Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 04, 1912, Page 14, Image 14

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nua la
Women's Kid Gloves for Easter
.- w
12 and 16-button length
gloves of, finest French
lambskin; white, black,
tan, pearl and champagne
fitted to the band. At
Main Glove Counterj per
Short two-clasp gloves of
fine Fren c.h "lambskin, -single
row embroidery
white, black, brown, navy
and gray fitted ( 4
if desired, at, pr..
Long Silk OloTes Extra heavy illk.
Tricot weave, double tipped fin
Ken, 3-claip fas'tners; black, white,
navy, tan and pongee bargain
square apeclal, worth $1,' CQ
at, pair :. aJC
Wonderful Sale Mimsing Union Suit
, UnaalBg "Irregokra" la Spring and Summer Weight
Women's, Children a and Boyi' sires Women' Suite In
.low neck, sleeveless and caff knee; children'! and;boys'
ulU In low neck, aloevoleu and knee length or 'high
. neck,' long or abort sleeves, sleeveless, ankle
or knee- length, worth up to 75c,
at, par salt .... ,
Women ' $1 Pore Thread Silk Hosierf, 69c
Plain and fancy silk embroidered boot patterns, wide
lisle garter tops, lisle soles; also all silk, wide hem silk)
- tops, lisle soles, etc.; black, tan, white and faQ
fancy light shades, worth to $1.00; at, pair. . . . U" V
Women's Black Pore Silk Boot Hosiery, 15c
Wide lisle garter tops, double lisle heels and toes;
worth 25c a pair.
Easter Norelties in Handkerchiefs
Women's pure Irish linen embroidered handkerchiefs;
dainty, new embroidered designs, hand drawnwork,
hand embroidered initials, Armenian lace )
borders; worth up to 25c; at, each . , . I.4- v
Real Madeira hand embroidery and real Armenian lac borderi,
pure linen handkerchief, white and colored border many
dainty and very unusual designs- worth up to $1, Cf.
at, each UUC
Whit Apron
with floe for
many new de
ign. special,
at, each
Bumped Pillow Cssea
on best quality casing
with' sufficient floss to
complete the embroid
ery, new French ' and
eyelet designs spe
cial at,, per Of"
pair ., wCi
D. M. C. 8Ilpper Cot'
ton in a large variety
of the most popular
colors. This floss Is
specially adapted for
making the fancy
crochet bags. Regular
6o quality. "I (
at, per spool XvC
Great Special Sales of Silverware, Watches, Jewelry
and Clocks
We bought an entire New Tork wholesale stock at one-third
actual value. All the watches and jewelry now on sale. Bee
our Sixteenth street window.
Next week. 1,000 pieces of Reed A Barton Silver Hollowsr
tea sets, etc at less than one-half wholesale price. The fol
lowing week all the mantel clocks and clocks of sll kinds go on
sale. Watch for later particulars.
i X ''V """"as '. TtfSBWSi
Q t' wIOQsMiofJlMOfa
IiTif H w Bsnb7 putin pitoe and i
J if i 1 'perlecsy Ugh. Noftgpj
II 7 AW vsatfww is dry
I Ttto the
M offers,)
taht No Prooi nssoed ( 4
AfW Mesiww is dry rqurC'
. Ei on t eessiw end to take 1
the housa ewurs; csaviA"
I far nwd washday. , , oi
III I Mil ll ll awt L-i. J B-W
? Wettr "
Special oemorutration of this Cloth eelina StretcW, Tues
day and all week, at entrance to PompeUn Room. You'll b
grtady interested a this labor-earrinf household device. Coim
and sea it work. Demonstration aO day.
tmm amaorsre) srrsmAU
rou. Til mun
Mad af turn choteeat grains,
full of strength and aisor.
The amber bottle tHum
-5 lull. .-all t
Janta Onuu-vs. jbttb-b.
Oi- Knao r. arx..
- Doagla St, Psoas swag
las 14. -
- ftth tsE;:a c.
aoim oiuxa, m.
Offers I
In llanos Taken in Exchange
Our Big Player
Piano Business
has brought us in ex
change a host o-. gooid,
used pianos, .and the
crowded condition -of -our
floors ' makes it necessary
that they be sold at once.
Upright pianos at . ...
$40, 975988,
$95, $100,
and Up to .
Pretty nearly all good,
standard makes included,
that originally sold for
$300, $350, $400 and up to
$500. Payments as low as
$1.00 per week,
A. Hospe Co.
1513 Douglas St.
For Women
SPRING STYLES that will sat
isfy the moat particular
dresser are on displsy In our
This season ws ar showing
more and better styles than
ever before. Oxford Ufa and
Pumps ar her in all the lat
est styles light and hesry
soles. Military and low Cuban
hsels beauUful designs snd
models. Including the high stub
toe, the receding English snd
the plain stage.
A White Season
This will be a white season
and we ar showing all styles of
white shoe in high or low ef
fects. 93.00 $3.50 94 nd $5.
1419 Farnam Street
The Classified'
Sages of The Bee
re scanned dally by thou
and of people.
Try Bee Want Ad.
Alfred C.iKcnntdy
Candidal for
Under Commission PUi
All Ladies' Home Journal Patterns "
' Are Now on Sale at Half Price.
Special Purchase and Sale
of High-Grade Watches
A Watch Like the Picture and Many Other Styles
for Both Men and Women
95 mco
Without an exception this sale represents the
beat watch bargatna thla store baa ever of
fered. Hnndreda of people - hare , been
waiting for Just such an opportunity, so
It will be advisable to come . early
Thursday morning that you may have
choice of the cream of the stock.
Brery watok will k eold with hi gwa
personal umM There ere thin
model, open face and hunting cases for
men and boys: snd chstellne, bracelet
snd novelty watches In silver, sold tilled
snd ensmel and fun metal cases for
women. v -
All are fitted with Elgin. Standard
and Swiss movements and the esses are
made by the Illinois and Philadelphia
Watch Cane companies.
$10.00 Values for only $4.95.
Easter Clothes for Boys
Smart, snappy suits that boys like, with the kind of
service In them parents like. We have ready in Thla
Easter showing the kind of clothes that live, healthy
active boys like snd require. WE HAVE A WORLD
materials. In their tailoring. In the service they will
give. And we fnlly guarantee them all. Some of the
suits have an extra pair of pants to match. Priced
13.75 to 17.50.
Boyi' Eatler and confirmation $uit$ of
finest bla ierge$ in Norfolk and double
breasted stylet; with either one or two
pairs pants to match; $4, $5, $6, $7.50
Complete lines af tab-tPated wash salts for the lit
tle fellows, I1.J5 to $3.50, according to the finishing
and quality. .
A special lot of children's spring hats-odds snd
ends from various lines previously told up to f 1.60
priced for Thursday' selling, 49c. I
"Utile Tudor" rompers and play ' suits-the best
made-priced at this store, BAr.
Cream-White Suits
For Easter Wear
New suits, new coats, new dresses, new( waists, new
skirts come tumbling out of their boxes every day.'
But we think you will be most interested at this time
in the new cream-while suits for Esater wear, with
all their freshness of springtime and sturdlnees of
texture that appeal from the practical tide.
Fashioned from finest diagonals, whlncords. Bed-
lord cords, fancy tweeds and serges of both foreign
sua aomestio weave. Plain tailored and novelty
style In variety to please tha most fastidious.
Preater value than you have ever known at
118.60, 124.75 and $29.60 the suit.
Alto Some Special Tailored Suits
, at $14.95, $19.50 and $24.75
i The suits In these three lots had their Inspiration
'in some of the choicest imported models or are tb
! work of America's best designers. An almost endless
, variety of plain tailored and novelty effects of dlssunsis,
'res, whipcords, Scotch mixtures and striped worsteds
i In black, the staple colors and shades most favored by Ins
I season. Blsee (or women snd n.le st sack urlce.
Waists for Easter Wear
in both novelty and plain styles are priced as follow-.
plenty or styles at every price--
Lingerie Waists from $I.2S to S.VOO. -s
. K.legant Chiffon Waists from $.1.00 to $15.00. '
Handsome Silk Bhh-ts from $2.00 to $S.OO
Jtactlcal Cotton Shirts from $1.25 to $2.05.
A Corset Exposition of
Advance Models
A cordial invitation is extended to
i, i j ii
an women wuo are interested in me
correct figure requirements for this
season to visit the jcorset department
Thursday, where expert corsetieres
will give individual demonstrations of
the superiority of !
. Madame Grace and
American Beauty Corsets
We are offering the largest and cholceat as
sortment pf artistic, shapely end serviceable
.coragts ever shown In-this locality; your apo
dal attention being directed to the fact that our
display. of Madame Grace and American Beautr
Corsets far surpass' In quality and style the dis
plays of, any other establishment in the length and
breadth of Nebraska.
We (Guarantee These Corsets
to-be correct tn design, faultless In construction
and highly serviceable In every way. Ail models
costing $2.00 or more are expertly fitted and the
advice of our corsetleres is at your service any
Urn yon may wish it.
Prices Range from $1 to $25
Grocery Specials
1 pound ran Bennett s
Breakfast coffee snd
4 stamps for ....
assorted tesa and - (
stamps, lb. See
Tea sittings , snd IS
stamps, lb. ISs
Bennett s Capitol flour,
sack . . . ; . -
fe-lo. can Kennett s Cap-
Hot bsKinf powder snd
1ft stsmps for ISe
gnlder's chile saucs and
1 stamps', bottle sas
ISe can Happy Vsis
areco asparajrus ..Sss
T. A. spsaheiii aad i
stamps, can ISs
(Ix bars Electric Spark
soap snd IS stamp. S6s
Soar pickles and 1
stamps, quart ISs
Cleaned currants and 1
stun pa, lb. pus. . .ls
ii-lb. sack "Qusen of
the Pantry" pastry
flour and 4 stamps
tor , HA
2 cans Evsraroea corn
aad 1 stamps . .SO
9 PR. Toasto corn
flakes and IV st'ps. SSs
riewer - aad vafstaals
sssda. ska-. ate
Pint can Galllard's pure
olive oil reduced lo SSs
Bennett's Capitol pears
snd 20 stsmps. can SSs
0s )ar Bishop's Cali
fornia fruttale ....SOS
Full cream cheese snd
IS stsmps. lb. SSs
Ite can Carpenter's skin
less lies 11
S cans and IS
stamps for ...See
1 cans Eagle Lye and
IS stamps SSs
One doaea boxes safety
matches for So
Large Queen Olives, fin
est quallty-tl.lS bot
tle. aei tic bottle, So
firrAVjiAr(! f (x.
Special prices quoted on Early Ohio and Early
Ross Seed Potatoes on application.
Large and juicy fancy lemons, doseu SOc
Florida tomatoes, lb 10c
Large ripe bananas, dosen ...15e
quarts Cape Cod cranberries for S5e
Those famous Redlands oranges-shipped di
rect to ns from Redlands, Calirorn la-no finer
oranges grown anywhere--per . dosea 13c,
20c, S5c, 80c aad S5e
Meat Bargain for Thursday Only -
lb. pkg. Lefi Lard $1.00 1 3 lbs. Lamb Chops . , . .25c
'S lbs. Shoulder Steak . .25c 4 lbs. Boilin Beef . .V.25o.
Beautiful Spring Millinery, Authentic Styles,
Matchless AsjortneBt, Saving Prices
Sea tha New
' Queen
Shoes for
The Best,
Dress Bargains Thursday
Two big special purchases
just received from our Nev
iorx resident buyer surpass
anything offered this season.
Silk Dresses, Wool Dresses
Nearly 1,000 of them, made by
a N. Y. manufacturer to sell
up to $20.00; pretty one-pieco
styles in both plain and fancy
colors, clever
new designs;
your choice..
Beautiful One-Piece Dresses
Values up to $30.00, in chif
fons, serges, Bedford cordtf,
satins, taffetas, etc. Very
newest styles and most want
ed colors; your (HO CA
oar sioows yuos
&oag B1U aUmoaoe, values S4 nr
to II.OD, choice Jl3 3
Blisses' Wash Dresses, all AC
colors, to IS values ....yaiilv
women's Ulack Sateen Under
skirts, on sale
tafaata Short X Balls. Slips,
apeclal. st
tafaata Long Blips
St T
Inrsnta- Silk Embroidered and
Lace Bonnets, special ,
choice Thursday.
Cream Wool Serge Tailored Suits,
worth 120.00, special ...$13.95
Very Special Bargains in Sample
Tailored Sulfa Lines of three
prominent manufacturers for selec
tion. ..$49 845 S39.75 S35
nr DOatzsTio moon
Women's Oottoa Voile Skirts, trlm
n.ed with 4 bands of tat- I Cft
tets, snap at WliwU
Vaau'f Tailored Sulta, well C
worth tlu.ll. choice 9
Woman's aslnnosta, match- Q f
lees barcalns, at VSlSU
Cnildrsa's Ooats In Spring vreis-hta.
aood assortment, all col- 1 f f
ore, on esle st ssiiVlf
Vrstty ah Dresses, vary
, special bargains
3.V Embroideries 19c yd. . A
big line of choice patterns in
Corset Cover Embroideries and
Skirt Flounclngs, the regular
35c qualities, st yard
New Laces We Just received
a fine new line of Macrame,
Ratine, Cluny and Venic laces,
bands, edges and allovers, -will
be on Sale Thursday,
latest novelties, almost unlimited
assortments for selection.
Specials that will delight economical buyers Thursday.
1.25 Tub Silks 9.V Beautiful
and practical wash silks, 26 in.
wide, in white grounds with
colored stripes, the very smart
est materials for spring waiats
or dress, regular $1.25 flC.
yard,-values, yard .. aaJC
$1.35 Natural Pongees 85c A
beautiful quality of all silk,
smooth weave Pongee, launder
ing perfectly and la just tha
thing for spring coat or dress,
36-ln. wide, 11.23 o r
'quality, yard OOC
575 NeWet 191lv models, from your choice of a wlde7E
rsnge of colors and weaves in wanted wool fabrics,
Mannish effects, hairline and pencil stripes, fine Tm
serges, etc.
The Skirt complete, worlanansbip and fit guaranteed,
made to yojir measure, special Thursday, at $5,75.
Special Bargains in
White Go odsThursd'y
3oft Chamois Finished Imperial
English Long Cloth worth
120 a yard; bolt of 11 yards
Beautiful fine French and Per-
, slan Lawns, worth SOc yard,
at, per yard . . . . . J. .. .25
Beautiful fine French and Per
sian Lawns worth COc yard,
atror yard 30
Pure Linen Ramie Cloth, as
sorted new shades worth $ 1
Jard. at 50
Mercerised Waistings and wide
Bedford Cords worth 75c a
yard, at ..-39
Wash Goods Specials
Just In, ths new Lorraine Bor
dered Tissues all the leading
spring shades on sale Thurs
day, at, per yard 454
New Bordered Voiles, beautiful
colorings, per yard ....50s
New Bordered Half ;,llk Skirt
ings, beautiful coloring, per
Jui ...50
Egyptian Tissues, genuine arti
cle, always sold at. yard, 85c,
Thursday only jg
Voiles Plain,' striped, figured,
single fold, double fold and
'colors and black and white
per yard. .15c, 85c. 89c. 50
36-Inch ' fast colored Challls,
fine designs, per yard.. 10
Silk . Mixtures, all color
per yard. .85c, 89c, 50c, 75
In the Busy Domestic Room Friday
Black Sateens, 28 in. wide,
15c yd. value, at yd. 10c
Shirting Prints, 27 in. wide,
best colors in stripes or
figures, 70 yd. values,
at, yard ..5c
86-Inch Half Itleached Muslin,
Blackstone brand, splendid
12 He value, on sale, yd. 10
c Quality Vnbteacbed Vuslin
Long remnants, extra heavy,
36 lncbea wide, on sale at, per
yrd fiJss
Yard "Wide Silkoline, 12'c
value, good patterns, at,
yard 10p
West Wind Bleached Mus
lin, 36 in. wide, regular
7c yd., on sale, yd. 6c
A proa Check ' Gingham In
standard Indigo Blues, 7 Ho
, quality, long remnants, at per
J" 5H
12 He Percales 38 lncbea wide,
good patterns, at. yard ,.in
25c Dress Poplins, good assortment of colors and patterns
splendid bargains at, yard ; ...15c
Money Saved is Money Earned
Taea Why ray from S to ao store tat the Basse Qnaiitv of aeaaaf
nayaen s aiane tne urocery races tor the People Not a Few.
1 lbs. best Granulated Sugar . .S1.00
l oars Lenox, Beat 'tm A.U or Ola-
moo a c soap Sfio
iS-lb. sacks best High Grade Dia
mond H ramily Flour, aothlna like
IL Dor sack .". Sls
lt-os. can Condensed Milk
1-1 U. pkc- Esle brand, Itacaronl,
at YMa
Kslloax's Toasted Rice Flakes, per
Dkc Ba
E. C. Corn Flakes, per pka SWe
Grape Nuts, par pkg. ...lis
lb. boxes best selected Soda
Crackers too
Tks best crisp Fretxels. lb. Bs
Tne best crisp litnaer Snaps, lb. s
I -lo. cans assorteo aoups ......ths
Pint bottles Canadian staple Sugar
Svnip lae
rns best Tea Sittings IS So
The beet Santos Cofee ........ SSo
ajto caizsaa aaL
The best Creamery Butter, carton or
ouis. per in. aae
Tne beet No. 1 Country - Cresmerv
bulk, per lb. SOs
Tbe beat No. 1 Dairy Butter, lb. SSo
Pull Crean.' Cheese, per lb. ISs
Pull Cream Brick Cbeeee. per lb. SSs
Pull Cream Young America Cheese.
id . ............sss
rhs Best Vrssh Egg a, aoasa
neuxcnatei cneese, each as
Bulk Pesnut Hutter, per lb. .. is.
m Maaas-r or oatajas . iSZ
raaaai ngsrasui
1 heads trees Leaf Lettuce ga
Large Head Lettuce . .TWe and loa
Large Stalks Fresh Celery ....7I
Large bunches Fresh Beets. Car
rots or Turnips 4.
Preen Spinach, peck .'. too
Fresh Shallots, per bunch . ...TSs
Fsncy Kips Tomatoes, per lb. . .loa
Fancy extra tins Cucumbers, sacn.
at ...ISs
large Green Peppers 10
Fancy Aspsrsgus, per lb. 17Wa
Fancy CalitornU Cauliflower, each.
at lSV4s
1 bunches Fresh Parsley is
Fancy Heplant or Rhubarb, bunch.
' st ae
Fancy Wax or Green Beana, per lb..
at sos
Large Florida Pineapples, each sow
Anything you want, we've got IL
Sow Bias -Brass (Bos aad Oaioa Bets
Blue Grass, straight or mixed with
Clover, ner lb. j.
-White Clover Seed, per lb. '45,
union tsets, red or yellow, qt ..Tits
White Onion Seta, quart lo
Primaries April ttth