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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Fair; Cooler
VOL. XLI NO. 252.
Uncle Sam-"0h! I Reckon So"
Mississippi Birer Continues to Bise
at All Points Below Cairo,
rounder of Cotner University Dropt
Dead as Ee Eaten Sis
, Sister's Home.
T. F. Stroud Manufacturing Com
pan Sustains Loss of $200,000
in Disastrous Blase.
Said Ee Wished to Visit His Sister
Before She Died.
Cotners Have Lived in Omaha for
Forty-Six Years.
John Lausterer, Woodworker, Dies
Levees Above Memphis on Both Sides
in Attempt to Secure Tools.
Pioaeer Waa Apparestiy ua ana
Hearty Wkn Ha Vrtt Oataha
Tin Dave Ao Body
. He Braasat Here.
Samuel Cotner. pioneer tanker an real
3t:Ue dealer, Sounder of Cotner uni
versity and o resident of Omaha for
many year dropped dead at the home
of hie lister, Mrs. Mary Barnett. of
heart failureyesterday afternoon.
"1 must vtslt sinter before aha diee;
the' a 80 year old now." ld Mr. Cotner.
general manager of the Banker Ufa In
aurance company, Omaha, and founder of
Cotner university. Lincoln.
Mr. Cotner and hi wife went to Logans
port. Ind., to visit Mr Mary Barnett
and he dropped dead of heart failure aa
lie entered her home- He waa 69 yean
Mr. Cotner had been a resident of
Omaha for nearly forty-six years, lie
and his wife having. coma here from
Logansport In IMS. five yeara after their
marriage. Mr. Cotner taught school on
the site now occupied by Bellevue college
and through the early daya was one of
the moat ardent of those who fought for
more thorough and higher education. Ha
and his wife gaa not only of their time,
but of their means for educational ad
vance.. They endowed Cotner university
tnd from them It got Its name.
Mr. and Mrs. Cotner were married at
Burnettsvtlle, lnd. Mrs. Cotner at the
time was teacher In the BilrnetUvlUe
Normal school and Mr. Cotner waa a
young Logansport business man. Before
her marriage Mrs. Cotner waa Mlis Sarah
lirlseoe. , .- -
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. Cotner waa celebrated on Oc
tober M. 1911. at the home of their grand
son. Olln Devriee. who resides In Dundee.
Mr. Cotner la survived by his widow
and one son, Samuel Cotner, Jr., who
Uvea In the Bl Horn basin, -j
The body will be brought to Omaha for
burial. i
Suicide is Defense
TT n.-lrviW'biSruel anywhere In th world-
Ill Y wl liUl V a VttO 0
'' CHICAGO, April -Contending that
Richard T. Smith committed eulolds,
counsel for Mrs. Louise Vermilya, charged
with smith's murder by poison, today
closed their case, which may go to the
Jury by night. Only three witnesses were
called by the defense, Mrs. vermiiya, or
sister and Russell F. Thompson. Thomp
son testified that Smith had threatened
suicide. ' -
F. Kban. an automobile demonstrator.
In the state s rebuttal testimony said Mrs.
Vermilya paid him 60 toward the pur
chase of a machine after ha had taken
her for several rides In the car. Once
she said she wanted the car for her
"undertaking business," according to the
witness, and on another occasion shs ex
plained she Intended using the mean Ine
on her honeymoon with Smith. Argu
ments followed Eban's testimony.
New World's Record
in Torpedo Firing
PKNSACOLA, Fla., April "i. A new
world's record in night torpedo Bring
was made last night In this harbor by
the United Slates destroyers Trappe and
Monaghan. livery torpedo Bent from the
tubes of these vessels struck the bulla
eys of the target.
The entire group of five Teasels mads
n average of TO per cent of hits, which
Is above the average for even daylight
firing under favorable weather condi
tions. Last night's conditions were not
good. ,
The Weather
For Nebraska Generally fair;
north and eat portions.
For Iowa Generally fair; cooler.
Tmstislsra at usaaha k'eetersay.
Hour. Deg.
temforatlvc Util Record.
isit iil mt.
lllabeet yesterday ;.. Si 7
Lowest yesterday ii 4 Ss
Mean temperature M 11 e s
Frecipitatlon M J ' .10 .00
Tempera tore and precipitation depar
tures Irom the normal:
formal temperature 41
Exress ltt the day 18
Deficiency since March 1 Ta
Normal precipitation at inch
Iwficiencv for the day eg inch
Total rainfall stnre March 1 J. SO inches
Excess since March 1 .7j inch
Deficiency for cor. period; 1911.. Jl inch '
JJeficierK-y for cor. period. IMA. 1.71 Inches
Heporia Fraaa btatiwaa at 1 s an.
Sutton and State ' Temp. High- Kaln-
oi neatner. 1 p.
Cheyenne, part cloudy.... i
Iavenport, clear TO
Denver, cloudy i
le Moinen, clear TO
lMdee City, cloudy 74
Lander, elear ti
North Platte, cloudy T
Omaha, clear rB
Pueblo, cloudy ft,
Rarad City, cloody........ O
Salt Lake City, clear . fc!
Panta Fa, clwidy at
Sheridan, cloudy 3S
Floux City, dear 70
Valentine, cloudy TO
C .0
. A is. m a
fi V la. li U
VcilV Jf la. m a
ytvixxi - m
'ISJL. 10 a. m 4
,y1LJ r i p. m.....,...
lAtLZJ 4-? p. m!i!"i!;i;i 7$
J P- m....... . 7
W IS ?:::::: 5
s p. m u
72 .J
7S .
74 .0
M .09
t .00
75 .10
m m
U .1
m .m
7 .
71 M
L, A. WiU. Local FortcasteC.
aTN Jj
Wisconsin Senator Makes First
Speech at Plattsmouth.
Be Says th Iaaae la Whether the
People Are troaS" Eaoash ta
teatrol Their tlev.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., April S.-8p.
dal Telegram.) Senator, Robert M. La
Follette dictated this message of greeting
to the people of Nebraska through the
press while crossing the river from Pa
cific Junction thla morning: "I know
from my acquaintance with the people Of
Nebraska that they are thoroughly pro
gressiva. I have learned from coming
Into contact with them oa my annual
Chautauqua and lyceum circuit trips that
they are the same kind of people we have
la Wisconsin, with the same kind of po
litical idea la. I am confident that the
result In the primaries of Nebrsska will
a progressiva victory ones the real
Issues are understood. I am here to
make as clear as 1 can the great domi
nating question which the people of tins
country must settle. That Is the question
whether they are strong enough, to make
the pwr a f their wl( felt In; the con
trol of their hi govsrarotnt. The most
are fcuad in the middle west . This great
ment through the people themselves cams
out of the middle west, an It has begun
to take hold strongly In ths east. I
lleve the time lofeear at hand when our
government will become truly representa
tive. I am asking for the support of the
state of Nebraska on the basis of the
constructive legislation accomplished' In
congress demonstrating that the pro
greraivt movement la one that builds up
and does not tear down. I want dele
gates who will stand squarely for the
principles on which that movement Is
founded, and who Will not be turned aside
by any appeal which disregards them."
Senator La Follette made the first
speech of his Nebraska tour hers this
"My campaign will b. for .the most
part limited to tbo states which have
presidential primaries." be stated. "I
will not be able to visit Illinois, as their
primary cornea on April . and I will be
la Nebraska till that time. I am told
that there Is splendid chance for a pro
gressiva victory In New Jersey."
A great Increase In the number of
trusts occurred during Roosevelt's admin
istration, declared the senator In his ad
dress here, the number going from 14 to
S.M0, and the capitalisation from H,780.-
000, to 130,000.000.000. The Increase, he
declared, had continued during the Tatt
administration. At present, said the sen
ator, there la no competitive market left
la America. Rt&evolt, ha said, has stood
"la pat" with the trusts.
NEBRASKA CITY. April "Forxet me
If yon will on primary day, but don't for
get to vote for the district legislation
amendment," said Senator La Follette In
his address here this afternoon. Ha de
voted moat of bis talk to a dlscussloa of
t ha Initiative and referendum amendment
to the Nebraska constitution, which Is to
be voted on at the primaries.
Coed Crew at Aabara.
AUBURN, Neb.. April i. -A review of
Wisconsin's progressiva legislation was
given by Senator La Follette of Wiscon
sin hers this noon to a largo crowd of
people. The senator cosnpared himself
with an engine and. declamd that ha bad
plenty of "sand In bis sand box.'' Paul
and Julias . were thei atalona passed
through by the special without lone stops.
At Jul Ian, where the population la largely
French, the entire population of the town
turned out to cheer tbo senator as he
passed through.
FALLS CITT. Neb., April (.-Facing the
biggest crowd ha bsd met la Nebraska
In the center of the stand pat district of
the state, - Senator La Follette declared
hero this afternoon that the governmental
crisis now pending in the United States
la the greatest since MSt He declared
that the present feneration faces the re
sponsibility of freeing the nation from
combinations of wealth and power.
Two Men Murdered
at Granbury Tex
GRANBURT, Tex.. April S.-Dr. J. B.
ThlUey and Lather Garrell were Instantly
killed and T. M. WBaon badly wounded
at Hill City, near here, today. Their
assailant waa Mack Parker, s young
farmer, who telephoned for Granbury
officers to coma and arrest him. The
cause of tha shooting la unknown here.
Dr. Thllley waa shot dead as he stood
in bis drug store. Wilsoa waa tired on
as he stood at a telephone. Garrell was
killed in a field a his farm hast outside
urn cay.
Spark from Passing- Missouri Pacific
Train Probable Origin.
Only SS.OOO am Plaat and Haildlaars
Valaed a Mara Tea a 200,00
Low Water rreeaaro Retard
Work af Uepartsseot.
. man IS umu ami pniiPTnj "
'.aST.. -Ijrfmateiv LSOOOS Is totally destroyed
. ,Klie result of a fire which started yes
terday afternoon at 4 o'clock In the T. 1'.
Stroud Manufacturing company's plJtit
at Twentieth and Ames avenue. The Urn
la supposed to have been started by
sparks from a Mtssourl-PacKis switch
engine which psssed close to the paint
room where many hundreds of gallons of
gasolene and oils are kept. Only t,0U
Insurance la held on the plar.
Rashes After Taala.
John Lauseterer, a woodworker, aged fi
years, who lives at Nineteenth and
Clark streets, waa the victim of the
fire. Lausterer was out ot the building
when the" firs was first discovered, as
wars all of the other employes. Ha
watched the flamee tor a few m-nutes
when he exclaimed that bis woodwo-k-Ing
tools were In the burning paint eho-.
Ho rushed In and a few moments lat
ho was seen frantically trying to ralie
a window to get air. A he waa tugging
at the window the entlro building bunt
Into a sheet of flame and when later hit
body waa recovered, it was burned to a
Coroner Crosby took charge ot the
body and Is endeavoring to locate bis re
latives. Last night It could not be as
certained whether he had a family hers
He had been In the employe ot the Stroud
company for several years and was
known as aa excellent workman,
tiaaollao la Shop.
Men who were working In the paint
shop where the fire started, say thu one
employe had just brought 4wenty gallons
ot gasolene up to the building from the
oil room and was about to mis some
paint. That waa the last thing known,
tor It seems that be had hardly turn id
his back when the entlro room, covering
an ares of 0 squara feet, was envel
oped In a sheet et fltmt. The sw'tro
engine. was standing on a sidlrs close
to the-BulMmg- and waa jnat finishing
pushing soma empty ears , down the
tracks which run close to the building,
(iearral Alarm seeadrd.
A general alarm was turned In and all
ot the fire companies In the north part
of tha city and In the down town dis
tricts responded. The blsse had too good
a start, however, and when they arrived
the entire Stroud property, which covers
over a square block, waa ablase.
Water pressure was poor and the fire
men had a hard time battling with the
flames, and It was nearly o'clock be
fore tha conflagration waa under control.
At S o'clock It was still burning, but two
companies working on It after that time
extinguished It by keeping the smoklnf
mass constantly deluged with water.
Wad Faaa Flame.
A brisk wind from the south kept the
fire alive, and Chief Salter and his men
were forced to battle hard to keep the
spark from setting fire to houses across
tha street on Commercial avenus - A
number ot persons who occupied these
houses feared a spread ot tha fire and
began to move their belongings. Several
thousand people were attracted to the
fire, and after t o'clock hundreds of
automobiles crowded the vicinity. The
street car company, too, did a big busi
ness, and tha traffic on the Sherman
avenue lino was so heavy that extra
cars were put on.
The Stroud Manufacturing company
was one ot the largest wagon and farm
Implement concerns in the west Only a
few months ago T. F. Stroud, who Is
the sola owner, waa offered SSO.OOO for
the plant, but refused to sell. Farm
machines were sent monthly to all pats
ot the world, and some of the grading
tools and Implements used on tye Pan
ama canal were made here.
Lisrbt lasarsaee.
W: I. Kierstead, Florence boulevard.
one ot Mr. Stroud's closest friends, told
a Bee reporter that the reason Mr. Stroud
had only SS,0M worth of Insurance on the
plant was because of the fact that the
premiums were too large. He spent
nearly $10,000 only last year In putting In
a new steam heating plant, so as to re
duce possible fire danger to a minimum.
Up until s year ago the plant waa heav
ily insured, almost up to Its entlro value,
but racently Mr. Stroud allowed his poli
cies to be cancelled.
Mr. Stroud was not much downcast
about his heavy loss, but further than
(ContlnuedS oa Second Page.)
Chicago Butter and
Egg Board Will Be
CHICAGO, April .Criminal prosecu
tion by the federal government against
the Chicago Butter and Egg board and
the Elgin Board of Trade waa reported
today as the slm of an Investigation
being conducted here through agents of
tha Department of Commerce and Labor.
The proceedings are expected to bo under
the provisions ot the Sherman law and
will be distinct from a civil case, now
Special interest attaches to tha new at
tempt to keep down the cost ot home
necessities, for In this instance the" gov
ernment for the first time will depend to
considerable extent on evidence ob
tained by a woman. She la Miss Ida
Beck, a federal employe, who was ape-
dally detailed for the purpose.
All grades of butter were marked up
a cent s pound today, except for packing
stock, which was lifted bait a cent.
t From the Baltimore American.
Governor of New Jersey Begins
Two Days Tour of the State. .
Colonel Will Make Three Dors' Trig)
egrlaalas la ( hlrsga Me-1
"'rrasss areata Wilsoa at
' Blswailasrtos.
t : "" "
CHICAGO, April (.Illinois' primary
election campaign reached a climax to-
day when, with Governor Wilson's ar
rival here to begin his tour of ths stste
ths battls tor presidential preference was
opened on the same fields where for
weeks candidates tor governor and for
other state offices have been waging a
terrific fight. Chsmp Clark la tha only
opponent ot Governor Wilson In the
struggle for the Illinois democratic dele
gation and his supporters are making a
warm campaign.
Colonel Roosevelt will arrlva In Chicago
tomorrow to begin a three days' speak
ing trip through ths stats over practically
the aama route taken by Governor Wil
son. Scores of campaign speakers are on
tha stump fur President Tsft from all
parts of ths state, and La Follette lead.
era are also active. Tha primary elec
tion will be held April . -
Governor Wood row Wilson arrived from
Washington, D. C. this morning prepared
to close his Illinois campaign with a
two days' speaking tour of tbo state.
He la scheduled to visit fifteen cities
In the hope of carrying on Tuesday the
state democratic preference primary for
president against Champ Clark-
He waa met at the railway station by
a committee of frienda, and later held
a short conference with his Illinois canv
palgn managers. At t:lS o'clock be left
on s special train for a tour ot Illinois
He Is scheduled to speak today at
Joliet, Dwlght, Pontiac, Btoomlngton,
Lincoln. Springfield, Jacksonville, Peters
burg, Mason City and Peoria.
Tomorrow he will spesk at Galesburg,
Mollne, Rock Island, Sterling and Dekalb,
and return to Chicago in the evening,
where he will address three mass meet
ings before going east.
Oes ateveaeoa at Blossslastsa. '
BLOOMINGTON, 111., April i.-Wood-
row Wilson waa met In tha depot here
by a committer headed by former Vice
President Stevenson and taken' to the
court house square, where Wilson wss
Introduced to a big crowd by General
Stevenson. Governor Wilson gavs great
tContinued on Second Page.)
The National Capital
Friday, April 6, 1913.
The Senate.
In session at 3 p. m.
Adverse report on house steel tariff re
vision bill submitted by finance commit
tee. Senator Bmoot Introduced bill to repeal
"apex mining law."
Porto Hicans opposing house free
sugar bill were heard by finance com
mittee. Bill limiting labor on government work
by private contractors to eight hours a
day, ordered favorably reported by
committee on education and labor, as It
psssed the bouse.
Add House
General Edwards, chief of Insular bu
reau, urged before senate finance com
mittee the removal of the ton limit
of Philippine sugar which the tariff law
now permits to enter free of duty.
The House. ,
Met at noon.
Continued consideration of Indian MIL
Resolution empowering Judiciary com
mittee to employ every means possible
In Investigating so-called "money trust"
is adopted. Committee given power of
Appropriations Committee Chairman
Fltaeerald. after conference with presi
dent and Red Cross, announced congress
would appronriate bo more money for
rel et of Mississippi river flood sufferers
tunes conditions grow worse,. .
It Begins to Look as It Tbey Will.
Striking Weavers . -Attack
Officers at
Garfield, N, J,
PASSAIC. N. X. April a-A batlj, be
tween tevtraj hundred irlklnf 'allk' atltl
operatives and forty dtfiity afcerttfa er4
policemen occurred today outside the
Forstmana A Huffman silk mill at Oar.
field, tht Btrikort -Tel Birr, brisk and
stone at lbs guard and In iattsf using
their clubs and revolvers. Some of the
deputies fired over the heads at the trlk
ors tnd dispersed ths crowd, which In
cluded lot or mors 'women. Bl arrts'ts
were mads . ,
Among those nursing wounds made by
clubs ar a dosen women striker who
gathsred outside the plant at Oartlald
and Jeered the employs la In mill were
ordered to disperse, whereupon Charles
ltothflsher, on ot tha organisers ot the
Industrial Worker of the World,
mounted a box and told the crowd ths
deputies had no right to enforce their
order and a general fight took place.
Henry Fagan. a deputy, waa itruck In
I he head by a brick and knocked down.
One of the strikers was found uncon
scious with blood flowing from a cut In
ths head.
Rothflaher was among ths number ar
rested and taken to tha Hackansack Jail.
Depositors Attack
Bank in Chicago
CHICAGO, April l.-Several hundred
angry depositors gathered In front of a
private bank at ll Blue Island avenue
owned by Frank U. Ougllelml and de
manded their savings today. The police
were summoned to prevent a disturbance.
Gugllelml has not been seen since last
Saturday, when he told his elerk, John
Oliver, whom no left In charge that he
wax going to leave tha city for a few
daya, as his wife was dying.
Monday several depositors called at the
bank to withdraw money, but 'Oliver
found' all the money and book . were
locked In a vault which he could not
open. -
Today when several hundred depositors
visited the bank In a body and threatened
to wreck the building unless given their
money Oliver became alarmed and sum
moned the police. .
Chief Crazy Snake ;
is Reported Dead
"Crasy finake," ths Indian responsible
for tha last uprising to Oklahoma, -died
today, .according ta a report received from
Vtneta. Tha old chiefs end came Bear
Old Hickory, the stamping ground ot the
Creeks In ISO. . .
WASHINGTON, April (.-AS the result
ot the negotiation Dow In pi mi ess it I
stated authoritatively, tha government
nas substantial nope or reaming an
agreement .with the , International Har
vester company for Its disintegration un
der tha ahermaa anti-trust law, and thus
avoiding a prolonged fight Is the courts.
Edgar B. Bancroft, general counsel for
the corporation, baa returned to Chicago
to put In writing certain propositions for
dissolution h made orally to the attorney
The government has not yet accepted
the company's plan of two corporation.
No definite conclusion baa been reached,
but the friendly spirit which It Is said
characterizes the negotiations gives rise
to the hope that the question will be
sealed by agiecnient. The problem Is
extremely complicated, officials declare, ,
John C. Lynch and Tom O'Connor Go
to Floor Over Hospital Charge,
Frank' C. eland Fetor B. Klsassor
. ' Coats ta , risw dsMurtate, box i
otkee Vosasslsslsaer I a '
i- i ;, f, tf vtsrs. y , v ,'. I
i Blow were struck, two commissioners
slashed as men clashed when ths world
was young, charges and counter charges
of politics and covering up dirty work
were made, and threats and counter
threat to "take this u the grand Jury."
were hurled yesterday afternoon at one
ot the most ssnsatlonal ruutlngs of ths
Board ot County Commissioner held in
The trouble was the outgrowth ot an
attempted inveatlgailoa ot sensational re
ports of scandalous conditions and do
ings at ths county hospital, which cam
to light after a flat fight at the hospital
between Louis 1. Storkan, hopltal drug,
gist, and Ralph P. Hlgglns, on of tlie
hospital Intern,
lavestlaatla Choked Off.
Commissioner Thomas O'Connor bsd
joined with Commissioners Pster E. EU
ssaser and John C. Lynch and In calling
an Inveetlf stlon for the afternoon, but
when to time came O'Connor switched
to the sld of Commissioner Frank C.
Best, chairman of the county hospital
committee, . and Commissioner A. C
llarte and th Investigation was aban
doned before It waa begun.
, Tha wrangling almost ended In physical
combat between Commissioner Elessser,
democrat, and Commissioner Best, re
publican, but still cool -heads prevented
this. The tiro of battle burned on and
(row hotter, until Commissioner Lynch,
republican, and Commissioner O'Connor,
democrat, jumped from their chairs
Lyara aad O'Connor Battle,
The two went first to the table and
tnen onto the floor. Lynch on top. Sev
eral blows were struck and some found
tnelr marks before the two could be sep
arated. When the fight started Com
missioner Hart telephoned to Sheriff
McShane's office for help, but by the
time two deputies, breathless, arrived,
uie conflict waa ended. . O'Connor, look
ing aurly, sat In a chair near one end
of the committee room. At the-ther
end Courthouse Superintendent J. M.
isiaorta waa weaning blood from a
(cratch on Lynch' right cheek.
' v ' What It Waa Aooat.
To the press storkan made a lengthy
statement regarding affairs at th county
noepi tal, , lulU ot sensational charges et
mismanage ment, incompetence and Im
moral conduct.
' It developed at tha board meeting that
Druggist Storkan and Interna Hlgglns
nave been discharged, Storkan having
Bean removed Wednesday and Illggins
Tha whole hospital matter probably
will bo laid before tha grand jury today.
CHICAGO. April S-Alfrod H. Monro.
president of the Globe association, a mall
order concern, was arrested by United
States officers today oa a warrant e barg
ing he waa about to forfeit bis koads at
SM0& Monroe Is under Indictment for
alleged fraudulent uae ot the mails la
connection with ths operation ot his basi-
INNSBRUCK. Austria, April (. - A
party of sight professors and students
m Laibach university were ever-
whelmed by an avalanche and allied
while making a tour in ths mountains
sear bora
of Barer Are Weak.
Warning- is Sent to All Fersons Liv
ing' on Lowlands,
Report that Levee la Front of City
Had Brakea (a a see Great Exelto
aseat tsishteoa Llvee
Lost to Data.
MEMPHK Tenn.. April l-Telephone
advice that th government levee at
Hickman, Ky , has broken have been
verified. This dyk protect the Reel
Foot lake region, which I thickly popu
lated. A largo area I certain to bo
flooded and great damage has bees ex
pected should this levee bresk.v -
While report today from i upper
stretches of river, territory wets oa the
whole encouraging to thousands of high
water refugees in town along th Mis
sissippi, nevertheless Indications continue
to point to the development ot an even
mora serious flood situation la the lower
valley than sow exists.
Today was marked by th usual num
ber et alarming, rumor of sorloo dis
asters, many proving rroneoua upon In
veetlgatloa. Tha backwater from a drain
age pump at Cairo, HI., led to th report
that th levee which protect Cairo from
the Ohio river had broken and that the
city waa doomed, A prompt denial of this
report was mad by th United States
weather observer at Cairo, who said ao
serious danger was apprehended,
Th arwt ot th flood wllljMt bo reached
In th St. Louis-Memphis stretch ot th
Mississippi for a day of two and oven
In th event at oontlnuou fair weather
th Immense volume of water sow pour
ing Into th Mississippi from It Burner,
ou trikutarte threaten critically high
tag at Iowa river points.
Th creel, of th present flood wav la
th Ohio I expected at Loulsvlll during
Satarday alfht or Sunday. -
Th death Hst throughout th flood
area today reached eighteen. 'A family
ot five was drowned near Bird' Point,
Mo.; two farmer ar reported drowned ht
th bum neighborhood and a logger In
eastern Kentucky lost bl lit. .
CAItlO. 111., April a-Th backing ot
water from -th Toata (tract .dratnaa -.
pump this morning threw eitlsens tats a
penlc aad th report lpreed that th
lav whtrh bold th Ohio rtvar oat ot '
Carlo kt broken at Tmn street The -
report proved untrue. This message la
being sent from the Western Union of
fice leas than two Blocks from th Tenth
street levae. -I
William Lvnn. wife 'and throe children
were drowned In 'the flood between
Bird Point and Wyelt, Mo, Lynn waa
a farmer and wa . overtaken with his
family by the rising water. J. a, CaryX
a farmer, four mil' from Wyatt, Is
missing. , His aklf f waa; found today and ,
It, la thought that 'ha was drowned.
Henry Baker, a farmer at Texas Bend,
la reported drowned. . ;
' O release District Floods.
The drainage district north at Cairo
thla morning presented a desolats scene.
Th lumber from houses and sheds under
tli debris floats about tha district in
water probably ten feat deep while her
and there th top of houses may be
sen floating about
Th water went into th eastern part
et the district teat Bight with a rush
and a roar. . Tha lumber, pile at th
lumber yards war turned over aad
tossed about Ilk tooth pick. Water
reached th subway under the III now
Contra! bridge approach shortly before
dark and at midnight had almost reached
th top ot the bulkhead whan it reached
It level. All of the worker have been
brought from the drainage district to
Cairo to work oa the save her. -
Th work has not relaxed a particle
and will continue endl the high water la :
past.' Tli big subway aad Cairo eros '
levee stood Arm sgatnat the angry rusk
It waters In the drainage district. Th
only rail connection Cairo has today la '
by tugboat to Mound City to reach in
TUw Vniir. Th llllnola ?irl fraha
through the drainage district Want out
with the flood last night and mora than
2.0M feet ot th road la gone. The
river at Cairo has fallen one-tenth In
the last twenty-four hour.
ST. LOUIS. Mo.. April A-Weather Ob
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