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tegular Dentistry
Dentists of the old school call themselves regulars they are rega-
WAY. ' ,
lar to their meal regu
lar to office regular to
attend conventions and
aocietlea they have reg
ular prices and straighten
irregular teeth. To re
place the mining teeth
they mako regular half
teeth which is a regular
farce compared with Dr.
Todd's full porcelain.
This -story -is not- a
sounding of brass or tink
ling symbols,' hut reality.
Investigate snd you -will
be a '.regular .booster for
porcelain. Why make your
month a display vSrindow,
of gold and let It corrode
with fermentation -under
the half teeth, with odor,
and risk .disease? - Take
your gold to . the -banks
for, circulation and go to
Dr. Todd's for porcelain
teethJ-an Invention . for
the -greatest good of hu
manity. ..?
DR. TODD, ,403 BraHdeis BIdg;
Announcement Extraordinary ,
On account of the lateams-of the Spring Season the Woolea'
Houses have notified me to diopose of thetr stocks -at greatly re -,
dneed prices. liewtnnlng the First -of April. ' I. will' reduce prices
' oa everything In the way of Coats, Suits aad Skirts. -
- The materials consist of the latMt Bedford, Whipcords, White
Series, Scotch Tweeds and Mannish effects In ail shades and colors.
It will he to your advantage to call and inspect' these ma-
terlals as I will make a specialty of making 945.00 Suit with ,
guarantee for perfect fit and workmanship. I would advise you '
to call at your earliest convenience.
Sam Kneeter, Ladies' Tailor
Make Hperlsl Note of the Address.
Over Milton Darling's .
1811 FARNAM ST. ... : PHOXK DOl'G. 8741 '
i ' , t
"Outrn QuJity'$'ko$ A at Prutig. WJtat it
Prtttigt? Many ytar$ of continuous Jvfrti$ing
over a million ioVart ftnt on mtmoritmj two
worisn nugt warn of fulh'e favora tm'ghy
voJums of rtciation altolut cirtainty '
yuarantul ucurity KNOWN WORTH.
I not ihi wat you rtjuirt in toif
Hay den Bros.
Harked Bevival of Ancient Forms
and Colorings
Eayptlaa, Gmk aad Keaaaa I-
sJsms Beeesee Xf edele far Jewel
ers at Teday Aatleeo
' Spring 1912
DRE83 would be a sim
ple problem if la
choosing your gowns
aad hats, yon bad a name
to guide you that stood tor
fit, fashion and quality, as
you have in the name Hanaa
in choosing your shoes.
We are now displaying the
spring models tor 1)12.
S5.5 S6.00-S7.00
Notice to
1 Kit Fames St.
Our Early Delivery
Start Saturday
Doug. 411
Under ear ltth and Dedte 8L
store, where located is the foun
tain at youth. Tbe best of Ilrht
lunctiM, tea creams and sodas are
awaitiBg yvur sawcuon.
Stan & McGonneli
Drug Co.
lata aad Bats Cis.
The latest style tn jewels shows a de
cided tmid toward the revival of the an
tique forms and colorings that sll the art
and crafts have so widely sdvocsted this
year. Tha indent masterpieces of th
Jeweler's art from the Egyptian, Greek
aad" Roman epochs., the much-bejewelled
work tof the -renaissance and cameos
from the time of the first empire will
serve as models for the, srt-Jewelers of
today. the designs .of some of the newest
nieces . being remarkable adapntiona of
renowned period styles. ' . '
The most marked-feature, snd. one that
is noticed on tite great majority' of orna
ments' for personal adornment. Is 'the
predominance of the banging and fringe
like forma. Whole Jewels will be com
posed of -these, dainty tittle dangling ob
jects, wlille pleces of more solid Jewelry
will' hsvs tssseled .decorations suspended
from the lower edge.
' .Earrings, must, 'most -particularly, re
semble fringes or; tassels, to ba' correct
for Easter .wear. . These Jewels,, always
fascinating., are now made more bewitch
ing than ever -by the scintillating lights
from the swinging gems, for ths mors
easily they move with the changing posi
tion, of tbe wearer's hesd ths more at
tractive they become.
i When selecting a pair of earrings from
among tbe quantities of magnificent Jew
els now to bs seen, in the leading shops.
Judge of the pendant's right to recogni
tion as a fashionable model' by Its pro
pensity tor swinging. - Hold ths earrings
up- In your, fingers, -by ths top part.
watching ths tiny Joints to see If they
pivot and swing- without a hitch, for if
they doiyou-srs sasured of a most capti
vating Jewel and one that Is to be th
height of fashion this coming season, i
A Jewel must be up-to-date, nowadays.
to be worn by the best dreaser for a
Jewel of a year ago will mar this season's
most fashionable costume. To have ths
whols effect spoiled by the use of sa out-of-date
piece of Jewelry is unnecessary,
when attention to this detail wtll enhance
tha beauty of the simplest gown, and as
already handsome costume, worn with
carefully chosen Jewels, will bs surprls.
Ingiy beautified, 1
Take to your modiste some particularty
attractlvs Jewels that are to be in vogue
this spring, and see what a wondsrruj
creation she will evolve for you,, for
Jewels are an Inspiration to a true artist.
Or glvs to your favorite Jeweller. some
material from your new gown, with a
description and its color schems, snd
hsvs hint suggest ths most appropriate
gems and style of setting for your Jewels.
Great satisfaction will be the result in
I heir case, and never the-disappointment
that Is experienced when. Jewels you adore
and gowns you. admire do not agree,;
' AacleBt Esrstlaa Deals. , ,
For wear with the new dark-colored taf
fetas there eaa be found-nothing quite
charming as the Jewels Of ancient
Egyptian design now in vogue. With a
taffeta suit or frock t deep blue, a long
chain, 1th Uttgs T sunsllea totug flow
ers, would bs appropriate for wear in the
morning. For afternoon, with a more
elaborate gown of taffeta, a set of neck
lace and ear-rings to match. In red, green
and blue,' the' colors the clever Egyptians
knew so well' how to combine, would be
Just the right Jewelry tar wear.
Jewels are shown, patterned la design
snd ealenng after the masterpieces from
Rgypt An avslshaped. pendant is formed
of a dark 'Shade . ef oxidised silver snd
cloisonne enamel work. The color tt some
larger pieces of enamel is a deep, rich
blue, and smaller enamels In ths border
are In shades of green.
A lotus flower pendant la most effect
ive when wora on a necklace formed of
enameled lotus buds In color to match
tbe pendant. Four small petals are
of whits, with petals at either side of a
golden yellow, and three large petals of
very dark red. The background and
walls of metal dividing ths enamels are
fine gold, giving a glow of warm color
to this handsome piece.
Some novel rings ars formed of ehryso-
praae and malachite, set in rings of
gold. One Is a signet ring, with a ehryso-
prase engraved In Egyptian hieroglyphics
and asps snd globe, so often found In
the decoration of ancient Egyptian orna
ments. The sides t the ring acs
enameled in colors to blend with tbe vivid
A second ring Is of polished malachite
In the form of a scarab, A scarf-pin hss
also been seen, with a scarab carved In
onyx, and mounted in a frame of gold.
The Sphinx head scarf-pin Is formed of
Jade, and the other pin ia an engraved
cornelian, a dull red stuns that la of
the agates ' most favored this spring.
GeM Week Aftee ie-eek Models.
Ths dantlest and most charming Jewelry
imaginable la the fine gold work made
after Grecian modela I It typifies ' the
most perfect ,. form . ofl fringed - Jewelry,
and leads the style In this mode. Meek-
laces of gold beads and bugles are most
appropriate for a : deeutanta, and, for
afternoon wear, with a white frock, what
could look more fresh snd enchanting?
A necklace, with a pendant set with
sa ivory cameo. Is a beautiful example
of Oreek Jewelry In the earns Style of
workmanship. The delicately carved
j camee Is surrounded with pearls and
I gold wire filigree. Tbe flings and
! necklace are set with largs pearls of
remarkable luster. The Oreeka were
great admirers of pearls, and used them
to tbe beet advantage with their marvel
ous gold Jewelry.
Two earrings of gold filigree are both of
quaint and Intricate denim. The work
on these pieces Is exceptionally fine, the
SoM wire need la forming them being
very mlaute. Te a brunette the color of
this gold filigree Jewelry Is especially be
coming. For semi -dress occasion or Informal
wear the rough-cut genu look well. Semi
precious stones, mounted la sqasrs
shaped frames, make some of the ad
mired Jewels that ars worn at teas aad
afternoon concerts this spring. The
Bomsas formed wonderful Jewelry with
heavy sold sad rough-cut stones, and M
is their work that the modem designers
are using ss models for jewels In this
much-favored type. One bracelet la of
plaques of gold set with lapialasull. wora
with a neckband to match. This set Is
very effective.
For tha evening; when the beaatlful
colors of some of the most exquisite (ems
are tost la ths artifice! light, diamonds
rstga supreme. The lavish use to which
these brUHant gems were put during the
reign of beuls XVI has been one of tbe
strongest rcemsKndaUons for the use
of Jewelry of that period as models for
ths artistic Jewelry makers of today. The
gorgeous Jewels encrusted with diamonds,
which have been so popular through this
gay winter, will still hold favor for even
ing; wear this spring. Diamonds sad
pearls combined, and set la platinum, will
be found In eny article for personal
adornment, from the large hair orna
ments to the smallest brooch. Some ear
rings are of this combination, and ars
particularly appropriate for wear at for
mal afternoon affairs or for full dress in
tbe evening.
Throughout the spring The new fashion
in drapery effects in (owns snd the grace
ful fichu win boM sway, snd in conse
quence the use of the eld-fashioned shawl
pin has been revived. New designs, of
course, are provided for the. wearer today,
but they are in form essentially the same
pins used by the Romans to fasten their
togas, and they resemble tbe brooches
our grandmothers wore en their cash
mere shawls. The new patterns are cir
cular, , and decorated with gems or
una, or they are formed entirely of
gold or sliver. One recently examined Is
of gold, one of silver filigree, sad the
third is made of platinum, set with pesrla
They ars especially designed for use on
the new scarfs, end ths open character of
ths metal work allows tha soft material
to .show from beneath, which sets the
Jewel off to wonderful advantage.
A motif In the new Jewelry that has
won Instant recognition la the cameo.
Most beautiful Jewels, of ull descriptions.
sre made to frame these delicate carv
ings. Kings, bracelets, pendents, earring's
and necklsces are evolved with cameos
as tbe central Idea. , Many, soft stones
sre used on which to carve heads or fig
urea, hut the greatest number are made
of Ivory, crystal, shell and onyx.
wuantitlea of semi-precious stones are
being used on tbe new Jewelry. They
glvs color aad Interest to the most un
pretentious metal background, aad It Is
their wondrous range of color that as
sures their being used by. the artistic
Jewelry makers. The gates sre espe
cially r popular; chalcedony and chrys
oprase, onyx and cornelian leading the
wng list. Then come Mexican ooala and
opal matrix, xlrcon.. malachite, coral,
Ps, ' turquoise, amethyst-quarts, pink
and green tourmaline,' and numberless
other semi-precious stones, in a riot of
color, with the pale delicate shades of
moonstone, ballotus shell and seed pearl
affording a relief In the gorgeous arrsj.
not ior years hsvs Jewels been so en
tirely captivating as they are this sea
son, and now each Individual taste can
os easily satisfied, for ths choice offered
Is as wide and as remarkably varied
ths supply of srtlsUe Jewelry Is unllm-ItedL-New
York Post
Corsets to Beach
Lower Than Before,"
; in Straight Lines
Corsets are much lower In. ih. t,..
and longer on the hips thsn they hsvs
been; Borne of the newest modela
not mors thsn two inches above the waist
Hoe -and reaching almost to the knees
ere snowa in Oman a. And they have not
-lees-than 'elsht ho sunnnrtera Th.-
corsets are called tnelm Rtreivh, n..
continue to predominate, although a faint
suggestion ot a curve at the waist la be.
ginning to creep In. v
There ars boms corsets with medium
length hips for wear when playing golf
or feu sis Or" ween taklaa anv ether a.i
uoss exercise, There are also some open
mesa summer corsets in both cotton and,
linen which are very llfht and cool, but
which local' firms do not buy ia great
quantities, as Omaha women do not like
them aa do eastern women.
' For stout women there are brassieres of
embroidery snd net tn wear wtti, tk. i
corsets. They reach the waist line and
may serve ss a corset cover.
White Shoes to Be
Worn Extensively
During Summer
While shoes-high, low and pumps
will bs worn more this summer thsn In
any previous summer if the predictions
of the local shoemnn are fulfilled. The
buckskin snd crsvenette lead In white
shoe materials. Ths most popular Inno
vation tn this season's shoes promises to
the colonial tongue, - flaring and
pointed, and the colonial, buckle on low
shoes. These colonial styles are in
dull black, tan snd patent leather as well
as white.
A new thing about tbe pumps Is the
one-inch heel, which may or may not be
popular, but will certainly be comfortable
(or street wear. Tha ahoemen say, that
there Is a tendency toward longer vamps
snd narrower toes in women's shoes.
Plain Stockings'
Are to Be m Style
Plain white, black snd tan silk stock
ings worn, to match the aboea are the
best' tests In hose, say ths local hosiers.
There is a noticeable lack of fancy hose,
the best being In plain colors. )
to take advantage of the opportunities which our
Great Sacrifice and Removal Sale
Offers. Our new store is Bearing completion, and will be occupied some time during April. Ia the
meantime it is absolutely necessary that we effect a complete clearance of our high grade stock Dia-
monds. Watches and Jewelry, aa well as our excellent selection in Cut Glass and Silverware,
We mntt clear out the holdings in our store. We can not move the frail and expensive articles aor
the Innumerable fine parts that go to make up an up-to-date Jewelry Store.
The urgent necessity ot selling out will be a benefit to buyers who can recognize a value and
a bargain.
It is an actual fact that we are cutting our always reasonable prices precisely la half, or even less.
Our sales during last week have proven to us again that the people ot Omaha -can see and ap
preciate a bargain when it is offered to them. .
, '"
Oqr half-price offer holds good until we move, which will be soon.
But, of course. It ia better not to postpone your shopping too Ions.
It is Just Like Christmas Times
t In our store these days, and our stock .will soon be dwindling.
Note some particular rare bargains. this week:
Three special Watch Bargains for this week:
Gentleman's 16 sixe, 21-jewel, Illinois or Rockford
movement, fitted In a 20-year hunting case, regu
lar price 4J, our Removal Sale Price. $21.75
' Gentleman's It size, 15-Jewel, Elgin, Waltham,
Illinois or Rockford movement, fitted in a 20
year gold tilled case, regular price 120.50, Re
moval Sale Price' , 811.75
Lady's 14-karet, solid gold, 0 size watch, fitted
with an Elgin or Waltham movement, regular
price 127.50, Removal Sale Price $14.25
Lady's Watch, one of tbe smallest made 20-year
guaranteed case, fitted with a Hampden move
ment, regular price $20.00, Removal Sale
Price 811.25
Ladies' and gents' high grade solid gold Seal Rings,
finest selection In the city, regular prices $3.50 to
$18.00, Removal Sale Prices.. 81.75 $9.00
Set Rings In same proportion.
Solid gold plain and diamond mounted Lockets,
regular prices $6.50 to $100.00, Removal Sale
Pricea ,. $3.25 850.00
. Solid gold filled Lockets, plain and fancy stone
mounted designs, all sizes, regular prices $2.25
to $18.00, Removal Sale Prlcea.$1.13 to $9.00
. Solid gold snd gold filled Locket Chains, all sizes,
regular prices ,$3.00 to $15.00. Removal Sale
Prlcea $1.50 o $7.50
Perfect Brilliant Cat Glass.
8-Inch Berry Bowl, regular price $5.75, Removal
Sale Price 83.88
6-pint Water Pitcher, ( glasses to match, new de
signs, regular price $27.00, Removal Sale
Price $13.50
Nappies, all sizes and kinds in same proportion.
Solid gold plain and fancy design Cuff Links, regu
lar prices $4,50 to $12.00, Removsl Sale .
Prlce $2.25 to $43.00
Solid gold front Cuff Links, nifty designs, regular
prices $2.00 to $4.50, Removal Sale
rrice 81.00 to 82.25
Solid gold, box mounting, genuine stones, regular .
prices $4.00 to $7.50, Removal Sale Price. .892
High grade solid gold filled Bracelets, safety clasp
attachment, swell patterns, all widths, regular
prices $4.50 to $14.50, Removal Sale
Pr,ce 82.25 to 87.25
Quadruple plate, 4-plece Tea Set, including teapot,
sugar bowl, creamer and sugsr, regular priced
$12.00, this week only $5.00
SOrYEMR SPOOX EXTRA SPECIAL Any Sterling Silver Souvenir Spool!, values up to $2, choice. 70s
Did You File?
WE have not endorsed any of tbe CANDIDATES for Bride-Elect so far.
You kilow we are going to put our magnificent new sale parlor at the disposal of some young
.lady and her affianced young man who desire to be wedded in these elegant surroundings in our open
, log day and Just before we open the doors to tbe public -
We have already had some applications, but not made the selection yet. A beautiful Diamond
ting will be treses ted by our firm to the happy young bride who starts upon the sea of matrimony
from our new place ot business. See Fred Brodegaard.
115 South Sixteenth Street t
I 1 Xfot the largest display, Sat silvered right. The spirit of Baste ahoaads "Mr
V la this store. . XJlllea, Oaraattoaa, Tlolets, Boses, Beater Fleets, Bte. "MjX
Harney St.
Phone JongUs 8000.
f I av
1 7
Ths stomach Is
the seat of dl-
Testlon, wherein
!are asperated
from food the
nutritious s 1 e -menu
that bulla
and sustain our
hodlea. When
the stomach eeaaea to change the
fat producing elements of food.
Into muscle and sinew, there comes
aa excess of fat, where there should
he firm, hard flesh. This excess
fat collects la moat undesirable
places. Impeding motion until -nove-raent
becomes aa exertion, Tbe lay
ers of tat check the stomach's Bat
are! moven.enu for digeetioa of
food thus Increasing the trouble.
But as many people have found re
lief In tha famous Marmola Pre
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necessity tor obesity. And new
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quickly and harmleeely reduce the
overfat body at the rate ot 1 to It
os. a day. Improve digestion, clear
the complexion aad promote bodily
Hotel Flanders
133.137 West 47th Street, ,
S00 Feet East of Broadway.
A modern fireproof hotel la the
heart ot the theater, club and hotel
district: convenient te all car lines,
Ad exceptional orchestra. Rooms
with private bath tt per day.
From Grand Central Station, Broad
way ears without transfer. From
t-ennsylvania Station, Ith Avenue
. cars without transfer. Booklet ea
I sunset
H. R. SHARES. Prop.
should know sbouttbe,
Marvd "Whirling Spray'
Best safest most convenient.
Cl.anv, Inatantlv.
It rour drosrlst cannot supply the
SAKVSU, seoa stamp ror tuoiirsieu
sealed, contains airecnona
Invaluable to ladies.
44 EsetXM Sweet
New Ye
Wai-it AS
v Akla. few a. BaTsaCsTsaMll I esWsasWsastwB-
Bra oo. Kail mum oUrtf!
There are bound to be discomforts when
everybody wants to go home orldown town
at once. To become irritable about it only
makes matters worse.
e -
; Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Company