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lUnnfaetnren Consider liability
Measure After BtnqneL
Local Employers, with Member t
CmbMn Frame til. C
' eider rntirn pcoaeew Vital
te yniult Act.
A Th cemnlexitiee ef the workmen-
compensation and employ ere" liability bill
proposed for passage br th Nebraska
legislature were Interestingly diacuaaed
before th Omaha alautacturer" sxsocia-
tlon after a dinner last night In th rath-
sketktr nf th Henshaw hotel.
Ana th deeper the speaker vent Into
the subject the more Impressed were the
listener ef the greatness of the under
taking In framing for Nebraska a Mil
for workmen's tumpensatt tor aoct-
dents and death.
Men who hare mads special study of
th subject, prominent lawyer, some of
those who are members of the commis
sion appointed to draft to bill, and lead
ing local manufacturers were among th
speakers to discuss and elucidate th
The list of speakera Included Howard
H. Baldrlg. A. J. Essera. F. L Elite.
Victor Roeewater, C. F. Schwager. A. J.
Vterllng, Edaoa Rich and T. B. Ban born.
Mr. Sanborn, who la president of the
Omaha Manufacturers' association. Intro
duced the speaker and helped to empha
sis th Importance of th employers'
liability bill.
Two Ceaaaalaaleaere Attend.
Of the commissi oners appointed to draft
ths bill, only two wer present to enter
Into th discussion. Thsy wer F. L KV
lick. representing the employer, and
Victor Rosewater. commissioner-at -large.
Th other member of th commission
are C. D. Trapbacea of Lincoln, repre-J
sentlng th employers; A. C WsitseU
and F. A. Coffey, representing th labor
ing men; L D. Evan ef Kneaw and
Rev. A. 8. Weatherty of Uneola, com
All thoo wh took part ht th mscus-
sloa announced the rose levee in faver of
some kind of a bill for workmen' com
pensation and employers' liability. They
argued th need of sorti legislation.
"In eleven states, California, Kansas,'
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
Washington. Maryland, Montana, Illi
nois, Minnesota and Ohio, law havs been
psssed to protect th worklngman," said
Mr. Klltrk. "In foreign countries, curb
a Germany and Great Britain, where
such a law ha been In effect for many
year, we may see th advantage and
some of th disadvantage of th work
men' compensation and employers' lia
bility law.
"From these states which now have
law along I hi Ho w may see th
advantage and disadvantage of It and
can tram our law accordingly.
Vital relate I. Law.
"First, there sr two thing for us to
consider: Whether workmen compensa
tion for accidents and death shall be
elective or compulsory; whether em
pluysr anal I tsks th liability for aoot
dent and death to th employ or
whether liability shall be forced upon
them. There are such problems to con
sider a whether it (ball be Insuranc or
employer' liability; If Insurance, whether
all employers should dump their money
Into a common fund or whether th dif
ferent business be divided Into e leasee
with each class protecting It workmen.
We must oonslder whether It shall be a
burden of th employer lon r th em
ployer and the employ."
After outlining th many question In
volved and explaining their various
phase Mr. ElUck toft th subect for
Howard H. Bald rig be gas hi remarks
with a glimpse at th problem from to
lawyer' viewpoint, considering the fact
that such law would tak from the
legal fraternity workman's damage suits
against their employers for accidents and
deaths. HI first statement was "that
lawyers have to live," but with th
lawyer partiality for his client h
quickly delved Into th proposition of
Froteetlea for Workmen.
"W realise,' lie said, "that th work
lngman need protection and h need It
moat whan out of work and Injured.
Th tedious delay ef th law compel
him many time to accept leas than he
ouKht to accept when suing for damages
for Injuries he ha sustained. W at
far behind Great Britain and Germany
In making adequate and prompt compen
sation to the laboring man.
"Th purpose of this proposed law Is
to adjust a speedily and as Justly aa
posslbl differences between employer and
employe. The National Crete federation
and th Federation of Labor both bar
such prospective law. W should study
tfcem and the laws of the states now
operating such laws bad consider them
in drafting this bilL I am in faver of
som form of workmen's compensation
bill and want 1 see the right of th
employer protected-"
Victor Rose-water talked on the topic
from th viewpoint of to commisstonar-at-larxc.
"In drafting this bill," be Mid, "tb
commission baa been very careful. I
t'.'nk It would be a splendid thing to
draft a tentative bill which can be held
up for consideration and criticism of both
the employer and employe. In such a
nay we can artr at what Is most
wanted and needed.
"It would be well for the members of
this organisation to tak th subject each
to apply It to bis ova business. In my
mind, H I more ef a problem of fcumant
tarlantsra than anything els. A large
number of seddenta ar no en' fault- 1
think w ehouid remove th burden from
the Individual and place rt oa th In
dustry. There Is a question whether It
should be placed on th tndtvlduet em
ployer la th industry, whether to create
a class fund or make a general fund from
taxation. There is also the question of
limitation. There will be some to ask
why we should not include sick benefits,
fir damage, old xe and ao oa"
A. J. Efrgers explained the Waablngtoa
law, which, he -eaid, ajceonts to a com
pulsory state insurance. It pro rides a
general Insurance fund created by taxing
the pay rolls of the various Industries.
He told of tbe three commissioners whose
duty It is to adjust ciaima and watch out
for frauds.
A. J. Vterllng touched on the quesUoa
of partial disability and advised a general
fund oa the bast ot old line Insurance.
Railroad Favosa Law,
Edson Rich made the declaration that
with a workmen's com pee tloa and em
ployers' liability law la Nebraska the
Iruoo Pacific would pay out la claims B
per cent more than they do at present,
yet the company preferred the new law.
"It la partially theoretical and partially
Practical." he said. "The unfairaesa ef
the rule of law reflects la the verdicts
ef Juries. If a fund I created for work
metre compensation It should not be
- levied est th people ef the state. There
are many' objection to the Insurance
. .. at Vs
Speak tola Evening.
proposition. There should be a graduated
and fixed scale eo much to be psld tor
the loss of an eye, so mach for a hand
and a on, and all based on th earning
power of the workman."
Mr. Rich declared that If the employer
was liable for th (ccldents to his em
ploys be should raise th price of hi
goods to meet the expense.
High School Glee
Club Plans Concert
At a meeting ef the executive com
mittee of the Omaha High School Glee
club held In Walter B. Graham' studio
In th Boyd theater building last even
lug. It was planned to givs a concert
at the Lyrio theater oa Thursday even
ing. April la, at which tint a reper
toire of selection with plenty of diver
sified musical entertainment will be
So far this year the school authori
ties hav refused to support th uiee
club although It has proven the most
active of all tbe student activities. At
the beginning of the year rehearsals were
forbidden at th school and th mem
bers went to their own personal expense
of hiring an Instructor and using his
studio for their work. Although debat
ing ha received every kind of encour
agement and the ex penes of a coach In
argumentation haa been Incurred by tue
Beard of Education, no financial aid
whalnver haa been rendered th singer.
Joseph Wagman. backer ot the aeral
profeeatonal Wagman base ball team,
gave a banquet to the team last night
which will long be remembered by all
who a ere present a Mr. Wagman In his
efforts to give the team a pleasant even
ing bad mad arrangement for music
In th way ef the Old Timers quartette.
Speeches and good (torts by th aver
reteabls Harry Townasnd, and a spread
by Joseph . Wagman helped finish a
most enjoyable evening.
Mr. Townasnd spoke on th duty of a
ball team to It backer and Mr. Wagman
spoke with pride ot hi new team.
Messrs. Hoys, Bender. Lehr and Oahlo
formed a musical trio hard to beat and
Mr. Oshlo showed considerable ability as
a rag time artist. Hal Bandar pulled off
some athlstlo parlor stunt thst were
ringer a they were of ths highest class.
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this week at ORCHARD t WILHELM.
V: Hr
Who Enjoy the Choicest Product, of the
World's Commerce
Knowledge of What is Bat Mora Inrrxirt&at
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It must bs apparent to every one that qualities
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best of th product of modern commerce to
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eminence unless they meet with th general
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joying th choicest products. Their comiriri
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formed of all countries the method of manu
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th combination th most excellent of its kind,
After thirty year of general usage, Syrup of
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Senna, buy of your druggist th genuine only, th
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Sale of Rare
Oriental Rugs
No finer quality Oriental rugs have ever been
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. -. '..... (
Bound Over to Federal Grand Jury
on White Slavery Charge.
Tell Row Rlllls l Klasle Haa
Breaabt On aba and V
Ken Her Cesapaar the
Trip te the City.
After a hearing that lasted all yester
day afternoon 1 Council Bluff. Colonel
W. F. 8a pp. United Plates eomnilaeoner.
held Leo Van Oar torn and Roy Mur
fleld to await indictment by tbe federal
grand Jury at Omaha for their connec
tion with Rlllls L. Kinatt, th young,
girl whose experiences in the Mil.ard
hotel and elsewhere In Omaha created a
sensation, when made public a month
Th men were held airier tbe fedora.
statute denning and punishing 'wall
slavery," and thtlr alleged culpability lies
In the ahowmg that they induced ner
to go from Harlan, la., to Omaha for
Immoral purposes! Both were held unuer
tt.,00) bond and sent to the county Jail
of Pottawatamis until it could be pro
video. Oeorge E- White, th third young
man from Harlan. la., who waa arrested
at the same time on the same charge,
waa relieved of alt respoualbllity snJ
used a a witness by th government
against th ether. Graver Miller, tb
fourth young man. who waa arrested la
Nebraska and had given bond, waa In
th court room, put aa a spectator only.
Tbe prosecution waa conducted by Dis
trict Attorney Howell of Omaha. The
evidence included the evidence ot federal
secret service men, who worked up the
esse and witnesses residing In Harlan
and Omaha. Special Officer Una told of
tbe statement by Van Oorkom and Mur-
fleld at the time ot their arrest after
being cautioned that th evidence might
be used against him. It waa a fully de
tailed statement ot how th young men
had met th girl at Harlan, when ah
reached the town dangerously III, and
had kept her for on day at th Bryson
hotel and than for two day at the Mur-
fleld home In the absence of all of ui
other member ot the family.
The testimony showed that th young
men. Miller, Van Oorkom and Murfleld,
had assisted In providing for her care,
finally paying for m railway ticket from
Harlan to Omaha,
It was also shown by witnesses that
Murfleld accompanied ner to Omaha and
took her to the Arcade hotel about Jan,
uary It, W. A. Blxlar. night dark at
th hotel. Identified Murfleld as tb
young man who appeared with her at
the hotel carrying her grip. The young
woman registered aa Miss R. L. Klnsle,
De Moines, and Murfleld registered un
der his proper Bam with Harlaa as
his addras.
Th young womai. era assigned to
room en th eeond floor and th man.
to another on the third. Ha testified
that she staid there about ten day.
registering anew each day. It waa shows
that sh communicated with th young
men at Harlan over th telephone and
corresponded with them, and that about
th Urn aha waa requested to leave th
hotel Murfleld appeared and called for
a note she had toft fur him.
Miss Lor In Black, 1M CaplUol avenue,
Omaha, told of two young men coming
to nor place and trying t make arrange
ment for th girl to be taken In, and
that ah cam there three times to urge
the request. She identified Miller. White,
Van Oorkom and Murfteld aa men wh
had called there to Inquire about her.
Sh ask the young girl skirts did
not reach to her shoe top and sh ap
peared to be very chlldtsb. During het
third visit she smoked ten cigarettes
In a very awkward manner and they
mad bar deathly sick. Mis Black said
tb girl told her sh waa lk, but sh
expressed ber conviction that sb wss
under IS.
Whtts was not told of the dismissal
of tbe charge against hjm until he
waa called to th stand. He a as a strong,
but very unwilling witness for the gov
ernment, Tbe accused were represented
'by Emmet Tlntey, senior member ot the
law firm of Tinier Mitchell, and At
torney Shelby Culllaon of Harlan. Van
Uorkom's partner In a 3. ditching
contract at Harlan, wa present and an
nounced that he had come to pro ule
bonds for both young men.
Children Discover
Unidentified Body
A body, supposed to be that of Abra
ham Ktelera. a garbage hauler, as fount!
shortly before 4 o'clock yesterday sfter
noon by school children at PICly-secoud
snd Leavenworth streets. Near the man
ere found two empty whisky bottle
snd some loose chsnge. Coroner Crosby
was notified snd took, charge of thebody.
An fnouest will tie held todsy.
At U o'clock Monday night the man was
eon staggering along near Leavenworth
and Fifty-first streeta Steler with his
wife and two daughters lived near Fifty,
first and Canter streeta At a late hour
last night the Identity was not estab
lished, due to the fact thst relative
could not be located.
After a lengthy discussion about car
bureters, Ursa, motors and other Intrlra
da of sutomobllee. the Board ot Fire
and Polios Commissioners decided tsst
night to have tbe several police autos.
OiiW dim (mm a&i&Sb
Qil !iBRi CinitWriTti
A charming ballad in English, a lovely operatic aria
in French, and an amusing Neapolitan song. All sung
as only the great tenor can sing them.
A new Lucia Sextette with
Tetrazzini, Caruso, Amato, Journet,
Jacoby, and Bada
Another "all-star cast" record of this magnificent
ensemble. -Especially interesting because it marks
the first "appearance" of Tetrazzini and Caruso in the
same record. ,
Hear the records at any Victor dealer 't, and tile him lor an April
supplement which contain a complete list oil new single- ind double
faced recordi, with a detailed description ol each.
Always use Victor Records played with Victor Needles
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Vxter Talking Machlae
Vife 1
I 15th and
334 SJrei
334 roadway.
QeaVV asSvV'W'Vlr1 Vf"wll'1 esvt' N J MsVV ii ass
Why not occupy the vacant space in
the front part of the car, thus avoiding the
crowd and the pushing when you want
to get off ? -
Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Company
Including the patrol wason. thoroughly
f overhauled end placed la serviceable con-
dltion. Tbe work is to be done by T. A.
Baughmsn. f.Tvman ot the rlty gsrsge
and repair hop at the city Jail, at the
cheapest fUnire possible.
Uuy U Smith asked tM per car for the
repair work; $1.J& per car for overhaul
ing, painting and repslr work, and JJ
additional for new motor, or f..C3 for
each car. Baughman says the total con
per car should not exceed tMO. it
The petition from l)undee, west of
Omaha, for asMtsnce from th fire de
partment In esse of a fire In that town,
did not come up as expected. It wss dis
cussed, however, by the commission.
A resolution was received from xteyor
J. & 1'muI of riorence thanking the mem
bers of hose companies No, e, u and
for aldlns the Florence firemen In ex
ttngumhlng the fire on March s.
Malloy's Relatives
Sought by Coroner
The police have been notified by I vet
J. Newlen. coroner of Polk county, la.
that a man believed to be Tom Malloy at
South Omaha was dead In IV Molne
Ktforts are being mad by the De Molnei
authorities to locate his relatives or
friends, to thst the budy can be properli
In a letter to the police Coroner New
len saya that there are many trlnklets
snd other property which Indicate thst
Malloy lived her. Ills clothes bear the
trademark of B. Edward Zeiss, hsbsr
dasher Ills time book with the Illinois
Central shows that he was employed her
t timr. nd a letter with a postmark
of Omsha was found in his clothea Mal
loy wss about ti years ot age.
Co, Caasdea, N. X
MICKEL, Manager
Htrney Sts., Omaha
Council Bluff
Protest Against
Dancing in Schools
Representatives of th Swedish Lu
theran Ministerial association met with
the committee on textbooks and course
of study of the Board of Educaton yes
terday afternoon and protested against
uaucing In I.. city schools.
Tb visit followed a letter written by
Jtev. C. B. Elvtng for th association.
Superintendent E. V. Graft explained
that the game played by the children ot
(he public schools were not really dances.
The committee took no action, but told
Die ministers the request would b care
. oily considered.
Plans tor the establishment ot a com
meiclal High school In the Leavenworth
ulldlng wer to hare been considered,
but th time waa too short and ths com
mittee adjourned until J o'clock this afternoon.
Prof. Charles Alexander of Boston Is
In the city In the Interests of the Na
tions) Religious Training school of Dur
ham. N. C. Mr. Alexander Is arranging
lecture datea for th president nt thts
chool, tr. James E. Shenard, who will
ippear at several of ths Omaha churches
nday and Monday, April 14 and 15.
The Institution headed hy Dr. Shepard
Is ons for the education of colored people
along th moat modern and practical
line. This lecture tour I for th pur
pas of enlletlng sympathy and financial
support for raising fund to complete
several buildings now In enures of erec
tion. Architect Clarenc w. Wtglngton
of this city haa mad th plan tor the
building and other t b erected.
and Ac
cessories, On Sals at
A. Hospe
1513-15 Douglas St.
ajwsi s svV tftimmtfo
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PAD Boston Garter.
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an ar
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Supporter, for woejoa and ckiidrea.
4 harmless remedy, mad from eoffl
moo sard an sag, qulchly restores gray
hair to natural color. Tba car of th
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All that la necessary la the occasional
as ot Wysth' Sags and Sulphur Hair
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Special agent. Sherman. 4 sleConaoT
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New Vera
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3 Jt. Chlcagu. (
r by name.
w .r;v,-1
r j