Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 31, 1912, Page 2, Image 2

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We Announce, Commencing tomorrow,
Our Spring Opening Displays
WMKfmmSW mm
- . . .
I ... . . . 3
V" Twiuwtow, Monday, morning Spring will be officially ushered in at this store with
the most complete displays of wearing apparel for both children and "Krown-nps" that
have ever been made by this rapidly growing institution." ,
' e; . . -. ., , -. . -j ; v '
- f Fo? yea parents have looked to thia store for distinctive, moderately priced ap
2 parri for yopag people. In devoting our effort to outfitting the younger generation
we have been to successful as to become the recognized headquarters for every apparel
need of the youngster. . However, we have been steadily . increasing our facilities for
completely outfitting. ih."'grown-npa as well, and this Spring finds every department
splendidly prepared to meet the requirements of the mothers and fathers as well as
those of the little tots. - '
We propose to make this the leading wearing apparel establishment, in Omaha for
every member of the family and it is with no little satisfaction that we note the ready
reception of this extension in the scope of our business by the disoriminatintr men and
t, women, of Omaha and the middle west. ,
The store is decorated In gala attire as befits the high charaoter of the merchan-
diee we have ready for your inspection and we draw especial attention to the really
mouesi prices woicn prevail in every department.
Ladies' and Juniors9 Men' nd Young Men's
DtstlBettTefy foiblcmed eoata tad suits from
the test, foretfn tad eastara designers.
Wash Dreeses for Hoqm, Office tad Street
Wear. Imported modal, Afternoon and Craning
Sows. .,, , . , . .
. loported modal BIouim Md Walota.
Tattered sad Pattern HaU In gracetvl, ebana
tac ehapaev s... ,
Delate New Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Foot-
r. ' .
Criap and Dalatr Uedersausllns.
Sam peck 's latatt and handaomeat modali
ta aulu and Top Coata la a wealth, of colon and
"Imperial" HaU In soft and stiff ahapaa
aa essential to tha wall draaaad man.
Shlrta la brlsht, snappy pattarna. '
, Nackwaar to plaaaa every tut a.
Hosiery Underwear Q tores and every ao
castor to complete aad eatiafytna atUra
',' Curtains Childish uodala la Coata.
. . . West. Dresses for School aad Plajr. ' .
. For "Drees-ap" oocaatoaa, a fcoontlful display
of linen, Franch Repp frocks and lingerie dresses.
Becoming hats to fit each Individual faea. -Tha
famous "Startrtgnt" Shoaa.
Hosiery Cndermusllna 811k and Kid Gloves.
Stylish, sturdy Footwaar.
Nackwaar, Glove. HaU.
Suit and Top Coata In tha most complata
rants o( patterns, fabrics and strles ever shown
br this stors. Aa aspeeiallr pleasing display
suitable for coaftrmatjoa.
Blouses and ahlrta la neat, aerrlcaabla pat-tarns.
A fhiBa at tha Infants Wear SecUon shows how splendidly w hare prepared for erery need
of tha tiny folk. . f
Delightful new atylaa in CoaU and Dresses. Pretty little Bonnets. Shoaa.
Play Clothes Skirts Gown a Wrarpers. Everything tor-baby's comfort Is ready for yoar
taspectioa and prices are decidedly moderate. - -
? iefio or. E Pi
j , , ioio-u rarnam oireei , t
Sardine Sandwich . .
Too Much for Hill
Cbartea HM. ewphiirea at tke Burtiac-
evaatli a Laaraa-
worta strata aa strtekaa
bhIm wetaeiiaw altar eattac a aaidtMj
Ka w
ta the
Ii waa
as tahea 4 h poHsa aaabvieim
awsaooa' rooaa a baasqwairtara.
be facetted laitimy tnauacat.
wairaii 4a Ml home, Tarcatjr
A Murotu street. Ha will f
McShane Loses Out
in Feed Contract
A oeeljtoa la favor at Gartlpce a FUa
nlsu for ftadtnc the pttaoaera la th
wtntr Jail was haaM aava kr Judxr
Traop ot tke equity dlvMea ot the dta
ftct court yaeterdar amvlac
Arthur lfollea, attoraey for Sbarlff Ve
Shaaa, tiled a petltiea far a demttrrer.
whlc eras annoled by the ludce. a!lor
which aa aaaoe a aaatloa that the case
aot be aisaul. but so raKht ta tv
uprema court. Ttiia alae was arerraled
by Jadse Troup, The east was thea ar-
(ued. Shcrtrf UcSfaaae appealed the caa
ta ua
KEW YORK, karch Ki-SuH for the
UowluUoa of certain ateamahip cocb
eaaiaa ensaced ta traffic between Kcw
Terk aad the far aaet by war of the
lues canal waa filed bj tha United States
(oeernnKOt tn tederal court here this
afteraoon. The eDmpaalea are charred
wtth pooJlna; frelaht retee and robatlns
tw uiuceim erfee antp eateuircety by their
Are You Proud of Your Home?
Are you so delighted with its appearance that yon enjoy entertaining your friends there, or is it so meagerly fur.
Pished that yon are compelled to compromise your pride and 'avoid inviting your acquaintances to visit you.
It is wrong to deny yourself the comforts of a well furnished home. It's an injustice to yourself as well as to '
every member of your family. Why not decide right now to brighten your life by making your home the most com
fort&ble, cosy and attractive pne in your entire neighborhood. . '' ' '
No matter how humble your position or how small your salary, you can have a beautiful home by taking advantage
of Hart man's QenerenTEasy Paying Plan, which gives you from one year to two years to pay. ...... .
Every article marked with a plain figure price tag one rock bottom price to all, and every piece guaranteed as
advertised. ' - ' ,
- - : - - ea
Solid Oak ChrffonUr I J J 1 f ' nir-f?
Theee' Ctilffonlera are maOe of ae- I I - II 11 I . I n sJaaBS! I fl
lerted aoild eek and are aaaileofaoly I I It U ! 1 H BT B 1 U U II II
pollahed. Have flTe large drawere LioJBoonSlaaarC II U8 I I I I II II
and brui pull, entremelr t mm Fa I' I'D II II
well mede aeS'tUaraateed: , . "mmTS'-aS sPijE'" It I fl I H II
an aaraptlonal reJue at lf ) , "f-1- 4V . -W-rE? IFjfcrfcriX ' H D 1 1'
aacoodlocly low price etVe,!;. ('rr JJjr't W-frsJL H II
rV S blaatloaJ'S.'- " fiieea,'ojli
Hartman's Complete Home
of 4 Furnished Rooms,
Posltlrelj Erary Arllcla to Furnish
$8.00 a Month St
Brass Bd, Springs, Mit-
Brass Bed Outfit, $16.25
BetBtifnl Oak Dresser
An ezclualra Hartmaa dealtn. larfa
oval plate mirror, two lane and two.
small drawere. with wood pulla, made
of eelected Amerlcaa quarter aawea
oak and pollened to a f
ror like brilliancy. A won- 1
derful value.
Bed has 2-inch posts, 5 massive fillers and is guarantee
for 10 years; mattress is made of the best of materials and
New Dtlgn Go-Cart covered with fancy art ticking; weighs 45 pounds. The
spring is made with all steel frame and g AC
entire combination , W
Mings f:l
n- J -My? i
A one-iaotton, feldlna Oo-Cert. ikiada
eniireir or tuouier ateeir larae WDeeia
and cuehlon tlrea. adlualable back
and dun, roon.y eeat and larye hood.
All colore, extra roomy. ac
Positively a epiendld vol. T('
no at the epeclal tow price ' ll
of w
Seamless Wilton Velvet Rug
y. larta
na. Tbla
Ixl 1 ft. alae, made of flneat materia,
hlirh pile and unuauallr heavy, large
' aaeortment of new aprtns pattern.
Ineludlna many Oriental deslfna. Tbla
Is a apienaia opporiu- rj
nltv to eeleet a beaatl- l
ful rue; at the apaclal
price ot
Douglac St.
Douglas St.
Coal Dealers ia Trouble Draft Hew
and Radical Ordinance.
rrevtawa lar vraaeatem Oeeeeeltea
Tea Baaeel the Jtwaabe at
' Waawaa feed kjr tha
' ' i Coal Dealera.
'Attorneys W. T. Connell and J. & Vaa
tMra and J. I Kemp, the latter repre
sendnc tba latereets of US smalt ceel
dealera. are draftlnt aa ordmaace provld
Inc for a sraduated aeeupatlea tax. aeU
Ins of starry all cemmodltlea by wattnt
end minor other radical departures from
eataMlahed csatom.
Tbla ordinance will be unwanted ta the
clly eouncn Tueeday a-enm aad speedy
action arced. Ether A. C. Kneel or W. a
Sheldon will preeent the ordinance. It la
understood they wilt etand spaaser tor
and.Ofht tor fU'paaaace. - '
ArbMaa directly out at the fallare ta
aallect auoupawea taaes trom small coal
eealar tha erdlnanca will ee- aa drafted
that practically everjr Una ot merohaadlae
wta be atfeeteA '
reawltlra to Short Welsh ta.
It the ordinance paaeed. set only
potatoea, apples aad earrota wtll he aoM
by weight, but ecsa as well and proper
penaltlea wOt be provided for abert
Aa attempt la bow bun made to ar
rant to acala of occupatloa tasaa at
autt all concerned. The amount at the
tax win be baaed ea the aumeer at
waa-ewa aaed by each firm, eilowaace
belac made for alack aad rush eeaeena.
Lararr coal dealera content to pay IS a
year la eeeupatlon taxea and deetrtng the
preeent ardtaanaa kept la effect, wta
probably combat the effort at the amallar
dealera to fet what they tana "fab? May."
None hot a few of the larcer dealers hare
paid their ocoapetlea taxes thia year.
yAdluster's Value Salel
Lawn Mowers, Garden Tools, Water Hose, Cutlery.
l-t V CI jr llilli ill VyUl kJLUVIV at uuuvaiu v. . i
X Space Will Not Permit of a Long List of Prices. - , ', S
Come and See for Yourself, ' S
Dunning Hard ware Co.
1612 Harney Street '
Crop Outlook in
. the State is Great
Anton" Mcbna, at the Merchants, tn
Omaha aa a ehlpeaeat at atoek trom New
man Orove. hla home tor twenty-two
years, epeaka aptlaaletlcalty on the crop
aatmak thai year. earn, that tail wheat
aenrer looked hotter la aerthera Nebraska.
The fanoera. he said, are not m the
leaet troubled on the eatdjeora outlook
aa they were prepared tor a shortage ot
eeed. ' He behoves that ' bumper crops
should he obtained by tha farmare ia al
"The seed corn special.' be said. "Woke
tha tanners up In my section. Aaricut
rural axserta who cases throuia the Brat
part at tha month hava tauaht tham
few thiaa they data't know, and the
farraera wta sake advastaga at what they
hava learned.
ATLUUCTIC ciTT, N. J. atarsa aw
TToaaa'a Ocean pier, aaa of tae a tut-
tares alone too sea treat of this resort,
wee aoeuwyed ay Ore ean woay. one
dremaa. who feB Hhrouai. a roof, waa
Injured.- .
Tha pter was about tm teat lose Tha
whale structure wtth ta. exorptloa of
about US test at the shore end was eoae
pleteiy deatroyad aad the kwa la estimated
at Wtss. .
The Bra from aaa at the dreaaias
roome of the theater epread to the Kt
and then waa carried .by tba land
areeaa "out toward tha aaa. The Bra do
pertmeat piaiaated tae flamaa trom
rcachtaa- the hoard walk. 8ht Breene
were rajured.
It yea have aaythme ee axeaaaco, aaV
reruee It la Tha Bos Want Ad
a Joha E. Dattam ef the
tantry, atatkmod at ran t
na. who aaa been mlea-
oat for twe weeks, baa I ,
the IlUaota rrnr near
ecoordina to a bill a, i am
IN"DIANAJOIJ9, Ind.. March (h-Tho
bodv at Chaplain Joha K. Daaam ef the
Twenty-third Infantry, etatkmed at ran
BvefcuBin Marrleom. who
aw tram the post for
been found aa the IlUaota
hteredeela. EL,
received today by Cctoaet E. T. Oieaa
ot tha recMMnt from Dallam's brother.
Phillip Dallam, ef Warsaw. 111. Whether
It appeared the chaplain had beea ac
cidentally diowatd or bad corn aimed aul
a waa not ate tee. Ho had beea
BMadent b ensues of Ilk
Oieaa aahV
wtth both paxtlaa
Bucklea's Arnica Sal re. Heahj wensda,
sores, bama. koila. cats or pOes. Only
Sc. Tot aafct by Diatia Prat; Oa.