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1518-20 Farnam Street
as follow to Local Weather Observer
Hares today:
"Carlo-tolloa la Cairo proper! At
I I a. m. break was reported In Uw
Truth mi lore. Tbls Braved to ko
tacktnf of water la eiarharg raoa froat
Tenia otroot drainage pans. fHtoatloa
troll la bead at It a. av Ma danger
Lara Araa la Ara ansa Threatwaed.
MICMPUia. Toaaw April a. flaw
tat appeared In the lav
back tao Mississippi adds la
the ataaae of th flood altuatloa loot
eight aaa at oawa courier war aa their
war behind tao too stretch o weakeo
lag embeakaaeats. waralng ateatara aw
From Oaedeo Lake, lift mil aorta
of Memphis, la Hulbert. Ark, aondltloa
aaa aertlculsrly tkreeten-
Near Bulkort a atrotck at revetment
IN para lana threat ta collapse,
rarawra have btawd tha lowland
aa4 reatdsata of Haikort oar moved ta
upper floora wblio mtrrbtsts aro pack
ing their Mocka la ka aklppsd ta plsoat
of aatotjr.
tar landtag, Ark., alaa la (n Inuaiaaat
danger and at kalC a deesai polau ta
Irvm seatb of Cairo threaten ta osilaps
Aa tar outk a Bayou Hark, tk low
iaada outside tao aula levees aro to
undated. Faraoer hav mo rod tbotr
famlue la tbo tawa aaa tbotr tack aad
farming Implements to hick ground.
Th government dredg floet at Mem
pkkt I MUul utlbked la 'saving Ufo aad
property. Oaaolla launch war ant
oat tram Charleston, Mo., to Bird Mill
aad Wratt to rssous resident of tho lw
villages, ko ara reported clinging to
beua topa sad ta tneea ta anowor to
aa appoal from Randolph, Tenn.. a squad
of militiamen loft htmnphtg tola morala
with unU tad suuli for refugee.
At Memphis U1 morning th . rlvor
tag waa its loot, rla of four-tenths
atno T 'clook last night.
HICKMAN. sty, April l-Worker
ttlll ar idling thlt morning to strengthen
th Iotmi do tho braak and beat
back ta flood.
Tho climax of th etatroih may
coma at any moment with lb broaklng
of th Heat foot km btlow bar. Hun
dred of ataa ara trying to strengthen
It and (hooM It go out unexpectedly It
I foarod many lire would a loot, aa
tbo aiotna of escape for too worker la
limited. Ta rhror already la waafclag
over ta top of tko lvro In many placet,
and several ornlnou loaka hava bna dia-
oovrd and toipod la th but twenty
four bourn, i
Thieve or bocoratna actlr .la th
flooded aectloa of Wast Hickman (ad
county authorttloa ara dlacuailng th ad
Tlaabfllty of asking for a company at
mllllia to protect property.
tUfugoo continue to arrlv la groat
number. Mr. William Venter of Is
land No. I, who wa mcued by a launch,
la almolt distracted, berauae her bua
baad and children acre left behind, bav
in sought rttug In th attic of their
homo. To auch retreats, the tart, th
Inhabitant of th Island war driven sev
eral daya ago. I ,
One woman walked twtlve mil In
eight hour with tlx children. Mb car
ried th youngest.
A family from Missouri spent a half
day In rowing across tbo river In a
skiff and th men were nearly eihauatod
before they got oat of tho aurrent,
A steamer I plying along . th river
below bore picking up marooned reel
dents, decree have beta rescued In ttal
manner. Tbreo hundred are quartered
at Tlptotivine, Tenn. " '
Organised relief work 1 being uo
ceoafully carried on aero wltk lb meant
at hand and as funds arrtv th refuge
will at least be spared the hardthlp of
hunger, Wtgoa trains of provisions and
bedding have arrived from fulion, Ky.,
and t'nlon City, Tenn. Tho Nashville,
Chattanooga and Pt. Loul railroad la
running train to East Hlrkman, a mil
away, where a temporary tutlon baa
Citi E.:k ..oes, Tta
Crula Sbts, nitt Eack
Cxfsris, mi Silk Psspt,
Irprlal lubuck Sboes ii
d54.CS tt Eniet for
it th ibo y wut If Mff,
wt hm tt, for ditbaT lady
or ttuui, boy or girl, at half
price. Oxford, Pnmpa aad
Sboet ta all ta bUert lagta,
ara barv is aQ ltbort--for
rsCIALg Me .
1 5 !
ea 1:31 P.ll.
L UlCrCSiodnocrPaxtonCft.
Oa th hill, where tents hav boen
pat up. tho women of Mlckm atslsted
at preparing tho camp for tho refugtes.
distributing food, clothing and bedding.
Mlaalaalppl railing at La (roooo.
LA CROK8E, Wis.. April i.-Th Mlc
tlttlppl river fell one-tenth of a foot at
8L raul during th last twenty-four
hours, a decline of three-tenth at I .a
Crosse and five-tenth at Dubuque which
Indlctte that there I no aerlou Im
medlat danger of flood on tho upper
river. At La Crosse th river I five
feet below tho flood stsgs, at 81 Paul
eight toot below, aad at Dubuque tlx
feet below.
Effect of th present ststo of tho up
per river, however, bat not been fully
felt In tho flooded district.
At La Clair. Is., today there wa a
ris of four-tenth, at Davenport four
tentha, at Keokuk eU-tenth and at Dea
Mobwa raped , two-tenths. At these
Points the river could continue to ha
for several gay longer.
Abva at. Lea la Danger Mae.
T. LOUIS, April L-TIm Mlaalsalppl
river at St Louis reentered K.I feet to
day, a rte of tl of a foot la twenty-four
hours, and It I expected to reach U feet,
one foot above the danger Una.
The Mltttssippt from Hannibal to Orat
ion Is rising and the Illlnola river, which
empties Into th Mloslstlppl near Urafton,
I falling:
Th Missouri from Kansas City ta
Booarlllo ta rlalng, while from Booavtll
to St. Charles tt I falling. At Hannibal,
Ma., the Mtasistfppi stood at 17.1 feet
four foot above tb danger line. The
water In th Hannibal district bat aproad
ovr th lowland and Interfered with
th operation of train. Water ha be
gun to eeep Into In cellars la Hannibal.
t'aralheravlllo la Da agar.
Only a deeperata tight oaa prevent th
rating flood from breaking through tho
lev In thl territory. Should a crovaat
eecur to entire t. FYaacta basta would
he mandated and tho Iota of Hft and
property would be great
Th flood today kurtta th high wttet
mark of Hot mora tkaa twenty Inch and
continue without abatement. Tk situa
tion la hourly growing more asrtoos. Aa
army at aaoa Is working day and Mght
to protect all weak placet and th en
si neere ara hopeful of . Th rrlaoo
railroad, wblcb forms th levee protoo
tloa la front of thla city, stands only a
foot abovo th torrent and men art at
work placing andbaga along tho lino.
The local militia compaay ha boon
placed oa duty aad th companies from
Poplar Bluffs, Mo., and Jonosbora, Ark.,
hv keen ordered out. K U reported.
They art expected lata today. Caruthers
vlll la full of refug from tha low
lands at Ttnnteeet la front at tnl alty.
There la ae levee prowctloa aa the Tea
aeteee Md aad h outre are being washed
away. Ail available tmr are search
ing tha mwlaads for aufftrer and stv
tral hundred have keen brought la.
Tw hundred tenia sent out by Oev
msr Had ley to ah titer the homeless save
arrived and nubile buUdlags of th city
kava been thrown open tor tbo asm
purpose. AU train north and wast bar
beta aut at commits! oa several daya and
Canitherevllle la eonnected wltk th out
side world only by on trala a day from
Memphla, 1 aa, and each trip of thl l
expected ta be tk last. Th crest at ta
flood at not expected kar for five r
gut daya aad tk Increased riss will place
tk levee under serious strain.
Missouri stuiag at Kaasaa Cty.
, KANSAS C1TT. Mo.. April L-lItvlog
Hsta aix-tntha of a foot sine yet ter
ser the Missouri river has atutaed a
depth of B.I feel akov low water mark
kar thl miming aad continued to creep
p towards tbo flood stag of twenty
three fact
P. Connor, the government weather
toroosstar, said th river would become
stationary during the an tweaty-toar
sourt and bagla ta tall toeMrrow.
Th Kaaeat river and ether tlint
streama were falling rapidly today.
Norther, afoataaa laaadated.
GREAT FALLS. Moat. Apr! k-Cben-munlcaUoa
wltk Olaagow, the center of
the Mom aim flood district, was cut off
today, all wire being gotra aaat of
Hinsdale. Tao floods ara confined largely
ts tk Milk itrer valley between Cblaoek
and tha North Dakota line. The kfav
soust river at aot unusually klgk aad ae
trouble la ei parted kg this tertloa. hue
till lite deep aa th mounts! aa. The
d Big Horn river ara
tall and aro reported to
e rtaaag. A despatch from Havre today
stated that sH west-kouad Great North
era train that ksd keea delared ay
Oooda oast at Glasgow new were gokag
arm or ocsaji wnuaaM.
HauraX Mm
QSS4A ei
cm t amua
Preparing; Flans at Eeqnert of Cobji-
. tiet Over u Bute.
keeailt Is thsl More fell Street ere
la Bla Arranged tar the Hlnh
tvaya at Xeaeaeha Ha bet
Caaaad Coat.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb.. April l-apecla!.
Tko office fore fit Suta Eaglnaer D. D.
Price la busy as a one-armed paper
hanger preparing pfsns and specification
for bridge. Three was a larg amount
of state aid bridge work In tbo office
before' tho recent floods played havoc
with bridges la the Platte. Elk horn and
other vailles. While therr ar no funds
available for more stats sld bridge .the
lew provides tor the Stat engineer fur
nishing plana and specifications on appli
cation ot the various counties, and many
auch requests are now coming to the of
fice, with the demand Just commencing.
Plana mad by th department are all
standardised as far as possible, aad with
slight changes of specification those
mad for on bridge of a certain length
will answer for snolher, und up to last
summer the office bad a fairly complete
outfit of plans for almost every sised
bridge. The last legislature, however,
changed the requirement to stand a
strata ot twenty ton Instead of twelve
a heretofore, and new plan are re
quired for all constructed sine that dste.
Thla makes tha wsrk due to th flood
consistency greater.
Iloghea Caaast Come,
Justice Charles R Hughes of the United
States supreme court, who ksd been In
vited to deliver the sddrets on the oc
casion of the unveiling of tho Lincoln
monument on tho eapltol grounds, has
written XOcretary of State Walt that he
cannot accept the Invitation. Ho writes
that It would giro blra great pleasure ts
do so, but he cannot come during the
session of tho court, aad as he has not
had a vacation for tlx years h la pretty
wen worn out and feel th need of a
rert. Who tho monument commission
will endesvor to procure for that service
is In doubt st present as well a th
data of unveiling. It had been Intended
to bava thla ceremony In Mar or tha
fere part of June, aa th statue will be
reay by that time, but the date will
hav to be fixed to ault th convenience
of the person who delivers the iMm,
Wot I: men are now enaaged digging the
trench for the foundation of th (ton
racade which flanks the statu on el!P-w
Th office at th secretary of state la
receiving a larg number of renewal.
of live stock brands all of which centra
this- year unless renewed. There ara
S.ou of them registered in tho state and
in tecretary of state estimate there
win be t least l,50 of them renewed.
Now (tlflea Arrive.
The new rifles ordered for the guard
at th penitentiary hav arrived and were
glvea a trial oa the target range today.
Ihey are of th mag tain type, thirty
caliber, high power, and proved out satle
factorlly on th rang.
Mr. Anas Meredith ot Denton. Md..
write tne governor to ascertain tk
ma of th various counties In th
tata aad tbo oounty seats of each. 8h
any that her Brother, William Celllaon
cam to Nebraska a number of year ago
and ah heard that he wtt dead and left
a considerable eetata. and shs dsslrea to
write to tho vsrlout county officials to
ascertain the truth about th report
The Mat railway commission ha given
th Lincoln Traction company th right
to stats kond or preferred stock to th
amount of N, to eaplttltss better
ment already made to tha company's
Ask t Advaaea rase.
Tho attorney general' office has asked
th tupreme court to advance th case
or tn ttt sgatnet M. Elem from
Rtchardaon county. The state caused the
srreot ot Klsm for violation of th order
of ta pur food department forbidding
th payment tor cream th urn day ef
purchase, and tha lower court dismissed
tne eompuunt the state appealing. It la
desired I hav a final decision before
ins Busy cream buying sei
msaces. TS object of tk regukttloa
wss to obtain better testing of cream, th
acpartment believing If cream l paid for
as purchased, especially during th rush
season, tha laspoctloa aad toning will
b perfunctory It made at all, but that
If payment ta delayed tor a day a samptt
win be uksa aut aad th teat mad whaa
tha rush of delivery for th day at ended.
Arthur W. Nixon ha appealed to tn
tuprette court from ta verdict of th
district court ot Richards county,
where he was caovlcted f atUlag liquor
without a license aad fined MP. He
seta up ststy-tkrea alleged errora of th
trial court
rises Bapersrdeaa Road.
Th supreme court hit fixed th supsr.
edeaa aoad of Allen H. Pray, at K.400,
which ha been given, and be ha bees
released oa ball. Pruya waa convicted of
manslaughter tat Dodrt county sad sen
tenced to a term at from oa to lea
year. H became Involved m a auarral
la a alooa o Chrtstmaa dsy and shot
snd killed Uw keeper f tk peace. His
defense was set! -defease.
Today wss the last day ef the shooting
aaaoa aa decks aad geese and many
burners were out taking advantag of
It Owing to th lata prtng and th
xtra high water tew Uaoola sponrmea
ears reported good bags.
laopeotlea of Gaard.
Th final report of Inspectloa of the
Nebraska Nations! Ouar. show there
ara LM oa th muster roUs, wkteh Is
tbJrty-nv lea than but year. Com
pany K of the First regiment with atxty
ono BMmoors at th elargtat compaay la
tho guard and Company D of the asms
regiment wtlk twenty-four member ta
Com Cos asalttlta steady.
Th Nebraska Code com mission aa
aouaroa that It la about ready ts call
for aids tor pristine Its report Tk
oaamiaatoa. which rnaalm ot Judge
Poet of Columbus. J. H. Broady at Lin
coln and E. L King of Osesola. It was
named la weed oat ekssttt aad repealed
taws wkiea hava Isaad their way into
tha cod aad also those which kav keea
declared kavand ky tha uproot cavrt
It ta alaa tx pec ted t mak rscomaseada
tMas ta th aext tegklature for leglti
twa whtck ta th aptatsa of tko cats mis
Men Is seeded Tktt portloa of Its re
port, however, has not yet beea formi
latrd. Ta pesl tea tta ry aad th hospital for
th Mean traded In stairs today. DaateJ
Hotter waa returned to tha prison from
Hastinra aad Peter Jeaaaa waa taken
tram tk prlaaa la Hasting. Jsaaea hsa
six years ef aa tlglittsa year
i aad ha htst ha mtad. Holly.
. Originality creates interest in clothes '"
. Freakishness is shunned by people of taste.
Simplicity combined with out of the
ordinariness is much sought in dress.
That's why men who appreciate and demand
refinement in dress are customers of
Browning. King & Co.
The garments we sell are made in our oun work shops, designed by our own staff of
designers. This fact assures you of exclusiveness and individuality in all Browning,
King and Co. clothes. -:
These are just such clothes as will put you in the front ranks of the well dressed on
Easter day. y-
Top Coats $15 to 935
Men's Suits $15-835. Young Men's Suits $15-330
Stora CIom. Saturday Eveninf at 9 O'clock
pronounced cured, lie wss sent up from
Boyd county.
F. A. Crosby, one of the social experts
engaged In tha Men ami Hellalon forward
movement raised somewhat of a storm
in an address today at ft. Paul' church.
In that address hs severely critlciied
moral condition In th Lincoln Hi.Th
school and that tha churches should tske
some actloa to Improve student life. He
tound no fsult with the school' a
school or with th teachers, but tt was
condition which hs condemned. Not
only teacher, but friends ot the school,
art inclined to take tasu with him In
hi statement.
(Continued from First Pag.)
saying that hs roughly eatlmsted the lota
at about S3M.MD, he would apt talk.
Valuable paper which were kept In th
office were placed In a fireproof safe, to
gether with a considerable sum of money.
Th office manager barely" had time to
lock the same when the Ore bum through
th office wall and he bad to mak hi
escape. It I believed that th aafe and
It content were saved, although th
huge Iron box was In th part of th
building where the fir wt th hottest
Tn .8 otcmfg ad kwakw wdakwd kwd
Esaeaslva Tools Rained.
Some ot th most expensive tools and
machine were ruined by the fir and th
sreatstt less will be occasioned from
these. Many ot tho Implements made by
th Stroud company were manufactured
her exclusively, were also th rne
ehlne with which they were mad.
As th result f th disastrous bit is
over 1M men will be out of work. Mr.
tnxtd would aot say whether hs would
rebuild or not. aoveral month ago be
mad tw ulna to Winnipeg. Manitoba,
for th purpose of considering a proposi.
tl'jn to start a big plant there. It ta
possibi that Mr. Stroud will aiore there.
Th big, plant wss a monument to Mr.
Htroud's energy aad perseverenc. for
when ka embarked la business her over
twenty your ago be had almost nothing
stcspt his pluck.
Olii Jaunty spring costs, unusual val
use. at n 00; tor age I to t, aa low as
tJ.U. Benson dt Thorn Co.
Vice President of
China Not Killed
SHANGHAI, April (.-Dr. Sun Tst Sen
ex-provtslonal president of the Chines re
public, will leava bar for Wu-Chang to
morrow on a visit ta General 14 Yuan
Hanf, th vie president of th republic
Th dispatch from Shanghai dispose ot
tk report cabled from Tien Tala yester
day that the vie president had beta as
Sidna Allen is
Again Located
MOUNT AJRT, N. C. April l-Btdna
Allen, bunted In connection with the
HllbrrHI court house assassinations, t
sssa again hut night in th mountain
twelve mile from thl city. Sheriff
Hsyaes ot Surry county with detectives
and bloodhound started en his Iran to
day. Sbug Smith, a reputable resident
f th mountain, telephoned ta Sheriff
Harass that ffldna Allea was at kit
home last night for food.
(Coatlnaed frost first Paga.)
prslss ts ths Illinois presidential prt-
msry aad predicted that th Chicago and
Baltimore conventions would be th mat
set wholly eompestd ot delegate chosen
direct ry by th people. The balance of hie
talk waa devoted to the tariff and re
forms he had promoted In Now Jersey.
At JolieL Governor Wilson addressed a
eery large gathering from the court house
steps. At Dwlght ks msd a un-ailnuts
oar platform speech.
At Pontlae Governor Wilton spoke ot
reforms put through tha New Jersey leg.
Islsture. He related bow the employers'
Habit! ty Mil was f treed through the legta-
Isture "deaptte ta opposition at e
Bcaeata Cared la Id) ! aw Days.
Th Pari hi edict oe Co., !S4 Pin Street
St Louta, Mo manufacturers of Laxative
Brom Quinine, hav a new and wonder
ful discovery. OROVbTS BA-NARX
CUTIS, wMeh they guarantee t cur
any can t KZEMA, aa matter of bow
long standing, k tt II day.
wfB refund money If H fall. OROVK"
SA-NAP.E CUTIS ta perfectly cteaa aad
does aot stain. If your druggist hasn't
It send a ate. and tt will be sent by malL
Mat Elbe! Deoala. daughter at George
H. Dennis, and Mils L XraH. both of
Weeping Water, Kea, were married by
Rev. Charles W. 8a Tioga at his residence
Thursday nooa. Tk (room's sister. Mrs
Car ley Close, accompanied them.
Lace Curtain Sale
Monday, April 8th
AYc m place oa al a $50,000 stock of '
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i There are no seconds or imperfect curtains
ii the sale. Every pair will be sold at one-
third off regular price. ; '
See Sunday papers for descriptions
- and values. '
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There 0 .
sami -
was takes t tha asylum aad to sow