Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 06, 1912, Page 12, Image 12

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y Notable -JL
. Assemblage of'
f Hats
Y of Artistic
v " Character
Y Exquisite Models
d Direct from Faris.
V CJiarming Oreo
Jf tions '. from - New
York Designers. "
Ourf Own . Artful ;
Designs' and '
Adaptations. !
1 '-The hat that crowns your Easter costume
must be faultless in style the blending of its ' i
X. colors must be in good taste, and most of all,
y it must be in, harmony with the. features of the
xf woman who 'wears it ' Otherwise the hat will
not' do justice' to its wearer;
. ;. r .. v.
, "The store that Las maintained its millinery suprem
acy in the community for years unquestioned, is the Btoro ' j
fn which to plac your trust at Easter time.
XTe have received scores of exquisite , new models
from our Paris office, together with many beautiful crea
tions from Now' York, in time for Saturday's showing
and sale. : ; l; .;.',,
These are designs' of stunning beauty. They are the
hats that provV the 'excellent' taste of the woman who
wears. them. t v' ' -V ;
The NewCassoc or Peplum Waists
The waists that have taken the fashionable
world by 6torra. The most graceful and
classy of the new designs of lingeries, fine
laces and embroideries, at $2.50, S2.9S
$3.98 and.. $5
mart New Peplum Waists at $1.00
A brand new group for baturday. Correct
models of the classy poplum waists, pret
tily made and especially priced at . .$1
Plain and Changeable Messaline
Petticoats ,
silks of changing 'shade
Saturday We Show Vastly Greater Varieties in
The most popular of all spring
hats suitable (or Easter wear. They
bare the stunning style and the
graceful beauty of the most expen
sive models. They hare higher
grade materials than were ever be
fore put Into medium priced milli
nery and each one Is a charming in
dividual creation. You'll be delight
ed with your Easter hat if It's
Dress hats, flower hats and tail
ored hats in this assemblage. ;
"Coronet" hats $1 A
are always
Apparel for Easter
! i
Those pretty
Black Walnut Taffy Very' delicious special, at,
per pound 25c
Pompeian Bitter Sweet Chocolates with fresh
crushed fruit and But centers; regular 40c choco-i
lates,. at, per lb. .".29c
Fresh Maple Confections Maple cocoanut - kisses,
maple caramel glace, maple cocoanut balls, etc., at,
, per pound ..20C
All kinds of Candy Eggs, Jelly, cream and marsh
mallow flavors have been selling at 15o and 20o
a pound in one big lot, at a lb 10c
Ise Cream Chicks and Eggs Orders delivered to all parts
ot the city.
Beautiful Souvenier Easter Placques
given away with every purchase Saturday at Green Koom Cafe -and
Soda Fountain.
That Is Fashionable - Exclusive
y apd Thoroughly Practical
t Everything that is correct in women's attire is shown here Sat
urday. Newer styles and greater assortments than anyw here else.
New Fashionseal Suits
Many new arrivals just received this
week showing latest and cleverest mod
els for later spring wear. The mater
ials are all new and little style features
that are absolutely, unique are shown
in these popular, serviceable spring
suits at, , . f $25
Practical Spring Suits at $15.00
The woman who wants a practical, up
: to-date, well tailored suit at a moderate
Tir!p will hn rtprfpptlv Rfltinfioil with
i" i j ...... -j
ihia assortment nf new cnita nt . C1? 7
New Long Serge Coats at $10.00
m j i t. 11 m
a ne uuvies uuu inus, nu uiuuu wie roge iu ,
specially pneed for baturday at $10
Smart Auto and Street Coats
The cleverest coats for 111 have representation
hr WMMt varljirv itinwln v avarv mrwt
... , , j
model ot prominence this season. Dressy, ser- n
vicesble fsbrics and The modish spring shades, nfp
at. .................
Charming Easter. Hats at $5 ;
No western store shows such a wide variety of new and
fashionable hats at this price as Brandeis. The large,
stunning hats of light straws trimmed with flowers are
very popular. Clever new Easter hats trimmed with
feathers, ribbons and ornaments. Every correct, new
style and shade. Scores and scores at .$5
Stunning New
j Taffeta
These dresses' will be
the style success of the
year. They are so be
coming, so pretty and
so different from the
dresses of past seasons.
Scores of charming, new
models of different type
shown in all new shades
" S15, S19
and $25 '
T f I I T r. ' . 1. Bin Itl 1 - irv liVI
Show RooTn Samples of Smart Trimmed fiats
Suitable for Easter Wear (in Basement), $2.50
Several hundred large and small Easter hats in all new
1912 spring styles every new color effect scores of ;
strictly new styles. Trimmings of flowers, ribbons and
new stick-up effects. Pretty, dressy hats for Easter, in '
basement, at $2.50
60c, 75c Flowers at 15c BunchA-500 dozen of all the new
est and rarest imported flowers, American Beauty roses
with foliage, June roses, Daisies in all colors, Hyacinths ,
and every imaginable flower; large sprays with foliage
Basement bargain square, at, per bunch ...... 15c
Children's and
Juniors' Coats
All new styles
wonderfully at
tractive, at $5,
$6.98 and $10
White Dresses
Suitable for Easter
and every dressy
occasion, at i
$2.98, $3.98,
$5.00 and $10
Nothing could be
daintier nor more
in style.' The
shades that are
' most in popular
-demand are here,
and there are
scores of delight
ful models, at $5,
$6.98 and $10
Pretty New
Dainty Spring and
Summer frocks, many
of them very elaborate
ly made and all as at
tractive, and fresh as
can be. Charming for
Easter wear and every
dress occasion, at
$10 and $15
Easter Footwear
Women's White Shoes
In white .buckskin, white crsvenettes and
white -sea Island duck button styles In
the short low Bachelor Girls pattern and
high 16-button or Hussar Boots. We have
one ot the most complete lines ever
shown, all sizes and widths per pair,
t ...$2.48 up to $5.00
'Children Roman Sandals at... $1.98 $2.25 $2.48
Brsndels'i Stores are sole Omaha agents for Ked Cross bhoes
and Oxfords a complete line ot the popular styles at, per
pair $3.50 n $4.00
v Women's Colonial Pumps
Wits, tongue and buckle in white, fray and brown suede leath
ers, black satin and dull calfskin one of the Isrgest line In
Omaha prices range from $3.50 to $5.00
We are sole agents for the stylish Edwin C.
mart, handsome styles at, per pair
Burt Bhoes
Extraordinary Sale of Novelty Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Yatches and Clocks-
We bought
and clocks. They
at a. great reduction an entire wholesale: stock of jewelry, watches, diamonds, silverware
are all high grade goods and absolutely guaranteed and they will be sold at one-half price or less than half. Here, are some wonderful specials:
, Pure White Diamond Rings Up to 1-4 Karat
In solid gold ring mountings at about half price.
J8-1-16 Carat- ' ' 11-16 Carat- U-l-32 Carat
at y. . $10.98 af . $16.50 at . . . $18.98
Solid Gold Jewelry
f 1.00 gun metal, gold plated and nickel plsted
Watches, sale price ...w 494
Men's It slie. Elgin or Wsltbsm Movement
Watches: guaranteed 20-yeargold filled cases;
worth 113.50. at ..$4.08
ilea's 11 sise, 7-Jewel, lever movement Watches
guarantied 20-year gold filled case; worth
l 00. at $4.08
lien's II site. Elgin or Wsltham Movement
Watches, in guaranteed 20-year gold filled
case; worth Sll.tO, at $7.08
Men's 12 and If site, Elgin or Waltnam Move
ment Watches; 20-yr. gold filled cases, $8.98
Earn as above. IS Jewel, Elgin or Waltasui
movement, worth 118, at 911.99
Mens It site Oun Metal and Silver plated
watches, fine lever movements, worth $7.60,
at $3.98
Men's It site Tbln Model, open fc watches,
metal dial, lever movements, worth $4.00,
t ..-$1.79
Women's Watches .
Women's o' die witches, EItn'or Wsltham move-,
mrnta, 1 r guaranteed (old filled cue, wnrth
!.. at -
Same as above.' but li Jewel, worth lit. at
Women's O lse and OO slie T Jewel lever movement
wetchea. tt year (uanMitead .gold (tiled tcaaea.
wertb. l.t. at . S4JS
Tiny Enameled and Oun Metal'.watchea, fine lever ,
movement, wortn 110. at MM
Women's OO slie' watches, sterling silver and gun
metal raeea, fine lever movement, guarantrea:
. worth tu, st
11 0 Alarm clocks at ..10
t.t large dial novelty desk clocks .....tLOO
tl tt repeating alarm clocks, soltd bronse case,
at , ,...1JS
t bruehed brass clocks, beveled glass , front and
sides, beisht H Inches, width lit Inches, at tlJO)
I7. black mantle clocks with marbielsed SIIUun. s
oar time, oau nour smae, et
Men's Railroad Watches
One 23 Jeweled Hampden, 20-year Deuber ease
One 21 Jeweled Elgin. 20-year gold filled ease
One 21 Jeweled Ball Special, 20-year Deuber case
' One 21 Jeweled Crescent set Wsltham, 20-year Deuber case
One 21 Jeweled Sortnefleld. 20-year Denber case
One 21 Jeweled Illinois Bunn Special, 10-year gold filled case
One 10 Jeweled Crescent set Waltham, 20-year
:, . gold filled case
10. SI aad 23 Jewels '
FOSmVELT WORTH S40.00 to $00.00. .
gold filled case .
' Diamond Brooches
Larire Sunbursts set with genuine
rarls and genuine diamonds, ortn
l. st aje
Others worth double, at SS-SO, ST.SO
and SSO
siajioD sxt uenn
solid (old lockets set with genuine
diamonds, at ........ ... W.SS
tit olid sold lockets set with r-n-
ulne diamonds, at ST.SS
Others, worth nearly double.
at sua, tisje aaa sma
tl St Solid Oold Tls Clasvs
t nat
14k Solid Cold Fountain Pane
f 3 M Solid Gold Cuff Links
at gl.4S
and 4 Solid Oold Brooches
t7 and It Solid Gold
Valllere. at
14 and t Solid Oold Rings
Fsndaat 1
Hundreds of Articles in Gold Filled Jewelry
1 and tl tt Parks Bros, and Rogers' make
finest (old tilled Stick Fins, at 3Ss
t Oold Filled .Lapel Chatas. button for en
graving, at SI
W. a 8. Blacklngtos make ot finest gold
- filled Lockets
Lot t Worth It, st tl.JS
Lot X Worth It snd ti. at S1JS
Lot i Large slatinee Lockets, worth ti to
V. at , H.4S
Bracelets worth tt to t guaranteed for IS
jears. at g4LS
tt te t",tt Chains, guaranteed , IS er,
at ,
W. R Blacking! on make of fine gold filled
Bracelets Bracelets worth fi and l.
guaranMed for It years, at (US
R a Blgney finest Gold Filled Men's Wstrh
Chain H an4 tt Chains, guaranteed fur
li years, at ..Sua and ll-SS finest gold filled Brooches,
at se
11 Bar Pins, eolid gold front, sterling silver,
hand engraved and beautiful stone sot
pins, at see
tc gold filled Bar Pins, st sae
II Coin Purses, for twe colas and vanity:
have long cosine, at aoe
tt fancy handle Rasora at Ste
14 fancy handle Raaors, at ......TSe
tl and tl-lS Simmon's Pocket Knives.
st .....toe
11 69 snd IMS Peart Handle Pocket
Knlvea. at ...We
tl SterUng Sliver Manksure pieces, see
Wmei'i Ut Ctats
Made with combi
nation collar,
cuflaand belt
UavysaiiJ i?JI$
Vf omen's Suits
Well made Spring
Suits; special val
ues, will tt
go at...:
Tailored- Silk Boys'$5.00 Boys'$5.00
Skirts Dresses Suits with BlaeSergo
Spring styles. Clever models two pair of Suits will
ESPr" .r-601" Pntsat-
$1.98 S5.00 $3.50 S3.75
Men's summer weigbt
underwear at . .35c
Men's Negligee Shirts
at 39c
Mea t 50c medium weight
, underwear at. . . . 39g)
Boys 'Odd
Long Pants,
worth $2.50,
.Boys' 50c
Shirt Waist
Blouses at
Black, white
aad Bunt
Cblp Straw
Sailors at
New spring
stylss for
Easter, will
Flowers at 15c
All kinds large
bunches with fol
iage, at
(Minn's White
Cairns Shoes .
Button styles, exten
sion uil fi le u i .
"- .71 111 .
at ilJ5. 11 to 2,
i, to e,