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    Boys' Shirts and Blouse?
As? 5:
Collegiate Shirts Are
the Standard Shirts
for Boys'and Yeoths
We Featve These Skirts
U Soft ui f eatei Styles
il Jl.H $L50
X. & E. Blouses Mannish
blouses with pateDt loop
instead of the old bother
some drawstrings many
pretty new colorings and plain white
at $1.75, $1.50, $1.00, and large selection at . . . .50c
1 oys Hose In all the different weights for every oc
casion elastic fast black hose with reinforced knee,
toe and heel, the best values in the market
at 50c, 35c and 25c
. , Boys Neckwear
Windsor Ties, string ties and four-in-hands in profu
siondashing colors and quiet tones 50c and 25c
j rrjamat 1 Clow T J Nulls
Boys " Boys jet- Boys ess?
Anything any Boy ever wears.
Write for new catalogue free to you.
Boomet Head fit State Cnivertity
Department of. Engineering.
Dapartaarat at, Atfcletlra Will Be
separate fro a Pkrslcsl F.S. ra
tio MeeUral Callage
tout M lr la M. LmiM. r out of!
' emroymeat ttrtm el th flood. -eonllng
to W. C. Nlaon. vsea arealAml.
Tho lojroW I temporary ad all
rrlniuted when h flood ouhoWr.
Tho Bnmbor of atnpioya una w "
to bo alma lie, obout oquallf dftlM
' hetwesn tho rJprtagfWd. MiriiHt and
Birmlngnaai divisions. - A majority are
' shop and yard worker.
' Cairo Waves ro Halalaa.
, CAlBO. IIU April :-Th lev around
. Cairo, tho loland city, remained firm to
day. - Tho river gaug roeiatorod I
ft, lth a tailing tendency. With th
water surrounding lh tow len ' fret !
higher than th city, th poopl fur that j
rain and wind atorma may cauoa
havoc Paid and volunteer guard! will
remala on th leva until tho watr ub
ikjee below th flood Mat.
nialoa at La Creese.
LACROSOIC, Wis., April .-Th Ml,
tlnelppl roa two-lentha of a foot hero
today and rlaea are reported from point
above except St. Paul. Below La. (,'ros
vary atatlan a far aa IK. Loula report
t faf. A roliUautd rla here (or aaeeraj
. Java la raawtea ana oeainjwg iwnoe
row tho river below La Croat will begla
rising. ' ;
1 hre Browned, at Chariest, Ma
CHARLESTON. Mo.. April l-Mayor
Ooorf C. Burn af Cbarleatos today,
lent additional appeals for aid for flood
offerer to stale official. Two thou,
and are bains cared for at th Masonic
Temple, at th court houa and In private
home. It la now known that th death
from tka flood aggrfte thro negroes.
man Orlener of Brio county war strong
In their opinion that th delegate would
be Instructed. Vntll the platform waa
completed It waa derided lo nieprnd fur
ther conaloe ration of th aeleotlon of dl
(ate and their Instruction.
With tho completion of th platform and
th naming of th delea-atee-at-larae It
waa (Manned tonlfht to hold a four-hour
eealon tomorrow. Mr. Butler will be
mde permanent chairman of th conven
tion. . , '
Ital Coaveatlaa Dekatlaa Whether
lutriel Deleaaltaa.
TtOCHXaTER, N. T., April (.-Th r
publlcaa itaia convention hold It Orat
eeeatoa her today and aftr a "keynote
peach by Temporary Chairman Nlchola
Murray Butler adjourned until tomorrow
:o permit th all-Important committee oa
resolutions to draft a platform, select
four elgt-Herg to th 'national
coaventlva and try to dalarmln whether
II would be for th boat Interest of Pre,
taent Tatt la send a Instructed dlaa
:toa ta Chicago. .
Th resolution tammltte. with Con.
fiesamaa Kdward B. Vreeland a It
chairman, worked well Into the night
formulating tha platform which Stat
Chairman Barnes desires ta preoent a a
aodri for adnatlua at tha national eon-
'eatlon. United States Senator Root,
tpeaker Merrtttt af tha Itate assimblr.
lormer speaker vVadsworth. Chairman
llarnea. Xtehol Murray Butler, former
Uoveruor Hurace Whit. - Tt moths' L.
1 Weed ruff and Senator Kdssr T. Bracket!
vera amoac those wh cava close appll
atloo ta the work la band.
Th thousand and odd dele fates were
'.III dlecuaslag tonight tha unanswered
tuMMkia of whether It would be expedient
ta Instruct th delegation ta tha national
convention for Tart, but It waa generally
believed soma satUfaciory solution would
. be reached befor the convention meet
tomorrow. Mr. Barnes and other leader
wh oppoaa Instructions declared tonight
that they would not recede from their
position and stated that If tha matter
waa taken hefora th convention they
bad a majority of the votes to support
their position.
Senslor Root and Chairman Koenlc of
Kew Tor eountj together with Chair-
Millionaire Beach
Accused of Attack
On Wife with Knife
AIKEN', 8. D.. April a.-Esrllmnt vr
a mysurloua attark aeveral weeks aito
oa sirs. F. O. Buck, a prominent Now
Tork woman, who la spending tha winter
her, ws Increased todsy when a war
rant was .Issued for I he arrest of her
millionaire pu'bend. chargt-ui hlm with
alaahlna her throat. : .
v?i:W TORK, April' 1-Mr. iknd.'Mra.
rsderic Beach are believed to have
ailed for Kurop on the steamer Mauro
tanla. which left here early Wednesday
nioralng last. Their names do not sp
pear en Ih passenger list of th steamer,
but It la understood that they reached
th pier not long befor Ih time for Ih
liner's departure.
Inquiries tonignt aa to Ih whereabouts
of Mr. Beach first developed that Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick o. Beach had ar
rived here from Alkea about a week axo,
and Instead of going to their summer
horns on Long Island had taksa quarter
at th Hotel Vanderbllt.
Manager Marshall of lha Vandsrbllt
aid loalght there was sbsolutsly no mys
tery about Ih movement of th Beaches
her. He understood, he added, they had
sailed as guests of Mrs, William K. Van
Mr. Beach waa married November V,
law, In this city, tvniiam K. Vanderbllt
waa best man. Ill bride was th widow
of Charlea Havenarer, to whom aha waa
married In October. ISW. and who diet
ftddealy In May, IBs. She later became
acquainted and , ilosely attached
Beach eri 'account of their mutual fond
sees for outdoor sport, both being noted
for their horsemanship and la the fall
f II they were married, only a fsw
friends being preoent.
LINCOLN, Neb.. April .- Special. V
Prof. O. V. P. Stout was mad dean of
th college of engineering at a meeting
of th board of regent f the State uni
versity (oday. The engineering collge has
had no official head since last fall when
former Dean C. R. Rlcharda left fr
L'rbana, III. to take up th position of
head professr f mechanical engineering
In the University of Illinois. In tha In
terim Chancellor Avery has been perform
ing th duties of acting dean.
Prof. Stout la a graduate of Nebraska
university, having been a member of the
famous clas of In which were judge
Rosro Pound, Judge C. 8. Loblnger.
Jerry' Smith and others. The new dean
has been a member of Nebraska's faculty
practically vr lnc his graduation, tak
ing up hla work there in lKtt. Ha was
head of the struggling department of
civil engineering at that time and ha
been so over sine, although the depart
ment ha grown to large proportions. He
waa given the rank of professor In MS
and that of head professor In ISO.
Sahatatloa at Calbertsaw.
Th board authorised th appointment
of a committee with full power to ne
gotiate far th Ferguson tract near Cu,
bertson to be used as tha site for the
substation at thai place.
A popular subscription was autborlbed
by the board for tho erection of a tablet
In tha tempi in lienor of th chancellor
emeritus. K. Benjamin Andrewe. The
board autborlbed the construction of
three tennis court on the east aid of
th ath'etic field on the lost recently
The department of athletics will here
after be separate andlndeendent orfm
the department of physical education and
subject to th order of tha regents, or
of th chancellor when the regents ar
not In aoslon. Th univer;ty athletic
board will have full authority to in
terpret any nilee or regulations in in
Institution mad ambiguous by th
Th following ad Interim appointment
were confirmed: Mlsa Jessie A. Lee, fel
low In th department of botany: T.
Holllngshead, herdsman In the dairy de
partmenl; Marlon K. Ilelmann, sten
ographer at th farm; Andrew Kneller.
plumber; Arvid Samuelson, Instructor for
glee club; Prancla Potter, Instructor of
mandolin club.
Tha following resignations were ac-
cp:d: Harriet Folger, aasoolate pro
fessor home economic; O. W. Sjogren.
Instructor la forge work.
The following new appointments were
made: Prof. O. V. P. Stout, to be dean
of the college of engineering, title to be
come e'ffeetlv Immediately: H. L. Nye.
foreman of the Culbertaon demonstration
farm; Effle Myers, stenographer and
laboratory assistant, department of ani
mal paUialogy: Dr. G. Alexander Young.
Instructor In mental and nervous dis
eases; Dr. II. B. Hamilton, clinical aa
sistant In medicine; Dr. Clarence Ruben
dall, clinical assistsnt In diseases of tn
now and throat: Dr. J. B. Potts, clinical
assistant In disesses of eye and ear; D.
and that the date for the killing was
agraed on between thera two months be
fore It waa committed. Mr. H turning
was taken by surprise when 8etdl was
taken Into the court room aa a witness.
8 he gasped and sank back In her chair.
Right-of-Way Bill is
Reported Favorably
WASHINGTON. April l-The house
Judiciary committee today voted to re
pot t favorably tho bill IntroJuccd by Rep
resentative Norria of Nebraska to pre-
T. Lane, clerical assistant, fanners in-1 vent the cnton racigic roa irom c
stltutes. I uuTIng a strip of land je feet wide along
Oskaloosa Man
is Roasted Alive
OSKALOORA. la.. April t.-Thomas
Carney. year old. prominent In busi
ness circles, was literally roasted alive
at his home here today, while trying to
get furniture out of a burning shed.
Carney had gone Into th building when
a pile of burning bona fell acroa th
doorway, obstructing his exit. Relatives
were powerless to prevent his death.
the right of way of Ita Bnea In e
brasfca, Colorado and Kanaaa. The
Norrls bill would veat title ebeotutelv
In present occupants. Several million
dollars' worth of property ar Involved.
Hear? Hasiekrr.
Ht'MBODLT. la., April .-8peclal-Henry
Hunseker. aged ? years, one of
tha pioneer dtltena of Richardson county,
died at hi home in Franklin township
of cancer of the stomach. Friday. He
leave a widow- and several grown chil
dren. Ontnla Jewsk Veiawss.
..t.'.'t- . ril .a uu. e Can.
mil nrt ir OTAI Cal 1 ""-. ... -
BULLDOG IS SIOLtn Italn Joseph Weinman, aged at, a veteran
of th Sibley campaign against the 8Uus
Indians In Dakota, died her today after
a brief Illness. The body will b taken
to Faribault for Interment.
Thoaaaa Rea.
TORK. Neb.. April .spectal.
Thomaa Rea of McCool died yeaterday.
aged K year. He had been a resident
of Tork county more than fifty year.
CHICAGO, April l-Pollc are searching
today for "Leo the .Third." a French
bulldog, winner of many bench shpw
prises and valued at ROM by Its owner,
Samuel Rapheul of Dae Molnea. Tha dog
waa stolen from the home of a friend of
Rapheul on the northwest aid last evening.
8T. LOUIS. Mo., April .Joseph
Heidi convicted and under lit ontno
tor murdering Martin Hunnlng, teetlfled
at HilUboro, Mo., in tha trial of Mra.
Annie Hunnlng, charged with complicity
In the murder, that Mra. Hunnlng platted
with him for tha killing of tier husband
We can save you money
on children's clothing
And the savings are so decided the values so un
usual that you'll ahvays feel kindly toward Browning,
King & Co.
$3.50 and $5.00
At these prices we feature lines of Boys' Two-Piece
Suits, Juvenile Suits in Russian and Sailor Blouse and
Juvenile Eeefers that, to say the least, are most extraor
dinary values..
They are made right the patterns are all desirable,
and when sold in a regular way would be marked con
siderable more.
Now if you've a single need for such garments
and are inclined to be economical you better bring the
boy to our second floor today.
Browning-fting & C9.
R. S. WILCOX, Mgr. Fifteenth at Douglas.
port Arrive. Ssuet.
BosToK Crette.
tim vrtRK Mlaaeveaka
HALIFAX... Iveraia
MADEIRA sea Ouvaaal...
OKNOA lasrsatle
LIVERPOOL Oes. WssklBStea.
S'KW VOKK hiuli
hXW TORK aeetlaa
Her. and There
And Everrwher
Three dollars
can't buy C
mm stick
For Tender Faces
hdlepenubl for those subject to red
aass, ssugbaess. aad ether IrrMaUoaa
af iheetia. AabarlnglttzBiy. Kama,
aa saggy nap. a germ, aa waste of
Usssoeaasoay. laalcaeied boa. Me..
termor by matt. Liberal sample free.
A-Mrwe-Cuticure.-Dept ,
Short Weight Pails
of Lard Cause Fine
FARGO, X. IX, April a. -The Armour
Packing company waa fined fiat her to
day for selling lard In pails underweight.
m violation af the Mate pure food law,
which require actual weight to be printed
n th container.
An appeal will be taken and If tha
fin I auatalned th Armour company
will withdraw from th lard trad In
Ihla stste. It was said.
CHICAGO. April -A. R. Vrloa of
counsel for Armour At Co., dtarusatng th
prosecution in North Dakota of th com.
paay which he represents, tonight da-
dared that It waa physically Impoaslbl
to meet the exact requirement of th
North lakota pur food law.
"A number of concerns," said Air.
I rion, "are fighting the law and the mat
Mr has been taken to the Mate supreme
court. But meantime the pur food com
mlsaioaer insists upon bringing prosecu
tions under th provision of th law.
"The law up there require that lard
shall be sold In exact atxteea.oune lot
or In exact multtplce af tha one-pound
package. la making tha palls are filled
and sealed by machinery while tha lard
la Mill hot. Aa a reault H la phyalcally
impoaslbl ta get an, exact pound or tw
or four -pound weight. Some past will
weigh a little mare and some will weigh
a trifle less.
"If the law la auatalned by tba state
supreme court wa will be forced to with
draw from the trad In that state. Sev
eral other concern hare reached the
same decision. Tba law la unreasonable
and cannot be obeyed to th letter."
AX FRANCISCO, April l-Th Panama-Pacific
International exposition to
day adopted Ita ernclal Hag. bearing the
words: -Exposition HI Hon Fraai-cleco.-
Aaaurancee have been received from
many ateamahlp coeapenV that they will
try tba flag In an waters of th world
, In the woods take a box
along. On the fishing trip
take a box along. On the
links take a box along. On
the farm take a box along.
It costs little by the pack
age, but less by the box.
It's portable beneficial
enjoyable cheap.
It's the goody that's good
for you because it preserves
teeth sharpens appetite
aids digestion purifies
breath, -gayai
So get enough of it while
you're near it so youll have
it when you want it!
Look' for the spear. The
flavor lasts.
f S- r;xesa
How About Hose?
(Not "Hole ProoP)
But hose for the garden. Made by the B. F. GOOD
RICH CO. You cannot beat GOODRICH HOSE any
wherenor our prices.
You know Goodrich hose is the best made and can
not be sold at ANY OLD PRICE.
We have the same brands from 10c a foot
Every foot warranted and at right prices. Our
guarantee protects you.
Jas. Morton Son Co.
1511-13 Dodge Street
Tool Headquarters
Important Changes in
Train Schedules
Effective Sunday, April 14th
Train No. 2, CHICAGO LIMITED, will leave
Omaha Union Station at 5:30 P. M., as at present, con
necting with all East bound trains in Chicago.
reach Omaha at 8:00 A. M., as at present.
Train No. 4, which now leaves Omaha at 7:10 A. M.,
will be known as Train No. 8 and will leave Omaha at
10:53 A. SI.
Train No. 5, which now arrives in Omaha, at 3:45
P. M, will be known as Train No. 7, and will arrive in
Omaha at 3:30 P. SL
For detailed information, reservations, etc. Call at
409 South 16th Street.
Phones: Douglas 264 and A-2164.
Ma. Svtrr Bar. .dBi sTvarjr aright. :la
Th LaJing Lady fialariM Max
Hart Six Klsppvra Wllfrad Clarke
Co. Brown anil Nnrmaii ar! DsMarsst
Th Parroffa aUaetoaropa Orpsain
Concert Orrbtstr. Friers: Night. ;c
Sic tc ana lie MaUnca, lc: exst
seal lie except Saturday aad Bunaajr-
. TUa Arasraaoa, a to tt-)
Ta Big ktmsicsi aVaonsa
BDaai KajM aa M gaafta,
Taaraaar. a Bara. Mat. Sataraaf
Mom, Tasw April la, 1. at :)
Caarke rrokssaa Fiaaaaf
' Bsats Tkanaar, M t MM.
T saiga t. Mat. Vasai. Tana
TB3 rMaTTIaT gstl
Mw. A. avslkla Fissssta -
Tsaigbt tii oars
W47sTtg A WOMAJi-B lOrt
TtU Bat, . Bsaaaval la
Tgi ntinitia,
ITBtTUalU avr TjaajBarviuai
IMMrmaa Braa, ! Vaa oa-
ran. fat Whit. ArasMroagSk Baara-l)-Tr
Trio. Suffering SafTragatta CSsm
auttaa tt ia sTiga a I
Baat Baata SO I
The Lady Boccaieersl
r--. stamp g P L Dtt. OH AHA