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    THE OMAHA 81-XlUY BEE: APRIL 14, 1912.
metrically opposite effects on business
nd suburban property. Skyscrapers an
Intensifying and eonrtestlnit the business
Quarur. wnila the electric cars, first, and
now the auto are sprvadinK the residence
se.'thjna far out among the former forma.
Air ualtery- and all esthetic considera
tions unite to urtse this latter movement
ant electric, a hich seemed to be t lie last
"K rapid transit boom In suburban city
property was trenerated about the middle
of tne last century when the omnibus was
displaced by that wonderful modern In
ventionthe horse car" A somewhat
similar boom was created, about a fjuar
ter of a century ao. by the introduction
of the expensive cable road. Its amine
point was that It could climb hills where
the horse car halted. Within five years
the cable wa displaced by the triumph
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conquest of the continent when tho crus;
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Inn panic of 1SSJ halted Suburban develop
X make COW match tips, masneaiint i
ment in every city." From "What the
Automobile Has Done to Change Values
of Property" In Natlynal Real Ktate
for a dose of magnesia, sodium to heu
trallte a pint and a half of water, pa (
tasstum to explode s tor cannon, sul f
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noWa to mako m ease of eggs. Leslie';
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forward, and its trii mi'hant progress,
j though hardly begun. I u!re.n! Irrrslst-
What's la Yea.
The averase man has "Ingredients" to
make fat for seven bara of soap. Iron
Persistent Advert 1st nc t tho Road ti
Bl Returns.
. Platte Center Buys Hudsons
r i - 1 i
f t -- -r - - 4-.
J . -ii. . ' I ! ' . . fit
Mr. E. J. Marten, proprietor of the
Platte Center Automobile company of
Flatte Center. Neb., and Ms sales fores
were in Cmaha Friday to t their second
spring delivery of Hudson cars from Ouy
1 Smith. This delivery made Prtdsy con
sisted of ten new self-stating Hudson
Us," and wars sll driven from Omaha
to Platte Center by Mr. stacks) and has
associates. Mr. Macken has been takirc
orders for Hudsna even during tha had
winter months, and was only waiting an
opportunity for the roads ts permit him
to drive his cars boms. Hs says: "Al
though Platte Center Is a little town, we
are going to make the larger titles hustle
to keep up with as In Hudson sales, and
from the start ws have mads this season,
baring takes fourteen cars up to date,
the sacs ws are setting Is going to be a
strenuous one for any dealer to follow.
Valuation Committee of Seal Estate
Exchange it Expert.
Hundred Th easel ad Appropriation ts
Too Small mm Chang's Haw ta
Made Before Krertloa of
One of tha most valuable units of the
Omaha Real Estate Exchange Is the valu
atlon committee, whose expert opinion
should be secured by everyone when
buying or selling real estate.
This committee was selected for Its
Intimate knowledge of values, and In
cludes agent who are known specialists
. en either business manufacturing,
trackage, residence or suburban property,
which enables them to be In elose touch
with conditions In every section of the
city. All valuation are mads by the
full committee and after a personal In
spection of the property.
The largest bolder of real estate were
the first to realise the value of this
committee's opinions and to take advan
tage of Its services, although It ta be
coming mora and mora In demand as Its
functions become known.
Its Influence has dona much (o stand
ardise value and this means a eonser-
vatlvs and profitable real estate market
The member of th committee serve
without Indirldosl compensation, th
nominal charge for their service con
tributing to th support of the board.
As th real estate boards are Interested
In all public matters, It Is a general rule
that the valuation committee will give
' all opinions requested by city or county
without sny fes Whatever.
Th National association of Real Estate
Exchange urg th buyer and seller of
real estate to take advantage of the
service this valuation committee otter.
A. I. Crelgh. sul Bee Building, secre
tary of the Omaha Real Estate Board,
can give Information on the subject.
- Plan for the new laboratory building
of the Omaha Medical college of the Uni
versity of Nebraska are being redrawn
because the 1100,00 appropriation made
by the legislature 1 too mall for th
original plans.
Architects and the building committee
of the board of regents conferred In
Omaha Thursday and set about with th
new plans. What they will exclude
from the original specific lions I not
known, but It I (aid that a decided
change will have to be made In order for
the work to go ahead.
Bidding contractors have been allowed
the privilege of amending their plan
ta bring the cost within th appropria
tion. The award win be made In Omaha
next Saturday and excavation work at
Forty-second street and Dewey avenue
will begin at once.
Twelve Chicago contractor, several
eastern architects and many Omaha men
are In competition with bids.
Residents In Thirty-second street from
Crelghton's first addition south to Vol
ley street are clamorning for water. The
street has .been paved, residence have
gone ap on both sides and the west side
Jlanscom park car runs down the street,
yet the houses cannot get city water.
Promises have been made the people
by the water board, and their hopes
In the last several months hare been
huAyed up by the anticipation, but as yet
no plans have been made for laying
water mains. It Is rsnected, however,
that by summer a line will be running
down the street.
'The water should have been In before
the street was paved, but the property
owners could not net action front the
water board before the council acted on
the street paving.
Four or five two-story houses have
been built on the street during the winter
and the district keeps growing. The
wster Is the only convenience It lacks to
vmake It a fine residence section of the
mant throughout th country, so will It
quickly usher In a sky era of suburban
"The ultimate effect of the automobile
on the relations of residence property. In
side nd outside. Is as yet distinctly a
question of th future. It belong to th
domain of speculation, in both senses of
th word. It I Intellectually speculative
and It Is financially speculative. Indeed,
Its probable effect on all land values, and
on civilisation Itself, stagger th Imagi
nation. "Modern Improvement are having dia-
Surveys have been mads 'on part of
Tuttle'a subdivision. Thirty-sixth street
and Fowler avenue, and the property will
be opened up some time this week. The
Byron-Reed company has twelve lots In
the division, which bsve been surveyed
and are ready for dire-leal.
'The countless millions invested In au
tomobiles during the last five year would
have created a suburban boom around
every city In the country.' For the buy
ers of sutos are precisely the people who
appreciate the attraction of suburban
Nevertheless, the rapid development of
the automobile seems destined to give
outside an Immense advantage over in
side residence property. The suburban
boom has only been postponed to be In
tensified later. Just now people are busy
paying for. or trying out their auto
mobiles. The next fashion wil be stam
pedes to the suburbs. Exactly as the
auto has Inaugurated a good road move-
Mj 5-Passenger Touring
See complete description
under Classified advertise
"t Phone Benson 518.
Decide Which Tire
Will you hare tires that rim-cut, or tires that
nerer can?
Will you hare orersize tires -10 per cent extra
capacity or tires just rated size?
Some 200,000 motor car owners hare chosen
the Goodyear No-Rim-Cut tire.
Those men hare found that these patent tires
cut tire bills in two.
Outsell All Others
" Here it tire which, in the
kit two years, has come to out-
sen iu oiacrs.
Over one million have gone
into use. Some 300,000 separate
users bave tried them.
The resulting demand for No-Rim-Cut
itiret ha become the
sensation! of Motordom. Our
ale today are three timet
- larger than one year ago. ,
After 13 Years
This No-Rim-Cut tire m th ,
final remit of our 13 year
,'jpcnt in perfecting tires.
It marks the tenith in pneu
matic tires. We never can hope
to improve it '
Tbi patent
type which we
control Is built
so that rim-catting
1 ndd
It la built, ia
addition, 10 per
cent oversiae, to save th b loir
outs due to overloading.
No Extra Price
Rim-cutting occurs, a statis
tics show, with 23 per cent of
the old-type tires. The ncw
typ tiro tha Nc-Rlm-Cut tlr
saves that loss enta-ely.
And 10 per cent oversize, with
, the average car, adds 25 per
, cent to the tire mileage.
These two feature together
mean an average saving of 45
per cent. Yet No-Rim-Cut tires
now cost no moire tfiaa other
standard Hires.
Think these facts over yon
man who boy Urea. Yon will see
why moat mso now demand them.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With or Wkhotd Noa-Said Treads
Book, based on
13 year of tire filled
with facta yov
benld kae-w.
Ash ae to mail
it to yea.
Taaatt CVaVPnUir tWM M Bla-Wf1nw., WwM ,? WHll tftttV Wttttt
tUbtMt WataOa. IMS, fttM OsnflfSaf MbSJ,
TeL Donglaa 4190, Bell.
i vyii A $850
TF you are considering the
purchase of a car up to
$2000, let us show you the R-C-H.
Judge for yourself what'the higher
friced car offers you that the R-GH docs
not afford.
Many motorists have saved a thousand dol
lars of extra cost by doing just that.
In building the R-GH we aimed to produce
a car that in sturdiness, in power, in comfort
and in beauty would satisfy every need of the
average motorist just how well we have
succeeded we want you to judge for yourself.
Write, phone or call on nearest dealer.
R-C-H CORPORATION, Detroit, Michigan
LININGER IMPLEMENT CO. 6th and Pacific Sts.
Western Agents. Omaha, Neb.
McENTIRE AUTO CO., 2203 Farnam St., City Sales Agents.
32 x 3 1-2 in. Tires
Dual ignition; dtmountabU and quick
detachable rim$, gat tank, extra rim,
top, wind$hUld, 5 lampt, horn, toolt
and tire repair hit, LONG STROKE
Standard model,
fully equipped
as stated below.
THE Standard Model is
fully equipped with top,;
windshield, generator, horn, lamp'
and tools,,and the specif ications are
the same ai the SS model of the R-C-H. It
has NOT, however, the self-starter and other"
special equipment quoted above. It is priced
at $850. , '
Central R-C-H Specifications
Motor 4 cylinder, east an bloc S 4 -In. bore, 6-ln. stroke. !
bearing crankshaft. Timing gear and valve encloMd. Three-p it
suspension, llrivre lrt-lcle. Irreversible worm ear. K m.,
wheel. Control Oater-lnvar operated through H plate. Integral
with universal joint housing just below, rtprlnirs Front erul
lllptlc; rear, full elllptlo and mounted on swivel seats. Frame
Pressed steel channel. Axle Front, I-Beara.- drop-forged; rear,
aeml-floatlng typo. Body K nullah type, extra wide front seat.
Wheel base 110 Inches. Full equipment quoted above.
pOR $1750 you can do more in automobile buying than you could
have done few years ago with five times the amount
Think of tf The new Mitchell six cylinder,
48 H.-P., five passenger touring car for $1750.
But what you can do with the car is even more wonderful; no roads, no hills,
no mud nor sand that can be negotiated by other can will stop this powerful and
simple engine. It will take you where you want to go and bring you back again.
All parts are easily accessible and simple to adjust ana care for.
Mitchell service is an ideal service k takes such care of the owners of Mitchell cars that it makes
friends of them for aU time. That's the Mitchell idea of business methods; such methods have kept
Mitchell vehicles in the lead for 77 rears, and will do the same for the nest 77 years, because the
Mitchell b built for the man who can't afford to nuke a mistake. . 35 H.-F.. 4 eyL. 5
TV. Mitek. 60 H.-r rrU 7 S2Z50 TaMfMatoawB 33 H.-P., 4 erL, 8 ewssasujers. $1350
Taw. MateawsTi 46 H.-P- tU 5 pssnagsr. SI 750 Tfc Mkca. 30 H.-P., 4 TL. 4 awaseagera. $1150
TaeCM-stebsM 30 H.-f 4 sy-adif. 2 psaasng.rjTsa.uswl. wkhowflwo. S950
Mitchell -Lewis Motor Company
Racine, Wicoiiun
"The Best Built Car in America"
Six Cylinders,
Little Six.
Four Cylinder,
UROOto 16250
14200 to 15660
13600 to 400
The sole intent and purpose
oi the Locomobile Company
is to produce the best built
car in America.
At one time and another the
Locomobile has been con
ceded to possess the"greatest"
speed the "easiest" riding---the
"handsomest" lines the
"greatest" brute strength.
But today and for fourteen
years "Locomobile" has been
synonymous with the best
built car that American
brains, material and skilled
labor could produce at any
cost, - - - ' . -
The Locomobile Company of America
J. J. DERIGHT, Distributor
1818 Farnam St, Omaha