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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Mutt and Jef!
Shag Beea of Fa Making
Kvery Day in Th) Bee.
Fair; Warmer.
VOL. XII XO. 250.
Twenty-Serea Armed Italians Found
01 Board Cretio in Harbor
of Boston.
On Their Way
Typhoon Off Coast of Western Aus
tralia Wrecks British Boat
Members of Ship's Crew listed as
Interpreter! Art Held.
Officials Discover Hiding Place in
, Copper Water Tank.
Imsalgrallaa Aatbarttlra Hraln Ti
A Ilea Wm lupMi to Have
Smrifa srhn aa Cretlo
ail :k Scare.
BOSTON, la , April 1 -After tiie
capture tooay b th immigration offi
cial! and BoFtor. police of twnty-even
, Italian atonaways on board the White
Star liner Ctctic. two of th ship' crew,
'listed a Interpreters, vera arretted,
charged villi conspiracy tu bring Into
thia country alliens not eligible to enter
it lie United States.
According to the stowaways, they were
i approached In Naples by a man who
offered to secure their transportation
and entrance into the United 8tatea for
forty llre( about IS) piece. The night
before the t'retio rmled from Naples the
twenty-seven men and boys, ranging in
age from 11 to 3 years, vara taken
'alongside the liner In small boats and
hauled' aboard. I'ntll yesterday, they
said, they mingled freely with the
steerage paaneiiger and ata the meals
provided In that part of the steamer.
Last night they were hidden m an un
used copper water tank In tne aft peak,
where they were found today after
thorough search of the whole ship.
The immigration officials bad received
iuformatlon that more than a core ot
undesirable Italians war supposed to!
have secreted themselves on board the
(.'relic. It was reported that there were
dangerous crlmlnats among tnem. , Ac
cordingly a large force of immigration
Inspectors and police were on band when
the vessel docked. '
The slowatcavs made no resistance
when they crawled out ot the tank Into
the arms of the officers, though most
of them were armed. They were taken
to the detention room at the immigra
tion station and closely guarded, await
ing deportation.
Thirteen Reported
. Dead on Battleship
HAMPTON ROADS. Ve, April t-It is
reported here and unconfirmed'- that
thirteen men havs been killed and several
Injured in en aocldent, probably a gun
. loivn. on th battleship North Da
1 i cn th southern drill grounds.
Yl'.ii hospital ship Solace has left hers
for the dilll grounds at full steam. The
under Yankton Is expected In from the
fleet tonight.
o'clock the Navy department had re
ceived no word of th reported accident
on the North pikota, but wireless ad
vices received' here report that the At
lantic fleet wa caught In - tha gals
which swept the South Atlantlo coast
i today and had a rough time. The flag
ship Connecticut wss reported swept
'clear of all It life rafts.
it Is thought th Injuries reported on
the North Dakota may have been caused
by the storm.
Taft Confers with .
. . Peace Advocates
WASHINGTON. April 1 Although
President Taft has not defined his post
lion with respect to the arbitration treat
lies with Great Britain and Franc, which
were amended by the senate In a manner
said to have made them unacceptable to
him, he conferred today with representa
tlves of four great world peace societies.
It is said he will not announce his future
i course of action until Secretary of Stat
Knox returns from bis Central and South
American trip.
Participating In today's oonferenc were
Representative Bartholdt of Missouri,
.representing th Interparliamentary un
ion; Senator Burton ot Ohio, for the
American Peaco aodety; Theodora Mar
burg of Baltimore, representing th Bo
te lety for tha Judicial Settlement of In
ternational Disputes, and Hamilton Holt,
.for the American Peace conference.
Bom of tbe president's advisers thought
that If the treaties as amended prove ac
ceptable to Great Britain and Franc
'they should not be rejected by th United
BOSTON. April i Twenty-seven Italian
t to ways on board the White Star line
(rt earner Create, which arrived from
Naples ' today, were apprehended this
afternoon., Th search wss mad on in
formation "received last week from Italy
that stowaway would be found on the
rhlp and that they were members of
'black band organisation.
The Weather
FOR NEBRASKA Fair, with aoawwhtit
higher trrnprmtur.
FOR IOWA Fair, with ilowly rirtXaf
TMeratartra at Oftasika Te4ertlr t
Hour. nfr
.VV: a. ro
VJj t a. m ....
v?7Z " -
m i IS::::::::
J 11 a. m
E m
1 p. ro...
2 p. m...
' t p. m...
I p. m...
p. m...
7 p. ..,
S p. as...
i wv ai
Principal Contests Are Whether
licenses Shall Prevail.
Flare Wsere aeelallsts Have Beea
1st Office as Bala Term Back la
Brgwlar Celaaaas Aehlasd
Drye Win.
License waa the chief issue in the town
and village elections of Nebraska Tues
day and while the changes were not
marked tbe advantage appears te be
slightly In the "wets.' According to
reports received yesterday, sixty-two
towns had Toted for licensee and forty
three against Of this number eight
towns which war dry last year changed
ever to the wets and four towns which
were wet will try tbe dry system this
The most notable change from the dry
to the wet side was Beatrice. For
several years Beatrice has been trying
to decide which is better for the town.
The campaign at that place waa vigorous
and the wets won a pronounced victory.
Auburn is another town to- change from
the dry to the wet aide. Dorchester,
which has not had a saloon for thirty
years, has decided to try out saloon yjV
tne coming year. The license war
In by a majority of 3 to L. Vp V
Political Hues were not drawnX .
smaller towns, but In the largeiuu.
nldpalitlcs straight tickets were la the
field. Havelock and Burlington, rail
road shop town, and Columbus, went
solidly democratic
At Falrtwry the sociellits put up a
good fight and elected three out of fire
council men. A noticeable feature of th
elections was the unseating of socialists
who were elected last year. At Lincoln
no election was held.
' ellgh Votes Wet.
NEL1QH. Neb, April I Spe- lL
Nellgh yesterday experienced one of the
hardest-fought elections of lta history.
In the matter of license the town went
wet by 17 majority. '
The fight, however, centered on cotra-
cllmeh. In th First ward Forsyth, run
ning on petition, defeated Aurlnger,
the nomine ot th cltlsena caucus, by
' tm i . a j i . i
. II ll VIM . .1 . T-l IS
on a petlttan, defeated th Ferguaon can
didate of the cltlsena caucus by IL and
Pexton, running on petition, was de
feated by Keater. Th ether nominee
of the caucus had ao opponents, and
wer elected as follows: Mayor, O. 0.
McPherson: treasurer, E. H. Mellck;
clerk, O. S. Mauser; engineer, W, L
MADISON. April 1. -(Special. V-A4. the
city election today Fred H. Davtai was
re-elected mayor, Fred J. Danker, clerk:
Chris J. Kortman. treasurer; A. J.
Thatch, engineer, and Herman J. Fricke,
Jr., councilman of ths Second ward with
out opposition and WIlHam If. Plnney
was chosen councilman of th First ward
to succeed Robert Linn, who retire. The
vote was light and th election unevent
ful. Th mayor and council favor tour
saloons, each paying ll. license, to be
operated In strict acoordanc with th
law and th dtyl ordinances, f
ARLINGTON, Neb., April l-(Speclal )
At tha village election yesterday the
town went wet by votes. J. C. Chap-'
man. F. O. Menklng, O. C. Roberta and
W. A. Reckmeyer were elected trustees
on the village board. Th board agreed
to abide by the election, so there will
be saloons here this year.
WAYNE. Neb., April t-Specll.-A
there ws but on ticket In th field,
a light vote waa polled at the city
election yesterday. John H. Kato was
re-elected mayor; II. 8. Rlngland. city
treasurer; J. M. Cherry, clerk; John
Lorlson, councilman Third ward; Oeorg
Lambertson, councilman Second ward.
and John Meister, councilman First ward.
J. H. Brtsttel and Herman Henney were
elected members of the school board.
There was no Issue. , s
HART1NOT0N. Neb., April i-lBne-ciai.)
Mayor Walg and all the old offi
cials wer re-elected without opposition.
There was but on ticket is th Acid.
The license question was not submitted
this year.
OVERTON, Neb., Aprlr S. -(Special Tel
egram.) The voters here forgot to call
s town caucus until It waa too lata ao
the o'd town board has to hold over.
Owing to the fact that tha majority of
tha voters are anti-saloons, there never
has been a license Issue here.
Scott's Blaff Stays Dry.
8COTT8 BLUFFS, Neb.. April J.
(Special Telegram.J-Scott'a Bluff city
election resulted In victory for the pro
gressive ticket. The present mayor and
council were elected. O. L. Bhiimway,
Independent, was elected clerk and
water commissioner. About fjna votes
wer cast. Th officers elect are: Mayor,
F, Alexander; Coundlmen, II. E. Brown,
C. E. Dooley. C. A. Johnson and E. K.
Maxoo. Both tickets declared for a dry
administration. I v
ST. EDWARD, Neb., April ,-Bpe-
dal Telegram.) The village election
passed off quietly with a full vote re
corded. Only one ticket was In the field,
and th three retiring members of the
council were re-elected. The proposition
for a!oon license' waa defeated by
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The National Capital
The Senate.
In session at t p. m.
Beet and cane sugar growers protested
against house free sugar bill before the
finance committee.
Foreign relation - committee a Do roved
Crawford bill for International inquiry
Into high cost of living.
Agriculture committee ordered favorable
report on bill creating a division at
markets In department of agriculture.
Chairman Sutherland of employers' lia
bility commission submitted Judiciary
committee's favorable report on com
mission's vtorkmens bill and announced
ne wouhi aaa cocuuaerauon Monday.
The Home.
Met at wooo.
Miscellaneous bills considered.
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson
Florida everglades lands investigating
committee that original excerpt of Major
with bia consent
Majority Leader Underwood announced
th legislative program from now on
would be confined to appropriation and
supply bills.
Foreign affair committee decided to re
port favorably resolution directing Hiate
department to insist upon immediate
settlement by Mexico of claims of Amcri-
Florida Bvergladea Weatlzallna?
mitte concluded Us baarlnga.
Two-Thoosand-Ton Ship Mining"
Since Big Storm.
No Chance Remains for Any Victim
to Be Saved.
Mxfy-Sevea Pearl Fishing Baata Are
Last la the Same Stores aad
Forty Flaherasea
- Their Lite.
rt;-jA -(era Australl
W JK vVN ' up off the
' . j?t. .r th. fit.
(ern Australia, April 1-
coast appears
. 1ate of the fifty passengers
.s . lshtv men of ie crew of the
ft 5 ' .
A i.n steamer Koomoana, wnicn nes
wen missing since the dlsaateroua ty
phoon that prevailed on the northwest
coast of western Australia during the
last week of March.
The wreckage ot tbe Koombana, which
beeinga to Adelaide, waa found in the
vicinity ot the peart fishing station at
Broome, a email seaport In tha Klmbef
ley division ot western Australia. During
th typhoon sixty-seven pearl fishing
boat belonging to Broom were wrecked
and over forty pearl fishers lost their
Th Koombana waa a steamer of S.18S
tons net It was built at Glasgow a WOO,
Wilson Testifies in
House Inquiry Into
Everglades Case
WASHINGTON. April t-Secretary of
Agriculture James Wilson testified be
fore the house committee on expenditure
In the Agricultural department today In
answer to critics In and out; ot congress
on hi conduct In connection with re
ports on the dial nag ot th Florida Ever
glades. Mr. Wilson had been attacked,
first for permitting to be published de
partmental reports which boomed Ever
glades lands and then because he sup
pressed ths Information.
Mr. Wilson denied tbe origins) excerpt
of the report of Major J. O. Wright on
the Everglades wsa given out with his
consent. This excerpt waa used tor ad
vertising purposes In Florida. It was ob
tained In the department by Henry Clay
Halt.. Later. Mr. Wilson said, he wrote
former 4Jovrnor Gilchrist et Florida and
authorised th publication of .part., of
his letter In relation to th Evergladea.'
8crtary Wilson defended th depart
ment's actions In connection with reports
on the Everglades. II denied batagor
ically and In detail that anyone had an
proached him either directly or Indirectly
with any proposal to suppress any de
partment Information on the subject with
sn Improper motive.
At the conclusion of Mr. Wilson's testi
mony the Everglades Investigation hear
ings were adjourned. The committee now
will formulate Its report.
A Hanson D. Morehouse and Ray P.
Teele, former Agricultural department
mployc Indicted for technical violation
of the accounting requirement ot the
department, pleaded not guilty today and
wer held In SUM) bail each. Former
Chief Drainage Engineer C. O. Elliott
and Accountant F. K. Singleton, Indicted
on the same charges, probably will be
arraigned tomorrow.
Nichols Aboard Dixie
at Pensacola When
Dr. KnabeWas Killed
PENSACOLA, Fla., April J.-Seth Nich
ols, the sailor who told tha police of
Portsmouth, N. H . that h killed Dr.
Helen Kaabe at Indianapolis October 21
last, was on board th United States
cruiser Dixie tbe day of the murder.
This information which brands Nich
ols' "confession as untrue, wss received
here by wireless today from the com
mander of the Dixie, which Is engaged
In target practice In tbe gulf.
BOSTON, April S-Polic officials of
Boston and Portsmouth, N. li., wer more
confident today that Beth Nichols' de
claration that he murdered Dr. Helen
Knab In Indlanapolta for S1.M fa an un
truth. It has developed that Nichols has
resided In this city, that his bride ot six
months died here a few week ago and
that he la wanted by the 'local police on
a charge of burglary.
"Seth's statement that he murdered
Dr. Knab la th product of a brain
erased by th death of hi wife," said
Nichols' sistr-la-iw. Mrs. Delia Lyons,
of this dty. H worshiped my sister,
May, and. as a matter ot fact deserted
from the navy so that ba might b with
her her."
Nichols did not desert from the Dixie.
as be claimed, but was given his dis
charge on December 2. 1311, for conduct
prejudicial to tbe service, according to
the measags received from the cruiser'
commander. The record of th Dixie
show that Nichols waa not on a bur
leave on eltharpctober 3 or It
Kodgers Killed in
Eight Over Ocean!
LONG BEACH. Cat, April t-Gal-
bralth Rogers, the transcoriUnenUI av
iator, waa killed today when bia biplane
la which be bad started to make a flight
oot OTer th ocean dashed Into th water
near th pleasure pier.
Judge G. C. Cockrell
Is Dead of Apoplexy
Judge George C. Cockrell, 7 year old,
long Identified In Omaha' affairs, died
of xpoplexy yesterday 1 afternoon at
Prom tha St. Louis Time.
fenatorsFator Sale of Mora Pine
Ridg Lands. '
Beakers' Asswlala at Kebraeka
Appllea far Relief Aatalaat Laws
that prevent Katradllloa far
ferial a Swindle.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. D. C. April l -(Special
Telegram.) Th senate committee on In
dian affairs, through Senator Gamble,
has reported favorably on a bill providing
for the sals of a portion ot the surplus
and unallotted lands on the Pine Kldg
Indian reservation In Waaabaugh county.
8. D. An area of about tll.ill acres
will be opened should the bill become a
law. Thar are a few allotment still to
be made before proclamation la to Issue.
Th report atate that while com of th
Pin Ridge Indiana protest against fur
ther decreasing tha limits of thslr reser
vation. In tha opinion of the committee
a majority favor the act and bellev
with the commute that th settlement
and development of the proposed area to
be opened Would greatly enhance th
value of th holdings of th Indiana,
Two sections In each township ar to be
reserved for school purpose.
Th Isnds r to be Inspected, appraised
and valued by a commission to be ap
pointed by the president, subject to the
approval of th secretary ot the Interior,
and are reserved for homesteads, one
fifth ot th appraised pric to be paid
upon entry, the balance In fir annual
Installment. Tracts for town stta pur
Poses ar to be reserved by tha secretary
of th Interior, and money raised from
their sal la to be applied for the benefit
of th tribe, fund realised from other
lands to be deposited In the treasury to
th credit of the Indiana, to draw Interest
at t per cent and to be expended for their
Taft Stress Ik laereaslaaVV
Friends of President Tart in in. rfK
only thirteen vote lacking to give them
th necessary Ml to control the state
oonvention to be held April M at Cedar
Rapids, yesterday secured exactly the
thirteen by th (election of a aolld Taft
OVIegattoa la Butler muntv an,.
twenty-flv county conventions are to be
neia ana advice from Iowa are that
enough af theae will aalu T. 4J
to give th friends of th administration
a gooa working majority In the state
oonvention. Tbe Taft force ainutv
carried six of th eleven congressional
districts In Iowa and th delegates from
theso, together wtlh th four delegatee-at-lag
which will be selected by the
state convention, will give Taft at least
sixteen of th twenty-eight delegatea
Lease Land te Owla.
A bill waa Introduced (Mi. k.
gressman MondeU to authorize the secre
tary of th Interior to leas at a nominal
charge a tract of land not to exceed l.
u eaunu to tne uroer ot uwls for health
and sanitarium purpose.
Mr- MondeU also presented a bill to
amend section three of th enlarged
homestead law providing that any home
stead entryman en lands Vpon which
final proof has not been mad ahaJI bare
tbe right to further entry on land con
tiguous to his former entry which shall
not together wtlh hi original entry ex
ceed OS acres. The bill further provides
that residence upon and cultivation of
th orisiual entry either prior or subse
quent to th date of th original entry
shall b deemed s residence and cultiva
tion upon th additional entry.
Th banker asaoeUUoa af Nebraska.
(Continued oa ftecund Page.)
Wot and Dry lineup in Itbruki
Blldret a,
He Cook,
Borth SOatl.
Bskraaka City,
Beligk. .
Berth Bead.
raw see,
Bash villa,
t raoL
oath Omaha,
B looming toa
Be wltt,
1 all City,
r lore noe,
treat Island,
title a.
Brakes Bow,
Clay Ceuter, .
David City,
Bis Or.
ar. wfl
IVoap City,
ootts Bluffs.
at. Bdwarda,
Vplaaa, .
TJaiversity Flaoe,
Wseplrur Water
West I.uoola,
Oolisg Tlw,
Waver ly,
Men Who Try to Mike
Iowa Stockman Are
Arrested in Chicago
CIIICAOO, April a Three men charged
with attempting ta obtain SIMM from
Dr.. C. P. Kaatachke. a wealthy cattle
dealer of New Providence, la., by means
of a race horse fraud were trapped by
detective In a Chicago hotel and arrested
this afternoon.
Harry Bdwarda. St years old, one of
th prisoners, told the pollia he was a
banker la Detroit Mien. The other gave
th names of Harry Wilson, a) veers old.
Cinclackstt, O.. and Thomas Jsmes, 27
year old. Oakland, Cat, A fourth man
and a woman escaped and detective ar
searching for them.
Dr. Kastschke told th police he met
the men t Hot Springs. Ark., a month
ago and they attempted to get him to
Invest In a wire-tapping scheme by which
he could get rich in a few weeks by bet
ting on the rates.
WASHINGTON, April t-In th Interest
of small cattle and sheep grower Presi
dent Taft today Issued an order designed
to break up th monopoly maintained br
cattle and sheep king on springs and
mall streams in tbe Great Salt Lake
desert In western Utah. - Th order ru
aside these stream a public watering
Weaai Strikers Btara Bilk Mills.
PABSIAC. N. J., April t Worm strik
ers at a silk mill st Garfield stormed the
plant and clashed with deputy sheriff!
mrA ll.r S ... .
women were clubbed and several of Ibe i
r V W J '.wVV ' - ,
r 'y.a.
Union JiOifia Has All IU Trains
Aftin on ths Wsy.
Krlhwetera I see lalaa Paelfl
Track ta Fressaat and BarllasJ
tea Roalee Manila Tralea
Via Paelfle Jaactlea.
Railroads to the weet pre again run
) nlng trains on scbedu, time, in bb of
th flood not Interfering to any great ex
tent with the movement of freight and
Th Northwestern yesterday, began
ualng th Union Pacific . track from
Omaha to Fremont In handling Its trains
to the northwest. This la don to avoid
th delay, and the ose of stub trains to
gst around tbe break in the track at Ar
lington. Work on th Northwestern s bridge
acmes ths Phut at Fremont I pro
gressing slowly, owing to th depth ot
th water. Two bents have been put In
and there ar pile to be drive fur the
three additional a pans. This work I dot
to th channel of the river, where the
water la thirty tost deep. .
Repairs on ths Hock Island bridge at
tlouth bend, over the Platte river, were
completed yesterday and la th afternoon
trains to and from Lincoln wars run
ning on schedule In effect prior to the
flood. During tbe afternoon tour freight
trains wer sent out hauling march nd Is
and coal for Nebraska and Kansas
town. With this line open, short Uns
wrvio between Omaha and Llnooin I
aaaln established.
Work on th Burlington Ashland
btidgs la being pushed, but train will
not pa over If earlier than lata Thurs
day, th damage having beea greater
than was at first supposed. In the mean
time, trains to Lincoln and th west ar
being run by way of Paelfle Junction.
Th break In tha track along the Chey
enne river in tne vicinity of Bdgemont
. u.. waa closed Tuesday and regular
service was estsbllshed to the northwest
The first trslns that have moved over
the Sioux City and A ah land line sine
lst week were sent out yeaterday.
Union Pacific trains arrived and de
parted from the Union station on ths old
schedule, the regular service having been
resumed from on end to tbe other of the
road. From Valley to Fremont, the n
tlr business of the road waa handled
vr a single track, tne second track
having been washed away by th flood.
Flv hundred men, however, ao at work
and It la expected that the double track
will be ready fur use today.
Th business handled over the Union
Pacific' single track for th first twelve
hours after th road waa prned at I
o'clock Tuesday afternoon Is said to be
a record for one track. The traffic con
stated ot eleven west-bound train, carry
ing 101 car and twenty-two east-bound
train, carrying 151' can. During the
time five f reign t train were not ever
the track. The volume of business waa
moved without an accident ar any delay.
LOS AKOBLE8, CaL, April SL-WUllaai
Jennings Bryan, In a letter to th Bryan
lub Bera, aaa refused to allow hi nam
to be placed la th primary ballot la
California a eaadldat for president
"1 am not a candidate and am not
willing to be put m that attitude before
lh untrJr'
' OTuva wiuva waa
I mad pubUo today.
- - , ...-
Situation Along- Vissiuippl River.
Below Cairo, HL, Hourly Be
coming Worse.
Total Damage Estimated at Mora
Than Million Dollars.
People Rescued from Tops of Houses
at Dorena, Xy.
Hlrkaiaa, Mr I Desasalas Sheet
Feud aad sapplles lease Be
Brwagbt la hf Train B.
caaae of Vaskoats.
Mac moat sazeosaly affected by SBa
aiaaiv4 xtver xeeui eaiaa, ssy.l
sism a, ge-ut.) sisw aisiin, Ai. few
ti4jtos, sly,
kat lives teatl Few.
a'otai aaai so aat sstUaassd at
( laMMkW0laaj
kuiiaar dstvwa rraa horn, t008
Value of water I Cla to tsa I
sWv aag sua set wesa Calre, UL
aaa Arkansas buy, Axs-
vren el used iKeauy will as resoxe
la alstrls snsmo between April 4 aa
avna a.
With four Mississippi rtvr towns seri
ously affected by Invading water caused
by the greatest tit recorded In river
history, the flood situation yesterdsy ss
sumed more serious aspects In wide
spread distress, heavy financial lu nd
Impairment of business facilities.
Two thousand persons driven from th
factor)- dlatrlct ot Hickman. Ky., ar
being cared for by townspeople at great
personal sacrifice.
Th leva brok oppoalt Hickman
Tuesday at Dorena, Mo. A thousand
residents of th community were res
cued, many from th top of (hlr homes,
nd taken to Hickman, where they are
being cared for. Hickman food aupply
I dwindling. Train bearing tents and
provtelon cannot reach th flooded town
becaus of railway washouts.
From fourteen to twenty block I ths
afa covered by th flood la th northern
section of Memphis. From TO to 1.JM
weraon havs been driven from their
home. Th water continue to rise In
th Bayou Oayoaa. a mall leva pro
tecting which gave wsy Monday.
A heroic fight of two days and nights
waa mads by laborer to savs th Mem
phis gas plsnt. but th fore of th
flood waa too great and th gas plsnt'
protecting lave gave wsy last Bight To
day Memphis I without gas.
In th vicinity of Virkaburg, Miss., th
water la rising.1 Farmers la that district
era leaving lowland hosnn, taking their"
goods and llv stock, after th sxampH
at by thousand at person In Missouri,
Ksatuohf, Tennessee and Arkansaa.
Th War dspartrmnt will send M ny
tsnti to New Madrid tor person msds
homslssi bf th flood, boom ding to orders
Issusd by President Taft at Washington
WASHINGTON, April S-Th weathet
bureau today announced It waa probablev
the Mississippi river crest stag at Carlo
would b little, if any sbovs M feet Tha
tags at Vlcksburg. Miss., wss M feet
at T a. m. today, a rtss of . of a foot
sine yesterday morning.
CARIO, Ill.i April I Cairo and th
drains r district are aat and dry today.
Th river gauge registered 617 feet Li
feet above ll former records. While
there I more water reported above this
dty, th ovmmnt weather bureau here
predicted today that unless heavy rains
fall oa th watershed of th Ohio river,
th stag here will not b abov M feet.
More workmen wr put on th lev
today atrengthenlng thm whtr any
ahowad sign of wearing away. A bulk
head of flv feet I being placed oa all
levea In this district.
Steamboat are returning from theMls
sourt side with refuge and llv stock.
Th rtvt men reported that th water I
from two to three feet deep over farming
action that war never before touched
by th water.
New Madrid l.'ader Water.
MALDKN. Mo.. April 1-Tha flood sit
uation In New Madrid county, apecl:iy
In th town of New Madrid and Port
agevllle, I causing grava concern todsy.
Ths Cotton Belt railroad ha abandoned
tialn service Into New, Msdrid. aa every
street Is covered with water and boats
are the only mode of conveyance. In
soma Instances residents moved their be
longings to the second floor ot buildings
and several small house have been swept'
Practically th eastern and southern
part of New Madria county la covered
with severs! feet of water. Portagevtllr,
on the main lino of the 'Frisco railroad.
Is also practically aubmerged, and many
Now before the
spring work starts is
the best time this yttr
to sell farm lands.
The farmer has the
time to investigate your
proposition and the
farmer lias the money to
buy if your proposition
is good.
Results are not so
much the number of
answers you get from
an ad., bat the manner
in which yon follow
them up. Do yon follow
np your answers?
Bee want ada bring
results that mean money
to the classified adver
tiser. Trier 1000
aepuuea war ait oy sausuea.