Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 03, 1912, Page 15, Image 15

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SILK HAT HARRY'S DIVORCE SUIT : T. mstllH.'aM, Ttat'. Ml . Drawn for The Bee by Tad
( Gee ymt-iO'Nfr
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New Religious Order Appeals to Women
Aa mlnent man from India ni ur
piisad ud somewhat shocked to And
Antertcsn men ud women claiming his
creed aa their on.
Ha thought we
ought to koep our
own eraed end to
follow tha Mrmoa
on tha mount
Tat all religion la
from tha aun '
source: all la (low
Ins to tha same
gnat center, and
proceeds from tha
aama longing In
tha human heart
for love and per
faction aad happt-
Now, If a 8waml
present tola Idea
to va mora clearly
than a clergyman, why should wa not
accept It and be glad And If our mla
alooartea present tha Ideal mora satis
factorily to tha seekers after truth m
tha orient, let them become Christians
and rejoice.
For It all means tha same thing, (ha
aama purpose, tha aama result.
Just now In Benares, India, a new
order has been formed, called tha "Order
of the Eastern Star."
Ita rules and regulations are very
almols and Ita purpose very sweet and
beautiful and helpful to tha World. I
It was organised, by Anna Besant, that
lirflUant and earnest woman on. tor and
profound scholar, and Us members and
officers are mainly American and Eng
lish people. . . ...
"Devotion, Bleadfastnes and Gentle
ness" are three qualities which members
of the order are expressly seeking to
Those are three beautiful character
istics of a perfect nature.
la this hurried and haphasard aga of
tha world one does not meet many peo
ple who seem to possess any one of
these three qualities.
Tha creed of the new Order of tha
Eastern Bur reads at follows:
"X Wa believe that a great Teacher
will soon appear In the world, and wa
wish so to live now that we may be
worthy to know Him when Ha comes.
1 We shall try, therefore, to keep
Him In our minds always, and to do In
Hla name, and therefore to the best of
our ability, all the work which come
to us In our dally occupstlons.
11 As far sa our ordinary duties
allow, we shall endeavor to devote a
portion of our time each day to some
definite work which msy help to Bra
para for Ilia coming.
"4. We shall try to begin and end
each day with a short period devoted
to the asking of Ills blessing upon sll
thst ws try to do for Him and in His
". We regard It aa our apodal duty
to try to recognise and reverence grest
neas. In whomsovera shown, and to
strive to co-operate, as fsr as wa can.
with those whom wa feel to be spiritu
alty our superiors."
Nothing could be less complicated, less
dogmatic or mors simply helpful than
thst lltUe spiritual formula.
Whether be believe there la a second
coming, or a new Mvjetab. Imminent or
whether we believe merely that wa live
and that wa must die eventually, these
rules of life will be of vast benefit to
one who follows them. -
It Is sn established tact that people
grow to be like too things of which they
think deeply.
It we think deeply on the near ap
proach of a great being, and if we
meditate on the perfecttoa of that being,
ws will perforce grow la divine qualities
It ws look for greatness In others,
and give It our revere nee when wa And
It we will grow great ourselves.
' It hss been, for- soma decades, tht
fashion to belittle all greatness In tha
living and the dead.
Criticism has taken tha place of rev
erence, aad ridicule baa supplanted appre
ciation. It la a healthful aad hopeful sign to
have a society formed which tends
toward the cultivation of tha art of
appreciation of greatness,' wberevwr
found, and tha reverence tor nobis quali
ties la others.
How will Christ ooms bark again.
How will Ha be seen, and when
Where Hla ohoeen way?
Will He come at dead of night.
Shining In His robes of light.
Or at dawn of day?
Will It be at Christmas time
When the bails are all achiroe.
That Ho la reborn?
Or will He return to bring
Wide and wondrous wakening
Oa soma Easter morn?
When will this sad world rejoice.
Listening ta that golden voice
Speaking unto men?
Llvea there one who yet shall cry
Loud to etarUed passers by: ,
"Christ baa coma again?"
Mat to tha answer-Christ ts here!
Seek snd you shall find Him near,
Dwelling on the earth.
By the world's awakened thought
This great miracle ta wrougnv-
This, tha second birth.
While you wonder where and bow
Christ shall come behold him now,
Patient, loving, meek.
Looking from your neighbor's ayes.
Or in bumble toiler's gules
Lot the Christ you seek.
Search for Him In human hearts,
in the shops aad la the marts,
And besids your hearth.
Search and speak the watchword Love,
And the Chrlet ahall Hss aad prove
Ha has coma to earth.
Sorrowful ofttimes Is Hs
That we have not eyes to ass,
Have not ears to hear,
Ae we call to him afar
Out beyond Bonis distant star,
Walls lis stands so near.
"Seek Him, search Him, where lis
Chime the voices of the bells,
On the Christmas air.
Chrut has come to earth again.
He la In the hearts of men
Seek and find Him there.
' Widow Last K Ttsaa.
Attorneys la probata court do not aa a
rule, try ta delay proceedings vary much.
The moment that Judge Ross enters ths
door -a is surrounded by lawyers who
with "Just a minute'' of hla time, and he
walks through a crowd of them to the
bench. Reports are filed and wills are
probated, attorneys' fses are fixed In rec
ord time by tha Judge. Mora speed than
usual was used recently In tha probation
of a will.
A colored attorney walked rapidly Into
the courtroom, followed by a large colored
woman. She had her sleeves rolled up to
the elbows and appeared to have come
from the waah tub. Her manner was
"Ah wants to probate my busbsnd's
will." shs said.
Judge Rosa went through ths usual pro
cedure. Hs read ths will and asked the
usual question. Thea ha began making
ths usual Dotations.
"And when did he die?" the Judge asked.
"Jes about a half hour ago," was the
answer. Iadlaaapons News.
The Teeth.
"Heilo, Dingu. What are yon and Shad
bolt talking about r
"I'm trying to get blm to lead ma a
"Well, keep on trying. While there'a
lire there'a hops, and yea bares t talked
km to death yet Oood afternoon."
Chicago Tribune.
Persistent Advertising Is ths Road to
Big Returns.
The Songs of the Presses
Bf MINNA IHV15G. -When
theaters are darkened, and Ur corns ars closed.
And tails are few on Broadway,
And the parks have ben left and the squirrels and birds
. And derelict waiting for day.
And the weavers of Wall street have) ceased for awhile
Tne fabric of finance to spin,
' Then down in the cellars snd ap in the lofts
The song of the presses begin. .
They thunder snd roar with the echoes of war.
The soands of the field snd the flood.
'The sorrow and mirth both of death snd of birth.
The dripping; of tears snd of blood.
The day with ita story of shame or of glory.
The night with ita shadows and si a.
Into type bare been hnrled for the eyes of the world.
When the songs of the presses begin.
nr rm r ' rw jnj mrw M .Aw" .-
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rMK (a) fiAJTw. AMP WStiT AT fcENO
i jm , w t3esxsag2ma3 n gagaCsaagMtatatawBg
w I IW
, . I III
Aua el Ar HAMV.
(tt fOe.'
AVrvRCOvtllEP TTU-l .
tECKV And Sou M & WHlSf&GO
&6U0 A!. Jou Trice
HVMMro A ru,rr Limxr
JwMfr A I OUT THE moo. They
WiX-THC SKN Quip ?
IffcfiM UP H'5
All car.
m Afiprjoeroo
roimv. DOrfT wO ON
Tiaui A'A THSN I
UK THt (SON VKOitttt.yA
"wsirto gov OFJ A ofs?
JCgAfEt- MH6r JUPDEftty
jijc m achi Ntnw JToprep.
TMe hc hu, fee. m,LW
MlNtTKl.fv6 NtOfO
Ab LAMe? Trte. VNiHARF-.
0 NspApfifJ TO
weitooMf cotxcacr
ma fwrBpncs rn.
TH TaUJrv W It US. jmrffay
rmuwie-Ht tu vikm j
T av MlPMIf rfTN UMCU HHii
GAtHM toSmiSEfi A S
WAU UUIAmI rutr am.r.
WAJ lftlNB a,&rr lumiruiii
- ias 1 nit IHAVfS Qi.9 AAtV
Ai.aiu m a
aa ' ' "-wf inrrA"riii
'rVTTEtLaTD H,. i .
IFArCAtAd rise an-c-Osi-tt
l'W S p w
The Unexpectedness of Things
Is the False Hair Craze Coming Back?
A Talk with a Hairdresser oa Hew Styles in Coifforei. '
V i a- .... $r
v '' ' i
Ia this picture Mile. O reuse la shown wearing a
"Follow-sle" earl over bar shoulder. Tha bandeau
la of black velvet with a cluster of gold-ribbon
TMa at going to bo another cheap
eeasoa for hair," sighed the hairdresser
as aha looked over her largo stock of
switches and puffs whisk had been dang
ling over the counter all winter laagL
"Small bats agala," she lamented, "aad
that c lassie business. Whenever you get
the clsssls line It means poor traam. Clas
sic drum ars skimpy looklnc- Mo ma
terial at a 0. Bad lor ths silk merchants
and petticoat people. Classic hair dress
ing the asms way. Ns falsa hair. A cus
tomer comas In with about saves hairs
on her head sad ysa think yea rs going
to sell her the whole shop. th dear,
w! Perfectly atmsis. It yoa pteaasr she
orders aad yoa have to fluff out those
erven hairs and bind a wide piece of
lilt or silver lace arosnd ber bead ta
cover the place where the hair doesn't
grow. That's clsaslc! It may look ail
right, but I say It's bard ea trade.
This style of coiffure Is called 'The Titus." The
btlr la parted In the middle, waved te stand
out ever the ears aad kept la place by a gotd
"Tea, ot course, I understand all that
about health and ventilation of the
scalp, but whea yoa come right eewa te
It. It doesn't do tas hair any amre good
to wear s tight Httle boimet than It did
to wear a tew puffs, and I most say.
away woassa this aeasna bavo looked as
It they had been scalped.
"Tea, Indeed. I know one dark-haired
yoeag person who soaps bar hair tight
te her bead te bring out what aba called
the elaaala contour s( ber bead. She baa
two Uny little braids, aad abe hides even
these under the hair at the aMea.
"Better form, aba ears.
"Now. I say It's all right to wear year
hair very, very plsla If you're a perfect
beauty or a perfect freak, ia ertber east
It doesn't matter. But the majority of
a women are betwixt and between good
looks and we need all tha advantages of
falsa hair aad curls, aad It's saesa of
those French people to chance the fash-1
lone Just W suit themselves without ever i
thinking ef business or the average we
man's appearance.
"Any woman can disss her owa hair
nowaday a, and It' only tas an that
hare vary little hair or toe much ef II
who some here te have their hair done
ones la a while. The women who had
tbetr hair marcelled twice a week now
wear It plain aad we're out gt ea each
"Any wossaa who baa a good hair brash
and a bottle at brilhantine can de a
much as wa aaa toward makhsf ber hair
shins. That's all they want awadays,"
"Thea I have some better news for
you. Ber Is tha very latest from Part.
Mile. Ores, the famous French beauty
who make up tor her talent h acting
by a vary great talent for dress wall.
Mile. Oreas Is wearing rurta. almost a
chignoa and quite certainly falsa. What
Mile. Grenas wars every on In Paris
sill ropy, ro you will surely sell out this
season." 1 Uletl to say it consolingly
Old yoa aver aotlca how things seem
te come? Moot of your happiness you
Aid not get! It was banded to you; It
Just happened In and sat down, whea
you wsr sot looking for It. Ths thing
yea sweated aad planned and yearned
to potass yoa missed. Tour actual
gain are all by-product of your will.
Naturally all the oalamltlM. defects
and sickness o came; nobody svsr went
after such things.
So. your sueesssss and failure, your
big grief aad Joys, seem Just to mov
In on you. Indeed, ths thing Ws get
(and brag ot, lying, as If It wsr by eur
owa effort) I so different from the
tblng w darted tor that life often
seems ludicrous. W have a frellng that
destiny Is amusing Itself with aa And
It ws havs sense we can take a Joke
and enjoy the gam.
Waan't It thl edvsBtltloas character
of life, this moving of events In cycles
and epicycle ot thals, own, thl coming
around of heart's deelr and heart break
according te utterly aaperoetvable laws,
this capricious drooping Into eur lap of
good and svtl from eut the sky wasn't
It this phase at nature that first tad
men to suspect ths Immortal gods'
Huxley gaesssd dream to be the origin
ot ths Moa ot ghosts and gods; Tv as
good a right to gusss as ho; thl I a
free country.
And It la not ths same plies yet which
keeps allvs supsrstlUoa la lltli corners
of our mind, by which we are led to say
sf palmistry and astrology and table
rapping that there may be something
la It; aad whereby we are either curious
to go or afraid to go (It's th earn) la
see Quesnls, ths Egyptian seersss, and
aatcb bar deal th card or threw a tit
and tell us that ws ar going to tak a
long Journey and meet a dark man?
A a matter of fact, tha unexpected
ness ef events I th large, rocky, tub
burn fact And all depends upon hew
ws adjust ourselves to It Ufa Is ad
justment Ufa I net what wa mak
It. It la bow w Uk It There' a dif
ference. I
W caa Jump thl way or that: w
can oamp north or south of the great
tact, w eta llr oa It many or shady
Id. Bat doa't Imngln for en fatuous
awmsnt that we caa budge It.
For iBstanoB, as te thl great, dispos
ing will that order event without
reference to ua. we can call It lock;
thea we are gambler, and Ufa la a bag
poker gams, There have been the
who thus have adjusted themeelvee te
destiny, from the ancient philosopher
ho held thai th universe hi a fortuitous
concourse at stores, down te the but
young Jackae who bold a fall hones
against tour, perfectly geod dsus.
Again ws can take th point ot new
that th vntvetwa I aa Immense ma
chine, as Carlrl says, "aa enormous.
Immeasurable steam angina, rolling en
In Ita dd Indifference, te grind me limb
from limb." So thinking, w eaa plant
oaraelve grimly against It, even as It
la grimly against aa Than ws ar
stole. There I a kind ot Indian satis
faction In thus presenting a stone faoa
to destiny. I havs nothing ta any
against It As Abraham Lincoln re
marked, "I should think that tor those
who Ilk that sort ot thing, that la about
the sort of thing they would Uka."
One mors, w can call ourselves scien
tific, patter learnedly about the reign
ot law and th religion ot soienoe, and
fondly Imagine that because all things
must happen according te law (which
la quit true), there tors w know what
th law are (which la sot true la the
And, lastly, we can become aa little
children, which action I make bold to
recommend te the reader. W eaa tak
things as they coma wsep whoa they
hurt snd laugh whea they pleas us.
W can try eur best, aad be aa glad
with th thing that come aa with the
thing ws tried fur. W caa be aolenutlo
and yet realla that all eur aslsne bj
but a floating speck la clsace. Ws aaa
put away superstltisn aa a specie sf
fruitless Insanity. Wa can deoiiae
stoicism, because the end thereof, a
hard heart la not worth while. We eaa
reject th machine and the poker gam
theories of the universe, because they
deaden our finer senses.
And e eaa, a little children, aad
after tlx manner at the good women
aad noble moa for the last theoeand
rears or to, look at, the universe with
wonder, and at th power behind M with
lovs and trust and say those wisest
words ever directed te th Infinite:
"Our Fattier, which art la heaven
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be eon.''
The Manicure Lady
"Them Alloa must be awful folks.
Oeorgs." said tha msnirurs lady. "I
seen where they ar ap In them moua
lata fasteners, whatever they call Ihem.
I tktak that folks Ilka thst alat (it ts
"Let' tslk this ever ctrefuL klduo,"
aid th head barber. "It seems to me
that there a lot of pscpl that tin t
sutlawa thst hasn't got a right ts I've,
I have saw some manicur Isssie that
ught te be glad they are ea earth.
The Aliens shot people, but a lot of j-ju
girl shoot the ball."
"Tour comedy is refreshing, George,"
aid th seamen re lady. "Every time
yoa open your mouth yoa say omothlnn.
That Is te say, Ooorgo, yea say some
thing or ether. Moat ef II is ether, but
that doesn't matter to me. All I In
sist en ni that I should be treated si aU
times aa a Ire gent should treat a rea
sonably tru lady. But a I waa saying
about them Aliens. I think they must
be awful folk. I'd bste to live In that
kind of a country.
"Wilfred la an worked ap aboat th
Allen, George. Tow see, there was
time whea Wilfred wa a Utile outside
th pal ot the law. whatever that kind
of a pal Is. and I think th poor boy
sympathised with them ether outlaw.
beeaa be ha wrote a poem aboat
bat the heirdreseer toexed at the pie
tare with "profi I easily critical eye."
"Bam," be muttered, "net bad but
tea slaseto MiiL la that pietnr she has
the plainest stria of hslr dressing yoa
eaa set It's called th Titos.' after
that wretched eld oiseete emperor. Hair
parted to the awAdle. with bancs, waved
te stand eat ever the oars snd a braided
knot at the back. The hair s kept la
place by a gold band wtth ornament
over ta fcrehesd
"Now the ether picture at much bet
ter. Seas arrange meet In treat but
three short St curls ever the ears and
a ton- "follow-s lock ever th noat
eer. Bit velvet band and cluster ef
goat ribbon rose. The ai
knot at th back. Very
aedded apprevateiy.
"Uxxte. go get toe wss figures out ef
lb window. This Is It In Puis. n,1
I'm going to see If H ran t br It' here
before we hairdressers srs txuiktot ay
the 'classKs' reUfr.'
and Ihrlr hiding place. It wss so per-
lectly sweet. Georg. that I learned it
by heart. This Is the way U go:
" "Oh. roa Aliens, fearless AIUm
Hiding sway from ths hsrsb law's talons.
Hiding away in some loneeom oavw.
With nothing to exoept is be brave:
swesr mat n j caa Bathing te de
would carry a little free lunch te yoa!"
"It sound a lot Ilk the rest at that
Junk that I have heard your brother
and yoa recite." said the Used Barber.
'1 don't ate why commoo folks trie t
be poets."
"I don't see why sorniaw folks trtee
te te barbers." declared the Maalear
idy. "What do yea know about tbetr
"I ain't locking far no eaarral with,
yoa. Utile MeU," said the Head Barber.
"I knew that you aia't mack ea keek
karnia', aa Bob KiWy would ear. bat f
don't want trouble with ywa, little fen.'-
"Well." said the Manicur Lady,
lightly mollified. "I'll tell yea one Itttlo
poem mors, ft yoa want to hear It, WII- -tred
wrote thai one. too. It at a boot b
am thing, those Aliens. This is the
way It goes, Oeorge;
"'Mid the grata hnit of Vhwlrla,
Where th vines ar brlgb gteen
If yes find a bullet !n run.
Tew will know it them moons Hers."
"Don't rselw no mors tonight, iridde,"
said the Bead Barber. Tea ars brass
ing y heart
Haram-a Pwa with f brew he.
Former Viro-PraetoeBt Valiwanha waj
speaker at one ef the Utfle saibtisage i
osntly auch ae have made the Me let
Press stub ef Waablncum fares, m
at or Pafc-bsaka teid lb bare a been i
trip around the world. He aal
teatlea and areugbt forth nttash an
ssm wtik the acavawL Hbssim J
Harmon ef Ohle. aeastbly Baring m
tn resent election and dsavesntla
slide, said:
"It la bard tor me to be a epeaka
owing such a dlstlngtaed trvwie
Ssasiiw FalrWaka. I kavea't
any. I haven't even been ap Salt river
-Leslie's Weekly. '
atrs. Asshetea Rarbord of rT't bat
wow tha Royal Aera rhtb rtn,am
for the third time, and K beosso bar
property. Th prize Is for the lone Vs
tane In a halkKM ta a sinal amm mJ
tils re.- waa a dhvtaae of MS mile. Tws
ears ago sa exosssa tLe rusanes