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Dreams of a Lobster Fiend
Cofjrright by International News Service,
Drawn for The Bee by Winsor McCay
WANNA DO yiT Jum1. BE AH A AlUt 0N,7"ATv ' 6Tt ! JtOOAH UPE lM
frTrToIS ..lo dip n 1 7oLrj
Some day
hrou take
foil EVA.H
to Employ Expert
Early Beginning of Many Inning
Games it Xade.
Werld'e C kaaaBloas Hava lira alar
Llnrap wllk Esecetloe ( Pitch
ers Pkllllee Lew to Bal
tlsaere. NEWARK. X. J.. April 1-Prt-seaeon
gamea of professional base ball In this
city brain today with a fourteen-lnnmg
fight to a -J tla between tha Philadelphia
American world a champions and tha
Jiewerk team of tha International league.
Toe world champions bad their regular
lineup, with ti.e exception of the pitchers,
who were tha youngsters. Haltnon and
Bonner. Tha game waa called on ac
count of darkness, efcore: ft. HE.
Ptill delphla tlt1ttl-Jtl t
JSewark ... It I ittttl Mte-I II 1
Batierlra: I'hlladrlpuia. Hilnwn. Hon
Her, ltpp and Kgan; Newark, Geekill,
JLee, ilelmee, smith and iiergeo.
Pbllltew Defeated.
BALTIMORE. Md.. April L-The Baltl
mora International lee Sim dab defeated
tha Philadelphia, Katlonala today. 4 to I
Allen Russell, brother of "Lefty" Russell
CENTRAL C1TT. Neb.. April l.-.Spe-ctal.rIn
response to the announcement
that Prof. 0. W. Pugsley, head of the
extension department of tha stste univer
sity, would bo liera to present the plan
of farm supervision and experiment work
In Merrick couty. to l' farmers
gathered at tha city hall In this city gat
urday afternoon. Prof. Paoley announced
the plan to be as previously set out that an
expert should be placed In Merrlrk county
to devote his whole time to ttia work,
and that farmers who were willing ahould
allow the use of a portion of their farms
for tha various experiments In tha tillage
of tha soil and other elements of Im
proved farming.
The plan Is to raise In Merrick
county and tha understanding Is that two
of tha salary, making a total or rt.3,
will be borne by tha sista agricultural
school. It la proposed to secure tha ser
vices of Prof. V. Culver, this year con
nected with tha asTletiltural department
of Nebraska Central college aa tha resi
dent expert. A committee to raise the
money waa appolnt4.iconalstlnir of E.
It', liadger, chairman, and O. II. Gray,
and a recent Ualttmors recruit, struck I Theodore Oetermen. Frank Campbell,
out three batsmen In succession with
three ana on bases. Score: R.H.E.
Baltimore ... It I I t t I Mil I
Philadelphia, el lasts 1-1 74
Hatteriea: Baltimore, Irgert. Russell
and Payne; Philadelphia. Curtis, Oldham,
Masters and Qraaem.
Irtesi Basel at Bat.
ST. LOUIS. April L-Hlttlng the kail
t opportune moments cava the Ameri
cans the second game of the spring aeries
with the Katlonala this afternoon, a to i.
Two run behind when they went to bat
la the eighth, the Americans scored three
runs and went ahead. The Nationals tied
It In the ninth. The Americana scored
ths winning run two singles and
sacrifice, "core: .. .. "-H.K.
Americans 4 11 1
Katlonala .....,..... I 4
Batteries: Americans. C. Drown, Hamil
ton and HeeHrens; 'National. Harmon,
Thomas Wlnfleld, A. M. Templln and
Wed Marsh.
It la proposed to seek the aid of the
county board of supervisors and ths
township boards where tha work will be
carried en. and money will also be raised
among . the farmers and business men
Interested In Improved agriculture.
T. PAL'U Neb.. April l.-!pef lal.)
A league comprising three towns of
leoward county and three of Bherman
county waa organised In this city a few
dais ago. "itepresentatlTet from i "recti of
the towns-tn the league .were p'roeent and
maay rulea were) raw a uu.eba .ut which
Btrelr a4 -resrian.mtieewv .ajeTW wriry--tmms-pta ers ?, ftiwn
ad Johnstone.
Nallnals Take Cease.
LOUISVILLE. , April I.-Tha Chloago
National league team today defeated the
Louisville American association team by
score of to 4.
HOUHTON. Tax., March XL-After tha
game had gone eleven Innings the Phila
delphia Americana Intentionally presented
a victory to the Houston, Tex., league
club today. Coombs walked Davis and
threw the ball over the bleachers, Davis
completing the circuit. Tha score waa
I to L Bonder and Coombs pitched for
tha Americana.
Hweetera Lose.
INDIANAPOLIS. lnd April l.-Indlan-apjJlls
association players outhlt but
lest to the Brooklyn National tragus'
team today through poor fielding by a
score of 4 to t. Indianapolis showed 'the
Is ok of early training and made five
errors, while Brooklyn Blare errorleeb
bail' Score; R.II.B.
Brooklyn .... I 1 U t-4' 4 4
Indianapolis. lltMlllMII
Bournes: Brooklyn, Barger and fcrwlnt
Indianapolis. Kimball, Hlxoo, noutbet,
l'earce and twnnelly. Vmsire: Chlu.
Aeaerieeae Leave.
WACO Tel., ArUi 1-Th Chicago
Americana, who have been training tier,
woo their last game this afternoon from
the Waco, Tex., league team. 1 tol and
left tonight on the homeward trip. They
will stop at Fort Worth tor one game,
two at Oklahoma City and one each in
Wichita nod Topeka, Kaa. Other games
will be arranged later as It Is not planned
to reach home before April 1
Permlla to amok lc- AH dealers.
low Scientific
Corn Remover
- ii . . .
tttuU .tiist, SiUst, Qolikitt!
would be allowed to play. lan Webster
of Ht Paul waa elected presidents The
sohedule haa not yet been draw up,
but It la planned to commence soon. Ths
season will open In April.
The towns that will comprise the league
are Loup City, Roekvtlle, Athlon, Denne
aroai Boelus and rirwell.
There hv also, a movement on foot to
Organise 'a central Nebraska leagwe to
iaeiade H. Paul and neighboring towna.
The prospects this urgsnlsaUult are
fine. . .
, i ' : : r
... ; ,. "' ', t
Pcveral resolutions ordering Installation
Of llgtita In the various wards were paased
by. .ths city council at an adjourned
seastoa llrMay rsjoiwlng.' Btreet
loner Tom rijin gj ordered to repair
streets 4n Olfsrent saitinf tWdtp,, ren
dered, fmpansable by Cht recent thaw.
i , .-
'-OfiyiClerk Bam PU Butler .ban anl4 IS
dog taxes since Friday. About I.OM tags
are asuMty. e1 before Mag (a)f, are
rMS v. -, -.-
TABIJS tX-K.fee.. April. l-(ttpe
chvViBev.J. tt HJsneil of Lpwltton,
whees). nans wag pied, sX. ruhuin
rasdldato fpr represratallve la. talis (U
trKi 'kat wlfOeawa? s a.eanM.late,'ls
naai kwylrg becri filed trtthout Ms sen-;
mUil.w. re t fiH.wps ijevf"'"
renreeentatlve 'in this district. O. W.
Potts of DuBole. democrat There is but
ens candidal for .the office of county
commissioner In the first dlstrlcA. C, J.
Middleton, republican, of Lewlston. Hon.
a i. Orahaoi of Pawnee City, pres
ent, county atloraeqr. has no oppoaltie.
fur the nomination, either In his or the
democratic, party. All of which mty-ht
tend M make the vet light at the AorM
arimarlea. ' ''
.- - Tt BUit Hand "
la seen when liver Inaction and bowel
stoppage flies before Irr. King Jfww
Ufa P1IU. the easy regulators. 2S cts.
ror sale by Beaton Lrug Co.
Mayor of Alliance
WiUNot Resign
ALIJA.VCB. N'rb.,. April. 1 -Kpcil.-In
an imo.ew with Mayor K. W. Hnl
wiih rnrard to th. anion taken by the
coventor of Nebrarlm In atartlns ounti-r
proceedtnrs. 3rlayor Uarrls has made the
following tat.'nHnL
I harofit frathlTrt; for which I phouW
rwiun frfm my ottue; whtle It 1 true
that th two martlial r undrr Indict
mnt, non of th tcutimony tiJ bwn
mad p'ibHc, and no rfquet ha bten
mtvie on me to remov thM n.n trvm
oft Ice. exropt a casual vtntv-nient from
two or three of the jurora, matinc that
theae men were dlnhonrDt, but living; no
facta to rorroborata the eame.
l'ndr thM rtrt-unutanrB I have not
denied It fair land In thla my action hats
ba?n uphi-ld by the counctlmi-n and th
cMy aiturneyt lo remove thfae men from
office, w.thout th-lr flret hati(r an op
portunity to anawrr the Indictment under
whit-h thev ar rharcrd.
A number of th jurora who le;ned th
tatmnt rft-rrMl to art not rUar aa to
uat what It contained, but Inasmuch aa
havo teen none tt the pnra, I am
naturally In the dark aa to how to an
awer the allikite. To my knowledge
thra haa nut bwn any camblUMr or law
leVaneaa that haa not been DroDt-rly tnkn
care of, pnd from the fact that I tifve
bn ejected to my third aucceaelire term
one year ao. by a vote of 140 to my op
ponent a :ie, i conclude thla to be utn
dent evidence of the enteem In which I
am held by the votera of Alliance,
I have been denied all evidence of any
kind Riven before the grand Jury, and aa
( eatd before, no requeat haa Iv-en made
fur the removal of the Indicted men.
other than jo raeual converaatlona of
two or three of the a rand Jurora. althoutth
a tranacrlpt of the evidence aeema it)
have been aent to the governor of Ne
btaaka for action.
v ;
CENTRAL CITT, Neb.. April L-tHpe-clal..)-J.
O. Llebhsrt. a farmer residing
northeast of Central City, believes thai
John lKiwd. the escaped convict who
kflled himself rather thsn submit to
raplde last week at Uratna. worked
for him last June - Mr. Uebhart says
that Powd't krUrf It an excellfnt like
ness of ths man who assisted Mm Tor
ten dsys. the expressions In ths picture
beltg unniistuksble; Iow.l worked for
him under the name of Clementa and
as a good hsnd. though a bit gruff
and outspoken. He took a great Interest
Hi Mr. Lteblieit's automobile and wanted
Hi borrow It one night tor a ride. Ills
request ' ws refused and ft angered him
so that th next day ha Vralt work. Mr.
LUbhart thought at the time that he
had It planned to get away with ths
automobile, but waa prevented from do
ing ao because the battcrtea had been
taken out of It, the owner fearing that
the rhtred man had something of that
tort in his mind.
Exchange of Compliment in Ne
braska Getting- Warmer.
BEYAN TO SE5AT01 HITCHCOCK Calls Atteatlaa to Past
Prrferasaneee of the War Id
Herald nasi Pelata Oat Hla
Own Coarse.
Cesad roaaaarrrlal flak Haa Baaejeet
COZAD. Neb.. April t-tMpeetal.r-l ns
Commercial ctub and retell dealers held
their annual banquet on Friday evening
aad nearly let guests were In attendance.
Th speaker of the evening was Judge
W. D. Oldham of Kearney, who gave
an sddresa upon municipal development.
Captain T.'a. Taylor responded to his
favorlts toast" 'The Ladles." Rev.
Bfyant C. Hews tslked on "The Ke la
tino of the Church to tha Town." Th
Relation vf the Partner to the Town"
was given by IfB. Allen, -secretary of
tha Farmers' Institute. Clisrlrt . E.
Allen and Mayor I It parnee respondsd
to Impromptu toasts. Dr. J. 1L Sayer
acted aa toaetmaater.
..Mrs. Man bpry Js Dead.
AbhlArcTK' Neb., April L-!ipeclaU)-'rsJ..fftpimiV5Prv,
'hP n" ,'nrrVwlf at
her neeae In tats sHy on Msrrh'l. leav
ing 'a1" 4"(e lo the effect that she ab
solved, aer nuaband from all blame for
hex- act. died late last night, although
sanguine htpes for her. recovery were
entertained- for weeks past, complica
tions set In a tew dsys sgo to which
she succumbed,, her condition being- too
weak la buffet the dleeajw.
. - t- r- - ' -
Plekrell Bank Meet, officers.
IlKATRrCK, Neb.. April L-(f peclel.l-
At jne annnal meeting of ths Mate bank
of IMrtrreH etarorday threw officers- were
elected: Ed Haumann. president: Chris
Snllker. vice president: F. L. Pothast.
cashier. The directors are Kd Bau-
mann. Chrta fpllker. F. L. Pothast, W.
The Umpire's Wife
(A Piteous Ballad)
Eey good-bra to every touchy, torturing,
crippling com and bunion erery distress
ing dirt-occumuiatlng, foot-enlarging
callous! There's a new and quick way
a cure and eaxe way to eomplei' - d
yourself of ail ouch pesky, troublesome
"BlJ0O"-tiiaCs the new marvel!
"Bingo," the fruit of master acteaufic
minda, Hreiee laboratory research and
experience. Put "Bingo" on't aad eay!
Palu's gone iuet like that! Cora dies,
dries up and yon pick out the whole
Uamed thing body, seed, root, and eu
ro easily, painlessly, you can t help
shouting "GUry to Bingo!" No catting
no bteedmg no blood fteening! No In
jury u healthy flesh! No sticky stock
ings! No bethersoene straps no lumpy
eotfe bails! Kone ef the usual annoy
anret. -
Mr "KaaV at year rartst-s--aV-er fee
XaM't U a. ad sn le Teftttre raataiacal C.,
1(1 Me. IWIUII (L. rWraeK "1 SelS IS tM
exs kr Sa ma is a MaCanaell Pees re. tete
aS DeSge. UtS sa4 Haiwrr MtS aaS Paraeak
n IStSrar.aaaflar's Cst frVM Dree Stare,
K. HtS at. : ikaa J sctrkmar. uta aad
Jaitoe ate : gnaw toeg Ok.. U X. Sag M.
Another bis ball season It waa toon lo come to pass.
At kmpirt'a wife waa petting to her home;
' Her eye with fear waa giaaay. like the ahinleat kind of Blast,
. Aa awful pain made wrinkles In ber dome.
She wrote to Garry Herrmann and to far Ban Johntno, to.
Both membera of tbe National com mixtion.
And these few wtrda that day on paper the did say
At 'tr tbe sheeta her pea It went a-awtsbin':
"Don'l let air husband umpire I lor him more than jon
I love hla note, I love hit ears, I lore hit eyea to blue.
H lost two rib last summer in a ball fame at St. Lou. .
Don't let my hut band umpire . I love him mora than Ton!"
Them letter tped upon their way, aa mot stamped letter do,
' Bat to hi wife no' answer ever came:
' hey madt her hatband umpire, ber husband kind and true,
And vf'at the player did. It wag a shame.
They broke the Bote- sue loved ao well, they kicked away hla eara,
Hts ,ye to blot were blinded one tad day.
Bit loving wife so kind lot ber mind when be went blind.
And Oty and night these sad worda the doe sav:
(Same choraa.)
.'he wr in the rank of the Nebraska
democratlo party Is getting warmer
dally. Mr. Bryan hat wheeled his heavy
artillery Into opposition, and Is now
bombarding the World-Ili-ralds editor
fiercely. In the meantime "Mike" Har
rington Is also bearing explosive shells
In the same direction, sud the engage
ment bids fair to , become general all
along the line.
In his Commoner Mr. Bryan shoots his !
biggest funs at Senator Hitchcock. From
hla recent editorial's dealing with the
senator, the following are excerpts:
"Mr. Hitchcock knows aa well aa sir. 1
Bryan does that the democracy of Ne-
braekn la progretalvaj, but be le not
only witling, but anxious, to misrepresent
the democracy of thla state In the matter
of the presidential nomination. He Is
endeavoring to prevent any co-operation
between the two progressive candidates
-Mr. Wilson snd Mr. Clark-wlth a view
to securing, not only a majority, but
a plurality fur Mr. Harmon, and If h
can do this, be will go to Baltimore and
ally himself with the plutocratic In
fluences that are attempting to force Mr.
Harmon upon the party.
"Mr. Bryan Invite the democrats of the
tats to decide between his position and !
the position taken by Mr. Hitchcock. I
Mr. Bryan will. If the democrats w ish j
It, represent them as a delegate, pro- '
tided be can carry out their Instructions '
In spirit ae well ae in lettert If he ;
ran not do so not being able to-know I
In, .ajlvapce jf ,. Ilia, .election-lie ivlu re-.
sign his commission and leave the repre- j
semalloa lo others who cap glvfr. voJco
lo;ht jNSrty't ajshea aa expressed at ths
primaries. ,
That ! of Iagratltsde."
Ftnce Senator Hitchcock It claiming ths
honor of being elected s delegate-at-large
on the gronnd that re tt'a better
democrat than Mr. Frran, It la only fair
that their records be compared. In the
winter of IKt-lwo. Mrr Hitchcock tried to
secure from Governor Poynter an appoint
ment aa I'nltcd Btatea senator In spite of
the fact that tha democrats and populists
In the legislature had supported Kenator
Allen for re-election. The rule of the
people was not In Mr, Hitchcock's
thoughts when his ambition stood in the
way. Mr. liryan'e endorsement of Sena
tor Allen roused Mr. Hitchcock's wrath,
which, after a temporary outburst, was
suppreaaed ao long at an appearance of
friendship was advantageous to him.
"In IM Mr. Bryan opposed Judge Par
ker's nomination and was supported by a
unanimous vote in the atate coaventlon.
in aptte of this Mr- Hitchcock threw
whatever Influence toe had In favor of
Judge Parker the rule of the people
did net weigh with him then. . At this
time Ifenaror Hitchcock Is seekintMo pre
vent co-operation between th proaresve
democrats of Nebraska In the hope -of
securing not ' a majority, but merely a
plurality for Governor Harmon. Whl'.e
he la thoutlnf for the rule-of the people
he Is openly working to defeat the will
of the people.
Wkra HllrHewek Sotd Oat.
"Mr. Brian la following the course he
haa followed for twenty years with the
approval of the democracy of the state
In 154. toon after Mr. Bryan became
editor of the World-Herald. Mr. Hitch
rock, the proprietor of the paper, aold
two columns to the republican committee
to be used to oppose the gubernatorial
candidate whom the paper waa auliport
Ing. Mr. Bryan announced to Mr. Hitch
rock hia purpose to resign It the con
tract was not cancelled. , Mr. Hitchcock
did not deny the light of resignation then
but cancelled the contract (but was after
wards compelled by the court to carry It
out). In IsM a democratic atate conven
tion Indorsed th unconditional repeal of
the Sherman act and Mr. Bryan, a eon-,
greeamaa then, refused to accept It as
the settled policy of his party. He made i
a fight against It and was next year
nominated for the United States senate
without opposition and ha been nomi
nated for th presidency three times
"In 199, after being instructed for by
nearly every state in the union, he re
fused the promise to run unless the plat
form was one which he could honestly de
fend. His course in reserving the rlsht
to refuse to run w-aa Indorsed by his
nomination at that time and by eubse
quent nomination. Mr. Bryan Is taking
exactly the tame position he has taken
heretofore he recognizes, and will pro
tect, the right of the people t? h.V'
whst they want, but he reserves the
right by resigning, to refuse to be the
people's spokesman when he cannot with
out violation of his conscience and judg
ment say what the people want said es
pecially when under lite law a minority
may be uniting, override a divided ma
jority." Harrlasrton'a Inerrancy.
in a recent editorial the World-Herald
called attention to the "amazing dex
terity with which Mr. Harrington ma
nipulates fscts snd not facts, and the
recklessness with which he slings his
charges." Mr. Harrington comes right
back with a characteristic letter, too long
for publication In Its entirety, addressed
to the World-Herald, from which these
paragraphs are taken:
"Will -yo pleeae point out one Incorrect
statement I have ever made on a politi
cal Issue, or a fsct of any kind, except
one error In detailing Harmon's connec
tion with one of Cleveland's bond issue"?
1 was for the Newberry bill when tne
World-Herald opposed it. Can you find
any fault In my aupport of that measure?
I was for the second Newberry bill when
the World-Herald still opposed It. Can
you find grounds for rccklerneas' there?
With the exception of the plank written
by Mr. Burrowa In the farmers' alltan'-e
platform, I wrote the first plank asalnl
the vicious railroad pas r-yfttem ever put
Into a Nebraska state platloniu Will
you find fault with that? 1 wrote the
first r-cent fsre declaration ever written
In a Nebraska platform. Will you find
fault with that? I wrote a freight rate
bill which commended Itself lo 4t Hrse
number of republicans In the lerlslature.
even under the administration n( Mickey.
Waa there any YecktesMireS' aliout that?
1 wrote tha first bill ever presented to
Nebraska lerlHltture mskltig the railroad
companies liable to their employee fo:
Injuries occasioned by fellow servants
and It took ten years before we finally
succeeded, and during practically alt o
that time, and particularly ths earllet
atagr-s. we got no help from the World
Herald. I prepared n measure to protect
packing house employes who were In
jured, and their widows and children In
caae of their death. F.vcn up to this
time the World-Herald hasn't progressed
far enough to aupport that measure, al
though a somewhat similar measure has
become a law In New Jersey through the
efforts of Woodrow Wilson. I wrote the
first initiative and referendum plank that
has appeared in a Nebraska platform,
and I re-wrote it In the Giand Island
Ilatform, although, of course, with the
concurrence if my associates. Is there
any error or "recklessness" In that?
-Mast Have Itepabltcaa otes.
"The prosrt-Sflve democrats owe it to
themselves to line up to the very lsst
man behind Wilron. Champ Clark It a
h-ood man and Is making a good speaker,
but If nominated for president be cer
tainly could get no such vote in the
northwest, at least, as Woodrow Wilson.
The one rran that insurgent republicans
will suppcrt Is Wilson. Wo must have
this support to win. Any person who
haa been over tile state to any consider
able extent knows that Champ Clark has
no possible chance of carrying Nebraska
in the primarU. A vote for Clark is a
vote in the air. It Is half a vote for Har
mon. Tha Wilson men and the Wilson
delegates are all for Champ Clark as
their second choice. The same is true all
over the I'nltcd States. Wilson Is recog
nized as the m:st progressive of pro
gressive democrats. Champ Clark is re
liarcl.d next. The Harmoa-Wall street
trowd will try to nominate I'nderwood If
they cannot nominate Harmon, t'ndcr-.
wood Is easily their second choice. They
would even go to Marshall before Clark,
for Marshall Is against the Initiative and
referendum. Champ Clark'a friends ought
not to endanger the progressive move
ment in Nebraska. Being tremendously
in the minority they ought to co-operate
! with a friendly majority and help to fling
. back the defy of Wall street which It has
! made by making its only fight In the
j entire northwest In Bryan's home state."
tXOVX FALLS. P., April l.-i Spe
cial.) After negotiations attending over
several wwk?. the memTrers of what ia
known us the Wolf Creek Mt-nnonlt
colony, situated In Hutchinson county,
hare concluded arrangement a for tlio
purchave of 9.W9 acres of land In Mon
tana, ujKm which ; branch Wolf Crce!s
colony will be established. The Montana
tract cost ifOO.OOO. and it Is undertod
that spot cash tias paid, the Wolf Creek
colunlfta Uin bmong the wealthiest in
the country The clony has enjoyed a
steady inrreatc in numbers until It
camo necessary to raro lor the surplut,
ao (the tract in Montana wua purchased.
PIERRE. P. D . April l.-Speclal Tele
gram.) The little town of Davenport, in
Northern Stanley county,' waa wiped out
by fire Friday of last week. The lost
was total, as there was no Insurance on
the structures burned, and no water
supply to fight the tire.
Bee Want Ads Produce Kesul'.a.
BreV Badger
A ConHnatJ Story in Pittum by "Fman"No, I
5 that combination
effect the close s
5 front with plenty 5
5 of room to show S
the tie.
S Its generous " Easy-Tie-
sZ Slide" space makes every Z
wearer a Capitol collar S
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II The Patented " Lock -that- Z
Lock " keeps tbe collar from 21
22 spreading.
2 Co into your haberdasher's and
tea " Capitol." - White-
house" is In. higher. S
pion Collars
Otusef Va? -' asnsnra
I ler 23c Quarter Sises
UwhSa4rtACetWCeatsaaes,Tiy. S
Something more than an ordinary toaio is required to ret tore health to
a wrtakanad, run-derm syrtttn; tbtjintdkant mutt possess blood-prariiyio.g
rropertie a well, beoaoat th vtaknaBS and impurity of th oircuiavtica is
rwspontibh) for tht poor physical co oration. Th blood does not contain
the utiauttij qinntirj art rich, red corpuscles, and Is therefore a weak,
irattr atxetvm which cannot afford amfficisot ttotirishmant to sustain tht
system fci -ordinary hetvlUu' A poorly aouritbfxl body cannot resist disease,
and this explains why ao many persons art attacked by t spall of
etc knees when tht nst of a good torn would hava prevented th trouble.
In 8. S. 8. will b found both .biood-ci eansi ng snd tonio qualitiaa combined.
It build op weak oonttJrutions by remorina; til impurities snd germs from
tha blood, thua supplying t certain meant for restoring strength and
lnTigortung tht systtm. -Tht healthful, vegetable ingredients of which
8. 8. 8. is composed mak it tpleudidly fitted to tht needs of thos systems
which art) dalicat from any cause. It is Nature's Perfect Tonic, free from
sJi harmful minerals, s safe and pleasant acting medicino for persons of
every age. 8. 8. 8. lids th body of that tired, worn-out feeling so common
at this season, improves tht appetite and digestion, tones tip the stomach,
acts with pleasing s2cts on th nervous svstem, and reinvigorates every
portion of tht body. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAS! A, GA,
Bejinning with to-day we start a series of
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This matchless bottled beer has earned its
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cJlnSCfi?. Job Guna Brewing Co.
rheaes Bell Doaslss 4634 AateA-2S4 L&CrOSSe, Wit,
CSp f fcrse Peeress cortoosia. Yom will mmnt th, sntrre series.
$100 Reward
For information leading to the
arrest and conviction of person
who poisoned my dog "Dinah"
on Saturday, March 30th.
404 South 39th St.