Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 14, 1912, Page 15, Image 15

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Along the
Automobile Eow
Manager Ifonnomrry th Interstate
Auionoblle company, returns yesterday
irom a, trip throu(ti th Iowa territory,
lie found the roads in faJrhr good snap.
and said tha demand (or the later-State
car was lerce-
Tiie model t car. which la equipped
iih electric self-starter, and which was
put on tbe market this season for the
first time. Is wlnninc much favor, The
demand Is so Urge that the factory has
to work day and night to supply the
monstrous orders turned In dally for
tins great motor.
Word was received last Thursday by
the Powell Supply company of the death
of L. F. Lomasney, vice president and
general manager of the Republic Tire
One of the latest ventures of H. E.
Fredrickson Is the equipping of his
Chalmers demonstrating . car Irtth a
Gabriel Musical Wonder.
For the last three weeks Fred has bee
making trips to his farm northeast of
Council Bluffs dally. Tjie reason for
these mysterious visits to the country
iwus to get out In tha open where ns
one was around to hear him practice.
'He Is now able to play, "Fiddle Up."
without a mistake, and says that he
thinks by next week he win be sblo to
master the chorus of "It's a Bear."
F. IT. Copeland tit Portsmouth. la.,
'drove out of Ouy U Smith s Wednes
day with a new Hudson Self-Starting "8"
Torpedo. He had three companions, all
owners of machines, and tbe good things
they reported on the Hudson car Is still
niore evidence of the wonderful machine
of which you hear Ouy L. preaching so
,inuoh about. He ssys: "Otve them half
a chance end they will more than prove
'all and more than la claimed for them."
t George R. Brinr, Omaha architect, pur
chased a Franklin "Utile Six" from
'Guy L. Smith.
"This Is the 'cranklesa' era," aald Guy
Smith, "and the arrival of the self
starter has swelled the ranks of women
drivers. The first woman of national
prominence to take the guidance of her
car upon her own shoulder was Mrs.
'Frank J. Gould of New Yor. a leading
.member of Gotham's 406. Mrs. Gould
'became owner and driver of a self-stsrt-tng
Hudson M" the first of the year, and
since that time hundreds of women In
all sections of the country have assumed
the same role. I have always been an
wdvocate of ladles driving their cars,
and am glad they have at last com
Into their own,"
Bulck cars are repeaters and evidence
of Bulrk popularity is Indicated when
whole families buy them. The following
was clipped from the New Orleans Item
of March tt:
"O. F. Aullck. a contractor of Timn
Fla-. has Just bought his sixth Bulck
csr A tt' roadster. However, this Is
more than duplicated right here at hom.
Frederick P. WllberU er... prominent
lumberman, bought a Bulek model IT
during the early part of IMS. Since then
five other members of the Wllbert lam-
The Remy Electric Com
pany of Anderson, Indiana,
announces to the motoring
public the establishment of
At ISO. Xaraejr St, made
the snaaagemem ef the
Oaaafca Bnbher Co well
ass favors ale kaewm is
looal Antomobile circles..
The Remy Service
Omaha motorist should be
come acquainted with the id
saniagts which are at their eiis
posal. The sew Service Station
is naiatained her for the ben
efit of owner of and dealers in
Remv-tquippcd can, Trained
ignition experts assort you the
msxinmn service oat of your
magneto. Our Service Stat ton
experts are anxious to help solve
all your ignition difficulties.
This is one of the chars of
Remy Service Stations leva'ed
in every important dry in fix
country. There is a trained ig
nition expert alway within call
to straighten out any difficulties
which may arise, here or re star.
The new REMY Type FD
Magneto is the last ward in mag
neto construction. It is smaller,
lighter and fifty per cent more
efficient electrically. It i the
Inductor Type of Magneto
simple as a monkey wrench, sad
just as sturdy I
It ignites fust a sorely at low
speed as it does at seventy miles
per hoar, snd starts on a quarter
turn without batteries. And it
it equally efficient at full rcurd
and full advance.
"Mirror Booklet
tl was WVr ml war" ft da nr
saasabits. UMtalrtn
rMttis w as svusan.rsfcf
Omaha Robber Co.
1608 Harney Street
Or followed at lead and have bought
Bulck ears, John Wllbert buytng two
Le. Huff reports another good week's
terfaesa. John J. andeiar of Howell.
Neb, drove home a model S Botck; also
W. A. Chauncey of Dunlap, la-, took
home a model 2 Bulrk the forepart of
the week. Alex Peterson of Red Oak.
Is., also took home a Bulck car. Mr.
Huff says from tbe amount of carload
shipments going through that this will
oartalnry be another Bulck year.
So great baa been the public Interest
in the latest Chalmers educational ex
hibit, which demonstrate the accuracy
of mansrfacture of nutomobue parts, that
the company la now preparing four addi
tional exhibits which will shortly be aeai
on the road.
The exhibit consiata ef a eaUectloa of
more than to different parts, which are
machined to an accuracy of less than
one one-thousandtn part of an Inch. With
these part are s set eg test gauge and
scales. A demonstrator accompanying
the exhibit ahowa bow Chaimera earn are
balanced. . wotfftitng one part s gainst ft
mate and adding other parts until prac
tically all working part of the motor are
ahowa, perfectly balanced. In tbe test
ing demonstrations are shewn tbe opera
tion which guarantee to standard car.
uletnees, power and tone wearing quali
ties. This.! the first Urn n motor ear
manufacturer baa actually demonstrated
the methods of building a motor car.
Tbe new Hnppmoblle "St" I In such
demand that the W. U Huffman Auto
mobile company, have not been able to
keep even a demonstrator In Mock and
have a long list of waiting customer.
However, the Hupp Motor Oar company
ha promised that by the time the (elting
son ts open It will be able to make
deliveries to satisfy the great demsnd for
this wonderful little oar.
Tbe W. I Huffman Automobile com
pany has delivered a large nnrnber ef
the M-aorseaower Abbott -Detroit ear
during tbe laat week and Is dally get
ting In large shipments of thee cars.
On car that la csuiatag much comment
Is one pa is ted maroon, with top and seat
covers to match, and 1 fully equipped
with self-starter and all other late de
vice. Since this car ha arrived Mr.
Huffman and Mr. Hellen have taken sev
eral orders.
Dr. A. & Plats can be seen making his
calla now In a new Oakland "V' which
he purchased front the Mclntyr Anto
mobile company last week.
Walter Peterson ourchased a sir seven-
passenger Oaktaad from the Mclntyr
Automobile company last week.
Louis T. Blck. president of the Inter
state Uv stock Com mission osmpany
of South Omaha, bought his third Oak
land car but week.
Chris G reus merer of Burwell drove
home last week In an Oakland purchased
from the Xclntyr Automobile company.
E. A. Hose, member of the firm of
Robberts Bros, limestone Cement com
pany. South Omaha, bought his second
Oakland from the Mclntyr Automobile
company this week. Mr. Roe makes his
annua! trip to the mountain tn an Oak
land ear and last year reached the top
of the Continental divide.
' O. H. Malchten, manager ef tue Bran
del store, bought a Cross-country tour
ing ear from Manager Olltner of the
Rambler company laat week.
The United. Motor company sold right
Maxwell-Columbia car last Thursday.
One- went to Welch Bree. at Tekamah
and waa driven there overland. Another
sal shipped to Workman and Rowan at
Auburn, Neb. Tbe other six were sent
to V. L. Smith at Alnsworth, Neb.
Another tralnload of Boles oar was
shipped to tbe Howard Motor company
at San Francssoo last week. This make
Um third tralnload that the company has
received this year. There certainly see ma
to be a great demand for these cars on
the coast, ,
William Vaaak, a merchant on South
Thirteenth street, bought a C roes-Coun
try Rambler touring ear last Tuesday
from Manager Qlltner of the Rambler
company. T. H. Copper also purchased
one of these cars last week and a tele
phone order waa received last Thursday
night for three of these cars to be shipped
to West Point, Neb.
W. A. Hansen and I K. Farnlof re
turned last Wednesday from a visit at
the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company
factory at Akron, O.
Many prospective customers wsre vis
itor at th Wilson Automobile company's
salesrooms last week. Although several
made known their Intention of buytng,
they said they would wait until the roads
opened up.
I A. McKay, for the last year director
of western sale for th Franklin Auto
mobile company of Syracuse, N. T., has
been appointed tale manager for the 8t.
Paul and Omaha territory, under the new
Franklin policy ef dividing the country
Into districts under the direct supervision
of district sales manager. Mr. McKay
territory onder the new arrangement In
cludes the Mate of Minnesota, Wis
consin, the northern peninsula of Mich
igan, North Dakota. South Dakota, Ne
braska, Kansas, Missouri, western Iowa
and th provinces of Manitoba and Sas
katcawa. Mr. McKay will mak his
headquarter at Minneapolis.
Motorcycle Notes
The Columbus, Georgia Motorcycle ilub
has obtained F. A. XI. sanction f r a
series of race meets. May 10 and II.
Freeport. llC im initiating tta first
motorcycle police officer. Chief of Police
Root ha appointed oncer B urban k th
first "night rider."
Dayton. O., Is to have rts nrst exclusive
motorcycle show. April a-7. It ts being
planed by the Ohio city's motorcyvl
club, which estimates that there will he
tW riders in tha city.
A race mart was hela recently on the
stat fair grounds st Richmond. Vs..
under the auspices of the Old Dominion
Motorcycle club.
One hundred motorcyclists have organ
ised the Kaw Valley Motorcycle club at
Kansas City. Mo., to assist In the good
roads movement In the west.
"Speeding" motorcyclists who are mem
ber of th San Joe. Cel.. motorcycle club
will be fined by the club as well ss the
city, according to the recent setion of ths
slab. ,
Motorcyclist and th state of New
t Jersey have entered Into a reciprocity
pact. The state legislature has enacted a
10. 1 providing that all motorcycle and
automobile tourist may tour In the state
fifteen daya each year without a special
Vncle Sam Is gradually adding the
motorcycle to all the governmental de
partments The latest recruit In the
War department. Color Sergeant von
I-ang of the Eleventh cavalry at Fort
Ogletlirooe. Ca, has a motorcycle and is
riding rn s round hM brother officers
on the field.
Pointed Paragraphs.
To reduce flesh, try living on a diet
of love.
A little tip will often cur a waiter of
Uo alow at th start and save your
rit-ed for the finish.
Put your worries In pawn, then proceed
to lose the ticket.
A pessimist Is a fish that believes every
worm conceals a hook.
When a man's wife Is away on a vaca
tion be may enjoy his
The average woman couldn't keep a
secret by putting It on ice.
A men can enjoy reading a mother-in-law
JokeIf he I bachelor.
When the average man' ahtp finally
cornea in th silent boatman Is In charge.
Chlcsgo News.
Jt gives timely, courteous, effective wanrnif.
It is not harsh, discourteous or offensive.
It prevents accidents. , , ,
It meets all requirements of city ordinance's.
It cost little to install and nothing to maintain.
It is always dependable never elogs or balks.
Any motor car agency,
accessory dealer or gar
age will sell and put on
a Jericho or Jubilee
and tha entire cost will
be less than $10.00.
Here is the Car You Should Buy Now
For the Following Reasons:
The New Regal "25" Underslung Touring Car
DFaVCTiM Ml TMRCD rtWC T - - J .L .L t t ... . , . V
REASON NUMBER ONE Tiy and match the value of
.- e a. .. . .
uus car u you can. Automobiles are bought today
by comparison and comparison is the strongest argu
ment we can present for your consideration of this new
Regal"25" Underslung Touring Car. By that, we mean
the quality of the materials put into the car, the suprem-
acy oi its design, tne excelling "market and own
ers" value of its price consideration and the factors of
horse power, size and proven ability.
REASON NUMBER TWO Comparison proves'its superior
value, now we'll emphasize its construction. We made
the first "Underslung" Touring Car that sold for less
than $4000. .We offer in this car the first Underslung
Touring Car to sell for less than $1000. To own an
"Underslung" at any price is to possess a "safer" car,
a more "comfortable" car, an "easier riding" car, a
more "economical" car, a more "accessible car, than
cars can possibly embody that are built the "ordinary"
way. To say nothing of the "advanced" engineering
. construction that "Underslung" means.
REASON NUMBER THREE Try and think of how many
V Touring Cars of established reputation you can buy for
less than $1000. Here is a "25" Horse Power Under
slung Touring Car not only under $1000, but offering
supreme advantages in beauty of design and con
structional merit. At the big Automobile Shows, deal-
ers and our manufacturing competitors frankly and
openly admitted that it was the "one" car exhibited
that could boldly claim "the most for the money" and
without question "the best for the money."
OTHER REASONS The motor of the Regal "25" Under
slung Touring Car has been used in ten thousand Regal
mission, that most important pari of a chassis, is of the
power and size usuallv found in 30 and 40 Hnru Pnurr
Touring Cars selling for so high as $2500. The Ton
neau is roomy and most comfortable, the wheel base
most liberal, the beauty of body line unsurpassed.
The car not only "looks" different but it different. A
car that keeps hundreds of dollars in the pocketbook
because it antedate all reasons why any man should
pay more. ,
MORE REASONS will be demonstrated to you after you
have seen this car, tested it on road with load, and
critically gone over every inch of it, than can possibly
be recounted here. It will capture your aopreciation
and prove to you conclusively that the new Regal "25"
"Underslung" Touring Car is a standard of value that
is unequalled It is the car you will buy now because
it is the car by every comparison you should buy now.
SOME "REASON WHY" Specifications. Motor, 25 H. P.;
Ti xxA wheel base, 106 inches; Magneto and Bat
teries (dual ignition); Transmission (Selective), thret
speeds forward, one reverse. Highest grade nicke!
steei gears; Morgan cc vvngtit tires, ii x 5 ; Stand
ard Equipment; five lamps; Generator; Horn; Com
plete Tool Equipment; Folding Glass Windshield;
Mohair Top and Top Boot, $50 extra.
REGAL DEALERS are everywhere they all sell the Regal
"25" , "Underslung" Touring Car at $950 and other
Regal Cars, including the universal favorite Regal
Colonial Underslung Coupe, $1,250 the famous Regal
Underslung Roadster, $900 and the Regal "35"
"Underslung" Touring Car, $1400 a truly compre-
nensive line ot automobiles to suit every man i need.
"This one thing I do" that's
the spirit that has made the
Ford the universal car. All
Fords are alike in essentials.
Only the bodies are different.
We make but the one car
seventy-five thousand of them
this year, Therefore the low
cost and high excellence.
Nowhere I (hers another car like tha
Ford Model T. It a llgbteat. Tightest
moat economical. The twopassenger
car cost but J 590. f. o. b , Detroit, com
plote with all equipment, tbe tlTe-pa.
onger but $690. Today get Catalogue
101 from The Ford Motor Company, 1IU
Harney Bt., Phone Douglas 4500, Omaha,
or from our Detroit factory.
fire made to fit every I J
f V type of rim: U
Quick Detachable
ANY type of tire that you want
is to be had in Diamond Tires.
But there is only one Diamond
CYou can choose any of these types and
get it in any of four treads: Safety, Smooth,
Bailey, or Grip. This makes sixteen styles
of Diamond Tires, and each of the sixteen
- styles is made in every size.
CAny type, tread, or size of Diamond Tire
you select will give you the Greatest Mile
age and best service that can be built, into
a tire of that type.
CThe name "Diamond" in raised letters on
the side is your assurance that you are
getting both a perfect tire and maximum
tire value
tidititn It Diamond itaUrt tvtrywktrt
thm an FIFTY-FOUR Diomemi Strvict
Station. Diamond Strvict mtans more than
mtnb ttllini tirtsit nmi tahini tart tf
Diamond Tin knyen.
r The Diamond Store
215 So, 20th EL, OmaJba.
The JHaiitond libber (Sntpamj
c Omaha bee's
I jqf Automobiles and Accessories fry 1
Welsh Cars !.
cars and given endurin? and perfect service. The trans-
THE T, G. NORTHW ALL CO., Distributers
I2-9I4 Jones Street Omaha, Neb.
Sioux City Branch: First and Nebraska Streets. Sioux City City. Iowa.
The Regal Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich.
BOSTOtt to Ws.hsasjtsa
nui-r auj Z4 iM,
SOME REGAL WARFHDI !srJ CftD art? A I E-DC1A A TaVlTt nuralTDDI K !?! nr-l .
SU,sraakl. D-06 ,!. ' NEW YORK 1 M-44 W. 82d St, Randall Bldr
A SZ1 .Hrr?l" A'- SAN FRANCISCO 720 Harrisosi St
FOfcElCN DEPARTMENT It aWaaaJsray. Nr. Yark
Nebraska Buick Auto. Company
tUaMOXB UfM0M. imim BmmA. jf-txrwa tVXI WJJTT, WCg
Prices 51,150
to iuoo.
Martom Auto Company.
2101-2103 Famara b.
Salesroom Cor. Tenth tnd Rowan) Sts.
Omaha, Nebraska.
, s
HUDSON 2205-2207 Farnam Street
Wallace Antomobile Co. i!
motorcar' 2203 Farnam Street j J
Underground Gasoline Systems
For private aad pabUc garages. L. R. GiaUser.
aceni. lltuae, Bmtr ; ' -
- I, '
"J f