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The Judge Remembered it Well
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- Drawn for The Bee by Tad
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The Marriage Market
A mn writes m a letter In which he
iks this question:
"Don't you think the reason why girls
are more anxious to marry than men la
m when a
'girt marries ehe
eta a. meal ticket,
and a man divides
Are girl more '
anxious to marry
than men? I doubt '
It. Of course there
Is a tradtlon that
Woman persuadea
man and draa
him, or - Inveigle
lilm to the altar,
but this Is a
fiction that baa
grown out of mas
culine vanity.
A Ctrl likes to
have beaux because
to have a lot of
men dangling after is the visible an. I
tangible proof of her food looks and I
her attractiveness. A (irt likes masculine
society, and ahe likes a Rood time that
a man can ahow her. She enjoys the
theaters the dances the candy and
flowers that he showers along- her 'path
way, but that does not necessarily Indi
cate that aha la trying to kidnap some
youth Into the matrimonial . fold. -
'turaily ever, .normal girl, expect
some day to fall head over heal In lore,
and marry, and have a home, and. chil
dren of her own. Po docs every normal
wan; but that does not Indicate that the
girt ia ready to flop-down on her knees
and prar, "Send me anybody, O Lord,
anybody!" and get up and grab the
first man that comes along. ;
. . .w .1.1. -I .Hla rilT
VII luw mini .i ) iuv a11 . -
are beginning to look with a wlie and
disillusioned eye upon matrimony, and to
put It off rather than to rush Into It
It docs not look to them so much like the
gosl of their desires as a state of captivity
that will get them If they don't watch
out In effect, their feeling towards
matrimony Is much like our general at
titude towards heaven. No doubt It Is a
grand and beautiful estate, but they're
in no hurry to realize It.
Even the common, or gardeit variety
of girl la not so anxious to marry, as
my correspondent would ascertain If he
popped the question to a few of them.
The girl who belongs to a still mors mod
ern type, the girl bachelor, has a positive
aversion to It Sba has espoused a
career Instead of a man. She baa all that
aha wants of life, work, a vital interest,
first In- Independence, freedom to do as
she pleases. The bogie that has driven
so many women Into matrimony, the fear
of being called an old maid, haa no ter
rors for her. for she knows thst spinster
hood Is no longer the badge of disgrace.
It Is generally a certificate of Intel
ligence. -
Undoubtedly matrimony attracts both
sexes less than If formerly did. Just
why nobody knows. Sly own theory, so
fsr as the city goes. Is that the blame
lies at the door of the flat Ia the
country It takes a man and a woman
both to make a home. But In a box of
a flat either a man or a woman can
keep hous perfectly well alone, and a
husband or a wife Is mora or less of a
"Moreover, so far as the woman Is con
cerned, marriage does not present any
particularly alluring prospect She looks
about her and sees that her friends'
husbands dropped their gallantry and
lore making at hte altar, and that they
ar more considerate, polite and agree
able to any other woman under the aun
than they are to their own wives. She
observes that the up-to-date ending of a
romance Is not that "they were married
and lived happily ever afterward," but
"they, were married ' and lived scrsppily
ever afterward."
She also takes cognizance of the fact
that the woman who marriea any but
a rich man doesn't find matrimony ths
sesame to a lite of idleness and luxury
and easei Instead, she qualifies for the
hardest and poorest paid Job on earth.
She lets herself in for a lifetime of do
mestic . slavery, and there's nothing in
that t fire the fancy of the average
AU of this makes girls much less anx
ious to marry than any. correspondent
iaiun muuTia siti, particu
larly if she is a working girl with tee
ability and Intelligence to make her own
living, does not have to marry for a
JuiBlA Rh. ran Mka aa iu. hA-vu
for herself as the ordinary man can offer
her, and not be bothered with any hus
band cluttering up the house aad boss
ing her. She knows ahe would have to
work harder in some man's kitchen than
aha does la another man's office, and
aba prefers the typewriter to the gas
range and wash tub, thank you.
So when a girl marries nowadays. It
isn't for the sake of exchanging a bard
Job for a soft one. It s because sbe Is
ia love, and sbe sees la some man ths
Prince Charming of her dreams and be
cause for his sake she Is willing to un
dergo all of the hardships and privstlons.
snd sacrifices of matrimony.
And let us thank God that this Is true,
and that It Is going to be truer aa women
com mora and more Into their own.
and the doors of opportunity are opened
wider to them. lien may not hars
thought of this, but the girl or today Is
tha first girl that a man could marry
without suspiclonlng that she was ms try
ing him for a support. Our grandmothers,
and even our mother, had no other way
of making a living except by marrying
for It, and our papas and grandpapas
must - have dften asked themselves
whether they represented their wives'
Ideal, or merely a good thing to them.
This generation of women I th first
In the world who were not compelled to
sell themselves In matrimony. Th girls
of todsy can consult their hearts Instead
of their necessity about marrying, aad
undoubtedly that la going to enormously
Increase ths pro rata of nappy marriages
As for my correspondent's assertion
that girls are more anxious to marry than
men because when a girl marriea she
gets a meal ticket and a man halves his,
that la nonsense. No mors girls marry
to get a meal ticket than men marry
to get arrook to whom they don't have
to pay wags. And th proportion of
both Is Infinitesimal.
Of all tha various grounds of happiness
.that have been Imagined and advertised,
the surest I this:
To express what la In you.
Th mora on thinks of that and turns
It over and over, trying Its bearing on
different phases of life, the more on Is
ronvlnoed that here, and her alone, Is
the secret at efficiency, of real success,
of scientific (I. e., not authoritative) mor
ality, and so of happiness.
Just look at It "To express what Is In
you;" that means to create.
As religion teach as that we are th
children of God made In His likeness,
so our greatest pleasure Is In th same
kind aa His, which !a-creatlon.
Hence, th noblest of passions, love. In
its Intensest manifestations is bound up
with the creative Instinct.
No woman ever did a diviner piece of
work- than to have a child, to reproduce
her own Ufa ia another life.
. And to express what ia la you ta the
secret of that most moral, most anti
criminal, most mlnd-san and body
healthy thing In which a soul can func
tion, towlt: Work. The Joy in work I
reckon the chief conserving instinct of
th race.
For in every one of us Is a desire to
make something. It la noticeable In
children. Their play shows It. They
build house, sailboats, rid bones and
contrive and produce constantly In the
So. If a man has wood carving in his
blood he will aersr be happy t)ll ha carves
wood. -Another man la born with sculp
tor 'of marble blown In his metal, an
other with the passion to speak In pub
lic, another for banking, another tor poe
try, another with th Itch for writing.
Every soul comes into th world with
an Inborn craving, a propulsion la some
certain direction. Let him find and fol
low It Ttisx way lies bis happiness.
, The men who are running the world's
locomotive and tilling the world' crops
and writing the world's books are not
doing it for money: they are doing It for
tun. They may deny It sod laugh; but
rob them of their work and they would'
be miserable.
Their work Is the expression of what
is In them.
I said, too. morality.
For, when you think to the bottom of
morality, nothing is so utterly, purely
moral as doing as you please.
The very tact that this might land
you In crime shows how moral It Is.
For th sinner who does what he de
sires la simply a know sinner, who Is
always a healthier subject than the un
discovered sinner, the tnsa full of wrong
wants controlled.
For real morality consists' not In govern
ing one's vile instincts, but in getting lid
of them.
Herein Jesus was the wisest teacher,
who said that the only sensible snerallty
was to be "bora again," which simply
means that we should not aim' at the
fool's task of eternally repressing bad
desires, but at th Intelligent task o:
ousting them.
Express what la in yon. So doing you
will com to encourage aad cultivate the
better parts of you. Toa will be shamed
from lownesa.
Let the soul go; snd the more beauti
ful forms of its life will outgrow the uglier
This la a very perilous doctrine, because
it is so true. Tb eniy real safe doctrines
are those that sua naif falsa
Quick, Watso! The Needle!! -:- By Tad
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TO 00 Tilt
The Busted Joy Ride
Science Questions
Q. Has th moon any lnfluenc on vege
tatlon? A. Th moon 1 mad of material sop
posed to be stone, sine Its specific gravity
Is about that of tb rock within reach
her oa earth. It reflects th light It re
ceive from th sun to th earth, but In
greatly weakened proportion. Therefore
this light will affect plant m the same
ratio. Th effect la very smalt. Indeed,
Heat energy aent from th eun to the
moon I very nearly th same aa that
radiated to th earth, hut th quantity
sent from tha moon to th earth Is, so
(Mil 1111 II WWWH HrSl't,vl1.
q. Pleas answer this question In Th
Bee. Is there any selentlflo reason why
th hind wheels of A wagon should be
higher then th front Would a load
pull as easily aa a' wagon when alt th
wheels ara of th same height T
A. In ait ordinary wagon ths mechanical
Principle of th Incline plan I mad
available slightly. Let th bottom of th
wagon bos be level, than It will be
slightly Inclined le a straight Una drawn
from th front to th rear axle. Thl In
clination help In drawing th load en
th principle t a ball rolling down aa
lnollned urfac.
Q.-ls It a fart that the water at th
North pole are higher than at tha south
A. Water at th sea level at both pole
I at th same distance from tha center
of th earth. From tthackletoa'a explora
tions t points within lot mil el th
South Pule It la thought that tb pole It
self I an a high plateau, as great, at
1.00 feet In altitude. Water or Ice up
then would, ef course, be that maoh
above sea level th true has of all de
termination. ' But free water at both
pole must be at equal distances from
the earth's center, for th fore of grav
itation la tha same at equal distances
from th earth' center of gravity.
Q.-WIll you kindly tell me If th star
Canopus was vlslbis from Ih ancient
city ef (Jr. in Chaldea, t,M year ago;
or ha the precession of the constella
tion towered th eslestlsl dome, taking
Conopua out of tha line at vtslo of
Chaldea entirely T
A. Canopus, th brightest star, la tt
present U degree at minute aouth of
th celestial equator. Tha exact loca
tion of Ur In Chaldea. mentioned In
Oenesls, xl:-tl. is unknown: but the
ruin commonly called those of ancient
Ur ar does ta sstltud 41 degree north.
But th aouth horizon of latitude U
north ta M degree aouth of th equator.
Then 6 less H:0 equals T degree a
minutes, th present latitude ef Caaopaa
above the horizon of Ur when exactly
south and therefor can be seen from Ur.
The majestic moUoa at th earth'
equator, called the precession of tha
equinoxes, carries them entirely around
th celestial sphere ta a vast period af
aVflt years. And 1,000 year Is nearly one
fourth ef a revolution. The mighty mo
tion Is retrograde, or from east to west.
Tha venal equinox Is the point where th
sun' center creese th equator upon
coming from south to north In tha sprioc,
round and about March H each year.
There ara twelve signs ef tw hour
each, beginning always at th first point
In Arts, the crossing pises of the sua
from south to north. But at present tb
star Canopus to hour and fJ minute
east of this Important point Thl I
also nearly one-fourth of th elreuiu
Which lead to th great fact that about
MM years ss th crossing point waa
near a straight tin adjoining th north
celestial pole and the star Canopus.
But tb giant start a) near to II de
grees In south latitude now. or thst far
south of th earth's orbit. But with th
crossing point ef the aun In between tha
North Pole and the star, th equator waa
a degree S minute farther north, and .
the south horizon that much higher,
ilenr Canopus did not lis abev It and
raukt not be seen from Ur. Then geed
Father Abraham, unless he Journeyed
far ta the south of Ur. never saw th
brilliant atari Canepua, even If he lived
i9. Am or I.M B. C
Q. A wire! see telegraphy use atmo
spherla wave to convey a message, tt
most probably will b confined te our own
atmosphere. But I It not probabl that
light wave may be used to convey mes
sage from earth to ether planets sup
posed ta be. Inhabited?
A.-Wsves In wireless telegraphy ar
ether waves, not air waves that la scien
tists teach thst electric! Impulse ar
a medium named ether, which to sup
posed to exist la all spao snd In all
matter. Ne absolute proof I had of the
existence of this ether: yet light and
electricity both appear to require It for
transmission. Home ear that thl to
proof suflclent At all events, the air la
not set Into vibration , by th slsctrl inv
pulses In wlreles work. Human being
cannot (end masse" by the agency ef
light to any planet In the solar system.
And thl for reason which I hav twice
explained at length within recent year,
notably regarding signals to alar.
The First Long Pants
By C. A.
'Twat a tonic to live In his atmosphere
that boy of mine when the one per
plexiag question of getting hi first leng
pants waa settled. It bad been the ever
recurring and all-hampering question of
his boy world for tb past several
months. Two ef his chum had donned
the enviable article, and for alt the suo-
oeedlng week th dangling leg or tone
trousers had fluttered la hi dream.
And now the thing to fixed. The real
suit, with genuine long pant, ha been
purchased and the vision has become
reality. But the boy' father find him
self wrestling with another vision, th
passing of the small boy.
Since he could toddle with uncertain
step- that boy bad been my csmpanioa
and chum, but alwaya as my awn tittle
boy. Aad now the clock Is striking a
new boar. Tim to pressing unpleasant
claim upon me. Somehow I feet the
pressure of unseen bands as they ar try
ing to pry open my finger and loosen
my grasp on tb dying stream' of ths
The passing of th smsll bey! How It
marks sn epoch! How It change things!
Just yesterday I had a tittles boy, and
tonight In my dreams, aa In his, he has
grown far on toward th aunllt heights
of manhood. Tomorrow and a few to
morrows and the small boy will have
gone forever.
I've dreamed much and often of the
day when be would be a man. but I
didn't know It would bring such mood
and meditation as these. I want blm to
be man real man but somehow I
want him ta remain a boy also. Per
haps I am disturbed aver the seeming
break that come in ear fellowship, and
yet. why should we not continue chums
and pals to the end.
But I have lost my boy. He went away
yesterday, and while the shadows bug
their drapery across the world, a would
be man came in his stead. Only la
memory shall I ever see my little bey
egaln. Heaven' blessing en the memory.
It to beautiful now, bat should I live
until the witchery of faded years is
throws aver It. It will be more beautiful
still. In the dim. uncertain future the
recollection that now play around my
little boy ef eater day will b glorified,
tltar-awathed and luminous I trust whey
will be when, leaning upon th strong
arm of my big boy, I shall tremblingly
wad through the a ha dam a of lite even
ing Into the twilight (been of fade less
day. j
And yet It take more than long pant
to make a man. May th elements ba
wall mixed In him whom time to so ruth
lessly tearing from me. Kay hs grow
oa and np Into a fearless, couragsoua
manhood. ...
There la no room oa the lower runs
of lite' ladder aad never will be.
'Aspiration to capital. Ambltiea la bet
ter than bank stock. Character la the
only commodity that alloy will pot
And my final word to th small boy
aa ha passe oa to: "Be a real man!"
Aaeleat Pappet Play.
In a Berlin newspaper there to a de
scription of a beaeflt performance which
took place at Munich In boner ef the
birthday of Joeet Schmld, popularly
known aa "Papa Schmld." The bene
ficiary ba been the manager ef a theater
sine IMs. on the stage of which only dolls
appear. "Through all the ebange which
hav taken place en the stag and In it
management," write th correspondent,
"Schmld has remained true to th puppet
play, and children who laughed and wept
ever his Kasperl playa hav seen their
grandchildren do likewise."
Wbere the Weed Grew.
Tobacco ta grown in forty-six state.
Last year production waa
pounds. Fourteen southern state pro
duced HHc,M pounds ar If per cent ef
the country's crop. ' Kentucky atone pro
duced M.a9AN Pounds, or mora than W
per cent af tb total crop af th country
and aver C per sent at the southern
crop. After Kentucky. Virginia. North
Caroline and Tennessee follow in tebecco
production in the order aamed Loesa
vliie Ceurler-JouraaX - .