Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 31, 1912, SOCIETY, Image 26

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Easter; Shoe Needs Beckon You to Fry's
Into this store of correct footwear flows the spring
tide of buyers to get shoes of smartness, extreme
comfort and durability at prices to fit every purse.
f M
The style, the fit 'and the price of Fry
shoes make this extensively supplied store a
center for the greatest number of Omaha's
shoe shoppers. ' :
Fry's shoes incarnate the very spirit of
all footgear and you never know what perfect
comfort is until, you have worn the models
sold here.
S "s
They who wear Fry shoes walk in exact style and pure comfort
. Irving Drew Shoe Co,
are' makers of exclusive styles for the younger set.
"We ' are showing their newest Colonials, Pumps
and ' Button Oxfords. These have an especially
chic appearance, that of much higher priced
shoes, nnd you expect to see them stamped with
a higher price mark. They possess extreme style and
comfort, and are sure to give greatest satisfaction to
women who are seeking a rich-quality shoe at a very
reasonable price. There is no chance for disappoint
ment when you accept Irving Drew footwear. The
"Avia-toe" is one of the handsome toes of the spring
season. It is made in tan, white nu buck, dull calf and
patent leather. ' '
Prices $3.00 and $3.50
Laird, Schober & Co. Pumps and Oxfords
Laird, Schober & Oo. of Philadelphia are manufacturers of the best custom-made
shoes for women in the world.
The style, the fit, and the qualities of Schober Pumps and Oxfords are un
surpassed. They appeal irresistibly to nil women of discriminating taste who
wish smart, chic and exclusive stylo, yet who must have absolute comfort. They
excell in attractiveness and in fitting qualities. Indeed, all praise that can be
gathered for commendation of shoes can be placed upon fhe highgrade makes
of this firm.
"We show a particularly charming selection of Laird, Schober & Co Pumps and
Oxfords for spring and summer wear. Those of the models illustrated above. They
aro the kind that will attract the attention of people who recognize the grace
and beauty of footwear. They are here in all desirable and fashionable leathers.
Prices $5.00 to $6.00
Slater & Morrill Oxfords
Men who are anxious to be correctly dressed for
Easter will find their ideal fashionable footwear in a
pair of Slater & Morrill Oxfords, with the city last and
the low, desirable heel. This is one of the popular styles
with men of good faste, and will be worn extensively
all summer. In these Slater & Morrill shoes your feet
will not only look well, but they also will feel well, and
you will enjoy the Easter festivities if your clothes are
as choice and as stylish as are these perfect-service
shoes. Iu Slater & Morrill shoes you will get the kind
you want and at the price you wish to pay. The
leathers are tan, black calf and patent.
Price $5.00
The Fry Shoe Company ias
s and Oxfords in Demand by Correct Dressers
OOTWEAR tyla for this with the ram leather In th shoe Th
spring ar fully aa varied and Colonial Is abown In the prevailing laath
attractive aa other Itnee of
women'a drees. Tbe eho
manufacturers today appre
ciate fully the satisfaction a
dressed woman feels la bavins her
footwear on a par for beauty with other
garment. .
era, such aa white buck, tan calf and pat
ent. Many women no doubt will prefer
tb plain pump. They can secure thin
In all leathers, and If they want a slight
chance can have a small ornament, such
as a leather buckle. , .
Another novelty this season Is tb low
For tha early spring ths popular colors button shoe or button Oxford. This ha
ar tan and white. Button boots of tan alwara been a favored shoe with many
calf leather and white buck gtv a good women. It is now shown with from four
rang of choke for harmonising with to eight button. The real novelty In the
, suits of the leading sty I colors.
4 For a trim, neat effect with the Pre
vailing short, narrow walking skirts.
button Oxford, however, I a style tost
ha the buttons down the aid Instead of
m front This Is a Parts style, and fai
th button boot Is much superior to the lows the Idea of tb gaiter boot, which
made Jts appearance this last winter.
The gaiter boot referred to Is on of
the most conspicuous style that baa ap
peared In footwear for some- time. It
lac fastening.
The black and whit fashion not has
been carried out, also. In footwear. Hand
some boot of Detent leather with- white
'calf leather tops are displayed In many " or man Twl "
stores. Th same color combination """ ur m
la elea iKon In tnna mad of black by Shoe With S Cloth top. and
and whit striped fabric. with th actual strap of the overgaiter
For th woman who favor a com- run"' und'r baUp- Th" w,empt
btaatloa Of colors other variations short-lived. Th present sty! at
can be found, such aa patent leatbera wrater. and thus more attractive,
or dull leather with top of gray ' in Paris, th gaiter boot I about a
sued or th delicate champacM kid. .year old. and baa keen a real sensation
When th wanner weather cornea there vfth stylishly dressed women. In
th lew-cm shoes will be sought and ,h mBlrfi tmr. th sty I ha not
tbi year there ar a number of at- ..u .urh nrorrea because of the pe-
tractlv change from th plain pump culiu. mUnc afnruittea imident t th
arrangement of button a tbe side, In-
whlch baa been so popular of lata
year. Th most prominent of thee
Is th pump ornamented with a togue
and buckle, ordinarily termed th
Colonial, but which by comewhat dif
ferent from the earliest Colonial,
which has a one-eyelet tie with tongue
and buckle. ,
Th Colonial pomp that la most ap-
stead of la front. Nevertheless, a bun
number of th pat boots have been See
on New York' atresia, a ad It seems pre
mature to Mat that tha style will not
eon Una popular for sotn time. .With
tb present vogue la buttons n women'
suits, tb ty w Idea la th gaiter boot
proved ha a email tongu and buckle fits la very strongly.
BX to coned callous, usually covered Aosthe feature, of h, anriac'g sieg
ing of wemenk styles la In tha. continu
ance la tb background of tb old-fashioned,
but at th asm time sensible
and comfortable, lac Oxford, with three,
four or fir eyelets. Oulsid of th regu
lar demand for this shoe from mora el
derly women; tb trade, according to re
tailers, f very limited. This la du to
th low-cut plain pump, which has found
favor with youngtr women who demand
style la shoes as in other articles of dree.
Th passing of this Oxford tie m a strik
ing example of the sacrifice of comfort
and good sense to the dictates of fashion.
For th young womoaa who desires to
ttmulatg. ' mannish attire In her shoes,
the shops a re showing low-cut boots,
both In button and lace, with a broad
toe, after tho manner of the lasts In
men' shoes, am! with a low heel, about
an Inch and a half high. The ar
mad with heavily stitched sole and ,lr
mm cases, with prominent perforations
In tha leather! There la a growing de
mand for. thla type of boot, but th larg
est trad I la th col leg town.
For th conservatively dressed man
there ar few change la shoe style this
season- tawed boots la taa and button
boots In th black leather Will coatinu
to b favored In th early spring. Th
flat shoe with long, receding toe. Is the
correct style. Tb high knob toe,
which never appealed In tb slightest to
th man of style taste, la passing even
hi the cheaper lines. Prominvnt orna
mentation, such as perforations, else ar
going by.
For mora formal wear then are button
boot la patent leather with grey sued
or doth tope, and tn th .larger dtlea
London style of men's boot with colored
tope, such a afeiloa dota ar being
Th men's low shoes also ar plain
with th baL pattern most popular. Tan
will be, no doubt. In demand, with white
hoe also more prominent at the sour
than In previous years. .
A largo number of men's white low
shoes Is being displayed In the larger
stores, tha expectation being that with
a big season In women's white shoes,
more shoe of th asm color will sell
la the men's trsde. This may prove true
to some extent, but, despite their attrac
tiveness, tha average business man will
probably not Increase the inconvenience
of keeping hi shoe clean, as would be
th cas wun white shoes.
Th real startling novelty In men's
footwear la a aos with the toe turned up
In front, giving the appearance of a
canoe. Thla la technically called the
rocker bottom last. It appears In n te
dium and cheaper grade shoes only, and
win never have any favor with conserv
atively dressed men. It k t later de
velopment of the extremely high toes that
have been prominent the last year or so,
and will appeal to tbe same class of
trad. Th high to has some utility,
sine It gives soma room for stl of th
toea of tha foot, but the absurd extreme
to which la waa carried nullified tbe good
, Th riglnal certificates of irarrlagea
celebrated at Gretna Green between US
and CS4. signed by th contracting parties
and the Gretna Hall Marriage Register,
will be sold at Sotheby's, reports tb
London Time They are tn tb auto
graph of John Linton, by wham almost
ail th aaarrlag war celebrated, and
who, after betof cosfMonUai serraat
to 81 r Jame Graham at Netherly Hall,
invested his saving In the purchase of
Gretna Hall, which he turned into an
Ilia house became the most popular at
Gretna for eloping couples, and. whil
Linton had many rivals In th business,
hi retrlaters ar believed to be th most
Important la existence. There are be
tween 1.W0 and LM certificates.
Th most noteworthy entry In th reg
ister Is that of Edward Gibbon Wakefield
to Ktlen Turner on March S, IS.1, of '
which the certiltcate has been lost Miss
Turner waa an heiress, only M years of
ao. and Wakefield decoyed her from
school by means of a forged letter, and
Induced her to marry htm by pretending
that her compliance was necessary to
sav her father from rain. He was subse
quently tried for abduction and sen
tenced to three rears imprisonment, tha
rrarriage being annulled by a special act
of Parliament.
On May .7. 1&3C. Prince Carlo Ferdl
nando Barbooe, younger brother of th
notorious King Ferdinand II of th Two
Sicilies, wsa married at Gretna Hall to
reoeiope Caroline Smyth of Waterford.
Ireland. Among tb most Interesting of
tn other marriages, th certificates of
which ar present, I that of Captain
Charles Parke Ibbetson to Lady Adda
Cortaand afaud Vlllers, daughter of tha
early of Jersey, on November ISaV.
In making a runaway match Lady
Adeia waa following th example of her
grandmother. Miss Varah Child, daughter
of th founder f Child bank, whs was
married at Oretna Green to Lord Weat
nvarelaad. Th story at their pursuit by
tn angry banker who cave up th chase
only after on of th horses tn hi coach
had been abot by hia prospaetiv son-in-law,
t en of the most famous hi tb
aaaalg of Gretna Green,