Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 14, 1912, EDITORIAL, Image 21

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The'Ommia Sunday Bee Magazine Page
Tfa' Curious New "Waistcoat" Suits That
Give a Girl a Vest Like Her Brothers;
Odd New "Pannier79 Gowns That Look
Like Hip Bags; the Four Ring
Dress; the Highwayman Veils.
I nave clearly ihowa la the detailed
description of my newest models, the
pannier Is making a marked Impree-
ion In the Spring fashions. Not all women,
however, can or should adopt this bouffant
To my readers, as to my clients. I would
say "know thyself before deciding to follow
the dainty examples of (he Dresden chine
shepherdesses. I have always preached Indi
vidualism In dress. It Is painful to me to see
whole flocks of women following a fad un
. reasoulngty. Know your face, your figure,
. your coloring, even your very manners, be
fore adopting any fashion la hats, gowns or
The French are great believers In the Indi
vidual fashion. It is la America and England
' . the great ready-to-wear shops thrive Not la
This Spring there are so many Individual
fads that may be adopted by the clever stu
dent of fsihlon. The new veils, for ins ts nee,
' are well worth studying. The one shown la
the picture 1 call the highwayman's veil. The
upper part Is very much like the brigand's
mask, and there la no doubt that the veil la
Its entirety forms a complete disguise.
Only the woman with pronounced coloring
and large eyes should adopt this veil. The
woman of Indefinite coloring and vague
; features must content herself with the new
One mesh veils having . large flat spots
worked la the mesh.
And then the neck! French women of the "
smart world derate much thought to their
' necks. They sever have worn the linen collir
or the stiff, ugly stock, formerly the sign
manual of the American woman. The after
soon frocks of this Spring are made collar
less; frequently the narrow yoke Is also
omitted. Generally a high-necked gulmpe or
tucker of fine aet Is also made to wear with
these eollsrless frocks, as milady chooses.
The collars are supported with the most deli
cate of sllk-eovered wire, that Is frequently
unnoticed by the casual observer.
On the other hand, with the morning frock
er tailored costume the neck should be slab
orately dressed this Spring. There are charm
ing effects for the woman with the thin neck
aad restraining effects for the woman with
the fat neck and plump chin. Notice the
three-tiered collar shown with the smart 1
trotteur costume. This can be developed In
flee lace or aet and Is an admirable setting
- for the this face and neck.
Another very new Idea for she of the slen-
Fia . A Chsnrtlng New Creation In Brick-Red Rstlns,
with Lewer Skirt of White end Blue Striped Material;
White Straw Hat with Rouge end Blus Ornsmsnts.
"Luclls" Medsls.
der neck Is the crushed stock of net or mult
with the chin bow. This bow must be built of
soft material, yet there must be body
enough to make It stand out deflnantly.
Net or mallnes are perhaps the most
satisfactory fabrics. The bow must be '
fastened at the top of the stock, with the jabot
faatened at the lower end. The Jabot must be
much shorter than those populsr during
the Winter.
The woman with the fat neck and face
mast wear a high stock of Irish or point
Venlse; her Jabot must be long and narrow
and fastened at the base of the stock, with
no semblance of a bow. Heavy, restraining
laces are appropriate for the plump neck; the
fine, soft laces for the thin.
Will all women adopt the waistcoat? No.
The pannier and the chlnti waistcoat are
fasi'ons fiat should be adopted by the
woman who thoroughly knows herself. They
are for the tall, slender woman who carries
herself with the grace of the long-stemmed
Illy. The waistcoat Is so very smart that
other women win seriously attempt to make
K their own. But the woman with Individ
uality wig see her limitations and If at all
Inclined to embonpont will eschew waistcoat
and pannier and ding to her modtflcatlon of
the narrow, clinging fashions. Also, the
woman who cannot afford a master modiste
suouiu anna me arapea shuts.
FIG. . A Luclls "Walsteesr Belt. Shewing the Whits and
Purple Vest snd the Man's Ful l-Orass Msct ef the Coat
This Photograph Also Shews the "'Highwayman" Vast and the
new collar.
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Declaration of Independence
--- . By DR. FRANK CRANE . '
THE Declaration ef Indepeod
. ence by th nation ts not
ef much Importance uAleu
eseh cillien ol ths aatioa is
su os end abides r Ms ewa
peraonst dectaratlen ef Inde
pendence. Join me. therefore. In this
mr declaration; i j '
I deny tliat there Is any such
thins u chance or luck. I af
firm that the universe Is man
aged by an lntell!aent person.
I can see only a little way. bat
as tar aa I do see all Is law:
I deny that ' any habit. In- -Jtloct
or (aate Is stronger thaa
I- I affirm that I can chanse
these, and that the chang Ins or ,
them Is all there la to culture
and srosrees.
I dear that SMnry has ever
either aided or Impeded the--power
of troth and of coed Is
the world. I affirm that the
only eplrtlnal dynamle Is per-' '
sonallfy.' : i
i I affirm that rellalon ts .
nothing except the pereonal In
fluence ef Ood. and that pror
reee la nothlns except the per
sonal Influence of good people. '
1 deny that I am "a worm of
tne duet J a.nrni mat I am
that Is Ju.t around for Sellerv M mp,unt as the rest o( the
i! e imi en lm taw imriw ttBlverae.
1 say a. Person manages the
universe, becanae my experi
ence furnishes me as grounds
for conceiving of sn intent
gence apart from personality. -
t deny that Ood la ever under
say eircumetanrea my enemy.
I affirm lie la 'always my
friend -
I deny that there Is any ca
price Id the moral or sptrltnal
world I afffrm the cosmic ac
curacy of ths laws that govern
sou la
I deny that there ts so much '
as one grain M troth in praars
nltlona I deny that fear ever does
any good I affirm that the
sensation of fear Is. always
potsoa. to be restated with all
my mlgrbt Whatever ecus. I
Shalt meet It better WMfrald.
I deny that heredity has done
anythlnr 'o me or to any per
eon which we rennet torn te
our nod I affirm that the
original tiered Itv la that f am
a eon nf Gfwt and that thta In
herited o4 rpliit. If we ran
reallre H. m stronger than any
bad blood.
I deny that environment le
stronger than 1 I affirm that
1 can make any poeelble envi
ronment serve my eurceee.
1 deny that tamoplneas le a
worthy aim of life I affirm
that I am pot hers to become
great sot to be happy.
I dear that anv eoul that Is
heroic le ever In ita deptha in.
nappy, t affirm that Joy ta the
Invariable accompaniment of
fearlessness, truth acd loyalty.
I deny that death ends all. I
affirm that ml peraunality
ehall live on after the dleeolu
tlon of my body. I affirm that
the belief that ths human soul
ceases to exlet st death Is the
moat profoundly Immoral ef all
eueie. -
I affirm that this world
tot lovers: that
mlShea love mlasea life
loyal love- le toagher. thaa
fcatea. enviea and malice.
will eventually overcome them.
I deny that a 1 hare mads
my bed I muat lie In It I af
firm that "If 1 Have made my
bed wrong. pTeaae Ood I will
auks It acaia."
I deny that opportunity
knocks at every man a door bst
one. 1 afrtrm thai every day
is sn opportunity.
f deny teat u Is worth white
to Seek to be rich, to be fa
mous, or to oerspy great place.
Three things axe gajnsilaa;
t affirm that the one ttilag
worth seeking Is that work
whits seema play, only ta do
ing that work is a human be
ing sound aane and coctent
1 deny any authority what,
ever over uiy mind.
I affirm thai 1 am absolutely
bosnd to do woat seema right
t affirm that- my personal
wen belag Is best promoted by
striving ier (bo woU being of
ethers, .
I can prove nnn. . w
Tb'r. are axiomatic to
me. There le nothing more
eelf-vident by which To
them. '
. i ,. . . t . w-
woman who thoroughly known herself Thev . I r - ,-'jV " ,'B. I
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