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Sertie lore sod Claude Stoley Ar-,
; rested at Hot Springs, Ark.
Mrnl GnMl - Jary Which Cea-
veaea Here Kelt Meath Will
i. fwtMtr Caae GIH la
j . Breach t from rh lease.
:Twa Omaha persona hv been arrested
In Hot Spring. Ark., and are twin
brought back to Omaha by federal
author-Hie to anewer to the charge of
white slavery. Tbey are Bertie Love and
Claud gtotey. who formerly conducted a
disorderly bouse at 51 South Thirteenth
Bertie Lore and Stoley are alleged to
lava brought from Chicago to Omaha
rta Dea Moines, Juanlte Ford, a 1-yeer-old
girl, tor Immoral purposes, and
by creating from on elate to another
violated tlx Internal commission lawa
. The three persona were first sighted In
Chicago br th federal authorities and
war trailed by th government authori
ties ea suspicion. It being throught that
th girl w t be used In whit slavery.
Special Agent U. 1. Una Of th Depart
ment of Justice was placed on th case
and Informed that th trio was brand for
Dea if olnea. Mr. Urns . was In Rock
Island at the time on another case, but
managed to arrive la Dea Moines five
minute In advaac of the three.' When
Peril Leva and the man and young girl
arrived la Daa Maine they purchased
ticket to? Omaha.. Mr. Um took the
sum train and followed the threa from'
th Union depot In Omaha to Sl South
Thirteenth street. t "
Mr. Urns the wast ta th l'ltd States
attorney's oftiee and, filed a complaint
agalast Bertl 1y and Jtolry,.but when
be attempted to serve the papers on the
pair a day later the girl had been spirited
away and. Love; and Meter had left town.
The girl was later located la a place of
confine roent and Interviewed br Urns and
told the whel story. Special Agent D. C.
BeUeqmn f St. Loula .waa. thee placed
en th trail, Um having been put on an
other, case, and arrested th pair In Hot
Springs yesterday. Their case will be In
vestigated by th federal grand Jury next
month, ft (-
Dakotas Looking
for Bumper Crops
P. at. Arne. with th Retail Hardware
Dealers' association of Sioux Falls. &
D., at the Millard, said he believed that
crop condition In his state never looked
more hopeful and that with the heavy
ralna of last fall and th snows of this
winter, will. If seed corn la no problem,
enable South Dakota to nave record
breaking crops, not only of com, but In
other grain.
Seed com. he believes, will not be hard
to obtain by th Dakota farmers, aa It
Is a different corn than what la grown In
Nebraska or Iowa.
Lurid Advertising -,
to Be Suppressed
Fire ' sale of merchandise, railroad
Tracked aalea and any startling misrep
resentation or fraud la advertise menu
by merchant will be classed as mis
demeanors and violation of an ordlaeao
t be drafted by thoae Interested In sup
pressing such lerld advertising.
Member of the Commercial club and
the license Inspecting depart asnt bellrve
thl prevent ordinance 1s not sufficient
to cover th case aad will probe. Mr pre
sent another to the eouncll within tba
eat few week.
It la really a mesne ef luring custo
mers and oftea ef selling thetn Inferior
Bserrhandtae at. a price for which good
or the beat could be bought, ear thoee
la favor of regulation by ordinance.
"The ordinance) pa see i do act leg
Biate and we would Ilk to have some
means of controlling or preventing such
outrage aa this,' said Aaalstant J4cenee
Inspector Mathleaen, picking wp a large
nd lurid advertisement ef a -'"wreck
1 " personal paragraphs (
' f Mr. Joseph H. Wolley. the well known
attorney of Urand Island. I In the city.
JNebreekens and lows na registered a,
maha hotels: ltome-4.'. Herbert Coy,
Valley; Mr., and Mrs. K. Smeenk. Del
saoot, S. D.j A. li. Ellis, Be City. Iowa;
i. A. Rice, Unooln; C. O. Davla and
Wife. Uncoln; K. L. alrBrtdc and wife.
Lincoln; A. D. KesbIL Tekamaa. Ilan-ahaw-Jullua
K Jungblutk, Arlington! C
T. Bteffeas, Calhoun; James 11. Ksiley,
Mason City, la.; Oeorge W. Mitchell and
Wife, Winner. 8. D.: D. A. Nlppell, Ne.
Hgk. Fasten C. I. Bernard, Norfolk; M.
M. Murray, Falrbury; K. M. Chapman.
Aurora; H. D. Watson, Kearney; C. Os
uar Olson. Shelby; Mr. and Mrs. O. F.
Chapman, Kvanaton; C. A. Becker, Park
City, la.; M- K. Beach. Shey. la.; II. 8.
(filleapie. Mapletoo, le t H. M. My and
Wife, Maplelu.
First Meeting tt the Tint Presby
terian Church Last Evening.
Talk the ttadeata at the Ft.
hytertaa Theelear Sesslaa ry
aad at th lalveretty
f Oasaha.
The opening gun In th Men and Re
ligion Forward Movement waa fired yes
terday In the appearance of Df. Isaac
1. ' Lansing of New Tork City, expert
on social service, who Immediately
launched Into his work by addressing
th Presbyterian seminary and the
Omaha university yesterday morning In
mass meeting, promulgating the prin
ciples of hi department.
I la estimated that over sixty of
Omaha's churches and their pastors
have united to forward the work which
Intends to envoka th apt ritual duties of
lb citlsen of Omaha, especially the men
and boys, and that with succeeding days
days till Sunday the committee of speak
ers and coworkers will carry on an ac
tive campaign to arouse the men to a
more active Interest, especially on the
social aspect the church stands for today.
fh. movement Intend to awaken a
pacific Interest by the men and boys In
the 'aortal service of th churches and
Dr, Lansing, leader la this department,
is eager to arouse Omaha along, with
ether cities of the Mat sod country to a
faN realisation of th Importance of tills
feature In the development of the' moral
and religious duties which Is sver before
a Christina nation.
That th leaders of . th Men and
Religion Forward movement have given
aortal service so prominent a place- in
th proposed campaign lndlratea their
appreciation of how close this feature
Is to ale of America manhood. In this
connection the leaders of this work who
are vlsttmg Omaha will make an especial
effort to formulate a systsm by which
th churches of the city may uka ad
vantage te bring the men and boys closer
to a better appreciation of what the
church means to them.
Most Extraordinary Special Sale l
,-Ittt .V'': 'r-v:' .-TV". r . '(!
I w omens pipeDpnng ifflsf
1 a Dougnt irom a prominent in ew i otk manuiac- mx i :
'sl fiitor of o f1roof rvina nnrt raocrrrroii-TfT nrtnAf " tr coll -S 1 "1-
Bought from ' a prominent New York manufac- V(iK
fni"at" of n ttfAof nnpo OfSnp'iecinn...nnoihvplv morlo tr coll
a-va awaVaa V.a v j " X
iuiiin to h ..o urt nn o p I hiircna7 nn nur cppnnn T nnr ar
""'6V VAA tAeV AiU10UU;,Vll . . . , . JT . T, j i'
Detective is Sued ,
for Vicious Attack
Detective Henry ilettfeldt cracked
John A. B. Martin In the mouth with a
revolver, knocking ut -two teeth, and
Inflicted other painful Injuries, according
to a demand tor m,(W damages filed
by Martin. Ileltfeld Is sued on tils bond,
th boading company having been made
. Msrtln, Who conducts a rooming bouse
at lilt Douglas street, recites that De
tective Heltfeld cam to bis place oa
th asoralng of February to Inailtut
a search. Realataac may have been
given, for Martin declares that the offi
cer struck him on th back of th head,
flooring him. Martin picked himself up
only to be felled again. Ibis time hla eye
glasses gtavlng been ahattared. He came
up for the third Um aad was struck
violently ta th mouth with th defec
tive's revolver.
wtldlaa revejIU.
C Barker. 1S0I-U Harney
street, areaway. under sidewalk. ,;
yred Turkeon. IU South Thirty-first
street: Louie A. Cottrell. 41 North Nine
teenth atreet, frame dwelling; KJM.' ..'
; Th kit est point ef iromas's htp
tsst raacbe4 only thmcda moth
sraood. la Um eUsptag oX kar child
within her iTBt Tat th wxOm4
t Is oftea tearfal ot ba lure's ordal
hod shrinks from th uffertnc ind
eat to lu ecciummatlon. But tor
Hare's ills ssd discomforts nature
provides reoMdlse, and ta Mother's
rrlead is to be touad a raedlcla ot
treat Tala to every zpeetaat suother.
It hi as. eamlsloa tor site real
ppUcatioa, rampoeed ot arrwdlents
Uca act vita seoeflclal and aootn
lag effect ba (hoe portions ot the
artteai tarehred. R is la tended to
prepare tae system tor the erlaii, and
,tbos rellerv. la creat part, tba suffer
tog through which the toother usually
Ipaesea. Th regular as of Mother
,Frtend win rrT any nvotaer In th
comfort tt affords before, and the help
ffttl restoration to health and strength
tt brings about after. Ukf cornea,
(Mother's Friend
J tor sal at
-rag stores.
Jwrite for
tree book for
expectant moth
ers which contains
Webster Gives Up
Water Company Books
The water company yesterday got
possession ef lu books which have heeq
ra th hands ot John L. Webeter. at.
terney for the water "board, when the
heating of th case waa resumed la th
federal court before Master In Chancery
Oeorge H, Thamnval.
Uf. Webster has had the books for
some time and refused to give them up,
awarding te-B. F. Stoat, attorney for
the water company. A aubpoenae waa
aaked far by Mr. Stout and was served
en hlr. Webeter command 1 htm to
"ring th hook to court, which h did.
and turned them ever to the water com-
Xl-iic ic fK mncf Mirrnr1prfiil calp nf camnlpc rf MrntriPn'c Viirrh inlacc annafpl : fl
A 1 livj xJ iifv UlvJs nuuuliui ijuiu ui ;uiiiiw w a it utttvii u aaaaa vtuu ujuivi i
i-riif Rronr1!c ftfrtrc vAr KioM . 5rvM-c rf t Via rrlrct efnnnind ' finrl nfrfpptlv tailorpH ctSrind.'i I
tltai s-& uuuwiu utuivu v.t VI iiviu, uvuivj ut, litv , utvtii uiutuuu eassv. viiwyki euasvri u upiiu
suits made up as samples for one of New Tork's exclusive wholesale tailors every one an
e ee se e' . e' ' 1f1rt" J t. :'m 1..' it- ' it:?, hi 1 f ' '' '
inaiviauai styic.ior wil ana an oi mem sening at mucn less man ineir aciuai vaiue.
www ' . e a . .1 . eejaaaaaaaaasssaaaassaaasaaaasaaaajssaaaaaaaaass . '. XT' 1
J. J. O'N'elll, who for the last ai
months haa been local auperlntendeat of
the Nebraska division ef the Omaha road.
Wednesday morning received notice ot his
transfer to th Northern Wisconsin di
vision ef the same road, with bead
auarters'at apooner, wis. I. U Welch
from the operating department and who
has been assutant to the superlntenden
of the Southern Wisconsin dlvistoa, with
aeadetiartara at Baa Claire beeamea su
perintendent of the Nebraska division.
mock valuable
"lcformatlon, and ausr suggestions ot
aeiprul nature.
ilADFinj) MOTJLTOI ca, AllaaU. Ca.
Weak sue wneiaia a rm se Kieaer er irt-
puss in (iw auft sr.S teri IM .1! ..v m .
"THan uhat-s aRosUTtc w.xr. th.
. It er blkv We ken soar
ew snnacal s.u.M eke ase m4
this affsl tuamtj. kM B leanUter a hM ae
V?1 r aMsar Orsfe AHOMAT1C Utar
er mm er aul far at eu. - t'-
T kicker (Mr C . LeRor. N. T
Brokchiax. Troches
or annaiin. Ceaghs, laaaawd laieaa. Be.
gmetalrsuet. Aaarktoa(aBSerlerssena.Ba.
aeisslytiatiwaiaa7aanafaliBgialsa. Seat
eauyaaaw aaipis mellettree.
ifSBM L PHfWM a aoj), RoeML Vaas.
The 4-year-eld chn ef Helmaa
Schwarts while playing with matches
eaardair morning la a eJuaet oa the
second floor of their home at i Lind
say avenue set some clothes on fire,
which eauaed a loss ot shout IM to the
clothe end furniture. Th child was
not burned. . "
William Wunrath, who fell down an
elevator shaft while employed by the
Proptea' Furniture and Carpet company,
haa been awarded Hut damage In dis
trict court. He asked for B3.S) (or per
sonal Inlartes. Tl-.e eaae waa tried once
eror Vul U)e Jury disagreed.
Blithe aad Dew the.
Births Ran and Uwrtla Abbott. UM
6outk Twemy-etath street, girl; R. F. and
Kllsa H. Dewar, 4M Reea etreet. Benson,
boy; Harry and ToWa Oilbert, MJT North
Twenty-fourth atreet. girl; Bert Weaver
and wife, lea California atreet. boy.
beathe-Oeenre Bogara. M years. St.
Bernard's hospital ; J. i. Poulk, a years.
Wood, Blver. Neb.; Frank Dorwurt, M
rears. M North SJatemth etreet: Jo
eeph Hodge, years. 113 WiVt atreet;
Minnie Feteraon. l years, un Lafsv.
jette avenue; Mrs. A. Minardi. years.
.Flereore; WBlie Stremberg. 4 year St.
Joseph's hospital: Mr. Kathcrine Klng
jeitr. It years. Grand Island
We state, positively .: that so .
many exquisite styles in women s ;
spring suits: never were offered
at special sale.' Here are all cbl-
jars and all new, wool fab
ricsall sizes for women i
and misses, , J '"
$40, $50 and $60 Suits at
Newest spring ideas, white
Merges, white whipcords, light;
shades, light hairline stripes, etc.
new long lapels, new-ratine
trimmings new shape)
skirts every ' elerer
spring novelty.
LiTelf Eeoeption Aocorded Cituent'
X Uaioa sal labor Tickets. .
Cesaplalata Methede aad ateeelts.
ef Flatferaa Anaeaaeeet aad ea
Other -Fwtet Are flea
4 eraaly Heard'.
As the alatea are cenung eut la the
eommtsetonerahlp contest, the hammers
are appearing aa a matter of course.
And some pretty lively hammer awiaglng
la la piogioea. aa can be determined by
ilatenlng wherever two er three are gath
ered together to discuss the local altua
tloa. t
la th Cltlsens union much murmuring
Is heard; dtaaattstactloa with the Ucket
chosen, with th. method pursued, and
with the plattona announced I eanreoeed
and talk of withdrawal among mem sera
I rife. On candidate for the endorsement
of the CUtaena' union la said by hla sup
porters te have bad th votes of o9 me ra
kers, who Joined especially that they
might vote tor him. tie are Ignored by
the executive commute, aad aow hla
friends Insist that he will g te th poll
and bust the computation wide open.
Lab Leasee Ala Split.
Much the same coadiUoa exists In the
Labor kagu. The slats aaekere there
have not met with the enthusiastic sup
port of the aneaabera that they expected,
and ar getting some pretty plain talk
troaa the tnea v -e are expected to fur
nish the vote. Withdrawal of some ef
the big labor organisation front the
league seem certain.
The platform adopted by the entases'
uniea cndite also the topic ot eoa-
stderabl .weated dtecusstoei. It was
adopted by the candidates who expect te
run on tt. but tt doeaat asset the ap
proval of aa who are expected to assist :
la electing them. Especially Is It eh-j
iectad te by th editor of the newspaper !
that waa looked apoa aa being th real I
tusaasated advocate of all ta Cltaams' '
tmloa adopted. He ha openly expressed I
hat disapprove of the document perhaps j
because he did awt writ it, and aow the
candidata' are receiving 'demands that
the plattona he recalled. -
Omly Vaeelfteh srentalehttaa.
: Th pubHcty committee ef th CUtaena'
union pots out Its daily "dope sheet"
setting forth that th Clttseoa union Is
a "self-constituted" body, but Is only
ne ot a number of such; the difference
being, according to th bulletin, that the
Cltlsens' union Is the only on that Is
sot organised for a selfish put poos, the
only one without aa axe te grind er a
special Interest to serve.
A war upon bill posters, politicians and
ethers who pise Boaters er seacards apoa
telepaon aad telegraph poles throughout
Qmaha wilt ba . laaugu.e
morning by th nolle. Captala Henry
Dunn will detail several officer with a
wagon te drive ever the city ead remove
the unsightly poetera. signs or whatever
they may be.
Chief of Police Donahue says that pol
iticians are making the Botes took un
sightly sad bin poetera an giving Omaha
a country look by placing their sagas
apoa th poles.
MarrsaeT leecaeaa.
The following couples secured licensee
te wed:
Name and residence: Age:
Otto Pickering. Omaha S
Btnel Peuraua, Arlington... ti
Thotna K. Kltigeraid. Hooper, Nek.,.. M
(trace Seamena, Clarke. Keb 2
Francis i. Thompson. San Diego, Cal... 30
Olive I. Leadbetter, Austin, i.l 8
William W. Walton. Im Angslee. Cel.. XI
Belle a Kibbler. Meadow Grove. Neb... J?
John O'Brien. South Omaha. 23
Fern Blake. Clan ad, la. a
John B Crawford. Omaha.
Kuaabetb K. Heflla, Omaha.
Oeorge Lewry. Lincoln 11
Ruth liotoerta, Liacoin a
Jay W. Bart leu. Omaha. r.
Helen Gay. Omaha. a
Clyde H. Durham. Uncoln- a
Alt Moesberger, Uncoln 1
Joerph H. 11111. Omaha
Kvaltna Hudson, Ciemento, Kan.. a
Mltrbeu W. RedeL Rlalr
Myrtle Mlllroua. Blair M
If yoa have anything to esxhanga, ad
reriiae It la Th Ee Want Ad columns.
Myers Advises 411 .
to Invest Money -
in Real Estate
Th Increaalng Fries of Gold and Its
Effect ea th Prices of Real Estate"
was th ytl ot an address made by
F. H. Myers of the Benson gt Myera
company, before the Real Eatat E-
ebang yesterday.
The sneaker contended that th present
high coat cf living was largely due tt
the ever Increaalng production of gold
coin and prophesied greater unrest up
risings and radicalism thaa at th
present Say wer etnred In the future
Mr. Myers aays the prospect for the
'-ncreaae in dividends on stocks and bonds
not bright Real aetata, he declared,
a due for a tremendous ad ranee being
associated with ether eoounodiUes. His
advtos te those who wish.' te beco
wealthier is te go la debt tt seed be
to purohea reel estate.
J. H. Dtuaoat followed with the read
ing 'of eocne letters from Oeorge 1L
Payne, president of V Payne Invest,
ment company, wbo Is visiting en the
Bermuda islands. Mr. aad Mrs. Payne
and their party left New Tork March
t on a sea voyage,
Lloyd A. WiUla conferred with the ex
rhang anent fh building of ea apart
nt house on th lot recently purchased
him at Downy, aad Park avenue and
ilarney atreet The lot Is sixty feet
wide by M feet deep. He wanted to
know akbut the sis snd elaborateness
of the structure.
laiered Iw Fir
or bruised by a fall, apply B'uckleo's
Arnica 61 vs. Cures burns, cuts, wounds,
bolls, sores, acsema, piles. Guaranteed
Sc. For sals by Beaton Drag Co.
"ouot say"
Hltani .. ;
Orlgloal and ImuIn
Thi Food-drink for All kgtu . .
More LeaMifJ iKaaTea or Ccsfee. '
Agrees with the- weslcat cueatiaa. :
Rich milk, msJieyj grain, ppwdq form.
A tiick back preptrea ia niimte.
TaV m aaostitato. Atk PsrHORlIOLT.
sf" Others tare imitations.
Low Rates South
APRIL 2 and 16
CUca St- Leale
.Fh. $SX7 $2$M
.- " M.50 2940
. MM 31.45
. " 44 0 J7 M
. 34-50 29.40
. " MM 2 ,40
. 30X0 20 AS
1.7 .T0
Fh. 31.7S 23.70
Miss, 30X0 22.00
St Aarestiae, ..Fh. $3&1S 2-0S rhaW
Ft UaaWeals-- " 44-IS 37.0S
GaaasiviDs " SSM 2S.7S
Oats 34 SO ZM
Fsrt arrant " 36.SO 20.40
Psklka 35.40 24.30
Vest Fike teats " 42.PO 35 SO
' i ii " 34.50 20.40
lajkad Fh. 34.50 29.40
lay snwaa..-.Ah. 30X0 20.45
Fsaasai Cay Fau .- 24US
Dew Orlssas-..-La. 30.00 22.00
aaah Ala. 3000 2045
.Ah. 2A5 2055
FtpiHioaatery Le-w Rasas U Meay Other Peaeaa sn
Alabama, Hofida Georgia, Terutessee um1 Misaisalppt
J. L DAVENPORT, D. T. JL, Sl Leak, Ms.
P. W. MORROW, K t. P. Jl, CWara, Ifl.
Rug Sale
Fradajr, SatarJay, Uomif . .
Mar. , Mar. so, Apr. I
$51,090 Stock of Perfect
lew Spring loss
The choicest lot of Bag bar
tains ready cash has ever se
cured as A great opportunity
for yoa to bay that saw rag
at a hif series; .
see turn cupuy :
Watch BuTy Taptrt t