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    THE BEK: OMAHA. SATl'KUAY. APRIL (5, 1912.
Where $20 to $25
g't,l.HlM "3
Men of Omaha!
Don Be Misled
by the "holier than thou" ad
vertising of our panic-stricken
competitors (?) in this city.
The "Dundee". $15 suits, sold
under a ' guarantee, are the
best produced in America at
the price.
A $7.00 fancy
Silk Vest free
with every
nre suit order
Saturday only
April 6, 1912.
Our patterns
are all hand
some new
spring de
signs. Endless
assortment to
choose from.
Every gar
ment made to
your measure.
G uaranteed
nil wool.
Made, by
Union Men.
Dundee Woolen Ells
N. W. Cor. 15th and Harney Streets
Council Bluffs Store, 409 W. Broadway
Mail Orders Solicited.
Basmusten'l Men' t Court House
lay Aside Their Tools.
MotUmpi Have Met Been raid for
Meath, Thoagh Saboeatractor
Ha Received All or
Dae HI at aa Estimates.
The twelve csrpetiters employed on the
construction of the Douglas county court
hou?e quit work yesterday aa the re
sult ot financial differences between ub
(Juntractor ftasmuseen, who la doing the
carpentry work, and the general con
tractors. Caldwell Drake.
Superintendent Zlegler. employed by
Caldwsll Drake, Is now endeavoring
to cat the men hack on the Job. He ex
plains that Itasmusaen has not paid his
workmen for thirty days, snd that they
are dlsaatlafled.
"This has occurred several times with
Rasmursen and his men," says Mr. Zleg
ler, "and it always reflects on Caldwell
e Drake. Rasmuaten has been paid
eer thing that la coming to him, de
ducting 11 per cent which Is to be held
liack until the job Is completed, and he
seems to think that Caldwell & Drake
should dig down for money to keep the
carpenters going,"
Van the Triable lies.
Chief Clerk John W. Murphy ot Cald.
well Drake said the trouble Is solely
between Rasumssen and his men.
"We have paid liasmussen all he has
coming to blm up to date' said Mur
phy. "If he hasn't cot enougli work out
of his men so that what we paid him will
cover their wages It Is his fault and not
ours. If work la not resumed within a
reasonable time w will declare his con
tract forfeited and proceed with the
work ourselves."
Several of the carpenters called on th
county commissioners to ask aid In get
ting their pay. They were told the
county has nothing to do with th matter
and cannot Interfere,
WASHINGTON. April 6.-Charles G.
Dawes of Chicago, former comptroller of
the currency, contributed $2.50 of th
IS.Stn primary campaign funds of Law
rence Y. Sherman, republican candidate
for I'nlted States senator, against Sen
ator Cullom of Illinois, according to the
report filed with the senate today. The
other contributors Included: Sherman.
J,S; W. A. Ilosenfeld, 11.000; James A.
1'atton. font); K. L. Ames, $300; Elbert
Eads. Milton J. Foreman and "a
friend." $".50 each. Train service cost
Sherman I2,8?: advertising. J2.W7; hall
rental. $993. and cigars, 135. the total
expenses being 17,99.
Stimulate your business by advertising
In The Beethe newspaper that reaches
all ot th buyers.
One Lonely Freighter Will Hake
Trip and Then Quit.
deletes ea Attempt la Revive Beet
lac aral Officials Klad
Chlaaaum I alawfally la
tke Coeetrr.
DES MOINES. April S.-(tipec!al Tele
gram. I There is to be an opening ot the
"navigation season" In Des Moinee on
Monday and the one solitary steamboat
that thus far represents the fleet of
freighters for the river is to make a
Journey down the river aa far at least
as the city limits. A boat was built about
three years aso, but the water was never
high enough to float the craft until re
cently. Then it got so lush the "captain"
was afraid to trust the craft out of
reach ot the banks. Now he has planned
to start things. It is the only effort
made to revive boating on the river, and
sines th turning dowu of the scheme by
engineers It prabably will be the last.
Klad Saiaaalra alaaaaaa.
After several weeks' Investigation fed
eral officials today discovered that a
Chinaman who has been held in the
county Jail on a charge of vagrancy, so
cured entrance to the I'nited States un
lawfully. The Chinaman gave his name
as John Hounk, and has been taken In
charg by 8. L. Whltcfleld, Immigration
Inspector of St. 1-oula.
The prisoner was arrested several
week ago by police officers, who turned
him over to the dialrlct court on a
charge of vagrancy. Judge Brannan took
charge of the man and tried to learn
something of his past life, but he refused
to talk with his countrymen who lived
In les Moines. He was then turned
over to the federal authorities for In
vestigation. Drs Molaea Uela fMI-Ceat (ias.
Des Moines will get 90 cent gas after
a battle of nearly a year. Judge Sloan,
who was appointed master to take the
evidence in the case, toduy reported to
Judge McPherson in favor ot the ordi
nance reducing the gas rate from a fl
to W cents. The case had been In court
for over a year. It la now up to Judge
McPherson to approve the findings, and
the gas rate will come down.
Will Buy You Most
MARSHA LLTOWN, la.. April 5.-Spe-clsl.)
For a child to tumble down a
furnace pipe Is a new episode In child
life, but la what occurred In the fam
ily of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vosburg of
Oilman. Eighteen-month old Kvert Voe-
burg; wlill exploring the house, re
moved a register covering a large cold
air ptpe leading to the furnace and then
tumbled Into the round sine tunnel thai
sloped Into the furnace. Mrs. Vosburg
heard the child crying, but could not
locate lis voice, until she happened to
find the cold air register out ot place.
Help was summoned and Jamea Stewart,
a carpenter who was working on the
place, went down the pipe head first,
while the parents of the child held him
by each ankle. Stewart was able to
stretch far enough to get hold of the
baby's garments and drag tt out of Its
uncomfortable place. But for the fact
that the fire In the fuprnace wa low
the child woud probably have been
pretty well roasted before It wa rescued.
WATERLOO. Ia April !.-Senator A.
B. Cummin won th delegation, to th
national convention at Chicago In the
third district convention here at 11
o'clock on the sixty-second ballot. Frank
lin county' delegation went over to the
progressiva side, breaking the deadlock.
The delegate to the national republican
convention are C. B. Santee and O. P.
Morton. They are unlnstructed.
Bante and Morton announced them
selves as for Cummin first, last and
all th tlm.
AMES, la., April 6. Dr. Raymond A.
Pearson of New York has accepted the
presidency ot the Iowa State College ot
Agriculture at Ames. Pearson has been
for the last four yesrs commissioner of
agriculture for the state of New York.
Cregor Short of Food.
KEOKUK. la.. April t.-A work train
carrying food supplies to flood sufferers
at Gregory, Mo., was unable to get
through the flooded railroad area and.
It was reported, the food supplies were
transferred to small boats. Whether or
not they reached the town la not known.
Saturday Special Sale
OncHalf Price and Less
Brooms, Baskets, Hampers
Gas Globes, Gas Mantles
In Our Basement
300 Brooms 1 our choice while they last, Saturday, each, 25c
llijf WASTE BASKETS-About 100 in the lot Fancy baskets, all
in3 shapes and sizes, none sold for less than 50c each, and the most
of them for 7oc, $1.00, $1.35, $2.00 and up to $2.95. Your
iiAA rrnilia tragi! Itiot ftanh Oafe
' Jl vuuiii, n an is vhtzj iaoiv cam . (j)tfV
WOKK. aASJvETs One-hall Dnce Saturday. So at Wki to
$1-35. Your choice Saturday at Half Price.
HAMPERS $2, $2.50 and $3 Hampers; your choice, each, 50c
$4.00 and $5.00 Hampers; your choice, each $1.50
$6.00 Hampers Saturday, each $2.00
- $1.50 Inverted Lights, complete 85c
$1.00 Inverted Liarhts, complete 65 C IP o QJ
' 50c Inverted Lights, complete 32c
ttliu Cl.'fi iuivi icti utiil.T, uilJ-'it:iTT . . . . ,tot.
'20c. fhial d'lob. unrieht 1IW
" 20c and 25c Upright Mantles 10c W
25c Miniature Lamps, complete 17c
Orchard &Wilhelm (2arpet Qo
The situation as Gregory la said to be
serious, the fifty Inhabitants of the place
havlub been unable to get provisions for
several days.
lowra IMoaeer Ieaa.
FORT DoliUK. la.. April 6-(.ipeclal
Telegram.) Jacob Clausen, Duneombo
pioneer, s."i, hanged himself last night
without apparent motive. He resided
with an only child, Jacob Clausen, Jr.,
manager of the Farmers' Elevator com
pany at Duncombe.
I.leatenant la Dlawlaaed.
WASHINGTON. April a.-(Special Telegram.)-President
Taft has dismissed
Meutensnt Alge from the navy for not
paying his debts. He enlisted In South
lowia Mewra Notea.
TAMA Seth Both, who attempted to
commit suicide by shouting himself yes
terday after he had gone to the grave
of his wife, died today. He fore he be
came unconscious ?otti said he did nut
want to live.
KORT DOLMIK-Ilecause he played with
a dynamite cap. the 13-year-old son of
Ol Jacohsen of Duncombe, must go
through the remainder of his life minus
three fingers and the thumb of his left
hand and the first finger ot his right
hand. The rap exploded In the boy s
ladlaa Porlnae Teller's I'realclloa
tronds (be KUae of
When the? British steamship Hyla. now
at the Bush terminal. South Brooklyn.
was In Calcutta last December being
loaded with East Indian merchandise tor
New York, a fortune teller went aboard
and tried to Induce the ship' officer to
let him foretell their future. He was
greeted with derision by all except J.
puxiey. chief officer, who told the sooth
sayer he would listen to the predictions.
The fortune teller lost his popularity with
puxley when he prophesied the ship
would go to the bottom with all on board.
The man said very bsd weather would
hit the vessel, and he even went ao far
aa to advise Puxley not to make th
voyage. When Puxley' brother officers
heard what was to happen they drove the
eer from the ship.
Not until the Hylas entered th Medl
:erranean did the vll prophecy recur to
the ship's officers. The vessel scarcely
had cleared the Sues canal when un
usually severe weather set In. It lasted
several days, and the longer It continued
the more uneasy became those who knew
what had been said by th fortune teller.
The ship labored heavily, but reached the
Straits ot Gibraltar aafely.
On January M. when In mld-A'Iantlc
another storm arose that lasted for seven
dsys. The wind blew with great force.
and huge sea swept the vessel. Again
the fortune teller prediction loomed up.
At time th Hylas was burled by enor
mous waves, and the damage that was
being done by tons of water that washed
aboard . worried Huxley and the other of
ficers. All who knew of the forecast of
th vessel's doom began to be alarmed.
"Only one thing saved us." said Puxley.
'This ship had flush decks. A th water
came aboard It ran off quickly. Had
there been a high rail to atop It th for
tune teller's prediction would have come
true. We don't deny we were In a pretty
baa way for a week, and every time the
ship took a big sea we wondered bow
much longer we could last."
Extensive damage waa done to the ves
sel, and three sailor were Injured. The
cabin of the chief engineer waa smashed
In, the bridge railing was swept away.
and doors of all the officers' cabins amid
ships were broken.
Daring work by Robert Flood, chief en
gineer; James Daley, third engineer, and
the ship's carpenter saved th ship from
foundering. In the height of the storm
they lashed themselves together and
placed an iron door against the chief en
gineer's cabin, where tons of water were
pouring In. It was feared the force of
the water would breaM the cabin bulk
head and wash away the superstructure.
Had the bulkhead gone the danger would
have been great. Puxley saved a seilor
from being washed overboard. Th man
was at work on the forecastle when the
ship dipped suddenly, and a big wave
burled th forward part of the ship. Th
chief officer caught the sailor a h was
carried past him. at th same time hold
nig on for his life to a stanchion. New
Tork Press.
Uobble Skirt Baalsbea Stepa a ad She
straps Glee War sap
Brt I m a Pales.
The steplese street car. Invented by
Frank Hedley, vie president and gen
eral manager, and J. 8. Doyle, superin
tendent of ear equipment of the New
York Railways company, the new name
for -the old Metropolitan Street Railway
company, was run out of the car barns
at Ninety-ninth street and Lexington
avenue for Its first try-out by the com
pany's officers and members of the
Federation of Women's clubs.
The floor of th car I only ten inches
above th street pavement, which does
away with th necessity for a step. One
steps directly from th street to the
floor of th car. There are no end
entrances, entrance and egress being
spring clothes
money should buy more
than style and design. It should secure
for you a service that is represented by
superior workmanship, all wool fabrics and de
tails which can only be attained by a large
manufacturing organization.
The clothes you buy from the Berg Cloth
ing Co. have been selected with this thought in
mind. Only the lines which measure up to our
policy of "the best value for the money" find a
place in this establishment. Hence when we of
fer you a suit at $20 to $25, you can depend
upon it that you get your money's worth in
every stitch and thread. Prominent among this
season's selections we feature the models from
The House of
The new Bprinil and summer clothing from
The House of Kuppenheimer includes all the
exclusive fabrics; the radiant double shaded
L- L . . ... I
uiuwiis, me pencn stripes in firevs ana black.
the basket weaves, soft and hard-finished worsteds. - cheviots, 4 serges. English
tweeds and homespuns. We stand back of every Kuppenheimer suit it must
.:. . t:t l'. i i rr
give aauMatiioa or your money DacK.
The Suffolk is one of our most ooDular Rellpra ;n viionf Met fn
of life and nerve a three-button coat with natural shoulders and medium
long roll lapel. The Essex oes even farther with vminrt man narrnmns
shoulders, form-fitting, a two button sack. . '
We have other garments as low as $12. $15 znA SIR nor c,t
makes, with plenty of style and map to them a suit to meet yjur require
ments whatever the price. ' f ' '. ! ' . '
Halt the reliable at $3.50. Your
, ...... ... r ... j
nuy no oexier quamy. mik iioso with a guarantee, make it aa
easy for you to wear as cotton, lie sure and ask
for them throe pairs ov-
"Satisfaction and Sarinf
are Our Watchweris
through door In th sides, at th center.
The Inventors, recognising the great
vogue ot the bobble skirt, and anyway
that much time and effort were lost
every year by passengers ln
stepping up forty Inches to the floor
of the old-fashioned cars, have done
away with the step entirely by letting
the floor of the new rsr down closer
to th ground.
The car wa promptly named th
"Cosy Corner Car" by th women who
looked It over, because In the pointed
ends of the car beck of the motormsn
cab are two circular seats, one at either
end, capable of holding a dosea or so
person. Naturally these cosy comer
seau will be popular and will draw the
crowd away from the entrance) in the
middle. On either side of the middle
ntraric are rws of cross-seats, each
holding two persons.
The conductor sits behind a Uttle
counter with a latticed window, near the
door. He baa at his command signal
apparatus for starting the car, stopping
It, stopping the motor under th car la
case be wishes to. In spite of the motor
man or In case of accident, and the pay-as-you-enter
arrangement rings up the
fares on a register visible to all the
There are no strap, but Indeed are
upright steel poles like those la the
Hudson tunnel cars for standing pas
sengers to hold to. There are dividing
railings ln th center of the car. All
handrails and grabralls are enameled,
providing perfect sanitation. There Is
nothing on the outside of the car to
which boys can hang to and tide.
The car I steel throughout. The
motorman la provided with complete
veetlbuled private compartment entereed
from the outside. He baa s comfortable
seat, aa baa also the conductor.
Ventilation is provided by ventilation
Jack on the roof of the car.
The car I th only one of Its kind
yet manufactured. Mr. Heller, who ex
plained IU features, said It would aooo
be put on tbe Broadway tine, and It the
public liked It more might be built and
put Into service. Tbe arrangement of
fenders at the ends greatly lie.nns the
danger of death or mangling under the
The car la supplied with four mirrors.
two on either side of the entrance and
exita. Whisper! If the women will look
at themselves In the mirror (which they
are naturally expected to dot the com
pany may succeed In lu effort to break
up their habit of getting off the ear
backward.-New Tork World.
Key to the Situation-Bee Advertising.
fr. Gregory I.lncom or Maryevtlle, O.,
Is proeliated with grief because a pet
rig devoured her Inseparable companion.
Jocko, a monkey, t-year -old. Physicians
say that Mrs. Lincoln may recover, but
will never be the same woman as a
result of the shock.
Mr. Lincoln declares that her pet met
his death aa the result of Jealousy on the
part ot Plgaaay, a forty -pound porker.
She aays that Plgaway always waa
Jealous ot Jorko, and waa always waiting
for a chance to eat him up.
The chance came, she says, when
Plgaway deliberately concealed himself
under her bed, and a ah fell Inte a
doc stealthily crept upon the bed, where
she held Jocko In her arms, and ate the
pet In two gulp and then Jumped to
the floor, snorting over his victory.
Mrs. Lincoln awoke Just In time to
hear a faint squeal from Jocko aa he
was disappearing down the pig s throat.
"Jocko loved to sit beside me and hear
me read poems and to hare me cares
him," said the disconsolate woman.
Plgaway. on the other hand, she says,
ha not the remotest conception of re
finement. All he knows I Jealousy. He
often crept Into the nous and mad
murderous assaults on poor little Jocko.
Mrs. Lincoln added. She baa ordered
that Plgaway Immediately be killed for
the "diabolic! dsed."-Ohlo Etete Jour-
Sore Throat
Sloan's Ijniment is an antiseptic
remedy for inflammatory diseases
of tbe throat and chest. For
soro throat, croup and asthma it
gives quick relief.
is also good for cough or cold.
A. Curs, of Wsde,Otle,wrHa07--I
bed a severe sor three aad for foerdave
cm la ao svsnov. as my
swelled very ataea. I seas four drees of
UeisMat ea hasps ef easwr and 1st tt
dissolve o srv ioagwa, and la eight hoars
aealeaaas. bbi .. eta !.
abr.KariS.Seea. Boats. Mess.
Individuality one ef the
So roe la features, character,
excluilveneag, durability, up-to-datenjess
and made to order'
atyls are some ot tbe load
qualities ot tbls great line ot
women's hoes. Colonials in
all materials with the proper '
backles to match or tone with
the shoes. Compare with all
other lines and you will bay
203 8. 13TH 8T.
Tour daoghter
may aafely b ailowed
to reetd
-The Be