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Boys1 Base Ball
Base ball is liara on
clothes very; but boys
"WILL play ball and
should have real base
ball suite to save their
good clothes. We are
selling a combination
which solves the prob
lem. Here it ra splen
did blue serge or neat
tan and gray mixed Nor
folk suit or plain double
breasted style and n
suit for dress and a baseball
Ib'v ears, both for
, ' Out-of-town boys, send your orders by mail. Money
16 years, both for ... . ,i' j
. . . : . . '
;,.1S18.20 fARNAMSTREET .
situation aa othrt and therefore I hardly
kaow what I, am expected ,10, say, or
when 1 am to aajr It." ,
Mr, ruber was asked If the PepBrt
msat of tb fulerlor was liking any' ac
tion 19 benefit Nebrssa residents la lb
Nsrth riatts drainage olitrteu. ' t
Water Mateksa la Nebraska.
""A' a have received requests rom . the.
neaate at North Itatta for, additional
water, aad we .ar preparing la tali
can of them especially In tlx matter at
drainage, Tula matter wtU be attended
Is aulckly aa possible, , Tbaaa paapla
haws seca wanting mora water and It
leeks saw aa though- thsy (at It wIUa:
out my awn or any ana'i els aaiataaaa.
Tha only trouble Is iter got It at Via
wrong Uma."
Tha aacraunr of tha Interior said that
plans ara Mil ma da lor tha rebablUta
ttoa ot tha aid Fort Niobrara, but be.
oauaa at tha tact that thsy were not
oomplets, ha would net say upon what
Unas tha Improvements would ba made.
all ht, Mr. fisher will leave for Hastings,
whara ha will apaak an Saturday night
Ha will leave Immediately altar kla Hast
In addrasa tor Washington, whara Ji
aays ha baa "harrtlla' of dapartoMntal
work to dtapoaa of.
. trcMPHnar,vb.. apmi u-spsdai.)
-Mia Maud' C Andrew of this plac
and Mr. Clifford B. Hamilton of Craw
ford. Nob..' 'were married at Alliance,
Nab.. TUr." Brown ' officiating1. Tha
bride la tha accomplished daughter of
lira. D. M. Andrew of Humphrey and
number bar trtanda by tha number ot
bar acquaintance, miss Andrew waa
formerly a teacher In tha Crawford pub
lie aoheola, whara aha became ac
cjuajntad with Mr. Hamilton, who hold
the position of cashier of tha fntsrns
tional Harvester company' plant at
Crawford. Tiny will make their bom In
ORD, Kb.. April 11 - 'Special.) -
woaaeaaay e.cnms ni veosr juewn, in
homo of tha brides parent, Mr. and
Mr. W, J. Mather, occurred tha marrlag
of Mr. Olann Carson and Ml Tame
Hatber. About eighty relative war
present to wltnaaa tha ceremony, which
was performed by Rev. p. A. Davie of
tha Prtabyterlan churab.
Jeeaes I.Udell.
James Llddell. aged 11 years, who has
lived In Omaha for thirty-one years, died
Friday at his home, M34 Hamilton street.
Mr. Llddell come to Nebraska directly
from Scotland. Ha la survived by five
grown aona. The funeral will ba held
tiaturday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the
horn, with Interment In Forest Lawn
"Follow the
Quality, Accuracy and the right prices are
the never failing trio upon which we
appeal for your patronage. Trade here
once and you will realize immediately why
we have built up . such a large drug business.
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or liquid . . i . .l2c
50c Pebeoo Tooth Taste,
at .35c
35c Writing Paper, fine
liaen-. 7 a i . .r . . . .12c
10c Colgate's or Williams'
' Shaving Soap .71. .5c
75o solid ebony tack Hair
. Brash .-. . . . .35c
25n v Woodbury's Facial
' Soap , r. '....16c
25c Eicseckers S)riri
Soap .T6o
- 15th and Farnam Street - '
.fis-ss- tiimm!j
Clubs, Attention!
complete base ball outfit, consisting of
shirt, bloomers, cap and belt, all for the
modest sum of $5.00.
Two suits for the price of'one; a
suit for play, for boys 6 to
Delegation from Sooth Dakota
. Beard -bj House Committee.'.
Makaa Plea far forty Dollar Per
Capita, ta Offset , lease .,
taslalaed by tb Dr '
Weather. . .
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, p. C. AprU lt-8pa.
Wal Telosram.) Indian delegatlona fraa
tha Standing Rock and Cheyenne River
reservations of North and South Dakota
war beard today by tha bouse oommlt-
taa c Indian affair. They ara apposed
to further opening at their ' lands tor
settlement, and hep to prevent final an
aotmsat of a Mil to that sffsot which
passsd tha acuta and la now be
fore tha bouse committee.
Ed Swan, from tha C hereon reserva
tion, waa spokesman for both delegation,
all from Cheyenne and four from BtaadV
tng Rook. After the hearing tha Indian
hdi a confers ne wtthv Representatives
Halgassn and Hanna of North Dak eta
and Burke and Martin Of South Dakota,
at whloh thsy Oiseusesd further prop.
Irion th tribe' council had authorised
Pihsnr to cone Mar. '
Th gtsndlng Rock Indians, about
I.J0 la number, wish to secure ) par
capita to sllsviats alleged suffering du
ta b dry farming Meson last rosr. About
this sum has - pissed to th credit
ot th tribe from tha sal of land la
th last opening at th reservation. It
will require an appropriation ' bin ' sow
In tha senate, and bop ta bar th
faverabl recommendation of th Indian
office, whleh th bouse member advised
them to eeoure.
Another protsst fllad waa t granting
aatanaloB at tlma ta ttlr an th raser
vstloaa la which to mast tha five annual
payments required for final proof. Th
Indiana think tnat without prompt pay
ment th irtb may suffer, a their fund
go for their benefit. All matter war
taken under advisement.
Frank O. Odall ot Linoeln. far th Rural
Lit oomnussloa. I urging In a lttr re
ceived by nuiben of th Nebraska dele
gation today that eougress approorkua
H,w for tha purpose at translating tha
report of the International Society of
Agriculture la Roma a that they may re
ceive wider distribution.
Stalls Paatasaataa Iteappalateg.
STELLA, Neb- AprU ll-wSpaelal.-
Jamaa H. Overman baa been reappointed
postmaster ot Stella for i Urn of. four
yeara from April t. Kit Mr. Overman baa
already served continuously aa post
master la Stella tor fourteen yeara and
three month. Ml wit la th deputy.
A postal savins bank was recently aa
tabllsbsd at thl office. ',.
Beaton Path"
40c Shah of Persia Soap,
at ..:.19c
25c peroxide of Hydrogen
at. 7o
50e 8-inch Hard Eubber
.Combs ,.25c
25c Bathasweet ..'....16c
1 Pint bottle of Ammonia
at ;..10c
25c Dido Xail Enamel, im
ported from Germany 10c
IJb. of Epsom Salts . .10c
50o Cassimere Vanishing
Cream 30c
Perspi-Bo, prevents -perspiration
- mtttr' - 'm.ii aawnxmi sa wait
Sob of Fun on Commander Dies Ssd
denly ia letr Tork. ,-
Ge'aaratV Waa Was eppeed 1m we
la rb Sewth, Had Rocoatly
Xeved fraaa St. Laka'a
Hoeplial ta Hotel.
SEW TORK, April 11-Genersl Frcd
ertck D. Grant, commander ot tha De
partment of the East and sea of the
famous civil war general, died suddenly
at midnight at the Hotel Buckingham
where be had been taken secretly on
Wadasaday evening by his physicians.
Hta prsaenca In this etty waa not known
until tha news that ha had bsen suddenly
stricken waa flashed ta newspaper offices
by ths police. A palicemaa (taUonsd Bear
tha hotel had called an ambulance at the
request ot aa employe, wha told him
that General Grant waa choking to
. Although there bad been rumor ot
General Orant'i lines and reports that
he would never again take np hla dutla
on Governor' Island, th new of hi
death came as a distinct shock to tha
public.' According to Dr. Robert Abblo
snd Dr. Edward B. Dsnch. hi physician,
th death of the general waa caused by
heart failure. Ha had beeo suffering for
some tlma, they esssrted In aa official
statement, from "diabetes and attendant
digestive disturbs ne as."
Recant report that General Grant bad
been In a private pavtlloa m St Lake's
hospital In th city, auffsiiag tram a
cancerous grawth nadsr th tongue, tha
am arTeerJoa which caused tha death
of hi distinguished father, ware denied
today by tha hospital authorities. Dr.
Abbie. wha had been th general fam
ily physician for many years, refused to
discus th subject.
Mr. Grant waa with her husband whan
h died. A aura was th only other par
on present. - - -
Bad Cwataa Wlthaat Waratag.
The first Intimation that Oecsral
Grant' condition bad suddenly become
series waa given when Mr. Oraat tele
phoned ta tb hot at clerk about Ust
Th ganaral la dying." (ho aald. by.
tortcally. "Oet a dootor giaok. 8 he added
that ba bad bean sslsed with a choking
Tb elark mads so tfort ta get Dr.
Abb oa tb tslsphons. Palling at this,
ha teat a boll 'boy ta th phyatekur
horn aearby. Tb bests of th boy
caused PoHcomaa M alloy ta lncuira what
tha trouble was.
General Oraat la choking ta death, get
a dootor waa tha boy rsspeni. M alloy
turned la aa ambulaaea aall, bat bet or
th hospital aurgaoa reached tha hotel
both Doctor Abba and Oaneb bad be
located and war at th bedside. Tb
aibalanoa surgeon and th policeman
who want t th apartawnta, war tali
then they could da nothing. Dr. Abb
Informed Coroner Hols ha user that ba
weald til a death osrtlflcata promptly
and that aa Inquest would b amiss ry.
Ta newspaper maa wha reached tha
Bktnghm shortly after midnight, ef
fort wr mad by th attendant ta
dewy that Oaaeral Oraat waa at 'the
howl Th ataaagmnant finally waa par
o oommunlcate with the phy
wh aaaoinmd thai. Oaaeral
arant bad 414 aotoswlbstr arral.
: gsalssasat ad' B - '.
Bra. Abb aad Deoak attar sent dowg to
th botd mansgrment a raumsnt. -In
which thsy aald: ' .
"Oanaral Orant ld uddnly of hesrt
fallttr without premonition, at midnight.
He had retired at 11 o'clock apparently In
better condition than for sral wseka
lino nl recsnt trip hi condition bad
glTa a spsctal anxiety ta hla payatotaa.
Oeneral Oraat had been suffering- from
diabetes and tha attaadaat dlgeative dls
turhanos. whloh seemed, howrrtr, to be
perfeotly under controL Thl udda fatal
termination earn aa a great surprise."
lieutenant Marlon How, personal
aide ta th general, an noon cod thl morn
ing that Mra. Oraat waa beating th
hock with fortitude. Bha directed that
nnsctti be snt to Qeneral O rant's
on, Csptala TJ. S. Orant. third, at th
saglBrtng oorpa ta "r7aahlngtop, and ta
his daugbtar, th Priaoas Cantaeusene,
aa wall aa ta ether reiatrrsa.
Aheeat tram Faat tar Meath.
"Tor more thaa a month General Orant'
whereabouts bad been a myltery. Follow
ing tha announcement that ha had been
granted tour months' leare of absenoc
expiring Jun 1. reports war current that
aa llln, believed by many ta ba oaocer
ot th throat, h4 aauatd hla temporary
retirement. The were denied at Oov
emor1 Islysnd. whara It was statad re
peatedly that Oanaral Orant had (Imply
gone couth for a rest. Dispatches from
Tampa. ' Pla., laat week stated that ha
waa at th Wlntsr bom ot Mr. Pottsr
ralmar at Chicago, a slstsr ot Mr. Oraat
Tha report that Oanaral Oraat was ta
St. Luks's hospital ta tola city for opera
H trtatmanl beoanre pabli Wrtneoday
and whll not officially confirmed was
widely aradltad.
Th manager of tha Buckingham, a
quiet hotel oa rifta arsaua, stated thl
morning that a bad been told that Oan
aral Oraat bad Coma directly to th
hotel hi aa automobile from at. Luks's.
Tha patlsnt apparently waa at that time
In good keaith aad' taint and walked
from tha automobile to tb at rr tor ua
aslMsd. -
- Is HctirtecV
-wASHINOTO-4. April 11-Captala
lyeere B. Oram. Id. th only oa ot
th lata Oanaral Frederick D. Oraat
did not laarn ot hla father! sudden death
In New Terk aatll aa early hour today.
Ha was arareotna by tha aw and took
tha first train to tiw Tork. Ho sx
pocted to srrtre before as a.
Na ana Mr was ta a poatUoa today ta
tnaka aa authoritative stanraent aa t
tha fnasrai sslsatenles. aor was M kaow
whether tha body wilr ba burlad la Ar
Uagtoa Katkeaal caaawtary. It waa sug
gested th body might ba mtarrad tm the
tomb whara kla Uluatnona father He ta
th great memorial la Rlrerslda park.
Kaw Terk City.
Hartag baea at tha Uma ot his death
aa officer ot the highest rank aa th
aottra Ust la the army tha law Oanaral
Oraat will be so titled w a moat linpnafg
military funeral tt suck Is tb destr of
tha mimbir mi bla Batatly.
Baiaal Omar death racaaa ta peat
which, next ta that at chlat of ataft ta
regarded a the mo
army nir,aai la-obief f
eaatara dtrlmoaj. TWa Boartkm at of gaeb
I lmportaaes that ft oaaswt kWeT ba par.
; mittsd w ramakt racaurt. bono M la prob
' able that Try nasi after th funeral I
will b aaimmiy ta detail aa affloar at
high rank for tb pooltlaa. probably Malor
. Oaaeral Wlltatm H. Carta, aaw assists at
jehlef at start's.. . . . ; .j .-
General Carter waa tha commander at
th famous maaeuTer dirkuoa ta T
j-wggtraerjar-a -ejev
National Ticket
' Vsbraaka Vrlatarlaa AprU 1.
For President: ,
n William Howurd Talt. '
For lTalt4 8ttea Senator:
- Starrfi Brova.
for National Commute man:
Victor Bote water.
'- Delerat- - " AUcraatea-at-Large.
AHta W. FleW. C. E. Adam.
t. Ii Webatrr. C Hewatngre-.
R. B. Hrhaotder. C. A. Schappel.
E. B. Party. . F. M. Carrie.
Dlitrlct Dlrtrtct
Dalcgataa. Alternata.
t. Frank Reark. H. R. Hoere.
P. P. KbrMoa. .
itMt" C U "aurlora.
J. P. Swanaoa. p. h. (larittge.
. O. Sampaoa, Bart Maaca.
H. Glattaher. Carl Kramer.
' i ?5lT?'; . W ' Overrtrae.
R. t. KUp-Urkk J. p. TOItwaea.
5. A. O. Raakln. 1. B. McGrow.
f. X. Clarke. 4. A, a Ore we.
. A. E. Cady. R, H. Harria.
ft. . Wmaar. W. I Stewart.
PraaManttal Elaetoi-g-at-Lanta.
K. o. McOiltoa. C M. PoUard.
Dtatrlct PraaidMUal Elector.
1. a. r. Im-rleuwa. 4. Lraa H. Lyt.
g. A. C. Koaaogy. B. . M, Rawklsu
B. L. Sssitabacajear. g. W. T Wtteoa
last year and baa ban slated for detail
a cofnmander-ta-nhlef of the Department
at tha Lake, with headquarters at Chi
cago. It la thought thl program will ba
abandoned la view of the emergency.
Broxhe la Pawr Health.
BAN DIEGO, CaL. April 1L-U. &
Grant, Jr.. a reetdsnt ot- thl dry for
many years, dented himself to all visitor
tonlgnt wncn ba received aaw of the
death at bla elder brother, Major Oaaeral
PrcdoTlck Dent Orarrt. It waa learned
that probably neither Mr, Oraat aor any
member ef bla family would go seat to
attend the general' funeral. '
Mr. Oram' health ba bsea unsatlsfao-
tory of law.
Major General Frederick' Dnt Orant
eldest aoa ot General Ulysses B. Orant
eighteenth president ot the Unttsd Mates,
was bora at Bt Lenta, Mo, May M, laM.
He waa with hie father during- g part-of
tha elvll war. witnessed the capture . of
Porta Hoary and Doaeiaoa aad went
with hla father- command through the
Virginia campaign. He wftnassed also
th flgbW at Corinth, Vlckibura) Nsh
nile and Petereburg.
After the war young "3 rant 'entered
Wast Point, and was graduated Jin ln.
Par a year be served aa a civil engineer
tor the Union Pacific railway, . and la
Iff a coom pastel Oenaral Sherman oa a
trip I Europe. ' ' -
Orant served a aa aide-de-camp ef
General Bhertdaa and took part tn the
campaign against the Indian. He served
with Major Oenoral Stanley In tb Td
lawstona expedition pad la MTt ta th
Black Hill expedition, after which he
accompanied hla father around the world.
He resigned hi commission aa colonel
In th army ht ItsT. and tor. a aambor
of yeara he waa engaged In varleua en
terprise. Ks was ppetntad minister to
Austria-wr Preatdeat Harrtapoo ta UN,
but resigned oa tb lctpa ef M CI eve
la ad re the prcoHansy. imaer the re
form admmiewatlea of Mayer Btroag ba
wa eao ot Mew Terk' porle commle-
Kxtsrst but at the outbreak at the war
with Bpala la UN be became colonel la
the Fourteenth New Tork Infantry, and
was appointed brigadier geaoral ot vol
BBtesra a May R. Oa February la. lpn.
he waa apaotatad arlaadlsr geaoral ef the
United State amy. aad reached tb
grade ef major general five yeara later.
He served ta Parte lUca aad commended
the mtlHawy district ef Baa Juan.
Me waa ta anmmind ef four brigades
la tb Philippine tar several year, re
turning ta the United Bute la MB. He
oom mended the Department ef Texas,
ltes-at; DapaHmecit at the Lakes. IPX
Dapartawat at th Xast 1PM and th
Deptrtmeot ef the Lakea again la lata
aad finally, la the Department of the
East to which he waa laat appointed
la the summer ot lilt to sueoeed Major
General Leonard Weed.
Hla wife we formerly Ida M. Honor,
davghlar of Heavy Hamilton Honor of
Continued from First Pegs.)
competition, opca t all bank allk. th
taw baa' ever slnos rsceived nearly
double the former interest ea Ha funds.
Bern members at uu league' are
known a lobbyists, offlos brokers and
dealera In, Illicit favor with the ring
which long disgraced, (be republican party
la Okie. The "progreee' they waat Is
backward. Ilka the erab'a. to th fruitful
time whoa they swapped vetee they
could control la .the legislature with the
boms aa th ether side la return for
advantages ef some sort ta themselves.
The reform that have been secured
In Ohio bad to encounter their oppoattlo
and, every nubile officer is a "reaction
ary" to them who, laxasu oa restoring to
the pubuo service honesty , toonomy, ef
ficiency end devotion to the common In
tereet ef tb people who pay aim. with no
favor oa the (Id W anybody."
. Pcasoesallo Vlewpesat.
The speaker dleoumsd national affair
and. referring to the president said he
never could understand bow anybody can
rest content with being a mere place
bolder whll economies gad practical re
forme Pre suggesting themselves all
around him, ecpeclally la times when the
feat growing coat ef living strains the
resource of almost (very home.
"And stand for or permitting special
prtvUac or advantages of any kind
through th action ef a government
antataiaed by an tb people for their
equal benefit a aa e flense tittle abort
ef treason la tb eyea of the eVmocrats.
These are matter ef right and wrong
with us and not mere economics.
"Tha Intlmatloa that I ever waa or
could be, arttveiy or passively, guilty of
thl offense, I reseat aa a slander, with
out excuse or mitigation. I would rather
be charged with theft, because that would
mroive ae betrayal ef trust repass a by
eemtrratea aad wwakt admit ef reset e-
It la said, and I thl ah trutnfuDy. that
t have the eaafidoac of the
eoadact th
and email.
make One what It kt; aad If the
true ef like mra ismughevt the country
I am glad ta kaow tt
Th wisssm at th repubileaa party
Is that It has become the party at a
class. Tb mrengta ef th democratic
party that tt ba never bsea th party
of say ctaaa..
-1 tt now pripasit to change all thai?
At w to smmlaato tor president en
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one whom the men of business all over
the country fear or distrust? The answsr
depend chleflr on ourselves. There Is
no Bound reason for serious disagreement
among democrat. Th wishes aad ara
hlUon of fndlrtdusls have not a feather
weight compared with the Interest of
the party and Its. bright prospects. "
(Continued from First Page.)
the confirmation of the Hed Cross treaty
hr the United States. Daring the rss
1I7T end 1T7I the spent most ef her time
at Densvlll, N. Y, waiting tor the
authorities to act. Ia UR she took the
matter up with President Garfield. Beo
retarjr Blaine gave hla approval te the
action propose, and oa Mar H. 1881. a
meeting waa held la Waahingtaa which
resulted la ths formation ot the Ameri
can Associates ot the Red Cross. Mis
Bartsa waa choasa first president ot the
society and this position ah continued
to hold until advancing rear obliged her
te rellnauish ective work In ISA. Under
her personal direct loa the Bed Cross per
formed nsny works of relict In thl aad
other countries. It aided ta relieving the
Buffering due te the ' Michigan forest
fire, th Mississippi and Ohio liver
Howls, th Mississippi and Louisiana
hurricane and other catastrophe. Then
followed her work In the Texaa famine,
the Mount Ternoa tornado and the yellow
fever epidemic la norlda. More recent
waa the work la connection with the
Johnson flood, the Russian famine, the
Bea- islands hurricane, the Armealaa
troubles, the Spanish-American war and
the Baa Ftaaesjco firs and earthquake.
BT. UDUia, April 1!.-Tb Jury m th
aa of Mrs. Annie Banning, on trial at
Hlltsboro, Mov. oa a charge of complicity
la the murder ef her husband. Martin
Hunnrng. failed to agree today aad was
discharged, after being out twenty-one
aours. According ta a Juror, the final
ballot waa 11 to 1 for acquittal. Joseph
Soldi was recently convicted aad sen
tenced te Ht Imprisonment fee-killing
Manning. Bsul' lonfesslOB and testimony
was that Mrs. Manning Bromlsed him
H.U it he wwatdl kill Hunnlng.
Bay Stat gaa Make Margered.
TuTNX, Maaa, AprU tt-Tbe body ef
Oeorwe B. Marsh. preeiOeat ot a soap maa
ufactartng eosnpaay at this dty. wsa found
teoaw bests the point at HI ace' boule
vard. There were fire bullet wound la
th body and the police believe that
Marsh wsa murdered.
sizes "(hr tf A fT
Ken en Soavdi East of Chioago Au
thorize Srupeniioa.
Tweatr-Three Oat ef ToreatyFlve
TTsewsaaa Tata A nth arise
the Officials' ta Call the
Hem Oat.
NEW TOBJC April U-By a majority
of more thaa It 000 eut ef hVOt vote east
locomotive engineer M fifty railroad
east ot Chicago ana north ef Norfolk
Wee tarn have auUterlsed their sMclels
te call a strike should further negotia
tion with ths railroads for Increased pay
During tha day the six missing boxes
were receivea asa tn nnai counting oi
the ramalBlag ballots waa camrneejcea.
Grand Chief atone said that the com
plete result' would be known this after
noon. ,
Biwima Cmreg I 1 te I Dars.
Th Paris Med Id do Co., MM Pin Street.
Bt lioui. Mo., manufacturers ot leaativ
Brome Quinine, have a new and wonder
fill . discovery. GROV&Tg . MA -NARK
CUTIS, which they guarantee te cure
any earn of KCZXMA. a mattar of bow
long standing, la M t at day, and
will refund money It It fall. GROVE'S
BA-NAKB CUTIS la perfectly clean and
does not (tain. If your druggist hasn't
It, sand us Mc. and tt will be seat by avUL
Before the Tublie. Over five million aam
bles etven away each year. The constant
snd increasing sales from samples, proves
the genuine merit ot Allen a Foot-Ease,
the entleeptlo powder to be shaken Into
the shoes for Corns, Bunions. Aching,
ft wot lea. Moist Tender feet Sold every
where, BM. sample FREE. Address.
A. 8. Otmstsd. Le Roy. N. T.
Ihey Come Back
ta the Belmont Restaurant because
our food I th very heat; it I well
cooked; the service la ejulck aad
courteous, and the place Is always so
clean. One man said. T come here
everyday because I Ilk It" That
lei la the atory. Con. In today and
have th beet araal.yow have hag ia
a long -time.
. Table ilsa manor BaaAay
11 A- at. te a . M.
IM BeOgre Btaeea. .
frsaa all aigM. C . BaB. l-ree.
at DouflgB
Sale of Dresses
Saturday Ever Held in Omaha
Floods in the eonth make low prices
on Ladies' Dresses for Omaha buyers
Ova New. York Resident Buyer 'secured
at a wonderful bargain from
Nat Goldston ffii4'
one of the largest and best known manu
facturers of women's garments,
1293 Beautiful Dresses
Made up for one of the biggest job- '
bing concerns in the south, who on ac
count of the flood damage to their place,
were unable to receive them. Our buyer
got them for cash at his own price and
Saturday we're able to offer you the
: ! fl r : ' i2 ' A C
Coma Early aad Get
first choice of these
wonderful targaiaa.
laat Tw Time
This Afternoon Tonight.
The Pier of the " -
Si trii . fv mar. a . . ' I
Moaday aad Tsssdsj
la aMmoad Beetaad-g Masasrpleoe
BOYD'S ooSLoSg Tonight
MatUee Barardaw
mv rsvras sa
le, gUn-Msslsss. gse. S1.0
Bay Oommsaelag g assay, apru 1
The iMlblar Oo Prodaotloa of
rmm oaar rDari.a
Mass, tee, gl so gaass Mew Balllag
American Theater
ceaight. Xaa. Teas. Tkara. aa.
goat Week XOTB WATOalaa
Matinee Today 2:15
Note:-Early Curtain To
night 8:15.
CBorua. MrTTra rig wom-s
Mattaee Teaay g:s sTurht ggjg
The Lidy Boccvieers
Bali Tilile BXsTsr. Caewylaa
remale Wrestler vs. gaa rasa, for
a pane at Bias aad a aua he of Sao.
U a anC
lea. Pat White, Armstrongs. Boasa-lje-rer
Trio. Suffering Satfragette Caoraa.
Bunday aad weak-MortOB a Moore la
"The Merry Whirl."