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The Omaha. Daily Bee!
rnrvnin it rMrmn i-. .ru'itrp
- . . - - - . n .-- . . . . ...... - . -
Entered atcraj lia posioriice aa aicoiid
class matter.
Fvnday Bee. er i;
Suuraw 8w, w year .. !
Daily Be twithout Sunda i. one yesr It to
Laity Be and sunuav. on yiar 4w
Evening Be iitilli S'jndjyl. per n.o ...Sc
jkcdrw all nip:air.u i.r in eg -un ities j
m nativery to tlty t ircuiauon vi-
Rmit by drau, -xire3 or pos:a: ortfr.
peyabl to l;t ue i ..bls;i.ri cormen.
Only 2-cent itimf received t.l pavment
I small Cvuia. ffruatl cliec.. ex
cept sa utr.i. a sa.1 ex.. u cnii.i-. out
Oreahs The b Uuuojir..
South Oma; a-:;'. ,N St.
Council riu:i3 .i scon SL
Lincoln .t 1tlfe Building.
Chicago iti Marquette bul'.dtnf.
Kansas Cily iu.-.imc Bunding.
New York-JI Vteal Ulirty-lliuxi.
Washinitutn 72S roirteentn nt.. S. W.
,Commi:ni-uon re.iiiiij to bw nd
flat af braaaa. Cuualy at OoucUa. .
Dwtcht VVuUaa', crt jtaiKjn manasrr
St 7li fi? l'ut.ati.ii ootapiny. batn i
euty aoa. aya tiat luc veiaa uaiiy
circuiatton. Iru aKHie4, ui.uanl and ra-
tumau roUr. tit ti.a muirtn or Marc
iJ. waa c'J.
Cuuiati 4lMiaa.-.
0ubamb4 in tuy iircnc aitd aaar
U kaibt au thl Mb day f Aith. Mi.
Kauiy aMbitc
Saba ri bar leavlna tha elty
teaaswrarUr shaatd bar - Tha
a aaaUad tm saaaa. Aaaleaaa
HU a ahawaww as edsaai aa
Well, bow Ean7 of the winners
Cid you SUX7
There are at least seventy-two dis
ajpolntol uea tn Cmaha today.
Whn are wo golag to get past the
crttsadJag tuge in our pubUe Ufa?
Tea gardsa rake Is the small toy's
beat frUad-o Ue dd of wlnur.
Wondar way WUIlamrandolph
ktartt prsfsrs Champ Clark for pres
ident? Bsnator Cummtns would doubtless
Ilk to forget that he had presldeav
tint asplratloaa.
Wall. taTbaie ba'J aeaxon will be
open before thsy spring asolhcr elec
tion on us, anyway.
. ' Mr. Morgan, It It rutrrorsj, may
settle the Turko-lullan war. Proba
bly by buying Tripoli.
Maxleo Bards a stronger mi
Ma4re to heap tt from going
I than
to the
reck.-Bammor Ammcan.
Even Dlas waa not strong enough.
Governor Wilson no doubt finds
the governorship a most evnvonlent
meana of promoting bis presidential
ambitions. '
Seat hasurtl that the slate
makera will not be discouraged, bnt
will be oa hand with new set for
the second round.
As Mar aa as can figure out, tha
chief grievance of the Mexican rebels
aeminet Madero Is (hat Uadero is In
office and tbsy are aot. ,
'Kot oae-tentk so much hubbub as
before about tbe muddy water that
cornea out -of the faueeta. No water
bonds to vote this spring.
Here Is a report of a MiaaourUn
who killed himself rather toaa face
his wife ator he droppet a baaka.
containing two dosen eggs.
Canada, fcs said to be thinking
more kindly then H did af reciproc
ity. Probably getting ailiamed af
the bunco, gams It "fell for."
After we get our plays centered
by a board under court supervision,
perhaps the Judges will also expur
gate our divorce trials tor us.
If tha colonel campaign like this ' bare can be made sucoessul at all,
whea he la not seeking a nomination, w'r U1 be mors attractive
what would ha de It he were really ' ' borne investors than to outside
g candidate going after H In earn eat? I capitalists.
1 I That Omaha la a good manafao-j
Tha Easter hat la ho agat. the' taring point Is conclusively proven.
tMrtewa esty emmassoaar are Bam- Figures from tbe United States can-'
tasted, now tbe oaly really big trrt-laus. published In The Bee, may be'
tatles la slgfct ta paying for tha las- i ottered la support ot this: bat the
tar hat. j better proof la the fact that new fao-
- - toriea are coming here steadily from
"My place la here in Washington." other points, jf outsider, have faith
proclaims one of the repnb'.lcan av I B Omaha as a place ta build fecto-'ph-ant
fcr the Ittte-I States sens- rWi )ocal layasiors abould aot be
torahlp. Our democratic Volte! ;,traj to rwntura their monav in tha
States 'senator does not think that
applies to him.
With the loag Ttst of candidates,
the protracted agitation aad tha
Borcfty of a aew peri sent, an al
most full vote ought to have been
polled 1b oar city primaries, but It
Blntaly has ot ween.
It aur county board would trans
act Ua hasinesa according to the
came system and rules that govern
other public bodies it weald aeoom
pliah'mejre, and do tt with far fewer
ttersoaa emoetirters.
Bvoa cm thear own slteaUia aoU
Chris teraenther aad Brother-la-Law
"Tsmmr" Alaaa are wrong whea
they any tbej handled no brewer s
snoaey ta the Bryan caaipaiew tut
lava, for their on pnbUsbed aute
toenta abow substantial contrtbutioas
by b re wars and liquor dealers, whoac
giamea are therein set forth.
More Ifgnt Wanted.
Th. t.t .
. .. u u.uiu w u 1 , , 111 u . U.V ,
-.ti s.u - . k . i
men interesting tt becomes.
First comes a pretended "reform"
attorney of an Omaha brewery, ar
senics that a large pot of brewery
monev a. nut at the disoosal of the !
democrats for the 10S cnmpalgn.
with which k. ...t. ... rrt fur -
Sballeiiberger. et .1. and Int.-
aiating that toe boodle wa handled
j ty Bone other than Chris Gruenther.
Chris- comes bark promptly with a
rejoinder that the only money he
handled was what he accounted for
from the Bryan volunteers, ana
that Mr. Bryan's brother-in-law,
"Tommy" Allen, was tse man who
looked after the democratic finances
From "Tommy" Allen we hare a dls-
: c'almcr, and cow a repetition of the
irhsree from the original brewery
lawyer, who, ss we have said before,
outht to know something about It
Of course, to republicans sitting
on the spectators' benches this little
democratic byplay la quite entertain
ing, yet perbsps we can add a little
light by printing now a memorandum
mode more than two years ago of a
conversation In which aa usually
i a ell Informed gentleman, discussing
jtbc ingratitude of democratic polltl-
I clans, said:
cannot andcraund new a man cot id
maiia definite romlen to tha brewer.
and tabs their money, and than go back I to be chiefly promoted by Increasing 'tha pwttion of property man to the or
on tiem. The man referred to got them il(i,in. fintM r rh. e, .: tsaav
to rats llM a a contribution to his
campaign fund, and the a flee it waa sit
over sent ward he bad spent mere than
they had liven him. so they pot ap tMSS
additional sa a preaent. - wMrn he ac
cepted, auk in 1H.SHO an SU. And than I
when he eauM a easily have refuted in
slsn the I o'clock bill, patted by only on
majority, and one ef those who voted (or
It claimed b did not Intend to. this man.
ho had taken their money, passed then
up as If he a-wed them oath Ins.
.Of course, we cannot give t'Jls
statement eicept aa hearsay to be
takan for what It Is worth so far as
corroborated by the testimony now
being given by our democratic
friends. It Is certain that without
the lrewera money and balp no dem
ocrat trould have carried Nebraska
In 1808. Boeing that tbe whole af
fair now enjoys the sheltering mantle
of the statute of limitations, we may
possibly get the Inside details out of
the fracas.
Eiver Traffic aad Flood.
U the MlBsiralppI river had been
Improved as a highway of commoroa
and kept In constant use. It very
ilksly would not have overrun Its
hanks, spreading devastation and dis
tress over the adjoining low lands.
These floods are Incidentally one of
tbe insults of abandoning tbe river
for navigation. Had the Mississippi
been continued as It .once was .a
naln artery of transportation, ot
course, It would have paid to build
higher sad better levees . through
which the flood waters would not
broak. Without this large use or
the river, tbe commercial Incentive
Is not there and hence, the effect of
Inattention. A railroad partially
abandoned by traffic would quickly
fall Into decay and detsrloratlon so
that it would boob be totally unsafe
to rur a train over It. '
Since millions ot dollars In prop
erty and many human Uvea have
been swept away by tha rampaging
waters, the cry goes down the great
stream for secure fortifications along
tbe banks and tile national govern
ment, at tha president b direction. Is
the first to lend a helping hand.
Higher and better leveea, 'undoubt
edly, will eomo. bat they will not be
aa well maintained without active use
of !he river as a highway of eom-
In rstt at Bona.
The suggestion from the Commer
cial's club's directory .that Omaha Is a
good place for tbe Investment et
Omaha money should sink deep Into i
the minds ot Omaha dUsena. Just!, r hea a plethora of money la re
ported from meal depositories, local
'enterprise) ought ta hare first eon
ialdorutloa. If the projects pending I
development of t'ae ctly'a Industries.
And Omsha ought to thrive nn
Omaha capital.
Actors' Paradise,
What a dramatic Idea that ia for
actors to build a little community of
thoir ' own' beside the Pacific near
iLos Angsies tor their vacation rest.
where they may enjoy the out-of-door
life and forget the stage, with
the brilliant California sua tor thoir
ealdum and tae sweet murmurs of
the calm waters for their applause.
U is not nnnatural that men and
women Who spend their lives enter -
tadnlng the World should asek Ue:r
recreation amid sucb surroundings.
But the owns do not exclude an
thought of the playhouse. Indeed,
tikey contemplate a theater, not lor
material profit, of course, hut whore
real art for art's sake may be pre
sented and where tbe actor and
their select Mends may sacja; aa
jmaco or little of acting aa they
sn a enure a is to we uulll
companion Mince, mm
Beaut wai ail actors are nan luuu icr-,
eot to what some of their eritlca call j
the finer things oT lire. j
It would aot be bard to make both
Institutions modem of what .tie .
- " theater oebt ani,
originally were Intended to be.
has fallen below !
here the stage
that standard of noble purpose .is!
where the overbalar.ciug weight ft ,
commerriallam has borne it down.
Of cwaree. this baa been due largely
to the attempt of the theater to re
spond to the varying shades of pub
lic demand. But even la this day
there should be a wide field for the
theater that will hold to the higher
ethics and seek to Instruct and ele
vate as well as merely amine or en
tertain. The Indian's Education.
The federal government Is
a 1-1
propriatlng annually something like
fti OOJ.OOO fer Its India wards, for
their education and general uplift.
Of this amount I1.4SM0 goes to
maintain scbeols on reservations and
fl.C41.sU5 for schools not on reser-
va lions. Including Haskell. Carlisle'
and other larger Institutions. With-
out deprecating or disparaging the ,
value ot these great schools, we be-1
lleve the Indian's beat Interests are
,,, .. ,,., . .1 Ml Allwyne Heyneid. tha cairbertad
serTallon a to contemplated tn aj0MKW, anim , t)M e(t
bill BOW before congress. Ito aa Francisco.
The reservation la the home of tbe
Indian. He can be educated there
utore conveniently to him and with
less expense to the government than
at ob of the distant schools. The
schooir on the reservation contribute
vastly to tbe amelioration of the
fO'.iiui'Blty life there,
Improving I
moral as well as Intellectual stsnd
a, ana eeiieaiag me luauui . h.c, lh, wiarauder w ,, . ,
tense of responsibility. They stand j liked. The bold bandit succeeded In rx
aa constant reminders to him of Ills' treating a perfectly guod match from hi
Integral part In the life of the nation,
as a living guaranty of the govem
meal'a active Intereat In him and its
promise to do well by him.
The government has 25,000 young
Indians la Its schools all told, at
preaent and paid out for their edaca
llon In the last fiscal year more than
13,(40,000, which la regarded aa too
much, or, at least, those who have
gou Into, the matter are convinced
that aa good result could be ob
tained for much less money If tbe
schools were brought nearer t the
Indian oa the reservation. Another
very potent argument In favor o? the
reservation school, as contrasted
with a non-reservation school. Is
Its greater advantage In eolttvattng
home life, a very important thing
lib such a people.
The Imp rasa loo that the city pri
mary now entails more work upon
ths election officers than heretofore
la mistaken. In the last previous
city primary each voter waa entitled
to make aerenteea rroaamarka aa
ngalnat aeven this time. Tbe total
aumber of votes hag been reduced
and not Increased.
Suet never -caw his perfidy quit
as clearly In the open air and bright
sunlight aa ha baa aeon it la ths
dark, little (xio cell. Shut a man
op with himself aad bis eenecienoe,
if he has one, and the truth la likely
ta find 1U way out.
Mod I (le Thrill.
Philadelphia Record.
We ars not nearly aa much tkrlllsd by
knawtna that ws have ths swiftest
dresdnaiurrtt ss w would hare been by
the ratification of the treaties thst would
aav nrrunlened the neeaaalty of buudtiut,
such vaaaeta.
"WTnaU and TUstiaeslaa.
Chksago Record-Herald.
Bnough water ta going ta wat In tiie
MIselM-ppl valley every day now to make
II the American desert bloom as the
rea for pears aad years and years.
Mass remain to be learned about oon
aerratton and dtatrtbutron.
netae Bketvew far While.
"'' v . lndlaoapolle New.
Tht I aw time tar Mr. Alexander ant
hem Bell at attempt to chance the apetj
Ing ef the Bngltta niaruace. With the
baa ban. golf and automobile seasons
Just asaaina. the esalling will have about
all It can aa ta keep ap with tha sport
ing page Kngttsh, aa at av
Bmui aad
IndtaaapoUa News.
More sad snare It snrat aeem to th
textile manufacturer af New England
that they eauM have saved much time,
trouble aad axpnt by voluntarily bomt
but ware some time age Baetead ef wilt
ing until they were raeneeUed to do to.
Th ttaplesaant after effect ar Mill to
A Hamlllatlaa Baertaeta.
Baltlmor American.
Abuas I an argument which never sp
pal to th American people, and the
abuse of President Taft by Colonel
Rooaerelt la to opaoatd ta la saaar
deal, watch the colonel himself o vic
oraaaly advacat. that tha attack la
lurely as make him more eaemles thaa
" Ar " wm OT
marked In contra ta the dtgalOed way
In which the Breatdeat Baa met afcuee aad
Ma -tlk.U Ike" ta Blsrht.
Boetaa Transcript.
On of Ihe new senators from Arisen
ta already a disappointment- Mr. Ah
hurst Is decrtbrd st CheMerfieldiaa la
msnntr and appearance. Ineteid af enter-
in the senate chamber wti j, a '
. Iitnt c pistol with each band sad
I mtrxjlui that eome'eig waerfet girt
hlm teat Mr. A-hhurat msc bta
sebut with ss nu:t fwrawaJtly aa T he Otite, we H lit years of fttr. is t:w
reprceanted the most roltured teaiinss awxiMr a- tweaty-two eblldrea. aixtaen ei I
nealtn in the can. That a ld ai I waoaa aervetl Shalr country In It wan. !
cherished rrepoaecestBSg die. Tsar st I sad eii quentlr Baaatof Pomerene et I
really ne reason wiry aa Arsons maaiotaeo has caked that pension ef I1M a
ot enough promlssara .ta It chosen ' month be anrrtea aar. 8h can walk
L'nlted States senator ahoald not be quit j back snd forth ss the village, a dkttanor
ss agreeable and well bred a aome of of three wile, and ha aot had a day I
hat Llsc't trea aider autre. j 111 ana far the m CC d . J
IhisDay inOmalia
r OrBtPtaJ
April lt.
thirty Vws Ago
At . Joseph s hosp'tsl fair mrrtM
11 lrE with a niah. Wffwnt tanks
are !n t harce of Mrs. M. Kennedy, ilr
T J -4 J li I W i 1 1 f
tB, ruMIC UbrmrJ .aKiattoa;
ratter Ulauber, Mr. Jo Frnar. sir.
P. Waaarr. tars. Gachrr. Mrs. H. Kauf-
man. Mr. Karbach. Mra O. Koater
ami the aliases J. and A. Herrold for la
Gerowa Catholic church: Mr. Mulcahy
and Ilia M.aaes Mary TbompaM. Mary
and Ella Cn-.thton. Mra. Murphy. Mra.
C. Oaliacher. Miaaaa Aella and Mollle
Reaian fur the Alter society: Mis Usste
Murphy aaa-ated by Mr. J. A. McShine.
Mrr. K. Nash. Mary and Kittle (JuMm
for tha farrad Heart araoarar; Mr
Heary lUathw. Mra McUutre, Mn.
Carraty and Mum Mrlernvtt for the
Holy Paauiy- cnureh; Mrs. Mark a. Mrs.
Melt, and Mian F.ynn In charg of the
Parh table.
Th ""f bmIii of tha aid city
I coaat.l canvaated and announced the
lrwvnM , K.uu WlllUim Kearauar
tad keen elected. iu nrealdeat deciana
no vacancy cxiatrd.
Th Ninth street bndf. ever nouth
cn"r u" "kied in at one end.
a .nei.i in. r is. h u
hall club olected lieros i. Strrnadorf to
Twenty Vrars Ago
B. V. Hall, who resided at 1213 North
Ntnetetnth street, was found dead in
bad at baaalul. death being due too
heart disease.
"Towr money or your life," aald a
htsharerana about mMnlsht ta P. K.
rUnrn Faaton olitel waller, and Clinch
llf. (hot Ula hands iatu tha air snd
nctim' pocket.
Manasrr VY. J. Bursas ol tha Fa roam
Mtreet theater, left for Chicago u huat-
Mm teeneva lnaersou, an Omaha girl.
member of t ha Hluart Ronton company,
vlalted wnh Mr. and Mr. Oenrga Can
field and family during lb company
enaagoaaeat at the Boyd,
Illihop John P. Newman announced Ins
completion of a handbook by himself on
Omaha, wMeh waa tar dtstrleutloa among
tha eaieeatea to tha ceaajag Met hod la
eonntreae tn tha city, ta aid them la
appreetatlMI the atoht af tha city aver
which C, F. Harrison would, show t ham
Mr, a. M then of Heatrtes w a guest
at the Paxtoa.
Th Right Rev. Oeorca Worthtnston,
bishop ef Nebraska, officiated at lb
Palm Bandar carvlea st Trinity Epis
copal cathedral.
Tea Year Ago
Mr. Bar A. Reeve, who hsd lived st
Floreoc slao . died st th as ot 7a.
Bh waa aurvtvfd by three children, Mrs,
Trfiuta Cawles. Mrs. Faaat Mactox and
Mr ttalfn OTejfcdjft - - '
Wesley Horn and IMas Fannie Farmer
procured license to wed.
Mrs. John Dopsna, BM North "txteenth
atrett, wa severely burned about th
hand and arm at her home aa ths result
of the explosion of s gasoline stovs.
Mr. sad Mrs. Robert J. Hurdetta ot Los
Angelas ware at th Millard.
Among th mrweet ettr function ef
th week waa a ats-aanded euchre party
given by Mrs. Oeorg Barker and Mr.
Charles Martin, which about aixty women
Mr. and Mrs. J.' W. Nicholson snter
tamed a af young weasaa ef the
aeward Street Methodlat church In the
evenmg at their home, KSi North Twen-ty-cend
Mrs. Catherine Lea IT. wlfs ot P. H.
Lenry. died at the age of at st th family
residence, 1 Clark Mreet.
People Talked About
I Carer up. All other voice raw- fan,
I bnt of Jeff Ivt wlU poor forth
I In undam.niahed melody la the sewats for
six mora rear. Arkansas says , aad
Jeff obey.
1 behalf of Baltlmor hotel keepers
wha ar charged with combining t ro
ller democrats ot their sacaey. It at ex
plained that tnrlr reach la tar abort ef
that which gripped the fmt.eOii check.
Amocg the most richly appointed and
beat equipped kitchen In Uw warkt that
at In shah ef Parti w said ta stand
easily first. The utenalls snd th movable
apuaratu In tt ar enlimated ta b irerth
las waternara catch on I'm-ah! A few
heats artar Kenatur Marcus A Ural ma
timlth of Aroona was aaara la h eaugM
sunny sire m.rmn and Introducsd
a bill for lttO public bulMInc Could
eaaterwer beat it?
Maaaaehuaetta t determined to protect
the dm family is th Barsutt at nap
pi nee along It coat. Impreasnr mleace
In contrast with th not makers abroad
In lh land vastly Inert aaea aatloaal es
teem lor the w adorn of th etam.
Akuakr Graham Rett af leltphsa
fam show decided wutomB at th
veiling reform fever. Just Bow the
Lhcm tic ytem of spelling weald eerve
to make mora newapaper room tor po
mieal Qiirtii Ar they worth the
a t. alias preacher says evenr man In
tha country aheatd knew bow ta cook ba
con aad ags and enak a gad cup af
carte. Tea. Indeed t her aa (suing
wtea tha camp cook win suit tight la
the mtdttle ef veoatlea a aeeaant ef tnoo
qaito. Maa Moaa on:, th a!y woman In
the ItagKee tnsuranc coramlaalon I a
aaurhter of Canon Wilton, formerly areh
aracaa ot Maneheater. she belong to
i th sorlallet party, headed by the couc- '
Vtcrwxk. 8.4 Is aa admirable
iiJailM aiw.ker and eajeM that ner'
O-ieaaal eixne.irrc -hat l more than'
i beauty ta sasytag et cn.wdt.
j Mia 8arah aantaty ot helroont county. ;
Stead r far Oaaatua.
j OMAHA, April B.-TO the Edller of Tbe
j Ilea: Tha misstatements aa to Osnaha
i tax rata aa the front pace at tha WerM-
lieraid this morn Ins pot out as literature
In favor tt Ooveraor Harsaea ts sa tar
from tha truth and such a abet oa Omaha
that I cannot let it go uaciatradlctad
The truth Is as follows. Ore'and
c.ty tax an a best of actual value Is
B e) per Mb Omaha s city tax an a
Busts of at per cam of actsal value la par IMS Oa the same Basis it
Cleveland, that la. aa actual value, our
tax Is 11.3 per IMS or II cents leas than
Cleveland", Tbe Omaha city tax for five
years oa the Cleveland bast, that la,
actual value, baa been as follows: UN,
1.7; 19, ait; MS. : lU. ILS: U4i
U.S. C. F. HARKI80X.
Lv aad) Dtveree.
OMAHA. April .-To the Editor ef The
Bee: I read an article about Mrs. lie- '
Cou naming a manterful man for a tua-1
i band, and Becoming so dissatisfied tliSt i
the obtained a divorce because he did not '
beat her. Mew, of course, I do not tl'.lnk
an j one will take such ststementi seii
susiy. Keltcba's remarks and that old Cock
ney Joke Is kept sUv still by unthinking
men, and men who wish to have their
wive la aa ben la ion and falling la that
aa all mta must, they try to astlafy
themselves by making such quotations.
It there ta a irata of truth In these re
mark, however, they would apply sa
readily ta the treatment of husband
ss well as wives, and probably more so
Ss w have but to scan tha papers and
resd of soma man who left a good and
devoted wife ta become the slsva of some
silly, bafrtlled creature who treats Mm
very Indifferently.
Ot course, w sill know that true love
gives all and exacts nothing In return
But it Is not classified as to sex, snd to
deprive man of the joys of atlt-sscrlflc
would be very wrong. A womsa who tslt
sa Mrs, ImCou Is raid to have felt cer
tainly abnormal: however, we only have
the statement of her divorced huband
In regard to the matter, who prorably
write to Jullfy htmself, there I no
man or woman Uvlnc who have aot
fault eaough to make llf interesting for
their partner, without cultivating fault
Kind will beget love, and entire sub.
: mlaalon ta th will af tnetker stunts th
development of either maa or woman.
B. C. V.
A Daae Pretest.
OMAHA, April l-T lh Editor of Th
Bee: At a recent meeting at th Oshl
man club, ahortly after th Cltlaen'
union ticket had beta md public, our
worthy mayor undertook to divulge th
plan upon which this ticket wa baaed,
asytng that a Bwed bad been chosen ta
catch th Bwedlah vote of the city, an
Iriahman to catch lh Irlah vote, a Dint
to catch th Dnlb vote and as for the
rest of th ticket, he said they sr re
publican snd thst ths whole Is' a Bit of
tmaoth politics by the Cltiaana' union.
This Impreuloa being given aa to hi
regard for lh working of It veurs, a
letter received by the writer April g
Mil, cam a a "bolt eat ef a clear sky"
for It shows the IneonalaMncy ef aot
only our voter, but eur Candidate a
wll. Th letter wa written la Danish
sad presumably by a Dan pleading f
th Danleh paopl their aupport for Mayor
Dahlman. Th letter translated read:
Pear "Ir: I hereby tak th liberty ef
calling your atuntloa to vary Important
duty devolving upon yourself and every
voter In Omaha.
t'Bder the eommltatoa plan of city gov
ernment which waa adopted bare last
tall, seven ft) commissioners srs to be
elected. Tha fourteen candidates who
receive the highest aumber ef votes at
th primary lectloi. which wHI be held
April , will b the candidate whoa
nam will n placed on the official bal
lot for oounellmen at the regular election
which will be held May t.
My personal friend. Jam C. Pahlman,
eur praaant mayor, haa held that office
for six year, and will therefore most
likely he personally known to you. He la
one, of the seven candidates who are aa
string to the office of councilman.
He Is. In my opinion, the beat mayor
Omaha has ever had. bring both honest
snd a man for the common people. H
ha also ahown himself a friend to ua
Danes In that a larg number ef hi p
polntlv offices are held under hi present
sdmlnivtratlon by Danes.
Let u therefor by eur vote shew
Mayor Dahlman that we stsnd by him.
because he ha stood by us Danes during
the last six years.
Do not forget to help to sleet our
mayor, baraue he baa. and will eontlnu
to deal fair with ua Dane If a Is nomi
nated aid elected ss ommlaetoner. with
roepect. JKNBNIKLaEN.
Being on of ths Dsnes suppowd te
kav profited under the admlnlstrstlea
of cur preaent mayor, and wha thua
should show gratitude lor hi kind con
kleratlon af us. 1 wish to sxaaowledge
all th advantages received snd offer my
gratitude for th same. However, I
las wt ta protest sgslnst the so-called
kind eotuilderatloa when H results, aa tt
haa. In Dana being parmltted oa 8ua
daya ar ether lion day t held their pa
stes snd baaaara wlthta the city limits,
under the Jvrtadirtjoa of auch mayor,
even wlthla iae walls et Boats of th pub
tie balldlaga, and with Impunity snd lack
f discration, tall Uauar aad otherwlat
conduct tlttnetve la a manner unbe
coming good cttlseas.
ft Is trie that th "ticket plan" was
card as a "dodger", against receiving
anoaar tor lh llouer eotd, but In the eye
ef the law tbe sale of no our wss unlawful
snd should hsvs been puniahad. Not
only waa tha I o'clock eiaalng law vio
lated, but a th Sunday cjoetng law.
la this the taverltism that should go is
call cat the Daaes en mats ta support
our ureMBt mayor?
This subject Juat dtscuased is not ths
outcome of causes etuugeabie to our
mayor alone, cat la car waeia depart
ment of police protection, aad the mayor,
being one ef tha Board of Firs and Pour
ooramteei oners, should receive hi charge
aa wail a aia credits la ardor te balance
rjefTetr. "
' Let the stayer have all tha credit he
deattvea. and to this he I Justly en
titled, but Jet u kaaw fer oartala that
A Word from Fruk Carey
My collar work is
bettor, aot because
tt costs less bat
because tt hi worth
ore. ' Jc at Office
((22 South 18th,
3c delivered.
Carey Usndry
Web. 1-MM.
tor the good of Omaha aot the Danes
alone he should be elected to the office
of city commissioner before they tak a
tea so radical. Personally 1 do not be
Her he should. fours lor a better
Omaha. H.T. A.-A DAXE.
St. Lout! Pcst-Dlspatch : It they vote
for the colonel It Is the voice of the peo
ple: but if they vote tar Tsft tt I that
brutal steam roller.
Sioux city Journal: While Bryan is In
vading Ohio. Harmon will be putting In
a few of his best licks Im Nebraska. It
woatd be hardly appropriate to describe
it ss "an exchange of pulpit."
Houston Pest: By triumphantly re
elect! ne Jeff Deria. Arkansas hnrls bark
the vile Insinuation thst her senstor hsd
been seen wearing a collar In Washing
ton or that he used s china cwapMor In
stead ef the old fsshioaed box with saw
dust !t. Paul Dispatch: Bryan hat been
waiting for twelve years to exprecs hi
pinion of Judon Harmon. Tha fart
that every one knows what that opinion
is makes no difference In the urgent
Beeeralty thst Mr. Bryan shall relieve
bis mind ta the place where It wl I di
Mr. Harmon the least good.
Springfield Republican: One et the
amazing thing about the colonel to view
of the rcadlnca with which b utters
wholesale denunciations ef the veracity
of thoss who oppose him. Is h a readiness
to ertxe hold of any wild rumor and at
tribute the sanctity of absolute truth to
It if it happens to suit his do of the
case. Recently he quoted Congress-ui
Daniel J. I'.lordjn at saying ttiat Hit
recent republican in New Tort
wire a more "burefserd v'olatlon of law
and decency" than was ever dared by
Tammany hail in days of more corrupt
politics. Congressman Riordsn declares
that he aald nothing ef the tort.
aa af Interstate Trade.
Philadelphia Record. .
If th latest decision rendered by the
Interstate Commerce commission meets
successfully ths tests of the appellate
courts, th atat of th utuoa will
ba assured of the continuation ef free
trad between the nates, which 1 Bow
threatened by local rata tariff In
Texas imposed ta protect shippers, from
outslds competition.
when-flie biscuits
JJ have been
Trt T7T -
fA 1 exP-",xsMsaBUjv. BBjaPaVaaWjm BBjaroaa-, sajmsagByMH
T7Ti iU 0) m2
1 A pureCream of TaAor
I Baking Powder
bar t
Made from Grapes
"TTir""""! Tfli' ' VMTH.lTVsTriraTl
. .... oniy Trom wan paper, but can
btsa narsfully used in dcajuiig snd tntonsg delicate bibriea, window thadet,
pictxn fraraet, etc., m set, say pjactwhere dirt, dust, toot and grim collect.
get au iw uiioaaBaisuiraniltner eellwu.iilfjii-ai'i
srsu s,
- The "Oder rl easy wayte betttv.caiek
and safer deaains. Abaoreae ss easily
applied. There is ao bard work aboat it.
Korabbiswsvaredscrr. Ho eettiot rrady,
and ao cleaains up afterwards because it
leaves as dtrt or titter. Jeat wipe the article
to b cleaned wlU Abaurcae.
10 far a lataa
wazana wrnslaaals Brag O-, TJltrfbators, tT. IV. Tsttar h IXrirleutois.
Oasaas Paiat h Olaas Oesapaay, gtlstrlbaste. ta Ceaacll Btsffs, Karla-
Staae sn Co, Pis tslba tore. BX.
Father ought to have been born a
"He doe the meet beautiful fancy work
when he make his trout flies." Derrcit.
Free Prers.
I.adr fat fasbl nable belli Do you know
.that ugly gentie.uan sitting opposite tc
1 Hsrtner That is ray brother, madam.
I Lsdy rfn confusion! Ah! I beg yotu
pardon I had aot noticed the reaem
I blance. Dundee Advertsser.
"Wr-afs the reason voting was so
"Well, when a man get hokl of a bal
lot fourteen feet long, he s liable to hukl
up the procession a bit while be read it."
j Chicago Post.
1 A Santa Fe train nn oer a cat
"VAas the cat on the track?" ask.d
woman pesaenser of the conductor.
"Oh. no." he replied. ''We chaeed it
out into a cornfield." Richmood lalo .
Fstr Sufrrasetta Isn't she a trigl.f:
Why doe she do It?
Her Chum Principle. She swore ' .
wouldn't wear s rat or a corset unit!
Mtme couth is sleeted president. Pum
"So we're short on epsce? What flisli
I do with this appendix store?"
"Cut M out."
"And this story of the mas who hsiwcl
"Cut him down?" Baltimore Airjcrtcnu.
C. 11. .Mackintosh In Judge.
Laugh, if you Ilk, at the doctor a r.i.i-takee-
And I reckon w alt make a few!
He giving the universe n.oi thau he
Which Is inore then the meat ef us o!
rtatiier yuur anows villi tiU'nui....i
And tif- them mitt, sjtlrc nl hle.
But doc t ask Mii-r to net to join la the
Hcs strictly loo buh to arnCe'
For (Jeneril Practitioner, Army of
Ja fitihtiiiK the tern r you fear.
V bile you are discussing his '1U-gotten
(!ort likely a thousand a year!)
He's saving rou ricknec and giving you
A.ul It easy to laugh when you're
Put one t your terror may get you at
,ml slier lh pit M of 0'.' crg!
Then you will remember the Jeet yoi
have made
Am) scorn hi aatiatnnre. no doubt:
Or Till entreat Mm 1) Irv to vour al.l
WHh the ckUl you have' Jested about '
made wiih
One Can of
Absorene Will
Clean An Entire Room
ABSORENE, the wonder wall paper
cleaner, removes dirt like mapc,
jvw Cleaner
: One eaa ef Ahtneist win dean sa rati re
msm and costs bet ba. Jest trv itoace. Tbe
' ' nil s oi tae sou wifl be ftimply
wonderful. The wall paper will be bp-
lately clean sad base lis ohirisal freshness,
The window dude will hsok like aew.
IMapencs. etc. snll be fresb aad bribu
eaa at th stnrii .
stakik. Ola Bssmstssn, O. aa. Brows
St Louis, Missouri
gannaasss Sa
Neatest equipped dental of flea In
On aha. Highest grade dentlsuy st
reaaonabla price. Porcelain fill
ing, just like the tooth. All in
struments carefully Marilsed after
ch operation.
Coraee loth aad Psrsaa Bta.
TKrjts ruos, rajrroa blocz