
She's nothing but a spine Tea. my girl. Tm looking at your
veils, but I want tha plec that lady baa Just p!ck4 up. Lat'l
wait till she lays It down.
"Now Mr. Willing, yoo mosn't get Impatient Tow men
doat realise what hard work shopping Is. until now
Oh, my gracious! I bavo to bo at our culture class by 4 o'clock.
There's a lecture on 'Art Iplift la the Kitchen and I know it
will be fine.
"No, I don't cook, but It'a eocb a satisfaction to know that
one's soup Is made tn a Greek-shaped jug, hatred of a crude
Iron kettle Oil. mercy, no! I wouldn't wear a veil like that!
Wby. Mrs. Bailey bad oue tike that one, and the very day 1
saw ber wearing it I tort my amethyst hatpin. I'v always con
sidered a va 1 Uk that unlucky over ainco.
"WeH I doa't aeem to car for any of these vells,thyr not
a bit distinctive. And a veU la such aa Important part of a
costumo it dresses ap tb face o. The patterns are wtoet
"Oome on. Willing Willy let' go down to Btorrr's and look
at veils there shall us?
"Why, yoa doat seem to want to go a bit Now, dont go
fast to pleas me. I thought perhaps yoa were interested In
"Oh, do yoa want to go? Do yoa know t believe yoa men
Just love to go shopping, and yoa oaly pretend yoa doat.
"I am sorry, dear, that your veils doat suit me. bat. of
course I cant buy what I doat want lust to belp th atora
along; you eeuMa't expect that could yoo?
"And anyway I wasn't exactly buying a veil I waa Juat
shopping tor one." , CAROLYN WELLS,
Next Week--
A Quiet Afternoon