Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 31, 1912, SOCIETY, Image 28

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Easter W eel
in this store are of a character that will create en
thusiasm in the buying of spring merchandise. The
markets of the world have been ransacked in an effort to se
cure all that is best in garment or fabric, style and quality,
and no effort has been spared to make the showing complete
5 ifB
in every detail. That we have succeeded in a superlative degree will be attested by all
visitors. Satisfying qualities, superior assortments, saving prices. What more can one ask?
Spring Beauty Reigns Supreme in our Women's Ready to Wear Garment Section. Suits, Gowns, Dresses, Coats, Waists,
Skirts, in assortments of styles, fabrics and colorings that are broader, more beautiful and satisfying, more attractively .
priced than any display before attempted.
Our advance display of evening gowns and lingerie dresses which created so much favorable
comment was but an index to the completenees of oar showings of correct styles in all lines
Individuality is expressed in every graceful line of the beautiful new
Crown Jewel Tailored Suits "7s, $25.00
They're the choice of all discriminating buyers who appreciate real quality and style worth. We want you to examine them care-.
fully, compare them from all angles with any $30.00 or $35.00 suit offered elsewhere in Omaha. You'll find them fully the. equals and
the peer of any $25 suit produced. Ask to see Crown Jewel Suits; the values will surprise you. -
White is very popular for spring and our
stock of Suits and Dresses is most pleas
ingly complete. White Suits in all want,
rd fabrics $14.90, $19.50, $25.00,
, $30.00 up to ...$59.00
Beautiful White Serge Dresses in 1-piece
styles, delightful assortment, $10.00,
$12.75, $15.00 up to ......$39.00
Two Rousing Specials.
Women's and Misses' Chiffon Party and
Dancing Dresses, to $25.00 values, all new.
est styles, in. pretty evening shades
at .$12.50
Women's Fine Silk Underskirts Messa-.
lines or Taffetas $5.00 to $7.50 values, in
all colors, including black and white
at $2.95
Coats Coats Coats . , .
An assortment of new spring styles youll
not find duplicated in Omaha, charming
values, at $10.00, $12.75, $15.00,
$18.00 up to ...$49.00
Women's Percale House Dresses and
Wrappers, all sizes "and worth $1.50, on
sale Monday while they last, choice, 95c
Wmmlfi- ill i
High Grade Wash Goods
Evervthinsr New for Snrhur. 1912, Now On Sale.
TISSUES Toil Eticnne Tissues, Egyptian Tissucs,Violet
Tissues, Roman Tissues, Mercerized Tissues, bilk 1 is
sues, Raye Tissues, etc.; Monday, all on sale at. . . .24c
Royal Aeroillk, Moscow silk,
Gauze Marvel Cottoillk, Colo
dlan silk, Wetawco silk, Da
phemie silk. Silk Organdies,
Jacquard all lea, 40-ln. Bordered
Ilka, organdies, etc., Bwatka
Ilka, at, yd., 14c. 35c, 50c, 69o
and 75
Batistes, French organdie,
Rare organdie. French batlate,
Holly batiste, Clalrmont batiste,
Arlsto batiste, Poplins, Fancies,
Bengallnee, etc., at, yd, 10c,
II 4c, 16c, 18c, 20c, 38o
and 50
Scotch Ginghams, French Ging
hams, English Ginghams, Dun
dee Zephyrs, A. F. C. Olng
nams. Red Seal Ginghams,
Toll dn Nord XJinghams, Pina
fore Ginghams, etc., at, yd.,
6c, Tttc, 10c, 11 He, 16c, 18c
and 24
VOILES Ratine voiles. Just
out; Mercerized voiles. Striped
voile, printed ' voiles, plain
voile, 40-ln voiles, Bordered
voile. Egyptian voiles, Half.
811k voiles. Bilk Striped voile
and every kind of voile made
for this spring, at, yard, l.V,
1ST, Site, 85c, SOr, OOc, Ado
and 69
Dainty Designs in Snowy Underm'Uns
the very best that the market
affords from tho most exquis
itly beautiful French Llngerio
to the most simplo and inex
pensive garments; you'll find
assortments superior and
prices most attractive.
Dome Easier Week Specials of
Intercut to Economical Buyers,
Ladle' Gowns, Combination and
Prince Slips, lar and embroid
ered trimmed, worth 11.00, on sale
t .98
Ladle' Gown and Skirts, lac and
embroidered trimmed, worth up to
$1.60, on sale at 69
Ladles' Skirts, Gowns, Combination
Suits and Corset Covers, in lac
and embroidery trimmed, worth
p to (8c, on sal at 49
Ladlea Gowns tn .high neck tucked
yok, worth 75c on sale
33. 'or $1.00
Ladle' Corset Covers and Drawer,
in lac and embroidery trimmed,
worth up to 49c, at 25
Ladln' Comlnatlon suit in silk, all
over embroidery and lace trimmed,
worth up to $1.00, on sale
81.50 "d $1.08
Authentic Styles
Lowest Prices
Tour neighbor will "if sh
hasn't already," save 25 to
50 per cent on her Spring
Hat her. You can do thai
same. Manish Walking
Hat and Sailors, Just what
you'r looking for
t 98 to $5.00
We guarantee all millinery.
Monday we otter Four Spe
cial groups of Trimmed
Hals, worth op to 110.00.
Threw hundred to Select
from, at $2.50. $2.95.
$3.95 ! $5.00
Superior Assortments
Distinct Designs
Most extensive showing
of Spring Millinery
ever attempted in any
Omaha store.
Dress Hats and High
Class Street Hats 500
to select from
$10 00 up to $125
"We guarantee satis
Easter Week Sate of High Grade Embroideries
Together with the choicest showing of fine Embroideries and Laces ever made in
Omaha, we will place on sale Monday an Immense purchase of new Embroideries from the
LEWIS & CO. STOCK, purchased from the receivers of this company, and offered at prices
which represent scarcely half real worth. .
Dress Flouncing,
1st Lot 3c Embroider le, 10
Including 18-ln. flouncing and
corset cover embroideries, regu
lar price, 36c; sale price. . O
SM Lot SOc Embroideries, )rd.25
Including 18 and 22-ln. flounc
ings; regular price, 60c; sal
prlc 25
M tot TSe, Bmarolleries 3 In
cluding JS-ln. skirt flouncing. Reg
ular lie, sal prlo 9S
Lot 8 So
t ...........
5th Lot $1.60 Dreas
0th Lot $5.00 Drew Flouncing.
t $2.75
7th Lot $7.00 Dress Flouncing.
Lot 36c to 50c
This Is a brand new line of com
bination Tucked Flouncing with
Linen Lac Inserting and edge.
Every yard perfect The great
est value ever offered. 8ee
this lot Monday at, yd., only 15
13c Stripe at 7 He.
This IS a lot of loom ends tn S
and 6-yard lengths. Only 7 He
yd. Regular price, 15c.
New Spring Silks Attractively Priced
Our showing of the new spring silk fabrics is the most
complete; every wanted weave and color. The Boredera
foulards, taffetas and silk serges so much in vogue we
have in a large assortment of QQ CI QjR
styles and color jQL'Pl .7(J
Satin Foulards, 36-inch All
Silk Waterproof Foulards
in every new spring color;
30 pieces Monday, worth
$1.25 yard.... 88c
44 and 43-inch Silk Poplins,
Navy, Alice, , Bordeaux,
Mustard, Heliotrope, tan,
brown, , black, pale rose,
' champagne; $1.25 values,
Monday at ....68c
5,000 yards of all Silk Foul
ards, Pongees, Brocade,
Messalines, Rough Pon
gees, 24 and 27-inch wide;
$1 and $1.25 values; while
they last, Monday at 48c
35 pieces of 44 and 48-inch
Silk Poplins with self
satin stripe borders. Fillet
lace effects, in 15 different
spring colors, $2.25 values;
special Monday
at ....$1.50 and $1.98
42 and 45-inch Satin Bord
ered Glace Chiffon taf
fetas, fancy border Messa
lines, Checked, Bordered,
Silk Serges in white and
black styles, a grand dis
play of the up-to-date ma
terials; Mondny
at ...$1.25 and $1.75
40-inch Bordered All Silk
Most Complete Showings of Lace Curtains and Draperies
Back Oartaias, new ajwortment
of patterns, Monday at, pr, (le.o
to SM.M
lnuwli Xfei Outtlii, plain and
figured centers, all new pattern.
Monday. 13 60 to SJOAO
Claaj Oattalna, in whit anil ecru.
ith very neat bonier. Moniley.
t, nr., 11U to gia.00
Woeelty Oartaias, whit and erru,
with very neat borders, Mon'lat'.
t. pr., .7t to .
Cable e Cartalae, whlto and
ecru, Honda at. pr, tlM to (Ml
Broaseletta, vary dainty pattrrna.
Monday, at, pr., Sac to SO.M
Tapeetry Foetleree, many different
atyles and quality, at. pr.. 3-i
to Siaoo
Bop Vorttera, all colore, clienll
curds and tapestry band. Monday,
at. pr.. to S.T5
11.40 rest Madras, (or tlsht wHht
portiere, at. yd 91.00
Met Beta for curtains, Monday, in
all color, at. yd., l&o to. ..
Colon Serins, for curtains, Mon
day, at, yd, Joe to as
Read the Big Special Grocery Opening
recta aa Plgan 0Uty sag Frte
14 lbs. Beat Granulaled buaar. ,1M
-lb. aacka Heat High Undo Dia
mond H- Family Flour nothing
Ilk It for bread, plea, cake or
puddings, per sack s..fLS
1 bars Lennox Beat 'Kin AU or
ltaiuoDd C Koap as
I lbs. best wait or yellow Corn
meat IS
I I be. Beat Boiled Breakfast Oat
meal 9
14-oa. cane Condenaed Milk i
Kellotic's Toasted JUce Flaaea. p
1-lb. cans Pork and Beana ......S1-
T lbs. best bulk Laundry Starch o
Oreoe Nut, pkg to
E. C Cora Flakes, pk( 4
1-lb. cane Aeeortrd Soups ..- H
14-oa. pkg. Bugle Brand Macaroni te
The larsoet and finest aaeortxneut
o Uried Irutta In the city.
tn Brass See Best.
The Best Blue Unas Beed. per
pound Oe
The Beet Bine Oraaa and Clover need.
The best White (lover eeed, lb. 46
The Beat White rtowr Reed, lb.. 4a
Red or TeUew Union beta, Jt THe
Was Wait Onion Seta. ot. SS
Battac. BarkBtta an Cams Bale.
The Beat No. I Creamery Butter,
a in. ..
. Tb Beat No. 1 Dairy Butter, In., M
t lbs. Good Butterln 8e
t lbs. Good Table Butterln SO
The Best Equal to Creamery, I lbs.
Full Cream Cheese, lb. la
PuU Cream Tounf America Cbeeee.
lb, 6
rleufciiatel Cbses. each 3
i Heada Fresh Leaf Lettuce 5
1 Bunches Fresh Hothoua Radishes
(or - a
California Pieplant, pound So
Fancy Cauliflower, lb. T
Mew Potatoes, lb. THa
California Asparacua, lb. 16
ranry Rip Tomatoes, lb. 10o
Lares Stalks Celery .Ss
Larre Hoop Bunches 10
Freeh Beets, Carrou or Turnips, per
bunch .....4
Fresh Fpinach, peck SO
Fancy Wai or Green Brans, lb. . . Sue
Large Head Lettuce, bead VSs
1 Burchee Freeh Parsley So
t Green Pepnern So
lr aUs-hlaad Vsvel Ormaree. tke
4rajures ef Qaaiity, per dosea, IS,
Specials' in New
Spring 1912 White
Goods Monday
Checked and Striped Book
Fold Dimities, worth 15c a
yard, at 10c
Checked and striped Book Fold
Dimities, worth 19c, yd. 12 H
Checked and striped Book Fold
. Dimities, worth 2 Go yd. at 15
Fine sheer French Lawns and
t'hiftons (or graduation, worth
Too, yard 504
Fin sheer French Lawns and
Cblffona, for graduation, worth
11.00 yard, at ..V 65
Floe sheer French Lawns and
Chlffoua. tor graduation, worth,
J. yard ". 81.00
Pure Linen round thread Waist
ings, yard wide, worth $1.00,
yard . -50
Pur Linen, round thread Wsiat
ings, yard wide, worth J 1.25
yard ; 75
Automobile Cloth, SS loobe
wide, all pure linen, worth 75c
ywd 45
Rami Cloth, tha newest in suit
ings, all shsdes, para linen,
worth 11.00, yard 50
We want you to
look before you
buy furniture-
We keep down
the prices.
Rousing Special Bargains
In Oar Crockery Dept. Mowday-
8 in. Bras Fern Dishes, with
lining 35
10-in. Brass Jardiniere. . . 8o
tOc-dot. etched Water Glasses,
for .25
Sherbet Glass, ( for . . 15?
10-in. Glas Berry Bowl,
each It
Win or Whiskey Glasses S
for 10
Austrian China Pi Plate.
for 35
7-in. Dinner Plate. for 354
$15.00 Couches, Ilk cut, genuine
oak leather 83.50
$7.50 Go-Carts, -on motion col
lapsible 84.50
Folding Oo-Carts, 81.50-81.75
$5.7.50 Oak Extenaion Dining
TabM, highly polished, quarter
siwed,' 15-in. top, t feet
t .... 812.50
$15.00 Dining Table, ( ft. 4. -In.
top 89.50
All Oak Dlniig Chain on sal for
th asms prices aa a kitchen
chair 75
Three-piece Parlor 6ulte, Mahog
any finish, genuine leather, on
t 817.50
Very Fin Parlor Suites, 825.00
ad 835.00
$30 Kitchen Cabinets, on sale
t 819.50
Large Brass Beds on sal. 87.50
Large Vernl Martin Beds 85.75
Other beds, each 82.50 83.50
and 8-1.75
Solid Oak Chiffoniers only J500
Solid Oak Dressers only 85.50
W would Ilk to advertise hun
dreds of other bargaina la furni
ture that yon should come is and
. New Laces
Our famous Lace Depart
ment will make a special
showing of the latest novel
ties in heavy effects in
white, champagne and Ecru
laces Monday.
Laces, regular $5.00 values
at 92.30. S-J.73 and 83.00
New Hand-Mad Clunya at,
yJ 25
New Filet Laces, yard, up
from 35
New Silk Run Shadow Larea,
tip from 25s
See oar Special 23c Counter
Monday. . .
Wanted Weaves in Wool Dress Fabrics
in Range of Colorings that leaves nothing to be desired
and at prices you'll find matchlessly moderate.
We are showing a very extensive line of fine whipcords
in the popular navies, tans and green, 25 pieces for
Monday, $2.00 value, at $1.50
35 pieces of 54-inch 6emi rough homespun and mannish
suitings, grey and tones with contrasting color effects,
very good for suits, skirts and coats, $1.75 a yd. values,
Monday $1,25
64-ln. all pure wool Serges and
Suitings in hair line stripes and
novelty styles: every scare
color. Tb serge ar ready
aponged and shrunk, $1.50
values. Monday 981
44-ln. Fine Cream Whipcord and
Bedford Cord, French Serge,
Wool Taffeta; your choice of
the $1.60 fabrics Monday
t 88
! Our showing of Cream Dress
Materials is immense; every
new weave is here. Bedford
Cords. Whipcords, Basket weaves,
Storm and French ' Serges,
Wool Taffetas, Mohairs it's a
few specials for Monday.
$3.25 64-ln. heavy cream all
wool serges 81.59
$2.00 64-ln. heavy cream whip
cords 81.50
ll.iS 62-ln. finu quality Cream
Bora ,
Linen Specials
Linen Depf.
Pure Linen Barnsley Tow
oling, worth 19c a, yard,
at 12ttc
Pure Linen Checked Glass
Toweling, worth 17o a
yard, at 10c
Pure Linen Hemmed Huck Tow
els, worth 1 9c. each ....19
Hemstitched Huck To w I ,
colored borders, worth 19c,
cl 10
Bath Towels, large site, rranm
or white, worth 25c, each 15
Par Linen Hemmed Pattern
Cloths, size, SxlO, worth $4.00,
each 81.93
Pure Linen Dinner Napkins,
size 20x20 Inches, worth $4.00
doten, each 82.50
Domestic Room Specials
Wash Goods, "White Goods, Ginghams, Prints, Out
ings, Shirtings, Ltc.
Batiste, Fin Printing, worth
15c 10
Serpentina Crepe 12 ft 4
18c Foulards 12H
25c Dress Ginghams, 32 . in.
wide 124
India Linens, Persian Linena,
End-Long Cloths, Dimities,
etc., at 6c, 7e, S)ie, lOo
and 12 ft 4
25c White Goods; a mixed
t 10
At 0 A. M. 1 cat of Amos
keag check .5
At 10:30 A. M. 1 ease of yard
wide Muslin; reg. 6 He grade,
10 yards limit, at, yd.. 34
At 8 P. M. 1 case of 16c Turk
ish Towels, pairs limit, at,
"ch -- 10
Wall Paper Sale For Three Days
We place on sal every piece of WaU Paper in our Mammoth
Stock, consisting of everything in the wall paper line from the
cheapest white blanks to the best oat meals made.
Good Rooms ac values,'
at 21 2C
Bed Booms Sc and 10c
values, at...., 4c
Bed Booms 1214c values,
at 5c
Kitchen Blocks 8c values,
at 5c and 4c
Printed Oat Meals (gilts)
Plain Oat Meala (imported)
Cut ont order, linens, room moulding, tc
Varnished Wood Stains, qt... 551 3Q
Wall Paper and Pal at Departiwart, 4th Floor.
Gilt Paper 20c values,
at 10c
Varnished Gilts 25c and
40c values, at ..15c
Upper Thirds 40c and 50c
values, at. 25c
Tiffany Grounds 75c val
ues, at... ......38c