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Weathers;, Commissioner. Adv.
L. r. ChnrcbllL Ssatlst, : Brandeis !
'sff W. Bedford lor commissioner.
Scochw Hit-by for Commissioner I
idr. !
Good Shoes and Fry are Synonymous
Alfred Soreaaoa for city commissions'.
Electrle Washier afaehUse, Burgest-
'Irnr.den Company.
T. I. Tuckr, republican candldat for
cerate. Eell )hons "Florence 34i." Adv.
Vote for Goodley F. Bruclcer for Com
missioner under the Coniinisslnon Form
tf Government. Adv.
Boy A. aUlyh, Printer, JM S. 1 . D. USS.
Tow Snpport will be appreciated. John
P. Crick, candidate for city councilman.
Primary April 9. Formerly assistant city
engineer. Adv.
Wary Jtecrults Boat Oat The navy re
cruiting station has sent out 107 re
cruits in the last three months. Dur
ing tlift corresponding period of last
year lcj recruits were sent out.
Boy Scouts to Campaign The boy
scouts arc spending the spring school
vacatl, n distributing campaign cards
for their leader, M. O. McLaughlin, who
is candidate for the office of city com-mlMoner.
lfethouist Brotherhood Masts The
Mitimlht Hroihcrhnod nf the Walnut
Hill Methodist church, will meet Wednes
day evening, Arrl! 3, In the church par
lor?. Supper will be served at 7 o'clock.
Mr. Karl Jorgenson will sjieak on "The
Commission Ko.-m of Government." The
roll of charter members will be closed at
this meeting.
Open Oratorical Keating The Crelgh
ton Oratorical association v.ill hold Its
annual open meeting on Wednesday
eveuliig. April 17. To this meeting all
arc Invited, and the Crelghton Literary
society, the corresponding society In th
Crelghton High school, will be the guests
of honor. A special program has been
Crelghton Orators Busy Th different
classes of the Crelghton High school
will hold their second preliminary elocu
tion contests' at different tlmea owing
to the large number who are competing,
seventy In all. The freshmen and sopho
motes will hold their contest on April IS,
the Juniors on April 18. and the seniors
on April H. The college department
will hold Its second preliminary on
April ST.
To dress
well may be
a foolish cuss
I didn't
make the cus'
torn, but I do
make good
Suits to order
S25 to S40
MacCarthy-Wilson Tiilorinj C&
soa-soo south Htxteenia at.
Emma Goldman
A mass meeting of the cltlxens of Bella
vue was held at the publlo school build
ing on Friday avenlng to consider th
proposition of the union of the district
with Fort Crook, Avery and La Platte
to conduct a union high school. Con
siderable difference of opinion waa ex
pressed as to the advantag of such a
union, but a resolution was finally paassd
authorising a committee of the school
board to favor It under certain condi
tions. Dr. A. A. Tyler Is the chairman
of the committee that will meet wltl
similar committees from the other districts.
The Omaha Commercial club bow'Tiuib-'
bars a membership of L627. Bines the
membership campaign closed Saturday
afternoon at I o'clock, eight mora appli
cations havs coma Into headquarter. It
is expected that mora additions will be
made In the mat few days, thara being
many business nan who war out of the
city during the time of the campaign
who have signified their Intention of
Joining the club whea they returned.
Talks Anarchy to
Omaha Crowd
Emma Goldman expounded the prtnd'
pies of anarchy to a fairly large audi
enc at baiight ball last evening. Bh
forcibly expressed her views on the en
phase of the subject, nsmely, "The Mov.
Ing Spirit In the Labor Struggle." saying
that the subject was entirely to com
prehensive to be treated In the time she
would speak.
"The labor struggle today," she said.
"Is permeated with the spirit of anarch'
Ism and the fundamental aspect of aa
archlsm and labor conditions I the emsn
clpattoB from the present economical
thralldom by the capitalistic class."
Llteratur covering every branch of
th anarchist's creed was on a table in
th rear of the room In th form of nam'
phleta, paper and books. On these her
manager addressed th audience and sail
from lb lot. ,
"Th Chicago outbreak of twenty-five
years ago waa by anarchist who w
martyrs to the cause," she said, "who
were pioneers of revolutionary Indus
trial movement"
8h defined anarchy as th direct ac
tion of th general atria. Bh cam to
th defense of th McNsjneras, although
she qualified her assertions that ah did
not believe in th taking of live a (be
ha been represented to believe, but that
th Imprisoned men were children in
structed by th capitalistic class who had
resort only to the radical measure that
thy had and. "They war chlldrea of
American capitalism," sh said.
Politics and th retetloa of capital
ana -labor, sh asserted, .were th only
Institutions where th principle of an'
archy were solidly advers. When Miss
Oeldman finished she answered questions
put to her by her hearer. '
General lehlsnoto.
TOKIO, April 1-General Bhlaroku Ish
Imoto. minister of war In th Japanese
cMr! which post he waa appointed
In August last, died here today of con
sumption at th age of CI years.
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Here is Omaha's greatest showing ofsprng and summer foot
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Val Duttenhoffer Sous com
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Price $4.50
Fashion has designed for this
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Prices $3.50 and $400 Prices $3.50 and $400
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Every walk in life is a road of comfort for Fry shoe-wearers.
Fry shoe quality and Fry values give Fry shoes supremacy.
Fry Shoe Company
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St Louis, Mo.
Black burn's
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S3 ar a perreeT tonio ror tn srs
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snd tale Is kj they do not p.ln,
sicken or trips, but rsuse a sVllsat
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TMai ystass Trs.
MsssssMsIJ Ti ft M I, IsssTsBBsmI
JTt VIcar irol-cL Co, Paytoa. QUa.
Board of Education Decide to In
stall One In the Fall
Lesreswortk school Balldlaa t
Vacated aad to Ho lord for lb
New last I tot lost Boar
la Uoaalssoos.
By unanimous vot th Bosrd of Edu
cation last olsht declared (or th estab
lishment of th Omaha High School of
Commero end authorised ths vacation
of tk Leavenworth bulldlnf (or ths nw
Institution. Pupils now attending Leaven
worth will be distributed In th Centrsl,
Csss, Comsnlu and Pacific buildings.
Between 13.003 and M.000 will be required
to remodel and Improve th Leavenworth
building befor th school I established.
two and a four-year course will be
given, th commercial clsss at th high
school and th corp of instructors now
In charts there will b trsnslsrrcd. U C.
Rusmlsel, now head of th commercial
department of th Omaha High school,
I scheduled for th piinclnalshlp of th
new Institution. A few additional teach
ers will be needed. Th school will be
opened In th fall for th lim term.
This Is th first step of a proposed plan
to Increase th educational fadiltlss of
the city by th establishment of so-called
practical schools. It I the ambition of
luperlntendent E. U. Graff to gradually
widen th scop of the reboots a finan
cial condition will allow. Technical and
trade schools and a more efficient sys
tem of night instruction are listed to
come In order.
Owing to the deficit In th general fund,
th committee on finance and claims re
ported afur consultation with th board's
attorney hi favor of Investing ths pro
ceeds from the site and building fund In
warrants on the general fund, these war
rants to be hM until there I sufficient
money la th general fund to redeem
them. The committee reported that a
probable deficit of M 0OS In the general
fund would exist by ths latter part of
Wal4 la erst Paads.
Th treasurer. W. G. L're, suggested
that soma EK.OW on hand be Invested In
school bonds. The suggestloa was referred.
The night engineer and furenian at the
blah school were dismissed.
Th superintendent of buildings wss In
structed to have lb annas at Miller
park moved to make way for new build
ings. The contract was let to Petrle
Bros, for IM.
D. K. Sole submitted a proposition to
sell a lot adjacent t the Psrk school.
th pries thereof bolnc H.jt. This was
referred to the oosnmlttoe on buildings
snd grousna.
Contracts for the construction of ad
illtlona to th Kllom school were author
ised. Jamea Richardsois. chairman of th
Cnaao ooaaoilitsa, reported that th
ord was carrying but ICO) Insurance
en th new shop, which cost about ts).cV
sad ha ttstt werth of equipment. H
saksd for adno aa to whether the In
surance should a increased and If so
how Buck, Th request wss referred
to th building aad rrauDd committer
upon sir. Rlchaxdsoa'a saggestieai
Colored Voters
Hear Candidates -Advance
A mas meeting of colored voters
and candidate for th seven city eor
mlsslonershlps was held at Petersons
hall. Twenty-fourth and Burden streets,
last night, where all of the candidate ex
cept Mayor Dahlman were limited to
three-minute epeeche. Th mayor was
given a free hand and permitted to tslk
until be ran down. HI speech con.
sumed about twenty mtnute.
Th meelina waa called lo order by O.
W. Hlbler, who Introduced Fred L. Smith
aa chairman and among th candidates
for eoundlmanlo honors who faced the
presiding officer and la tar were called
upon to speak wars:
Dahimsn, Bruninc.
Onol.v for muntv attorney and Fields
for ths legislature were also on th Hit.
Before the speaker were called out,
John Grant Pegg. city Inspector of weights
and measures and an appoint of Mayor
Dahlman, threw a large number -f
enormous boquets at the mayor. The
speech as loudly applauded and then
Prof. Mack rendered vocal solo, en
titled. "Old Dad," playing th accom
paniment on th guitar.
Mayor Dahlman In hi speech, claimed
to have been th author of th "home
nil" bill Introduced In th legislature
snd defeated four year ago and a si ml.
lar measur Introduced In th legislature
two year (go and which Is to be sub
mitted to the voter of th stste for
their spproval next November. He then
took off his clove and baled a few
rounds with th Cltlsens union. The
mayor designated th excutlv commit
tee of th organisation as being mad
up of broken down politicians and cheap
lawyers, who got together and picked a
ticket to shove down th throat of th
Three minutes wss enough for most .if
th other speaker and It was too much
for som of them, a they did not use I
halt of th time alloted to them. They
all outlined their platform and (old of
their past records and what they expected
to do If elected.
City Treasurer Will Not Accept
Joint Depository Flan.
Will Work Under th lrpd Plaa
Only When Ispresa Ceart Mas
Decided that It I Valid
Asslatsnt City Attornsy Lambert and
the council and City Treasurer Ur spent
the eftsraoon yesterday dlsousatng th
ordinance diawn by Mr, Lambert at th
suggestion of th flnsno commute of
th counoll. whloa I Basking Isgsl su
Ihorlly t Install a Joint depository for
city seaurtliea. Hi omptrullr to be
In Joint possession with th treasurer.
Mr. lire said all ha needed Was ad
dltloual burglar Insuraae. H sug
gested raising ths In aura no from HOOD
to CROW. Aiwther and better vault, he
Hid, wa needed, but W. a Bheldon el
th flnsno committee had told him thai
unless he ocpted th preposition of
th Joint depository proposed hs Would
havs to "buy ths vault st his own
penss." Ur ssserted he would absolutely
refuse any such srrsngement and would
work under an ordinance only when the
supreme court had passed on lu validity
and upheld IU
Ths matisr waa laid over for two
Residents on Woolworth avsnus be
tween Thirty-second and Thirty-sixth
streets made another plea for acceptance
by the city of a lighting system they
have raised th money to Instsll, When
shown that It would mean bo mors added
xpens than three am lights would
mak th council agreed to accept and
maintain th light when th system wss
A request was mad that th city br
a portion of th H.M mceasary to Ira-,,
prov Ames aveau between Forty,
second and forty-eighth streets, th
county hsvlng agreed to pay half th
expense and th park board a part. '
Furlhr coaldratlea of th proposal
wa promised.
Winter or Summer,
It's always a hammer.
Three dollars
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1311-13 FARNAM ST.. OMAHA . aevlS