Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 03, 1912, Page 14, Image 14

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Cattle Strong to Tea t Kite
v ' Cent Higher.
S Sheep of Aay roaeesaeae Hi
I ik Frv luta w fight
ell Readily at Higher
OMAHA. April I Wit
orfir-Lai Mfnj. 1 :i in
fcsUniaie Tjeeday l. LM
Tw days this mk ! 441 AS4 t
Run days Im mk..U.ui .
tUM data 2 wkl mm . M X w.W7 i
earn diva a ax aao.. .wJ 14.241 14."
Ham de 4 ws Ma.. VR.1 tt.St 3Al
Sam da last year.. 41 U.t K.Si
B following labia (how to receipt
or onk. boo and shtop ax bouu
Omaha fur Um ar to Uie u comparM
ma tajt year:
Mi!. Dil Inc. Dec.
Cattl ' S7.1iJ St.K. i;.
lioge 731i 4.1 ...
Kheeo j;UM 111,13 ...
Tk. failawina (ahlo shows me range of
rare pud for hog at South Ooa'ia for
tiw last tew oay. who comiiarooe;
Data lu. iHU-'b-w lw.lM.lW.UOt
M'rh J4, I 4 41iaj
M'ch fa T "HI 4 e,l 46
k it AW I W, IbJI
M et fij i I a, !
.M'ch an T a1,, 4! 1T
C all 4 vi
4 414 41
i 4 H
4 4
J aa
4.1 a all
4 1!
u a
iii, r
ti, ta
Mch HI
7 71 I M kt U
4 i I 51
M ch a
April 1.
Airi J.
j C 3 W 47
in , ,-1
7! I
( 71 T
4 1 14
Receipt and disposition or llva stork
at th I nton Stork yards South Omaha.
XeA, for loeanij-four hours ending at 1
a crock p. m. :
Cattl. Hogs ga'p. H'rl
. M. U P. Ry..
Wabash H. R... 14 .. ..
l n"a Pacific R. R. 1 1
a ,U. w.. east... 4
fit, P.. If. a O.. 4 1 .. i
... B. a Q. raw ... 1.4 1
., a Q., west 1
kit P. rani . 14 1
)lllnola Crntral K 13 .. 1
c-, G. W. Ky 1 I
Total raralpta .. ti J t f
Cattl. Hon. Bhaap.
1 Drnaha Packlnf Coy.... 13
Hmfl a Co. K M B
Oiaaliy Parkins Co.... Hi ..... 1.4M
Armour Co "W 4il
Krha-aru la. t
Murphy -. 1.1
Kokra racking- Co lil .....
Urnton. Vanaant L.. 31 .....
Hill a Rob It
J. B. Root Co m
U Wolf a
ilrTraary Krllo... m .....
tt arthrlmrr Desan... f
II r. Hamilton 3
r'ulllvan Hroa 7
Ia Ktithachtld I .....
Mo. a Kan. Calf Ca.... 11
i.lina Chruitla i
omer buytra M
Tatalf.... .UM JJ47 imt
CAT'l'Ue Tha market waa attain al
moat bara of caltla thla mornlna, only
thirtr-aovan rara bains raportad. Thla
maana thai, aa waa th eaaa yrataroay,
ti.r ra a era not anouKh caltla el any ona
ktiid to raally maka a markat. Aa It
aa pack era having barn without auppltaa
t( any conarquanca ainoa Thuraday of
lait wark vera naturally pratty hungry
Ivr killara. Thay arara aooordlngly out
la lha yards In good aaaaoa In Ua morn
lug and avarytbing at all daalrabla aold
wry rradlly at prtraa ranging aayarhara
nont itmng to Kwlao hiaoar. Aa a
luattar or rart auna
oikad iwl hiahcr Un
traaa. 1 Would ha
country to undrraUnd,
last weeks
II for th
however, that
uth prlrva ara dua antlraly to th aa-
iramaiy ngnt run. hanr may would not
ba llaaly i long continue tnat way ahould
irccipta baoooa vary llbarai. Condltiona
ara, in fact, nnuaual and It la only aatu
al tnal unuaual prtoaa ahould raault
ow aad balirra ahowad about th aame
auvanoa aa baaf ataara.
. I'hara waa a little aprlnkllng of atock
latlla and frrdrra, but aa It baa bean a
difficult matter to ahip anything out
Hie buying demand haa been poor, with
the result thai Ilea markat an that claa
ft cattle waa no more thaa ateady, and
fact rat bar dull at that.
Wuviatluaa on raltko: Uood to ebole
lieet strvre. I7.WaVa.l; fair to good beef
ateera, axau-.W; eommoa to fair beat
slvere. .eVo.aVi good to choice heifers,
.. In; good to choir cows, K7M14.71:
Utr t good cows. gt.ilUaH.7t. ooromon IS
Ulr cowa, elounrt-W: good to ehorsa -atock.
aia and fardrra, ..; fair to good
atockera and lead era. ft.a4.i; cominu
ta fair atockara and feeder. Rtuntaa
a lock hel'ere, 14.aagH.ta,' vent oalvaa. K490
a.ti bulU. ataga, ate.
riepraaentattve aalrar
e. , Na a. Ft,
Ml 4 14 J. .,... ,.IU4 t at .
4 4 u .. lira i at
... 4i t it
tat 4 la u.-.., lea a
rat is. i4..,.ms t a
1 4 tg... aa) TM
H 444 4 14 4 .......U44 I a
cows. . .
t Tt4 1 at t... istt 4 a
n..... ...-.lew ill 4-.,...iia 4 a
j... a iii
- 4-.-...Jt4 M
r. muiit g u
4 sa g a
t.......iii is
t... in i a
4 mi i a
' im 4 a
' .... 4 a
t.M..M..jaa 4 a
I ita 4 a
4 ......U14 4 It
i... M 14
4.. rail I n
.......... sa 4 n
4W 4 M
II. 414 4 a
li .. 41 IM
. .I4 4 a
..., 44 4 11
t m n
a 4 a
J .......... 414 4 !....... W la
4 nn' t.. ., m 4 a
........ 714 4 m 4 us t a
4 ... an 4 u. .. t44 4 a
....,. 4!l 4 tl ; Ill 4 a
4 444 4 t 4 . ta 4 a
... tif in i......... an 4 a
I..; v I a
i BULLS. '
1 m it i.... iii ia
5 Kit 4 44 1 IM I
I...... I 4 a i. ..... ia
.... ta j....,....iaaa in
I H'S 4 M t Ulf 4 l
n 4 ......... ess i ta
1 ra 4 74 1.... UM g 14
1. .i4 4 a i iota i a
Hi 4 at . t. ....ISM 4 a
1 J4W l
; 4M 414 4 4 a
r is in m t m
1 44 4M IX las
t . ........ i 4 a in i a
t 4tl ia . l us ia
1 a la u. i4 t a
I Mil 4 WIN
j .......... a tie u ia
l as 4 a t.-.. it a
4. 1 114 141 a
at 4 a
, t s 4 44 t-...... 4 a
..: an 4 a a.... m ia
n ia a m t a
i. eel 4 a 14 ... 43.4 a
k sa 4 a .
MOOS Poor tranaportaOon aervlce bad
lUt eft eel of keeping hog receipt down
lu f&mln volume. Th market waa a
i--by-four affair, tea than LOO head
. iteaing up. Taas est I mat Included quite
reapettaiila crop of wasoa bo a off th
-ai,.y Central, but bulk of th auppiy
.aim fieca Iowa, the earn aa yesterday.
I the market shippers took aa antre--1
. e talereat from the start, purchasing
.aout per eant of th total offerings.
'; r. nKuinder of tha run was divided
iween two of the lancer packer, but
auctual demand aeemed to be rather quiet
iitac. otbaranaa. frtcta ateady to a dim
r. aiier bought almost everything on aai,
cubing trade proving dull at figure no
better than those in fore yesterday.
tieat heavy, bog brought 17.4, th
Kni.rst price oa record since January of
Mixed aad ordinary butcher stuff
lounu an outfet within 17. 7047. 4& Ko bust-
peas a natever was transacted Below 4; 45.
Lut utultr normal Condi t iocs, lb ptic
uxgi woulu prooably b much rtur
teaii i ra at preaeiii.
.muLatJieajes: .
X.. a. I, rr. . Na AT. Ik. 1
. v ... lav I us ...
i- M K : jut 1 t
.. 144) I
-tM W 1t
si...... ni
a aa
m to-
. - U',
a law
...i a :
... IE
m ra "'
7 a
. .1.41,
... It, - .-. :
... - - 5...... :
la m a l"t st 94 ... 1st
ia in
gHEKF-NothInc except a few atHngi
af lambs from nrarby feeding tou occu
pied th sheap and lamb trad. Offerings
I war eetlmatrd at fi'Ur loads, about l,iJv
bead, abeeno of a normal crop being due
to floods and washout oa all of the
railroads tapping .Nebraska terrtlory.
With receipts far short of packing ra
qulremerta and th demand more or lass
urgent, higher price were obtained easily,
few traders giving advance full credit,
as few of them were willing to admit
the exiatenc of a quotabl trade.
Lambs, practically all a horn, made up
the bulk of supply. Good to cooks
shorn lambs brouxht aa much as 17.24,
with a leaa deslrabl claaa at the even
money. S7.4. Fair to good wootad lambs
chanyed bands at 17.4a and toppy shorn
yearlings were cashed at 14.7a. ftprlng
lambs, coming In am II bunches, ara
selling around J12-4O4J11.04.
The market for matured muttons waa
practically drad. aa so wethera or awes
of consequence war available. - Feeder
trade also needed a supply and demand,
nothing whatever aelling on country! ac
Quotations nn snern and lambs: lambs
good to choice. l"7.Kfr7.i: lambs, fair to
good. yims7: iambs, anorn. asucn.s;
far aliearing lamb. .457.!i. yeartimi.
handy. Pi.MfT-; yearlings, heavy. Mi
4.; yearling, common. li.9DinM; watti-
ra, good to rnoioa, ju, wethers,
fair' to good. 1S 4UM K: waa, good to
cbolra. li-jlrft Si . awe, fair , to . aood. .
. 74
. 71
. 41
. 11
. M
7 ft
J la
g ti
1 75
' 44
474 shorn lambs ....
441 shorn lambs ....
124 fed ewea
41 fed wethers
46 fed yearling ...
O fed yearlings ...
13 fed yearltnae ...
IB fed lamhe
160 fed lambs
Ml fad eaea
.... M
.... 14
.... 13
14 fed ewea, culls..
n fed ewea
M shorn awe
Draaaad far Cattl ltrdy Hog
Hlshlar i Illa4s grrayas.
CH1CA(K. Anrtl t CATTLE R-
ceipta neao; maraei sieaoy; oaavra,
JaH.1; Texa a I ear a. Kiotf.: wsst
era steer.' ft.ft4r4.74: atockers and feed.
era. 4110414 40: rows and heifers. Cm)
l; ralves. ta.tXaja.7i.
noon-Receipts, U 009 nd: market 6c
higher; light. l7.tYJ.4V; mixed. V tW.
heavy, 17.70M.av rougn. p.iwn; pigs.
fc.Xts7.ii: bulk of ealea. r.aata. ,
RtiKKP AND IUBa-RciPtl. X "
hsad: market strong; native. 14.4nv4.ft;
wratern, 14 artej!; yearilaga. ft 7tn;S;
lamba, ft f7 74. waatern. l4.taCM.ft.
Kansas t lly Live stock Market.
Receloia 7.4HO head. Including Its) anuth-
arna: market ateady to 10c higher:
dressed beef and export a tears, ti.Mt
Ift; fair to good. ioi7.2S; waatai-n
airera, ft.7a4744; atockers and feeders,
K7Mi4 7i; . southern steers, ft. 7047 a ;
southern cows, tliJ.7t; native cows,
n;m4.ft: nstivi heifers, r;,a; bulls,
H ami 74. calves, ft.orerllt.
itooH Kecatpta . naao: marast as
hle-her: bulk of aaies, 7.Asti7.H; heavy.
rMUbaffl: oackera aiart butraiers. E.70O
7 8f, ll.hts. I7h)i7.7t. DM. ft.k-tr4.lg.
HHKI-.r A w ii iat Miv rueoiie, ia,wv
bead; mirket liayinc higher: spring lamna,
I16.l; lambs, K7Mr7.W; yearlings,
;.): wethers, ft itM.: ewe. H Kri ;
stockei and feeder.
t, Llvo stoek Market.
ST. IXJflH. April S-CATri.E- Re
ceipts, head, lacludlkg Texsnl.
Uarkai lua hlrher: native ahlnping and
export stera, l7.iITii: dreaaed baaf and
butcher steers, ta.tiug'i.aa: aier unoer
l ma nniinria. ttUttifkU): stocker and feed
ers. lMi.; cows and hslfers, r1
IW cannera, s4.1scn.a1; buiib, a.avi w.
calves, ft.onha.W; Texa and Indian
steers, li uWI OO; cows and heifer. Hi
HOOS-Recelpll, 4.M head. Market
ateady; plga and llghta, HH0B; mixed
and butchers, l7.aMjfc.14; good heavy. IS 00
HMKBP AND 1.A M BS-Roerpta ! 0
head. Market steady; natlv muttons.
RHIWI.M; lamba, 41 WSt.ln; culls and
bucks, K.JW: tocaars. gaauev..
St. Joaepk Staek Markat.
ST. JOSKPM. Ma. April 1 CATTt.E-
iweima 1 ton head: market, ran higher:
steer. fttutMO); r-awi and hslfsrs, .ftt
7.1; calve. K60ts.O.
HOUrV-Recelpta 7.fn head: markat,
slow and steady; top, K W; bulk ot sslea,
BHKKP AVD IJlMBB-Racelrts. 10M
hsad; markat, steady; lambs, ft.S0tx7.ft.
Stack ta MsM.
Raealnta af llva atock at th five win-
dpal western market yeaterdsy:
Cattle. lings. Sheen,
Booth Omaha l. l,l
Ht. Joseph !. l.oaa
Kaasaa City !.4I .' nJ
HU Loull !. (,N ., .J0
Total receipts U440 HTIs . W.401
- Metal Market.
r. Trill tr Anril l MBTALte
"tamlard copper, firm, spot, April and
May, ltT-.bllULa.7i: June, !i.7O-li.0;
July, London market, quiet;
spot. 171 ls ad; luturea, evi las. ar
rivals reported at Nw York todayj
t7W tone. Custom nous return
show ixporti of 1,427 tons so far this
month. Lk. copper. 114.W4J14 ft; slec
tratytlc 140: casting. tli.Mei471
Local sale, ft ton June, it tli.ft. Tin.
any; spot, 44 0SS A; April. W ' J
.: May. I1.7u4j-ll tt): June, Ml.rHt
11414; July, W.OWpU.SO; August.Jtl.Tf
(Hl.ft. London market. Heady; spot,
144 Ma; futures, fiM Is. Local sale.
I tons May. at i tona May, at
141.77-4 moady: M.lM.tai New
York; M.fttyl.W Eaat Ht. Loul. Ixm
don. 114 ta W. fpelter. quiet: M.iaj
4.7S. New York: ft.4643.4 Bast Ht.
Loula. London, 2S ia. Anlmony. quiet;
Cookaon'a. pi 94. Iron: Cleveland war
rants, Us lVtd In London. Locsllr
Iron was steady: No. 1 foundry north
srn. Hi.Wfli.7l; No. t 14.74411: No, 1
aouthara and No. 1 southern aoft. tlS.X
BT. Louie. April 1-MET ALU-Lead,
firm; lt.BW4.ft. Spelter, firm; ft OB.
Avallakl Sepplle at Grata.
NEW YORK. April t Special tele
graphle communications received by
Rradatreet'a show th following changes
In available supplies as compared with
previous account: Wheat, United Htatrs,
east of Ruckles, decreased 1.M7.40
bushel! west of th Rorkla. decreased
au.004 buahela: Canada Increased tii.Os)
bushel: totu ITnlted States and Csn
aua decrease, Li&CoS buahela; afloat
for and in Europe. Increaaed l.tOD.M
buahela; total American and European
supply decreased 636.00O buahela 4'orn.
United 1-H.ates and Canada. Inoreaeed
lft.4M bualiela. Oat. United State. In
creased &10ot) buahela The leading
changes reported thla week follow: In
creases, Portland, Me, 1MNH btwhals;
dcreaea. Manitoba. 744.6a buahela;
Minneapolis" private elevator. 7i.04
buihsia. ...
W4 Mawtrot.
ROSTON. April 1 WOOL-DomestK
wool la a trifle roar srtlv but prices re
main unchanged. Good 1411 wool la ret
ting aoaroa and transaction are generally
In small lots. Quieter markets prevail In
tli west, with 14c for pew wool la
Montana and ta Joaen tor Ohio medlars
being paid th grower. Old washed
Ohio delaine ta held at StrSSc. wtill fin
territory staple bring S3c scoured.
Pulled wool is fairly active.
ST. LOIU8, April 1-VrOOL-tteadv;
territory and western medium!. 14914c;
On mediums, lstu7c; fine. lOfjlac .
Cattaa Market.
NEW YORK. April 1-4""OTTON-Bpot.
doe quiet, unchanged; middling uplands,
14 16c; middling gulf. 11.2oc; sal, tft
COTTON Futures closed quiet: closing
bids: April. llSc ; May, 10 54c; June,
M.44c; July. .7r: August. 14.SJC: Sept em
ber. 147V; October, rS.Tlc; November.
MJBc; December, 14 44c; January, lajlo;
Olla aad RobIb. ' '
SAVANNAH. Ga, Aprtl 1 Tl'RPEN-TINB-Flnn;
.at. Sale, bbk.; r
coipu, S9 bbla; shipment, iufT Wi.;
tock. K.M bbla.
ROSIN Firm. Bales, tM bbli.: recelp;.
l.SW bbl.; ahlpmanta. 47 bbla.; stock,
74JR1 bbla. Quote: B, left: D. KM: B.
r-ft; F. O and H. IT.ui,: U 7 : K, 17. ft:
M. IT.ft; N. F.ft; W and G, I7.: WW,
r.7. - - . , . ;
Th key to euccesa la business 1 th
persistent sad iutUctoui us of Mwspasav
Strength in EajIt Trsdinf Giyti
Way to Abrupt Loue
Mat Rellabl ladleattsa Fotat ta
Skrlakaa la Stool Frodaotlsa
Rather tkaa Isyeroaa al
Lcaal far Maatk.
- NEW YORK. April t-Th slock mar
ket save another demonstration of
strength In the early part of today's
trading, but before the end of the morn
ing seaalon th rise ceased abruptly and
virtually all gain wore lost, white lowest
price were reached In the last hour. ,
Early strength presumably waa In re
sponse to Loodon'e better prices and
favorable railway return and quotation
advanced In almost a ocore of laauea,
with resultant new records for the move
ment In Reading, Union Pacific, Amalga
mated Copper and an me other copper ao
curtile. Th tatter's heaviness aug
tested a renewal of operation by the
abort Interest.
Such lusdMcatlon as the bear Dartv may
hava needed for It attitude was based
to a degree en technical conditions, al
though th reactionary tendency In Steel
and om other Industrials probably had
Its origin In trad conditions. Titers Is a
feeling among conservative brokers and
dapasalonate observers thst th market
haa become two-lded" not only because
of Its phenomenal rise in the last month,
but chiefly because tlx higher level In
th Industrial -group haa perhapa over
dtscounted conditions for a long period.
Aa for the steel industry, th most relia
ble Indication point to a shrinks
rather than an Increase of outout at leaat
for th current month. With regard to
the at eel trade, the report of th Bethle
hem Steel company for 1411, issued today,
disclosed a very moderate Increase Is
total Income, althoush the total aurplua
increaaed by over a2.900.00S
A aide from further weaknaaa In Illrnoi
Central, which may hava been dua mors
to Its poor February statement than t
any other reason, th ihare of tha rail
way traversing tlx reglona afrlicted by
floods were scarcely affected. Tha
strength of Norfolk at Western waa help
ful to other bituminous coal shares.
American stocks failed to hold more
than a part of their Initial rlsa In Lon
don, but that markat bought on balano
ner. cnteny Hteel. to th extent of per
haps W.4U4 shares.
Call money again touched I per cent.
Itlltaugh the bulk af the modern offer
ings were under that figure.
Hallway returna for February Included
those of St. Paul, with a net Increase of
U.vt. while It Puget Biund division
gslned only ta.aW. Ijiulsvllle Nashville
wcreaaed Ita net 471 ft, the Ht. Loula
Mouthweetera ttSMuo: Missouri Psclflc
WU.a and the St. Lopla, iron Mountain
A Southern, 4274. 000
Tne bond market was Irregular. Total
alea. par value. t3.l44.tM). Panama 3a de
clined per-cent on cell. . .
Number f a! and leading auotsilsna
en stocks today war aa lot Iowa:
ales. Uisa. 4. Claaa.
llla-r-ka)ea Itl
Ataallaaialel Chaser . .
I. 144
II. 4a
41 V
4 ta
44 a
Araaneaa Agricultural ..
AMancas Beat laser...
ASMrteaa t'as ,
A F.
Asaertcaa Cattea Oil....
AsMrlran HAL aft..
Ask Ira lararltles
Araarttas taiaaailvs ...
Amaraas S A H
Aa. I A R ill
AM. steal rowiSrtea
Am. lusar Raflslsg. .....
aav leiia is. 17
ra bi, mi 11
ta inv. ma. in
AneMcaa T. A T
Ma ia ma lWj
Araertras Twfcaira Ifg.t.,
Aaiantaa Waotea
Akseoasa Mlalag Cs
Atrklaas .-.
30a n xa-a aa
11 M 44't 1T 41
4.444 leesa 1M lr
i.aa latt itt4 lata
1 ana mi imh lat
14 ti 1H M14
1 aa tt t 11
I.WS U9 fttti Jill,
las a ni a
Alehleos I4
Atlantis Coast Uas
Balllmaea A Okie
Sauilaksa Asal
Seaakiia Sasig Traaalt..
ansa las ranha ,
Ceetrel laalaar
Osteal Laalkar stl
Oaatral at haw Jaraay...
Ohaaaaeaka A Oku
railaaa A Altaa
riiliiaa U. W.. aew
lraco O. W. Hi
Oileasa A N. W
Ttt lilt ITU
ii4 n
S lit iH
I 7'4 I7k
aae 1104 III 14
4, IN 114 MS II
l.v. kl A U. P.
a. C, C A ft. L.
derea T. a I ,
Celereee A Saatbara...
444 It :ey.
J 44 141 St IMS 1S
MS 141 IIS
flara PraSaota
Palaaar A Hueaoa....
Paar a Rle Oraaaa..
nana, aft
l.soa 11a ias la
ia saog
4N 44 41'a
l.iaa tiu iii,
i.tst ruj as
ta us ft
Dlalllarr' Smrltlaa .... Mas 11V, t 11
Kris I" ar-a 4 aa
gfl. 1st tfi 444 H U'i US
avia 44 pM 4IH
tleaaral Elarlria 1.44 141 14 1M4
Oral Nanaam. ala...... Il.aat .iUli U'S M
Qrmt ore eta.. I. tea 4)i aia 44
llllaala Casual ...,...,.: 4.44 ,'t l 1
lAtraoeti.j Mar.
tstar. Mat. aa
i-t. a
as w,
ins tav,
IkteraailoMll Harvester
later-Marino ate
ll ss
lataraaiiooal raaar ....
14 in
Imeraelionel Paaip
laara taatrsl
ksnaaa cur Seutaars...
K. '.' a. sM
U'M Oaa '. ..
loalavlia A Kaakallla.
MS tilt 1744
,. ......
. 1,44 1U IMS IMS
.. la tx.' .a s
fart III, 111 li
tot . sis as "
IM 4IS 44S 43Ta
. f aa a lis 1
. tm 1W iM't ts
. ' iw 11 17 as
. l ew ns f4 sos
ta n's lit 111'
a S
7 IT. a 1HS "IS Itttj
,' in 'a iris
n M ass us
, 1.14 IMS' ltS lS
, ta loava is 144S
. tm ia ins 101
, 104 as ft l'4
at s s
ia las iaa-H la'i
ia tis US its
.laUss 1s 14! S ls
"44 ,r sis ris
as 73S It TS
laa. A a. Laeie. ......
M.. n. . a i. 1. ft.,.
Slaaurl. K. A T
K. A T. I4
Itleaaari Pvlllr
Milaaal Slaaalt ........
Kaileaal LaaS
N S. It at S 14 git..
New Torti Cam ral
!. Y.. 0. A W
Kartalk A a'aatara......
Hartll Amarteaa .........
Nartner ParlHa.
psrltle Mall
eeple'B Uas ............
r , r.. r. a st. u.
Ptttatairali ral .........
T runt Ileal Ckr
Piniaisa Fklaes car.....
rUllaar Ileal Sarlftg...
Reeding ...J
njasaklia steal ...........
Boeaeilr St aal aft.......
faork bias Cs. ,
,. t.aas - rr
. US
Mi Its
' . tat 7l'a
. let MU
Rack Ialaa4 Ca. aft,...
M. L. A I. F. 44 art.
It LoaM 4. W
Ulf. 1...
glaaa-gkemeM SAL.
leathern PmHne
AMtkaea Railway . ....
lAathera Railway 44 ..
Teaaaaaaa Cveee
taxaa A Par the
T . at L. A w
t.kUII. 4....
falaa Parltle
41 S
,..'1.7M 1IIS 111
. Lea as T4S
. aa is 71
. lie! It'a tit
,. I.SM MS 14
t4 IIS
.. w as ins i'is in s
.. l.ta ns ns s
.. 1.4M 77S Is 7TS
., 114 4S 41 SIS
..miss as 444
.. 1.14 IISS' 111 Itl
Falea PaHfW an
faltag Mataa Iteally....
rsttal Itataa Robber,
tfcttag aatss ftaeL...
r. I. Meet St4
rtak Cooaar
ra -Carol laa rvaaleal
.. 41 as as
' le ai't ir.
,. ia is , is
tr 14S its
.. n a
..-T.144 rm 1!
.. . J1 . us as
Waraak r4 ......
Wsatara Marylawl ...
Wvwlrorbouo Klscuic
Weaiera tale
WkoallBg A U
Lshlgk Valay
t-kias Caspar ,.-
Haa raaaolllatag ....
l ist rus 'S S
470 ts 4 as
I ra -e. om ?s
ajnarleaa Tabseas
4S X.I ,
Total aha tar lbs ear. 141.7a atari
Boat eaa stock Market.
ROarTON.' AOH1 1 float rut . quotations
en stocks wer as follows:
APeaa 44 KraMa Caa s
Aaal. Caesar ,:r... arsNtoyiaaiag atiaaa .... I
A. g I A A S7SNortk BatU S
AM roe CVsa. 4a, Sorts lake IS
A A C. C A A M. 1SOM PoaalaMa 44
ral. A Ariaaaa Tlsnaeeola HS
ral, A Keel. tr. Osisry a
Oenteenal xssskaaaoa S
Coa. Raasa C tr... p.nama xrs
Faat Sot la a St... llSaoaoHar A AM.... IS
FraatlM ltHTasosraok
Olroax Coa. ISC. I S. A M... S
Oraafcr Caa. MS 4e M S
Oraaaa Cassaas .... rtaa Cos a
11 KavaJe (oooor.. a t tea raaeer c as
Kerr Lake Wlsaa , 1
Lake Copaa a welaorrae ill
Meeaork 44
Row York MlalaC Stock. -
NEW YORK. Aprtl I. -Clearing quota
tions oa mining stocks were:
Alice 44 Little Ckftf 1
aaartck CM. .... 4 Mealesa ta
Caa. Taaeel sue., a Oauuie 14
la keeea a oaklr la
Caa. Ckl. A Va 14 gtaaarg a
tree Silver lie Tallow Jacket ....e
oLaaania Oaa. W
Baak Crearias-
OMAHA. April 7--Bank clearings for
today wer 11.434.477.41 and for th corTo
gpondlng day utat year t2.Ss.lak.fL
Leads Stsyrk Market.
LONDON. Anril 1-Anwlraa seenr.
itlea opened eteady and arannd parity
today. Later prices advanced a frao
tioa aa light eoyvermg. At aooa tha mar
ket ass gteady with vglues raiuflng from
unchanged to H higher tha yesterday's
closing Is New York.
Loodon closing stuck quotations.
.. nSUatarllto a Naak..Ml
I U-UMa.. Kaa. A Tax.. U
... 4i ,New Tart antral. 1144
.. SMotaa A Vaatars.114
Au-kuaa 1114 a pM M
aa a4 . IMUOatarla I Weavers. 4au
raaasiaa I HVr . rvaai 1-aiU at
Make A Okie. 4SRaa Miaea ..- as
Llreat Waaaars. ilus4ias 4
!.. an. a at. r.n: aaataaea Br ". .
Ds Baara 14. 4V art N
baaaar A Rle Mtaaetaers Psrin ... l::t
set stslelee rarllle in
sine 47 aa aa I.. 44
let t MVC S. 4taal 7ts
M a(4 ao, aa wM 114
oeae Traak - BSWasaak 74
Itliaola rreiral ....lUVa aa M 14
SILVtK-bar. ateady at ft U-Kd per
MONET J per cent
The rate of discount in the open market
for abort bills is 1 -iat3x per cent; for
three months' bills. IS per cent.
Jew York Maaer Market.
call, steady; 231 per cent: ruling rate.
2S per cent; ciosliig bid. Vt per cent,
offered at 1 per cent. Time loana. weak:
sixty days, ftatttts per cent: ninety days,
m per cent; six months, I'rtjl'a per cent.
Steady. 4V,e4 per cent.
actual bualnesa In bankers' bills at Katli
for sixty-day bills and at U.fS for de
mand. Commercial bills, X4.X3.
SII.VFR-Mexlcan dellara. 47c.
ho NT Government, easy; railroad,
Closing quotations on toads today war
sa follow:
0. A rat. ft, iag...a4tlaier. M. M. 414... '4
4a aaaaaa tasVJaeaa 4s a
Ilk. rag 1114 fi 4
a ceaaes lSK. a 4a. 1st a... 7V.
D. S a. 114 U I. lak. a 1411... MS
ceaasa ...... Ill 'I. A -V- aal. la ...
Allla-Ckal. 1 ia... M K. A T. let a.. K
Asarr. As. a t le 4V.
A. T. A T ev a.. Hi Ha Parifle m 14
L Takaroa ... Ktte I UK t tsa 41',
le a Jl 1S"N rem. ti... mu.
Arraaar A ta. 4S4.. 4 aa aak a Ri
Atrkuaa sea. a.... H!t. T. .N. U AH.
a rr. a. in v. a LSI
4a ev. ta 114 . 4 1st a a.
A C. L. tat a at Is re. 4a. III
Sal. A Oku a HUN. Psclflc 4a S
4a ISs ! a a N
4s 1. W. Ita H'.O A U rHg. as.... M.
Sreak Tr, le. ta... tTapeaa. ev. ISa UU.. !I4
raa. af oa ta lata Sa eaa. 4a. last
Cee. Laalkar a aMteallag gaa. a..... a
i. a a. j. I aa....ui-. u a a r. at an!
Claas. A oka 4ta..l4 aa aa. 4a 41
aa ev. 4taa ll'.-si L. S w c. a. 4714
talsaaa A A ISs.. at so lat ol4 4a 41 a;
C. S Q L ... Mi. A. U ad). aa.. ai
Is gas. a M rc eat. U.... 4I
C U. A S P. g. a H a ev. 4a. SI,
C R. 1. A P. a 4a. 7244 aa 1st rat. a
rrg. a aiiga. RaJlaav as. lSTt
Cats, lag aa . a sea. a Tit.
caia Ha. a. a tana Partus a....iM
C A g. r- A a,4aa l aa ev. 4a. lait
D A H. ev. to a IS 4 ral. a... ar
0. A R 0. A.... asC. 4. Rufcear a.. ..14414
raf to -. tm' g. Steal M ta ...tail.
matlllarar to :, 71 va -Car. Ckeat, ia.,laau
'w a l 4a awakaak ia a
as gaa a I let A ex, a... IS
a ev. 4a. ear. A.. !i,Waaiara H4. a ... 47 ta
-aa arnas a avswaat. Kiee. a, a., a
Oaa. KMr. ca. t ..laiVWaj. Vkatral at
III. Caa. la raf. a. a. Ma, Par, . a av,
inler. Rat. ma.... 4?1raaejaa Is lata
-wis. urreres.
ttallae af tko TVay aa Tartoae
( aaasaoadlllra.
NEW YORK. April t-rLOUR-
Kaay; spring patents. ft.ftfW W: winter
straights. MSbtlaO; winter patents, 14-4
t4 . trpnng clear. U Zr J), winter ex
tras. No. I. H7kh4 141; winter extras. No.
1 H.SSJ.&i; Kansas straights, ft rtrfrlK.
rty tiour, steady ralr to good, p aw s;
Ry flour, quiet; fair to good, H&VuM.ft.
choir to fancy. If-OOtri JD.
tORNM BA Le Firm: fine while and yel
low, ,1471.10; coarse, ll.Vl..kiln
oneo. 11. aj. ,
RYK-KIrm: N. t tec. c. I. f. Ruffalo.
HA RLBY Steady; malting, ll.&tjl.Se. c
L f. Buffalo.
WHKAT-npot, steady: No. I red. 1 AM,
elevator, export bsata, and tl vTi;, f. o. b.,
afloat; . No. 1 northern. I'ululh. $1.17h
f. o. b., afloat, opening navigation. In
futures Mar llqtiMaiion was s feature
todsy. breablns that contraut Vc. while
July was ateady and unchanged on leaa
tavoraoie crop pews. May, Ltn 7-l9
l.trt,, closed at It 7 7-l; July. $l.i.t
l lttS. closed at U trSV Receipts, I74.0t
bu.: shipments, 100.IW bu.
CORN Spot, steady; exnoiT. Wic nomi
nal, f. 0. h . afloat. Future nominal.
Receipt. 3.4S bu.
OATs'-Spot, steady, futures, nominal.
Recelptf. 7i,7S bu.
IIAY-PIrm: prime. 11.44; No. I, lift;
Ko. I n.ft: No. I, ll.lsttil ft.. - .
HOI'S steady; state, common to
choice. 1111 crop, IMieAc; 111 crop, nom
inal; Pacific coast, 1111 crop, tltjttc; mil
crop, nomlngl.-
lllDES-nieady; Crntral America, Wye;
Bogota. Juris.-.
i.KATIIKIl-rirm: hemlock flrata, &
fi37n second a, :40.1!c, thirds, 110 2c; r.
ject IV. v
I'llOVlSIONS-Pork. firm; mesa. 111.71
tyil.ft; family, IW-uOffH 00; short clears.
ti:.7."ll.;.V Heef, firm; mesa. 113 sot
1109: family, llo.ootjlt frtl; beef ham, ta w
tn i. Cut meats, firm: pickled bellies,
14 to 14 pounds, IB.So.rll M; pk kled hams.
II I 7Hi I! OS Lard, firm; mldilln west
prime, imtoriiaio: rrrinea. stranv: conti
nent. Hu t; ekuth America, lll.: com
pound, 17.0007 S7S.
TALLOW Firm: nrlme city, hhds. c;
ape.-UI.4sc: country. MttrlSo.
miTTKR-Flrmerr receipt. . tubs;
creamerv aoei-iala imttSSot extra. Itr :
firsts, 30U.11SC; state dairy, finest, aufplc;
gnod tu prime, ;t7r?c; common to ralr.
.', 9V-: pruceas specials, ltjg.Vjc; extras,
H,c; flrat, rfWc.
CHEESB-F'.rm; receipts 4,345 box;
state, whote milk. held, whit or colored
n-eclala, 11" jc; skim. ItfilSc.
EOUS Irregular; recetiii. r.901 esses:
fresh gathered, extraa. turiTic: first, iost
trlVtc; eaoanda, 3H7J0V); weatem, gath
ered, white, ae. '
St. Last trraeral Market,
ST. IXliriS. ' April t-WHEAT-Caah.
weak: track. No..) red, l.!ayl.0UVj; Nu.
1 hard. ll
CORN-Hlghr; trsclt. No, t, 71c; No, I
While. 76HrT7c.
OATS-Sirady; trsck. IkoTX 'KflSi'No.
1 white, it. titer. . r.t "
Closing price of fultlrrS:
WHKAT-Weak; May, . .ofll 40!l;
July, KUoc. ..
CORN lxiwer; May, TTic; July. TSSo. 1
OATS-Lower: Ma;'. Uc; July, 4!raC-
RYE Unchanged, Sic.
Flanrit Quiet: red winter patent,
U i'-imM: extra fancy and atmlght. H it)
tjteS; hard winter clear, ReajeTa.
RKEri-Tlmothy, IlikOaftatO.
BRAN firm; sacked, esat track, tl.3
liAY-Qulet: timothy, tJl.iWtjr.av; prai
rie, tai ocn io. .
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged; tom
bing. 1.V!1. lard, uni-hange.1; prime
steam, tj 47Vl4r.5lH, I'ry 't meats
iboxedl, unchanged; extra shorts, ft.ivr"
clear ribs, .&; abort clear, ft.74. Bacon
tbi-xedt, unchanged: extra shorts, IliXH;
clear ribs. II4JS; short cleara. I10.75.
POULTRY Hteady; chickens. I'-V;
springs, lie; turkeys, 17c; ducks, Uc;
Hl'TTER Firm: creamery, r7tjJlVac. ,
KiXJ I nc hanged. 1c
ttecetpi. onipmerts.
4. - s.144)
47.UI 4S.'0
, 4.oai ro.iol
7l).uW ).)
Flour, fcbl. ......
Wheat, bu
Com, bu
Oats, bu
' Mlaaewaalta tiroia Market,
May. l te'.trl tM: July. ll.Afls: Sep
tember. PSt Cash: No. I bard. HS7S:
No. I nor them, 41 Qtrc; No. I northern,
4lV; No. 1. IIAVV
FLAX 13.17
RA R LE Y-75cl SA
CORN-No. 1 yellow. 7Sr7Sc.
ATS-No. 1 white. SJpb-'sc-
RYB-No. 1, Sac. -
BRAN In h pound Backs. 124.0
154 a.
FLOUR First patents M ;
second patents, l.e4.t; first cHar.
tJ.JOtyl.ft; aecond clears. C JOtrl tS
Cblr-ag riais Market.
CHICAGO. April t-BUTTER Cteady;
creamertea. EtpJac; daJrte. 3gT7.
EOOS-Easy: receipts. 17 tw oa; st
mark, caere included. 14c; ordinary first.
lMiHc: firsts. Kc.
CHEESB-Steady: dalaie. StftSc.
twins, lfoti iSc; young Amerkaa. !
lie: long horns. lStjJic.
POTATOKS-steady: receipt A 1 cars:
Wisconsin. il.9Lft; Michlgao and Mm
oeanis, rt.434jl.4i. . . .
POUI.TRY-Uv. Arm: turkey, 14c;
chickens, ltSjc; sprtrm, lie.
VKALe-elteady; 7T,HSC
Cash quotations wer as follow:
FLOlt-eiteady: winter patent. 41 B41
IU; winter atraighta ft.4WaH.4o; prtng
patents, M.sttpi.K. spring stiaignxa. 4J
44 74); baker. ttaSsyi 00.
Total Clearance of wheat and flour
war equal to tltMS buahela Primary
receipts I except Chicago. Detroit and
'atoms City), wore S.H4 buatlela, corn-
Cssaale, aaasay
AaaaJ. Caspar
pared with holiday -the correspooxllng
day a year ago. The world' visible sup
ple, as shown by Bradstrect's oecrcasvd
iaiOM bus beta.
' BUTTER No. 1 1-Ib. cartons, Cc: Na
1 In AVlk. tuna, Cc; No. X iuc; packing.
CHEESE-Imported Bwias. tSc; Ameri
can Sales, lie. block Swiss. 23c; twins.
XX: daisies. Sc: triplet a, 3c; youa
Amertraa. 23c: blue label brick. 24c; lim
berarer. Mb.. V: l-lb.. 9c.
FISH tlreah froaeny-Pickerel. e; while.
11c; pike, 13c: trout. Co: Urge crsppie.
13flSc; Spanish mackerel. Wc; eel.. lc;
haddocks, Uc; flounders, Mc; green cat
fish, lie; roe shad, II each; shad roe, par
pair. BSc; salmon, loc; halibut. Uc; yel
low perch, tr; buffalo, c: bullheads, lie.
POl'LTRY-Hrollcra. ft-tstaT.s per do.;
spring a, Sue; bens. 17c: cock, lie: ducks,
LksjTuc: geese. Uc; turkey. 3c; pigeon,
per doat. 4L.dic. Alive: besa, Uc; old roost
era. rj. Mags. 4c; old ducks, full feath
ered, roc; geei. full feathered. Sc; tur
keys, 14c: p.geons. per doa, awe; homers,
per doa, 2. jv; be. No. L 11 .W; No. i.
BEEF CUTS-RIb: N. t Ir4c; No. I
Mc: No. J, 13c. Luliia: No. L lie; No. t
IH40; No. 1. mc. Chucks: No. L 74c;
No. X. 7Sc; No. a, 4c, Rounda: No." L,
MlS,c; No. i tV: No. J. rVc Plates:
No. L 4tc: No. L tc: No. 1. 4V-liOINtt-No.
i. 14c; No. I, IMkc; Na g, 4c
CHUCKS-No. L, tc; No. 1. lc; No. A
RI HaNo. I. 17V; No. 3. 14c; No. X
RrONDS-N. L lis; tte x. iuc; Na
t, ftc .
PLwtTKS rs. l, sc: a, z. c; 3, sc.
FRUITS, ETC. Apple, extra fancy
Ban Davis, per bbl . 44 3; Wtneaapa, per.
bbL. fancy Missouri Pippins. Den
bbt, Idaho Jonathans, extra fancy,
ner box. tZ. aa; Washington Spitxenberg..
Cr box. IS. oa: Washington R. Beauty, pen
x, gift; Washington Styman Wlne-
saps, per box. rlananaa. isncy e-
lect, per bun en. c.xxn jumoo. per
bunch. C.7aN.7S. Cranberrie. Wlsconaln
fancy, per bbl.. UA7I; per box, 13.74. Dates,
Anchor brand, new, l-l. pxga. m
boxes, per box. !2-ft; Dnmiedary brand,
new. ft l-lb. pkga. In boxes, per box, J3.00.
Fix. Cal lornla. per caa ox It P.O. 12
pkgs., ftc; per case of 14 No. 11 pkgs.,
Cjat; per case of ft No. I pkgs.. 7u9;
bulk. In ft and o-lb. box, per lb.. Inc.
new Turkish, t-orown. In Je-ib. boxes,
per lb., lie: 4-crown, In ft-lb. boxes, loc;
7 -crown, in ft-lb. boxes, per lb., 17c
Grapefruit. Florida. 1 site, per crate,
ft 04: 44 sis, per crate, ft SO; tv-M-ta ftsea.
per crate. .. Urapes, Malaga, In bbla.. Lemona, Llmonetra Selected
brand, extra fancy. IOu-341 Mies, per box.
K W; Loma LlmooelrA fancy, StA-ttv alses,
too per box lex; California. 300-3m) sites,
par box. ft tu. Orange. California Ca
me M Hrand. Navels, extra fancy, M-U-!WI-17v-3u4-:i4-3
slics. per box, 13.35; extra
choice, all alaea, per box. Pit; Elephant
brand. lft-lrrl7t-204-2l4 site, per box, !
13.50; 7 Jkt-IM sites, per box, C In.
VEGETABLES Beets: Old crop, per
lb.. Hc Cabbage: Wisconsin. Per lb., 4c;
new California, per lb.. 4c. Celery: Cal
ifornia Jumbo, per doa., 11.40: Florida. In
tha rough. 4 and I dog., per case, aift.
Cucumbers: Hot bouse, per dot., Kit).
Egg plant: Fancy Florida, per doa, lsA
Uarllc: Extra fancy, white, per lb., lie.
Lettuce; Extra fancy, leaf, per dog., tie.
Otilons: California, white, boiling, iter
lb., fc: Wlsconiu. yallow Globe, per lb..
rfsc; red Ulebq, per lb., tvye; Spanish,
per crate. tz.&. raraiey: rsucy south,
trn, per dox., bunches, owryTbc. Parsnips:
Per lb., JSC. Potatoes: Minnesota, Red
River Karly Ohio seed, per bu., 11.71;
Minnesota Early Roe seed, per bu , i ai;
Bliss Triumph seed, per bu., II aO, Wis
consin whlta stock, per bu.. 11.:). Ruta
bagas: In backs per lb., lc. Tomatoes:
Florida, per 4-bak. crate, ts 7i. Cuban,
per 4-bk. carrier, 13-St). Turnips: Pr lb.
ISCEIXANROUS-Almonda: Tarra.
gona. per lb., lssc; In sack lots, lc leas.
Coooanut: Per sack, 14.00. Filberts: Per
lb., 14c; In ck lots, lc less, peanuts:
Routed, in sack lots, per lb 7V:
roasted, leaa than sack lota, per lb., kc;
raw, per lb 4c Pecans: lrge, per lb.,
17c: In sack Iota, lc leas. Walnuts New
crop, UU, CaStornla. per lb.. 17c: In sack
lota, o leaa. t ior: blew .tehawka, per
Ift-gal. I bbl , p.U; per m-gal. bbl., ft..');
New York Moll's, per lS-xsl s bbl.. U'J:
per 10-gal. bbl., K.3A Honey: New. 24
framea, tJ.7t. Kraut: Per 14-gil. keg,
13.7a; per i-gal. keg, II. Si.
Philadelphia rrodaca Market.
Steady; western creamery special, 'Ale;
extra. 33c; nearbv printa, extra. Sic,
KOOS-FIrm; aOlOc per rase higher;
Pennsylvania and other nearby first.
free cases, ft.M per case: currents, tt.44j
fer c; waatern firsts, rrre cases,
Itl.eO per case; current receipts, free
cases, ft. 44 per case.
CHEESE Firm: New York full
creams, fancy, 9rj04,c; fair to gootl,
Mllwsake Oral Market.
No. 1 northern.. ll.lO'rayl.llS: No. 1
northern. II OoWl : No. i hard winter,
fl.ttuiyl W: May, 1104: Jnuly. i',i7c
CORN No, 1 yellow. WtiToHc; No. I
whlta. ToftiiiVrc; No. 3, 7iurtlvc; May,
7iSc; July, 'Vta bid.
OATS-eitandard. av4tffic.
BARLEY Malting. I1.S1..
Colfr Market.
NEW YORK. April 1-MX1FFEE-Futureg
market opened gteady at a
decline of attl point under scattered
liquidation and a Utile European sell
ing. Th market Improved during
later on ahorta covering and trade buy
ing and dosed stesdy net 1 points !.;er
to 4 points higher. 1st months being
retstiveiy iirm. iaiea. ji.ira oax.
April, ltTAr; May, 13.74c: June, U toe;
Julv.13.Wr: August. ll.Mc; September.
Jt 43: October. U. sue; November. 11.44c:
December, lino; January, February
and March. lS Wc. .
Havre waa VHt-a -franc' lower. Ham
burg was unchanged, Rio. .wnchanred
at t7; Santn. unchanged:'. M74:
7s 7K4A. Receipts at the two Rraxll
lan porta were M.n hag, against 4.A
bags last year. Jumilahy receipts
Vl.oA bags., against tiUt bags laat year.
Todoy'a special Santos cable report"
4a unchanged and Sao Paulo receipts of
MOW baara. or Ih same as yesterday.
New York warehouse dellveriee yester
day were IMS bam, against I.44X bit its
last year. Snot coffee, quiet;' Rio. No.
7. !V-: "...4 Santos, lesc Mild,
quiet; Cordova. H-alac nominal
Rvaparated Apples aad Ilrted Fralta
APPI.H5 4Jutet with prices unchanged:
fancy. rtlnHic; choice, 4t4c; prime,
liRIED FRUITS Prune, steadier on
spot, owing possibly to unfavorable
crop tulvice! from the coast: quota
tions range from tSfi.'tHfcc for Call
fornlss up to l-tua and from Utile
for Oregon. Apricot, quiet, but firm,
with choice quoted st 14jv14Hc. Peaches
quiet, with choice quoted at lOS K,c;
extra choice, HdllVtc; fancy. 11 Mi lie.
Raisins, unchanged: loos muscatels,
WrSSe; choice to fancy seeded. "
74c: seedless, itrfiTVsc: Ixindon layers
n.gktjt.ti. , .
LlTersaaal Grala Market.
steady; No. I red weetern winter, la 3d.
Future, easy; May.. 7s 14d. July.
7s 7 VI : October. 7a tsd.
CORNSpot, steady: American mixed.
new. I 4tdi American mixed, old. I
4 MSd; new American kiln dried.
te7trd. Furore, steady; May. t7Hd;
September, is lTd-
Peoyrta Market.
PEORIA. 111.. April t-CORN Higher:
Net. 1 white. 7&t7e: No. 4 white, 71 Sc:
No. 1 yellow. T&Sjc: No. 4 yellow. J41ic;
No. 1 mixed. TSSjc; No. 4 mixed. 7c.
OATS-Steady: Na 1 white, Kt:
sianaaro. osc. 10. a wniie, sac; ou.
-- wmmt ,
Dry tld Market.
The cotton mxketa a re ateady. Ad
vances were announced during the day
in percale and wide sheeting. Dress
goods are firmer, staple snowing a
higher tendency. Yarn, quiet. -
Omaka Bar Market.
OMAHA. April 3.-NO. L tio: No. 1
13.04: No. t, t3Lt); No. 1 midland. a.4:
No. 1 lowland. .: aitaira. caotc id
and 4th cutlisuT. SeVA): 1st and 3d cuttirjat
mixamii: No. X, KlgagTXM: No. A
U4.4tva.4u. .
lauxaur Mark. v
NEW YORK. ADril t-cJlGAR- Raw
ulet. muscovado, a teat. 144c; cenuif
ugal, x test. A34c; tnoUssta, ft test.
2.41c ReDrjed, easy.
Aiki BooseTelt Men to (rather is
Omaha Best Week.
Tblaks Prefrrratial Vole SksalS Not
c Hampered with Otbrr Caa.
teat 1. Fallelte Mra Are
lajortlac. -
John O. Teiaer ts sencing out another
letter to th Roosevelt men in Nebraska,
asking them to meet with him In Omaha
on April IA fur th purpose of makings'
final or ta Dilation with a view to carry
ing th state for Roosevelt at the primary
election, in th letter Mr. Yeiaer sayt:
'Tha agreement between Roosevelt and
La Foilette force tor union ot delegate
to the national convention and presiden
tial electors settles that question. The
men ar all honorable and cannot be
swayed from tha terms of that agreement
regardless ot th bitterness ot Mr. La
Foilette or hi managers against Mr.
Kooeevelt. We who favor Mr. Roose
velt regard Mr. La Foilette ss a brilliant.
strong man, and although w regret his
uss of personalities we will still keep
faith with his followers regardless of
whst h may do,
"We do not want a slste confounded
with any other name, whether Unites)
State senator, vice president, govarnor
or national committeeman.
Keen right Free. .
"Th Ls Foilette organisation Is either
Indiscreet or I trying to work up an
tagonism by ringing in other fights They
ha vs. left Senator Brown oft when tltey
knew many friends of the senator are
also for Roosevelt, In order to eon-
sen- all our strength neither senatorial
candidal should b on our presidential
"It was injudtcloug to plac Governor
Aldrlch'g nam on the ticket. Ther i
no opposition in the republican party to
him. He will get M per cent of the re
publican votes and- this move was mad
to assume ther I a fight which doe
not exist. However, as there is no real
opposition we will Include this name.
"It 1 unimportant to add national com
mitteeman to this slate ag he doe not
serve in that position until after all
nominations ere mad. This position wag
not Included In our agreement for thst
very reason. A great many Roosevelt
men will support Mr. Rosewster, because
he la now chairman of the national com
mittee, which Is s great honor to Ne
braska and which they hop to retain,
and they know he would be -aa loyal to
Roosevelt If nominated as he has been
to Tsft. There ar many reasons why
w should have a clear cut Roosevelt
fight Instead ot being diverted by any
side Issues. ' ,
"For the above reason! I am sending
out this letter with A ticket postscrlpted
by way ot suggestion to ask your sdvlc
concerning It I would be pleased to have
you who are Interested writ or meet
me on April 14 In Omaha to arrange for
organisation and finance! to publlih and
distiibut this ticket Information with
any changes to be suggested."
That every man ha a right to eject
undeslrablea from his home when they
refuse to pay their rent and act dlaorderly
Is what Frank Green, s barber of MO
Cuming street believe. Hlg belief,
however, mulled In his arrest last night,
when he forced C. Webster, a teamster,
and Thomas Riley, a friend, to vacate
rooms st thet place.
Green told the police that Webster
rented the room and agreed to pay 10
much, and after getting hla goods In the
room told a hard luck story and finally
refused to pay anything.. Green made
him leave and Webster says he used a
revolver to carry out bis order.
Oreen. when arraigned thla morning be
fore Judge Foster, pleaded hi rights
Think of the Hot Summer Coming
Comfort then means much to the
employees well as the employe.'
More and better work can be accomplished
in a cool, well ventilated office such as is
afforded by The Bee Building.
Tile apaeiousness of
the bu i lding ' is
made p r o jh i n c hi
through Hie largo
court and good
shed offices,dircct
ly connected with
outside exposure,
which aids in form
ing air passages
through the whole
structure. Other
conveniences of
Bee buildine ton-
ants are assured through attentive janitor service '
and speedv elevators. Now is the time to move into
A few vacant offices tare listed:
Bms 34 aA 939 Adjoining rooms can t rented sing! r v
uite. At present both room are divided by ten.puru-v woo4
and gmn partition; hare an eat axposura on eyentesatj
street and are very desirable
Boost 4SS Is 15HxlS feet In sixe; haa two north windows and a
ttrlrat office partitioned off Inside-thl apace. Thia roota
would be particularly well aulted for an architect or studio.
sVoobx ACS Fronts on Famam street and Is almost In front of ele
ratot landing. Hire 4txl9V, or 144 auuare feet- Rartitlotiecl
to afturd private office end reception room.
Beast Ita Reception Room, priest office, two large elositi large
workroom with two north windows Ideal office for engineer.
Architect doctor or other profosainai man. Rental per
montii. i,-,,., tB .OA
Boots OS la 11-lxtt ta alio, located on th court closs to ake
llgnt. tho baring axoallsnt natural light. The trpac could
b divided s sa to maka two Tory pleasant reetna. Prica
Biaula vim
M0 Office ra th ncrthweet corner, fesring four larre in
owa A fireproof vault for the protection ot valuable ialora
4 much In demand and in thia l4aa-nrt Tkaa 1
ttl ot III Oftuars feet of floor apace and ami would be
The Bee BuOding Co.
BeeBusine8s Office 17th and Farnam Sts
that Webster was aa undesirable. Hs
said that be had asked him stlaxiy tirnag
for hi rent, but h was always held off
on the plea of no job sod xas, rauney.
The court dfsmrned hlro, , kedptug ta)
"v00"- " 5
-" . . . e I
Bender Chaiiraan !
of Labor League
. . .- . i , .
Robert Bender was elected permanent
chairman of the Labor leagu At Ita
regular weekly meeting held last 'night
in Labor temple. Mr. Bender win Aiea
take charg of the Labor league bead,
quarters, which will be opened today In
Room 41a. Paxton block.
Three now seniber wer elected alto
to fill the vacancies on the executive
board, which were caused by the wlth-Hrow-ai
r their delecatrs front th league
by th Printers' nd Carpenters unions.
Notwtthitsndlng, these two orraruiatlons
withdrew from th league, due to th
endorsement of Mayor Dahlman by that
body, a printer and a carpenter wer
elected to th board. They wer John E.
Emblem and Harry Stroeaser. respect
ively. Chairman Bender wss Instructed
by the members of the leagu to at
tend the various ward meeting! this,
week and get workers to hustle for tha
Labor league's slate at the primaries.
Alabama Parallels
1 Example No. 41
When we sold Alabama Midland
Ry. First Mortgage 6 Bondg our
prlc was 19 V The Line Is now
part of tha Atlantic Coast Line
System, and th bond sold re
cently st IOJ'4 a increase f
194 points. ,
' MaaawaLV ear eliant bars re
ceived a large Income with per
fect safsty.
Recorring Opportunities
Yf now offer, with equal confi
dence, at a price to Field , the
First Mortgage bonds of s railroad
operating lit the same territory.
Clrcnlara oa nqtuat,
F. J. Lis man & Co.
Member of Raw Tor and Coloags
took lahangas-
'. 108 Ho. La Salle St., Chicago
(APR AS ..
Will lean on security requlr
lag gpselal Investigation
sr clos supervision, and ,
not avallsbl for bank loana
Larg enterprises financed.
Prompt Investigation f,
security offered, whatever
It character 0 r location,
HEW TORE 19 Broad Street
r ftTXADSIePMLA . . . Lafayatts Rldg.
CUCAM... First ftavT. Bank Rldg.
Swolle. Varicose VIm ',,.!
lie. Kiephanllaala. Tltakaaoai thl
InnamrsattoB, aurenea and glaroloraj
llos; rrlH-vee tbe paia sod Uredoeei
rodoeea tea awelllDg. gradually realoa
lag pan a eonnal atn-ngik kod is
OMBrOHM ll.lll.Ulvl I ,.S
"" ' alld. aa(. pleasant a nine DUO
aaai, baling sag soothing, severe eaaea wbl
vatna hare ulcerated sod broke bavs bee eoa
eletely sad pennanemly carrd. inl Taw appU
eattona o( AHHOKBINE. JR.. will give roll
and prove lie went III and 42 ts ear Bottle a
draggiata or delivered. IMa:i.-d dirocuoas. reprN
on recent eaaes and Book 0 O f ra on requeo
W.f.VOUHS.P.O.'. IM TsaiilB It, 4rka4aet, Mat
,'i i r'- ' ,T' -i
; V . . -7" Ibw r ' H3fV