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The Omaha Daily Bee
Entered at Omaha poetotfle a escond-
class mutter.
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Welly Be and Sunday, on rear...
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B delivery to City circulation DPt-
Remit by draft, express or poatal order,
payable to The Boa Publlehln company.
Jnly S-ernt stamp received la payment
of small account Personal chacSe. ea
cent oa Omaha and aaatarn exchange, act
. Omaha Tha Bee Building,
tout h Omaha-Sit N St.
- Council Bluffs-;! Boon St.
. Uncoln S Little Building.
Cnkaxo-lMi Marquette Kutlalng.
' Kanaaa City Ketone Building.
New Yorfc-M West Thirty-third.
Washtngton-TS Fourteenth St., N. w.
Communications relating to newe and
editorial matter atiould be addraaaad
Omaha Bee. Editorial Department.
lata of Nebraska, County of Dougiea. a.
. Dwtsht William, circulation manadat
of Tha Bee Pubuahlag company, being
duly sworn, aaya that tha average dally
circulation, leu spoiled, unused and re
turned coptes. lor tha month of March,
I Circulation Manager.
- Subscribed In my praaanca and a"orn
to aelora ma this Kh day of April WU.
xa' Notary Pubs.
' Ssbecrlbers Wain '
' temporarily should have Tko
Be nsaUled to that. Addroaa
'h will bo shaaaed as eft.n as r.
' It U not too late for April to fool
Ho ret
' The spring clsan-up should Include
tba back rard M well M tha front
Governor Oabora la tha tint of
tnose tevea governors to tear for
cover. NegL
Baeaaaa a maa mar bav a germ
la hla bat ia ao proof that ba baa a
bea In hla bonnet
But, speaking of dreadnaufhta
Ml warship, folka dread lot rea
sonable) appropriations.'
It la going to aztramea to try to
make adverse capital oat of the pres
ident's plea for giving business a
fair chance.
If Dr. Sua Yat Ben would applr
to Milwaukee tor advice, ba probabl
would be told not to to In for ao
elallaa ao toon.
It la decided not to call J. P. Mor
gaa to toattfr befcjrs the ataal cora
tnltte. What' tha ih, after hear
log yncle Andy, , . . .
The Loe Angelas achool children
bare voted against cigarettes. Now
when tha bora there atop smoking
them all will ba wall.
It would not eurprlee aa to hear at
air time tbat old Dos Cook had sud
denly bobbed up at tha aouth pole as
Ita original discoverer.
Tba beaatr doctor who aara all
women can . become beautiful la
thinking of the old adage that
"Pretty la ai pretty does."
Tea, thera are plentr of good
rapabllcaaa running for eommlaaion,
ao that republicans need not rot for
either democrata or aoctallita.
Governor Wllaoa'a fiiendi hare
waked to that Joker which aoma of
the other crowd slipped oxer pa him
In the Nebraska primary deck. .
It these Alleaa had onlr hit for
the mountains of Mexico Instead of
West Virginia, tier might bare made
good on their recall of judges.
Those thirty epeechee the countess
of Warwick bad to leave undelivered
on ' being auddenlr called home
doubtless would hare been worth
fullr 30 cents to us.
An eastern communltr is perplexed
over the case of a girl who hsa been
asleep for a week. Pshaw, we hare
known of ball players sleeping tor a
whole season at a time.
Senator' Hitchcock through his
newspaper is asking Mr, Bryan a lot
Of Impertinent questions, which we
could easily answer It we wanted to,
but we wont
Still, the people mar reasonably be
expected to continue to rule in Ne
braska whether the Initiative and
referendum amendment to the con
stltutloB la adopted or rejected.
Democracy must ba getting Irk
some to Dr. Wa Ting-tang, if he
wants to return to the United Slate
as ambassador, where we are still
struggling to let the people rule.
. Mr. Bryan Is graduallr getting
back bis voice. He baa found It pos
sible to repeat that he Is not a can
didate and that either Clark or VVU
son will ba acceptable to him. It he
i aot nominated himself.
' It is time once more for soma one
to demand that the democratic state
committee be convened at oaoa to
make the charging . and counter
charging warriors prove what tier
my arert one another, or take it all
back. "-
Taft Efficiency and Economy.
Adoption of the Taft program of
efficiency aad economy In the matter
of departmental reorganization as
outlined in the president's message
to congress would mark the fur
therest advance ever achieved in civil
service reform. Congress should
loss no time in acting upon these
recommendations. N The president.
undoubtedly, will have popular sup
port la his bold, unselfish efforts to
eliminate politics from public offlcs-
holding and reduce the whole admin
istration of government, so far aa In
hla power Ilea, to a basts of the max
imum efficiency at the minimum ex
pense. Those not In favor of this,
those who believe in making officisl
proferment the foot ball ot politics,
mar be expected to antagonise the
president In this courageous aad
businesslike advance.
President Taft Is not guessing In
msklng his, estimates; bs says be has
found by diligent inquiry that the
government is losing, for Instance, at
least $10,000,000 annually by dupli
cation and overlapping In certain
departments. What good reason
ran be urged against uprooting this
system? Ills most pronounced re
form, perhsps, Is that placing first
and second-class postmasters under
the civil service, requiring all of
their time for tha office and. doing
away with the assistant postmasters.
This Is the most emphatic proof ot
his determination to divorce office-
holding from politics, for' tremen
dous patronage power lies In the dis
position ot big postoffica plums. A
saving of 14,(00,000 ansaallr could
be effected br this change, he aaya.
Why not make tha change and aave
the millions!
And so oa down tha list the presi
dent goes, through the Postoffica,
Treasury and Interior departments,
aa well aa tha Departments of Justice
and Commerce and Labor. ' And he
la specific with his proposals, not
general. Ha hsa located tba sources
of waste, extravagance and poor
service) and ahowa how efficiency and
economy are possible and exactlr
where. He baa put up to congress
the most aerloue sort of a business
proposition. Caa any antl-Tsft fac
tion la congress afford to p!r poli
tics over It? Here ia the best chance
ret for putting into practice some of
tha preachments about good govern
ment Good government la not
wasting tha people's moner br re
taining political parasites and sine
cures when tha moner might be
saved and the business of the people
better transacted br kicking out tha
parasites and abolishing the sine
cures. Hera It a tin chance for all
true reformers to follow President
Tsft In one ot tha greatest reforms
yet proposed.
Alaska's Banner Gold Tear.
Alaska, ia expected . to - produce
mora gold this year than aha has in
any single year ot her history. This
prediction is made in the Pacific
aorthweet oa tba basis ot reports of
early sluicing that hsvs coma from
Nome, Tanana, Iditarod and other
Will these reports prompt another
big rush to Alaska and what effect
on prices would a continued Increase
la gold production have at thla time?
Theaa are questloaa of vital Interest
suggested by the prospect. Gold hss
never lost Ita lure for men and it is
probable that In tha event of any
decided boom In the production ot
tha Alasksn fields, large numbers of
prospectors will find their way. as
In other days, Into that dlstsnt land.
However thla mar turn out, one
finds himself hoping thst tha en
larged output will, somehow, aot
have Ha natural effect ot further
stimulating the price market, though
It la quits agreed br now that gold
production and the coat ot living are
Inevitably related.
But there la another point ot par
ticular interest suggested br these
reports, and that ia this: whst ad
vance Alaska la making is In spite
snd not br means of governmental
aid. Congress stolidly Ignores ex
ecutive recommendations for the
provision of a aattable form of gov
ernment under which the great pen
insular might be brought to some
thing like normal development The
natural resources are there, but they
need different regulations to thrive
ss ther should. War doss congress
continue to ignore Alaska's needs
snd ther are the whole country's
seeds while It spends its time play
lng politics?
' Bad Pavement.
New York newepapers are agita
ting ways snd means of getting better
pavement laid on the streets of that
city. The World aaya: "The pava-
menta of New Tork are the worst la
the world." We are aot prepared to
coincide literally with that but the
World goes on:
TIm pa re menu are ba4 among other
reasons, because of a lack ot apsclai
knowledc of pa visa, because the meth
od are antiquated, tha workmanship
slovenly, snd because the hupscUoa Is la
faulty, and because the tastwatlea ts In
sufficient. They are costly to keep la
order and hard to clean, and too snucb
I Scene is (Ivan to builders, transit com
panies and prtvat In terms ftrae rally to
obstruct and blockade them. Repairs at
too Ions delayed, competition la Inter
farad with by restrict! spedflcatlons.
particularly with respect to asphalt pav-
Inc and the whole subject f street pav
ing Is dealt with aaecooonilcsJIy and In
efflcleatlr by tnc city.
Most of these reasons might apply
ts either cities beside Gotham, and
added to them la the reason of graft.!
which some western cities know
sbout One of the commonest
sources of fraud and extravagance in
our cities la to be found In this very
matter of street paving. Shrewd and
unscrupulous contractors, by manipu
lation, bare boon able to run things
to suit themselves, getting rich by
laying a cheap pavement that needed
repairs and replacement frequently,
while tha city baa gone on stupidly
tolerating k.
How la the best wsy of handling
the problem? Tne fundamental fault
in New Tork, aaya the World, ia the
absence ot a central authority
charged with the entire responsibil
ity. Well, In Omaha and other cities
with commission forms of govern
ment, this central suthority should be
had and we should bs abla to get
better results. Wa shall see what wa
ahall see.
Good Ilea for Commissioner Y.
J. D. ("Dad") Weaver
Every one who known "Dad"
Weaver is sure be would make a good
councilman for Omsha under the
new commission plsn of government
"Dsd" knows more men engaged In
mercantile bualaees In Omaha than
any other person, and hs knows what
the business men wsnt from their
city government. "Dsd" hss been
bead of tha hustlers' committee, snd
one ot the chief doers ot tblnga for
Ak-Sar-Bea of the Den from its Incep
tion, nnd baa tbua demonstrated his
ability to cope with complicated af
fairs. Incidentally, "Dad" need to
work for The Bee In Its advertising
department, and we know tha city
could have no more faithful public
George H. Thummel.
Tasted on any standard of In
telligence and efficiency, George H.
Thummel would make a good mem
ber of tha new council. His experi
ence . In ' municipal administration
harks back to his residence In Grand
Island before be became a cltixea of
Omaha, and la reflected la thla an-
doraemsnt from the Grand Inland
Mr. Thummel waa always numbered
among the best aad most procraastr
cltlsen. The Impress ot his work
and of his executive ability, of hla n
terprts snd publlo spirit has been left
an many a Grand Island Institution aad
In many of our publlo affalra. Certainly
his candidacy aa a commissioner at
Omaha la the most complet and em
phatic refutation of th Srguuunt that
sble men should not be secured tor com
missioner. Ill former Grand Island
neighbors snd frtende will heartily lota:
th Independent In unreservedly and un
qualifiedly commending him to the 1 ll
ama of Omaha aa one of their executive
under th new plan of sot ernment and
hop for him a splendid majority la th
first centrals loner eteatlon the me
tropolis. Mr. Thummel hss bees Identified
with Omaha bow for mora tbaa ten
years, aad la oas of the men endorsed
by the Cltlsena' . union. ,
Harry B. Zlmman. t .
Harry B. ' Zlmman made a good
councilman for nine years, and all
will agree that be will make good
councilman again. ' There ia not a
maa In or out of office In Omaha
who baa kept closer track of city
affairs, or who knows as much about
ths actual conditions snd needs of
our municipal government That he
la a persistent, tlghtsr In the public
Interest, and haa the courage of his
convictions. Is proved by his entire
career. Ilia personal platform ts a
comprehensive outline for municipal
progress, although It possibly over
shoots the mark In some directions.
Our amiable democratic contem
porary seems to be laboring ander a
fearful delusion aa to the purpose
of the presidential preference pri
mary ao far as it applies to demo
cratic candidates. Ths primary la
not to indicate the choice of the
democracy unlesa It coincides with
ths choice of Mr. Bryan. .
The dsmage . done by spring
freshsls to Nebraska bridges finds
the fund for state aid to county
bridge building exhausted. But with
the legislature only a fsw months
away, the bridge builders no doubt
will be willing to taks a chance oa
a deficiency appropriation, other
things being favorable.
On careful investigation tha grand
Jury finds thst whtls ths paring cob
tractors have fallen abort of specifi
cation requirements of quality and
thickness, their Intentions were good.
It la worth noting, however, that but
one case waa unearthed where the
contractors hare given tha city mora
than waa stipulated.
The first round la the contest tor
commission plan offices merely qual
ifies for the aacoad round. Perhsps
the voters will ba doing the aixty
candidates annffed out la the Initial
trial a real kindness avsa tf they do
not recognise It to be such.
Evidently Wood row Wilson does
aot want hla name printed aa a can
didate for president oa tha populist
ticket la Nebraska with hla consent
Yet be will probably make no objec
tion to having It written la at the
POllaV .
William Dean Howell aaya there
Is ao chasm between journalism aad
literature, that one often sees aa good
writing In newspaper ss in books.
Tha dean of American literature win
get himself scolded by some
literary lights tor that ;
IhkDnv inOmalia
tsiia. sj aias
April .
Thirty Year Ago
A sBttns of the republican city oom
mittee was swig at Fireman's hall to
night. IX E. 8c Oyer shroed tha eatt aa
The opening of the baa ball ana
will he coasumated aezt Saturday with
a gam with the picked nine of th Union
Pacifle and Burlington headquarters.
Thla Monday was duly celebrated a
th Cathode churches. Bishop O'Connor
celebrated pontifical high mass In the
cathedral. He was assisted by Father
Phelen of Grand Island. Father Jan
nett of Exeter and McCarthy of Omaha,
Fathers Kelly of Omaha and Seraphanltia
as deacon and sobdescona. Father
Colonarl of Omaha as master ot cere
monies. Fathers Ryan of Columbus and
Qulnn of North Platte aa oil bearers.
and Father Smyth of O'Connor aa cross
A caucus of th new and holdover mem
ber of th cltr council decided oa
Homer Stull for president aad J. L. C.
Jewett for clerk.
Ths wind is fast drying ap th mud.
Internal revenue collect! oa la the dis
trict of Nebraska amounted to SS1.474.SV.
The Utile daughter of Julius Treluake
died yesterday during his absence In
St. Los la
Bids are being Invited for three-atory
brick and atone basement school house
to be erected oa Howard street be
tween Ninth snd Tenth, according to
plans and speciflcstlona by Dutreae A
Twenty Years Ago
Judas J. X. Wool worth left for Hot
Springs, Ark.
Th Omaha Western league baa ball
Mia slsred Hs first run af tha
on, defeating an Omaha picked Bin. U
w . t omens team lined up aa fol
lows: Snelbeck. ahortaton: VIW fort
field: Ollk, enter field; Hayes, captain;
Hanlboa. right field and pitch; Davs
Row, first base and bumm' rtitanv
third hs; Darby, pitch and right field:
Pltaaerald. second has. Picked Bin:
Oadk. catch; Stermson, pitch; HaaksU,
tint ba; atonsy, second base; Van A .
nan, shortstop; Camp, third has; Bald
win, left field; Chamberlain, center field;
jseiroae. right rma.
Mr. and Mr. A. J. Himmm -a
daughter returned from Florid, when
they spent th wlatar.
OeorsT Crosby, moral fraurM amit
of th Burlington A Missouri River re-turned-from
Mexico, where ha oaeat
two week.
K. R. Cook, who wsa In tha servtoa of
th Union Pacific for severe! vaara. se.
umed hi duty aa trala aseot after a
month s vacation.
J. B. Flnlajr. director In Ballsviaa eni.
leg, returned from a three we-as' visit
m oan rranewce.
Rev. W. J. Harsh- TV TV. end sin
Haraha left for New Tork City, where
th doctor was tallied to a new pariah.
Henry T. Oxnard of Oread Island was
In town n rout ta Washington, D. C
n sua a Uktugnt congress would deal
kindly with beat sugar manufacturers In
sptt of th opposition et Congressman
W, 1, Bryan.
Tea Years Ago.
John A. Renels. formerly man iter of
the Kansas City branch of Ely, Lilly
Co., moved to Omahs and wsnt Into th
employ ef th Port er-Rrerson-Hoo bier
Henry g. McDonald aad Daa Bray ef
th Omaha Qua ehib went to Otathe,
Kan., t participate In the meeting ef the
Kansas Btsts Qua elub and frees there
they wsrs to g to St Joseph to taks
part In a shoot . .
Daniel gully put up at the Iler Orand.
J. W. Thomas ot the Vnloa National
bank, returned from Kansas City, where
a a member ef Governor Savage's staff,
he took part In th Charity hail.
Father Janwa J. Corbley, 8. J., who for
some time had been pastor of at John's
Roman Catholle church, returned to Chi
cago snd was succeeded la Omaha br
Father Martin Bronasvaat . t. Father
Corbley s health became impaired.
Fifteen hundred Sunday pleaaure seek
er were at Vlotoa atreet park ta sea th
Rourkes beet the Orlstnals In very
sood gaats of belt, t t I The Reurk
Uned ap thla war: Carter, baft field;
Oenlns, center fleldi Calhoun, first baa;
Dolaa, abort stop; Stewart, seeond base;
Hiekcy, third base; Fleming, right Held;
Oondlnft catch; Mordecal Brewa, pitch;
Thomas (Jack), catch; Alleway, pitch;
Oraham, pitch. Originals: Holm.
third ba; Lawler, shortstop; Whitney.
outer flaw; Welch (Harry), pitch; Tay
lor, left field; Bvandford. second: Foley,
first base; CKeefe, catch; Scully, right
field. Th Hon. Buck Keith umpired.
People Talked About
Owing bs th demand a the tool for
tutting "melone" the coal trust will not
cot the price thla summer.
Tha short and ugly word passed be
tween members of th Maryland legiala.
ture without disturbing aa Inkstand or
a tooth. Mollycoddle .
Signs ot advancing aprag multiply.
Forty timber own la th kit nee at
Potutvtlie, Pa., are taking a strike vaca
tion because the tmsis wouldn't give
tbeca more pay tor carrying safety ksaap.
Daniel Daria, wb waa ordered retired
from the Bostea poUoe fore seventy
slant years ago bscsuss ba waa In such
poor health it waa believed be could not
Uve a rear. dl4 recently at the age eg
Te few torn ts It given ts a
beloved friend and la th glory
dreams. That was the happy tale of
Robert Laytea Newness, years eld. aad
a painter, whs waa found dead among
hia canvases la hla studio la New Tork
With mors r lea pala U should be
aetad that la a salxa between th Me
Dermott and Poles Mow ski taction at
the polls la Cbloaso. ao eao of the Oa-
lamMwkls left hla mesa era aa the
pavsaneat. But Daty aaa aa
Dougherty, members ot the -figuring
race." were teanevwS ea shutter.
Mr. Robert C. WtckBff, artte ef the
representative from Louisiana, la said a
bs the originator ef th Man ef selsbiat
Ing the Mrthdey ( Deily Maahsoa with
a breakfast far th wtvas of Suna rsts
hi WJbngtaa- The tislustaUsa - I
planned to take Blare May m aad Mrs
Champ Clark, wife ef the spsakii ef the
aa accepted the post sf treat-
In Other Lands
Boa Bids Z4gbwj aa What la
TraaaptrUg Asssag the
aad Par Kstlsna ef the Bart.
Third Hosae Rale Bill.
The actors are ready aad th scenery
la place for th introduction In th
British House of Common ef the prom
ised bill restoring legislative home rule
to Iralasd. Tha eveat Is featured for
Thursday, the 11th Inst., with Prime
Minister Asq tilth la charge ef the meas
ure. Oa tar former occasion horn nil
bills wer Introduced In th commons
tha first by Prim Minister Gladstone in
ItM and the second by the "grand old
maa" In 1M. Th first met defeat in
the commons by a division ef the liberal
party ea the issue raised. The second
measure was passed in th common by
a substantial majority, but wa rejected
by the House, of Lords. Ia th succeed'
lng nineteen years the energy and skin
of borne rulers were directed toward
eliminating the power of the paere. It
was a long, wearying, nerve-racking
watch for opportunities to batter the
walle of hereditary privilege and power.
With eourase, patience and unity the
Irish natlonslltta pressed the struggle In
every direction calculated to uproot or
weaken thla dominant power, supporting
every measure of progressive reform
brought forward by th ministry. In Sua
time the persistent opposition of th peers
te beneficial aisasurea forced the terna
of ending or mending th House ot Lord
te a vote of the people resulting In the
triumphant return of the liberal ministry
a year ago. The restricted veto powei
of the peers for the first time makes
possible the recovery of home rule for
Ireland. Wail th peer possessed co
ordinate power the chance ef auch a
me sura being passed by th House of
Lords were below sere. Should the
coming measure command the united sup-
pert of the liberal party (roup Its pas-
sag by ths commons at three suveeaslv
sessions will make it a law In two years,
regardless of the opposition of th peers.
Th general provisions of the Mil have
been published, but many Important de
tails relating to finances, customs.
Judicial and polic control, are rceerved
for the Introductory speech.
SrraarBt at a Century.
One hundred and twelve year age the
Irleh PerttemenJ. packed for the pur
pose, decreed Ma own death for a pries.
The record ef that Infamy, recorded In
the "Black Ust" by Berrtngtoa, forma
th moat shameless ch spier et English
Plunder ever perpetrated hi Ireland.
Barringtoa place th cash cost of th set
ot union at fT.IW.Mt, most ot which went
to a combine of sixteen conspirators. Be
sides the 'cash disburse menu, th official
spotls distributed Included two bishoprics,
fifty-nine valuable offices, twlcs that
number ef minor offices, fourteen colo
nelcies, one of which went to Sir Edwin
Packmham, whom General Jackson
mashed at New Orleans fourteen years
alleri etghteea peerages, forty-one Judge
ships, two generaldea and two baronet
cies. From the hour of the betrayal of
Ireland, effective ea January X, 1801. al
most to tha cloe of the nineteenth cen
tury th peopls wer subjected to every
specie f coercion laws that dsvlltsh In
genuity could Invent. Oppression, repres
sion and depression, flanked with bay
onets, bull!, th hsngmaa's roa snd
Inveruatary exile, were th common fate
ef Irishmen openly opposed to alien gov
ernment. Compared with th aped mens
ef British "etviliiatlou" exhibited In Ire
land front not te Us, the recent raid et
Russian csssscks Into Persia was a
mild and sedate ss a Sunday school pie
am. Practically every mure of relief
(ranted by Parliament during the cen
tury was wrung from sn unwilling body
through fsar or forced by political ax.
sjencsss. Fsar af the power behind
O'Connell wrung Catholic mancipation
la ICS. Church dlsestabllshawat in MB)
wa th aftermath of Fenian activity ta
Ireland aad abroad. Similarly th be
ginning ot land reform laws ss well aa
Gladstone's horns rule bills were ths off
spring ef the Land league agitation,
backed by a united people led by Par
Ball. Blcgr. Dsvltt. Redmond, Dillon,
O'Connor and their lieutenants. On the
eueeaas of the third heme rule bins Is
staked the Ills of the liberal ministry.
Aftermath of Strike.
A permanent and far-reaching result
of th coal miner strike In Great Britain
la noted by th London correspondent of
the New Tork Post In the Impetus given
41 .a fuel. There was an enpreesdsnt
edly large attendance at th Institution
ef Mechanical Knglnser te hear Dr. Ru
dolph Dteeel give an account of hla oil
engine, and the newspapers have heaa d.
voting columns at their space to th sub
ject. When the Selaadla. a Msf-toa ell
driven steamer, appeared In the London
dock a few week ago. ther was a good
deal ef sensational talk about th de
thronement af King Coal aad th doom of
that commercial aad Industrial prosperity
which had rested so largely upon our coal
supply. Dr. Diesel himself think thla a
groundless scare. England, hs poults out
will always have an advantage la he
mineral wealth. sMemuch as her coal
fields are a vast ell reservoir. The coal
tar new being produced In Great Britain
aad largely wasted, contain oil enough
to keep th antlr British navy auppUed
with liquid fuel.
Dr. Dtaaai tsreeeea th day whoa all
coal brought a th suifaee will b con
verted probably at th pit head. nt gas.
soke and oU. The eU will be largely used
for driving engines to generate electricity
la bulk. This will mesa aa Immense
economy In the use ot coal, and a con
urnt postponement of th data whea th
national aupplte will be exbauetad.
Military Spirit la
A Parisian correspondent, writing to a
Lndoe Journal, comments upon th x
traordlnary new spirit recently drrel
eped fa France, a exhibited at thj re
esat pring review at Vlacennaa ot th
regular Paria garrison. He says: "For
tw hour or a soktW aiad what
were almost triumphal marches Serosa
Pari. Three sjiartera f th aug crowd
at Vhtcann waited to eeeort the trees
home. Along th boulevard aa hour er
two stuar one heard trampiog, cheers
and bands la th distance. Than a small
etvtliea army cam la sight marching la
tba. and more er lea ta serf -imposed
rank aad ill, with a swarm ef cyclists
havering around. . All had walked, er
Jewry cycled, the wool way tress Vta
eenttss with th troop, sad I ssw hun
dreds of women la thetr Sunday best
who bad also tramped with the soldier.
Each legist waa ssimSia. followed
aad eatirely surrounded by a aaarchlng
erowd. aad tha officers ea swraahack
red eesnpteter hnamsd ta by saaa and
sera. I repeat that I have aerrsr seea
tat a lansastiatloa ef salutary patriae
ban la Paris before. Th thsisis ta the
Preach aatloaal liasjn atnee last sum
mer ts a rsaeiikaHi Jtarepsaa even.-
Philadelphia Record: So far Taft keep
a two-third lead to his race for dele
gates to th republican national con
vention. Not so bad. considering th roar
and clamor of the third-term claimant
trailing in the rear.
t- Louie Globe Democrat1. Abraham
Lincoln never went up and down the
country atorming at his own party. Mr
Lincoln's Idea waa to choose what he
considered the beet party and then
strengthen it by good work for r.:ore
good works.
Chicago Record-Herald: Hughes is be
ing talked of as a dark horse. One good
thing about being a dark horss Is that
while acting In that capacity one Is not
compelled to go out traveling around the
country for the purpose) of showing how
eagerly the office I seeking the man.
Sioux City Journal : Senator La FoU
lette's campaign Work In Nebraska vill
be witched with Interest by the Roose
velt strategy board. 8-.nca the outcome
in North Dakota not one of the Roose
velt supporters has even peeped s sug
gestion that La FoUeUCs phyaical con
dition is such as to make a continuance
of hi candidacy hopeless.
New York Sun: A friend of Mr. Bry
an's declares that the Nebraskan would
not bolt even It both Mr. Taft sad Mr
Harmon were nominated tor president
"although Mr. Bryan might withhold his
active support" The prospect ought
not to disturb Governor Harmon when
be reflect that Mr. Bryan actively sup
ported Judss Parker, with th result
that the democratic vote fell oft la the
country a round million.
la Cold Btarasj.
. 8t Paul Pioneer Press.
Senator McCumber would repeal the
Canadian reciprocity' act This is be
cause hs oppose Ita prtnetpl nnd not
because Canada rejected It But Norman
E. Mack thinks ths set Is s good thing
te store away and have handy about the
house. It may be like the. old discarded
dresser ef a peat age which Is found In
the garret and turns out to be ot solid
State Resralattoa af Trusts.
Philadelphia Record.
The states are better qualified for the
regulation ef the trusts thaa the federal
goverameat la. . They have suocseded
better In their proeeeutloas. and it they
oaa drive out of their awn Jurisdiction
corporation that vtolat their anti-trust
laws they can aetlie the whole matter
without help from congress.. In several
Instances then- right to arivs out trusts,
or compel them te obey the laws ot tha
locality where they do business, hs.
been sustained by tha supreme court snd
Uie latest Instanc Is the decision recently
sustaining Missouri la driving ut the
Standard Oil company of Indiana and th
Republic Oil company of New Tork, and
fining each of them ISO, 000.
Greatest aid to home baking
Makes the cake, biscuits and
.hot-breads ot superior flavor
and nealtMolness
Absolutely free from alum and other
." Injurious submtanoes.
Get the Well-Known
Round! Ptcluge
-sV UsD B6fn aJUTJtf n '
, hS ss wnit s
'Juan:' i m
Ax ' yxwV err-
, , . ., .fclnlr thlS
3100 1CUB Wli L . . .
rifle Idea is a good one, of killing off all
tn '0":v... ,iu ,m would ba too
. t y mcutv ' "
lontsly. Baltimore American. ,
nnrvTwil VSV fellOW
-iV.v ireatmpnt of thf-t DiOk
pompadour gives me a pain. . -
Oaker sort 01 piuucrs
Chicago Tribune.
. n a... v a wrasr vHclr
! rescuing that boy ; you deserve a Car-
I 1 -n a. nMAwn Alad VAII Ffh
negie meuai. rnfc . rw
do It? . . "
Tha Hero He haa my saaies ea-rw
"Scraggs borrows my paper svery
This morning he told me In a bitter
.,.. Miiti im in errons:
and that it carries too much advertising.
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Why do vou take auch fiendish de
light in fiddling while Home burner
lng my performance I am roasting the
music critics. r uiiiBt
The fresh young man sealed himself
beride a handsome girl on the train.
"Coing far?" be Inquired.
"You are. sir: much too far. was the
chilling retort. Boston Transcript
t 1 '
"I always llks to hsvs Mm corns to
the house."
That so? Why?"
Dwnmnm lie twins - - -
lng without once mentioning the pollttca
situation." Detroit Free Press.
"What make you jump out so unex
pectedly end race around the yard with
a lawn mower?" asked the neighbor.
"Whenever I get to reading," replied
Mr. Crosslote, "the hired girl prances
around with a carpet sweeper and I have
to get even In some way. Washington
Mrs. Strucklt Rlch-Our waiter ta a
student He I working his way through
M?trucklt Rich You don't tell me!
Well. If the colleges would only turn out
a few mora good waiters I'd have more
respect for them seats of learning.
Puck. - : . '
"I never eaved a dollar until I was
"And now?"
"Now I never have one thet I feel that
I can afford to spend." Detroit Free
Press. i
April first! Now the worst
Of the wintry day are over;
Now s chance for advance
Of the grasses and th clover.
Sparrowa tit aa they flit
la the sunshine warm and mellow:
Dandelion, man-1cfin
Soon will dot th earth with yellow.
Now the sky arching high
Smile upon the ecuh below It;
Now a cloud like a shroud
Knfolda the sun before wa know It;
First a thrill, tnn n chill.
Then a freakish ind to blow ug.
Is It spring? Now by jlng!
. April, dear, you've got to show us. '
Omshs. .
T -s
Made In the larntL ht
equipped and sanitary Malted
Milk plant In the world
We do not make "milk productaZ
Skini Milk, Condensed Milk, etc.'
But fb. Original-Genuine
Made from pare, fall-crcon. milk
and the extract of select malted .train,
reduced to powder form, soluble ia
water. Best food-drink tar all ..
Used an over the Globe
?i!ifv tn-fjjg.