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SUNDAY BEEi' APRIL U. 1912.' . : " ' ' . ' " " ' - B I
- v
Msay Informal Affairi Art Planned
V 'or. Oat-of-Towa Tjiiton.
Kir Omakama ' 'kt Hav Bee a
Pretty Guest from St Louis
. Travellaa la -Winm -CI
.Have Itriaraed aad Waar
Otkrrs Com sees. .
""Ljv vV
? J1
Serial Caleadar.
MOXTMT Pernor of BrowneH
theater parry at Brandele;
Miss Dor-
thy Mornn. dhUH
Debs teste
RrMee rhik: Mrs. W. J. Burgess, mm-
b. JHim. w. t.
l ix n Tm m Bruise club: Mr. and Mra.
J. H. Haney. dinner (or Ferrj-Haney
wedding party.
Tl EtDAT eVt horn day at Fort Omaha;
Mra. T. J. Mshoney. meeting of A ma
tter Muslral club; wedding ot Mtae
Vera Mirwl ntagersM and Mr. Earn
ed I. Htmlltoa of Nellgh, Nab.: Mr. J.
U NeMe. box party at the Orpheam;
. Higk School (He elub. oonoart at th
Lyric; Mra. John 8. Meyer, Tuaaflay
I-enoheon club. " J
WEINEHDAY-Wediing Mlai Kath
rm Powall and Mr. Bryant Cullen
' stoger at Church of the Uood Hhep
herd: Plsyere1 dub, pwrformsness at tha
Brand! theater; at home day at Fort
Crook; wedding of Mlaa Blaneha Mar
shall end Mr. Warrni Raid; wedding of
Mlaa Mabel Haney and Mr. Karl J.
Parry of Marahalltown: Mrm. Omit
" Hampton, meeting of w. W. elub.
THl'RSDAY-Kjilght of Tolumbua
danetiic party; Mra. A. i. Billing, meet
ing ot F. W. dub: N. N. O. club,
daaetng party at Motel Homo: Mr. C
H Galea, Ooldea Glow club.
VRirXAT-Major and Mra Carl F. Hart
rranru dinner at fort Omaha; hop at
Fort Omaha: Dundee Dancing club, dln-
ier at University elub, followed by
Orpheum party.
Although there are few large attain
scheduled for this week, there I a good
deal ( Informal entertalslng going oa
for ' the many attractive out-of-town
Ylattor. Small dinner, Isncaenss. sup
per and theater and brtdg parties are
being give every day and evening for
lb guests.
Mis Margaret Brawn of St. Louis will
arrive Tuesday to visit Mr. and Mrs
John - Brady and a number of Informal
affair ar being planned for her. Mis
Brswa haa visited her a number of
time and ha many Omahk friends, ssv.
ml f whom attended bar debut In St.
Louli last fall. Ml Brow ha epesl
the win tee tat the eeat and come to
' - Omaha from Chicago.
1 Mra Violet Mall, also of It Louis, la
vuutlnf Mis Katherln Moorhead and
haa beta honor guest at many Informal
parties. Mr. and Mrs. W, I. .Burgess ar
entertaining Mr. Burgee' nice. Ml
Bontt Bradford of Fontlac, 111. Mis
Nora Forth man of Lo Angels haa ar
rived to spend ( month with Mum France
Nash, but there will be lltlla entertanlng
a MUMiTerthnan Is In mourning. Mr,
and Mra. C. C. Rosswater have a their
guests Mrs. Roeewatefe slater and niece,
lra. Chcrlott Adams and Miss Margaret
Adim. f Jamestown. N. T. ...
Baa 'Haider far reerte.
Society II taking a greet Intent In the
reacert t be given by tha Mendeawohu
choir and , Theodore- JThoroat' ere hast rs
Monday and Tuesday. April B and B. at
tha Auditorium. The ticket tor the base
vent Ilk, hot and the conoert
promise t be a society aa well as mod
est event. Those who have engaged box a
tor the aerie of three eoncerta an:
Mr. and Mra. Ward Burgeae,
r. and MrC fUorg W. Holdrege, .
- Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge A. Joslyn, t ' '
Mr, and Mrs, Charles J. Kountss,
sir. and Mr. Luther L. Kountss,
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Klrkandall.
Mm and Mrs. John A. MrMhsae,
Mr. and Mr. W. H. McCord,
Mis and Mra O. W. Mageeth,
Mrs. 1, M. Metealf.
Mr. and Mr. Fred A. Nash,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas QuIalsB.
CiKneral and Mrs. Fredertrli A. Bmlth,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. rVnlth.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Towls, ' . '
Mr. and Mrs. C. Waaler Turner. , ,
Mr. and Mra Ourdon W. Wattles,
Mendelssohn Choir Boa - '
Mr. . W. N'seh.
Mr. Luther Drake. "
" ' Travelers Meters. Ham.
OsMhaa wne (ought warmer climate
during tha eoM areather ar returning
and by tha tint the coontry eiub open,
nearly all of the traveten will be horn.
Mr. and Mr. O. W. Wattlaa, Mrs. A.
L, Read. Mis Elisabeth Reed and Miss
Melon Scost hava returned from aa el
tended May In Hollywood. Cal., at tha
beautiful winter ham ot Mr. and Mra
Wattlaa Mr. and Mr. George a. Joelya
and Mlaa Violet Joslyn. who have bee
with Mr. and Mrs. Qeorg indwell at
their ham la Hollywood an now touring
la northern California la the JoMyn ear,
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Btdwell.
They an espseted home about May 1.
Mr. and Mra. F. P. KMnltlk. Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Darts and tha Ml Davie
aad Mra. t. E. Baem. wn are at At
lantis City anil remain for s short tlaae
befor returning home.
Mrs. J. Clarke Celt and calMrwa re
turned Friday from La Jolla. CaL, where
they spent the winter.
Mlsae Beatrle Coed, Irene Coad aad
Roe Smyth, wh ar oa the Ooad ranch.
near Caribad. N. M., plaa Is leave there
Aortl V. and arrive here a tost Mar L
Mr. Mark Coad aad Mr. Will Coad. wh
bars been apeodlng tea day a the raaca
are expected hoes th first of toe week.
Mr. and Mra. . O. HamOtoa returned
Baturdar from an extended trip to Fa-
clfia coast points aad iieaoiuia.
Mra. Mat nan Merrlam and Mlaa Mildred
MerruuB. who have been to Honolulu are
' expected bosn snanlv.
Mrs. Kdaoa kick, who has bees la Nsw
Orleans and other southern points, will
return home this week.
Mrs. K. L. Ourkert and rhlMrea hare
returned from New Orleans, where they
spent several weeks with relatives. Mra.
lurkert ahm visited Panama.
Mrs. Arthur C. Baulk returned FrMay
llm Corset Features
Voa'U fiad thoa all Iwnxr.
pontrt la NORDA Corsets.
Ittaccrains none appreciata
ttm "little thlmgs- th perfert
Jrtalls la Um) sas king and ear
carfal fiuiax aervtc. .
- Wa ara Aiwaye prepared to
met jroa.
W e gaanuMcw aauafartioa.
Corsets Prictd from
C2.C3 to 925.00
300 Sooth ITth gtract.
Soatb tda Fatrsaco of
; HrawoXs Trieste. - ,
f boss for Appointment. Ooug-
of sr.
from Nsw fork, where ah apant Easter
with her daughter. Harriet, who attends
Mlaa 6pnte a school.
Mrs. Charles Ihlvetick I ham from an
Vaster wtay. m Buffalo will Bar' eO.
Ass, and other relative, flh I with her
dsaghterl Mrs. flat Smith. ; i'tK
Mr. W. b. Millard and aoa. Wllllard.
ar In Waahlngtoa now and will be home
Tuesday. Tssy went east to psnd Easter
with Mr. and Mra. Chrlatlaocy of, Mount
Varnon. N. T. .
Captain and Mra. David atone and
family from Fort Mil, Okl., ara (pend
ing his leave of abaenea hen with Mra
atone parent. Mr. and Mra. Georg A.
Hosglsnd. lAtsr they sxpset t is ts lbs
Philippine. -
Mr. Alvla Baunder and daughter, Mra
Ruaael , Harrison, ara at Atlantis City.
Mr. Saunders will return to Omaha next
Mr. K. V. Lswla Is back from Toronto,
Canada, and Is at th Loyal for a month.
dree as Haa First Rehearsal.
One of th spring bridegroom was
m a rehearsal ahead of th reet of hi
wedding party, Mr. Wllsoa Austin, whose
engagement to Mis Alice Cary McOrew
w announced Wednesday, found oult
a eurprlee awaiting him when ha want
to hi office Thursday morning.
When bo entered th ffle h hear th
train of th Lohengrin wedding march
played oa a Vict role and tha a la la lead-
big to hi desk was roped off with
southern amllax. When ha finally reached
hi deek h found It beautifully decorated
with bride' a
Geldea WeddUg.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Yatea laaued
raviutlon Friday for the celebrattoa at
their fiftieth wedding anniversary, to be
held at their horn. Hlllalde. Monday
evening. April B. Tha goldea wedding
aeisbratioa will be a rsoaptloa from I
ts U o'clock, for which M Invitations
bar bee levied.
Mr. and Mra Tata havs speat all but
an of their fifty year of married Pfe
la Omaha and hava takaa a prominent
place la tha asckvl lit her. Their bom
ha been ana of th moot boepitaWe la
th dty. living with Mr. tad Mrs. Tata
ara their daughters. Mrs. Re be Marfan
and Mra, George Voee, aad their aoa.
Henry W. Tatea. Jr. Their daughter.
Mrs, C. C Allen, who recently visited
bore, t In San Frencleco, what her
ubnd. Captain Allen, la stationed. Mra.
Allen win probably not b here far the
leeasiallon. aa they an -sning to go
la Alaska soon- Aonther daughter, Mra.
Edward Bmlth of Kanaaa City, will he
her for tha event, aa will also Mr. and
Mrs. Tatea- granddaughter, Mrs. Oeorge
Preudflt of Uneoia. Relatives from BL
Joseph hava alee bees Invited to jota th
family reumoa at Hillside.
The mvltattoaa to th eeiebraUon ar
gold am bossed with th asnograma of
Mr. and Mrs. Tata linked together and
the datea at th year of the wedding and
of th anniversary . lB-lU
Pleasures Past
Mra. Walter Fisher cava a chlldrea a
party on Saturday afternoon fas celebra
tion at th birthday ot her little daughter.
J see. Mrs. Fisher wa aaaiated by Mlaa
Clara Mason. . .
Mr. O. T. Wigg ealertaiaed Thursday
evening at her horaa bj beaor of Miss
Maym Munson. wkaee wedding t Mr.
Oeorge Araistreng f Kaara City alii
take place the latter part of th maanh.
Prtaes war won by Mrs. J. Mclauglalra
and Miss Maasoa. "
Ooldea Olaa dub gav a card party
Friday afternoon at th Pompenlan
r f Jl
room at Rrsndeis Ptorea fur the benefit
of their charity fund. Th winning
prise ware: Meadaraae J, Falconer, F. ,
A Word. JVF. Ollllgan. Kmm Brown, K.
w. "Mi, Tinwalf.; rr5 fcna.' a
Weaver. j ,
r. n't it I i
Mia Marl Mitchell entertained ! In-,
formally st her home In honor of her
sister. Nellie, whose rnarriuge to Mr.
Jerome Msrtsll take ptsc Saturday,
April II. Decorations suggestlr of Eatr
were need. Th evening was (pent la
muato and gam, for which prise were
won by Mr. John Tamlale. Mlaa Ann
Itobb, Mlaa Ooarglk Kelley and Mr. John
McCarmack. About Ihrlty-flvs guest
were present.
Mra. F. L. Nailer entertained Friday
afternoon In celebration of the aeventy
flth birthday of her mother, Mra. George
W. Linlager. A profusion of eprlng flow
ers, sent by th friends of Mra. IJnlnger,
decorated the rooms and th art gallery.
Aa Impromptu'mualcal program wss given
by Mrs. George Barker; sr.; Mra. Warner
Thomas. Mra. Charles Martin. Mra.
George Barker. Jr.. end Mlaa Beatrice
Tancack. About thirty Intimats frlsnd
of th honor guest war present.
Mrs. John Parish entertained at a
ehildrea party Saturday afternoon In
celebration of tha thirteenth birthday at
her daughter, Helen. Then werw thirteen
progressive gamea for In young people
sad a birthday t rak with thirteen
randies Thoee praeent wore.
Utile Mlmea Little MIM
Helen Pariah. luclle Hoel.
kathertne Conrad. Dorothy Pogu.
Dewtnta Conrad,
Ruin Hwaneon.
Ruby nwaneon.
Clarice Brown.
Alice Ruehton.
Margaret Parish,
Mildred Rhoadea,
Leeta Carter,
Dorothy Halbech,
Lucil Rector.
KeUerlna Culver.
Theater Parties
Th Dundee Dancing dab will glv a
dinner at tha Cnlverstty eiub next Fri
day evening, followed by a theater party.
Demaa Kountss gave a boa party at
tha Orpheum Saturday afternoon. Thoee
Harness Kountao.
Charle Burg.
lxula Rurgeea.
James Wyman,
Robert IWiwna, '
Tnck Stewart.
Kdward Damkert;,
Charles Allleo.
Wadletah !rton.
IeWolf Bart .
teman Kounta.
Mora Palmar,
Charles Crow,
Robert Storay
Monday evening th member of th
enior class Of Brownell lieu win a
raw a baa Derty to ass Cbaateehr.
mcodrd by a dlnaer at tha Omaha efua.
Tha hostess will k two of th eealors.
Mlaa Stella HolmquWt and Mlaa Mar-
caret Fuglt, ana in mner
class are Mteeee Francw Hochstetler.
4ella Thammell. Ann Olffora, usdi
Bacoa. Eleanor Mackay. Alk Duval.
Helen Blah and Harriet Copter. Mr.
and Mr. Holmqukrt and. Mr. Fugit will
chaperon tha party.
Personal Gossip
Mr. and Mra. H. D. Neely hav returned
from California.
Mra. Fred llaraUtoa and - Mlas May
Hamlltoa soeat hut week m Chlcag.
fi iirv anew Raaera M at present tn
BraokUa. Mass, toe guest of Mr. a
Mrs. tjteara.
Mrs. Edward Psteraoa has returned
from aa Mteaaded trip to California and
ether weeurn paint.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Lytoa loft There-
say for Stockton. Cal- wrfesra they win
make their future horns.
Mum Fannie rtasaostock. who speat
a Orkiai Brotliers '
T 318-320 South 16th. St, J
J Extraordinmy S J
I , Over 300 High Classj Exclusive ?
;; SampleT
Sample Tai
Never in our business history have we been able to offer such wonderful values in beautiful tailored suits as
come through extraordinary sale of high class samples. We consider ourselves very fortunate; indeed, in secur
ing' from a high class New York maker his entire sample line at a great discount. There are over 300 of these
suits, all clever new styles copies of the very latest models brought over from Paris, ; ' . ; ..
Suits of beautiful serges, whipcords, worsteds, novelty weaves and taffetas. Somo plain, some beautifully
trimmed with lace, braids, embroidered batiste or imported toweling collars and cuffs and many other ways. ,. .:
These suits would ordinarily sell
at $35. 00, $39.50, $45.00 and
purchased This Month. April
is the month for diamonds. Take
advantage of thii golden oppor
tunity. Remember whatever
Lindsay say. is so.
S. W. Lindsay, Jeweler
a .hi it. lia-Dr. Auguatu tmvil
riMii a nmmtnent member of th modi
cal profession, showed hla loyalty U M
lattv Missouri by chooetng a h. iuie
girl. Nina Rmlth, hi arid. Th cere
mony waa performed la 8t Uiula
April 14. lssk-Osorgs T. Llndley. ab
stracter Of till, ecores iweniy-inree
year in aounie naraeaa. .
waa hi bride, and th weamng too pi
at Orovertown. Iod.
part at th winter In Milwaukee and Chi
cago, haa returned boms.
Mr. Samuel Pray of Terk I waiting
her father. Mr. a K. Uellecker, nd her
slater. Mm Zola Dellecker.
Mrs. Oeorge B. Lak expect t go to
Pasadena, Cal., sarly In May to visit her
daughter. Mr. Joy Morton, who has a
bom then.
Mra. W. a Ferdyo and daughter. Mia
Manaret Fordye. have returned from
Detroit and Toledo, where they spent
Easier weeh.
Mr. and Mra. Henry Pterpont hav
lakes a cottage at Pin Croat, Colo., for
th summer and will take possession
early la Juno
Mrs. W. F. Alls went to Kansas City
this seek to be with her el star. Mra.
Bishop, and later they will both ge to
Excsialor Springs.
A son wss born Thursday to Mr. and
Mrs. Maurtc J. Ksvoaoa of 81. Louis,
Ma. Mr, ltovoosa waa formerly Mia
Bdy Kate! man of Omaha.
Ex-Senator Millard and Ml Jessie
Millard and Mr. and Mr. T. J. Ma hooey
ar booked en th new et earner Francs
of th French Itna, eeltlng July 1L
Edgar William Potlaek I spending
few day with hla srtar, Mrs. Charts g.
Klgutter, on hla way from a nine month
trip torwarh Europe to hi horn In
Havana. Cuba.
Mr. and Mra Arthur Oram, who hava
been visiting Mr. Ofaftla tetr. Mlaa
A dele Moore, will have next week for
a short vkrlt in Chicago, before returning
to tsetr hoa.
Mr. Earl J. Perry of Msrsballtown. la..
whose marrtsg to Ml Mahal Haney
taaea place Wednesday, arrive Moaday
from MarshaDtowB and will be at the
horn of Mr. sad Mrs. J. H. Haney.
Social Events Today
Mr. and Mra. Charts T. Stewart of
Cow nek BMfs will gtva a supper this
sveajng at their torn for Cxuoool and
Mra. Bottler f Fort Crook.' Among th
Oasaha gwets wUl be Mr. and Mra. E.
M. Fairfield. Mia CarHa. Mam May Baas
tatt and Mr. url Oaaaott.
Mr. and Mrs. Nat haa PnUl Dodge. Jr.,
wM give tea tksa aftarwsea ta kosmr
f O astral aid Mra. OrearUls ML Dodg.
Ta hoars are frees 4 to until I s
For the Future
Tn wsene of si pkOoassna'a L. C B.
A- tffl emerrai at card FrMay aftar
nooa at tha Brands! Poenpeiaa room.
Tha membere f tha J- v- ckl W1D
be tttertained at th koto of Mrs. A. a
values from $35 to; Q
sale Monday
sale MONDAY,
Spring 1912
RESS would be a
Bimple problem if m
choosing your gowns
and hats, ' you hnd n
name to guido you that
stood for fit, fashion
and quality, as you have
in the name Hanan in
choosing your shoes.
We are now display
ing the spring models
for 1912.
1410 Farmam St.
Dainty Lunches
Hot and Cold Drinks
At oar Sodoasla. lttk an Dodge a tors,
and Th Harvard. Hth and Farnsm 8ts.
Over 4M hot and cold drink at Th
Owl. lth and Harney Bta. and tha
Loral Hotel Loyal Bid. Served tn
a way diatl actively our own.
Shcrnan & McConncll
Drnj Company
BUHng. Jr.. Ml
street, Thsrsday.
North Thirty-eighth
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Haney will give a
dinner Monday evening st their horn for
th Perry-Haiwy party. Th dinner will
be followed by a rehearsal.
Th Faaeewl Prcaewd Hla.
Dr. George E. Hale of th Carnegie
obeervatory on Moant Wilson described
in Pasadena a quarrel between two east
ern setronomers. "It was a bitter and
life-long quarrel." be said. "It wa
founded aa my own specialty, the sua
spot. Many harsh things were wsid in thia
quarrel, and at its height th alder of
the two aitronomer died. A day or two
afterword a friend said; to the survivor,
l-e. your old enemy at dead, eh? Do
yew Intend to go to the. funeral r TJo
I don't.' waa th reply, "but 1 appror of
it-' "-Ufa
at. . .
at . .
7 7
we are again
suits and skirls to order
Within Three or
uur jaster trade was so
great that we had to refuse
many orders, because we could
not finish them for Easter. But
we are again in a position to
turn out all garments in three
or four days' time.
Every garment made right
here in our modern tailoring
shops by skilled men tailors
and fitters. Made to your spe
cial measure in the style and
materials you want, they em--body
all that is best and most
stylish in women's apparel.
Tailored Suits to Order
$20, $25 and $30
Every garment guaranteed
perfect in fit, quality and splen
did tailoring.
Special Offer For This Week
tn gplendid all wool serge, In
blues, Una. grays, black, etc.,
mad In the newest gored models,
a perfect fit guaranteed, reguar
7.50 values, to your 4A QC
measure for ....... lXey J
The novelty G. :
C. B. Brown Co.
Wish to announce that for
tunately our stocK ana store J7fr-fto7Mf,
was not HamafJeH ont? narticle -D.PIWI' -J
Dy tne recent nre, Dut we
our entire new stock of sterling
silver, suitable for wedding gifts, and all our
spring novelties awaiting your inspection.
Finer stock than ever, larger stock than ever.
April is the diamond month. We are show
ing genuine blue, white, perfectly cut 1-2 Karat
Ladies' or Gentleman's Diamond Ring for $75.
It is the bargain of Omaha. Come in and
see it
Yoq'yc tried the rest,
Now try the best
ready to make :
Four Days Time
etscr dm AHA
nave X2Ar
Th Be reaches aoore
hoenea thaa all 'other
Omaha, paper romMaed.
1 I V