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IkshionaMe Women Will Eschew
All Colon to Be Smart
Bmta Are Varied with u Arrar of
Sailors, Drrbrs, Pakn aaa
Baa art Effect ( All
This is to be a white season in Omaha,
and If you would be strictly "&u fait'
you must bo clad In this no-color color
from top to toe. Shoes, hats, suits.
gowns, (loves all these articles In wo
men a wearing apparel come in the smart
est lines, the best quality and the great
eat quantity In white.
White, white, white, say the buyers in
the local department stores Bennett's,
Brandeis', Hayden's and Kllpatrick's.
"Never have we put in such a big line
of white shoes," says the shocman at
"White hats will be especially good,"
ays the milliner.
"Let me show you the white suits,"
san the head of the suit department.
"Tou must wear white gloves with ev
erything," says the girl at the glove
Watte la Becoming,
All this seems very extravagant, and
as If the ones who are really going to
hare the biggest Innings are the washer
woman and the laundryman. But whit
Is not extravagant when one stops to
'think that It is less expensive and much
.simpler to carry out the white idea than
to buy and match accessories to different
colored gowns. And then, too, white 1
becoming to everyone and la delightfully
cool for summer.
To begin at the top and also because
hats are more fascinating than any other
part of a woman's wardrobe:
There Is an all-white hemp hat from
Marie-Guy, Paris, In the Rrandela mil
linery department which is unusually at
tractive. It has a soft, rather high crown
of hemp, which has horlsontsJ cordlngs
of white taffeta. The brim Is narrow and
at the left side rises a big, fluffy white
prince of Wales plume.
One of the Beancourt hats Is high,
close-fitting and dainty. The groundwork
la of dark blue fine straw and Is veiled
with crepe, mottled with Egyptian colors
alternating with white tucked crepe. A
bunch of crepe buds Is the only trimming.
A large hat from Maison Lewis Is of
champagne-colored hemp, the wide, flat
brim rolling up near the front The top
of the crown has a turban-llke effect in
softly folded primrose taffeta. From this
all around the crown branch the graceful
Neu Mtdda feathers which have super
ceded aigrettes. They are primrose shade
near the top of the hat and grow black
at the tips near the edge ot the brim.
Ytt Clns.
A Buxane Talbot bat to small and close
fitting like a toque. It Is of beauvals
blue a navy shade-end of Milan straw.
A high gray plume trims the side and
the facing Is of the same shade of taffeta.
Has den Bros, have a Oahy Deslys hat
which at very dashing. It Is small and
close, of silver fishnet with three rhino
stone bands at the edge and a big rhlne
stone with several pendants In the front,
from which black plumes covered with
Neu Mldda feathers cover the crown and
extend far back. ' -
A -black Milan has for Its only Trim-'
ming a whtle ostrich plume under a thlr-ty-slx
Inch pheasant tall. A black velvet
band surrounds the crown. A huge black
hemp hat with drooping brim has as
lis only adornment three primrose-colored
dogtali plumes. Another big hat is a
French gray Milan, with a loose foliage
trimming from which rise two bit Pnk
The little Paul Polrets in changeable
taffeta and lace are nobby. The crowns
are silk, the tiny brim of straw or lace
and two laos Mercury wings are at the
Beside white, white trimmed with black
and black trimmed with white, there are
many colored hats, the colors being the
rich and brilliant oriental tones. Prim
rose shade la particularly popular, as are
aim king's blue and empire green.
In addition to the coronet shapes, with
their ostrich plumes, fancy feathers and
ornaments and flowers, there Is a vast
array of sailors, derbys, pokes and bonnet
effects with tsllored trimmings. Flowers.
cupId wings, veilings and filet and shadow
laces are used generously. Never, say the
milliners, has there been so much In
tricate handwork as there to this season.
Fancy and Plain.
The new suits offer a wide range for
choice, for they are both fancy and plain,
are found In many different materials
and cut on a variety ot lines. Jackets
are somewhat shorter than those ot last
winter and are both straight and cut
away. Rrrers and lapels and collars
are large and long. giving a decidedly
swashbuckling effect. Sleeves are both
long and three-quarters length, many
having deep cuffs which correspond with
the collars sad re vers.
Skirts are cut on long, straight lines
with little more fullness than In the
last winter. They are simple, carrying
out In braidings, buttons or stitching the
motif of the jacket.
Van Caaaavanlc
There are many changeable taffetas
and one-color silk sulta. In the fabrics
are the phlpcords, French serges, Eng
lish suitings, two-tone dlcgonals, mixed
worsteds, novelty stripes and the regula
tion hatr-llne stripes. There are also
many linen sulte-mostly white for mid
There Is a decided trend In the suits
toward having collars, cuffs and revers
of a different material and color from
the suit proper. For instance, some of
the blue serge suits aavo collar and
cuffs of ratine a material which looks
exactly tike bath toweling with a piping
of cardinal or empire green. Some of
the suits come with the removable lace
collar and cuff sets on them. The elab
orate cuffs and collars is a marked fea
ture of the new sulta.
The most extreme and the newest Idea
In the fancy enllar effects on the spring
suits la the fichu. The fichu la large,
almost covering the upper part of the
Jacket and Is usually of some One, white
material trimmed with woe.
Pwalln and Fsrhw Effect,
One at the suits which has this flche
effect is of dark blue poplin the beauvals
shade. A double fichu almost covers the
thirty-inch coat It la of fine batiste
witfe rather large coral -colored polka dots
scattered through It and with a one lack
shadow lace edging. It reaches the waist
lino In front and hangs almost to the
waist la the back. The deep cuffs of the
taras-taanba sleeves are covered with the
batiste edged with lace and have a ver
tical raw ef fancy buttons to tiw i eapund
te similar rows an the Jacket. The skirt
as extmaely simple, being trimmed
snerety with a -rertk-al row of the battoas
'tieo. They are about a half lack s di
??JP5-Tsy . 'WfeJfeaxiaV... ii-A JLL.swt sSffl
ameter, the outer edge being of crystal
end the Inner portion of coral-colored
china the exact sixe ot the dots on the
However attractive the suits of differ
ent colors may be the white suite take
precedence In point ot up-to-dateness.
The white suits are In the French serges,
the whipcords In a new ribbed fabric
which looks like corduroy and In linen.
Linen Salts Pretty.
Tho white linen suits for later in the
season are prettier than they have ever
been before, and are to be the smartest
thing for summer, so the clothiers say.
These suits are in both Jacket and skirt
and jacket and one-piece dress. The
loveliest, also the most expensive, ar?
covered with hand embroidery.
One suit is of heavy linen with one-
piece dres end jacket. The cutaway coat
deep shawl collar and wide cuffs of the
long sleeves are elaborately wrought In
Florentine embroidery In an aster flower
design. The bottom of the skirt has a
deep border narrowing and scattering to
ward the top In the aster pattern, which
also covers the waist
Another whlto linen suit not quite so
ornate has a jacket with cutaway coat
and simple skirt The deep collar ot the
jacket which comes to a point In the
back, and also the deep cuffs ot the
sleeves are daintily embroidered and
edged with a two-Inch Irish lace. The
jacket buttons with three big crystal
pear-shaped buttons and similar buttons
are on the back of the Jacket, on the
cuffs and on the skirt
Why the Rellsrtons Feast Day Varies
from March S3
April S3.
In 1909 Easter Sunday fell on April U.
In 1810 It fell on March S. In MM It
came on April 19. In 1911 It went forward
to April II again. In 190a It came on April
23, In 11S to April 7, and In Nil It will
come on March 23. How many people
understand the reason for this extreme
irregularity in the data ot the principal
feast of the Christian yearT
The actual arrangement Is easy enough
to explain, but the reason for the ar
rangement Is a little harder to get at
According to the ecclesiastical program.
Easter Is celebrated on the first Sunday
after the first full moon after the spring
equinox. Everybody knows that the
mouths and their days are arranged in
the calendar according to the solar year.
and that the full moon never comes on
the same day of the month In two suc
cessive years. In 190. for Instance, the
full moon following the spring equinox
(March 21) came on April . and the first
Sunday after that was April 11-end con
sequently that date was Easter. This
year the first full moon after March II
comes on March 31, and the seventh day
after that Is Sunday. Therefore, we have
Easter on April 7. The earliest date on
which Easter can fall Is March K, and
the latest April J.
But why Is this arrangement, this cycle,
followed? We have to go back to Jeru
salem for the answer to that Easter to
the perpetuation of the Jewish Passover.
Christ the Paschal Lamb, was slain on
the day when the Jews sacrificed a real
lamb. The Roman Christian began by
celebrating the feast of the resurrection
on the Hth ot Nlsan of the Jewish calen
dar. But the Jewish calendar did not fit
the Julian calendar, which was In use In
Rome; an attempt to make It fit resulted
In a constant shift from date to date In
the Julian calendar, and the eventual sim
plified plan of the date after the spring
equinox was the result of an attempt to
escape the confusion.
This Is at least tho ecclesiastical ex
planation. But In this explanation no dis
tinct reason Is found to account tor the
tact that the moon to brought in at all.
Why was not the first Sunday after the
equinox, or a fixed date, say, March 26,
like that of Christmas, chosen?
To answer this question the Influence
of the moon cult upon the early Christians
must be Invoked. To the ancient Ro
mans, to the Greeks, and to the Jews
themselves the Christians owed thslr no
tion that the moon exercised a distinct
Influence In human affairs; and aa the
Jews had regarded he moon of Nlsan as
peculiarly sacred, so did also the early
Christians. And they assumed the "moon
of Nlsan" to be the first one to arrive
after the vernal equinox.
At this day we know and rare nothing
whatever about the moon of Nlsan. but
It continues to Influence our social, re
ligious and business affairs In a marked
manner.-New York MalL
Matinees Are Made
on Straight Lines
The matinees for house wear are made
on long straight linen and of clinging
materials-crepe de chine, messallne,
Swiss, marquisette, India linen and
striped and fancy nainsooks. They are
trimmed wHh ribbons and laces and have
boudoir caps to match. The caps are
snug, round affairs with a narrow lace
frill and French roses In pink, blue or
other color to match the gown.
One 0 f the matinees is of canary yellow
messallne. empire effect with black velvet
ribbon at the waist and hanging In long
ends to the edge of the skirt The large
collar, short sleeves and skirt hare nar
row rows of fluted messallne.
A Sarprlsr for the Mrldesrewss,
George von L Meyer, secretary of the
navy, said at the recent banquet of the
American Society of Naval Engineers:
"A verv fashionable wedding once took
place in Washington. Only the Intimate
friends of either family were lnvneo ana
all seemed to be bent on having the best
time of their lives. There was. however,
one exception. A young man did not seem
to be enjoying himself a bit.
interna of mlnsllnr with the gathering
the sad-looking young gentleman wan
dered around the house, inspecting the
wedding presents and displaying great In
terest in trie oecoraiions.
"Flnallv the hapor bridegroom noticed
the fellow and, wishing to say something
pleasant and having Imbibed enough to be
able to do so. asked him why he did not
mingle and have some fun.
"Have yon Kttsea tne ones ynr as
Well.' said the sad one, ."not lately,
New York Sun.
Breaks Cold in a Day
And Cares any Oeark tana Is Oar-
oted nectars rsrasala.
"From your druggist get two ounces of
Glycerine and naif an ounce of Concen
trated Pine compound. Take these two
ingredients home and put them Into a
halt pint of rood whiskey. Take one to
two tesspoonfuls after each meal and at
bed time. Smaller doses to children ac
cording to age." This Is the best formula
known to science. There are many
cheaper preparations of large quantity,
but It dna't pay to experiment wKa a bad
cold. Be sore to get only the genuine
tGlobei Concentrated Pine. Eacc half
ounce bottle comes In a sealed tin screw
top esse. If your drugsist ones not nave ft
la stock he will rt it quickly from his
whoiesaie house. This has been published
here every winter tor six years and tnoa-
saods of families know Ms vaiiav Ad.
Church tad Government Shaken, by
- Hew Religions Scandal
Head ot the Movement a Holy
Man Who Is Close to the Tsar
aad Can Defy tho Ordi
nary Authorities.
thlng like a cyclone haa recently swept
through tht Russian church, and Bear
the center of It Is again the "mad monk"
Helldorus. An end was suddenly put to
the monk's amaxing exterritoriality tram
the civil and ecclesiastical power. For a
presumptuous telegram addressed to the
emperor, accusing the holy synod of
heretical and uncanonical proceedings,
Hellodorus' patron. Bishop Hermogenes,
was dismissed from membership In that
body. His refusal to depart for bis dio
cese m Sara toff led to Hs being taken
away from him. Finally both ha and
Hellodorus, who had come up from
Tsarltsyn to wage bis battle, were exiled
to remote monasteries In Grodno and
Vladimir provinces. This order was en
forced only after a fortnight of Insub
ordination, In which Hermogenus u
sustained by some ot the most jtifluendai
leaders of political and court circles.
Meanwihel, Hellodorus had disappeared
In a mysterious manner from the capital,
ostensibly to make a pilgrimage. He mys
teriously reappeared in St Petersburg
after a fortnight's absence and also made
a show of submission and departed for
his place of exile.
Third Klemeat In Prakleaa.
The personal element In these sensa
tional developments Includes a third
figure, Gregory Rasputin, a reputed "holy
man" residing In Tsarkoe Selo. He. It
now appears, wss ths power behind Hell
odorus, enabling the latter to say and
do what he liked In defiance of the synod
and of the whole government The Inter
dict upon the press of St Petersburg and
Moscow against publishing anything
about Rasputin and the confiscation of
about ten issues of different newspapers.
Including some as influential m ruling
circles as the Novoe Vremya and the
Oolos Moskvy, Is another manifestation
et Rasputin's power. His support was on
personal grounds recently wlthorawn
from Hellodorus and his group with Im
mediate consequences to them.
Rasputin keeps as much In the back
ground as possible. With all the slyness
of the peasant when dealing with persons
In authority, Rasputin avoided getting
Into trouble with the holy synod, though
he has demonstrated repeatedly that tne
synod Is powerless before him.
Rise at Peasant,
This untutored peasant from Siberia
has gained all his power In six years.
He owes his Introduction In the sate
chambers of the great to Hermogenes,
Hellodorus end Theophanus, who led the
ultra-reactionary movement which came
In the wake ot the revolution. Rasputin,
however, restricted himself to the relig
ious sphere of action. Those who came
near him conceived sn Idea that be waa
a person ot extraordinary spiritual ex
perience and power. Such la the view
held In the highest circles. One of the
ministers of state who attempted to open
the question about Rasputin during the
Our price
The Sensation of fhe flew York and Chicago Shows
This Baker Colonial Brougham was the most talked of model
at the 1912 Automobile shows. Among all the new five-passenger
electrics exhibited, it stood out as the roomiest and most
magnificent Coupe is low hung and sumptuously furnished.
All seats facing forward. Chassis is especially designed for a
very large body. It is not the stretched out makeshift employed
by other makers in their haste to produce an extra large car.
The Car Thai Brought Them All To Shaft Drive.
Omaha Distributors
N. W. Cor. 40th and Farnam.
recent stir was toM that "Russia exists
these six years thanks to ItasjmtuVs
The Duma views the matter differently.
Aa orgeat Interpellation oa the censor
ship of the press in cennectloa with Ras
putin waa adopted with but a single
dissenting voice. The text of the Inter
pellation reproduced on ot the, In
criminated articles from the Oolos Mos
kvy challenging the holy synod to call
upon the author for proof that Rasputin
Is a '(flagellant sectarian), cor
rupter ot bodies and souls, sty con
spirator against the holy et holies, the
throne and church altar.
The charge ot being chlyst conveys a
very definite meaning to the Russian ear.
At matins and vespers priests of the
Orthodox church rarely tail to admonish
their flock against the abominations ot
the chlysts. Thesa sectarians, however
practice the utmost secrecy, and are
among the most punctual of church
goers. When the priest admonishes, they
groan and mutter horror ot the very
practices which they carry in In secret
Remarkable at I tee.
The chlysts aow thrive In thirty
provinces. The most notorious thing
about them to their religious meetings
(called "exercises la seal") carried on
either with Immunity la palace, or
under constant fear of discovery In
some secret underground passage or
out of the way chamber. Oa entering
the meeting room, the men put on white
calico or linen shirts, reaching almost
to the ground, and provided with long
sleeves. The meeting communes are
allegorlcally called ships, tho presiding
prophet pilot, the sleeves, sails. Womaa
put on similar shirts "with Ike addition
ot a white skirt They also cover their
heads with a white kerchief, with red
spangles. All worshipers hold) a candle
In the right hand and a handkerchief
with red spangles In the left , These
handkerchiefs are called Archangel's
wings. Generally all remain barefooted,
if outsiders are present the service hi
a formal one of reading, diversified
with .singing snd preaching. If all by
themselves, the chlysts perform a va
riety of religious dances, of which the
circle Is the supreme degree, la which
they tumble and writhe In contortions.
Ilka madmen, beating themselves an the
breast, pulling the hair, sitting down
and jumping up, beating, each other
and crying, "Oh Ghost. O Tsar, God,
Tsar, Ghost" These dances, with In
tervening prophesy and chants, con
tlnue till all drop on the floor exhausted.
in their beliefs, the chlysts are scarcely
Christian. They call Jesus Christ the
"old Christ" In contrast to constantly
manifested new ones. To their mysticism
Is added a dusilstlo view of the universe,
the spirit being a good element and the
flesh an evil one. They reject matri
mony, are total abstainers from liquors,
practice vegetarianism, rarely smoke,
practice wide democracy and benevolence,
thereby attracting the hunfhle and the
needy to their fold. , '
Oar Owa Bflaatiwla,
Mtstah Walkah. kin ro tell me de dir.
f unce 'tween A aged comedian an' a man
wit' a slight cold in his frost?"
"No. Kami that's too deep for me. What
la the difference between an aged come
dian and a man with a alight cold In
his throat?"
'ls one am a ols stager an' the uddah
am a little raucous"
Ladtee and gentlemen, the renowned
Graeoo-Roman tenor. Prof. Rysuppen
Ruhr, will now sing his favorite senti
mental ballad, entitled, "Take That Clxa-
rnot Out of Tour Mouth. Mabel. If you
Want Me to Kiss Yo"'-Chlcago Tribune.
No matter how luxurious a home might bo it ia
not oomplete without pictures of some kind. Now
that spring is here and you are having your walls
re-papered, why not have those old style picture
frames replaced by new and
wi.h ,k' J1""? f '""nlng picture so as to coincide
with tie color schema of the room In which they are hung
wateroyr ' " ,nt""
arc right our aenrice excel li.
BleTertlng, 1015 Howard 8U
Fbosm D. 1673.
Manufacturers Cleveland, Ohio
(AkM and Ldryttt JfaanaeJarcr vf EtedrltYehicle '
Collars and Cuffs
of Women's Coats
Showing Contrast
The materials In coats for this sprint
as shown by local stores are similar to
those used In the suits and the same Idea
of contrasting collars and cuffs Is car
ried out Some of the coats are straight,
some slanted oft toward the bottom,
nearly all have large lapels and cuffs.
One of the extreme models st Bennett's
Is of navy blue serge with wide, round
collar with lapels which come tar down
the front and end with two huge, heavy,
cream-colored crochet buttona. The col
lar Is ot cream-colored serge as are also
the nlae-tneh cuffs. Flaring back on
each revere and from the cuffs are pieces
of cardinal broadcloth which button back
with three large buttona made ot three
sections red with white between. The
cardinal patches are piped In black. At
the neck ot the collar and, extending
through the cardinal plecea and reaching
almost to the bottom of the coat Is a
broad saah of black taffeta ending la a
long, black silk tassel.
A white wool coat has a large collar
ot corded white silk edged with a band
f deep blue velvet with a touch ot
cerise piping between the white and blue.
There are shoulder tabs of the velvet
edged with cerise and the long bishop
sleeves have a narrow cuff of the same.
A kimono coat or black and white
diagonal striped wool cloth to lined with
brilliant blue satin. It haa long, flaring,
pointed sleeves and slsnts off st the
Ufa DrflalHo.
A outhrn congrrautniari recently met
for th first tim In torn yera an aired
darky, who waa formerly in the rtpre
fentailva'. aervlc. miring lhlr con
verse, the ronxmimtn Iramed ths In
terertlnR fact that hit old servant had.
In h advanced ajr. .rsrnetl to read.
"Well, now Sain." remarked ths for
mer maPter, "that makes things Inter
esting for you, doeant it T You should
find pleasant companionship in books
and paper a"
"Yeasah, oracularly assented the old
maav "Read In' is ahore a great thing,
sah. I has aiven the matter conalderabls
canatderatlon, sah. an' 1 Is prepared to
say, sah, dst read In' la de power of
heartn' wltt. da eyas. " Upplncott s Maga
slne. Why Pay a Big: Price for
Your Spring Hat?
Why not gather up your own
materials, perhaps add a little
new, and have It made Into a styl
ish hat at very little cost?
Miss Pepper will take charge of
It for you alw) clean or dye your
feathers and flowers, clean and re
hlork your strsw hat and furnish
any new material needed.
14 to. nth St raoa X. tsos.
f)f?I T FA M
v7Iaf-I J iHlY
H I nayVaf VB,ay
Finished models representing
authentic styles
j Ladies' Spring Suits
On exhibition and tale this week
I bars received a limited number ot
Indies High Class Tailored Suits from a
large New .York Ladles' Tailoring Estab
lishment, recognized as orlgipators of cor
rect styles, and noted tor their skillful
adaptation ot Parisian fashions modified
These models will be sold
at as low or lower prices than asked for
the ordinary Ready Made salts in stores.
They will be fitted by myself and fin
ished by men tailors under my suprrvlsloa
free of charge. Absolut perfection and
satisfaction guaranteed. Prices for these
suits will range at
$25, $30 and $35
Tou are cordially Invited to call and
see them.
Itord Theater Bid. .
You Will Not Use Furs
After Easier
Is Ready to Receive Thea
Three-fourths of the. furs sent to us late last sea
son showed signs of moth when received.
Bo early phono at once and set the time for us
to call. We have a prompt delivery service.
Your furs will be kept below freezing point all
summer the only safe way to keep them. This
method also retains the oil in leather and fur, thereby
increasing the life of your furs.
Our charges are so low, you cannot afford the
trouble and risk of keeping furs at home. Our certi
ficate insures ngainst fire, moth and theft
1613 Farnam St.
It's the little manifestations of personalltr that
make a home "comfy," guch as good print, artla-'
tlcally framed. It needn't be axpenitre. ' Art Isn't
governed by price. We are showing tome aston
Ixhly worthy sepia photogravures, neatly and sub
stantially framed, for loss than a dollar. Ve
would be very glad te ihow them to YOU.
Fiamer'i Craft Shop
1513-15 Douglas Street. Omaha.
WOMEN or TAmLS.) $ 3
DEMAND THl&i;l b l
JwhssshsendsYoBiklsaattsr- Ift'-'tiS "N
sakiaf hr with bar ysara. As V I U- li,?;V
. aowbira Is Voutfc shswa awes I I i" Ifw f '
plslsly th.o I tlw to". - 1 S ..O fLJ
Ths C B s is aplnta CsiwH B-''ria3?Iv? J
will actsally ss a ftfara that . 1 B
Is kwsf Its supsts 1 - J iW,.V?
- br csatly rsstrslalag aad rs- I j III
moalltai It, I ti 1 1 II
Ths sTsnssrasas sf yssta la I I I
pmsihl ts svary woman, as- . III
causs sf war ansstsry ol tbs art li l jff
.1 carset sssktsf , cslnsd by Jl P i IIJI
svsr s rssrs' txpsricne Tan) Xil lini In
ssssoa's C B models snaibst tW II ll ',Wtf
ever ass. Pricss at ts Its. 'lift, I .
HA YD EN BROS. . ' 11
el J
You will find most interesting
reading on the want ad pages.
Have you read the want ads
yet today?
The Ladies' Tailor I,
Boyd Theatre Building j
S" w w serene
Cold Storage I
Douglaa 2316.