Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 31, 1912, WANT AD SECTION, Image 34

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    THE OMAHir SUNDAY BEE: MAJ2CH 31, 1912.
Aaewta, Sale
new aad Sellextecm,
WAXTED-cfeleaman to Mil our line In
small country town, salary and woekiy
drawliyt account. Crown Cider Co.. No.
to? 6. Commewal t-- Louis. Mo,"
I WANT to plaiV before you a mlnbty
attractive propoaitloo, provided you wash
to sail a high grade, much needed house
'hoM tpactalty. it's Kieleksrinrp, tlx
only eevica mada that a woman can
sharpen knives and grind sr isnors on. Ke
sharpens silver plated blades perfectly.
A democetrarion sells. No competition.
Big profit. Exclusive territory- Our ex
tensive advertising creates demand. J.
Spengler. S7 K. VOi St., New York
Bl PROFITS FOK YOL'-Manufact-ure
Larley Crisp. New confection. Cali
fornia Invention. 5r package cot you lc
Machine, instructions complete, 17.56 pro-
pais, samples mc. enuer Co.. ie How
ant St.. Sn Francisco."
AiJTCNTS For the only satisfactory
self-beating smoothing iron en ttis mar
ket; liberal commissions exclusive terri-
Tory, lueal iron Co.. Newark. N. J.
AGENTS Oulck money and lots of It.
Write Woodhalf. lieot. V H Marion,
l-'Vlllcr. -
TEN well dressed, energetic men. state
oi iveoruaa: call on business and pro
fesskcal people. No samples necessary;
up-4o-4Lue paying proposition. Wo train
aod coach you for tlit work. Address
. JB-ij. nee; give phone.
, e.Ai,r.."! b.N wanted to carry atroii
lines of bails and sunneader through
ceoresse ana near try states. Answer V
p- is., ax itroaaway. New York.
iiieiunng company wants men who visit
gar. grocery, drug, furniture or bard
wars trade, seeing their customers ones
per month or oflener, to Jiandlo their
, product as side Una. No samples ts
aryy. customers la every town, torn
mission on average sals over tOOO One
man made IS.JS.I In a year. a. K. Perry,
, an -nrn m., inaianapona, I na.-
SALESMAN to call on the medical pro-fi-ssion
aad mpresent old established
trade. Used. Income guaranteed to suc-
ceearsi anao. r. o. Bog 1H, Pblladai
mUB UKk (Lal.KSURU for r-. I
pictures and mouldings, liberal commis
sion; smair gnu. w. J. Benedict. Chi-
-nv. in.
rtr.Kt. is your opportunity. Perma
nent Ineo-ia. Write for free particulars.
Marvel Mfg. Co., 307 Barclay Block, .Hen-
'9T. Colo.
opwortunnies. A man or woman
warns in every locality to advertise ab-
ZZ3mlZ2"u!m " P-rteace ne-e-rr.Smmpin
free; write now. Nsw Lo-
fm wmmng ainta, ;nicago.OT
BIG MONEY MAJCEitTcolleg atudenta
oiners wnn good education can have
as i xcesrtotuU opportunity with old ea
tabrjshed beuaw-securtng magasla sub
scription through useful premiums (no
books l. auoosssful everywhere. Our
proposition la too goo to be passed by
J" i saui to mass good. ' A. M.
leamen, good for no
JV, - r air. uranett, a Kamge
A SPI.ICVIim nine! live '
Tocket samples; pells readily to drug
lists aad general atom lihMj
mlsslona pid waskli klgH quality Una
for quality Mdeamen; an hour day win
. snasoa mat begin
ning, ft lata territory na ir u
Wanborn, President. Box . Chwaha. Web.
W ANT U Solid tora salennao mA ...
""TITt '"'rs. attenuonl If yew
ra looking far aomsUiIng goad far this
, w as ana w win make yaw
for jei a y are a worker, It wot, gooa
day. Tba - Autamati im,,- t.-. . .
Burglar alarm la a new Invention; astla
' r,r " owaar la lawn and eaun
J7 ' "' niy.flre compieu autftls ,M" ' offered It to aod can
prove it K you want la be shown. Agents
l'Z.T. . sent expreaa prepaid for
"ja ri a. neo.
Ji'li "vhanta man;
WANTEp-iUpsrt speclaHy
f famiUas with U r.,7 drui traai. in
laaClty ito. va'" t sUgr
IVi? H,'' "ml"loa a wwu-nab-
Imaw. al -
" " have wsil-astaliilBiMd route.
" - WHiini, rrvwumtni,
Eatablish A Business of Yonr
Own Without CDital
Our original plan of selling groceries by
KS!Jb? 'fmr- cen, rsataaranta.
" otaar tarse cnn
" energetw salesman new
living outalda of Omaha to aatanuah
I aulekH- a permwinia. tTlhS?
""J auvsnced. Keml-monthly aettla-
"ZI ' " " sunjeet to (rial; ei--wWw
m,t aieential. Write for par.
Ocglara today, giving rsfarencaa.
VK fkankun emu., ohioaoo -
' f "2 K. ,";'aciurr of speelaity line
-JT: " W"S eapariaaeed
traeaeing -aaleamen. Salary powittoa and
lra' Mfg. Ca., fnwvelsnd, o.e
IB Trill - T .. .
triack, nw-prtsea innsbuatloa maguna
UTOLiaitinL A . ; . , "
FRCfi samlne anrf f.,n .
and (malUiig aoat); aouavdteeplng sat
notda without a -No Itelaaw5 tia
aitewea faucet, m par
cast profit for
M liaasH. .Naw
Wa, start you In buehMaa, furaisol.ia
rn Ttaingr men aad nnra; la to K'il
fj'.wratlng our -New ayatsm fip.
cauty tandy Factories- horn, anywhere,
?2"fJ!tt- W"""" Utetlma, aooltV
-fiT1 Lmli oey asiltng our
m,' or oUloa windows.
l glass aians; any,, r.
X .Clsnl eX Chlcagi.'
. TEUA-geats, ailiiar aaa. seU'guet-.w-aiary;
par aeat prvOt: !ooJa
raa If kola axioeare; e,iaerlaea
unaannsM-y. Adunsa "Wear
- " -. rauatoeipnia, ra,"
' ' dlvtal-wal and ,tioc.
arto hy, la Wasters Caaada. Wltote
a part time. Ubcral caraauasHiaj. U-uwy
'""" staa Una lor aatosam. write w
JhJ agent O. T. P. Hy.. Uterna-
map etc.-1 or P"-""'".
14 .I' easy; naay make double; aw
ageot for the Duplexo Vseujra Cleaner.
V00 7 brfsct band tuachin made;
nouWa sucthai. wetgoa only priHds!
cleans carpets. Doers, curtains, furniture:
awoaaar. t get out at ordar; a child
"" Hi surprisingly low price: Mg
peoCtai high elaas bostosss; oaa aiacalna
tras la working agvata. Wrtta aurak tug
l"'r- tra so war great offer. Pu
tleaa Co, W a. Hk gc. Brooaiyg. K. X
, v,Tia-4eeod apeoalty maa for thia
torrtlary; aaeJustva line; we evmapetltlon:
. Sfi"1" handle agents preferred.
r ","Tw ".. et. louis. Ma
AaST-Wendartul awaortuaitv: aa
: usach: aatl -Aaaarew- Cberarotrated Bear
Lx tract; makes real genuine iatox-krattng
beer right at aeww by adding water;
asses ka per cent brewers' price; not
near aear; aot aubetituta. bat rsal laaar
ae liaaor keaaae reanired: amall
tmrrr week's supply, deliver aa
two sen. aiwervw- s tha orrxauuatad
Ingredients at rsal avgar beer; same aaa-
tsrial aatii by all brewer tor brewing
taa hast beer; big sailer; amorswue de
. nautili Mrga prfjta: Joat asad aeatai;
well show yon how to maka money
e-UKk. Ataswfcaa Predacta Co. raa)
IKa Clactnaatl. 0-
H'QH CLASS, eieee swt yenag bj:
wa man, asieamaa, wltk treat USM lo
nvwo, can make eery destrabks aad e
ceealngiy erofrtaale coojasrtloe ants
first -ciaas Minneapolis concern. For ear.
Uvr?,irrf Htnga Ce,
, ..- a. aawe .swig . MiniarspotlA
Agents, halesase aal Swlieltera.
WELL experienced salesman to sell
one of tiie best popular price linea
men's neckwear for Iowa and .Ne
braska: will allow liberal commission
and right party can do a big bui
nes; line strictly up-to-date, bright
and snappy and weighs about forty
No applications ronsfriered except
11 11 cuiuiiifraii references.
S. A V. Neckwear Co.. MJ Broadway.
WAXTEDCleaa-cui young man o?
good address who has had some Insur
ance experience and knowledge uf book
records. Must have clean record uf ser
vice and be a worker. Kosponsible posi
tion for the right party who can make
gooa. Aowess in your own nana writ
ing. O (9s, Bee.
EXPERIENCED salesman .to sail
men's popular price neckwear on a
liberal commission basis through Iowa;
Una weighs g pounds, snappy and up-to-date;
no better lines made i and
prices light. Address with commer
cial refersncaa.
Hartford Neckwear Co., 17th St. and
Broadway, N. I."
BRIGHT, capable ladles to take profee-
sional course and beauty culture; travel.
demonstrate and aril dealers; l to jO
per week: H. H. Tare paid, vales Man
ager, Ooodrlch Drag Co., 1JA-1V Harney
St.. lima lis, N eb.
Wa have good terrltorlia for several
high grada reliable, specialty salesmen
In Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Can only
use men who have mada good and ran
furnish the best o( references. The line
la high grade, sells to druggists and gen
oral stores, la backed by an excellent ad
vertising and selling plan, and will make
a Hva salesman a good Income, (live
full particulars In first letter and write
F. R. Ban born. Free. Bos St, Omaha
AOtNTg Big profits, latest thing out
i ' a mall box: ao talklna- aaceasarv:
ssmpis ll.S postpaid. Mend for premium
plaa. Horn Supply go., Bog Ms, Port
land. Ore.
AGKNTH Helilng our new guaranteed
' Hand Vacuum Cleaner la the biggeet
money maker for agents In years. Write
Hoosler Mfg. Co., Imgsnsport. !nd.
tW WBBKLy asillna aollactioa esOilneis
le aiertjhante; wo eompellUon; ssclualve
territory. Write tor free aamniea and
descriptive matter. Meyers Co., Laclede
Bidg , t. uu la. Mo.
WANTKD. Aaenta Laaltlmata euhetl-
tuta for alot machines, patented; sells oa
sight for tl. Partioulara, Uisba Co, An
Sereen. Ind.
WANTKD-ealasmea with establish
trade to handle side-line thst will net
nira CO per month; aa samples. L. E
Wilcox, 8t. Iouls, Mo.e
ALB8MAN To seU hlab-srrsda suss.
antaad groceries at whole sals direct to
farmers, ranchmen and ail consumers,
M to SIS aad up per day. A big chance
to gat hrta buetnees for yourself. Have
I ha buyer the retailer's aroflL Every
omer I a aerwtaasat aeia. Demand
constantly Increasing. Latest plana t.
H. Hitchcock. Hill Co.. CHIcago.
HA LEM KN Wanted-Earn bso .
avonth; aell dealers hlahiv arfwaviiiuui
artida, axclualyely or alde-llos; aa sam
plea to carri.. Imperial Co.. HL Louia
WANTKD-rirst 'OiaVsM OtsUsUaV strut Vaxsa.
waaetatlva la aaadla high grade Una ol
Wlga and toupees, to consumers; list per
enl profit; exvertenca unnaceaaarv: our
selling Instructions simplify work. Insure
splendid Income for a Its hours dally
well directed effort. Particulars, address
UnMetAU m -'"
1DIS UNt salesmen ran ask. hii
noaay with our complete line of advertis
ing tans; eelllng eeaaoa now on. Writs
lor aropoelUon. Address p. y,
Bog fl,
ANT flrat edass. romuetent aaieaman
capabla sf selling the wholssala ma-
ownsry trade who dealrea to baadle a
aawly hjvwntesl machine of great merit
in which there Is ne oom petition, should
writs National atlg. A Halea Ca., M
Huron m., Toledo. O " V
OPENING for a good salasman who la
ow selling the dry goods trade, to cover
Nebraska and carry the heat imiru,, lis.
V CVn"l'I. "fl ?"J '"rtM. Addresa lainguago. For Inio.matlon apply w ra
IlH - isruiung officer, Uth and Doug.aa btaT,
WANTED-Traveiing wleemaTtThaTr tT"if'ilfl,i. Sf0."
dla beat tnoaey maker and trade getter
on atarwet: smendld rvwitrars. ithaaai i.. .
ducemenis. aw ISJ N. Dearborn. Chicago -s
E AN galeanvaa wanted: we want one
two real aalaamea at ssss in .,ii. i.
orders with awr aew advartiafng eard-
"sis sarw, dm oa easily aaa profitably
earned aa a aid line; samples neatly ar
ranged aad take up but little room; this
la out a proposttlos reuufrtng anyone to
buy any aamniea, but Is a fair and raa.
sonsble opportunity offered to trust-
wormy salesmen woo mean kuslnees.
Writ 8a)as Manager, Kslamasoe Advar
tHing Co., Kalamssoo, Mich.
AUE.NTl-47 profit: Universal demand-
sella Ilka wildfire; can be carried la
pocket; write at once for frea sample,
H. Matbewa, HW Third Ht Daytoa, u
CAPABLE sal tarns a to cover Nebraaka
with staple kne: hlsrh oommlssnona: aia.
amothry sdvanca aod psrmanant f imt
tloa to right man. J sea 1L Hmith Co
Leimit, Mich.-
LAND salesmen wanted, tit end oui r
the city; live leads furnished; property
will sear strictest Investigation; ex-
a of m vest lira! ore fur sroausetlva
purrhaaers paid by us; thorough selling
iMtractiona; perfect, simple, understsnd
sole literatuie; unusually liberal , eonv
aitssloo, splendM ea-operattom Tha (Irm
one oc Iha strongest complete land or-
gsnisatlons In America. Addreaa Drawer
1st. Chirsgo,"
. Here.
WAXTED-Cood. willing boy. reason.
abla schooltfig, wno wants good, perms
nent position, starting at Vi per month,
with promotion as deserved; preliminary
tral nil sx wiil reuuirs evening work at
noma lor few werka, Addreaa in awn
handwriting, slating age, education, phis
leal Cine lion. Address I 271, care tiee.-e
llerieal aad Uftiua.
FULL dress soHa and party dresses fx
Hi. . ' .. . .- mk. It A M U ,l.kl
JOHN ff!LMAN. K. r.ih. n.'iijJl
Alt'Ot'NT ANT. out of city. al.Iav-ll sou
OFriCK MANAOKR to take lull ehargs
of bond dept.; must be tnoroughly ex
perienced with bonus, etc Good salary
to ngnt party.
ClOAR SALESMAN, must be thor
oughly experienced aad have goad record.
.ASHIaUt who baa had considerable ex
perience and Is rapid. ft.
BOOKKAEPBR who asaataata execa
tlve ability. 7A
OFTICB Ma familiar with loans and
mortgagee. B.san.
SHiPflNO CLKRK. prefer young man
With hard ware experience. V.
DONT HESTTATa ta aaa about the
above positions tt interested. , Business
strictly confidential.
(Estahlntbed rlvg YEARS ta Ornaha.)
i-ir rm , u j retioneH raana tsiog.-
MRST-CLA8S bookkeeser. A-l
Uon, Inrastmant reeuteed; aatary !) ts
S. W8 HAVB Aljwi A LA HO 8 M'M
"PARAfJof "SilQRTHAND laarwed I.
ens weea baeauae raswarkably atieplei
soead araaxleally unlimited; ased an gov.
ernment service: details free. Lichtenutg,
J'rfi Camp, Mew Or lean, ;
-Merles-: aaa Utile, .
TANO" High grade positions, aw nee.
to get In touch with us for a good posi
business Is improving la all Unas and
aside from the position wa have open
at present, wa anticipate a number of
good openings In all iinee.
is to have your name brouaht hefnrw the
employer in a favorable light Our BOND-
leatur doea tfiia for vou. We ruar-
antee that any applicant recommended
by us can furnish 8LRBTT BOND, If re
quired, which Droves to the emnlover
without any mvevtlgatioo whatever on
his part that our applicants sre reliable
as wel as competent to handle tba do-
'-11 ion recommended for.
b.U.ES'MAN Mercantile
proposition; old. established firm,
COmmiHelon afid .1T.IIM srimnrMi
-i u EAL.fcj.jiAN Young man with
clean cut PersotulilT with retail ex
perience gj
cr.tL.ivi.Mi tusHK, wholesale.,.,... W
CLERK, with experience In local freight
offis as
More , ft
HOTEL CLERK mom end 1 ill
''OLLECTOH. Installment experience
.iiwuuiuriitii and BOOKKEEPER.
nan scnoot education, bank...., i
alu ouemesa strictiv eonrirfMtiai
. . : --w
. . 1 nl"1"t arranged by phone.
iuoilki vr-r r. nr..i. E, a llONU
V! Omaha Nat'l Rank BMg.s
Hll.MJ man aa h,mkkaane mil Mil
clerk In manufacturing plant, good chance
iur auvancement IOC riaht man- atasa
experience and referracea la first
Jtaurrsv J-'eu. ties.,
b'aetaey aad Tra4aa,
Drag store fsnansv jona. Knlast, Bee Wag
W DUrrhaaJMwfi laPwrat ktrwlr aa Agualai 1a.
f spao to ISD7 Huwr4 bt.t w &r mO.
vi vur iddm at ft
WARE CO, . ,
MU raraamltt. .
Water Damage Sale
. Garden Tools
. . That pgvg von to buy,
Our logg.' Tour gain.
Dunning Hardware
Kit Harney St.
wantku-First class architectural
..siisraui. a. ii. vyar v-o. Arc hi tec u.
RELIABLE colored man wanla bouaa-
vi.-ii iiiS. rnunfl Liougias SPSS. .
vAi i r.i-Aii round printer; good,
steady position and good wages to csj
pable, aober man. J. K. Kelthley, Myra-
WANTBD-A r hosier and trimmer lor
yuan, tsuiuriosj. aot 0, 6tn rJt.s
iE.ixonsrii nositioss guaranteed oa
y Ihe Union Patifio and Illinois tiea.
tral rsllroads if y,.u gkfa your tralnlBg la
swiwi. . i m-w oa n. n, wirsa. Ad.
disss for partscuiare, H. it Dolea. Praa
bailee College, Omaha. Neb.
GUAAAN TUX biglisr qual
ity eradnalHa. Uaa aa
' actual repair Work than any thras
waivrn scnoonv tet us r-KOVE It.
w ANTt.lVlsn to break up ground for
aarueoi must hrmg ipiaaapta,
. hi nr j v, is.
,Uat lata a
.... irrwieassoo.
kesua BUiatiWlu4e taassyiing ia wr laj.
. hw. sxuiitaraiia ot SUOOsssful
I raduatotfS cambists taulDmant or auto
mobiles end machinery. Addrsss National
Training Assn., m Braodsls Tttea
ler Bidg., Omaha. Neb.
DOCTOR to travel in Nebraska under
.TT , ' LUW axperlence
7- ' awe. j, Tieisauialar.
Kansas city. Mo,, navoy Hotel.
"v a ntTcG vi i m ii a ; .TL. . . '
koaled uu married men between tha aaaa
of M and K. ci tile ns of Llnisaa
good cuaracter aud temperate haUie who
TO ObTAIN A POHITIOV In the t olled
Itatea ,avy, you do not have to ba lilted
to do just one particular kind ot wort.
Pur In tha avy a man may find work
aa seaman, electrician. ma,:iilniMt Sm.
nan, clerk, stenographer, bookkeeper, mu-
carpenier, sni nutter, copporamltb,
siscksmlth, bouermaaer, steward, eook
kakar, or In the hospital corps. And If ha
aireaay knows a trade ha can get higher
pay iron tha beginning.
These opportunities sre open to any
healthy, ambitious young maa of gewd
moral character, between tha agea of II
and aV. Tlie ,avy Department never
uigee anyone to emist, but aoea eeeoni
mead aertwua coaaMaratlua of what it
gives as a training or as a lire work. '
Call at the r-avy Recruiting btauoa,
Fostoffiiw building, Omaha, Aeb., a-n
question tba oiilcer In cnarge ail about
tha healthy, congenial Ilia on board ehtii;
me tine training woth mental ana phys
ical; toe rtiancea to team by study auj
travel; tha pay. promotion and incentive
lu save money; and about tba fine class
ei men you coma la contact with.
Or send tor Tne Making ,.f Man er
Waraman." a frea illustrated book wfjen
tells luliy about the inier.wung
II 'e of a Muejacket. Address Uiiriao of
Navigation, Box SB, Navy DepartiBaat.
Wumngton. D- C
MAX wanted wllh tig te take charge
or sate of our roeiiirlnea, extracts, vlricea,
soapa, perfumee. toilet an lea, stork aim
poultry preparations, etc, in yeu.- county.
One men made lev one w,k. Steady Work
guaranteed; work healthful, iiieaaant.
very prafilable. RtUreruea regjUea.
write us. We mess bustiMsa. aUMres,
Mueller Company, Dept. it, cdar Mas
is, ra.
RAILWAY mall clerks, Jeur earrieis,
warned : good pay; line po-wow. Pay
tor Instruction after you securi ticwltion.
Liberty Institute. N. y.s
NKED ' manager for retail lumbvr
yard in western Nebraska; must have
eperiwce and ability and be
aile io
get has share of the trade wlwwe competa-
uon as severe. Aouresa x 3,a care Bee
FIVK Knlghu of Fythiae givea poitt
able employment near home; wnoie or
part of time. Fraternal, Thame JituM!.
mv York-
MEN W ANTKD To sell trees and
sianui: eommleeton psyasse weekly; ne
experience er capital required. Write for
tre eatuit. lima a Arua Nuraerlee,
Rochester. V. Y.
DETECTIVES earn tie to 4.S moathly.
traveling throuahout tee world. We train
you. Wnte lor particulars. Delertivea
Training Sciwol. Merchanu Trust Bldg
Los Angeiea. Cel.-
tiui MONTHLT and expenses to travel
and distribute samples for big manufac
turer; steady work. S. or differ. Law
ridg.. Chicago.
EARN weekly taking orderw for cut
rate groceries: outfit free. Standard Mer
cantile Company, H .prodrome nuliding.
CievelanA Ohio.
FOR SALE Wild game poet asnia. r
paid; eat of ban. no two alike, ft cent.
scatter,. Baa ft. Fort. Waabakia, Wyo
ming MEiN. be Indepeitdent. I ssrs the bar
ber trade. Be your ewn boaa. Wa teach
you la few sreeka aad furnish your sr-ep.
Oood kicatJona and positions waiting,
a-refere now for spring mk Call cr
write at eoce. Moler Barber Cortex, it
S. Itta at.
Mlsretiaaewaa.. . . .
DINING and eleepiag- car conductors.
(T-el2. Kxpcrleoce unneceesary; wa teach
you. write utrung car world, ua w,
Van Buret!, Chicago."
VOOT doctors wanted everywhere; earn
ao weekly: profeasloa taught by mall
dlplomaa; .complete course, aa: write to
day, r-rof. r raucr, i,u U., WW.Ct 6t.
ew I ors.
BALL PLATERS wanted at eaca. Ray.
nara, frwager, h. it.
WANTKD-Mare iseovla to raise poul
try with the did Trusty incubator. Write
'or free catalogue. U. M. Johnson. Clay
Owtar, Keb.
WANTi-U Hallway asall clerks as
monin. no ieyoita. Omaha axa ml nations
f.May h. Thousand appointments com
-tamoa aaucatioa aurudaat. Coach
lug free. Vi rite for eamp-e queatioua
frauklia lastttute. Dept. ZSi N. Ruvhea-
ter. rt. s.
VOLT are wanted for tassmmMi hsal.
lion. Km month: send ooesal tnr list f
iMsiuons open. sTsnxun lattitute, Dapt.
Positions open for tailor, Jeweler and
barber otaylng tba folVowina instruments:
Slid trombone, tenor saxophone and BBb
nana, nana men write Mitchell Military
i "i asiicneu, neo. box us."
YOUNG men and ladles, with talent
for ataga work; dramatic or comedy;
oaa earn t to toll per week with two
week's Instructions, tjtage appearance
guaraateea. Dramatic Circuit Co., Shu
bert Blag.. HI Broadway, New York.
Mere, aa Vehieiea.
Haraeaa sf all kinds, taa largest stock
hi the etty at attractive prioaa Johnson,
usruortn to., B. w . cor. Nth and Jonoa.
HORBE8 and cewa, Ml Cuming to.
Marwe work
sale, ttl N. 3.
Web. rrTi
Black mare, wt. l.sjn Wsgrier. M N. 1A
FOR 8ALS-Morgaa stallion Kins Hick.
registered In Vermont; registry No. Mul,
chestnut sorrel, eight years oldT weight
svunu. u, v.. warpamer, a. r . XI.
s. oioomington. jnoiana.
DON T forget I. C. Gallup a regular
horse auction sale at Union liira-b v.r.i.
South Omalia, Thursday. April 4th. Wilt
nve tor mis sale over M horses, con-
smiitig as neavy arart, match tea ma,
Ohoica farm marea and ainala Avtwara
Also a lew second hand ar city horses a
'litis pavement sore, which sail ten.
"'v man maws sssesui norses ta take
out on the farm. Remember tha data,
next Thursday, April 4th,
FOR 8ALK-1 head of a..,..
weight Mil to LUlll Iha UU. .al i'l.,a
"ts., stables. Phono Webster Kna. .
Kor sale or hire, heavy draft horsee and
nares; wagon norsea for laundry or de
livery usee, am, buritv horses: all
wen broke and ready for work.
nn B Merman Ave. Tel. Webster lift.
1 mica w ,A,i. K..
K- Cady Lumber Co.. th and Douglaa.
Screen Doors
and windows mada up and metalled com
plete, vraer now oetora tha spring rush.
Omaha Window Screen Co.
' N. Hth St.- Basement. Doug, em
Wa are makers of Ferry a patent metal
comers fug windows and doors.
lA'KKT aaaall ilsmnul I- '1
a locker key. No, 6?J. between fcd and
n "eruairt, return to uh s arnam
PtHbONd having lOSt soma artmia
would do well to call up the olfica ot tba
us-ms ss v-ouncii Biutrs a treat Railway
campaay to ascertain whether they Ml It
In Lae street cava.
, Many artlelea saofej day are taraed Is
ana ma- eenipaay ts aatloua ta restore
rowan sw toe rienttui owaar. 4. all utiu
las A . ..
ptlea, Oatula and other rectal diseases
without a surgical operation, a eura
guaranteed: aa raoaay paid until aureu.
Write tor book an rectal diseases wits
teetimomam. pea wing., Omaha.
DR. RACKdrjecialial. nerwoua aiwt all
eiironlc disease, let Harney Ked CxaV
Ledlea guaranteed remedies, m Ware blk.
LORT-Belween the hlxh echoni Rran.
dels theater and KM Park Ave., a smalt
sliver watrn, open faced, old English R
on tha feck. Return to BN Pant Ave.
Harney t&i. Reward.-1
alary aad Chattels.
GET IT of Miss Snow. f t. tt .
tar Loan Co., ut Paxton Blk, ft ta Bat,
w iw-ai paj"niri tw auil yow.
Name and addreasaa of M persona
having private tunda up to tlOa.We ta
oaa private part lea; seat for ft; list
uarantesd. Fay JJ. Plckana, Clovsroale,
Wanted, farm loans Kloke lnv. Co., Oma.
MONKY loaned aaia,taO laauu.
keping house aad others, without Be
amy; easy naymenta. Ofucea In prla-
elbal ettltas. Tolman &x Om.h, tf.t'i
tank Ut feemerly N. T. Ule Bkig.
chattel. LOANo Lowest ratsa aad
UKat lerma, lea SLhers: then aaa aa
wd ha convinced that we will save oa
noaey. tiOUSKULLD LOAN CO. N. R.
or tata at uoug. si. l. tral. ind. A-ftU.
DIAMOND LOANM at Xu, and 1 aat
riTAII. till Dodge St. Tel. Red. His.
Money Si
furnltara. maawa and
real aatate at a very law
rata al Inlaaaas
Nebraska Loan CompanT.
toag. IM. m Baa Blda. A-UM.
easel aad Awe aaa.
O.U.K. hauls trunks. I. Bt A-slL
EOT DODGR, moaern room and board
i private family; artca reasons hie. Har-
board. A. 4m.
J-Room tor four,
First riaea laole board, steam heated.
newiy rumianeo room, not water at
tirnee, cleaa baths; special rates by week
sr menta. The Msdlaoa. Mat aad Chi
SOUTH STH A VS. -Ntcety fur
atahed modera rooma Board It desired.
ISM Dodge rura. reosna. private family,
team beat, eiec. light; ret. Doug. fKL
ft77 HARNET-Nlceiy furnished light
front room. Strictly modern; gas aad
electric lights. Ten minutes walk ta
Htb and Farnant. Douglas S41
STRICTLY modern room, aepeeially de
al raMe for sun ua ft per week each. Tel.
Harney MPS. '
411 N 1TH ST. mealy tarnished roams
from H at ba
1Q4 JONES-New furnished raom. wit
board, for I gentlemen; prices reasonable.
Phone Douglaa sL
aisried room: modern. Tyler nfl.
HO. ltTH Nice.
: g Woeka ta lath.
eleaa fvjrausbea
00 NO. DTH-Newiy furnished rooma,
strictly ricdera: easy walking distance.
Deugtaa wn.
33d JON ES Modern south front rooms
easy naikud lilsiance.
rarsiisAeel Maasn
furnished rooms.
N1CB, new modern room: private fam
fly. 13 So. JVth St. Harney TS1.
31s 8. 26TH ST One large east front
room, suitable for two; other rooms from
U up; cot water all summer. Call Harney
DODGE ST, MU-Large south and eal
front rooms: modern.
MODERN furnished rooms near Haos-
eom park; good board. Harney SUM.
ils a JETH BT.-N'ewlv furnished room.
Douglas XSl.
NICE large south front room; private
family; walking distance, aw s. Z7U eH.
BEAUTIFUL furnished room with
board In private family: exclusive nelxh-
nornood for gentleman. Webster 5888.
Walking distance: can accommodate
few more young men desirous of com
fortable home, where table appointments
ot the best: references reuulred.
rnone iRnigiss at.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished flat, for
summer months. . call Harney Utl.e
FOR RENT, newly furnished front
room. Hanscom Park district. Price very
reaeonaoie. a-jhs.
Farabvhed Meaaekeeplaa K am sua.
THE MANUEL Two-room asartmeat.
Bt. . The Howard, i-room. srlvata bata.
sm. zist ana now era.
TWO light housekaeulne rooms on first
iiour. Liougtas soxs.
TWO taousekeepinst rooms. SOU Daven
TWO or three furnished rooms for light
housekeeping, web. ess.
Uouts aad Aaartaaeata,
Dewey European hotel, Uth and Farnatw.
OirHpn Hntol Council Bluffs. Rooms
N1CKLY PURNlHHKn KlUlllU ro sas.
uexacu. 1 lfl, vrtAltlAJX. lie b. Uth St.
Dodge, running hot and cold watar: tela-
pnones in. every room; prices tha same.
OXFORD and Arcade, special wkly rata.
Aaartateata aad Flata,
a-room flat ea Eherman Ava Web. ShS.
- . ' .....i.v, IT W IMKW, s i srei
a. jus ot. narney esas.
MODERN 4-mom surintail n w ,
rsrntra ei., steam heat- snanea was
St OVa and tanltne aaewica- vara kKaIa.
t-KOOM aoartmsnt. new modern aricu.
steam neat; snort walking distance: aaa
aiwve, reiiigerator, cupuoara. wararoos
luinos; isunury; nam jaaitor
Douglas tan.
t?7 W-Summer. t.12.50 wlnter-I rooms.
up-to-date, steam neat. Ilia bath, hard
wood finish, janitor service, rsfrlarerator.
"". launory VGH'fKAb APART
smit, g s. uth St. Five minutsar
wain irom uth and Farnam Bta.
ese-niz rooma. strictly modern, nasx.
iiiiibii , nirnw, one ohm a irotsi car.
H6-Eight rooms, strictly modern, fine
niaca, tote narney Bt., Highland Terrace. HH1KLEY ST.
11 Five roims, city water.
IU Three and 4-room flata. all modern
except neat, goon snape.
13 City National Bank Bid.
Phones Douglas , Independent A-IM.e
(-ROOM mod. flat, UU B. Uth St.
I- ROOM modern flat. Scar so Bids..
M No. th St., Bo, Omaha. HAIL id
a in ire umg. u. vj6. A-em
N. 17TI1. i-r.. nartlv mod., ta.
il'A Ames Ave, t-r., partly mod.. 114.
1MI N. Hth. S-r.. mod. excent heaL H7.
aoi ti. kith, a o-r strictly mod. fiat.
witiun walking aistanca,
vai nowara, a -r.. strictly mod. PL
Louis flat, within very easy walklna dis
tance, (27.50,
S, H. jsth, t-r.. strictly mod. Bt, Louis
list, wttntn waiKing aistance, v.
m N. tub, a t-r., strictly mod. Ft
Louis flat, within walking distance.
ll" & auth Ave., a -r strictly mod St.
IuM apartment, in a very doslrabts lo
eailoti, rent K7.50. '
m 8. Htb Ave., 6-r., strictly mod. 8b
Louis flat, within easy walking distance.
11 a Pacific St., a beautiful i-r strictly
mod. St. Louis apartment. In a vary
choice location, price US.
Sola Agents, lh Floor, Omaha Nat. Lk
Sola Agents,
th Floor, Omaha Nat'l Bk. Bldg.
VERY fine dupicx apertmenl, I largs
rooms, first floor, large front porch, fire
place, nice yard and corner lot. t&S
Georgia Ave.
(-ROOM steam heated flat. (30.W
Mlw, H & Uth.
lit Board ot Trade Bldg.e
One four room apartment, ill 50.
- One three room apartment 3a.
One single room, lift.
Janitor service, steam heat and modern.
IClh and Williams St. Very deslrabia lo
cation, W. Farnam Smith A Co.. 1330 Farnam.
NEW brick 7-room apartment, south
west corner Mth and Lake. tti. Apply
I0W Lake St.
a-room partly mod era flat. 1120 N. Uth
St.. HUGO.
I-room partly modern flat. 1321.M N.
vm Bh. soe.
11 rooms, modern, (14 8. 13th, ISO,
I or mora rooms, IU M. Uth; Me ianjtor,
room I.
THUS. W. HA ZEN. JOT McCague. D. !.
FOR RENT Eight-room modem flat
MO 8. !lth St. Tei. Ed 1. Brown, Harney
FOR RENT Four-room modern apart
ment, ete n, ta Bt. TeL Harney 414L
tM. j. Brown.
ft!. For the summer; I-room apart
ment in tne Alsatian on Bth St,
oetween ramam ana I Kviaa
We 0 Five-room apartment, strictly mod
ern. une-aair. tuock from Han
scom nark.
Tyler IM. - . 110 & f?th Street
Farataked House a.
HVROOM house, eomnletelv rnniaKaA
located lug Blnney St.; the owner goes
to v nmioi nia soon; must rent at once,
Imiulre B. Ntchtaa, em City National
uanx tsiog. lxjumiss hki
WILL GIVE furnished bouse with tele.
phone, water and heat paid In exchange
for board of lady and Utile girt aad
Hanscom park district, mi a. UM. Pbeoe
n. 1 v -
Mwesee aad Cettauiea.
SIX-ROOM house, nearly new, all mod
ern; bath, laundry, hot watar heat.
Phone Harney max.
IIS N. Sd., -rooms, mod. MO.
3 8. loth, a rooms, mod, HA
nil Chicago, 4- rooms, mod., IM.
74 Capitol Ave.. 7 -rooms, mod, Bt,
S24 N. 22d.. 4-rooms. mod., 10.
m Hamilton, 4-rooms. Hi,
RING WALT BROS., Bran. Theater Bid.
Good men are hard to gat.
They doe t wa--der around
the street looting far eigne
to window.
When yon need good net
advertise In The Bee.
Bee want ad ar read by
kaen. energetic men who wtsn
to better their condition. Ratsa
Is par word It run two or
mote times consecutively. Tale
p.iuoe Tyler lea.
401 N. MoT. W rooms, modem. Ml
111 N. aid, I rooma, modem. Ma. . .
Kt S, ftth. rooma modern, tax
UM Chicago, ( rooms, modern. tM.
(21 Case. 0 rooms, nvxtera. a
left Capitol Ave, T rooms, modern, ft.
Hamilton, t rooms. IU.
RING WALT. Brandet Theater Bldg.
6-ROOM house. VX 4-room. let. Modern.
Hojacom Park. Tel. Harney 14ft.
and beta.
ot KM N. lith St
Phone B-S24I,
S-HOOU bouse, modern. UV rim lawa
TS So. rih Bt. phone Wen, .
OUR LETTER durucaxina
xeelied. A trial win aaavina yea. Beth
Western Dupheatln Co.. eat Baa.
7-ROOM house, gaa, eieetric light, poree
aata bath room ftsturea; first ciaae tw
oair. tax. Also i-room bouse rurnished for
housekeeping; gaa ramre. electiie, 4a we;
U-io. No children. IU IS'. Kth St
Hansen aad Vsnsgn.
New, four rooma aad bath, buugaiow
style. This la a very pretty and oxy lit
tle Dome, nas Bungalow root witn square
box cornice, painted a deep bungalo
bruwa and trimmed In white. Large
front porch ixJt, gnod-ataed living room
with wide, plain opening to large dining
raom aa east side; nice kitchen and pan
try conveoientt arranged. Inside en
trance to basement unuer enure house,
large bedroom with good closet, bata
room connecting with bedroom, city
water. High giade water closet wttn
SY,liin Mk tantr nnnHlatK ,K .:lk anil
rim, hot and cold water, heavy one-piece
sink with back ia kitchen. Electric lig-nu
throughout, pretty three-light electric
showsr In nving room and neat dining
room piece. Oaa, pine and maple finlan;
floors of living room and dlnlna room of
rro oan, ecrapoa, smootneo ana nousnea;
all other floors'of hianlv nolisned maole.
Living room and dining room decorated
witn xuest aeeigns ol hign-graae oat
meal Aper, kitchen In granite paner and
bath with waterproof tile paper. Tola
little bungalow cottage ts higa-etam ail
through: K Is attractive and coxy. Tne
arrangement is fine and paxnned la such
ea rauigcmeni ia line anu piannca in
a way that another room can be added
at any time without detracting from out
side appearance or inside convenience.
Built Just as well, flnisned Just aa nicely
aa the larger nouses. The lot is suxMO,
south front and lain vp well. It Is ready
to move right Into, even to having me
windows all washed aad tha floors waxed
and polished. Let your rent pay for this
attractive and well-built home; K's a
nice place to live and a good investment.
Tha price is 11,786; rw cash and UD.&J
per monin; monthly payments include
the interest. You will get deed immedi
ately with complete abstract of title, fie
me today, tor this la another good little
property mat wiu aell very readily.
Come today or any evening to Uo South
Halcyon. Benson. tOet off ear at Hal.
cyon Ave. and coma south to No. lis).
r-none Benson Hi.
S. aVTH. t-r.
mod. execpt heat, only i
isw ciant. -r., partly mod.. IU.
tan B. Uth. a -r. count-e. all mod. ex
cept heat, newly decorated inside and
Out. A bargain at lit
4111 N. lath, a l-r. eottaa-e. mod. In evere
vawsf neat, a aargam ax sis, t
311a Vinton, a nearly new a-r. cottage,
all mod. except heaL UO. -
1W S.j7th. a i-r.. all mod. house lo
nanscom para, .
&!18 Ohla a. n,J v , saaa
te Dewer Ave. a 7-r. an mod hsuu
" I'' i a warning oistmnca, sss,
804 8. Kth. a 4-r . strictly mod. cottag.
' irr' uewftwoia location, price fti.m.
lalg Ya taa. 7.r atrlnlw nl k..,.,.. i . .
' - ..j .. aau, wwa
hoi 8. wth, -r., strlcUy mod
location, aaa.
Our complete printed Rat will ba mailed
sva rvujuesi.
. . se Agents, ,
th Floor, Omaha Nat'l Bk. Bldr
f-7 rooms and bath, ICS Decatur.
gO-I rooms and bath, 121 Locuat.
asj-i rooms, modern, lata Lothrop.
rvums, moaern, mix LiOthrop.
Mi Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Phono Douglas 14.
Ill so l-r.. 1I Daualaa Kl nertlw wsaA.
ern fhit
NO.eo-4-r., W01 Ttmmetoa It., mod am
fi5o--r.. 1701 Burt - modern anart.
ment. steam heat.
125 00-s-r.. UM Madlann Ave mod am
except heat
27.SO-i-r, flat, 1C1 Howard St, modern
except neat.
"-r, W Burt St., modern, naw.
wT--r, i9 Bun ut., modern, aew.
es".u a i., sis t-ark Ave., modern.
tfiO OU ft-r.. Xioa Uaj-nav St.. mnlMa
47J0-T-r.. modern flat. U0 a. lath St..
steam beat.
W-U aty Nat l Bank Bldr.
Phone D. IM, or A-lTsA
-room flat, Jd floor, tilt Cuming St.
a-room flat ad floor, 187 N. Mth SL
(-room bouse at 15M N. 17th St.
0. C. REDICX, Attorney,
' " . 1W7 Farnam St.
a-r., mod, W 8. Mth. Harney t
111 Park Ave.. I rooma. atrlctlv imidsrs
1U : list St.. la-r. strictly modern,
nam, HO.
lag 8. nth Ava., -r strictly mod.. MX
jiaav n. sun na., i-r., men. ex. neat, km,
iv, gjinovjast eiflatin m t,tA.
ISO Farnam St.
R. COTTAQ1S. all modern event fur-
navsi, on oivu. namey ems.
DANDT l-room oottaae. r-loaa la
So. Ad t.
W-K N. Mth, 4-r.. mod. ex. heat. ,
40-1010 & Hth. I-r., all mod.
O0-1334 8. th St., I-r., all mod.
tft-Mll N. wtb, 4-r., mod. ex. heat.
17-ai Parker, 4-r. mod. ex. heat.
IDOinc Chicago, s-r., new, all mod,
W 114 8. Bd. t-r, mod. ex. heat
Co-Third floor, 1304 Farnam fit. '
Ml Bee Bldg. Doug. 4754, A-lTM.
A modern, up-to-the-minute bouae.
alrhi en, ma two hat wnnma t.a I
igat rooma,a two bat roomg, Iocs-
lion tha choicest la tha eltr. No.
J808 Harney. If lnteretted call
Harney 3123 and talk tt over, bnt do
not disturb the tenants.
FOR DENT-4-room bouse, modern, ax-
sept nest, on ear line. aa No. axh.
1M0 N. Mth St., 7-r.. tin modern Bouse,
aw rwome, em rnon o-iam
HOUSEHOLD GOODS packed and for
warded; cheap freight raise; wwvlug and
storing. Exnressmen'g Delivery Co. Tel.
LWugita av4 City cUl oa, at 8. 17th be.
pee atiog.
Eight rooms, completely
neagnoornooa. near ear, xm
UU Farnam St.
4-ROOM eettaaw. modern.
8. Wlh St 120. Tel. D. J
1020 LA KB Modern la-room houss: hot
water heat; range; deters; shade; water
rent paid. ta.a0. McEachroa Realty- Co.,
aVA lauie "l. im wen. lfai.
1-ROOM house. N. Mth v O. H4.
Oak finished, oomnlete aad us-te-dat
m every oataii; aeunary, etc., tJ9 per
trnter pel a.
w Bidg. Douglaa 1041.'
1014 Bancroft, t-r., dry water. 111
IfcJ Capitol Ava. t-r, modern, 417.18
1444 8 17th, 4-r part mod., fU.
till California. S-r., part mod., tit.
Ult N. ftth, 4-r, city water. tU.
tsa Dupont, t-r, part mod., IU.
atn N. rth. t-r.. city water. Ill SO.
dl Plnkney, t-r, city water. 111. '
eaft N. Xh, t-r.. city water, lift
Douglas 3 m Bee Bldg.
1123 Davenport, I rooms, close In. lit
tesn Davenport, t rooms, cUms In, nt.
ltt 8. 9th. I run., mod. ex. heat H4. '
tut 11. Mth, I rooms, part medern. H1J8
lxa Burt, a rooma, close to, tM.
tuft Barwce, t rma, mod. ex. heat, HA
111 8 Mth Ave., t noma, does Hi. lit.
MS Capital Ave., t rooma, close m. 2Ut
ji ri. utn. roema, cioss in, its.
Ml A ftth Ave, 2 rma, mod. ex. beat.
fis enrmey. s rooraa, ail mooern, s.
84 8. ftth Ave, t rooms, aU mod, 17.
to N. ftth. M room, ail modern, HA
Plionee: Doug. ST, A-gaM. tU A Hth 81
SIX room cottage, modera except fur
nace, MU Decatur St. Phone Red IM.
I-ROOM houss. 1810 Ne. Md St.. paved,
n ear, awadera. a fine, bomenks asuse
ta every way, IS.
Brick fist. 7 rooms, entirely svoarste.
tm No. ftth; all modern, one of the best
fer the money, tan Loo this ua.
raom house, go Mam at, Hansen.
modern, electric en car, HA
GEO. B. TURKIKOTON. ad Bee Bldg.
STRICTLY modera a-room kuaarsJew:
kaaf block ta ear Maa. KM 8rgu.
riTft-ROOai cottage, nearly new, first-
saTlwAMaW, wawaVaMsTS iarOVM keMCl COwM
yard; KU. U N. 23U St. Bed HOt.
and Cwttaea.
This cottage is a new. hhra-etxas btovma
and bath, all aa aaa floor, aad arranged
splendidly. It Is not an the) bungalow
stylo tha roof la gable, with wide,
square bos cornice, with neat reluma
wnlch anve tt a bomellha aad Pleasing
ouuide appearance. Front porch ia 14
feet wide, with weary eotanun and autv
a asttai railiag and aaiuatara; Iroat
door of red oak. with beret Plata a lass.
a naw 111 style; waatlbuse en trance to
cbeerrul living room, wtdw miasioa
opening to nice, bright dining rcjo',1.
with high windows; large kitchen ana
big pantry; lnalds basement antranoa aaX
wel las outside: two large bed room a, i
both wail ventilated and with laraxal
eloeet tor each; large bath room; aeons t
si bis from eluier bed room; bath roam I
fully fitted with hlah-arrada srtaaraanaed
fixtures, porcelain tub, laratury a tut
siphon waahdown water closet; hot and
cold watar; heavy sink, with porcelain
back, ia kitchen: Inside woodwork all
of selected material; floors of red oak.
machine scarped, earn papered aad pol
ished; electric lights ia all rooma base
ment and on front porch: four-light
I ; ' iwm,, iviu-iujat
I electric celling piece for living room.
with cut (lass ahadea; threa-llght din
ing room disc, with amber ii,a- re
la well built in every way: aoild xl
girder, lower Joists Ixt and double
bridged oa both aidea girder: calling
rafters Hit, platen doubled: its built
to stand up: large attic The lot la full
Bias; east (rent and on a paved street,
cry high and nightly, with splendid
view. It's a good home aad a good in
vestment. Would reA for IK to f7 S
downtown. Let your rent pay for this
well-built and comfortable little cottage
home; tba price, 11.240; cash 114 and
124.10 per month. Monthly payments
Include the Interest. Warranty deed and
complete abstract of title aoon aa deal
la closed. Tou will get the same fair
and buslmwsiik courtesy aa tM man
who pays all cash. Sea ma today aa
aarly as possible, for this ta a very 6e
sirablg property and will aaU aukkly.
Coma today or any evening to lit
South Halcyon, Benson. Oat off car at
Halcyon Ava and coma south ta No
ll, 'Phong Benson Hi.
F. & TRULLIXQEE, Benson.
FOR KALE -room
all modern house.
For inforaution
In cathedral district,
call Harney 14M.
S-R. mod, house. 111 N. 16th. P. tit.
8IX-ROOM. ail modern, nearly hew."
electricity, gas, furnace, new window
shades: finished la oak: floors all fresh
ly varnished: good yard aad shade, fta
Bristol Call E. E. Huntley. Braodala
Bldg. 'Phona Harney 1471.
t rooma all modern, sit North 8d SL,
aa excellent neighborhood.
rooma, upper fiat, ill' North Dd m.
TSU Ktll iawa
Mil N. Uth. e-r ft.
not Wool worth Ave., s-r., modern.
in no. taa et., 7-r., moo ern, V.
Ml No, th Ave., 4-r.. eert modern, Ut,
D. IK. He-Ill BrandeU Theater.
la all parts of tha ally.
Cratch Sotss A Co.. bee Bids
MOVING, nachins aad aiarlaa af hauaaT
hold goods aad pianos. Is our hull has A
Omaha Van and Storage Co., fireproof
storage, IM 8. Kta, by tha viaduct. Braaeh
eftlce, IN 8 17th Bt. TaL D. 41 aL A-1MA
714 No. Sd 8k. -r., modern. IM,
517 Park Ava. -r., modern, HO. . .
11M So. list St., I-r., modern, (ft. :
KM Webster SL, W-r, modern, f&
Arthur J. McShane,
111 First National Bank Bide..
Phone D. lo75. .
FOR RENT Large' brick house aad
about five acres improved grounds- at
Sherman Ave. and Spruca St.; very suit
able for club, hospital ar institutional
home, M well as private residence.
401 N. II ST, 10 rooms, modern, let,
SIS N. 13d, I rooms, modern, MO. .
Mi 8. tftth, 4 roams, modern, HO. , .
3111 Chisago, rooms, modern. 43s. ...
tai Cans, I rooma, modern, ISO.
Mwt Capitol Ave., 7 roams, modern, tft.
3ug Hamilton, I rooms, US,
R1NOWALT. Brandela Theater Bldg.i .
NOTHING UKat IT 7-r.. house, bath!
hall, basement, 4-r . flat. BO N. IM. R. 4ty
I ROOMS, strictly modern arhnx
13H 8. Wth St.
Tia elanteat houaa, oa Wttt jfar
im; alght roomg; two btvU reotug;
right oa tba car Una; No, till r ar
il. It this deacriptloa appeal U
yon, call Harner 1411 884 maka ar-
ranfomenlA ta look It ovar, but 4o
not bother tba tenants.'
See our aneclal ad. hi For Bale Column
ec and News. "Rent Talk." It I wonii
moing. cbsrie b. wtihamaaa Ca m
"n woer uooge.-
tia-e-room flat, tilt N. list 9L
414-t-room upper flat, 1H K. Mth Bt.
114 4-room brick cottage. t Hickory St.
15 4-room, modera except heat, 1177
Cuming St.
HaRHT wow.
ta Brandel Bldg. Doug. ts: Ind. A-i71.
Six-room modern detaohed house with
good yard ate Farnam St., 8M per month.
tJix-room cottage, moaern exoern neati
N. E. corner ltd and Laxlmore Ava., tX.
Tan-room modern frasne house, net new.
but good eld house; located between hath
school and Crelghtoa college; HA ,
Harrison & Mortol
tit Omaha Nat'l Bank. Tel. Doug, tl.
FOR RENT Nine room bouse, ftth and
Miami. piM. Phone P im
HOUSE, t larva rooms., gas, furnace.
bath, big barn, comer lot, shade, large
perch. West Farnam district, ene block
from Farnam car. La as one year, only
M per month. Phone Douglas JH sr
Harney 45M. j .
I-r., rood., 4)l N. Mia. tUOt.
I-r. house. 1237 Evan.
J. H. PARROTTK. Board of Trade
UM N. tM; 7-room, all modera, tM.
Tel. Web. Int.
4-ROOM flat, modern, first floor. MM
Lake St.. US. Colored peeoie: water paid.
Phone Htmey 1444.
WEST Farnam. 41 South 40th St, Sevan
5om N. Itth St, I rma, all mod.
M.W-1II 8. th Bt, t rma, all mod.
tie.OO-eu Blnney St, t rma, ail mod.
and barn.
Douglaa 17X1. A-llia.'
Tat 8. ftth St, t-r, modern brick rwei-
dence, large around aad ban for garage,
FIVE-ROOM modera brick house, with
hardwood finish aad pollened floor, al
most new and In fi ret -e las condition.
one block from street car, ene mil (rem
poetofflce, tft.
J. H. lJUMO & SOX,
Pttorte Douglas 04, wt Farnam St.
lata Lalhroa. f rooma and bath. snad.
cm. va.
tttt N. mh St, l-room flat with heaL
modern. IW.
nil FrankHa 84, I roema, ttLM.
Mtt Pierce 8t 8 nana aasitain ,
heat, IK.
W. FARNAM, aew brick, I bedroom. 1
hatha. 314 N. nth Ay-, Mg. Rad 527
t room modern house, M24
SIX-ROOM cottage.
Wat. Call Heraey am
illi BUHT ST. cUx rooms, all aaoderaT
aewry painted and aarmd, ttl Apply
pextdoort Oracery Seere
THREE adjoining room, private baiS
cempaete; does In. Call Dotigla tm.
na-FOCR bnght,. Mry roewte-, me
axcept heat; sarden, S12 Emmet St.
at. J