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Council Bluffs
Phjiical Cart ud Development of
Child Will Be Aim.
Part at flak's HM Will Be ts
rill Tkis Ak( li Pablts
Schawls Meeta Twice
A Mothers' Culture club. starting with
a charter membership ( sixty, wai
formed yesterday. Ths club was organ
lae4 yesterday afternoon In the Commer
cial dub room, which were vacated for
the purpose.
The club la the result of the purpose
of a number of women to enlist others
in their determination to do something
(or the betterment of child life la the
borne, to Inspire each mother accessible
with the sense of the heavier responsl
billties that rest upon her In her rela-
tlons to ber child than to feed and clothe
It and the child's relation to the public.
and then aid in imparting to the mother
', the kaowledce necessary to discharge
those obligations.
The physical care and development of
the child la the light of modern hygienic
Is bat one feature of the dob's work
JThe moral training of the child la to be
shown to the mother as am Inseparable
part of Its Intellectual development If
It Is the desire to secure the beat evenly
be I seed growth.
It Is the purpose of the -women to
bring ta this part at the work ail ot the
knowledge accessible ta produce children
health physically mentally and morally.
Problems that vex Individual others
will be brought forward for the eoasid
emtio, of all. Each member will be an
agent to spread the Influence of the
club's work and thus reach hundreds
of families where the mothers are not
likely to become members. Open meet'
tags will be beld and any mother wha
cares ta come will be welcome. These
meetings will be opes, te women gen
' Medical lasssrtlsa.
Many of the members are ardently In
favor at medical inspection la the
schools, and to bring this about at an
early date will be part of the dub's
mission. It la said that more thaa one
half of the children now In the public
schools are In some degree defective, and
that In mors than N per cent of theee
cases the slight medical treatment neces
sary to cure and prevent these defects
becoming permanent could be secured at
little cost.
Mutual benefit of the members Is an
other desideratum sought Pari (men
tary and common law Is lo be taught
The avenge woman has little or no
knowledge of either and freqvent use
for both. The dub Intends that Its mem
bers shall know aa much about business
law aa their bus bends do, and Jn case
they should be thrown upon their a
resources they will be able to care for
their buslaesa Interests. Knowledge i
parliamentary law will be Imparted by
the regular study of the eu sleet. asln
Soberta Rules aa the teat book, social
and literary features will be added to
the regular program . and the slub
made attractive ta. every way possible.
There are number .of woraea sC strong
minds and wills in the organisation, bnt
the assurance la given that the club will
not be permitted to become a suffragette
organisation. The" dub s charter mem
bership comprises the wives of doctors,
lawyers and all kinds of business men.
It win meet twice month on Thurs
day The officers elected at the initial
meeting are: President Mrs. V. L. Trey
nor; vice president, Mrs. Kdwanl p.
Hchoentgen; secretary, Mrs. Thomas Q.
Harrhwa; treasurer. Mrs. T. Keel ley.
Meal Relate Trass fere.
Real estate transfers reported te The
Bee Apra by the Pottawattamie county
Abstract eompaay of Council Bluffs:
Arwllda Reed to H. O. MrOee, lot
. O. block . retry addition to
Coaadl Bluffs, w. d "... .Tj 1.161
First Congregational church of
Council Bluffs to W. H. Kimball.
s feet of lot I. block It, Hyatt's
subditrisioB ts Ceunsil Muff.
PV. ft""HeDdrta''7n
Hendricks, trustee -end wife lo A.
A. Clark, lots 17 and lit, block 7,
Howards addition te council
Bluffs, w. . sai
George grafta end wife to MaeMoC
K,T' . bl0 '". Omaha
addition to Council Bluffs, w. d .
TV. W. Marsh company to H. O.
McQee, lot It block U. Ferry addt
tlon to Council muffs, w. i. je
H. O. MeUee aad wife to etty of
Council Biuffe. let- U, block 41.
Kerry additioa te Couaru Waffs,
3Tra'nklui'&''l"'l'nna' wVfe'Ve '
James B. Williams. set, .B-
. w. ... im
rred Pell and wife to Kred A.
Bideiew. part te, seta aw p-n-at
w. d . (u
3. 1. Stewart and wife to B. '.
Kite, kit t Aud's subdtvisloa of
ne nH. J7-a-4t w. d UM
Heirs of WuUam Hpears, deceased,
te Daisy A. Bpears, w. d 77777! 1
Barns to Mary I. V. inflow, awU seV
and ew! new, w. d J
rSaroe to fcva a. apeara. r aW
S-77.ll. w. d . 1
Fame to W. II. guears, w. d 1
ame ts Ltnrtae Sneara, land In I
aad -T7-a, w. d ' 1
The Benjamin company to the city
, of Council Bluff, o, e. d .7. , 5
Andrew Neieoa to C V. Nelson, lot
It. block t Howard's addiuon to
Coweeii Bluffs, w. d JM
I". T. True and wife to William . .
Arnd. lot . b.ock t Renaon'a iiee
ood addition to Council Blurts,
a, a. ..
Council Bluffs.
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
The Council Bluffs Office of
- ne Omaha Bee Is at 10
6cott Street, Telephone 43.
Seventeen transfers, total.,
Marriage Lteeasee.
Marriage Kcenses were Issued yesterday
to the teliewtng sawtrd persona:
Kfetne and Address. Ace.
V. . Keyaer. Kandolph, la..... .TTTn
:Aea King. PercivaJ, la ........M
Joha Marti ae, Kebraaka City st
Kaoda Abies, Kebraaka City f,
BOOKE, la, April t (Special Tele
gram. The Eastern Star Maaonie home,
the state home for aged Masons sad
Stars, waa eecaptetely destroyed by tire
'late this aftarwooa. All of the members
of the borne escaped and much ef the
f unrishlcgs waa saved, bat the beautiful
structure riee toatght pile of hat brick
and smoking walla.
Fire started la the cupola by a spark
from one ef the chimneys. Firemen were
unable te do anything save help lbs peo
ple aad save the rurn'sbings. Insurance
ea the bulWlng. m.tu; os fimrihmgs,
SUet Crand lodge officials were DXi
ftec te arrive ta the cHy tomorrow
fttmaiale year business by ed rente log
in The Bee-the newspaper that retches
aJt of the barers.
Davis, draga
VletroU. IU, A. Hospe c.
R. Borwlck for wet, paper.
Wood ring Undertaking Ce. Tel ess.
Corrigaas, undertakers. 'Phones US.
. NEW YORK Plumbing Co. 'Phone Set.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director, 'Phone f7.
Mtgsilnsa bound. Morehouse A Co.
Dtckerson for fine work on it R.
watches, a Pearl 8t
, Bluff City Laundry, Dry Cleaning and
Dye works. New 'phone No. fela.
Mutual Bldg. A Loan Ass's., 121 Peart
When you hear anv one aav Victor or
Vlctrola. think of A. Hospe company, eft
v. Broadway.
Mortieaae sales of household sooda at
Pearl and Main at 1:M p. m. Saturday,
April . 1S12.-J. C. Baker, agent
BCDWKIBKR on drauaht The Grand.
Anheuser on draught S. Adraln. Bud-
weucr in botues at all nrst-ciaaa bara
Supervisor W. C. Children yesterdar put
Into circulation his netitlon to become a
candidate for renomlnaUon at the June
primary election. .
Incubators. 5-ec cabenty. i;.e: U0-
egK capacity for 111.50. We sell the Des
Noines incubator line. r. C ue Vol
Hdw. Co.. tot B'dway. ,
bouaehold sooda horsea. cattle and all
chattel securities st a big discount of the
usuat rates, uince over m w. Bnway.
The funeral of R. N. Wycoff was held
yesterday afternoon from tlie family
Methodist church. Rev. A. W. Harned
otflclallng. The Odd Fellows and Ma
sonic lodges of which he was a member
took part In the eervh-ea and furnished
tbe pallbearers. The grave was made In
Fairview cemetery.
Spots and stains are removed, the fab
ric Is kept clean, fresh and soft the
nap is kept raised like new, wrinkles
and creases are avoided, and the shape
and fit of the garment la unohaaged
when you have your garments cleaned
and preoeed at the Bluff City Laundry.
Dry Cleaning and Dye Worka Phone
The Red Men's base ball team has or
ganised for the season and at the meet
ing N. C. Holman and Charlea M. Du
quette were elected captain and manager.
The prospects for the coming season are
very ongnt aa new additiona have been
made In the Red Men camp. All those
teams desiring gsmee addreea or cell
Charlea M. Duquette at the P. C. DeVol
Hardware company.
The funeral of Byron T. Smith, who
died Monday afternoon, was held St i:N
yesterday afternoon frol the family
home, MM Fourth street. Rev. John Will-
lam Jones conducted the services at the
house and the Knights of the Maccabees
had charge of the servlcea at the grave.
The Maocabees and the Loyal Order of
Moose acted aa an escort to the grave.
uurtai waa at walnut mil cemetery.
Judge J. J. Points of Omaha, who la ta
give a lecture at the rooms or the local
Thensophlcal society, will be the guest at
dinner of C. M. Burgraa. ids Harrison
street Judge Points will speak on the
theme. "Tbe Fundamental PrinclDlea of
Theueophy," and those who ars Interested
are invited. There are no charges what
ever. The lecture la the first of a serioa
te be given In the society s rooms on the
third lloor ot the Merriam block. The
others will be given each Friday evening
ouruig me month of Aprit
The funeral of Warner Welih. who
oiea lueaaay morning at lwtroll, Mich.,
was held at 11 o'clock yesterday mornlna
from the mldence of Mra John T. Oliver
on Park avenue. Rev. Marcus P. aliv
Cure of the First Presbyterian church
eonovrtpo the services, which were pri
vate. Burial was at Falrvlew cemeterv.
The pallbearers were Howard Bulker and
A. B sweeting of Chi, ago, both brolhera-In-law
of the deceased, J. W. Health. W.
A. Uronsweg, J. K. liollenbeck and W. t.
Brattle. .
A special venire of twenty-four lurara
to serve at the Merch term of the dlatrtc-t
court has been drawn by order of Judge
wneeier. me xouowing ars from council
Bluffs: O rover Reno. U F. Murphy,
N'els Peterson, George M. Oould, T. J,
Movney. W. J. Rarrenger. Charles Haves.
Henry Held, Frank a. Haas. U H. Meta-
ger, a. 4, King, H. c. 1 lee be, Herman
lrugr. J. U. Street, A. E. Rapp, Hans
Hsnsen. A. F. Batrhlor. J. Hantekrua
and August Olson. These were drawn
from the country: A. F. Klsebusch, Will
hade, John Cerllle, It h. Hough and
Cart Blissard.
Relatives in Council Bluffs have been
advised of the death at Helix, Ore., of
Theodora Cramer, a former well known
resident here. The body is to be brought
here and will be burled In the Iwls
township cemetery. Mr. Cramer waa a
sun of the Uts Anton Cramer. He was
Si years of age and leaves a widow and
three children, two daughters and a son.
He also leaves four sisters and four
brothers. Mm. Robert Arnd, Mrs. Mary
Wood, Mrs. Kate Peterson, p. w. Cramer.
Mra John Brenna and Mra Whltoeck of
this city and Louis Cramer of Omaha and
Philip Cramer of Arnold, Neb.
John A. Murchlson, son of J. K, Mur.
cuion of Wavvland township, died yes
terday afternoon at the Kdmumison hos
pital of Intestinal trouble. Mr. Murchl
son was a years old and widely known
throughout the country as a young
farmer successfully operating slong mod
ern channels, lie was a graduate of
Ames agrkultural college. He Is sur
vived ty his mother, father, a brother
Dr. Kenneth Murchleon of Hamhure ajid
three slaters. Miss Christina Murchlson
at borne; Mra Clem Hall of Hamburg
and Mrs. Wesley Baurhman ot Uruwoid.
ine stray win tie taatn to Qrtsweld for
buiuU. i
Teeter day was eld soldiers' nanalon dav
and more than Ms of the veterans had
their papers vised snd attested at the of
fice of County Clerk Harry M. Brawn.
By IS o clock im bad been cared for and
they kept drotiaine In ail aav. A mimhM
of the old veterans ksve become so feeble
inai n is no longer possible for them to
go to toe courthouse to have their affi
davits taken and Clerk Brawn or Deputy
Hardesty take the official seal aud a
fountain pen and go to their homes and
willingly perform the service for them.
Wane the state law provides for a tee
for such work, a minimum of It cents
in each rase, the county officials have
never made any charge. The number Is
growing ieae each yesr. but the work of
attending to their papers la Increasing In
a greater ratio than the number of cases
hi decreasing.
One ef the automobile trucks eeeooglng
te the Omaha fire department wax
brought to Council Bluffs yesterday tor
the purpose ot being equipped with the
Meeder-Nk-holann automatic starting de
vices. A specially large-sixed pattern of
the seli-crantINg device was made tor the
Ug six cylinder eighty horsepower truck.
It will be equlpixd ..a an air tank that
nil deliver about a dosen operating
charxea of air before the pressure drops
too low to move I lie pivton. Two of the
Otnsia firemea have been Injured by
"kicks" while cranking tbe engine and
toe eepaninent w Very willing to have
an automatic statter attached. If the
device wot as nattefartortly aa anuor
pated Fire Chief Micholsoa will make a
strong effort ta secure Its adoption by the
departrnenta vf ether cities.
Martin 1-eppln. the Imbeetlle son who
Is supposed to have wturderd his father.
i".1 rpWd from St. Bernard's hos
pital oa Tuesday morning, waa recap
tured at Avora and returned te the hos
PJtsJ yesterday. The young wren, al
though thinly clad and not equipped tor
a long tourney when he broke away. Is
believed to have walked all of the way
from Council Huffs to A voce, a distance
of nearly fifty Biles. He was found wan
dering around the outektrt of Avoca
Weaeay afternoon, end his Identifica
tion and arrest were due to newspaper
publicity given to the matter. He will
be mere carefully guarded u the future
if It is decided to keep him at the hos
pital. Tbst be is IncKnaeie of providing
for himself is admitted, yet be la not
insane. His final disposal ia a problem.
That R was legally a-rong as well a a
mc-al rrregularliy to use "cues" weeds
was leapreseed upon WUiuua Fegtey yes
terday afterseoB whea be waa called Into
Justice Cooper's court to snswer to a
complaint filed by Kooen oi
charging him with using profane lan-
itM William admitted that he had
alwaya taken a philosophic view of such
things snd bad arrived at tne convicuon
long ago that a good, up and down, or
thodox cussing wss often a necessity and
quite frequently beneficial to both par
ties engaged In the argument He ad
mitted that he was governed by this
conviction when he used the Isnguage
complained of. and that from his view
point It was fully Justified. When It was
pointed out to Mr. Fegley that auch a
statement of his case was an admission
of guilt he was game and refused to
withdraw H. A plea of guilty was then
entered and be waa fined K and costs.
Married life was of brief duration and
sot of very desirable quality for Mra
Carrie Stokes, according to her petition
filed in the district court yesterday In a
divorce suit against ber husband. Dolph
Stoke. They were wed at 8prtngvtew,
Keya Paha county, Nebraska, on Sep
tember 53. 1911, and sepsrated on Febru
ary 14. lilt She allegea cruelty and de
sertion. 8he says that on December a.
Ull. her husband left home in a happy
frame nf mind to so to an adjoining town
to make a lease of a farm upon which
they were to live the next season. He
disappeared completely and ahe heard
noth n nf him until he waixea in smil
ing on January , Ull Onf February M
he went awav again in toe same manner
and has forgot entirely to return or to
send her a word about himself. She in
timates that his strange spells ef long
absence are due to his use of Intoxicants
and mentiona one instance with a Febru
ary date. She asks divorce IM attorney's
fee. ISO temporary and $2M permanent
alimony. She says he haa property In this
county and secured from Judge Wheeler
an attachment upon n witnout pons, ty
Ing up toot of It
not been made public. Captain Strarfton
will remain in this city.
CENTER VILLE-A water works fran
chise was voted st Centervflis by a ma
jority of more than five to one. Thai as
sures toe outline in of s reservoir sys
tem near tbe dry, covering twenty-six I
acres lor surface water and will nave a
drainage of tout acre. The prtndpal
fight on the new franchise wss made by
the sodaliat element who wanted mo !
n lei pel ownership. Over tto) votes were
polled. 12S being women's votes, ef whom I
only eight were against tne new rran
chise. Work on the sew improvements
Is to begin at once.
LOGAN Floods of Herri sob county
streams are now falling and the worst is
believed to be over. The Barer rtver
Cropped three feet here last night aad
the Soldier. Willow creek and Ailea creek
ditches are elan renortMi fallln hilt thm
Buyer river south of Missouri Valley 1
snows out little enana. j aoturn tne ex-
tent or damages to winter wheat fences
and bridges is neither known nor esti
mated, yet farmers do not believe they
have been materially damaged thus far.
Heavy Motor Truck
Cuts Deep Hole in
Newly Paved Street
A section of the Broadway pavement
near the Fourteenth Intersection gave
way yesterdsy afternooa when one of
the big automobile trucks of the Clear
Transfer company waa passing, letting
the rear right wheel drop into the cavity
and Inflicting heavy damage upon the
The truck was being driven by A. 8.
Clear, and waa carrying a load of 7,590
pounds from Omaha for ths wholesale
grocery bouse of Uroneweg A Schoent-
gen. The surface of ths pavement was
aa smooth as the day It was laid, four
years ago and there was not a thing
to indicate the yawning cavity that had
been created In some mysterious way
benesth the concrete foundation. Clear
says he waa driving ths ear at a speed
of about six miles an hour, and the
first Intimation he had ot trouble waa
when the car lurched and stopped, and
be thought a hind wheel had dropped.
When be got off and went to the rear
he found the axle resting on the broken
edge of ths pavement
Word waa Immediately sent to ths dty
building, snd Assistant City Engineer
Cook and City Solicitor Btuart went to
the seem.
The break Is at a point about g Mock
west of Indian creek oa the south side
of ths street' It Is directly above a
large water service connection that had
been mad to . supply . sn automobile
garage and shop there snd which Is now
used for a hlscksmlth shop. No one Is
reported to have noticed any hollow
sound there, but the fact that ths water
pipe there frose up several times during
the winter Indicates that the earth had
disappeared sons time ago. leaving
nothing but the concrete to support ths
pavement and this suddenly gavs wsy
under the heavy strain of ths trn;k
load. Ths concrete broke with sharply
defined edges, , and ,(he hard paving
bricks were sheered off as if broken by
a hammer, ......
When Mr. Cigar notified the city of
the accident be said hut car had been
damaged lo the extent of 12.000. The
driving gear was snapped off, ths rear
springs torn apart and the chassis
twisted. With ths certainty of a suit
for damages, lbs dty snd ths wholesale
house had photographs made whtls
Claar's men were still engaged In un
loading the truck after it had been lifted
out of the hols with lack screws. An
sxpart automobile man who examined
the damaged truck estimated the dam
age at about Hat . .
The unexpected break In this pave
ment which baa only been laid about
four years, has caused a good deal of
uneasiness among dty officials, and has
ereated the fear that there may be other
places equally dangerous. It has also
raised the unanswered question, whers
does ths vsnlshed earth go toT
lewa Mewa Rates.
ESTHER V! LUC Em met eountr farm.
ere are seeding wheat this week, the
fields having dried off in fine shape. If
good seed com ean be obtained a large
acreage wilt be put Into corn.
IvOOAN-MIss Maude W. Holrfrld.. ...
married to Calvin S. Studebaker hers but
evening at the bride's home in Ixxan
Rev. c. S. Lyles of the Methodist church
waa the officiating clergyman.
CRESTOlf Wednesday afternoon K
death of Frank H. Slater of this city oc
curred after several months Illness. He
was me eroi ner or Mra. j. H. Harsh of
this dty and a native ot Oalesburg. lit
EeiTHKRVIU.E Fjtlhervllle will agsln
vote oa the new high school proposition
April a. Tbls time the school board will
ask for not less thaa , indeed of
. as of the prevloue election. The
notice calling for ths prevloue election
was detective, thus making the election
DEN1RON Denlaon business men snd
many farmers sre agitating having ex
perts from the state college at Amea con
duct a popular short course for this
county. A preliminary meeting wss held
this week snd an effort will be made to
obtain the tl. guarantee needed to gain
the course, A president, secretary and
executive committee have beea selected.
ESTHERVILLE-At their lest regular
meeting the Elks of this cHy elected the
following members as oflcers for the en
suing year: H. S. Orelg, E. R.; Fred
Parsons. E. 1. K : F. W. Converse. E.
U K.; C. A. Root E. R. K( Frank Peter
son, secretary; Vinton A. Combe, treas
urer: Frank a. Shadle, tyler: Our j
Gardner, trustee: D. R. Alexander, rep
resentatlve to the grand lodge,
DEJtlSON The PoneDS damage ease of
Mra Nellie Detrtck egainst laaae Pettcr
aoa ot West Side, which began this week
before a Jury, has been dismissed by the
plaintiffs attorney. Judge Church of Jef
ferson. The claim was nude that Pat
terson agreed te take Mrs. Detrtck as his
housekeeper snd givs her considers tie
money snd that he broke the contract
after a tew moaths ot living together.
DEXISON The airU-eatooa mes have
woo tbe long continued suit over the va
lidity ot the consent petition at Manilla,
la. After taking the case under advise
ment for some week Judge Powers
handed oosrn a decision overruling the
deeudoa of the Board ot Supervisors that
the petition was good. The Manilla sa
loon closed tedav, tbe goods on hand
going bark to the wholesaler. "The cast
waa in chargs of the AnU-8aieoa league.
CRESTON-A Detroit and Chicago com
pany has bought the Creeton saa and
elect rte light plant from Captain J. W.
8t ration ef this place and Janes A Hovey
of Marsballtawa. who represented the
Cnston stockholders. Tne new owners
have engaged C. W. Murray ot Green
Bay, Wt.. ea manager and he will come
her at eace te assume charge of the
plant The consider Uea la the deal baa I
Knox Starts Back
to Cuba from Hayti
PORT AU PRINCE, Hayti. April 1-
The cruiser Washington, with Secretary
Knox and the member of bis party
aboard, sailed at noon today for Quan
ta nam a, Cuba.
The president 0f Hayti, General Cla
dnnatus Leconta. In an Interview thb
morning gave denial to reports that hia
government was assisting the revolution
ists in Santo Domingo. Oa ths contrary,
he said, the government was devoting it
energies exclusively to the improvement
of home affaire.
The president said the relations be
tween Hayti and Santo Domingo ware of
ths friendliest character. Tbe Haytlen
government was keeping a large army
on the border to enforce neutrality, but
It was difficult te watch ths whds fron
tier. He admitted that ecoaalonally pri
vets interests smuggled arms into ths
neighboring republic for gala.
NEW" ORLEANS. April I.-J. D. D i
Baroncellt, editor ot the Wasp, was today I
awarded IO damages la ths United I
State district court against the estats
of Armaitd Capdevlelle, who was editor
of Ths Bee.
The editors of thess tws French pub
lications, after a controversy through
their editorial columns la which stinging
French epithets were freely used, cams
to blows on ths streets hers severs!
months ago and II. Capdevlelle stirred
the French colony by Issuing a challenge
to a duel to his contemporary,
M. Ds BsroncslU declined the challenge
and brought suit Instead for SMMKe. After
ths filing of the suit M. Capdsvlslls died
snd ths dsmages (ranted by tbe jury I
were awarded against ths editor's estate
ST. LOL'ia, April .-It bees me known
la ths United States district court hers
late today that seven ot the twelve Juror
who are tiytng E. O. Lewis oa a charge
of using the malls to defraud inspected
University City last Saturday, whers
Lewis showed them ths points of interest
Lewis admitted he bad entertained ths
Jurors, but said it waa not by prearrang
mont lis ssld hs was surprised whea he
met them la the Woman's Magasine
building. Lewi said hs showed Mem
the big presses of ths Lewis Publishing
company and called out the University
City auto firs truck for their Inspection,
aa two ot ths visitors wsrs Interested In
purchasing oris tor their horn town.
Ths Incident aroused unusual Interest
among attorneys snd court attendant.
A Successful Offer Renewed
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We will deliver this Columbia Grafo
nola with 12 Double-Disc records (24
selections) on 3 days
free trial, for ,
Tbe 24 tdecticiu on the 12
dcnible-diso records include
the funoni "Bigoletto"
Quartette and also the splen
did "Lucia" Sextette, tor
which two selections alons
many talking machine own
ers hare had to pay $13, Or
your own selection of records
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closed type, offered at anything
Ilka ita pries, that la capable of all
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cash; or for the same
: price at $5 a month
-no interest
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If you have been waiting till the perfected "talking machine" arrived, don't wait any
longer: it's here. If you have not been ready to purchase till the enolosed type of instru
ment could be sold for less than $200, here is the perfect instrument at a quarter of the
Columbia Phonograph Co., Gen'l.
1311 Farnam St.. Omaha,
fei Donglw 1965; lad. si.2065.1' ' " ' ,, Open Saturday Evening,
Stimulate your Klines by advertising
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from a moving train while on her way ta
the funeral of her brother. Marlon, who
was killed by a train at luka yesterday.
Miss Mulvaney was carried pact a trans
fer point aad leaped from the steps ot the
For Tender Faces
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. The transfer point between any two
f lines is USUALLY the first point of inter
section. As there are some exceptions to
this rule, however, the public is requested
to ask the conductor in all cases of doubt
Omaha & Council Ehxffs
Street Railway Company
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I low price. The mechanism is fully cabineted, the reproducer - operating beneath
the lid, and the sound waves being led thropgh the tone-arm to the tone-cbamber
where they are greatly amplified and then thrown out through the opening, subject to re
duction at your will by the partial or complete closing of the small doors. The cabinet
work is of the highest possible craftsmanship, the wood used being selected grain quarter
sawn oak, or strongly marked genuine mahogany, hand polished. No finer finish is ap
plied to a thousand dollar piano. The turntable is revolved by a powerful triple spring
motor, which plays three records at one winding and may be re-wound while playing. The
operation of the motor is absolutely silent, and speed is regulated on a graduated dial.
Day Out
, ' 20
Well made Curtain Stretcher
for OC
Not Ono
. 1
Got Our
Rug Prices
27x54-inch Vel
vet Bugs at
27x54-inch Ax-4 Jf
minster Bugs lTrw
6x9 Seamless
Brussels Bugs1
9x12 Seamless
Brussels Ru
9x12 Velvet MA f A
Bugs at ..V....0U
9x12 Axmin-
roll Line of Mo
Dougall Kitchen
Get Our Prices
Before Yon Buy.
ster Bug9.J
See our complete line
of Body Brussels and
Wilton Bugs, furnished
in all sires, at much be
low Omaha prices.
!TJ i
I awK .i I
Rocker, Like Cat
All oak, wood
All oak, chased
leather seat. . .
This rocker is a bargain.
-"i :