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Hof Sheep Seceiptt Heaviest on
Eecord for Marelu.
stspsits OmIIiii e CWaMraa fit.
aletlems Made Laat I Cea.
aerates Iwl SMer Skortaee
; ul Hlah Prises.
South Ornate baa moved this reer from
third Plana In tba Uat of Mva atack mar-
kata at tha world to Second place, with
tba prospect of holding It for aoma Urn
ta coma,
Tba Ave big markets of tba country
for tha flrat quarter of 1S12 (bow a con.
tinned tailing oft in cattla receipts, but
a aloa sain in sheep and hog bualneai
Tha followlnc table ebows tba raoaipu
for 1M2, compared to ml. to tha clow of
March, for Chicago, South Omaha. Han--aaa
City, St. Louis and St Joseph: .
CatU. Hoea ' Sheep.
JS1J I.SjO.O 6,.00 f,T7.w
UU... l.;j,UU 4.CU.WI l.eM.
. Geln SK.Ota . MM
ho 1S,UD m
Market reports contlnua to confirm pre-
dlctlona made last year concerning beet
abort age and consequent high prices for
all claeaea of cattle, while pork and mut
ton eontinuea to advance In sympathy
with tba scarcity of beef. It has been
several years since cattle receipts have
bean eo light In March aa they were at
Booth Omaha this year, and It Is prac-
- tloally certain that there will be a lim
ited supply of fat cattle all spring. The
.shortage at South Omaha for tba first
ejoarter of Oil aa compared to a year
ace Was about 18.800 bead.
Hoaj Keeelpls Are Heavy.
' Becelpu of nogs continue heavy, and
contrary to tha usual trend under such
conditions prices have continued to ad
vance steadily; In fact, tba mora liberal
the offerings the better the market, has
been the sulking feature of the nog trade
all water. Receipts at South Omaha of
hoga for March a K head-breaks the
record of any previous March and show
aa Increaase at MOW over March, mt.
while tba three months' supply baa been
tome am heavier thaa a year ago.
This March was also a record breaker
la the number of aheap received at South
Omaha for any March, tba total reaching
M.711 head, or HOW mora than a year
ago, tha gala for the quarter over a year
go numbering 1M.0N bead ,
la years past South Omaha has belli
third place among tha markets of the
country, but shortly after the advent ot
the present year South Omaha tupped
Into second place among tha world's live
atork markets and at the head of all tha
w cetera markets, which enviable promi
nence It continues to hold, with good
prospects for aoma time to come. The
following table shows tha order of the
larger markets according to volume of
receipts of live stock, for tha first three
soontbs ot 1112: ,
' j Cattle. Hogs, Sheep. Total. I
Chisago!,0Ul,sl.fn 4.MS.7IT
So. otnaha.BM.M WMe eta. it; 1.77. to
JCaa. tHy..a.l.n TX),m M,tm l.TitesJ
fu Louis. ..i;:.r en. . i.wmii
U JoacphiauiT S.M7 III. lit ftl,S7i
Autoists May Merge
in Good Roads Move
Representatives of the Omaha Motor
club, Omaha Automobile club, Commer
cMU dub and State Automobile aasocla
, Ilea met Monday night at Hotel Roma to
Intake plane for boosting the good roads
, movement this summer.
There waa aoma talk at the meeting
ot eomblains the motor and automobile
clubs, and a meeting ot the directors and
, officers of tba two organisations will be
held Thursday noon at the Roma hotel
to take up the miller, in all probability
the two cluba will merge.
A legislative committee, consisting of
three prominent stale lawyers, appointed
'by the atala aassoctatton. are bow at
work on drawing up bills for tha benefit
'of the good roads movement, which
will be Presented at the next session ot
the legislature. However, before these
( bills are put before the bouse tha mem
bers of tha different automobile cluba
la tha state will peat judgment on them,
'and If not aaUafsctory will Instruct the
(legislative committee to draw up others.
Evidence In the case of the C. Haftr
(Lumber company of Council Bluffs against
tba Northwestern Railway company was
.aebmmed before Eaamlner Frank Lyon
ot tha Interstate Commerce commission
,ia tba federal court yesterday, wit-.
mono were examined and their testimony
'will be turned over te tba commission.
The Hater Lumber oceupeny. besides
making tba Northwestern a defendant,
also made tba Burlington, the Rock is
land end tha Union Pacific railroads de
fendants. Tba lumber company contende
thaa tha rate for lumber ta tha same
i Bluffs, westbound, to Kansas and Ne
braska la 1H cents per 11 pounds higher
itaa ntite rate for lumber to the same
Points from Omaha, and want the rates
changed to conform to those ot Omaha.
Three ether caaes which were to have
been beard by Mr. Lyoa were continued
.Indefinitely, aa the witnesses wen
marooned at Fremont by tba high water V
,and aouid not get here la time for a
ring The caaes ware: Peaaa Drain
Tympany of Poetries agalnat the Burliug
toBw.Sheeidaa Ploughs, aa apple seer
(chant of Hutchinson. Kan, against the
.Burlington, and efcerMaa Ptoughe against
the Northwester.
i m , JZTlfetj
.1 W Id I. Li.
e i mm wm aa a a at a mm a asanas. n in
U of. e - at asl or V if .va-
Women's High' Class
Vpw nanishon. cardinal. '. W
: i ' .
98c-$l5..$l9i and $298 and Up
sailor and Queen Anne
collars, fancy fichus, ja
bots, side frills cascades,
real Irish crochet, real
cluny, real macrame and
real Maltese lace, daintily
hand embroidered and Mjf
lace trimmed; also dainty, p
simulations of lace all jjf
the very newest creations;
very special values, at
A Special Salt of High Character
Women's Imported Robes (Partly Hade)
In the new Ratine, linen and voile fabrics, richly em
broidered with combination of the new ratine,
macrame and filet laces white, white and ecru' and
dainty colorings on white ground, at each
$5.9847.50.$9.95 op to $15,98
Women's Lonf GIotcj of Fine' French Lambskin
12 end 16-button lengths in black and white, tnn,
Clinmpngne and pearl, 3 Cleopatra buttons; fitted to
the hand Main Glove de- W9S SI
pnrtmcnt, at pair r.. 1
Wednesday Specials in Art Needlework
Combination Corset Cover and Circular Drawers
stamped on sheer linen finished nainsook for French
or eyelet. embroidery with floss sufficient . to com
plete the embroidery in all sizes regular B f
$1.00 valnes, at each O UC
Night Gowns stamped on best quality French . nain
sook for French eyelet and punch embroidery with
floss to complete the work. Regular $1 fJA. f
The avenage temperature for the
moth af March, mi, was the coldest
I at Desaba la thirteen rears. The mean
temperature for the month was 17 de-
Igreaa above aero, la Mas the mean teat
pwelwe for the correepondtng . month
was the sua Tba preclpitaUoa for the
oaeata Juat past was greater that that
iter aar eorreepoeaBni month since Ian.
wea the avaelpMatloa waa tTt Inches,
Laat aeesth It waa tM lachea.
Tba eaowfau laat aaeaU waa " the
bearleet far the atontb ot March for tan
yeara. It aawunted to U Inchea. The
aredattafioa est March was .71 of aa
laca. Tba strongest wind blew
Harsh m when It reached a velocity of
thirty-four aattes aa) hour. There were
but Bins dera during the month la waleh
tba weather waa dear. Nine ears tt
wa aartlr doady and on thirteen nays
Old Sot refused ta saet bin warn
upea Omaha. The first thunderstorm of
the year was recorded aa Karth la.
A Creel wletafce
ts to acsilect a eoM or ooesto. Dr. Tiaf l
' wxxrrtrr cures them and may
prevent esaaumptloa. Mr and Hax 'Far
erne by Beaton Brug Cn. , . . , ( ig
gowns in packages special, at each
On and threa-plaea corset covart itamped on Nainsook with float
to complete tha embroidery, at two for 25
Advance gala ot Porch and Canoe Pillows Just readr (or tha
pillow. Many combination! ot colon; at, each 10t
90-inch Belfast Irish Linen tt 79c a Yard
Snow white and every thread pure linen; made from
the best selected flax. Splendid weight for suits,
tailored waists, etc., regularly worth $1.25 f
'- yard in basement, at yard '..,.....;....:. CC
In Our Great Shoe Dept Old Store Main Floor
White Buckskin, white cravenettes,
white cloth and canvas in all the
different heights from 5 buttons
to 15 buttons.. It would be hard
for you to find a more complete
assortment of white footwear than
we carry it is complete in every
detail prices range .
from $2.48 to $5.00
In tan calf, gun metal calfskin and
white canvas. These ahoea are without doubt one ot the hand
somest pumpe we have ever area for young; g-lrle. They come
without straps with the new high toe and extreme short amp
and low heels; all sties and widths priced according, to alio.
P' S2.48-S2.9S
Women's Pumps, Shoes and Oxfords
at About Half Price'-in Basement
1,000 pairs of women's footwear in suedes, gun metal
calf, patent leather and some tans shoes that sell
regularly at from $2.00 to $4.00-all sizes in one
style or another, at, per pair ..... .$1.00 to $1.87
Thousands of pretty and attractive novelties for f
decorations, for favors, for tovs. etc. ChirVe.
ducks, eggs, Easter candies, eta, in wonderful variety. W !
yy Aw
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns
Now on Sale at Half Price. -
Easter Hats Both
Grave and Gay
A Wealth of Beauty at Each Price
If there is a girl or woman who can't llod
something la our collection of Easier mil
linery, she must be hard. Indeed, to suit.
Such charming ihapta. auch pretty styles-
you win agree tnere is pleasure in simply look
ing at them; s double pleasure, then. In put
ting such chspeaux atop jroor treasea,
There are hats large and hats small
and bats to wear o all occasions; In
black and the colors that have found
highest favor this season. Many new
ones will be on view the first time
Wednesday morning.
Ton can readily see that It would
be an Injustice to pick only one or
two models from our highly varied
assortments for extended description
when we have so many that would
be Just as Interesting; so we give the
price ranges only, knowing that onr
past reputation for quality and style
will be sufficient reason for your
Fine Street Hat$, "
$1.98 to $15.00
Trimmed Drew Hate,
, $3.98 to f 100.00
.TV (."V ! '
Easter Dresses
An Extraordinary Special for Wednes-
dayS.OO to 10:00 cum.
$10.00 Lingerie (ft f F
Dresses for pJsJ
We are compelled , to limit the
time of selling to one hour only-9.-00tol0.-O0a.m.-for
the quantity
Is small and we do not want you to make a
trip for nothing when an hour's brisk selling
should move out the entire lot.
The price comes about through a fortunate
buy and toe dresses are about the "niftiest"
we have seen at 110.00 this season. $5.85 Is
the price yon pay Wednesday.
Made of elegant allover eyelet embroidery
low neck and three-quarter sleeve styles.
The wslsts are finished with Imitation Irish
medallions and the bottom- of the skirts Is trim
med wltb a good quality rilenclennes lace. - Open
at the back. - '
In Wool and Silk Dreuee We Offer
Splendid Varieties
Between 17.60 and H.5 are six different
styles ot foulard silk dresses-all colors In fancy
and plain models with high or low necks.
The new cream and darker colored serge dresses
in the popular Coasack effects, as well as plainer
styles, will appeal to all who want something both
beautiful and practical. Fancy side revere of con
trasting colors, lace collars and braid trimmings
are tha predominating features In the finishing
schemes. High or low necks and long and three
quarter sleeves. Priced 17.60 to $35.00.
111 SBTAT BJ. "r.'aie.r. MM w
Ladies ' Home Journal Patterns, Half Price
Our entire aterk of the famoue Ladles Home Journal Patterns la now
on sale at- Half Price Tha atock la complete and there are aa reeerea-Meaav-any
Ladleer Home Journal Pattern you select wlU be Juat Half Price.
All Ladies' Home Journal 15c Patterns, 8c
All Ladies' Home Journal 10c Patterns, 5c
The reason for this wonderful reduction Is we have Just installed com
plete llnea ot the Pictorial Review Pattarna.
i i , i . ,
Notion Bargains for Wednesday
Woman's and children's lGe pin-
on boss supporters, nil . colors,
pair. . . .' i w ..... -8
Chinees .ronisi wax, each
1 200-yard spools black or white
machine thread, all Nos. ...54
So small, jet pins ..........
Sc. 6-yard bolts mercerised skirt
braid in black only, 3 tor . .5
6c cards of books and eyes, 3
tor 54
15c remnants elastic, all colors,
t - 10t
6c card nickel plated aafety pins
t. for 5
Pure Food Bargains for Wednesday Only
Z-lb. can Bennett'e Breakfast coffee
and 4 stamps for .....Me
Assorted teaa and stamps. In. esa
Tea sittings and 1 stamps, lb, lee
"-lb. caa pure pepper and a at'pa, 10a
liarge caa Bnlder'a pork and beane
and i stamps aOe
cana Evergreea corn and It stamps
for SOa
Beauty aaparacua and 1 atampa,
caa for .........SOa
A See Oeeaetaatloa (ox
Wsaasaday Only
Three parkagea of Toasts Corn
Flakee. worth lac, and a pkg of
Bennett'e famous 1'apltol oof fee,
worth Sec for-lie Wednesday only.
And you get a package ef Star aaa
Oreeoaat aiaearsal SMMM wit seek
Four takes of Dutch Roae or Violet
toilet eoep tSe
flour pick lee and 1, quart las
t cana Kagle end 1( at'pa, Saa
Onion aalt and stamps, bottle, lfte
Bennett'e Oepltol. extracts and M
etanpe, bottle 18a
1-lb. pkg. cleaned eurranta and IS
lumps lea
sec Jar Bishop's California fruits te
for ,-. toe
Bennett's Oepltoi pears - and
Btampe can-... .....tSaa
Maple butter and It stamps, can. See
J 'i .i
Full cream cheese and It stamps.
pound for ...SSo
Pint caa Oalllartl a olive oil reduced
to . 400
Flower and vegeUbla seeds of all
kinds, package a We
t packages Toaato Corn Flakes and
10 atampn see
t ears BwlfVs Pride soap , S6e
Walker-a hot tamalea and ii atampa,
can' ; 134
SnWfr'a blle aauca and It alanine,
bottle Saa
Special' prices quoted' on
Early Ohio and'Karly Kose
cation. Large and luley fancy lemons,
doten .i xoe
Florida tomatoes, lb. ...toe
LarKS ripe bananas, doseo. ISa
i quarts Cans Cod Cranberries
for saa
Those famoue Red lands orangea
shipped direct to lis front
Redlanda, Cal., no finer or
; anat groan j anywhere per
doaen lie, SOc, aM, see, Ue
Meat Bargains for Wednesday Only
3 lbs. Oonntry Sansaffe, 25c I 3 lbs. Lamb Chops . . ,". .25c
3 lbs. Hamburger ....... 25e 6 lbs. Lamb StewJ....-. 25c
J N'; hete days it is not hard to
and a desirable Boarding House
1 , : : ; ; ; :
because ali that is necessary is to
turn to the Want Ad Pages of The
Bee, and there will be, found a list of . .
many of "Omaha's, be st Boarding ;
Houses, See TODAY'S Want Ads,
A Talk to the
Don't you like ' to feel when
you send your nice dresses to be
.leaned that they are In tha
.ends of coavpetant aa well as re--.abia
We've been fifteen yeara eulld-
ag our reputation, and -era prise
.t too highly to turn out any but
the very finest cleaning and dye
ng. We clean more fine dreeaeo than
all tha other cleanera in'Oniaiia
.ombined --There's a Reason. '
bt cuanTJia rmxcxa
Uae-rieoe Priasia. .S1J5 to .1.73
J'aacy Prsssia to
sac y Walata .TS to Si .00
eaer nuta tl.Tt to ta.00
era CMts S3. OO to SX.AO
' 'eta . tlO te Hoo
' .... .TS
moated Skirts Sl.Oj
They will be satisfactory. t
. . u cnarga at alL
'. :.oce for a wagon.
We pay exprese one way on
out-of-town orders of or
goodCltaners and Dyers"
1515-17 JONES ST.
PnoNts DouaAs963lHaA-3l68
I The Smartest Hats
for Eq8jerear
Are To Be F6uhd
Here :.Z' '2
U ll' "
m i
Your Want-Ad
Tyler 1000
If we made the
"Stetson" hats our
selves, we could not
have greater faith in
them. In all our expe
rience as hatters, we
have never seen or heard
I - i - . LL1.
noi a nai hu icuiiikiuici
for style, quality and
Wc are the largest
distributors of SteK
s on Hatsin America.
m. a. wiloox, atom. '
Q?35 555, gp5S tysmf (3S SE5
Omaha's Pnre Tood Ceasrr
g -Ixitus- Kxtracted Honey, In glass
tfi 0o can Ullllards, KYench Olive Oil
loc Jar assorted Preoerves or Je)ly
2' -lb. tin Lone White Asnarasua
Vermont and Ohio Maple Hugar, per lb.
1-lb. peg. 20 Mule Team Bnmx
naaH rmixa nsm as TiaiTaJiLii
Rplnach. per peck
bananaa, per dosen
Lemons, per dosen
Kreh Koasted Peanuts, per quart
w llreneea. fMar rfnun .
plain Lettuce
Htrawberiies. Muohrooms. atlnt. Plnaenniee vjutiv. tm-..u.
Tangerines, Head Jttiire etc
tbas asm corrua
::::::!S P
S&e ft I
18e af
sea . ir
Lotus-Ankola- Coffee, the oue thing that will sUrt the day right. '
s&T til
Cocoa. Pure, Wholesome, t"ellrlous, per )D !IIIIIII!I!Il!!'aae
"Hot-Oross-' Buna, Friday. April ath, made of the Old Kngllah fi
receipt, which Is by far the best, richest and most delicious of sil Vrf
sweet doughs. Friday, April 5th, per dosen loa - ?
Watcfc our department for "Special" rakes for "Easter." hi
Spun Sugar Nests for Kaster, aeeurted colore,.,. loa as BIOS l
Aaaorted, Cream and Chocolate Kins, each ..V. Se
special aneniion given oroera for Eaater. . .
Q3e5. Qw (f
s This Season of the B
I Year Your Heater
gives you work, trouble, dirt and ashes. It ,
c ' is costly in fuel and requires constant atten-
3 tion and regulation. It mates your house J
too hot in the middle of the day, and then,'.
5 r lor want of attention, possibly goes -tut, ?
V leaving the house chilly in the evening. Use
A Gas Heating Stove V i
It is easily lighted and gives comfortable 1 S
t warmth just while you need it without any - c
V dust, ashes, shoveling or experimenting with' - J
drafts. We sell only the Best ' t
Gas Heating Stoves ;
Made as radiators, open grate effects and
Omaha Gas Company
1509 E0WABD.
ORb. JviACH & rVlAcJTn
anrrxr. -'.
Xratest eouipued oVnul ' otnee la
wmaha. rUghest-gTade denlstrV at
leaaonable prtoee., Perotlalo ttUlnse,
lut like the tue-.h. All lutrumenis
Comer lets sat faraaa Sto.'
rarraD rioot. rax-voer a?se