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Likening for the Call of the Peanut Whittle
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Drawn for The Bee by Hal Coffman
Thin&S To WRfcY AoT
--.-r I tt.r'I: nill... ' u so. I )n J I 1 I
Burlington Pitcher. Touched ITp
Twenty-Five Times.
Mnrtcca to TkK la Flat! Wall af
Iowa Vnfortnaates ka Strive ,
to Make Interest
ing) for Raagers.
JuPLlN, Mo.f AarU tWSpecial Tel-Kiam.l-Raurka'B
Premiers .were In fin
letting form today , and swamped Tom
llayden'e feeble Burlington,. Ja.. club.
eore, 19 to ' . .
Kverybotjy on" the Omaha club hit the
and ran the sack Ilka wild men.
It u nice practice for the Rangers, but
aside from that could not be called mucb
uf a game. Wichita cornea here Saturday
for a brace of games... This will mark
the rloae of the training season her for
the Nebraakans. being prepared to start
north. Monday morning.. Score:
- AH 11.
Justice, as
oyie, ri. ......
Thomaaon, cf. .
Kane, lb.
Hranlan. lb
,ours. If. .......
Nelhoff, 3b
Wanner, 2b. "...
tk'hoonover. c .
Itobtnaon. p. ....
Rhodes, p ,
Totals ....'.'.
... i
.".O 19 Si' 71 w
'Hatted tor Robinson la sixth.
Kills, If
Jlountjoy. as
immuil. .......
lubbard. 3b
l'ennell, lb..,
Lee, i f ,
1 1111. rf , ,
MeCaakhlll. o
Croud, c
Harlow, e
Bremser, p
Ward, p
Fields, p.. .........
Smith, p ....
Schoonover. Double play: Robinson to
Kane, l-eft on bases: Omaha. 4; Burling
ton. . First on errors: Omaha. 1: Bur
lington, 2. Hits: Oft Robinson. In six
Innings; off Rhodes. In three Innings;
off Bremser. Is In two Innings; off Ward,
6 rh two. Innings; off Fields, J In two
Innings: off Smith, I In two Innings.
Struck out: By Robinson. In els In
nings; by Rhodes. I In three Innings: by
Bremser, i In two Innings; by Fields, 1
In two Innings; by Smith, 1 In three In
nings. Bases on balls: Off Robinson, 1;
off Rhodes, 1; off Remser. 1; off Fields, 3;
Time; Lei. Umpire: Dick Kissane.
Three Basket Ball .:
(Games Played at
' the 'Thursday
Crelghton Seniors, J: "Walnut Hill Cres
cents, 0; Forfeit.
Excelsiors, 14; Crelghton Seniors, lL
Squabs, ; Rainbows. -It.
.The Excelsiors sprung a. surprise ea
the crelghton Seniors Thursday at the
Toung Men's Christian association and
walked away with a poorly played game.
The Squabs defeated the Rainbows and
moved Into first place. In th first game
the Excelsiors played all around the
Seniors, but .won i the game on free
throws, the Seniors being called repeat
edly for rough work.' Featner and Moran
wsre the only players' to score field goals.
In the second gam the Squabs were
outplayed In the first halt but finished
strong. The Crescents failed to appear
and foref cited t,the Seniors.,
Eic.lllor. .
J. Hons
Goals rrom
PMlttca. smlem
..R.r Kassaw-Tsrpjy
.....L.F UPilr
P....c... riMf
.....R.O. ' Craedoe
L.O Ooraaa
field: Featner, ft); J
Ttl. a S M 84
inmns -
Hurllngton 0 1 1 10-
Home run; Kane. Two-base hn: Pen
pell. Justice,' Harmon tt, Mountjoy,
Moran. Ml. Goals from free throw: A.
Moran, (4); Runsum. I. Referee: "Scully"
Graham of Omaha Pirates.
aqtisba. Poaltloa. " Ratabswa.
SanlMrs K. F.. rtota
Bumaa L.F.. .4... Om
Rounar O. ganare
Ham K.G' Cr's
r.llnua UO......
Goals from field: Sandberg, ): Bau
man. O; Rouner. (i); Hayes. 1; Moore.
1: Floto. 1; Over, 1: CrsJg, 1. Goals from
free throw: Bussard. ; Rouner. 0).
Referee: Scully" Ore ham.
All-Alaika. Sweepstake, for Five
Thousand Dollar Begins.
Haider at Reeorw for Kveat Itraadeel
an Siberia Coast aaal Sakall
tate Has ts Take Place
Beblad Caaraers.
NOME. Alaska, April (. Four teams
got away at 10 o'clock this morning In
the All-Alaska sweepstakes, the famous
doer race of the north.
The teams were driven by Charles
Johnson, driving for Fox Ramsay; A, A.
(Scotty) Allen, driving the team of mala
mutes owned by Mrs. Charles E. Darling
of Berkeley, Cal ; Alexander Holmsen,
driving John Johnson's team of Siberian
wolf hounds, and a driver named Oliver.
The coarse ts from Nome to Candle and
return, a distance of 411 miles, and the
puree Is S,000. The record Is held by
John Johnson, who drovs the distance In
seventy-four hours, fourteen minutes and
fourteen seconds. This is the first time
In years that Johnson has not driven the
Siberian wolves and ha would be driving
today If he bad not been left stranded on
the Siberian coast last fall when the
arctio Ice moved down and drovs his
schooner back to Noma before It could
pick htm up. Johnson went to Siberia to
get new blood for his dog team.
The trail Is In good condition, the
weather perfect and the followers of ths
race are hopeful that Johnson's record
will be lowered.. Last years' race was
won by "Scotty" Allen, who finished In
eighty-one hours and forty minutes.
Roller Tkraara Resaaaeff.
MTNNT0APOIJ8. April . Dr. B. F.
Roller of Seattle tonight defeated Roman
off, the Russian wrestler, In straight falls
of a finish match here. Both falla were
won on toe holds, the first In twenty-six
minutes Slid the second In twelve.
WICHITA, Kan., April l The first
squad of the Chicago Americana defeated
the Wichita Western league team today
by a scors of IS to i. Ths gams was
played on a loose diamond in a gale.
8core: R.H.B.
CMcsgo MM t
Wichita " 10 I
Batteries: Peters, Delhi snd Kuhn;
Jackson, Ellis, H creche and Clemens.
"Hr. Delay" is going
to buy. his Easter
Suit here Saturday
I've preached early buying ever since I was a
youngster in business; but what good does it do;
- they'll crowd a clothier the day before Easter
- But I'm fixed for bunches; I've extra sales
people; I've styles that come in as late as yester
day; I've spring shades in keeping with the balm
that's in the air; I've models for young Easter
paraders; for middle aged gentlemen; for the elder
ones who don't parade, but who wish to be properly
dressed on Easter just the same. . Now, then, I'm
ready for you! ' V . ... .
Suit Prices $15 to $35
'''Society Brand9' Clothes
I enthuse over them!
Southeast Corner of
Sixteenth and Harney
Sts. Ground Floor
City National Bank
No Brother, the "finishing touches"
Hats, Furnishings, Etc.
Busy Scene Saturday My Hat and Furnishings . ,
section thick with people My swagger Cravats
will go swiftly at 50c My nifty hats will repose on
many a head at 13 each My Cloth Hats will capti
vate youngfellows at $2 My Shirts will be voted
right Come, see what "Easter" looks like in here. v
ra Wmn
letter Gold Topi Win Two of Three
from Dreibai Candy Co.
Peaaaat I.tkely ta Ca to One ar
Other at Three Twa Traaaa aad
leasee's Flalak Will Be
Caate Oar.
'In the Commercial league the Jelter
Gold Tops won two out of three from the
Dreibus Candy company. - Haehr had all
high honors of the evening with a single
of U snd a total of 171 Ily losing this
one game to ths Kandy Kids the Jelters
and Fete Lochs art) tied for the pen
nant of this year's Commercial league
snd a pretty finish Is expected. Scores:
1st. !d. Id. Total.
Raehr 10 m IK! fnl
Minrbha hl 11 '. 14 472
aodensrhwsger Hi 1 lt 11
Gllbreelh lr 1M 141 4H
Zarp l.s iw lfc! Ml
Tola) &7 til Ki tU
1st. W. Sd. Total.
Condon ITU 10) l."4 4V.1
Manning 174 l:H lis 4T7
McDonald 17a llu 1 M
IWilan 1 hl lri:. hlfc
Straw 171 171 171 'eu
Totals 171 all S01 im
Uate City Leaser.
1st. M. Id. Total.
Stlne IN 170 1M
mors ! m lia
Terrell 1S ITS . 1K7 Ml
Roche 14 m 1..3 47
Schoenaman Iti IK) 13 U1
Totals 177 m TNI til
1st. SI. Id. Total.
Kalman 17a 174 l'J all
Koblaon lit IS1 141
Uearoa 1W Wl 1 11 4ra
Chase m 171 170 Us
Kosenbaum 151 m 1-7- l
I Totals .Wt M4 717 Ztsl
Morrison l.eagaea
1st. Id. Jd. Total.
FYltscher ...At lt ITl Ml
Maytliaro lt 171 1M . 123
Diorda .S3 111 177 t2
Stuns fit 1.1 1!'3 Ml
Cochran 11 isa s
In Some Parti of Wyoming- Flock
Are Reduced 79 Per Cent
la Belle Ksarrhe t'aaatry Fleekaaas
Irrs Sal eg y Tkrtr Stark by
Perdfaa: May that Coat ae
High ae 3a a Tea.
The stork ranges of South Dakota snd
Wyoming Indicate that the loss of cattle
by reason of the severe weather during
February and March was not so hesvy
as anticipated.
Reports from the upper country are U
the effect that cattle have come through
the winter thinner than usual, but that
th losses throughout Wyoming will not
exceed 1 per cent. In the country north
of the Belle Kourrhe, In North snd South
Dakota, ths losses will be a little heavier.
but nowhere near per cent, as was
reported probable at one time. ,
Coats Mark la Save Stark.
Through ths Hells Fourche country
there were msny raw here who only
saved their herds by feeding hay that In
some Instanrrs cost them as high as N
per ton. The hay wsa bought In Ne
braska snd when shipped to ths snd of
ths road had cost M per ton. Then It
was hauled from fifty to as far as
seventy-five miles, running the cost to
an enormous figure. It wsa fed spar
ingly, but ths rattls were given enough
to keep them from starving.
It seems.that the reports of enormous
sheep losses were at no time over
estimated. Word coming In from the
ranches of the flockmasters Indicates thst
in eastern and central Wyoming there
are many flocks thst have been entirely
wiped out by starvation. There are some
places nearer railroad where it was pos
sible to get In hay and grain that will
show smaller losses, but, on the whole.
It Is estimated that ths loss for ths entire
stats will not be fsr from 71 per cent.
snd, perhaps, a little mors.
Totals mo W4
ELKS NO. 31.
1st. 2d.
Butler 1st 17s
Robertson .
Bengels ...
..MO 136
..i; l-'l
,..isl 11
...Ms 1M
m 1,8
3d. Tola I.
1 J il
Its 4.14
1 417
170 Ml
ltl iil
Weeks ....
Roaselg ..
Iurkee ....
811 UO 110
1st. 2d. JO. toisi.
Totals Ml 134 903
1st. Sd. 3d. Total.
Chambers 135 IM 141 4.1!
Denman 144 152 14 4
Brssnie .....1..7 1 It 4
K.ihn 138 111 134 I
Blakeney ., 121 111 210 W
Totals .TH K 7 1,430
Higginson is Best
Amateur .Trap Snot
KEW YORK. April S.-B. M. Higginson
of the New York Athletic club, by do
tes ting a field of 111 contestants, won
tbs litis of national amateur trap shoot
ing champion at Travers Island today.
When the first bslf of the shoot st 3u0
clay targets was over he wsa not among
ths leaders, but by clever gunning in the
afternoon he won out with IS breaks.
just one ahead of J. H. Hendrickson of
Jamaica, L. I., who took second prise.
K. A. Randall of Portland. Me., was a
close third with IS and A. B. Richardson
of Dover, Del., negt with IS. Four men
tied for the next four prises snd In ths
shoot-off Kahler, last year's champion,
finished In eighth place.
There were ten prises for the high guns.
E. K. Reed of Boston and A. L. lvlns
of Red Bank, N. J., tied for the tenth
place, which was won by Reed on the
tost of ths coin. Lester 8. German of
Aberdeen. Md., led the professional
shooters with It breaks. Ths leading
scores follow:
Amateurs B. If. Higginson. New York
Athletic club. 11".: J. H. Hendrickson.
Jamaica. L. L, 184: E. A. Randall, Port
land. Me., 113; A. B. Richardson. Llnve-.
Del., )Si; F. A. Hodgman. New York
Athletic club. Ml: A. Neil, Allentown.
INDIANAPOLIS, I nd.. April .-Although
the New York Americans mads
eight errors and ran bases wild, the In
dianapolis American assorlstlon team lost
today 11 to s. Chsss had four errors to
his credit. Score: R.H.B.
New York 11 U I
Indlsnapolis Ill
Ford, Vaughn snd Street: Hlxon snd
Webb, Pearce. Donnelly and Rltter.
St. Faal Beate Pirates.
HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. April k-The St
Paul American aaaoclatlou team defeated
the Pittsburgh Nationals here tmlay, I
to 1. Uamnlts and Adams pncnrd tor
Pittsburgh and Dccsnnlerrs and Dausa
lor St. Paul.
Senate Committee Say Meaiure it
Ill-Adviied and IJnfortsnate.
Majority Holds It Weald Berlaaelr
A (fret (irrat ladaatry Bad Nat
Aid Materially la Rale
lag; Meveaae,
WASHINGTON. April l-An agree
ment to tske up the house Iron snd steel
tsrlff revision bill by week sfter next
was reached In the senate today. Sen
ator Penrose presented the finance com
mittee's adverse report on the bill and
In response, to questions ha and Sana tor
Simmons, speaking for both the majority
and minority, said they would co-ope rata
to begin the consideration of the measure
at the earliest possible day. Senator Sim
mons said the democratic members of
the finance committee would file ths
minority report.
An adverse report on the bill, signed
by all of the republican members of ths
finance committee except Senator J
Follette, was submitted lo the senate to
day. This bill Is denounced as lll-sdvlsed
and unfortunate. .
It la declared thst the enactment of
ths bill would reduce protection below
the margin of safety and tend to destroy
ons of ths most Important Industries of
this country.
Ths committee contends thst hearings
of Mi different Industrial concerns of
eighteen states showed a widespread op
position to the revision of th present
rates snd that representatives of S
manufacturers of machine tools test I
fled that putting machine tools on ths
free Hat would compel the closing of
their factories. .
Among numerous other ressons given
by ths committee for Its opposition to
ths democ ratio bill Is cited, the absence
of a report from the tariff board on
Th report says that th house ways
and means ommlttees estimate ' that
there would be 125000,00 of Increased Im
portatlone snnually. If correct this
would mean that foreign Iron snd steel
products wars to displace American
manufacturers In the domestto markets.
It gdcled thst even with the Increased
Importations relied on by ths ways snd
means committee, there would be a
deficit In revenues of mors than tl. 400.00.
Ths minority finance committee lias
aot yet reported.
Hon empowering the judiciary commute )
to employ every means lh the going Into J
ths situation. The resolution gives to I
the committee the powers af a court, I
authorising It to subpoena witnesses and
to compel the production of paper and J
records. ,
Phases of ths subject will be Invest!-
gated, under authority already given, by I
the committee on banking and currency, ,
interstate snd foreign commerce and elec
tion of president, rlca president and I
representative In congress. It wss In- .
tsnded that the Judiciary committee '
should provide th ground work on which )
those ssvsral Investigations should be :
ssed In addition to procuring evidence I
for as Individual Inquiry.
Deslra Which Aatessetlrally '
Cheeks tka Speed af Msg
thasf fears.
No longer need the most timorous of
persona fear th mad chauffeur. He has 1
been tamed tamed to the stolid ateedl- i
ness of eld Dobbin, and tamed by a Ger- i
man. The device by which this transfor-1
matlon has been accomplished was lately I
on exhibition In Berlin at the great
motor car exposition Just held there.
A Dresden firm displayed a speed In-,
dicaior that ts at ths same tlm a speed
regulator. It works Uks ths thsnnostats
inei are to Be luuna in many viuiuinsa.
Just as th thermostat turns oft ths
team when the room gets too hot, so
this new patent turns off ths Ignition
when th chauffeur begins to scorch, snd
In spits of bis endeavors ths machine
goes along at the speed which the pas
senger thinks best.
. "Muwag" la tbs unpoetlc nam ot that
device, it looks Ilk a llttls clock. and
la set Into the back ot the chauffeur's;
seat, so that h cannot see It, though tbei
passenger may read and regulate It at !
will. This clock tells ths speed at which
the machine Is moving, and at th samo
tlm I provided with an extra pointer,
with a smalt dial, such as Is to be seen
In an alarm clock. The pointer on this
dial shew th maximum speed at which'
th auto can move. Thus. It th psssen-.
ger Is a law-loving Individual, when ha'
approaches ths confines of a town or Til-'
lags where th speed limit Is, say, twelve,
miles sn hour, he merely sets ths pointer'
at lx, and the driver ta powerless to ex-
ceed thst limit-Detroit News. '
M0.1ET TRUST llmt llf FLAillfED
Hoasa Aathorlara Jadlelary Ceas
es It tee ts Make laTestlarstlaa.
WASHINGTON, . April 1,-Vlgorous In-
vestlgstlon of th so-called "money trust"
snd Its rsmlflcatlons was forecasted to
day when ths house adopted a resolu-
ma' Pttrkrra la Uaael Keras.
WASHINGTON, April I. Through brll-,
llsnt pitching the Washington Americans
defeated the Boston Nstlonals here today,'
I to I. Score: : R.H.E.
Washington I I l
Boston 1 I l
Batteries: Cashlon, Hughes and Henry ;
Donnelly, Brown and Ullug.
ftrhaefrr Will Play Cattea.
Tonight at Harry Byrnes' billiard par.
lore on South Sixteenth street. Young)
Jake Schaefer will play Marcus Cattum
son of the late W. H. Catton a SO point!
game of la-t balkilne billiards. After the
game they will give exhibition of fancy!
snd difficult shots.
, 111; Btuart Scott. Irchmont, N. Y ,
: H. W. Kahl'r. Philadelphia. 1st; C.
H. Newcombe. Philadelphia. 1W: K. B.
Reed. Boston. 171; A. L. lvlns, Red Bank,
N. J.. 13. - M
Professionals-L. 8. German. Aberdeen.
Jfd, 188: Q. L. Lyon. Durham. K. ".
1S3; J. M. Hawkins. Baltimore, IS!; J. T.
Skelly. Wilmington. Pel., I; H. 8.
Welles, - New York. Ill: Neaf Apgar.
Plalnneld. W. J.. ITT; . M. Bievens,
Roselle Park, N.. J 175.
-Ducky Holmes, new manager of the
ilebrasks CHy team, was In Omaha yes
terday looking for ball players for his
team. Hb says thst he now ha seven
tea who look good to him and that be
will have a full quota before the season
opens. .
Holmes says that Nebraska City ta the
liveliest town he hss struck for some
time and that the fans sre all anxious
for a winning team which he has prom
ised to give them. As he hss a large ac
quaintance with Western league man
agers he hope to secure the best when
the cutting down season starts.
"Ws will have a good league and ail
the towns expert to have much stronger
teams than last year," said Ducky.
pOR many years I have had charge
of the sales department of Vb
mer's, and after becoming thoroughly
acquainted with what the man of
Omaha wants, I have decided to open
1 VJ2 'J'
i W If-
f, V -.1 .
. r I . . :
Meet Mort
fiaturdsy, tomorrow woralnit. In the oM Vollmer location,
I hae had the brat manufacturers build out of high grade
woolen several thousand spring suits for my arw store.
Not old suit in the house si I new, fresh stock, with nay
word and reputation staked on every one.
I an not going to charge 'K1 Prices, but will give you at all
time the best of values. Whether you twed a new suit or
not, 1 would be very glad to meet yon. Call aad talk oyer
your clothes troubles with ana. , My ex perl men la st your rlls-
posal. v ,
have a handsome a$
well ae useful souvenir
for you on opening day. ,
107 South Sixteenth Street
Successor to VoUmer .
A New Model f 25.
n an Actual Photo.