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A. XfeULI U,
Imperial Leather
Turkish Rocker
CHRryrOPHa R, by Richer Pyrca. Ml
Pp. tl tv Boua-btoa, MUflia company.
To tall the Mary as detail would spoil
tb reader' piaasur. It suffice to say
that ta book ta a picture of contem
porary Eagilsh life tb story of tb con
flict of pavaetaa aad Idealism In th live
of a group of charming aad very human
character. It Is full of strong situations
full, too, of delicate observation and
delightful humor, aad full, everywhere,
of a vital asnaa of Ufa.
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Aarrher Iqlnri tor tha
ti at firing e
N. ' Ik Atlaatl,
Jceaph Brwcksr attempt to eroaa the
Atiearie fes a dtrlglbla t peeilly ehar
aetarlxsd by IU kastnsssllk sissthsda.
Although th task that a aM lor hlnv
e.lf was from th Html Hitar af eao
easeful sccompllshro.nt thsa ih.t of hit
rival a, Messrs. Wellman and Vanlman,
aad although by th locality and lima of
hj flight h excluded abaolulaly any
chtais at setting storm, reegh eea ar
bed wreath at any eort, and atom se
lected a e-orter rant, ka Drat sc" all Bra
nded far th (raataat posslbls safety of
th. crow la ouo of accident, by making
tb whola car of Ma airship, eootainjng
all tk. quipment. Mora, awtruraant and
tb Urine accommodation, a thoroughly
atawoflhy motor-driven yacht, wltk twa
epartu sngtnes. alao with maat aad
sales, that by triad and perfected math
oda can b launched with aatety from th
aw- tot tb aaa at aay Urn aad at a
moment's aotic. Tkla ha beta reput
edly demoo.lrated by launching tb boat
with tta wbol craw and equipment from
fraai tb which It are suspended
artly ta tb aaa way a It wit b sue.
Bsadil frost tba aallcea, and wbicb wt
camad aa tb aid af a storing itax
at tb Ind of tb aestdsck. Major Yoa
Vareeval'a bmnttoa enabled Brurksr to
Mcantrat all bla machinery and eoulp
BMat la on ear. which It waa aaay to
aara lata a atanob watercreft, Wbca tk
boat la Unacted from tba balloon watar
anchor ar aaad ta bold th latter point
hag lata ta wind and to alow dowa It
, apaed. Tba tb beet aaa amr hit tb
watar broadetd or at a speed of amr
than tea mllaa aa hoar.
I aplt of that fundaments! precau
tion. Mr. Bracks aad hbj advisers, noted
apart. In Oormaa aaraaaatlcs and mta
ecology, hav baaa themselves tb most
akaatieal critic af tbatr chance. Their
alrahlp Saabard aaa bow baaa racoa.
atractad tbra ttaace ta keep abreast of
tb awat raeast adraaea aad sx perl
aanta la atrial Ma aaelgation. From tb
What Our School Children Ar
D:0a :L(I fl Lu
outset they treated only to a parfaetad
aad waU-taatad typo and ao built
hip after ta Pare! aiodel. Wba tb
methods of I allocking tb. boat bad baaa
thoroughly triad, th. ant aad moat se
vers taat war applltd I tb powar plant
and th annulling awrbieary.
Com fort a bl bunk for tb now ar
below daek; gasoline kt caniad m fir
proot Unka along th bottom of th boat.
Wltk a partial "clack- with atalrraara and
doom, thta apadoa boat laok exactly
Ilk a araall river steemer, aad It I diffi
cult to haasta M UK ft abov tb
Th ahlp la now being rapidly com
pleted for trial trip la 0rmany and
early shipment to th Cape Vrd Island
With an alrahlp that I aow a regular
Parroval of th approved and triad type,
and capable of making sals aad extended
trial flight even undar tba difficult air
tadirjaaa af tba tamperau lone, com
pleta soeces aaay aow ba raaaoaably ax.
psctsd. Captain Joerdeaa. tta commander,
tar long a Bated allot of apherlcai bal
loon, baa bean for th last bait year
carefully trained aa a pilot of Parssv!
alrtbtpe wader aa competent a teacher
a JUeutenant Slelllag.-dclentltla amar
loaa. '
Wealthy Patteaea Pad la laaa
to Haa few BVaaflt af
t tk Pear.
Attention I called by the New Terk
Medical Journal ta tba fact thai maay
peraoa af wealth ara taking advantage
of aaaaaarta la tba watt by aceapytag
the ta tba exdueloa af tba poorer per
oa for wboea they war intended. Tb
editor dlacaaaa tba matter la aa artlrl.
BUtlad "A Particularly Mean aindle."
Ua ay: .
Thraugkout tke drle part af tb coun
try, partlcalarty kt tb wee, there ar
nu atker af aaaatorla of what might b
called a armt-cbarltabla aatur. Thee
ar aunaorted la two ware by weakly
obarg ta tb aatlenta. tnaufflcraat ta par
oapeaaea, and (t the extent af the
deficit) by liberal don. t loaa from wealthy
aad kind-hearted well.wteher. Tba
aaraal cent of keeping a patient at auch
aa InaUtutlc la about U a weak, but
lb ueual charge I only IT. tuck eana-
torta ara la poaltloa to do aa Immanae
amount af good la taking ear af par-
aona of moderate mean without th tac
rine of their aelf-raapect, but la prac
tice the aooomroodatlona are alraoat com
pletely filled by patient quit well-to-do,
and even moderately rich.
"It ta not an uncommon thing, we uo
darataod. ta aea phthisical womea be
decked magnificently with diamond din
ing at eome auch eanatorlum, where in
quiry dlacloaea that they ar paying only
th low rales aatabllahed for th poor.
Tb meanneea of tbu taking advantage
of ebarlty I aot mitigated by th fact
that Influene ba been brought to boar
In favor of the wealthy woman by aa
Influential politician, eome donor to th
Inatltutloa, or area th family phyalclaa.
"Leaving ta on aid th adamantine
heart quaHtle af people who will take
advantage of auch a situation, and to
which It I ueeleaa to appeal, we may re
mark that th wrong don to poor pa
tient to great. Inasmuch a they ar
forced Into county aad stats eana tori,
where th condition r frequently very
bad. or Into cheap boarding houses.
wher they ara not much better; second.
that thta rut of affair prevents tb
establishment of private sanatoria In the
proper region, becaus th patient who
might be legitimately expected to fill
such Institutions ar taking shabby ad
vantage of their ability to supplant their
povsrty-strtckea fellow consumptive In
place rightfully belonging to th latter
and. third and this statement will ap
peal, we believe, with great fore to thoa
responsible-the state of affair la bo
eomlag aotorlous. which will quickly dry
up the fount of misapplied charity.
"Tb doctor who bar aided la this
mean imposition nave, we ar sure, been
deceived by th patient they have helped,
and a word at caution ta them will suf
fice." tVewr keseawe Map at Utah.
Taluabl to kom .seeker and Investor
Snow everything up-to-date a map can
snow. Limited a umber tor Bale by state
conaerraUoa oommlealna. tM Felt build
tag. Bait Lake City.
Louli 8aoaen. 411 Pp. II.). the Cen
tury company.
A blind violinist adores bla wife, whs
1 very leader and awet with him. Bo
sensitive Is tb snaa to her presence that
In a concert ball when ha com forth to
play he invariably faces toward bla wife,
wherever she may be aitUng. Presuming
on a sort of false security Nona allows
her Interest la another man ta grow
until she has got both aba and herself
la tb toils. Finally tb ma declares he
can stand It ao longer that either thy
hare u go away together ar ha must go
alone. What follows Is dramatic, and ab
sorbing, aad few writer handle a
frankly, yet delicately, a tilangularlasd
love story.
THE GIT AUDI AM. by Frederick Orin
Bartiett. Pp. U.K. Small. Maraud
A novel of the great woods, breathing
the keen air of the out-of-doora and por
traying th rugged characters of the lum
bermen with a skill which surpasses any
previous attempt to show them aa they
really are. The central them Is simple.
and In Its broad application to th lit f
men and women In general pnsssiii a
fundamental quality that gives rt wide
Bailey, ait Pu. U.2. Georxe II. Doran
Queen Elisabeth I th lonely queen, a
maid with a face of Ivory and hair of
gold. W encounter her first as a little
child, spying on her muck-married
father, the bluff King Hal. as h Is
courting his fifth wits. Across th pages
w kav glimpses of kings and cardinals,
brilliantly conversing and In th midst
sit th queen, (intrusting aad un trusted.
V. Htew.rt. t Pp., Houghton
Mifflin company.
Th Been of this story I laid on a
Texas sheep ranch, but close enough to
thriving country town to prevent the
reader from becoming loet in th aver
aga story of ranch lite. The alternation
between town and country present th
background for a tale of th usual west
srn typs. exciting and sufficient unto
th dsy or hour of recreation.
Edgar Jepaon. KM Pp. tl.15. a. W. Dll-
unsnam company.
The unraveling of the mystery of a
daring robbery committed in a fashion
sbl London neighborhood 1 tb theme
on which this story rests. Hleuths from
Mcotland Tard ar put upon th case and
Ihs detectives go from one clue to an
other wltb th plot growing deeper all
the time, which I finally worked out to
a logical conclusion.
Stslner. tl pp. H.itt, t'leming 11. ReveU
Prof. Slelner has th story-t.ller's
knack and use Ms art wltb skill In this
collection, wher will be found dramatis
tragedy and profound patboa In strong
contrast with keen humor and brilliant
Mlaewlla. '
By Arnold Bennett. 1M Pp. 11. Ueorge 11
lioran company.
In thla little easay th author tresis
himself and his own literary career to
the asm rathless reallern which baa
brought him, through his fiction, to th
forefront of our novel lets. He writ with
tb humor characteristic of hi smaller
book Bat for th first tlm some cold
fact ara put Into print about authors,
publishers, editors, reviewers and reader.
KKLY WOMAN. Z Pp. U.S. Houghton
jsimin company.
This unusual narrative concerns Itself
with the relation of youth to age, with
th "superiority"' of th younger gener
ation over tb older, and with th danger
ous apasd with whleh rim Tie hi th
present age. The story told has the pathos
that make a direct appeal to th read
er's heart, but It has. too. a kindly humor
sad a rip human wisdom that make R
unique and thoroughly readable.
HOME. By Mr Newell Dwlght Hill la
US Pp. U. Flaming H. Ml compear.
These artlolea, when published separ
ately, called forth widsspraad expressions
of appreciation aad their worth and prac
tical valu make thla a moot suggestive
and stimulating MM voium.
Louis Albert Bank, its Pp. H-JOi Funk-
WaanaUa company.
A saris of discourses primarily ad
dressed to young peopl oa subjects of
prcnt-day Importance.
THE FACTORY. By Jonathan Th saver
Lincoln, k Pp. . Houghton-Mltan
Tb author, wba Is a mill wwner, makes
a compact study of tb history at tb
factory system, beginning with It rkss
out of tb out faadalfcrtla eoodlttorta af
labor, through th radostrial rroluHon.
dowa to the present tlm, with tta ssany
complex tendencies fraught with hope
and danger for tb future.
WHALER Al'RORA. By David Moor
Lindsay. HI Pp. $L Daaa late cosa
Pay. Tba book eoatalaa a dsaertptlaaj of th
whaler's trip from Dundee ta Newfound
land, from whleh alao for several
swaths H wsa engaged In seal fishing
oft th Labrador coast. Much Interest
ing information regarding tb aeala, their
habits and tb sMtbeda af capturing them
la given. It is after tba sealing season
bi finished that tba search for the
Oresley expedition Is started. Later tb
vessel snakes a whaling trip to the coast
st Greenland. Tb lands visited, tb nr-
kabitanta. tb hunting of wild
and bird are all described.
HISTORY. By A BL glmoaa. 1st Pp.
ILiJ. Tb Macmiilaa company.
Tke author haa seuckt to bssria sx tba
origin of each Ua at social ptiigisas, aad
ka first endeavored Is Si si ribs tb etsaa
ta asirhaaleal Briigias. the aeesal claaess
hresntht mta asassuassas ka? the .
eal ctuusrs. tbea the attvargto by which
pswsr, dad. Daally, th sastltBOuas wkirt
Y.K V iW V..m T: Ti . IIV W''riv iTTI sFaBfgBswaBwaBnwBBsi
OABIkTBT It provtdeg s conven
ient place for every article of
dally conaumptlon. Made of the
finest selected seasortabl ek and
finished to withstand generations
of svery day us. For 1 1
tomorrow at th special "Z y"
price of
BWAkLXBD 111111
BBATOaV Haa hard wood case,
whtt enameled llnd. mineral
wooled filled, Trimming ere of
solid brass. Built on the cold dry
sir principles with large eg
roomy Ice compartment. n'"
Aa amaslng valu at
wer created as a consequence of the
Theodore Flournoy. Trsnnlated by Here
ward Carrlngton. M( Pp. U. Harper
Tb book begins with a brief account of
lb results of an extensive Inquiry, con
ducted by the author. Into alleged super
normal facts this being a atudy, from
th psychologist's point of view, not only
of the facts, but of the subjects who ex
perienced them. Mr. Carrlngton has con
tributed a number of foot notes.
Oarrt Oarrett. ft Pp. id cents. Harper
A series of vignette of Wall street
sad the financial district. In an easy
conversational style, showing ths human
nature of high finance aad low wltb
out 1U technicalities. Th old habits and
the superstitions of men In ths street
are discussed, and there la genuine color
la th book.
THE MANSION. By Henry Van Dyka
Q Pp. Harper at Bros.
la clean-cut, colorful narrative and dia
logue It compare the earthly mansion
and possession of a wealthy man, his
attitude toward them, and th principles
by which he has guided bis Ufa, with
that other mansion he had prepared for
himself In th great beyond, whlthsr a
death-Mho dream carries him oa Christ-
Graadasa Depee a slew Over
New Cater af tb Babya
PTatboet. tana wagoa and automobile
parti ea which came ia excursion msiisve
aad at special rates to aee to outcome
of tb trial of practically all adult Wood
land. Pa., following- upon th heels or
a general town riot over tb color of a
baby' hair, war treated to a climax
that was not expscted. A preacher
brought about pear wbca tb feud
sssmud destined to become a fixed one.
and as hundreds sung th "Poxolov.''
tb court, in th person of Magistrate
Stengl. wiped the case off of th docket.
Th remarkable scene waa tb oateom
af the recant of a. mLUn-h, t-
bla syd baby in a borne wher only
bbsck hair bad hsrwtotor erown. The
assther ra law. Mrs. Joba A. Parade, i
openly charged her son's wife. Mrs. Wil- !
bag Pnctraaxa, wltb barring Bdxadl
Take a year or
two to pay for A f '
wnai you ouy
r. -a
? " '
Compltt with hoed
tnd ttorm dash
Tbli high crada go-cart folds com
pletely wltb one motion. Hood and.
all. Frame ta made of heavy tubular
ateel, wheel fitted with heavy rush
Ion tire. Entire body and auto hood
of finest grade leatherette. Complete
without mud fenders at price quoted
storks. After an exchange of personxl
opinions ths two women began pulling
At this Juncture their respective hus
band arrived upon ths scene, and a
pitched battle ensued, la which not less
than a dosen prominent eltlsena took a
hand before the arrival of Mayor Luther
Moore upon tbe scene.
A true was declared, only to be broken.
While the battle raged Mayor Moors.
finding himself unable to cop with th
situation. telephoned to Magistrate
Btengls of Beaford tor assistance. Hastily
securing a larg touring car, th magis
trate summoned Constables Bteen and
Thorn and as many other men ss the car
would hold and ordered th chauffeur
to make a record run.
The distance of five mile was mads
In exactly eleven minute. Springing
from the auto in the midst of tb rioter,
tb officers began making arrests. They
locked tbe prisoner In th Methodist
church, around which ths battle raged.
Twenty-tare me and several women
were taken Into custody before snythlng
like order prevailed. All wer finally re
leased on giving security for their ap
pearance before Magistrate Stengl ta
8eaford th next day.
Long before tb hour art for tb trial
teams of every description began pour
ing Into Beaford. loaded with witnesses
and curioua people from tbe surrouad
tng country, whii a Urge flatbost, char
tered for the occasion, brought several
hundred more, at excursion rates, to at
tend the trial.
Calllag a few of tbe leading men of the
town together, Mr. Bunstein and Mayor
Moore adjourned to en of the dressing
rooms. Over on hour elapsed, with only
an occasional angry role to be heard.
while tb crowd anxiously awaited tbe
outcome. Wltb his face wreathed ta
smile. Mr. Bunstein finally advanced to
tb magistrate' desk and stated that all
bad agred to atop tb fight aad court
adiourneeL Phtladelphla Record.
- Pert latent Adverrislnr is the Road t.
Big Returns.
Cbeerfal Pblloaepber.
An American who spends mack of
his time In London tells of a philosophic
flnsncier In the British capital wha
after being at the "top of the he. saw
nis weaun swept away, his mends came
t rondel with him. They found bin
"I ara living alone." explained tbe ontlo-
sopher. "and disturbing Just aa few of
ear hablta a noealbl I aot un at s
o'clock Just aa I always used to and ring
th beu lor my valet exclaimed the friends, -are
you still able to keep a valetr
"No. ' sighed tb poUoeopber. "but 1
keep tL haul- . . . .
extra laree and
a. ii t o v. i
roomy with a broad, spacious seat
that is rest inviting one that
you can throw yourself into when
you are tired and weary and real
ly feel that you have found the
ideal comfort rocker. It has a very
artistic back, deeply tufted, with
deeply ruffled edges to back and
down the front; has best of steel
springs, strongly secured. The
platform base is made of selected
solid wood and has large claw
feet This is a rocker that is built
for service, upholstered through
out with guaranteed Imperial
leather which looks like the best
grade of genuine leather and
wears exceedingly well. The big
gest bargain ever offered at the
BArrTrrTTL bbesssb This
elegsnt dresser may be had In ma
hogany or golden oak ftnlah. Th
handeome French beveled plat
mirror la et In an attractive
frame beautifully carved t th
top and bottom. Thl 1 A dl
a splendid value at the Q'"
low price of
list THTR KUO 'Another r
mavrkabt offerinc; rich Orient,
or floral dsixna, aof t weave. Have
no miter Mtui.v to wear thread
bare. You'll aurely igm with ua
that they re worth
double the prloe.
For tomorrow only.,
MIeaeaii Bear Story Distanced All
Competitor for th
"Br stories." ssld th civil engineer.
"I ll tell you one. We were building a
railroad bridge some years ago down In
th Oxarks. There wer about asvsnty
flv or us In camp, mostly Urock acl
Italians. One day a native cam in ami
reported that ha bad chased a bear
a car near camp. We deckled to get
that bear on the following Sunday.
The day cam and we armed for ti.s
sttack. I had a gun. Ths Ore-ks anJ
Italian took h an m..i.. w .j
th car. nd I ltd tb way, iar.torn in
nana ana gun In th oibsr. Tl:
others all foUownS. Th.
a rather larg room from which a rtr-
rw passsgs ltd Into a black void be
yond. Thar waa room foe ,
t a tint to squess through thl paasa..
However, we all got through, and had
(one about 109 fee. i... .w
whoa there waa a growl ahead. ievry-
ooay stood to whet- arm ba rossss.i1.
aad when I sew Art. .
aimeo at it and find. T
-a. usually . ..,
nsa aaa bji eaMA.... .
- ua eianea
fortbe entrance I was at front, and waa
boat th last maa ta ranch tba narrow
r" ,wa th rseoptlaa ball and
auwa Hir. wnasi I n . . k.
Place waa ehokm . n . ....
" WRH eno i 1.1
ana. an af them nrMk.
I - d-perau a. of
---- -e oawtng tbea sen of tbe
assssas Hk. a jh . . .
- - - --w "i.sin lor Sanger, i
r7 ot bit tb paaaaga, acrapl four
oreek and Italian off my
and dashed out of door. I was ths
first man out. About three minutes leter
a "reek came out. He was built Bks a
"rattler. One ear was -."glng and botb
ale eyes wer dosed. He waa saying
oaastblng from Plato. Five other man
earn ot In ths cert Ave minute. Xor.e
of them had any clothe on. Some t
lbr Pt right on running toward tbe
oamp. Two of them nan a little way off
and lay down on their back. The last
maa out was a little Sicilian. lie eras
orying softly and rubbing bl fist In hi
srs. U did not look lib a man who
bad bssn In tb prsseaca of death, but
resembled a loet child.
-WU. w all want borne. We never
a anything mora f tba bear, nor did
acxyeae around cams H
A Sam Bernard ears, rt wsa a
52 .-4