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' "
Mutt and Jeff
3nS Ece t Fua Making
Every Day in The Bee.
Local Showers
Nebraska Railway Commiuiom Tele
glyphs Lawyers in Washington
to Refer to Briet
Question Whether Double Charge in
Operating Account.
Freely Set Forth in Brief Filed by
Friends of Court
reattaaetiy of Presides) ot Great
Xorthara aad Xortaara Pad tie
Ral Iroad C1tr4 la Saa
port ot Caateatlaa.
From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN". Neb., ..April ll.-Spcciel
Telegram). Telegraph report today
quote Justice Whit ot the eupreme
court of the I'n'.tcd Stales at i-aUin( the
iwwnt of Atlcrney Young, who waa argu
ing the Minnesota rate cage, that the
railroads vere raid to have made double
charge ul Item to the extent of al-
mt fMxwvW In the operating expense
account, that if suc h a showing had been
made In the court below It would have
been determining. The court waa aaid
to have asked for the proof and argu
noil thereon.
White thct facts are t:ot aet out la the
brirf of the Minnesota attorney, they
are made much of In the brief filed by
the railway commissioners of other
state a frienda of the court. For fear
the Minnesota attorney had not noted tha
nrlet discussion of the point In thla
brief, the Nebraska commissioner wired
him, calling attention to the page de
vote! to this subject In the brief.
Testimony of the president of the
til-eat Northern and .Northern Pacific
roads was cited In support of the con
tention, and also to prove the fact this
aystem of accounting wa not adopted
until the year taken a the basis for the
present suit to knock out the Minnesota
These same Minnesota attorney who
now find this argument tha apparent
turning point In the case and ?ho must
rely on the Intervening brief .or It, are
the one who told the commissioners of
other state they could f..e a brief If
they wanted to, but Minnesota was amply
abel to take cars ot Itself without any
outside assistance. '
Strike Conimittees
Report Progress
PHILADELPHIA, April ll.-The sub
committee ot inlnera and operators ap
vpolnted at tha conference yesterday to
tske up tha work of trying to reach an
agreement on av new working arrange
mrnt for the anthracite mine workers
held, a three hours' session hers today
and at lta conclusion gars out a brief
atatemcnt that progress had been. mad.
The committee 111 go Into session again
tomorrow and will probably hold an all
day meeting. No statement aa to the
result of the committee's labor will be
made until a report Is ready to present
to the full committee of miners and
Members of the miners tonight 'ex
pressed themselves a satisfied """.a the
progress made. One of the members of
1 h- committee said:
"There was a general discussion of the
differences between u. It took a wld?
range. We touched on almost every
point of difference and w cannot tell
when we will get through."
MASON CITT. la.. April U.-fSpedal.)
-Philip Salck Is dead a a result of at
tempting to make a thirty-Inch drive
belt a bed on which to repose. The ac
cident occurred on Sunday at th Lehigh
cement plant. The wide belt wa In
viting to a tired man and he( stretched
out full length but before he awakened
the big machine started and ha was
pulled under the wheal. Hla body was
terribly torn, but he lived for three days,
and at one time It waa thought that he
might recover.
The Weather
Kor Nebraska-Unsettled, with prob
ably local showers; wanner southwest
TorIowa-Uns-ttled. with probably
local shower; no Important change in
Teaaaeratare at Oaaaha Yesterday.
Hour. Des:
t a. nu Jl
a. m S3
7 a. m el
llB 64
a. m 64
1 a. m M
11 a. m ... M
i: m s
1 p. m m
J p. m 7
S p. n 71
4 p. ru 71
p. ra., ..... 74
p. m t
7 p. m 7
P. so 7
CoaTparatlT Loral Be-.
HIT. U1L in, no.
:i H a
b u at
Hlgheat yetaerday
LoweM yesterday
Mean temperature.
a 7 4
Precipitation -u T .11
Temperature and precipitation depar
ture from the normal:
Normal temperature 4
Kirees for the day 14
riefleleocy since since March L 1SI
Normal precipitation kWncb
Deficiency for the day Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 . Inches
Kxceea since March 1 .9 Inch
Tiefklenoy for cor. period, 111.. J Inch
Deficiency for cor. period, 1M.J.H Inches
He-pert fraaa statleae a T P. M.
fetation and Stats Temp. High- Relav
of Weather. I p. as. est. fa,L
Cheyenne, part dandy... a
TJeaver, part dowdy 2
Dee Mmea, dear 14
Iwdge City, part cloudy.. 7
Lander, cloudy Si
Nort.i Platte, part cloudy Ci
Omaha, doody 7
Pueblo, clear
iv . . ..H rftv sere eleudv. afi
K .
4 .
1 .00
M .
72 .
74 .a
at .
a .
! .
73 M
' .8 Lake CKy. raising..
Santa Fe. clear M
Sheridan, part doudy.... C
Sioux City, part cloudy.. 4
Valentine, part doudy.... m
T indicate trace of preclpltatloa.
1 A. WELSH. Lvcal Forecaster.
Former Red Cloud
Man Kills Wife and
Self in Arkansas
COFFETV1LLE, Kan.. April H.-4Spe-ciaL-M.
R. Bentley, last night ahot and
killed hi wife and ahot himself, at
SUoam Springs, Ark. lie died today. Mr.
Bentley went thero several years ago
from Red Cloud, Neb., and waa accounted
on ot tha wealthiest men In North Ar
kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Bentley lived
happily together a quarter of a cen
tury and then came trouble over the
division ot th estate. He had advanced
ta.OM) to her relatives and wished this
amount to come out of her dowery in
terest In hla estate. Strained relations
followed her refusal. He made a will
last week, ordered a steel vault con
structed and arranged for tlie funeral.
Ho recently lost lUCOO in the Si loam
bank failure.
Irish Home Rule
Bill Introduced
LONDON. April" ll.-The Irish torn
rule bill, the third effort made by
Liberal governmenta of the United King
dom in a quarter or a century to settle
the quarrel between Great Britain and
Ireland, was Introduced in the House ot
Commons this afternoon by Premier As
quint. The cardinal principle of the present
bom rule bill is, said th premier, the
supreme authority of tha Imperial par
liament, while at the same time real
autonomy la conferred on Ireland In re
gard to Irish concerns.
The bill provides for the establishment
oi an Irish parliament consisting1 of
senate ot forty member and a houss of
common of 1C4 (lister to have titty
nine), with power to make law tor peace,
order and good government In Ireland.
Provision la mad for th protection of
political equality.
The Irish parliament la to have power
to reduce or to discontinue the Imperial
taxes, excepting the Income tax and th
stamp and estate duties. Th Irish rep
resentation at Westminster I to be forty
two member, one for every 100,000 ot the
Soft Coal Miners
Approve New Scale
INDIANAPOLIS'. April 11. "Ninety
per cent of the soft coal miners have
approved the proposed two-year wage
contract," aaid Edwin Parry, secretary
treasurer of the United Mine Workers of
America today, after ba had received
telegram from representative local
unions throughout th country reporting
results of yesterday referendum ls
ttoa. Though perhaps X per cent of th mln.
era of Indiana and th southwest voted
la tha negative because of certain local
oondltions, western Pennsylvania, IKinol
and other district war practically unan
imous in endorsing th new agreement,
Mr. Perry said.
Th ballot art being returned to the
miner' headquarters her and th teller
will begin counting then) next Monday,
Th result probably will be announce!
officially Monday night. Tha miners' na
tional officer expect with tha wag
queatlon settled district difference be
tween th men and operatora speedily
will ba bridged over and all th bitumi
nous miner will be back In th pita on
May L
Locomotive Falls
Into Cone's Lake
MUSCATINE. la., April ll.-Engineer
John Adama ot Ottumwa, la., waa burled
underneath hi engine In twenty-eight
feet ot water In Cone' lake near her
today and hla fireman, John Mori arty.
waa fatally injured. Th accident oc
curred on a Chicago, Milwaukee A. 8t.
Paul railroad switch engine while cross
ing a bridge which bad been weakened
by th recent flood at that point.
Th angina wa lent over th bride to
teat It. When near the middle tha tim
ber beneath gave way, carrying th sa
line and Its crew with the structure
Into the water.
Fireman Moriarty attempted to Jump
aa th locomotive went through th bridge
and had his right leg cut off. Ha Is sot
expected to live. Th body of Engineer
Adams had not been recovered lata thla
afternoon. Moriarty waa rescued and
taken to Coaesvill.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April lLHSpedei. ) A move
ment haa been on foot to induce th op
ponents of Mr. Toft to combine on sithsr
Roosevelt or La FoUette. but absolutely
no headway haa bees aaad and there la
a prospect of th effort resulting in any
thing. Tha Roosevek mea insist tbey arc
tha stronger, "not only lu th stats, but
I nth nation and therefor La Foilette
should leave the field dear for th colonel.
Tha La Foilette men taka exactly th
bum view of their favorite, and there
you are. In speaking of-ta matter today,
F. P. Corrick, secretary ot th La, Fas
lett league, aaid that at tbe plan ever
waa practicable, it was too lata now.
No effort is mad to coacoaJ the fact that
th La Foilette men are perfectly willing
to measure strength with Roosevelt and
that they do not care vary much whether
Roosevelt gets any avtes at all
NEBRASKA CITT April 11. (Ppeciel)
Dr. i. O. Houston. James A. Ricnnrdaoa
and Robert K. Bawley, th newly elected
coram! astoaers have taken over th af
fair of tb cstr and will took after them
la the future la atoea of tha mayor and
council aa la th past, thia dty. feeing
andar a eommlsatna form of govammeat
Dr. House sa waa elected enayea-, and
James A. Richardson, rice mayor, while
K. aV. Hawtey srtll look after the streets
and alley sf the dty. Each one has hi
work laid sot.
itn win oe-
uvw Ms Insuawral addreaa next Monday
evening aad aU appointee will then
Report Originating at Madrid that
Pontiff is Dead Published
Throughout World.
Eis Holiness is in Usual Health and
Continues Audiences.
Minister from Argentine is Among
Callers at Vatican.
liability to Get Inforaaatloa Dlreet
fross Rome Seeaaeat to Lead
Carreaey ta tar Story
from Spain.
ROME, April 11. 4:S7 p. ni.-There la
no truth In the report drculating through
th world based on a telegram from Mad
rid that the pope Is deed.
The pope continues his daily audiences.
He received today Cardinal Delia Volpe,
Prince Borghcse. Senor de Estrada, the
Argentina minister at the Vatican, and
his family and Count and Countess
Afterwards the por.tlff greeted a num
ber of Italian anil forelifn personalltlea
Itepvrt Uae to t'.rrur la Meaaaare.
MAD1UD, April U.-T!ie official Span
ish newa agency explains -that lta atate
mcnt tUat the pope was dead was du to
an error In a message received from
Home at the papal nunciatura her. It 1
believed that the error occurred In tbe
deciphering of a cod meessge.
The cable dispatch from Rome sent at
4 ff p. m. and received In thla country
shortly before noon disposed of the alarm
ing report sent from Madrid and circu
lated throughout the world early in the
day that Pope Plus X was dead.
The first report stated that the papal
nunciatura at Madrid had confirmed a
private dispatch received there announc
ing th pope' death. A similar dispatch
wa received in London from Madrid.
Meanwhile the cable from Home waa
silent and for nearly three hours no di
rect communication could be bad front
that city. Urgent effort from th dif
ferent capitals of Europe, by telegraph
and long distance telephone, were mad
to secure direct Information from the
Italian capital. Paris secured long dis
tance telephone connection shortly be
fore noon and waa Informed that th
Madrid report wa untrue. Immediately
following thla, telepgraph and cabl dl
patche direct from Rom gave th earns
Information that tha Madrid report ot
Uw pontiff death waa untrue,
.fop Plug haa been la rather poor
health for earn weak, but at no time
baa hi eonsitte reached erertttea stag-)
or on giving aarlou cause for appre
hension of those about him.
: On March IS he was compelled to ua
pend hi audience for a few day owing
'to a - alight coughv. accompanied by
catarrh. On March Zl he waa aufflclently
Improved to resum his audiences.
Among thoss greeted oa that day were
some So Americana They noted a
light pallor and some hoa renews In th
pontiff speech, but beyond that there
was no evidence ot serious physical dis
ability. .
Blskope aad Prteate at Caasecratlaa
At ot Daataraaa.
When the report that'Pope Pius X wa
dead reached Crelghton university where
hundred of priests, bishop and laity of
tha Catholic church were awaiting tha
procession Into St. John's church for
tbe consecration, a commotion was
Priests and bishops ran around through
the halls talking of th report until
everyone knew of It Then It spread to
th thousand or mora spectators In the
streets. Later words of doubt spread
about and the excitement of lta first
announcement subsided. It waa not
mentioned during the consecration cere
mony. Bishop Ward of Kanaaa City. Kan.,
and Bishop Cunningham ot Concordia
refused to be bothered by the rumor.
They said It waa merely a rumor and
they did not believe It. Other bishop
war disturbed only temporarily and
after questioning newspaper men whether
or not the report had been authenUcated.
declared It could not be true and the
oeremonlea would not be Interrupted nor
postponed by 1L
Sixty-Six Hundred
For Two Fingers
MINNEAPOLIS, April 1L-The sum of
IM14 was awarded to E. P. Cole, a brake
man, by a federal Jury her today for In
juries alleged to have been received while
In th employ of th Omaha Railway
company m 11. Cole alleged that through
tb company' negligence be waa thrown
from a moving train and lost two fingers
and received other Injuries.
WASHINGTON, April ll.-The Inter
state Commerce commission today an-
nounced It interpretation of the law gov
erning th use of mileage, excursion or
commutation tickets for through passen
ger business over connecting line. It
held that regularly established ex
cursion, mileage and commutation rates
ia accordance with tariff lawfully filed
with the commission may be used In
baaing tares for the transportation of
both passenger and their baggage the
earn as If the passengers held through
tickets over the anUre route of their
Passengers, however, must procure
etether through tickets over the two or
mora lines Involved or present to the
Initial Una separate tickets covering the
entire Journey. Railroads then would be
permitted to accord through aceomnxxla-
tiona. meiodtrur an convenience vh
through sleepers, ta tbe same manner
as ta accorded on through tickets over
Um antlrg physical Us.
Bishop oP Cheyenne
Taft and Roosevelt Delegates Clash
at Bay City, Mich.
Traable Braise Wkea Tera Mea At
tempt ta Preside aad Reoervelt
Adhereat Starts to Make
a Speech.
BAT CITT. Mich.. April 11. -Michigan
republicans split today In a convention
featured by fist flghta and the calling
out of state troops. The Roosevelt leej-
i and delegatea after electing a na
tional delegation withdrew to carry the
question of disputed delegate before the
national convention at Chicago. Tit
Taft force claimed the regular conveu
tlon and began their organisation. They
also will elect six delegatea to the na
tional convention.
While troops held the front door to the
armory against a crowd ot 1,800 delegate
and contested delegatea to the Michigan
tat republican convention today. Taft
member of the stst central committee
were admitted to the building through
a amall aide entrance and Taft force
thus secured the first strategic advantage
over tha Roosevelt men over the tight
for control of the convention.
The Taft members, who ner headed
by Acting Committee- Chairman Robert
H. Shields of Houghton, were followed
into the armory by Chairman Knox and
former I'nlted States Senator Albert J.
Bevendge of Indiana, who also came
through tha side entrance. Knox st once
voiced emphatic protest against the ac
tion of hla committee members, but des
pite bis protests he w as voted down.
Tha committee then elected Shield tem
porary chairman and went ahead with
seating arrangements for the delegates
who waited Impatiently In the street.
Roosevelt leaders meanwhile conferred
at a downtown hotel several squares dis
tant and prepared to go to the convention
and seat their temporary chairman, for
mer Secretary of the Navy Truman New-
bery of Detroit.
r ight Mirii aa Olaar.
The opposing chairmen attempted at
the same moment to open the convention.
W. D. Gordon of Midland, a Roosevelt
committeeman, sprang to the stage and
attempted to address the convention. He
waa hurled from th stage by J. F.
Cremer of Marquette, a Taft man. police
and militia at this Juncture forced back
a hundred men who nought to engage In
tha fight precipitated by Gordon and
Cremer. All attempts to quiet tbe ex
cited delegates eemed useless.
Despite great disorder both the Taft
(Continued on Second Page.)
The National Capital
Thareday, April It, fit.
The Senate.
In session at 1 p. m.
Beet sugar Interests protested to finance
committee sgainst house free sugar bill.
Free tolls for American veeaels on Pan
ama canal were advocated before inter
oceanic canals committee.
The House.
Met at noon.
Considered District of Columbia legis
lation. ateel trust fnveatlsatlna committee be
gan hearing three ore expert, lu last
witnsssas before doss of inquiry.
Banking and currency committee de
cided to begin "money trust" Investigation
AMI 17.
e9. Mi c
V 7 VK Ik;
( 1 if a
aa '- i.- V 1 V W It W I
mi v-ri
a . .
Ruling Asked on" -
rroper Number for
Electoral College
WASHINGTON. April 1I.-A ruling
from the Iicpartment of Justice as to
whether the electoral college that will
choose the next president of the ITnlted
States shall consist of 40 or Ul members
hss been sakrd for by members of the
house committee on Judiciary,
Political activity In both partlr has
proceeded on the asaumpllon that .the
larger number was correct, but this now
is questioned on the ground that the re
apportionment of congress does not he
corns effective until March I next. The
question has created considerable con
fusion, but It will nut sffect the conven
tions, ss the nstlunal committees fixed
the number of delegstrs arbitrarily in
accordance with the new apportionment.
Ashland Levee Out;
Vast Area Flooded
NATCHEZ. Mis.. April ll.-The levee
at Aahland, Ml., broke today. Thirty
alx hundred acres In Jefferson county
III be floodtd w
VICKHBI'RO. Ml.. April ll.-Wkee at
th most menaced points In tha Mississ
ippi flood sone were holding strong
against ths rapidly descending tide to
day. MEMPHIS. Tenn.. April 11. -With the
upper rivers falling today optimistic
re porta come from all except one of
the flooded points along the Mississippi
river north of Memphis. At I.uxorls,
the situation la desperate. The bass of
the levee Is weakening, and those who
know the waterway, say the chances for
holding the embankment are discourag
ing. CAliiO, III., Apiil ll.-The Ohio river
subsided one-tenth of a foot hero In
the last twenty-four Hours, and today
atood at S3.7 feet. Merrhanta reopened
their atoree and the levees, which are
holding the water out of tha city, are
being patrolled constantly.
Woman Who Shot
Husband is Released
DEH MOINES. Iowa. April 11. -Mrs
Wylam Pratt, who last Monday, killed
her former husband by firing five bul
lets Into his body was today released
by the police upon advice of the coroner's
Jury which held that she committed the
deed In self defense. Witnesses testi
fied that Pratt several time bad threat
ened to klU his wife.
H CT H ERjUA N D, Neb.. April ll.-Sp-cil.
The pro po. (Ion to build another
brldice merotm Che North PUtte liver
north of Sutherland, at aa approximate
cost of tW.Oflt waa Toted on here at a
per ... bond election. TueJa). The
bondjt Carrie! the vote being for and
an trmt. One hundred and thirty-eight
votM favored the continued use of the
ould brtdfto while twenty-nine were
atrafnftt. The two br1daa will be about
one mile apart. The northwest part of
Lincoln county waa Included I th vot
ing dlMiirt and Kinkatd ho teatvadera
were la town to cast their rttea.
Richly Robed DlVnitariei March
to St John i Church.
With Otkera They Line War
twees Cbarpa aad I alverelty
March Is Led fey t'roea
rarer, Father (.rasa.
Priests dressed In surplices of blsck
and white, and bishops regulrd In cue-
sock, rochet and manteletla of black.
whit and purple composed the most Im
posing procession ot Catholic dignitaries
ever seen in Omaha, a procession which
required fifteen minutes, beginning
shortly after o'clock yesterday morn
Ing to march from Crelghton university
to Ht, John's church Si tew hundred feet
Lead lug tha procession wsa the erose
bearer. Father M. J. Urupa of tha M.
rrancea church. South Omalia, who wa
Immediately followed by nine acolytee
with hand preasrd together as In prayer
and heada bowed reverently.
Nssr Dlaaillarlea March.
Then tha IK priests walked slowly down
Hie east entrance steps of ths university
and out to the walk, each with hands
folded upon a prayer book and ths ritual
of lbs consecration.
What waa the moat imposing eight of
the entire procession from a spectscuiar
viewpoint were the purple robed blahopa.
the blahop-elect and the consecrating pre-
Btshop-elecl Metlovern and hla chap-
lalns, ths Rev. father 8. U lowd of He
Peter's church, and the Rev. Father John
McNamara. followed behind the proces
sion of prtesta
At the end of the long procession came
the beautiful processional cross, borne
directly in front of Archbishop Kesne,
whose chaplains were Father Jeanette
and Father Cassldy.
ladeata as Aralylro.
The following students of Crelghton un
iversity were the acolytes: H. U Sulli
van, O. P. Sullivan. It Ia Porte. H.
Chevalier, T. Martin. f. Kelley, J. Polskl.
T. Tobin and P. T. McAroy.
In front of Crelghton university were
l.jOt spectators. Several oars passing st
the time stopped for s few moments while
the passengers crowded to the windows
to watch the slowly moving procession.
Several hundred pupils of St. John's
school, which is directly serosa the street
south of the church, were relieved from
their studies while the church dlgnltariea
marched by. Those students bowed
reverently aa th bishop-elect and th
consecrates passed. They stood lined
along the sidewalk for a Mock and
eagerly watched the body of robed men
disappear Into the church.
Stars aad Strlaea.
The exteriors of the university building
and St. John'a church were beautifully
decorated In huge American flags and
flags of tbe papal colors. Id tbe middle
of each side of the buildings buns: the
Stars and Stripes and the papal colors,
some of which were large enough to
cover 30 square feet of space.
St. John'a church waa packed to the
doors, many who had Invitation cards
being required to go Into the choir bal
cony to fill up the extra corners left
around th forty young men singers.
There were more than J persona who
tried to crowd through tha doors after
the ceremonies had begun. These wep
held back, however, by police officer
.Continued on Second Page.)
Patrick Aloysins McGoTern, Native
Son of Omaha, Now Bishop
of Cheyenne.
Acolytes, Priests and Bishops Parti
cipate in Ceremony.
Archbishop Eeane is Surrounded by
High Ecclesiastics.
Use sf Most strtklaa aad Draaaatte
laeldeais tteura Wkea Blaboa
Kleet Proatratee Hlaiacll
' Before t'ouseerator.
It was a representative and a very sym
pathetic gathering that witnessed tna
consecration of Patrick Aloyslua Mo
Oovern aa bishop of the Roman Catholic
church Thursday morning. St. John's;
th Collegiate church f Crelghton uni
versity, was filled by ticket holders halt
an hour before the procession of acolytes.
priests and bishops arrived from th
university halls. Clergymen were present
from all parte of the west to do honor
to the first native son of Omsha to be
elevated' to th episcopate; and In th
audience within the church were cltlsens
of many different religious affiliations, a
large number being prominent In social
and welfare work with which Father Mo
Govern haa been connected for year.
Ready for Oremoay.
When the proorss'on of clergymen had
been seated In th center alale and fie
bishop and consecrator, with their chap-.
lalna and assistants, arrivid within tha
altar rail, Father Stenson and Uleaaon.
tha master of ceremonies and hla ajalt
tnat. Immediately began preparation for
th solemn ceremony. Robe war donned
by th high eccleslaatlca who war to
taka part In tha ceremony, which con
sumed aome little tlma It waa 14
a. m. when Archbishop John J. Keane
of Dubuque, arose from hi canopied aeat
to approach the high altar, H waa sur
rounded by a brilliantly arrayed con
courss of clerics, each of whom had been
assigned some particular part In th
Impreaalv Ceremony. Archbishop Keaii
waa attended by two chaplain and th
aaalatlng blahopa ' earn hsd one chap
lain to assist him. The ssslstants to
Archbishop Keane were Blthop Scanned "
of Omaha and Oarrlgan of Sioux C'ty.
Priest Is kllevaied.
When tha archbishop had taken hla
position before th altar, seated facing
th audience, th elevation ot tha Omaha
prlaat who I to nil th Cheyenne dlo
cea proceeded with all th pomp and de
liberate dignity that cksracurtsea the
great eei-ea-onlea-ef th Catkatt ahurch.
Tha" word need were Latin, but tha
reading and tha action of th participant
ware expressive and Intelligible to tha
deeply Interested watcher. Those wha
desired -to follow tha- ceremony closely
had provided themselves with Uttla
books carrying an English translation
on the opposite pag from tha Latin
original, and thus kept In closs touch
with ths proceedings within th altar
"Tha Imposition ot hands with prayer
I th eaaentlal rite by which episcopal
power I conferred," on explanatory foot
not, and to this consummation very
body looked forward with keen interest.
Una ot tha moat striking and dramatic
Incldenta of ths whole ceremony wsa that
where the bishop-elect prostrated him
self at full length before the consecrator.
Maela 1 Maleadld.
While Blahop McUovern was thus pros
trated tha church aialea echoed with the
resounding and melodious chant of ths
iitsny by ths men's choir of tb Uni
versity. It wss a splendid music, ac
centuating ths crux of a great ceremony,
and tha audience sat entranced under ths
apell of tha moment.
Archbishop Keane and Dlshop MoGov-
ern celebrated the mass together, aa pre
scribed by th church rule for such aa
occasion, and both were In fin votes for
the solemn Intonations. There wss no da
isy after the work of consecration had
started and neither wa there any undue
hurry, but a most dignified and soul-sat
isfying progress to ths vital moment
when th beloved parish priest roe wear
ing the miter of a bishop.
Cereaaaar Moat Impressive.
Ths contrasting costumes ot ths
acolytrs. priests, bishop and arch blahop
combined to make a gurgeoua picture of
eccleslaatlcal ritual In motion, with th
Individuals continually ahittlng and
changing places. The figure of ths con
secrator held th eyes of all watchera aa
he moved from hla throne to tha high
altar and back again, and It waa moat
Interesting to Catholics and aoncathollca
alike to not th literal carrying out of
all th details of thla ancient rite.
At one point th shoes at tha
bhop-elert were removed and whit
sandals were placed oa his feat.
ever which were drawn brocaded
covering reaching to tb knee. At an
other part of th ceremony six aaolytes
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