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THE UJdAiU fcbADAY BLE: AiAKlil.31, 1112.
u yy
mx xASTsmpixca or monuu Acrnra
NICHTS 15-25-50e MATS. 15-25o
Ai UE li u
tmh iM - il: fi
,..-. !fi van I S 1 ).. . : 4&. I
j tJ F As'W y I A. v x ft
in BOVD I (hratar. for Tbura-
1 dar. Friday and Saturday,
1 I April 4, ( and , conta E. H.
othtrn and Julia MarMWa,
tha IMding ShakMpaaraaa x
pomnia of tha Amrrlcaa tba-
mw. They will ba awn In four of tha
!;) of thalr ivpartolra aa followi:
, Thuraday nlfht "Tamln of tna Bhraw;"
' Friday nlfht. "Tha Merchant of Venloa,"
Haturday matlnca. "Bonwo and Juliet;"
Haturday lht. "HamlaL"
Mr. Hotharo aad Miaa Marlowa hava
for aumbar o( yaara hold faithfully to
tha atandard of tha claaalo drama, and
thlr reward haa baan both (ratlf)1nc and
'richly daaarvad. Thy ara walcomod
levarywner by crowded and antbuataatlo
audlancaa, and tkalr macnlflcant Bhakaa
Ipaaraan rovlvala hare arouaad tramandoua
tmeraat amon( playfoara of all claaaaa
who hava baen quick to appreciate tha
.dlaplay of aplandld hlatrlonlim and tha
I rich Intellectual treat. Aaldo from thla
i they have exploded tha oft promulgated
fallacy that Kbakeapeara "apalla ruin."
,end hare damoaatroted Inatead that m
'ovary dty there la a boat of playcoan
arllllnf and eater to aupport tha beat
In claaalo drama when H la raaanted la
a dignified and proper manner.
Mr. Bother and Mlaa Marlowe bare
on hl(h dlatlnetloa la both Bbakea
peara'a oomedlaa and hla tracadtea,. and
tna aetaotlon of playa for tola city la
veil calculated to teat- their undeniable
varaatlllty. They are , equally at .borne
In the work! of lighter Tela and thoae of
tragte power, aad they have a faoulty
for Imbuing their character! with a new
tine and freehnoae which la vaatly re
freeblng after yeara of hide-bouad tradl
lion. They have aucoeeded In Impartloc
te Skakaapeare a human quality which ij
haa made him mora popular oa the Amer
ican etage than be waa before ,
Among the well known play era In tha
large oupportlnc organlaatlon are (Fred
erick Lewie, Bewlaod Buckatone. Tbomaa
t-alamaa. John Taylor. WlUlam . Harrt
France Bendter, Malcolm Bradley, Mayne
l.ynton.- Lenore Chippendale,- Morah
lmleoa. Milllcent McLaughlin' and lna
Uoldamtth. The production of the playa
to be given here, while made with due
legard for hlatork-al accuracy, are de
ac.itwd a aurpaaatng la acenlo amballlah
menia, eoatumlng and furelahlnga any
lreTloua pk-torlal aoceaaorlaa ever at
tempted with Shakespearean playi oa the
.American etage. It ehouid be borne la
niind that owing to the elaborate nature
ul the productloaa the curtain will rlae
.promptly at I 'o'clock evening and at I
clock at the matinee.
' a .
Madame Barah Bernhardt and Madame
:i:iane will - be asen at the Braadtie
tiirater all neat week In photo playa.
illadam Bernhardt will be area In
"lmille" and Madame Reano will be
ln la "Madame Sana 0000." The
i.lcturea are the work of tuo French
American Film company. After produc
ing "Madame Sana Oene," a marvelloui
film with which It bee eotalaed hamenee
aucceaa, the company turned to "Camllle'
aa Interpreted by Sarah Bernhardt. To
rcalnw the work of Dutnaa with the char
acter aad the style grvea te It by the
great tragedienne the French-American
Film company chose the moat dlatlngianad
artlkta oa the FnrJatan etage te play the
different roles. - If we 'add to all these
elemeat the science and the manner m
which "Camllle - Is ataged. It la easy to
perceive the perfeethK of the whole pro
gtctioa which kt the traasUtiea of Bern
hardt'a genius. Tnia Aba marks a treat
event In the world of tha motion picture
which will perpetuate ta the eeoturieo to
erne thee two name, marked already
by the atamp of InuBortallty: Alexander
LHimae (son) and Sarah Bernhardt
The Spring Maid'' comes agsla te the
UtmneMa oa Easter Sunday for four days
end Wednesday matinee la
wttlte and gold; through It
and beauty. Everywherei HeUartch Relay,
bardtta eparetts baa beta welcomed as
ewe worth going to ere and thee going
to oca again, for In addition to It laugh
ter and music wit sad sentiment, it eoa-
taine Misa. HaMs. 'With Ailaa Bajoe
win return the saucl ergaiUaatloa ef
wagers, chorus and orcbaatra. ineladlng
ieorge Leoa Moore aa Frlnee AJadar;
Dorothy Mayssxd as the caqoettiah
spring girl. Jack Baftaet. TlOie Salinger,
Dorothy Im Mar aad ethers, but the
character eC the pompoae actor of the
o.4 acheo) Is aoar piayad by Charles Mo
Nacgatea who has been brought from the
iLeadoa productio ef "The Spring Matd,"
aad baa beaa the foiuuiuet agHah
1 eemed lea for mere thaa ata years. There
M ais aaotber change which VTerba aad
"r I'.f 1 .r. t y v t I -
Lueacher have mide In tha dealre to
make the organlaatlon an even mora bril
liant one, Charlaa H. Hart, a lyrio tenor
of reputation and dramatlo ability, now
alnge the stirring mueto falling to the
role, of Baron Rudl, ..v
The group of walti aonga In "The
Spring Maid" have swept the country
with fascinating melodies, and the re
hearing of "Day Dreamt." "Two I it ll
Love Beet," "How I Love a Pretty Face"
and "The Fountain Fay" will appeal
again to thousands who have welcomed
the coming of the better thing In light
opera presented with a great array of
singing votcee and an unusual orchestra.
At the Orpiieum 4hla. week. Theodore
Roberta, the famous character actor, will
present "The Sheriff of Shasta," a west-
Idyl. ' MA Roberta' has wont fame
through hla remarkable .interpretation of
auch rolea aa Tabywana la "The'Squaw
Man." Cenbr Ih "Arlaona" and Simon
Leiree In "I'acl Tom'a Cabin." Aa a
atar he appeared to advantage' Iq "The
Barrier" and 'The Right of Way." "The
Sheriff of Shasta" la a vivid picture o'
California 'life' In fie early days. Mr,
Roberts la supported by a strong cast.
, Reynolds A Oonegan. "dancers on roll
ers," are attired ta spectacdTar coatumea
and do their work before aa effective
background. Juliet, the young woman who
is shrouded la mystery, will offer a eerlea
of humorous character studies. Oeorge
Carson and Jake Wlllard, two well known
dialect comedians, will present aa act en.
titled "Dutch ta China." The Four Rltch
tes will give a unique oyollng perform,
anca, using a remarkable oollectloa of
freak machines, The rider are Terr
skilled and Introduce) a large number of
daring faata. The Farter girls, two
charming young women, will appear In a
skit called "Dainty Bite "of Vodevule."
Bmie and Mildred Pott a. will offer a com.
blnatloo Boveltry which la really a bag
punching exhibition.
Presenting two musical burlettaa, the
first entitled "Studio Life" and the sec
ond "The Dashing Widow." the Merry
Maidens company comes te the Krug
theater for a week commeBctag with the
usual Sunday matinee. There are plenty
of eong hits, a young and pretty chorus
and a aoenlo equipment that la probably
the moot elaborate of any burlesque or
ganisation. 'A wall defined eTfort ha?
been made to take the measure of the
stats of mind of ths average patron ef
the burlesque house and give him wna
he wants. Irving Gear aad Mike J". Kelly
sustain the principal comedy roles la the
pieces presented aad Fera Melroee and
Lille Brennaa capably handle the key
atone femlnle parte. Chooceeta. pro
gramed as "The Dancer do Luxe," la
aa announced "extra attraction."
-e-e) -
For the coming week at the American
Manager Woodward has prepared aa
elaborate productloa of "The Blga of the
Cross," a strong melodrama dealing with
the conditions that surrounded the Chris
tian la Rome under Kara, written by Wll
eoa Barf ell for his swa use. Mr. Barrett
made a play of unusual appeal, and pro
vided two central flguree that contrast
admirably,. Msrda, the Christian
maiden, and Marcua Superbus, ths young
Roman, favorite of the emperor and popu
lar with all. Theee roles will be played
by Mia Lang aad. Mr. Dexter, and they
will have the support at not only- ths
company, but of a greatly augmented
cast, for the play Is one that calls- for
many people. It also requires much scen
ery and most ambitions system of light
ing, all of which haa been provided by
Mr. Woodward. The first performance
will be at. the matinee oa Sunday, lend
the bill will run all week, with other
matt Beet oa Tuesday. Thursday and Sat
urday. ' '
While all seasoa the Gelety baa offered
a Weekly change of extravsgamts. It win
offer today and the entire week the first
burlesque of the era eon burlesque in the
truest sens in that It satirises one of
the greatest dramatic works ef modern
times. "Madam X." If you saw Alexaa-
dor. BlsaoB'a powerful story of mother
tore when It was presented at the Bran
dels theater hut seasoa or at the Boyd
theater last month, then your mind la la
a moat receptive mood to accept and
appreciate the subtle humor la the bar
leaqoe of the famous drama's court room
scene which christened "Madam X-csse
Me." Its fua as nncesstng. Ia the mat
ter of costumes, characters and eeealeally
the mansgement presents aa exact replica
ef the eaiebratsd last act ef "Madam X."
iq':l WsZrT SS.
Biaton'a story la closely enough adhered
to that none of lta points are adhered
to that none of Its points are overlooked,
but It develop In auch a rkllcuolus man
ner that la laid to cauaa one to wonder
if the story was over treated other than
a travesty of burlesque. The pre
senting company Is beaded by the two
comics, Fttigeraid and Qulnn, lJxaie Fre-
Itgn, Bam Brown, Charles Jensen, Josle
KJne, Kdna Green and a big chorus, tns
entire company appearing under the cap
tion of The Bowery Burleaquers, Aalde
from "Madam X-cuae Me." the company
will be seen In a laughable aklt called
-Too Much Isaacs," which In Itself Is
d t be a great laugh maker, aside
from affording ample opportunity for the
numerous musical numbers In many
changes of pretty wardrebe. There will
be a ladles' dime matinee dally, alerting
Byatematte Effort by Travelers and
Society te Remedy Seme ef
' ' .the lessee.
"Fifty thousand young women and girls
are lost In the United ettataa every year.
They almply drop out of existence," de
clared Theodore Bingham, formerly
commissioner of police In New York.
Aooordiag to the publication committee
of the Charlttee Org animation society of
Msw Tork. there Is ample proof of thla
en tile la Washington and In the records
of the' United etatea Immigration com
mlsatoa. A report of the Immigration league of 1
Chicago for 1M1 says mat in one year
1,M young women disappeared between j
New York and Chicago pt whom no trace j
could be found. Thoueanda of ambitious
young women come to the great cities
every year, hoping to belter their condi
tion ad wtn aa honorable livelihood.
Lacking experience and resources they
fall easy prey to unacrupuloue men whe
are always In search ef unprotected 1
women and girls. j
To remedy thla condition, rVports the '
New York Herald, an effort waa made :
alx yeara ago to guard the railroad ter- ;
mine la and atearaship ptera In New York, j
and to protect thoee passing through tha :
city. Sixteen railroads discharge no seen- 1
gere continually at seven terminate la
New York City and across the Hudson.
Eleven lines of transatlantic steamships ,
land thousands of passenger every year.
Ninety tinea of ateamshlpe plying between
New York end other ports land thousands ;
more. Many of them are young women 1
who require protection. Friende and rela
Uvea often find It Impossible to meet
them. In' auch case the escort of an
affable maa te a so-called respectable
hotel or boarding house le Innocently ac
cepted. To offset these dangers the Traveler'
AM aodety provides Information, advice,
guidance aad protect loo to those needing
assistance, lta agents, who apeak dif
ferent laagusges, conduct travelers at
any time, day or Bight, to their dtatlna
ttoa Ib the city or to train or ateamahtpa.
Thla assistance at continued by agents at
other points, until the traveler Is known
te have reached the proper destination.
The aodety co-operates with other erga-
maatlono between New York and Sen
Francisco, and also with aid societies la
foreign countries.
Frequently railroad ofTleiala co-operate
with the society. All Incoming steamship
passengers, except the steerage, which Is
eared for by the goeerneaent. are met at
the pear by agents of the society. Rooms
are taesrved at headquarter for
genet without charge. Young '
frequently com ta this country te be
married. Many auch cases are turned
over to the society by the government.
More than K.0M persona, representing
thirty-two nationalities, and apeaklng
thirty-nine languagea and dialect, have
been helped In the last alx yeara. In
the last tear the number haa averaged
more than 1,000 a month, th majority of
whom were women under a, traveling
French Women Draws 0,00O a
Yewr Besides Her latereet la
ths Basinets.
If anybody la. qualified to explain the
myetortous processes by which faahlona
in dresa are Imposed upon the world It
muat be the head of the Parisian house
or Paquln In tha Rue do la I'aix. says the
Woman's Home Companion.
There I no doubt of the efficiency with
which aha dominates ths greatest dress
making establishment In the world,
kmc. Paquln assumed "the dictatorship
of the realm of fashion." as the phrase
makers will hava It, la December, U07,
upon the death of her hut band. M. lea
der Paquln waa decorated by the minis
ter of commerce for his service to Francs
through his pre-eminent genius In his art
lie was an unknown clerk of the Pari
Bourse, and hla bride was an equally
obscure little dressmaker at the time of
their marriage, about ISM. But shortly
after they aet up housekeeping a wealthy
Devoted to Btrteoly XUgk e)raae
xtravaarenae aad TaadeeiUe
gmsaay atstlsss Curtain at Si0
Another ef Joe urtlg Oood Shew
i EiuEsinn li
. Might aa wen be called mTaraev at,
awleeqsere; ta era's nothing la the
shew savoring ef Mew Tork 'a faxeoas
Bowery, the perfotxaaaoe being eleaa
aad iaoffeasive. .
Company lactates
rmotiuD a QunraT,
Bide-spUtttng travesty oa the Oewt
"""as eeeae 01 ise reigsaag era wis tie
sacsiee ei tae pest two
ssaaam at,- aaa aa
iesr Keader;
1 said lut season that "Madam
X-cuae We la the funnleet thing
ever staged and that bet still
roes ss It lay a The drama
"Madam X" having been here re
cently should make the satire ap
pear even fonmer than before.
K. L. JOHNSON. Mar. Gavety.
arveauaa-s aad asaday Mstlaae
lit, ase. Sea aad 5e
VTjMats. 15c ft 25c 57
Chew gax it yes Has, bwt a atenHag
LADIES' 4ft a At A'T Week
Day Matinee.
Baby carnage Gsrsgs In the Lobby.
Certified Milk for the Asking.
IrzZ2lkEZZ!a - A( QxCjayefr
patron established them In a dressmaking
business, small, but In an excellent loca
tion. At that time the great artist of fashion
were wont to hold themsetvea coldly and
myatcrloualy aloof from their patrons.
The newcomer In the field adopted an
opposite policy. Monsieur, a osrn diplo
mat 'and a faralghted business ' man,
jounf, handsome and suave, and nwdame,
charming and tactful, were always acces
sible and always courteous.
Huch qualities, supplementing unques
tioned taste and- originality, proved to
compelling that by the end of a doten
year the annual Income of the houaa of
Paquln waa about HOO.000. Today It la
probably far In excesa of that figure.
Aalde from her Interest In the establish
ment. Dim. Paquln draws a salary of
The detail of buainea 1 enormous. A
mall army la employed not only In de
signing, experimenting and making, but
also In scouting for new Ideas to be
modified or exaggerated. Then there are
the mannequins, who exhibit the costume
In the ahowrooms, not to apeak of per
aona of far more consequence who wear
th lateat creations on ths stage or at
the race, I
laaaeresa Bargery
In tha abdominal region la often pre
vented by the use of Dr. King's New
Life Pills, the painless purifier. So.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
Week Starting; Matinee Today
at 2:15. Mat. liies-, Thar., Nat.
Presenting the Great Rellgioas
A Bl Production in Four Act
and Six Hreirrs
Over Sixty People Engaged .
. WW
rVAn down town
shopping drop into
For a cup ot gcod coffee
or tea and a light lunch.
The place ot excel
lent cuisine, mod.
crate p r I e e t and
charming atmosphere
Sevratre-nth aad Douglas
TtUi ul LUESCXEB'S TntruUam of tlu ruuu T1bbm Opn All
tlw World la PTBdinr Afaia and AtnUa.
izzi HajosintheSpringMaid
Tha Vanaoal Company of
Night Prlc-$2.00to50o
Id Shakespearean Repertoire
PRICES, 50c to
Seats Now Selling.
Thursday Night Taming of the Shrew.
Friday Night The Merchant of Venice.
Saturday Matinee Romeo and Juilet.
Saturday Night Hamlet.
NOTE Owing, to tha elaborate nature ot the production, the cur
tain will rise at 8 o'clock evenings and at 2 o'clock at the
Doug. 494;
Ind. A-1494.
Vaudeville Premier of the Eminent Character Actor
' In a Western Idyl, "The Sheriff of Shasta."
The Coronation Act 1 irrt
Earle Nellie tJULIt I T
The Internationally Famous eaassssssassasxesaasaaasaam
Classic Dancer, oa Roller. JHE FOUR RITCHIES
GEOKUK JAKE Cycle That's All
THE FARBER GIRLS Combination Novelty Duo
Projecting the Lateat In Anl- , 1K
mated Photography. 15 Talented Artittg 15
except Saturday and Sunday.
All Week, Beginning Today 2:30;
The Rapid Fire Show
The Merry Maidens
The Greatest 1 lancer of Them All.
"Studio Life" and "Tha Dashing Widow"
Two lectured on Christian Science
Vade the aaspicee ef
First Church of Christ,.
Scientist of Omaha
WW be delivered by
Bicknell Young; C. S.
Member of 0e Board of Lectureship
af the Mother Church, the Flrat
Church of Chrlat. Scientist.
In Boston. Mass.
At tha Church Edifice, SC Mary's
Ave. aad SMth St.
April 1 nd 2, at 8 p. m.
The Joyous Opera and
The Saucy Singer
Original Bprinr Mall Orcbaatra.
Wad. Mat. $1.50 to 2Se
Matinee Kverr
Day 2: 13,
Every Niglit
Night 8:30. j?.
She Will Be Delighted
with th dinner todar If yon tJk
hr to the BSIaMOV BESTA7B
aUTT. Tbe good food, th pleas
ant urroundinajs and perfect ven-ti-aUon
will so to inkk a very
pleasant meaL
The foods we serra are the beat
tbe mark it affords. The rtrintoo
In excellent and our wallers
prompt and otjrteoaa
Table d'Hote Dinner served
frooL liam.to8p.m. 4c and
Look for lartre Electric 8lfii-
Dodtre Street- Opea all alffbt
C N. Ball, Prop.
I iyvfli5t.-ay.fle-y