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Meeting- Added Evidence of Peace
Among- Local Democrat!.
Hlfebeork Ceases All the Way fr
Washington tm aere Brra
I mrl- J. Heara Clark
I Irrn.
The Judaon Uarmon meeting at the
Auditorium Friday waa a huge i ic-
eeas la one way. Jt ahowed more plainly
thaa any other evidence yet produced
bow "harmonious" all la among the Ne
i braaka democrats. Tliey are lust as
! happy aa a bunch ot wild cats, and they
' don't care who kaows it. To beg.n with
; Governor Harmon's presence la Ne
I braaka at the present time Is due ta the
preeeaca of William Jennings Bryan ia
Ohio; not that Governor Harmon la at all
afraid to meet the peerless leader la Hits
ewa state, for quit recently they
lunched together: but "Uncle Jud" real-
Ilea that be can bit back at Bryan a
j good deal harder by coming to Nebraska
to start the punch.
1 Then we had with us but night United
States Senator Hitchcock, the first really
slmota-purs democratic senator Nebraska
hss aver had; he cam all the way from
Washington to present Governor Har
i men to the Omaha meeting. Incidentally.
he found In the course of bla Introductory
remarks splendid opportunity to pay a
tew left-handed compliments to Champ
Clark, giving several sidekicks at the
Mtesourlan'a "dawg." and taking soma
mora straight out drive at Mr. Bryan.
Senator Hitchcock referred soothingly to
ths close association between himself
and Mr. Bryan In the eld day when they
used the earns pastepot and scissors In
the editorial sanctum, and to the good
times they used to have when manipulat
ing democratic politics In e:ss com
munion. Those were desr old dsys!
Why the t'awlaess. -But
Mr. Bryan and Senator Hitchcock
do not agree a to whom the democrat
should Mlect a a presidential candidate,
so, more In sorrow than In anger, ths
senator proceeded last night to rip the
icutlcl off ths peerless leader. And yet
It was not so much the personality or
the great commoner who drew hot shot
from ths senator, as It waa the "kitchen
cabinet" that speaks with the voice of
Bryan during Bryan' long and frequent
absences from the stale. Mr. Hitchcock
went over the recent falling out between
himself and Mr. Bryan, chlded ths latter
tor wanting to dictate to Nebraska demo
crats their choice In the matter of the
presidential candidate, and told of how
the "kitchen cabinet" had tried to set
him to one aids when the selection ot
delegetes-at-larga came on. He say ha
Is willing to 1st the democrat dictate for
whom he shall vols at Baltimore, and
Mr. Bryan la pot willing to be Instructed.
Also Senator Hitchcock say Champ
Clark la a nice fellow, and ha lot of
friend In Nebraska, but that will ait
elect him president. To be elected presi
dent the candidate must carry Ohio and
New York, and this Clark cannot do..
This statement was brought forth by a
roaring burst ot applause when' the
speaker Injected Champ Clark name
Into the proceedings, it must have been
muala to Uncle Jud" ear t -have
listened to the popular outburst When the
nam ot Missouri fevaelU , so was
mentioned. ; - ; - 1 "- v
eeveraer Hinsss'i Ipeeek.
And whsn Senator Hltcboo.k had un
burdened himself concerning Bryan and
Bryan coadjutor, be presented Gov
ernor. Harmon. . The democratic presi
dential aspirant speech was a reply to
criticisms ot hi publlo record and de
fense against' the assertions that he la
a "reactionary." ' .,
Hs talked principally of Ohio's great
men, ot Ohio's progress under bis sdmin
Istrstlon, ot Ohio' demorrsry.. 'or Ohio's
new laws and old laws, of Ohio' graft
ing republican ring, and of Ohio's moat
everything, while the Auditorium, a tlle
more than half filled, gave up by ones,
twos, hslt dosens and dossns torn two
hundred member of the audience. He
did not mention the name of Bryan.
He declared himself a religious demo
crat, said everybody in Ohio waa pleased
with ths laws made during bla adminis
tration "eacept ths republican ring" end
averred that that legislation surpassed
ths legislation of administrations as far
back aa fifty years.
Aap aaertftee Win.
And to show that be was a good demo
crat whs could stand by the nominee
of the Baltimore convention whether
good or bad. he asserted: "I will lie uod.-r
the table on the floor If it will secure a
demecratle victory. The old party la
going to live along. She muat not go
down to petty ambitions, feeling .or ani
mosity." In beginning. Governor Harmon said:
"I am bars by ths Invitation ot my
good friends In Nebraska, and, while I
am always adverse to speaking about
myself. 1 feel that It la due to them to
apeak of some matters et a public nature
about which falsehood have been circu
lated aa wholly unfounded that persist
ence In them cannot be ascribed la proper
motlvea. It would not be necessary to do
thta at home.
'There baa been ne retraction of the
published statement that I took part ia a
ale of government bonds which oc
curred mantes before I entered the cab
inet. And aa the facta are matters of
nubile record making the charge without
inquiry waa mere w saloon see,
"Aa that la the only attempt at epecifi
oatioo under the charge ot favoring any
Interests but those at ths public, its
complete refutation discredits ths charge
with every lover ef fair play. When one
has been la public lite aa much aa I have
his conduct aftorda a better test ot him
thaa the assertions at others et his ewn.
Attttade mm Tresis,
"Among the many thing t waa my good
fortune te accomplish aa attorney -general,
the ana bast known, and for which
even my rspubUoaa successors nave com
saeadod me, waa scouring from the eu
sreme court the first decisions upholding
the Sherman aatl -trust law. These were
not announced antll my term had ex
pired, hot afterward became the baele
of tba cases ia which that wholesome
law waa enforced, antll the recent ease
whsreta the Men et reasonableness waa
Introduced- Tet. though these facta are
ef ceenmea knowledge, tba false state
ment la reiterated that I neglected say
duty m that regard.
"But my first ejection as governor,
whea Obis weat rapubUcaa by alnsost
1MM saajortty. ansa due te the knowledge
ef say pa she eervtcee aad the belief by
the people et Ohio that then continuance
weald brine; about reforms whose Bead
"Owe ef these related to favoritism
and graftiag la connection with the de
arest in banks of the nubile money. Wails
I was making the campaign- largely
these matters one of my assoctetesoa
the ticket, aa I afterward ktarsad. waa
IrrlBS W better Sis Prospect j prowda-
tng deposit la case of hie election te
bankers who would give him support
by vote or contributioaa. Tola man la
now noisily 'progressive' and fabrlcator-In-chief
of a league' at whose first
meeting the door keeper was under Indict
ment for bribery In the left !at use and
is now m ths penitentiary. . . .
"Usise" Vea Fall.
"Only the governor and the treasurer
were successful at that election and
another member of tbts 'icagus who.
I ondentand. has been stumping la Ne
braska, did his beat to prevail on the
Measurer to break faith with the people
by going on with the favor practice
they bad so tharp'y condemned. 1 sent
f-ir him and thrtaunrd to dVnou ,o ;i:m
rubllcly. It turned out that he naj s
client w ho bad burro s-ed t-'U.Ou of atate
funds from ooc of the favored banks
which bad them at Si interest, while
it was paying Interest on all other
"But the treasurer kept tl e faith and
under the promised plan of free and fair
competition, open to all banks alike, the
stais haa ever since received nearly
double the former Interest on lie funds.
aome members ot this 'league are
known aa lobbyists, office broken and
dealers In Illicit iavoie tbe ring
which long disgraced the republican party
in Ohio. Tbe 'progress' they want Is
backward. Ilka tba cash's, to the fruitful
V"mes when they ewapped votes they
lopuld control In the legislature with thai
bosses on the ether aide In return for
advantages ef some sort to themselves.
"The reforms that have been secured
In Ohio had to encounter their opposition
and every public officer la a "reaction'
ary" to them who Insists on restoring to
the public service honesty, economy, ef
tlclency and devotion to the common In
tersst ef the people who pay him. with no
favors on tbe aide to anybody."
What He Btaads Few.
"The etatement that I atand for or per
mit special privileges or advantages of
any kind through the action ot a gov.
ernment by all the people for their equal
benefit, la an offense little short of
treason In the eyes of ths democrats.
These are matters of right and wrong
with us and not mere economic.
"The Intimation Uiat I ever was
could be, actively or passively, guilty of
this offense, 1 resent as a slander, with
out etcuss er mitigation. 1 wonld rather
be charged with theft, because that would
Involve no betrayal of trust reposed by
countrymen and would admit ot restitu
"It Is said, and I think truthfully, that
I have ths confidence of ths men whs
conduct the business enterprises, great
and small, which have done so much te
make Ohio what II la, and If tba same be
true et like men throughout the country
i am glad to know It.
'The weakness of ths republican party
Is that It has become the party of a
class. The strength of the democratic
party Is that It has never been the party
or any class.
"Is It now proposed to chsngs all thta?
Are we to nominate for president some
one whom the men of business all ever
the country fear or distrust? Ths answer
depends chiefly on ourselves. There Is
ao sound reason for serious disagreement
among democrats. Ths wishes and am
bitions ot Individuals have not a feather's
weight compared with the Interests of
the party and Its bright prospecta
Secretary Fisher Calls President Taft
the True Progressive.
Cseeattve Tahee Prearesstve Atll
nda ea , Vital - aeetlese
Tariff aad Treats Are
the lessee.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. April lt-CH pedal Telegram.)
Walter L. fisher, secretary of the
Interior, la the cabins! of President Tsft,
spoke last night In the Oliver theater
In behalf of the president's candidacy for
re nomination. There was a good siasd
crowd present. In fact exceptionally good
considering the fact ths speech wes only
announced one day la advance and was
not advertised at sll except the announce
ment In the morning; paper
Mr. Fisher msde no effort at florid
oratory, ne appeal te passion, and uttered
not a slngls word of abuse to any rival
candidate or opposition party. After set
ting forth what the president had done
along the line ot constructive progressive
work, he appealed to progressive repub
licans not to defeit the purpose by di
viding forces simply because they dif
fered aa to method or, by temperament
took a different method of reaching tbe
result i
aeeretarr Gives Record.
Ths secrets ry prefaced his address by
a few words, personal. Just to show, he
said, that he had a right to speak aa a
progressive and that he knew what a
progressive waa, telling ot his connection
with the conservation league, the move
ment for ballot reform, the Initiative and
referendum, his labors on the comnua-
slon to Investlgste the issuance ot stocks
and bonds by transportation corporations
snd other movements, previous to enter
ing the cabinet and In addition said tbat
wiuio ne now upportea Tart Because hs
believed him to be the constructive
statesman needed to carry on the work.
he had been urging the nomination of
Roosevelt for tbe presidency six years
before he went en the ticket as a candi
date for vice president.
Tort Tree Prewreestve.
It Is not a time now Tor the agita
tion whose providence Is to stir up senti
ment, for that sentiment la now aroased.
It la the time for a constructive sta tee-
man, and thla President Taft haa shown
himself to be." -
Secretary Fiahef- said President Taft
had taken a progressive attitude upon
all vttal questions. . -
"He believes la reducing the number of
elective officers, which Is the 'short bal
lot' He believes la the direct pel -nary
and la tba presidential preference vote
at the direct primary: be believes m the
Increasing hut conservative use of the
referendum: and the only application ef
the recall which he baa apposed Is tbe
recall of Judges.
"Upon all those quest Ions." said Mr.
Fiaber. "genuinely progressive men disa
gree about the form la which, and the
extent te which these changes ta gov
ernmental methods should be adopted
by the at alee. Te make them the test tn
the selection ef a republican nominee for
the arsaadency is to divide am who
should act together. The real Issues of
next November are to be federal Issues,
such aa the tariff and the regulation of
the trusts.
Week of Tariff Board.
"Here egain the difference between tbe
militant reformer and tbe constructive
statesman Is well Illustrated In tbe atti
tude end action of the president. His
tariff oommlaatoa haa tor the first time
given te congress and the country the
J real tacts upon which constructive tariff
legislation csn be framed. I think it Is
entirely within bounds to state that not
one of the president's critics haa made
a successful or even serious attack upvo
trssse reports."
Mr. Fisher's thoughtful tone made
most favorable Impression on his hear
ers. In speaking of the storks and booh
commission ho cited that It had reported
in favor of obtaining the physical vaVji
tioa of tbe railroads, and the president
had heartily approved of tlee findings,
and that his reco.nmenua' to -on-
gress had slumbered tnere until within
the list few days- x
Of conservation he a:d tiii with-draa-als
only prevented misc b-j. ton-
grtas must legislate to n ret con
servation, which ireant tc for tte 1-ub-llc
good and this his t--c:i ur;l by the
president In mesage elt?r r:a:;e.
Address C ommrrrlal t ins.
Secretary Fisher was the uM of th
Lincoln Commerrial club al t'e noon
luncheon today. Hit addre waa devoted
mostly to Alaska. He epos of the work
ot his department and tlie Intimate rela
tions It bore to the development of the
country, nod, touching on consrrvstlon.
eald that It waa enential to prevent ;
wests fronj misuse snd slso from nonuse 1
of the resources of the country.
Applying this to Alaska, he said It
presented some grest problem-. The one '
Candidal tor th Republican nomina
tion for Stat Senator. -Mr. Pancoaat la
a well known attorney offlctng at til
Omaha National Bank Bldg. He la a
member of the Commercial club, . the
Unlveraity club and varloua other
organlsatloaa In Omaha and South
1 rT" '
1 fUl,' If
E fc'-ars? .nl-safrjAy.A p.
Candidate for State Soperiotindent of Public
.attraction ia the Democratic and People's
Independent Primaries, April 19
Y u
From the Hhelton Board of Edura-
tlon. Msrch t. I a I!: "Mr. K. F. Mob.-
roe, candidate for the primary nomine-
tlon for Hlste SupL of Public Inatruo-
Asks your support at the
I asm preeldeat of the Security
Sscvs Custer eoaaty three venae s
sweaty years, aad hope say twaord
. a
great essential waa to obtain rail com
monRatlon between tidewater ea the Pa
cific and the valley ef the Yukon In tbe
interior. Sucli a road Would not only
reach the gold fclus. but open up the
immen c coal and copper producing dia
tricu 1; ins between, which must be wee
less to everybody until transportation Is
provided. Th - prubienia involved were
so large and many of tlie -conditions o
little known that it was necessary U
proceed at a' pace which seemed slow to
thaw who were Impatient for results. He
:rrtcd that all poeeible haste waa
U.r.- made- by the administration and
(tat greater -resulta would be obtained
.? tie present demoeratle congress was
k?t more intent on playing polilica than
v:- benefitting the country.
Wungreas was not willing to do anything
ir let the administration do anything
which would redound to the credit of tlie
.dmlntratlon. He said It waa planned,
a iien tba Panama canal waa completed,
or aufficiently so to release the immense
Charles. W. Sears,
Kiublirn Candidal for
County Attorney
Primary Flection April 19th
Republican Candidate
35 years in Douglas County.
County Aetetior 1904 to 1908.
City Board of. Review 1897,
. 1898, 1903.
tlon. has --been unanimously re-elected
to serve as Hupt. of tbe itheiton. Neb.,
public achoola for the fourth year in
succession: and hence we aa members
of the board of education, have had
abundant opportunity to know him
and his worn. VVe assert without fear
of successful contradiction that no can
didate in the field for Htate Wupt has
aa hiKh educational qualifications, and
we believe none has greater executive
ability. He has Imd seven years of
scholastic training above the four-year
high achool. He haa received the de
grees of A- H. and 1,1. u. from our
Mate University, and has nearly com
pleted the work for the A. M. degree,
lie holds State Life Certificates, and
haa had fourteen years' experience In
educational work, lie Is a man of ex
cellent Judgment: and aince coming to
vs ha haa thoroughly reorganized the
Hhelton schools, us a course
of atudy and methods of Instruction
along psychological lines. His mas
tery of details and n.anagement of
achoola have been highly satisfactory.
Indeed. Hia system of records cannot
be excelled for convenience and com
pleteness. We acknowledge his inval
uable scientific assistance In the ar
rangement of our new schoolhouse along
hygienic and sh-scliial lines. His gen
tlemanly conduct and moral standing
cannot lie reproached. We have no hesi
tancy in slating that he Is, In every
sense, a thoroughly oualifled. up-to-date,
aiientlflc. and prartlcnl, public
school man." H. '. Hansen. Pres.;
Frank Kaater. Kec'y.: t. J. Uobbine.
Treaa.: II. II. Btedman; Charles Lucas.
Tiion.aa niaaeiy.
April Bepubfican primaries for
tats Bank ef Broke a Bow, and also
f 51 CM
A ; j V
Snpervleor aaa tare terme aa -- -
stats Tress arer asertta your conttaeaoa.
afuicer of Amouat
Warranta issued of Xssae
eer.l Kd - - S" A 3.03
t Blvcrmtv and Normal Interest Fund t4. 043,234133
Temporary School Kami 277 88B.AW.83
State aad Normal Libraries Faad iU HM87.S1
Institution (ash Fund 1,113 73,787.80
Forest Rerrve Fund 3,451.40
Ftre Commission Fund ISO 11,373.23
324U1 $S,aV34032
Average amber of warranta per month SUWM
Average expeatditure) per month $329,987.44
Average Bomber per day, 313 working days 108
A vera get expenditure per day 12. 8,5 1.27
Proceeds of Kale of Toads of other States re-iaveeied la
Nebraska Bonds $1,016,21S.00
Premium received oa sales 8,418.98
iBrrea oa latere rate oa rr-lnvestment 93
las-Tease la annual Interest Income oa ro-invrstment. . 9,41(0.00
Average isUerest rate oa lavcstawnta made dariag tbe
last bieaaium - .
Aterae? interest rate oa all inrrstmenU made since br- ,
gianiBK of preseat bieBBiom
Incrrmisn in interest rate
Total lavemmeat made .$1399,6848
Iarrease ia anaual int. inrooie dm to Increase ia rate 8,738.65
Total school raad IBveated la bonds $9,103,598.63
- i-
construetive machinery tn service there,
to utilise this and the engineettng ability
of those who had constructed that great
work to solving the railroad problem la
Alaska. V -
x, , i . i- j
Kenny. tlberta aad Saskatchewan-'
These Sections are the granary of the .
World Reached via the Poo Una'
from St. Paul and Minneapolis. Free
information, address V. R. Harley. D.
P. A.. a Fifth St, De Moines, la.
- ce---
I9 "
w AT
Aa experience of, twenty-eiKiit
year aa a shipper In Nebraska ia
held by the friends of Representa
tive Colton of York to fit him un
usually well for the office of railway
commissioner, for which be haa filed.
He waa in the grain, milling' and coal
business for five years at Tecumseh
and for twenty-four years at York.
His official experience covers a serv
ice ot six years aa mayor and coun
cilman ot York, and his term In the '
legislature. He was always pres
ent at council meetings and waa one
of the most regular men in attend- .
ance In the entire legislature. He
never missed a roll call on a vote' or
a committee meeting during the en
tire session, except when he waa out
ot town on committee business.
State Journal.
William Colton haa decided to file
or Railway Commissioner and will
go to Lincoln Monday for that pur
pose. This removes him from the
rsce for member ot the legislature.
Dr. Wlnnett, the present incumbent ot
the office of Railway Commissioner,
whose term expires on the first ot
next January, baa decided not to be
a candidate for re-election and so
notified Mr. Colton this morning,
and this fact decided him to enter
the race. His record in the last leg
islature will make him a prominent
and popular candidate and his long
experience as a large shipper qual
ifies him for the position. He will
undoubtedly receive a large vote in
York county. As a candidate for
the legislature two years ago Mr.
Colton received over 800 votes out
of a total of 1,100 cast In York, his
home city. York Dally Times. , ,
Progressive Republican
' Endorsed by Slate and District Con
ferences -f Progressive Republicans,
U. H Senator, Congressman Oeorg
W. Norrls.
Governor. Chester H. Aldrlcht
National Committeeman, R. B. Howell.
Deist's tea al Large
Don L. Love
J. J. McCarthy
Nathan Merrlam
H. E. Sackett
1st Diet. Dels rates '
J. C. Harpham
Wra. Krnst
Alternates '
John A Davlea
Don C. Van Deusen
Dan Gar her
O. - L. gehuman
F. H. McCarthy
L 11. Howe "
d Stat. Delegats Alternates
J. E. Baum W. H. Mallory
John W. Towle J. F. White
3d Blst. -Delegates
L F. Holts
II. Hslderson
J. M. Cox
Henry Keller
8. V. Bailey '
F. N. Merwla
R. K. Evens
David Thonjas
4th xrlsL Delegates
George W. Nalll
E. L. King
jSth Blst. Delegates
C. A. Luce
A. C. Epperson
Sta Diet. Delegates Alternates
J. P. Gibbons J. fl. McOraw
W. Hi Reynolds John M. Cotton
Presidential Electors
At Large, W. J. Uroatch. I. A- lieneau.
, First District. George 8. Flory.
Second District K. t Klmberly.
Third District A. R Davis.
.Fourth District A. V. Pease.
Fifth District W. E. Thome.
Sixth District, K. P. Clement
nomination for second term
Barwya State saaa at awrwyih aiee.
, 488