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For Your Easter Dinner
Menus and
Grated Pineapple.
Hominy with II Ilk.
Broiled Saasagee.
Saratoga Potatoes,
ropoven. . Coffee
1 ' Artichoke Soap.
Roasted Guinea Hen.
Asparagus. Mashed Potatoes.
' ' Watercress Salad.
, , Cheese 8vorj.
' frozen Apricots. Co (Tee.
Oyster Patties.
Sardine Sandwiches.
Ribbon Jelly. Bpooge Cakes.
tft three suerters el a pound ef fleer
lata a beds, aaa self teeesnenrel e(
eait half a feaynnnfal ef earbenate ef
mil ene tesspoonful ef ground ginger,
eae tesssoonfat ef eUaptee. a little crated
autaieg. half a tsaspoonful ef ground
claasmoa and a little sowdared aiaoe.
Melt together fa a sauospss ens eup
tvt ef molsisia tow heaping taeiespooo.
fjle of butter and half a evpful ef ajilk.
Ceel and add te dry tagranleots wtta twe
welt beatea esse, Mix wen. than peer
late a sutured and floured cake tin. Bake
slewly till readr.
Veal aad Maai rte.
One end a half pounds of veal
twe bard cooked egg a few
reins of red pepper, a duet of pow-
derea moos, halt a teaapoeeittl at grated
leowa rind, halt a pound ef, leoa has.
ae lanleopooafut ef Dour, eee iisssna
ful ef salt, oDe-tbird of a tawpooatul of
white pepper, euarter of a tsaspoonful
ug powdered aerba, one teblaapoonful ef
chopped parsley, a little eejea Jutae i
" (ear eheDPed awsaroOBS. Cut the veal
9 aad heat late Tory tain faeces; mis ea a
plate the dour, salt, pepper, red pepper,
sweat herbs, eboppjed parsley, suae,
usahroesss and onkw Juice, roll la tale
, seseinlng each piece ef eeel, and ley la
a deep pudding dish, elurnetely. layers
ef east, kaat and egg. cut la aliosa. add
twe tahleepeoatule of water, line the
edge of the dish with pastry, tbea eever
aad deoorate with pastry. Serve hot or
' ArHekeke Nis
Twe sad a halt pounds of Jerusalem
artichokes, twe heaplnc teblespoonfuls
ef hotter, one tsespoonful ef salt, two
hap aasvaa, one capful ot eMIk, eee ealea,
oae teaspoentul ef whole white peppers,
two potatoes, one quart ef white etoek.
Ct up the eogolshlss Inle ellees aad put
them late a eaucepea with the butter, fry
lightly for eight minutes, teklng esre
they do not brown, tbea dd the stock,
whole peppsrs. eaR aad bay Issvas. aim
mar otewiy dor one aad a half hours, thee
rub through a sieve, rubbing the pulp
through with the beck of s woodea spoon;
peer hack Inle the seuospaa, edd the
title, e Uttle SMre eeaeoalng If required.
eu beat up. If Bked halt a cupful ot
cibbi aw he put hue the tueea and
the eeep poured te H. Serve with toasted
Insac. eat hi email sauarae.
sellao KaraWt.
One ana at horalet, twe beeping table
eaweifiile ef butter, twe-thlrde ef eup-
ful ef Satis, oae tesssoonful ef salt, two
uasfule of hresd orurnbs, a grew ef
net nag, a euarter ef a tossoooafnl of
white pepper aad a duet ef red pepper,
ills the horalet aad the Bulk, add eea-
seelnge, sua! pour tau a buttered baking
aate. Out eae tsblespeenfnl ef the hat
ler bite emsJl ptecea, aad paue it ec
the top. The ressilomg hatter la sselted
aad scdaed with the bread eranhs and
; (Bread ever the top. Brewa la a hot even
. far half aa hour. Carre hot '
' asteeoedl
fireea fear eggs hate a bests, edd salt
asd pepper te tests, beat ap well with a
fork, as aa to thoroughly sola ap the
whites wtth the yetta, rut twe otbls-
saeafule at belter Into a
the esse aad eae tahleepeeaful ef aula.
ettr ever the fire asm the mixture ke
phis to takkea aad Is hot through (It
Must aad ea ear account be allowed to
hew.' Hove ready a slice of hot buttered
taaM. put this ea hot dish or platter.
fear ever the eae mixture, eprtnkJs ever
svMfc ahnpped parsley, aad aerve hoi.
Three large tiaaatoaa, half a cupful ef
reed crumbs, eee hesplsg taMaspoonful
of grated eheeee, oae ounce ef eeeoa. ene
tsjitssyeestas ot chepped parsley, oae
sots eoon ar ebaDet, eae teaapooafut ef
flour, eae heaping sshiespoenfui ef bet
tee, sunning ef celt, pepper aad grated
Datiueg. Cat the tomstiiaa ts halves
aaroce. aad ahske eat the Ueutd aad eeeds
. centalaed la them. Put all thia Into a
eaeaU esooapaa, with the haeoa chopped,
-ehellet or oaten finely chopped, the hat-
tee, parsley, pepper, salt aad grated as
megt ettr all ever the (be for a quarter
i ef ee hour till alt are quite cooked. Tbea
add the breed cramas aad tats tno
rvagMy; Staves this austere bsto the elx
portions, gpriakle e few breed cruoihe oa
the up acs put thees la a act eeca for
r t mean sti notes. Serve oa smelt rounds
Celery aad O refer salad.
Scats, aad sot lata quarter drale egala
aad aebt with half a eapfat at Only
(ppd celery, and cover with French
iliiaaliii Heap oa crisp lettuce Icevae or ,
watercress, Serve nith French dressing.
Gtaeer lee Creaai.
One capful of preserved ginger chopped
fine, four tsbleepoonfula of ginger syrup,
two tablespoonfuls ot lemon juice, one
capful of milk, three cupfule of thick
cream, oae cupful of sugar. Mix the In
gredieois end freese.
Baked Shad.
Wash and wipe a large Shed, make
Huffing with three tablespoonfuls of fine
bread crumbs, sdd one tablespoontul of
melted butter, one tcaapoonful ot onion
Juice, pepper end ealt to taste. Fill the
tun with thla emd eew It op. Ley It In
a grossed baking tin and pour ever H
oae aad a half cupfuls of boiling water
In which three tablespoonfuls ef butter
has beea melted, sprinkle the fish with
alt and flour snd bake In hot even
for ene hour.
Baste often; It should be very tender.
Vanilla Paddlas.
Twe cupfule of milk, two heaplnc
tableepeoafule ef sugar, throe eggs, soms
Isdy fingers, a few candied cherries, two
tesspooaxuls of vanilla extract. Butter
a plain mold. Decors te the bottom with
the cherries. Spilt the Isdy fingers snd
trim te exact height ot the mold. Ar
rangs the side of the meld, placing a
light and dark aids alternately ts the
mold. Put tho trimmings ef the fingers.
crushed la the center ot the mold. Beat
ap the eggs, add tba sugar, vsnllla ex
tract, and ths milk. Four Into the pre
pared mold, cover wtth a buttered paper,
let It stand for a quarter of ea hour,
thea steam very gently for one hour
Turn out te serve.
Wash, peel aad remove the eyee from
the potetoee, drop them Into cold water
until they are all reedy; put them Into
a stsamsr end piece It over a pen of
boiling wster until they sre tender, they
will require forty or fifty minutes, Whea
relative the steamer from ths pea
ef wstsr, and est In a warm place, with
the lid half removed; shake occasionally
te make them floury.
Parsley Omelet,
Take four eggs, ene lablespoonful ot
Sutler, one lattice poonful of milk or
cream, popper and salt ta see son, three
lahMspooafela of finely chopped parsley.
eiraak the egge late a basin, beat there
well with a fork, add the cream er milk,
.he chopped parsley, sessontng ef ealt
aad pepper. Dteeoive the butter In aa
omelet pen er small frying psn; when
not pour In ths mixture, stir very slowly
with a fork over a hot fire, shsks ths
pan, when set shspe the omelet on one
side of the fen, sllow It to taks color
la the even, thea turn quickly onto a
hot platter, and aerve. Hprlnkle over
with chopped parsley.
lift ene Cupful of flour late a Wain,
Sdd a quarter of a taaspoonful of salt,
One tsaspoonful of cream of tartar, halt
a teaspoonful of baking soda and two
.evel teaeeoonruie of sugar. Beat up
three eggs, sdd one cupful of milk or
sreenv, half a tcaapoonful ot vanilla ex
tract, then pour them among ths flour,
seat well Drop la spoonfuls ea a hot
greased griddle.
rrtssled. Beet.
Melt In a saucepan two tablespoonfuls
of buttsr, sdd one tablsspoonful ot flour
and bait a pound of dried beef Cook
tor five minutes, tbea add hslf a cupful
of stock or water, one chopped onion.
hslf a tsaspoonful of Worcester! hire
sauce, seasoning of salt aad pepper and
two wall beaten sggs. Cook for three
minutes and serve hot
Class Baalllew.
Chop fins three cupfuls of clems, put
thea in a ssuonpsa ever the firs In their
own liquor, acatd and skin, thsa add
twe and a half cupfule of bolung water,
ene tahlsapoonful of finely caopped pars
ley, one bay leaf, one blade ef mace and
white pepper to sesson. Bring ts a boll.
skim, strain through cheeeeeloth or bet
bag mads of felt and serve la bouillon
cups with whipped cream on ton.
Bahlaa Powder Btecalt.
Twe cupfule ot sifted flour, three tshls-
epoocfuls of butter, hslf a teaspooaful ot
ail, lour leespoenf um ef baking powder,
one eupful ef milk. Mis aad sift She
dry ingredients, then rub ths butter
finely Into them wtth the tips of ths
u users. Add the milk gradually until a
oft dough hi formed. Turn ante a floured
baklag heard, toss lightly end roll cm
until half aa Inch thick. Cut Into small
rounds and bake ea a buttered baking
tin In a hot oven for a quarter of aa
rheeelate Jaaket.
A quarter ef a cupful of grated choco
late, halt a eupful ot sugar, one-third
ef a cupful of boiling water, one table
spoontul ef eoid water, a few grains of
sslt, ens Junket tablet, one aad a halt
cupfuls of chopped nut meats, one table
spoonful ot sherry wine and one tea
spsoaful ot vsnllla extract Scold the
milk, cool slightly, then sdd ths sugar.
Soiling wstsr and chocolate; when thor
oughly dissolved add the Junket tablet
crushed end dissolved la ths cold wstsr.
sit wins snd vsnllla extract Turn Into
a asrvlng diae, keep hi a warm place
snttl thick, thea chin. When serving
sprtnkls ever with the chopped nuts,
' Indian Saadwlrkea. '
Twelve small rounds ef very thinly
cut hresd, one tsbleepoonful ot chopped
cooked chicken, one tablespoon re) or
chopped reeked tongas, four tableipoon
fuli of thick white sauce, hslf e teaspoon
ful of curry powder, a pinch of salt and
ens tessnooafel ef atmsa Jutco, Fry the
bread in hot batter, end pet ee white
pepper ta drala and hasp hot Make the
white sauce hot ta a add to at
the chicken. socoTUo, carry powder. Ineis
end ealt Mix all very hot mixing ever
the fire. Spread the mixture thickly ea
ene round at the prepared breed, aad put
another round ea the top of It Repeat
tm all ere used up. and serve very hot
Ths rounds shauld be about four laches
la diameter.
Kippered Herrtagt.
Wipe ths herrings, then broil ea e
battered gridiron until well Browned ee
both sides, then pel onto a hot dlah, aad
lay a pteee of batter on the top, sprinkle
Hi try .wtth pepper and finely chopped
parsley, aad serve hot
Wetole Bareelt.
Melt eae tahlespoonfai ot hatter la a
so seeps a. add eae taospoonlul ef sart,
half a tees seon ful of mustard any. half
a teaspeenful ef paprika, a few gralaa
of red pepper, twe cupfuls of Smertrep
chees. When melted, add hslf s cupful
of cream or ale. Stir well until smooth.
snd pour over ths hot buttered crackers
or toast
Tomato Baa.
81tce one carrot one turnip and twe
onions, fry them In two heaping poon-
fule of butter for ftvs mlnutea, thea add
ona and a halt teaspoonfuls ot flour,
two cupfuls of stock or wster, ene bay
leaf, one blade of mace, one can ot toma
toes or half a pound of fresh sliced ones,
and a email bunch of sweet herbs. Stir
till they boll, then sllow to conk slowly
for forty mlnutea. Rub through a eleva.
add seasoning ot salt pepper and red
pepper and serve.
Commercial Club
Boosters to Have
an. Elegant Train
The Commercial club hss arranged for
a nlns-eoach special train, slegantly
equipped, to carry mora thsn lot Omaha
trade boosters, representing the club.
through Iowa. Missouri and Nebraska
thla year. Ths excursion will leave
Omaha the night of June I end the trade
trippers will not be home again until ths
Saturday nluht following. '
The route, which was unsnlmoualy
chosen this year, was ths only one sug
gested by the Itinerary committee, and
la through territory that suits ths beat
Interests ot ths Commercial club ss a
whole. Ths promise of "bigger snd bet
ter than sver holds good with this year's
trade excursion.
A twenty-stx-plere brass band, to say
nothing of K.OOt bells, will help te Staie
ths path of ths Commercial club tour
ists over the route of their trip, and
the ring of Omaha business will remain
In their earn for a long time after the
boomers' spedsl hss gone to other parts.
A bell will be given to ovary school child
la the towns visited on ths trip, snd fm
ths purpose of knowing thst not one
will he slighted, a census of ths school
children Is being mads by ths Commer
cial club.
The committee on arrangements tor ths
boosters trip Is somprlsed of the follow
ing men: A. W. Carpenter, chairman,
O. W. Dunn, Joe K el ley, E. T. Sector,
J. H. Wright Jr j R T. Byrne, J. M.
Marshall Brown
Invades Dance Hall
Cocaine makes people do queer things
snd when Msnhall Brown, a well-known
negro character, got under the Influence
of his chosen drug Thursday hs decided
to Invade the residence district At
o'clock he was found trying to Invsde
the fashlonabis denes had at Twenty
fifth and Farnam streets.
The hail was filled with men and
women, and they were frightened by the
appearance ot the negro garbed llks a
ditch worker. Prof. Chambers stopped
Brown's Invasion ot the hell with a re
volver and held him until aa officer ap
peared. "Coke surs makes ma do queer things.
Judge," explained Brown to Judge Foster.
"Why 1 wsntsd to go Into thst dance
hall la beyond me. What are you going
to give me?"
"Fifteen days.' replied the court
Dice Game Ends in
Eow andGun Play
Aa argument ever dice and the num
ber ot cigars that should be awarded
for certain throws, resulted In the arrest
of Charles Adama, Louis Orsenberg, F.
J. Kplsr snd C. E. Loom la Thursday Bight
tor creating a disturbance In the cigar
store run by the first two men et pa
North Sixteenth street -Epler
Is ssld to have reused the gsb-
feet lis snd Green berg sngsged In n
wordy eftstr, end when Epler struck, at
Orsenberg his hand fell upon a show
case. His hand was cut when ths glass
broke. lie then knocked Oreenberg
down, and walked from ths place. Ureen
serg pvouued a gun nad started stter
him to "scare him." The officers ar
restsd the whole party aad all were dis
charged by Judge Foster, with ths ex
cept! on et Oreenberg, who was fined gtW
and costs for handling the revolver.
Pretty Nurse Makes
H. T,Clarke Mind
Henry T. Clarke, nkuiear at rw.k. i.
up and around his room feeling much
better. He has beea ill for five er elx
weeks, confined most ot ths time to his
bed wtth kidney and bladder trouble.
Those In ettsndsnre feel thst he should
ee able to leave his room la a week or
two If everything continues favorable.
"Re Is a very rapacloue eld fellow,"
said hla pretty nurse. Miss Hsttle Cos,
while she wss telephoning for hlra. "lis
le convalescing rapidly, but he w tabes to
have bis own wsy too much. Yesterday
we came to the climax. Ws fought It
oui nero ana well, today he la
and mlld."
O. W. Hoot me a, rspreasntlag the H. M.
Bowa company of Baltimore, coming
from the territory adjacent to the lower
Ohio, says he believes the crest ef the
water hi ettaer the Ohla w vt.j-.
around at Lone had not yet reached tts
a eight- "There Is too much enow melted
hs ths hut two, weeks edded to the
rains and the soaked condition of the
ground In all that ssctlon to allow the
Ohio to empty Itself. There 1 ettU Ice
la the trenchee and shady places and I
wouldn't be surprised If the water win
go higher."
Bootman's home la et Peoria. Farmers
la that section, ha asld. www tiihiie..
over the crop outlook.
Don't Spoil Your Easter Dinner With Impure Water
No deadly bacteria in it
No accretions of dirt
No "bad taste" to it
ISCO distilled water is drawn fresh every day and delivered in
sterilized glass containers at 10c per gallon. Phone Doug. 455,
or Ind. A-4155, and we'll deliver to you a delightful and safe water for your family.
423 South Fifteenth Street.
We wish to announce that wa
bare opened a atora at Hi 80.
16th Street and will carry a com
plete stock ot tba finest
Wa cordially Invite you to
visit our store.
Hong Kong Tea Co.
615 Bo. 16th Bt,
Pbona your orders Douglas 1412
r Yur Easter Dinner
iT V ?r5 not complett without a plat of
" 1 St ,fir delicious, nutritious '
1,1 rimM Butternut Bread J
IrifJTO Absolutely pare and reliable insist fj
1 -
Fresh Dressed Chickens, per lb. . . . . 10 Jo
Bpring quarter lambs, each 75
PIS Pork Boast, lb. ...9s
Steer Pot Roast, lb. 8Vk, 7t
Steer Steak, lb. .......... XOgr
Yonn Veal Roast, lb. ...104
Young Veal Chops, lb. ...10e
Veal Stew, lb 5 He
Pork Butts, lb 11 Vis
Mutton Roast, lb 6 Via
Lamb Stew, 7 lbs 25e
Lamb Chops, lb 10
No. 1 Bacon, lb 15
Sugar Cured Bacon, lb. 11 Vis
Swift's Premium, Cudahv'a DIs
maad C, Armour's Star Hams,
1 16 at
No. 1 Hams, lb 14 t
7 P. M. to (:30 P. M.. Lamb Chops lb 5
:J0 P. X. to 10:00 P. II.. l-lb. Pall Lard 33,
10:381 li
snd 3 P. M.
1610 HAS.
f Jr .--a wuae.
;fttii(ET Bon-2147
Tae SaeeeUo Ptaeraa
aastrors fewer Uvea tkaa etoasaca. Brer
ano kidney Osaesas, tor walca Klertitc
Bitters is the gnaraataad tseaes. ias.
For sals by Beaton Drug Co.
V Pnra beer needs protection I
lfeiMl'V . "on, Ught ..- I
msm old ace
' girt'
Is put vp la Amber bottles so
tba ran of the ana cannot de
stroy 11a pamv or give It
J I u. . .
uHfiwun lasia.
Old Age Is made from the
eoatUeet materials. It to sot
simply a beer of gualitv. but a
beer ot double eueiity.
aily Trade Sapptted by:
80a th Omaha WM. JETTKR,
SBOa W. St, Phone So. So.
Oasaha lICteQ F. RILZ, 1834
Oooglaa SC. Ffcoae Dong. J.S4S.
ilelter Brewing Co. ,
SiSS QSS Qass l5S5
Osaka's rare root Coats
rmssM rsurrs an nnTaun
10o largs fsnrjr isnioos, per dozen
sfedtura and large freeh cocoanuts, each ""fte 'ens'iAn
California and Florida head lettuce iSo aa iu
Bplnach. per peck JS
fancy sweet oranges, per doien
Straw berries, pineapples. Tangerine., Kancy ApplegL'Y'resu
Mint. Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Endive, Celery. KadlehenT Aeparagus.
New Carrots. Beets. Tumips. Rhubarb. Max and hiring Beani
Tomatoes. Green Pepoere. etc.
I It-lb. tin fancy long white Asparagus
"Lotus'" stuffed olives, sseorted, In glass
"Lotus" preaervea, Jan a and Jellies, ax sorted
Citroo, orange and lemon peel, per lb.
Sweet, aour and nilied pickles. In glass '."
Qusrt Jars large Queen ollvee
Kxtra fancy cluster raisins ""
Fancy baskets, all colors, with covers, each .7"
"Lotua" creamery butter, In cartons, per lb.
Our best country buttsr. In eanltary jars, per lb.
Btrletly freeh eggs, from Hrandeia farm, dozen .
r ancy jar cneeee, auoriea ie. la. ... iii
Large Mara eheeee, each mt
Jenny Bros, full cream brick cheese, per lb, . . aa
our own make peanut butter, in Jers ...'.'too.' I6e"aaa SSo
Mslon Mangoes, per doaen !?
Tlstt ear asawasuaUoa la Tea aaa Cottss Seuara
10c, ls asd aso
15a te ta.00 1
v lm v wavannun la Tsa aaa Coffee BenaM
1 poJnds 'r,u,-A,"l0'' Cut" el-ays th. m perrbr!:....40e
Holland-American cocoa a wholeeon drink Der'l'b" T?"
aasTBB atJOOESTioa-s "
J'S 'iii'""- C"""- Turkish Sougu V&er?
JrTnn,," '"". Kiea, wort
ta layer (.aaea. Tree Mump., are among the many rrJJi TmW..
found la our pastry department for your Easter dinner W
"Lotus- Kentucky whiskev. s TrTTi.i V?. -r?T '
Cedar Brook, full quart IU)0
...... ......... .
' i.oo
Quckenheimer, full quart
Port Wins, full quart .,
Sherry Wine, full quart .
White Tokay, full quart .
"Lotus" Grape Juice ....
SSo an 400 ,
(a gfjfti tt cv. (jf. (jj
Saturday Meat Specials
For Your Easter Sunday Dinner
Genuine 1M1 Spring Lamb, Hindquarter
Oenuina 1SH 8pring Lamb Forequaner
Cholee Pot Jtoast, to. 10e) 8H 1 Veal Chopa."peV ib."
Rump Roast, per lb. H, Veal Roast, per lb
Stew Stk. per lb. ....12VsJ Veal Stew;poib
Swlft-s Premium Hama. their best grade, per lb. ....
arii.-.. - -
nuaaowy neat, t o.
Phoae Douglae 179; Ind. A-2141.