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    THE BEE: (milA. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 27. 1912.
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SILK HAT HARRY'S DIVORCE SUIT :- jMttoShwei2LoniGJStheJndgeIs Drawn for The Bee by: Tad
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Physical Culture in the Home
A your.g girl who Ions to be beauti
ful and to punrn 'the willowy figure
that wo see depleted In the. public print
write m a nut discouraged letter. Bho
ays that ah la not able to take leeaona
In physlcsl culture
at K per. nor hat
aha the wherewithal
to set up an elab
orate gymnasium In
thai amall llarlcm
flat which aha oc
cupies with her
And ah want
to know what can
a poor girl do.
. . Help mother,
daughter. You will
find a perfect aub
stituts for weight
and pulleya and
h s t derelopera
and waist reducers
-In t h homely
utenalla of the
hitches. Try them.
The potato masher I a good lubstltute
for Indian cluba.
The proper way to uae them I to grasp
Mu flrmlv In a h hand aim! a 1 1 ay If .
nice, hot steaming bowl potatoes with
them.. Throw vim and vigor and energy
Into pounding the potatoes, using first
an up and down movement and then get
ting a rotary action n taem, mis eaer
clae will be fine to develop the muclea o
the upper arm and give flexibility to the
N. B.-lt has also an extremely good
effect upon the potatoes.
A flatlron makes a perfect dumbbell.
Take a firm hold of the handle of the
Iron and thrust th arm forward with
a lunging movement, keeping the
body meanwhile erect There are three
result to be obtained from thia ex
orcise. It is splendid for strengthen
ing th back, as th weight at the bot
tom of the arm requires foroe to keep
It moving. It also reduces flesh about
the hips and adds to one'a grace of
N. B. The flatlron exercise I partic
ularly effective when performed upon
tha family wash.
For the cultivation of grace and little
ness of movement the best known
medium Is the broom exercise.
To d this get a good, solid grip on
a broom handl every morning. Imme
diately after breakfast, and after throw-
lag up the windows so as to let In plenty
of fresh air sweep th house rapidly and
Th continual bending backward and
forward of the body at each stroke of
the broom renders th muscles of the
back and cheat firm and smooth. It
also developa th arm and the stooping
down to sweep under the beds and dress
ing tables supples th Joints snd gives
great elasticity to the entire figure.
When a supplementary exercise hi
needed what la technically called "mak
ing the beds" la peculiarly effective. Th
latter movement is most effective be
es us a beating up the pillows, turning
over msttresses and shaking out aheeta
and blanketa exercises the arm muscles
and guarantees the svelt form so much
admired today.
N. B. These exeerelse likewti "eav
th price of a housemaid.
To reduce th waist measure and th
abdomen try th tub exercise.
Take ordinary wash tub and board. Fill
th tub three-fourths full of hot water,
then Immerse a piece of cloth In the
water and rub It up and down, taking
car that th hands ream th bottom ol
th board each lime. This motion will
effectually remove the fatty deposit on
the stomach, strengthen the back and
promote grac and symmetry. It la par
tlcuiarly recommended lo elderly ladles
who are fond of neb eating.
N. B. This gymnastic stunt will also
ssr you II or H a week laundry bill on
your linger! blouses.
To soften the hands and keep them
whit and smooth, try dish washing.
Remove th china from th table 1m
mediately after each meal and submerge
it In hot water. Th gresa from th
soiled plates will be found an excellent
emollient. Repeat thia process three
times a day. Immediately after eating.
K. B.-Thla exercise, If kept up regu
larly, will prolong mother's life, and
prevent her hands from getting corns on
them from overwork.
These are only a few of the many ad
mirable txerciiea that the kitchen gym
nasium affords, free of cost, to any girl
who will try them. These exercises bring
every muscle Into play, snd observation
will show thst sny woman who
habitually takea them has no need to go
to high priced cures for robustness, or
study Delsarte theories for grace.
The finest figure in the world are pos
sessed by housemaids, and many a sen-
ant girl has arms, and shoulders, and a
neck that her mistress would give a for
tune to posse"!. More than that, the
horn gymnasium get the glad band
from men, and the girl who acquires ber
slim, strong, straight figure by exercls
ing with the broom, and juggling the
pots and pans will have no difficulty In
capturing a husband with It.
The kitchen gymnasium haa the expen
sive athletic club beaten a city Mock.
Try It, daughter, try It
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Little Bobbie's Pa
Fa A Ma ma went to a other show
last Bite, It was called 4i mlnlts from
Broadway. Ma wanted to go to the show
beekaua she liked K. Pa wanted to go
to th show bcekaus Ma sed Cum on, you.
80 w went
I think It wud be a good Ides for a
Snt ta b closer to Broadway than 4
mlnlts away, sed Pa.
I doant agree with you, sed Ma, I
think It wud be a good ide for sny man
te be forty-five hundred miles away from
thar. I had a dreem but nits. Ma sed,
I dreemed that I bad rot a song. It
went ilk this: :
A fair yung wife was standing on New
York's gratest street.
Her husband waa a brllyust man, but
seldom he did eat. ' '
Ula fair yung wife did face him at the
close of that asd day, ,
She looked upon him thoughtfully, I A
these words she d.d say;.
A liver can't five long on Broadway
It hasn't got no chance st all;
Tour liver is your paid, but in time It
will get hard.
And 'twill croak yen In th springtime
or the fall.
Stomacha and livers have a lot of patience
They're always loyal and they're always
But a liver can't live long on Broadway
And that the surest thing you over
I happen to have rota that song my-
self, sed Via. bow do you like It?
, I doant Ilk It at art asd Pa. No wonder
that you dreemed that you rot It If
ion trnr wok ap A rot a thing Use
that you wud think that you had been
thru a nltemare. But cum on, let us see
the show. '
Wen w was waiting to let Pa buy sur
seat Ma toald me about a gurl trend
that shs had In th show. Belli Ftsher
Is her nalm. Ma toald me that Bailie
was the brltest gurl In tliare class at
skooL Shs was so brttc, sed Ma to me.
that she cud bound the Issmus of Psnama
at A slngel bound. Ma sed. 8h Is on
of. th sweetest littl gurls that ewer
lived, sed Ma. Wen you grow up. Bobble.
it wtll be th deerest wish of my llfs t
hare you marry a gurl like Sallla Fisher.
But after w bad went Into the show
A Pa saw SaJtle Flaber. Ma acted kind
of different becks oa Pa raved too much.
Ma sed. Isent she the sweetest thing
ewer, sed Fa. I cud marry a gurl Uks
that ta a second. Pa aed. I wrud throw
a rln onto bar finger a fast as Tneedore
Busevelt threw bis hat Into th ring. Pa
sed. I knew a thorobred wen I sea one.
Fa aed. Look at ber, Bobbie, sed Pa.
Isent aha a cutsy?
I doant think she Is so prltty, aed Ma.
I think wlmmea Is funny, thar alnt
vary Rod treads to each other wea us
mea inter-feres.
Wbem c klaT sswhea.
If something yon are cooking happens
to scorch, set th kettle In cold water
immediately, and there will be abso
lutely no scorched taste. This Is worth
The Latest Dances and How to Dance Them
A good poa In
th bunny bug Is
illustrated here,
but It may be too
acrobatic for many
people. la such
cases th woman
dancer need not
lean back very
Americana are
the best dancers
la th world. They
dance with mora
grace and aban
don than the
Spanleb people,
eves, but some
times tbey are In
clined to be car,
leas la the way
they held themselves.
By Maurice, th Cabartt ArtittTht Bunny Hug
Don't gly your
self an attitude of
extreme fatigue.
At all time be
perfectly relaxed,
but keep Ih back
straight, h cheat
up and th hips
U or women
danc badly Just
because they hold
themselves awk
wardly. They, however,
dance well enough,
when It comes to
agility, steps, eta
Even on ths
stag th dancer
mutt be both
graceful and ele
gant In their motions.
IS. 1 INr ., 1 . ' ' !. W '. ' ,
.l-i f !- W. - W III
The bunny hug Is another of thos
dances which has created sn uproar for
no apparent reason except thst certain
people who don't know now to dance,
anyhow, bavs danced It neither wisely
aor welL
Of course, oa th stsga It's another
story. Many pcopl go to th theater
with th Mea that they are going to be
nocked. If tbey aren't a tart ted they
aren't pleased and don't think tbey have
gotten their money's worth.
For the people, and there are thou
sands more than you think, on accen
tuates the dances, makes them broader
snd suggestive But even oa th stag
th dancers must be both graceful and
elegant In then- motions. Otherwise ths
bunny hug. the turkey trot aad all th
ether modern dances are agly and vol
gar, to say the least
Americans are tha best dsnoers In th
world. They dance with more grac and
abandon than th Spanish people, even,
but sometimes they are Inclined to be
careless la the wsy they bold themselves.
Hold yourself perfectly straight; don't
be stiff, however. And now for th bunny
Some on said this dance was espe
cially adapted ta engaged couples. I
think It ta, too.
It osj-ufnly Is not a wild or hilarious
dance. It Is a sort of "snuggly" dance
where th girt puts bar hand an ber part
ner's shoulder and ths two. In close em
brace, do a very slow two-step describ
ing a circle about ths center of the stsge
or floor. -
On the stage the dance has not found
favor except when mar acrobatic step
are Joined to the "hug." It la too muck
like the lovers In the park on summer
evenings, so to make the danc more
successful and give It variety all kinds
of different postures snd poses are added.
The original step la the "hug" as de
scribed. This should go with the siow pert of
the music In two-step kind. If a livelier
tempo Is struck th two danc a turkey
trot "rock." asauming the regular dance
position, but with hands on each other'a
At the end of earn musical phrase,
when the natural pause comes In th
music, th dancers assume a pose
which is held until the music starts again.
One good pose la illustrated here, but
it may be too acrobatic for many people,
in such ca-es the lady need not bead
Phs's flirting with another man and
ber husband knows It
What la bs doing about It? Nothing
but breaking hla heart What's th uses
poor man! A woman ilk that Isn't
worth a minute
real pain, and, be
sides, I wonder If
it Isn't a good deal
th man's own
"I am a devoted
husband," aaya the
man, "I take good
car of my wife. I
glv her every
thing my money
can buy. 8h says
ah loves m and
I always sweat to
me, but eh won't
keep away from
th other man. I
bought her a hand-
sum fur coat for
Christina and she couldn't wait ta get
out of the house to show It to th other
msn. What shall I dor' . . . .
Do get a Utile oomtnon sense Into your
poor head, poor manl Oet a little red
blood In your veins. What shall you do?
Bit still and let a littl feather-head
wreck your life and her own and mak
things miserable for th two children
you say ah really lores?
Come to think of It, I don't blame the
woman so much for flirting with th
other man. Maybe she thinks he's a
man a real man and that I what she
Is looking for.
Th next tllne your wir puts on that
fur cost and stsrta out, you put on your
lur coat and ssy, "doing out? I'll go
with you, and, do you know, I'm In a
peculiar mood today. If I should happen
to meet anyone I don't Ilk I really be
lieve i d knock him down." The little
goose who doesn't know snough to ap
preciate real affection will fell In lovs
with you on ths pot
Phe belongs to th type of woman who
love to have someone fighting for her.
bite doesn't live for love, shs Uses for
la the man bigger than you art, and
will he do a little knocking down, too
If he get a chance? Don't glv It to
him. Tak another tack.
Say, "doing out, my dear? So am I."
And see to It that she sees you some
time that very day with th prettiest
woman In town looking right Into your
eyes. Your poor mils gooes of a wife
will be too busy watching yon after thai
to ass much ot th man you dread aj
What nonsense all this sort at thlnl
ta what cruel, empty-headed, barren non
ens! Slop and think a minute. IfttH
Goose, If you nave any of tha apparatui
for thinking In that littl noddl oj
your. ' -i
Who Is th beat friend you have 01
earth? Who will stand by yos whs
everyone else haa left you? Who realli
cares whether you ar wall sr 111, happj
or miserable? Who but the plain, every,
dsy man who pays your bills? . -This
other fellow! What does - h
amount to? Not a thing In. ths world
Ks's all right when yea are In goo
spirits, welt d re seed, happy and amusing:
But get a good sharp attack or neural tn
om day aad watch hla Interest tads
H Isn't In kv with you or with anj
an a earth but himself. Ha love tq
stand back and watch himself work i
tov to see yourself fooled by him?
Ih vanity of a silly woman. B yoj
Com to, littl Goose, com tol Too,
are Just a harmless goo bow, vara
soon you will b something quit differ,
nt. ...,.
It Is absurd now! this (Illy affair .of;
yours, that seems so romanllo to you,
Don't you know that ths very grocers
boy in ths corner star. I laughing at
you and at your dune of a husband j
It woa't be so funny erhen yoa wsk g
om miserable day ' and find rourajll
deserted, disgraced, , -. . .
You've been to too many matinee,
that's all. ' You are really Just a foolish,
vain littl thing with skim milk for blood
and scrambled eegs for brains, fist y
Ilk lo Imagine that you are a dangerous,
fascinating, temperamental siren, luring
men lo destruction with your langpurwt
glances. Fudge! You couldn't really bs
langourous If yon tried for a week. '
You have your pkc In tha world Use,
best place ther Is, to tha position tl
n honeat wlf and a good mother. Keen
It, In th nam of all that's honest, and,
let the notorious Mrs. This and th Sec
ond Mrs That stay wher tbey beioeis-i
In th play.
As fsr you, you poor, deluded bus band,
you can't make a woman ak th wit
you hav chosen lovs you by pleading
with her. And, for that, matter, no
woman on earth can lovs a man whs
will let her make a fool" of him. 8ha
needs quit a deffcrent styls of treat
ment. ...
The House on the Rock
The history ot mankind Is the record of usl Insight that we s
hug experiment In getting together.
Without organisation we get non ot the
finer element of life, such a orchestra
and steam heat cities, street cars, dic
tionaries snd police.
Furs Individualism means barbarism.
Each man dwells In hla own cars with
the woman he has taken.
. he struggle upward on th part of th
race la merely a struggl t crush out
thos element that prevent co-operation.
Price, lust, money-love, power-love and
all forms of primal egoism disintegrate
society, prevent unity, spilt ail pacts of
mutual help snd are thus sgent sot
They minister lo primitive egoism, but,
they destroy th higher, finer and mar
permanent egoism: that Is to say whll
they seem to Increase a man, yet la
reality they eat him up. They mak him
small, they narrow his nature, provin
cialise his Ideas snd push him back to
ward the brute. They ar not forces ot
evolution, but of dissolution.
Now, therefore, almost all attempts at
getting together, all efforts at organizing
Into atates, churches, armies, cults, unions
snd the like, have sppesled to thasa
primeval passions, which In their nature
can never glv eolldity to bodies ot men.
Ths cementing passions are curious. For
thsy seem st first glance to bo antl
Indlvlduallstlc: to make for loe to m
and gain to others. Really, when he corns
to try them out they Increase and
strengthen me. They ar. as a matter ot
fact powerfully egoistic, only that quality
is concealed In them; It takes time, faith,
vision snd spiritual regeneration to see
For Instance, tak love-of-man, of men
souls themselves; Instead of the love of
power over them. That seems to mean for
me to annihilate self for others. Also take
Joy-ln-work. and devotlon-to-Ideal, and
dellght-in-service. All of these seem to
strike st self.
We rebel against them with the Instinct
of self-defense.
It Is only when we reach a certain
point of rlpenera In experience, of ma
turity In witdom and of power la splrtt-
through tha
shall to tha kernel.
It Is then ws perceive tha actual truth
of Ih saying that "h that Bareth hla
lift shall loss it and ha that loaelh hit
nfs hall find It"
For we learn by and by that only as
we put away th cruder exolsma of lust,
money-love, pride, th desire to b mas
ter, th bate of service and so an, do we
come to a sweeter, wkler, nobler egoism;
we cam Indeed to some sort at true an-
piTCHHiva a, ww v"m svuia sm v. wrcir
worth to ua and ths world.
Oaly through altruism, only by tha Pf t't
of altruism, do ws reach a sound Individ
ualism. .
In th highest nalm. ot character al.
truism and egoism mens th same thlpc
They blend. Tbey make tha full har
mony, the wait light of aoula.
All thos Institutions, therefore, that.
ar founded upon th sands of crude effo
rt ma must perish. Th itata that mean
mere defense, the church that stands tor
rescuing the elect "as brands from tha
burning." th schools, whoa aim Is ta
make scholars and gentlemen apart from'
the vulgar crowd, the business world
which has for a motive to aiak rtoh and.
Independent and separate from 'my fl-'
lows, ar oa rotting piers and will go
..... 1 ,i .... , .
Jesus wss right Human society must
be built oa tbe abiding sjti-ulstia snotlrss;
onlv so shall "the a-atea of bell not tape. .
vail against If Nletxseha was short -
a-lahled and fflin rfU-lal Tnlaf nV era
right Disarmament Is right. j
Oaly as we dare to trust, tha altruist!
laws, only as we fearlessly build our' m
stltutlons on them, only as wa hav: a
practical, bold faith In tha usisils eaarfr
al nr. Una UIBB, aM MM IIOH f .
U- llut ll ' .. i -
. laca pui iwawai iw II, aO
of what they say, only a eaa wa perma
nently get together aad build ur bouss ,
upon tns nek. -
What Warns As Data a.
Th oldest women's, col leg la th
United State Is that at Oxford, O., wbjm
was organised m IS Dr. J. w. Seott
father-in-law ot Pre! dent Haul i. ta
the first president -