Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 14, 1912, Page 16, Image 16

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    1G - THE OMAHA- SUNDAY BEE: APRIL 14, 1912. ' A
'" " ,-W-W-wamSSSSSSa-a-a
SV : : : ' SHsiv
$1'.- WSAl 1
Have Specially Priced for Monday These Newly Arrived Groups of
Women's Dresses, Suits Coats for Spring
Every woman appreciates greater varieties of fashionable ready-to-wear apparel from which to select. It is simply because the assortments of
desirable merchandise at Brandeis are so much more satisfactory that such a large majority or tJmana's Dest aressea womencome nere w cnoose
You are safe in measuring the comparative size of our assortment by the sue or our store. .
Newest Models Tailored
Stub at $35
Those clever, new Louis
styles, semi-Empire
and high waist line ef
fects made of new
Bedford cloths, whip
cords, etc, some
white satins, at. . OU
Pretty New Lingerie
Many are elaborately
made all new creations.-
Women's Tailored Suits
new and. practical etyleB
for spring fa v- SlO
orite colors, at..."'
- Stonning New.
Pretty new taffetas,
crepe meteors and those
stunning , ratines com
bined with chiffon all
new ideas this season, at
$15 - $19 -$25
New Long Serge Coats in
, navies and tans, $10.00
Children's and Juniors'
Coats New styles, very
attractive, at $5, $6.93
and ........$10
Children's White Dresses,
.clever as can' be, $2.98,
; $3.98; .$5. and '$10,
Cossack Waists
The rage of the world of
fashion most graceful and
classy of the new designs
lingerie, lace and embroidery
effects," at
$2o 298 '3" $5
Nothing could ba daintier or more up-to-date.
The shade! that are moat In popular de
mand; many modeli, at $5. $6.08- 810
Widest rarlety ahowinr eery new model of
prominence; new shade
at $33.
All This Week We Continue Our Great Sale of Quadruple Silver Plated
Tea Sets, Plates, Dishes and other Hollow Ware
The most remarkable bargains in silverware ever ; offered by any store. '
These pieces go at less than half their Rvalue.' I .....y
27-Inch Swiss aud Batiste
All-Orers, Corset
Ccieri-is, Buds, Galloons
Rich, heavily embroid
ered designs in new
combination of eyelet, floral,
crochet, hexagon and filet.
The window display has at
tracted thousands. Worth
up to 75c a yard, at, yard
45-Inch Swiss and Batlate
Embroidered Skirtings
Hemstitched and scalloped borders,
exquisite new designs in English
eyelet, floral, blind relief, also new
combination effects 'actually
worth up to $2.00, at a Jrv g
yard .....70C
Wonderful Bargains in Swiss,
Nainsook and Cambric, 18 and
27-ln. Embroidered Flounclngs
Skirtings, corset coverings; also
wide insertions and galloons
eyelet, floral and blind relief of-fects-'-worth
tap to 35o yard. On
"big bargain- square, at, ,
Fashionseal Suits
Here are the highest
class perfectly .tailored
suits that ever sold
anywhere at a medium
price. New - tJOJI
shades at
An entirely new' and fresh
group for Mondays. Cor
rect models of the clever
peplum waists for
summer, at.........
New Messaline ".Petticoats
plain and changeable
shades at ........ .$2.50
Embroidered White Hulls and
; Fancy White Goods ,
20c and 25c Value at 6 l-2c Yard
" We cannot say that they will
last all day, birt we have a splen
did lot of 6,o50 yards in plain
and fancy, white goods, white crepe, em
broidered Swisses, embroidered mulls,
mercerized fancies and nearly every new
desirable white material. Odd lengths
iust received from the mill.
The actual mill value would
be 22 l-2c a yard begin
ning at 8 A.M. Monday inj
basement, at, yard. . ,
' Special Display and Sale
Exquisite '.New Laces
,. 45-Inch Lace- Skirtings, New Alloveri, '
, Wide Bands, Galloons, Vandyke and Gothic
.Points. '' .. j ) '
' Real ' Irish ; Crochet and Real Cluny
. Lacea, Insertions and Motifs.
New Shadow Laces, New ' Ratine and
Macrama Laces.
Exquisite St. Gall Novelties, fine simu
lations of crochet, Venlse and tilet laces
In allovers, edges and bands to match.
All at Terjr special prices.
Silk Hosiery AOp
Wrth to $1.00 pair, at V J7
Fine, Bheer, pure 'thread silk,
fancy ' silk embroidered boot pat
terns; also all silk with wide silk
.double tops, lisle. soles, high spliced
heels and toes; all shndesv .' f
New Arrivals in the
Brandeis Toy Shop
Pompeian Room
I Side Walk Sulklea with reversible loather
seals, at 98 to $3.98
Automobiles, velocipedes and cycomoblles,
at 1.45 to 810
Express Wagons, at 40 to 81.50
Coaster Wagons, at .-81.75 to 84.50
Toy Garden Wheelbarrows at 49. 69
Handcars, at 82.98 to 84.50
Doll's Leather Collapsible Go-Carts
. at 49s to 83.98
The Bubbler, for making bubbles without
soap suds, at 10
Com-Bal, at 10
The New Flying Birds, at 10
The Boston Dolls, the newest thing In toy
land, are here . . . . . . . 98
All the new Character Dolls, at ..-..49
and , 08
Croquet Sets, at ..... .'. -75 to 82.98'
Roller Skates, at 39 95 ni 81.98
Th. Perfectly Appointed
and Most Completely Equipped Corset
Department in the Entire West
Presents to the Well Dre; i i Women of Omaha
Complete Lints of the Highest Quality
Corsets that Are Made
The woman who appreciates the great value of a corset
adapted to her figure, properly made and properly fitted finds
'complete satisfaction at Brandeis Stores. Our great corset depart
ment, tinder the direction of Miss Young, formerly one of the
most successful fitters. of corsets in New York, meets every re
quirement of a discriminating clientele.
You are always sure that just the
right corset for your
figure is here and it
, will be perfectly adapt
ed to your figure. '
m ASk M JSW miT .
We tlcsiro to direct especial at
tention to the very fine qual
ity of yard wido percale thtt
we have just received, 700 full
bolts in the newest and pretti
est black colored strips,
checks, dots, figures and cir
cles, all on light colored
grounds. The colorings are
absolutely fast and every yard
is perfect. For one day only,
the 15o quality at, per 4 A A
yard lvC
We are showing
complete assortments
of models in the
following renowned
, makes:
The Madeline
at $5 and up
-U 1da Corsets at 53.01 and up
Lyra Corsets at $3.00 and cp
The W. B. and the Royal Worcester Corsets at $1 and cp
Complete lines of these corsets enables every woman to be correctly
fitted in just the model that she prefers. Brandeis range of prices makes
it possible to satisfy every woman, no matter what the price she pre
fers to pay.
Bargain Square
Black, white and all tho most
wanted plain shades of mer
cerized Poplin; equal to the
best 25c poplin. Bolts -C-
to buy from, at, yard. . . aUl
Later Spring Models in Millinery
The newer ideas that contain the most
graceful and most becoming ideas'
from Paris and New York designers
many of them vary greatly from thu
popular styles of early-season. The
congress of new models .makes our
millinery department look like the
beginning of a new season. You'll
be charmed with these' chio and
v dresssy, new creations and our ex
pert milliners will perfectly adapt
. the new designs to harmonize with
. your features. A specially
attractive new group at...
:iffe- "mm
Hcztej Specials in Drapery Department Basement
Hope Portieres with
wide tapestry bands
and Velour cords
our new spring line
at S3.50, $3.98, $4.50
and ..i.. .....$5.98
Snafaat loo Portieres la
all tfet mv spring eol
rs, ft. $&M aad 70
ImlUUoa Buefaat Hadraa
for OTer curtains, look
just Uk Um regular $1
goods, at yard S9e
SMoek Sunfast Aladdin
dotk la th aew spring
patterns sad colors, yd.,
at ..IliS
Etamlaa Wo art show
ing dotans of aw aad
attraetlvo patterns, yd-,
at 3c aad 43c
Bungalow aad FUet Nats
Id wblte. Ivory and
Arab colors; completo
assortment, at, yd., SV,
49c, Ue, 8c and 15
W ladow Shades
- We are xelostT agents
la Omaha (or the Import
ed English Waterproof
Shade Cloth; also the
Empire hand made
opaque. Let a figure
your next shade order.
"When purchasing
a Standard pattern
ask to see the sum
mer Fashion Book.
Price is only 20c
any one pattern
free with book. .
May Designer and
patterns jn sale.
White Buckskin Shoes, Ox
fords, Pumjs and Colonial
Pump, in all the most popu
lar leathers for this spring,
elegantly fashioned on saie
at $2.48 to .$5.00
New Low Heel Pumps
In Colonial, buckle aad tongue atyles.
or the one strap style with broad
toes; patent leather, tan calf, dull
calf and Telret with Goodyear
welted soles; extremely comfort
able, perfect fitting, at pr. $3.43
Women's Budoir Slippers with low
heels, silk pom poms;, pair S1.25
White Sea Island Duck Button Shoes
Goodyear welted sole, at. per
pair $2.48
On Montfdy, Tuesday and "Wednesday,
April 15th, 16th and 17th, we will hold
an interesting demonstration and spe
ciul sale in our hair goods sections. The
newest modes of hair dressing will be W
demonstrated without any charge what
Coiffures and braids made from your
onmlilnM nr linir snnnlim hv nn ' rv.
uuiun'js-. v. - r r
Manicuring, Shampooing and Scalp
nnnm at PAT r f OTf T" O TVTMT A "V Main
Demonstration of Hair Dressing pompeiRoom
Special 3 day Prices Switches
28-inch Natural Wavy Switches, each
made with three separate stems $10
values special at $5.93
24-inch Natural Wavy Switehes-fcl.OO
values, at T.'.$2
20-inch Natural "VVavy Switches $1.50
values, at 98c
Switches dyed by experts.
Very special offerings in 42
in. Bordered Foulards in
newest 1912 printings,
beautiful colorings, 2 and 3
tone effects. Our $2, $1.69
and $1.50 qualities,
at, yard
Yard wide changeable chif
fon dress taffeta, the silk
so much in vogue, in glace
combinations and plain col
orsFor Monday, specially
priced, at
yard V
New patterns of waterproof
foulards in a wide range of
2 and 3 tone colorings, neat
small patterns, fine cameos
and jardiniere effects, floral
designs, dots and ail i v
slses of stripes, etc. A lit
at, a yard
Summer Fabrics Main Flior i Wool Dress Goods Main Floor
New arrivals for Monday Efleuie Voiles in
Bordure and Allover patterns, neat Dres
, den effects, etc, at a yard ........ '..50c
Single and exclusive patterns in Marquisette
Borders, embroidered voiles and crepes.
a pattern f. $3.UU to $9.DU
Whipcords and wide wale diagoflas 20
pieces in greys, new tans, new browns,
French blues and creams just received and
specially priced, at a yd. $1.50 to $2.95
Special 50-inch Creme Costume Serge;
worth $1.35, at yard ..$1.00