Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 26, 1912, Page 10, Image 10

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Decrease ia Primary Beceipti of
Wheat ia Betdly Expected.
Cera Higher la Liverpool Mack
Grain la t'sea Feedta;
Pealrtaa Bipl'
Seen Be Baltlsk.
OMAHA, March X. IMi
Leaders In ths wlieMtrsde are
the pirirtloa seriously front ths nortn
wcst that farmers have outt selling "eat
and that a decrease In primary receipts
about to taita place, which has been pro
tilcted for three months past.
Southwest markets hava vary l"t "
retpts. a good demand and ara radurln;
stocks mat art ally. It at reaaonabla to be
lima that reserves ara uauaually low ana
that during tha next tanaty days lbs
wheat will dleappeer very I
rate tha market has a better tone and
easily works Ma her. which la very en
eouraglns to bulla and vice vers with
tha bears. Sentiment favors careful buy-
inf on I ha dips.
The Liverpool cables were strong and
hither on corn today. Heavy feed ni oper
s I Ions all over the country are still necee-
eary. Inlets country eu-n
movement wilbe light from now on and
as soo as present supplies ara used up
the position of cash corn will ba a very
bullish one. . .
Higher cables, better cash
lighter reoelpta at primary points brought
out good support In wheat and values sxl
vanced. Cash wheat was "o higher.
Corn was strong In sympathy with
wheat aad aborts covered, advancing, the
market. 's corn waa wry active aud
strong selling MJo higher.
Primary wheat receipts were CM
bushels aad shipments wars IA0O bush
els. against raorlpta last year of VSs
bushels and shipments of J'1-
Primary com receipt. "1'
els and shlpmants were
against reealpta hurt year of liuM busb
". us sBlprnu of hua
Cleanness ware K. bushels of corn.
11 bushels of oats and wheal and flour
equal ta .' bushels.
Liverpool closed MrM higher on wheat
and 'an xd his her on corn.
.(olio-ln. cash sale. w.r.r.por,
Wheat-No. t hard: I car. tlAlKo.
hard- I ear. fLOU. Corn No. I white: 1
rarT Tt; I car. Vc. No. 4 whits. 1 ear.
Ur' ear, 47c. No, 4 color: 1 ear, .
, Id. 1 car, Vc: 1 car, 41c. . Oao
Standard: I cars. alHc No. whits: I
.era. IVie: f cars, Uie. No. 4 whits: I
cars. Uc. No. I mixed: 1 car. Be
Ossaaa raak Prises.
WHEAT No, I hard. 11 .Hl.sf. I
hard. n aUrW rn; No. 4 hard. Mc1 4.
CORN-nT I whiu . w: No. 4
whits. CO"o: No. 1 color, PUOW'i".
No. I ysilow. -HtoNo. V?'-"?.
sHie-Wo. 4 ysilow. ajrrsnwc: No. 1 AO;
OA TrV' " 1 "w hTt?.d Srr?st an d -rd.
KVJ1eC: No. I white, Ur: No.
I whlteTsHwMc: No. t yellow, elfi3Ye,
Xo. 4 yellow. H'tX.le.
BARLRT-MalUng, Mc6l.S; eavy
feed. IBffawi,
. ATE No, t, nMc: No, I. Wt
Carlat Racalpta.
Wheat. Corn. Osts.
ChU-sgo M
llnsolls srl ...
Omaha II Is 1
bululh ..- 4
t HICAGO CIIIAIff AWD psjorl10li
reatarsa o tks Trad lag aad Claalasj
Men aa leant at Trade.
CHICAGO, March . Persistent though
limited selling to reaJIss profits for hold,
ers mora than wiped out an advance
today In wheat. The July future suf
fered besides from a steady peppering by
leaders on lha bear aide of tlw market,
t 'losing prloss were aaay and HVao to
v'o under mvruruar night. Corn fin
Uhed Me ro HCrHo higher, oats varying
tinm a shads off to a like amount up,
and hog products at an advance of i
excepting fears of May shorts about all
ttie bullish Inspiration for wheat specu
lators cams from aonsa tha Atlantic,
'i here waa enough In tha cable dlsnaiohes,
howsver, ta bring about a enaatnerable
now of strength In tha first half of
the session. Word of a rapid decrease In
i-tocka at Liverpool waa coupled with
predictions that continental Kuropo
would soon be purchasing freely. In the
lomeetlo field, there waa soma attempt
to start a crop scare regarding lata sown
wheat, but so miu-n snow waa reported
to be still on tha ground In Kansas that
th effort fell fist
The decrease In the vlslbls supply of
wheat proved as less thaa had been
looked for, a fact which waa Influential
In helping to turn sentiment and bring
shout a substantial setback as tha day
approached an end. Between tlw opening
and the cloas May fluctuated from tl.
it.m to UV with last sales ll.OMt, a
ue. line or strwc net.
tlrest sctlvlty prevailed In the corn
market Prices at first rsepooded to spao
uiative demand and raaaed higher, but
ruhesquently gave wav under realising
and short sales. Kougn w earner south
st furnished a basis for the ad ranee.
The Incentives of the other sort had their
nsln at tha seaboard, where resales wars
leported at figures much below what
rnra could be ' offered at from Cnloaaw.
May delivery hers rsaged from 71to to
:r73V. cloatng weak at tte, Just tn
rer Haturday night's IsvaL Cash grades
sers firm: No. I yellow Was sot quoted,
tints had a prop by reason of tha ale.
eunrrtfrtaacee that tha ttepterober option
w as sue a Bushel cheaper than Beptember
lorn. Such a dtflererjcs mads tha lass
expensive forage appear attractive to
many traders. Outside limits touched for
May were tlHs and MM4o, with, the
i lose a shade up at the first named flg
' Kcardtr of offerings explained the lias
of Dro visions. Tha bears have been
adlr beaten of late, and seemed ta have
ne heart for a tight. Pork made a net
edvsnos of U'tc and ths rest of tha list
quotations sa ru tares closed ss follows:
ArtrHe) Open, I Hlgb. Low . CloeeTittaf y.
on.eii I I I
lsy. liH-H;l,wS-Sf14Cvr.S: VC 1V
Juiy.HeV(T..Ii9tS, N wtf,
.-est.; .MSI Vf . MS
v i. i
July.l73tySl 13
tfept.lRw1' iJS'
- I I I'.'W'wwV
jui.ais VS'
fvot. t-l(fS,U-U
i t i I
Wsi 71
nisnstfai m,
rsi an, tsssjau
4SS. CS'ltSwHl
slty.I K M K CHI MM Hli I M C
Jul) ; It M IWlSl SI STHl J
eept.l ! 1THI U KHi II Uri: 17 1T 17
J i I I I I
Msy.ille-Tw ),! s tit
.uly.i TTS tm I TTSj
Kept.; It HB
rpt.;' ( tt7
rpt.; t I rv
... eUStsS-r, I4S
ttl iHV
t rst ,
cvt. "jrooi IB l
i sjM quotations were aa follows:
, ixit'it ettaady; winter patents, 14. lief
. .: winter straights,; seeing
. vents. IUBia; spring straights, Hs
v ..t; bakers. BSWMes.
. , r; No, 2V tOsMirp.
.'.l!LlI-l'eed or mixing. 7erCS)LW-,
- tu raoMw malting. 11 lktfl K
., HajvltS; clover,
uov li-IOSS-Pork. BMss. Hit letro.
i ni-es. IS os. Hftort ribs, loose. B oV
..Mat clearances ef wheat aad floar
. eerual to Ts'i.tss be. Primary rerwlpw
ba.. compared with 412 OS ou.
i . eorreapoadtng day a year ago. Ths
; ..iVe supply of wheat In the United
i .ales aerreased l.B7.H au. for the week.
. . t sraount of breadstuff oa nnaan paa-
: age lacreouied X47Z.VWV su. aatimatsd re
ceipts for toesorrow: Wheat e cs
iwi ,i das cars; eats, fTt cars; hoga. lASOg
lieaa. .
i xit Cash Prices Wheat: No, tied.
:,V,'-V1W: No. 1 red, tleuttLwl: No. 1
.ait, tl.4SS4il.teS: No. hard. II iueji 0i:
.,. 1 portom. tl.llfrLH: Na t north
l.ssl.L: No. 1 estlng. tlAMiLS);
: a. i sprtag. 41 WW : No. 4 spring, AVSJ
. .- .lvft c'l.ff toitl S; durum, Kct
; v'. tent: Ne. 2 sPvTSr: No. I white.
No. i retrw, eoSriesr: Na A
t . , I a kite. rv,c; No. 4 vel
ev ge W: No, 2 ii:ic, ot9,;
au& He,. ysilow: i . -
cTi car. 4V.c; 1 e.r,; No. 4 J-low-
cars, tnte; 1 ears, at; I cars. rntfi. I
L7r,: icir. Ma. No. 4 mlied: ears.
ss'4c: Xi J white. SCtS4ic; Xo. 4 while,
52fiir.c: standard. M'.iMe. Bye: No. 2.
SlUc. Barley. Tsctjll.:;. Timothy aeed,
eV'.eufili.sO. Clover aeed. tlLHifaS.
BITTER Steady; creamertea, 173c;
dairies, SHriTc.
BtKiS Easy: receipts. r7 caoes: at
mark, caaea Included. lH4j:c; ordinary,
firms. Mr: firsts. Sc.
CHEESE Steady; daisies. U"rJte;
twins, IMVISVk: young Amertcaa. UVsVlic;
long horns. 1 nitrite.
potatoes Meadv: rsceipu. 1U cars:
Wisconsin. 11 IMrl.Jl: Michigan and Min
nesota, 11.2191 .24.
POCLTRY-Stcady: turkeys live. Me;
dressed. 1V: chickens, live,. lie; dressed,
lie; spring, lire, 14c: dressed, Ltc
VEALr-dteauly; 74111c.
Oaatatlaas ef tks Dar an Varleas
XEW YORK. March .-FUM.Tt-Stesdy:
spring pslrnts. l5.25ttVsO; winter
strairhts. el.teitiie: winter patanta, $t.u
t ie); spring clean, HSfet.M. winter extras.
No, 1, UWIIK winter extras. No. X
tsAQX fi; Kansas straights, H7MMK.
Rye flour, quiet: fair to good; H iiajt ;
choice to fsney, IS.uutts.2S.
fOllXMKAi-nrm; fine wnuo ana
yellow, tl SShl.70. coarse, l Jot1; kiln
dried. 13 W.
K r-Htesdv; wo. xjc, e. i. r.. nuiiaio,
BAKLKY-gulet; malting. H.t?L. a
L f.. Buffalo.
UHEATnpot market Irregular: No. t
red. ll.DErH, elevator, export basis, snd
$l.i. f. o. b., aflost: No. 1 northern.
Dulutli. I1.1SH. f. o. b.. afloat opening
navigation: futures market advanced
early on the firm cables snd unfavorable
crop nrwa, but lost pert of the gsln
under realising on the visible euppiy. ng
ures. wlikh were not ss small aa ex
pected. clolng Sc net lower to So higher.
Mir, IlfMll.lS; Ciosoa SI l.w; juiy.
II (T'.trt. 05, closed at li on. Receipts,
llt.oo bu. : shipments, e,ss ou.
tViKN Snot market firm: No. 1 tfie.
elevator, domestic basis, to arrive, and
export TIVc t. o. b.. afloat; futures,
market waa nominal; rscetpta, 4u bu.
i,ATii Hoot market firm: standard
white, 4uc, In elevator; No. t, Tt No.
i, ; No. 4, WV: natural whits and
whits clipped, IstsiMe: futures market
as nominal; receipts, ou.
HiV-rirm: urlme. II bUl 40: Ko. 1.
r i2Swi.; no. t $,l. .no. a. ii. t .
HOPtt Steady ; stale, common to choice,
B11, aefac; IMA, nominal; Pacific coast
1SU. 4itj-t4n: 1H0, nominal.
Hinut) Steady; central America, at
Bogota. tsMrSeSe. , - ,
LKATHKH slrm: hemlock firsts. Kg)
Sc; seconds, IltjJtc; thirds, Utr&fc; ra
Jaots, Uc.
PROVISIONS-Pork, firm: mess, lit 'C9
M M; family, tlteflsmW; short clesr, UI.
eUJt. Beef, firm; mess,
fiumUy, lls.OuOlAU: beef hams la.wajai.uA
Cut rnsata. firm: pickled bellies, W to 14
pounds, a Her lees; piisiea name, sii.sns
12 00. laud, firm; middle west prime,
HasSe.TO-, refined, quiet; continent ';
South America, lv.s; compound, (7.0un
TALLOW-Oulat: prims city nnas, tc;
special. c; country. MatleAtc.
hiittkk ftteadv: reorlDts. 4.0St tubs:
creamery sperlels, JJc; extras, tic: firsts.
JsSrtMlc; slate dairy, linesi, juuair; good
to prime, 27fr9c; common to fslr, 24tiwc;
process specials, Kw-'iV-'; extras, Mtsc;
firsts, tMTi&'V.
t Hlui'e.'S'irm; receipts, eu ooxes:
state, whole milk, held, whits or colored
specials, lie: skims, 4rtSc
KtHJtfr ntrung; receipts, h,ih caaea;
fresh gathered, extras, 4rWc: fresh
gathered, firsts, HHtOHo; seconds. ti
HiMc; weatern gatnerea wnitea, mvaiq.
t, l.smie iisaeral Market.
T. LOI'IH, March -WHKAT-Cash
strong; track No. I red. It.1; No. I
hard. H.tnnl.U.
CORN ftigner: track ro, , nwix:
No. I while. 7ai.
OATa lllkner; traca co. a, mumw;
No. a white. Kac.
t'loslng prices of ritures:
WHKAT-Lower, May, tl.4U,01.lH;
July. s&Hr.
t OIIN wcaa; stay, vieNCi 'uiy.
OATH lligner; stav, et-tc, Juiy, wie.
ItYB-t'nohanged, IHt6o.
ruilin-ulet and steady; red winter
patents. USHniOu. extra tsncy and
slrslsht. H.WMH.W; nam winter cieara.,
hkki He Timotnv, siv.ivDns.iu,
BRAN Bcsrce; sacked east track, ti lt
I cT- timothy, ta.00Ots.0ll;
Prslris, lll.suftffi.6A.
I'MOViaiOhS Pork, unrnangea; mo-
bins. Il7n. Lard, unchanged: prims
at earn. mmr.(. Pry salt meets, un
changed; boxed, extra aborts. I"c; clear
nha sue ! snort clears, ho. tsscon
unchanged; boxed extra shorts. MSc;
clear rlba, r,c; short cieara, l(ro.
PtJULiKY uuiet; cnicsene,
springs, lie; turkeys, 17c; ducks, lec;
Bl'TTKR Higher; creamery, MHOtlc.
tUOH-Ulgher; llVc
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls U
Wheat, bushels avono
Corn, bushels .- u.iw
Oats, bushsls s.ouu anno
Kaasas City tirela aad rravtslsas.
Cssb unchsnged. No. t hard, llottyl W;
No. a, tl.inirl.ui; no. 1 red, il.oitsl.m.
No. a Mrtl.tll.t
iyiuk-utile h rher: No. I mixed. 73ft
ttwu; No. I, JIWc, No. I whits, MWM:
sio. a. owiic.
OATS Unchanged : n. i waits, nw
fcc; No. a mixed, U-
Closing prices ei luturea:
WHBAT-May. II.Sww bid; July, ISe;
September, aafssie bid.
COrirt sisy, livwirao stu, suiy, u?sc
bid; eVeptember. Wi1c.
OATn-Msy, &IUc, July, tec.
R Y B eattsSc.
HAT t ncba-uted to inc hlrher: ehoers
timothy, IWOUJ1W; eiiolos prairie, tuVMi
MUTTER Creamery. Mc; firsts, Jtc;
ssconds. itc; packing stock, lie
ECKlA bxtras, uc; arsis, wc.
Receipts Httlpmenls
Wheat ba ..Jioi 4.M
Cora, bu M.n I OS)
Oats. bu... MOW 12,00
Mlaaeapelts Urala Market,
May, tlss: July, tl.s7Vtrl.4s; Reptsmbsr,
tl.ous. Cash. no. l hard, no.
northern, IIM; No. I northern, lids, No.
i. W ot.
tXll.N-No. I yellow, T0CSc.
OATb-No. t white, eWsc
I RYrV-Mc.
B KAN In 1 pounds sacks. U SieU i.
PlAl'R-f1rst patenta ... seo-
end patents. 14 CeM K; first cieara, 13
(pt76, second clears, K.isan.7s.
l.tveraeel lirala Market.
npoi. nominal; futures, firm: sts v.
:ok spot steady; American mixed.
new, 4a id; Amerlcaa mixed, ok!, 4s HMd;
A men can mixeo, new sun oriea. as lo:
futures, firm. May, es id: September, is
FLOUnV-Wlnter pal ant a ta M.
HOP-ia London. Pactflo coast, ft lis
jaw us.
Mllwaakew eala Market.
MILWAUKJCrl Wis.. March
WHEAT No. I northern. 11-UtrLU: Ne
t northern, tl.rawl.U: No. I hard winter.
el.eoxri-vi; stay, si-eres: juiy, pec.
CORN No. I yellow. Tic; No. I white
iir; -o. a, wrreT; May, ,;',c; July,
OATH standard. MtjtdSc
rJAKL.e.1 Halting, tl Bajl. Is.
reeva Market.
PEORIA. 111. March X. CORN
lligner; Ke. s eilow aad Ne, I mixed.
sSc; No. 4 yellow. sTSc; No, 4 mixed,
CSo: sample. 4c
OATS-iiigber: No. I whits. USftMe:
stasoaro. MMroec: o. i white, iifcc;
no. a wmie, sttsHvec.
Klele Marie Market.
ELGIN. III.. Merck H-The quMatlon
Mnsahtes ef the Elgin Butter board this
Bfternoea declared butter firm at M rente
a pound. Output tor the week 77i.s
Ossaaa Map Market.
OMAHA. Merck al HAY Xo. L tl4
tJISt: No. I olSU: Ka i, JUSM
ls.4-. No. 1 midland. II toe 1 ; No! 1
kvwland 117.Wiikws slfaifa. choice id and
4th cutting. Kl.aajS.: 1st and td rat
ine, tssewia.,, No. t Ll.tia,4t. No. t.
Medaed agnur Red seed.
NKW TORK, March K-AH grades ef
refined sugar were red-Jced n erats a
huadiew pounds lods .
I fllllll IUlUa sJ.vWs fflAIUUll
Frieea Contiime Advance with Heay-
. ieat Trading" of Tear.
Feead far Isspraresaeat la
Bitaatlsa Other Thaa
lei sravesseat Skil-
fsl a sea latere Beay.
NEW YORK. March S On trading
well In excess of 1.0n8,JO sharea. the
largest thus fsr thw year, stocks todsy
continued their advance. The move
ment lacked aome of Ita recent breadth,
but waa none the less effective. The
rise wss recorded In ths fscs of such
conditions as ths refussl of ths railroads
to grant wags Increases to their en
gineers, further unrest at several do
mestic Industrial centers and continued
deadlock In the British coal strike. Ths
counteracting Influence wss another ad
vance In copper ahares.
Taking today's top figures as a basis,
prices sbow gains of u, to SO points for
the month. A canvass of ths conserv
ative element In the financial district
throws little light on ths Improvement
In ths market situation, other than tha
belief that it has Its gsnesls In better
mercantile and political conditions. It
Is no less sppsrsnt that the market
Is largely In the hands of skillful specu
lators. levelopment among the copper shares
contributed mors then anything else to
the market's strength today. Meutl and
kindred securities sold st best prices In
sorfie months, while some attained their
lushest Quotations In mors than a year.
Lsst week's spectacular nee In American
Smelting wss continued, the common
hares rising well shove 0 on enormous
dealings The eagerness with which
this stock was taken offered additional
proof of the existence of an enormous
short Interest, the Isrger part of which
hsa been rushed to cover by now.
, Industrials, notably American Can, com
mon and Dreferred. maintained their
prominence of last week st higher levels
snd as a whole comprised a large per
centage of the day's buslcess, ths Stand
ard Hallway shares being comparatively
dull , until the latter part of the ses
sion, when Heading rose to its Best
price of the year. United Hlatrs Hteel
shared this distinction for a brief period.
The market msds Its first hslt in
ths last hour, at which time ths heaviness
of Must Amalgamated Copper and Union
Pacific, brought tboaa stocks back almost
to .their starting point and Indicated that
offerings had created another stats of
congestion. Reading and fmelting were
ths most striking exceptions to ths gen
eral tendency, the former selling st Its
best prices or ths dsy. nnsi dealings
were on a moderate scale, with the tons
barely steady. sixty and ninety days
money rates were advanced here todsy.
chiefly aa a reeult of last week's future
decreases In reserves and eonttnued bor
rowing by Germany.
Increased firmness waa snow a in com
mercial paper. For the first two dsys
of ths bank week local Institutions have
already lost almost ti.ono.ew).
London bought snd sold In this market.
the, balance representing purchase-ydo ths
extent of about U.00O shares.
Bonds were In better demand hers
todav. prices In general reflecting arrester
firmness. Tntal sales, psr value, M.ZM..
tot. United Btates government bonds
were unchanged on call.
Number of aalea and leading quotations
n stocks todsy were as. follows:
ales. Ulrh. saw. Clses.
AIIH-Oislaers fd
l4 i
Ansisswalos cososr ...
Men li w att
Aeiotlrss Asrksilsrsl .,
les ssla 4!t i
4 lo lei, a4s
Affisnrsa Boot sugar
Americas ess
AHortess C. A
Asjorlesa fattos 041
AasrUas HAL sd..
A a. lot soosrHles.
asisrKiss LIsovoS
AmerleSB Lol iiiXlvO ...
AAerlcsa S. A R
7. on a w
ISM) IS 174,
' 1.4M Hw stt(
tes st
MS It.
I an 4S
it t
t! US
ItlS lett
Aa. g. A R. era
Aa. Steel reusdriee....,
Aa..susar ftsflslns
we It
ins "7'
Arserlree T. A T
l est ns iS iS
ISS 14V, mt iss
le r t tH
Lies US 41 4is
I. To IMS 1eH ims
let lots I4S 1
sao 11S IS) its
. 1. 70S lets 1"S 1S
I. io lis US
4.eel s CS tut, is ts
Me ii s nit
Amerlrss Tntastwe srd...,
Atnertras no lee
Aseooeds Mtsisg Os....,
AtrMaM I4
Allsntlo Casst Use.
Biiitmere A Okie...
sotmsbow aust
Bealys Rseld Tr
tnsdlts rsrltle
astral lasissr
t'sntrsl Lotlkor pfd.
tan I
trsl el New
Onar-stis A Okie.
ctirsro A Alias
Cbleseo O. W., sew
ISS its iS is
is n ii, r
let HI 141 HIS ue lets; istt.
1 01 trass U. w. sts.......
(biotas A N. W
C-.. M. A St. F
.. .. o.ta u..i....,
rlorsds P. A I ..,
Colorado A seatkera
Ceeealldetei Oss
rsrs Produets o...
USI 14 l'e
IMlSsrsrs A Hsdaoa
Desvw A Bis urease....
r. a a o. sfd
ntMlllers' Bscsrltlsa ....
etrte 1st p!4.'.'.'.'.!.'.'.".'."!,'
Kris. M sfd
1TIS 171
. a a
4,Se 47
List 44S
l.tot Mtu 1St Its
Urolt Nertkera ard
(trott Nortoora Ore etts..
l.m IMS 1S i"H
4,40S 41 41 4
to ins Ml 1IH4
l.ass its us
jet ins 114 lie
list II ni MS
1 set Its 14 S
tat sts nS
Me as a at
law 1171, IMS IMS
44S M 1S 1S
last sts s
Illlssis Casual
Istereoroesk Met
later, sua. sfd
Istemsttsasl HsrvsMer..
IMer-Msnss pfd
Istsrastlonal Ptssr .....
Islerastlossl rssip
Isaa Cantrsl
Ksaise Cur ge...........
K )'. So. ard
Laclede Oss
urutsvtiie A r.oetimie ..
Miss. A (t. Lssa.;
M . St P. A A B. St....
K. A T
ML. K. A T. srd
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tot ms Its
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KAtleasl Load
N. A. A, at BL M sot..
Ne Tent csstrsi..
4.SM 114 111 llH
N Y., a A W. I. MS s It
Norfolk A w. ......
IMS 111 IMS !
Monk Insrusa -
its res rts ts
. 17.70S IDS IMS IMS
. l ie ns us
. lots lav, i ids
, l ies lets1 it's wis
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Ktok Itlssd O.
Hook Islssd Co. ptd -II.'
L A g. P M Hd.
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St. L A w sd.
ioavSMfftold A A f.
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ooutoors Rsllwsr
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no. Rsllwsr sfd...
Tensottss Ootsor
Tens A "otitic L A W
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Isles Psrllle
llllos roriflo sM
I tltod Stiles Koaltt...
tnl'od Stsioo Rssesr..
Idltsd Ststos Siool. ....
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VI. .Ckroltos CkeailssI
A'tbsAS set
.. 44.1ta ITtS lS 17"S
40 MS tl SSS
.. lot! MS n as
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.. tie HIS lias ll'S
.. as.sw c sis t'S
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W on or, Msrruad
Wosisrs L'slsa . .
WhSollsg 4 1 A,
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Aaeruaa Tstaica
Total sals tor l
. It let H 1WS IMS
, kMt m rs ITS
. i.aa) its ns ns
Ms an ass WS
r. l.ii
Jaaeaa Sleek Market
, BOSTON, March sV-Clostng quotations
en stack were as toierwe:
Allesss 4 "eaawk 41
lou. stshorssa Caa t"S
A Z..t A A tl Mlslaueg Mlsas .... S
grlsosa Cwa Norm Sit to ITS
t A a e A A M. I Monk lake
OSi. A Anstas ..... "two
Osl. A Hot la-... srt oweeia
CVetonolei It leT
OS Rsase O. C... 41 Sasasel
n M itosonw
I IJ! cs,""""""l 4STsssrsek
; srssor ca V. A 1
rrsskUa liajooorw, A A
M... S
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. its
. 4IS
II. A M..
S o srd
. ssruk ca
. giaysk Otsev Co...
Ut Baiw rotwsr weresriBs in
MieSU Coseer MS
. Sew Yeark Heaey Market.
caU steady. SS4IIS per cent: ruling rata
IS per cert: closing be. fS per cent;
offered at. IS Per cent ...,
TIMS LOANeJ nrm; sixty daya tSvS
per cent; ninety days. JS per cent; Mx
wk, SSI nee cent.
'VtcrLINO EXCHANOE-Weady. with
actual business In bankers bills at HMS
for sixty day billa, and at KSS for de
BIVBR Mexican dollars. 4Tc.
BON Da government, steady; railroad,
Closing quotsttons on bonds today were
as follows:
O. a, ref. Js, rsg...rwVJspss ta
as essess late, as s
0. g. ta. teg ISIwTL C. So. let ....
ss ewes rMaL. a Sea. as UOI... Ht
tj. A fc ess. 1" u a N. eel. .... t
so coeeos H M. K. A T. let ta. si's
aiiis-Cssi. 1st ie... as ee ess. ess. r-v
ASMT. As is teUt'Me. pacific s
A. T. A T. cv. V..1UVN K SS K Ws. M
la Toaaose s- S-WN. T. O. g- ttos.... r.
Me s I ee See. to. MV
i OAnaoar Os. W RwN. r. N. U. A si.
Aicatsos Ba. es..... cv. ss 1 ' l
Se cs. k us a. AW. 1st a 4s. .
as cr. SI ' as cv. e lie
A. C U let s tsNe. Pscllls ta
Bsl. A Okie s M se a "
eo PtO. A U rfdg. .... US
wll. lias.... smraaa. ev. tse IsU..
Brook.- Tr. cv. ... B o esa. ta. ins,
1st of Ge. Se.....lsRas4lsg gea. St ',
Cos. Uatker ie taa,s. t, A s. T. Ig. Si M
CL ef N. i. g S...l!l ee soa. sa U
Ooa A Okie 4a..ll gt. L. A W. s. .. Utt
ee ral. rv. s 'oo let asiS ia.... i'S
CSIcsas A A t A k sdl. is U
C B. a J. 4s.... sse. Pas. est. is..... l
as sea. 4s , do ev. 4s Ws
C M. a I r. . a is a ut rat. 4a m
C. I. A P. a 4a hallwsy Is Isra,
SS rff. is t1t so sea is ni,
CMe. led. ie 11 lotos Faelfle 4s....
Cols. MlA 4a 41 do ev. 4o Ml
C. A S r. A a 4ts rTti So 1st A ref. 4s... rile
D S H ev. 4s SM.U. g. Rakerr sx....let
u. A . O- 4s,.... V. S. stool M is. ...issts
ee ref. is USVa-Car. Csosi. 1S..1S11,
DtoUllors' ie avwsauk 1st is...:. .lei
grte a I 4s : do 1m: A sa. 4a.. ,. H't
as sr. 4s, sw. A.. 1 aaoters Ut. 4a t:
So series B ItliWesl. glee. ev. Is., ft
Oea. Use. ev. ia...lW a la Ootrsl 4s SI
II. Oss. let ret. 4s. US Mo. Pse. ev. Is X
Isier. Met. 4tis aPsnsms Is
istsr II. M. It... li,
Bid. eeoitsros.
. Usloa aterk Market.
LONDON, March "5 A merles n securi
ties opened steady today. Ths coppers
wsre sctivs leadcra during the early trad
ing and moat of the list advanced a
traction. At noon the market waa steady
with prices ranging from unchanged to
l. higher than Saturday's New York
closing. .
Closing quotstlons on stocks wsre:
Cesswlo, mom 7. 17 il..eisviue A M Ill
T7 lo-HoL. K. a T 11
... sN. V. Csstrsi lilt
...III Norfolk A W lilt
...1041, So p4 K
...leiOnisrto A W 41
...UStresssrlvsnla ........ 44
... SiKssd Ulsss .' li
... 2S Kssdlng lilt
...limso. Ksllasr i
AsssL Cosser -
So s
Bsl. A Okie
Ceasdiaa Paelrls
-o.. A Okie
Cklcsfo u. w ...
C . at A Be. P...
DeBeeej ..........
Dosvw A It fa..
as pfd
Brio ...
ee 1st sfd
de M Sf4
Orsnd Trask ....
. 1ft ee ers ni
. BtSootkere Psrtfle .. .lUt
. um'aloe Pacltle 1714
. tl eo pfd M
. i;,U. g. Steel 7lt,
. 47H de I4 II
. MtaWaeas 1u
.14 as org II
Illtsols Ontrsl
81LVER-Bar, steady, Is Hid psr ox.
MONEY 1 per. cent
The rats of discount In ths open market
for short Mils Is Ms Per cent; for three
months' bills, 17-14 per cent.
rw l ark M:alafj ateeke.
NEW TORK, March V Closing quota
tions on mining storks wsrei
Alice let ouuH, csief .
Brsstwlek Cee Met Iras
Ost. Tsnael stack.. 11 Ontsrle
see heads II Oeklr
roe. Col. A V Tl omssdsrd ....
ires II I, or I) Ttliee Jsrkot
OLasdvllle Cos. 14
Bask Cleaeiaajs.
,. I
OMAHA. March S. Bank clearings for
todsy wsre 7.M4..ii and ror tne corra
spondlng day last year sst. eo, ?v
RtTTTERVN'o. 1 Mb. CArtona tic: Ne.
1, in tv-lbo tuba, So; No. X ac; pat kins.
CHEEBB imported bwiss, izc; Atner.
lean Hwles. tec: block Swiss, tZc; twins.
Sic; daisies, X!c: triplets tic; young
Amsricans, Be; blus label brick, Sc; Um-
berger, x-io., juc; i-to. xio.
No. t, 14c; No. t, K'.oj l,olns: No. 1,
l'c; No. t 15Sc; No. t, lc. Chucks:
No. 1. tSc; No. X co: No. S, 7Sc;
Rounds: No. 1, 11c; No. X lSc; No.
I. iw. Plates: No, 1, Sc; No, t tSc,
NRIBaWr40. X, lo; No. X 14o; No. t,
rlOUNDS-No. V Uoj si. X mm: No.
L 10c.
LOINB-No. t ltc; No. 1, ItHc: Wo. X 4s.
CHUCKENo. i, tu; No. t 70i No. X
"fiATES-Ne. 1. tSC No. X tS; X to,
FIHH (fresh frossnl-Ptcksrel. 1c: whlls,
ltc: plks. 7c; trout, UtyUc; large crapples,
Utylio; Spanish mackerel, 7c; ssl, lie;
hsddocks, Uc; flounders, ltc: green cat
fish, Uc; roe shsd, tl each: shad roe, per
pair, 60c; salmon ltc; halibut. 4 So. yel
low porch, to; buffalo, tc; bullheads, lie.
POULTRY Broilers, tkousyl.W psr dos.;
springs, ltc; hens, 14c; cocks, rOc: ducks,
i&ftww.- mm. lb- turkeva. He: nlseona.
per do., 11.14. Allvs: Broilers, USc
hens uSc: old roosters and stags, to old
ducks, run reatnerea, no; geese, mu
feathered, Mb; turkeys. 14c; guinea fowls,
7o each; pigeons, per doa, 40c; homers,
per doA, ll ou; squabs. No. L tLM; Ns. X
KRUITS-pples: Extra fancy Ben
Davis, per bbl.. 44 Ot; Jonathan, psr bbl.,
t.0; fsnoy Wlneeaps, per bhl., tt.ot);
fancy Missouri Pippins, psr bbl., 44 00;
fancy Oanoe. per bbl., 14 S; Idsho Jons
Uian. extra fancy, per box. t: "; Wash
ington Bpttsanssrg. psr box. tTi.sO: Wsth
Ington R Beauty, per box, ti.'A: Washing
ton Styman Wlnesapa, per box. Mat),
bananas: Fancy select per bunch, 12.364
lit); Jumbo, per bunch. t7517o. Crsn
brrrlesi Wisconsin fancy, per bbl., I HITS;
per boy, 13 71. be tea: Anchor brand, new.
A) l ib. pkga In boxes, per box. tZ AS:
Dromedary brand, new. t 1-lb. pkgs. In
boxes, per box, H.0. Figs: California, per
raaa of 11 No. 11 nksa. tic: per rass of
M No. 13 pkgs., Uio; per case of M No. t
pkgs- t-; bulk, in ana sv-io. Doxea,
per lb.. No; New Turkish, t-crown In -lb.
boxes, per lb., ltc; t-crown In lb
boxes, per lb., 14c; T-crown In to-lb. boxes
pr lb., 17c Grape Fruit: Florida. M sue,
ner crata t&.0: 44 !. per crate. tAU;
80-e4-s slses, per orate f7.00. a tapes:
Malaga grapes In bbla. fl.W'iM. Lemon:
Llmonelra seteeteo orana, extra laacv,
toU-JbO sixes, ner box. to. 00; Loroa Llmo
nelra. fancy. tOQ-As) site, psr boa. K.M; 140
and 43 sites, tor per box less, oranges
California Camellia Brand, navels, extra
fancy. 4-ll17a-u-:u-oW sisea, per
box,; extra choice, all slses. per
box. KA?: Elephant brand. IM-UO-ITt-AaV
21 4-SO slses per box. tt.M: Lloa brand,
Se-JNO-Et slses. per box. & to.
VEuBTABLEcl Meets: old crop, per
lb. tSc: Cabbsgs: Wisconsin, per lb., tc;
new Callromla, per lb., or. celery: Cali
fornia Jumbo, per dos., tl : Florida, In
the rough, t snd t dog., per ease, PS.
Cucumbers: Hot house, per doa., PV0
Egg Plant: Fancy Florida, per dot., A' OA
Oerllc: Extra fancy, whits, per lb, Uc.
Lettuce: Extra fancy leaf, per dos.. etc.
Onions: California, white, boiling, per lb..
Tc: WIsounMn. yellow Olobe. per lb.. 4c:
red Ulooe. per lb., 4'c; e pan isn. per
crate. H ot. parsley. Fancy southern, per
dos. bunches, HejrtSc Parsnips: Per lb..
TV. Potatoes: Minnesota Red ruver Early
Ohio seed, per bu,. li es: w isconsia wnits
stock; per bu.. 1 40tr) SO: Minnesota Early
Roes seed, per ou.,; Hues Tnumpn,
seed, per bu, H 40. Rutabagas. In sacks,
per lb., ISjc. Tomotoee: Florida, par 4
baaket crate. tlTs; Cuban, per 4-basket
carrier. tAot, Turnips: Psr lb-l tSc
MICK k.l-.UA.s,t-t-o larragona, psr in.,
loSc; In sacks kvta lc esse. Coeoanuts:
Par sack. tMA Filberts: Par lb.. 14c; In
sack lots, Ie leas. Peanuts: Roasted. In
sack lota per lb., !Sc; roasted, less than
sack tots, per lb., tr; raw, per lb., 4c.
Pecans: Large, per lb., 17c; In sack lots,
le lesa Wslnuts: New crop. 111, Califor
nia, per lb., 17c; In sack lots, lc leas.
Cider: New Nehswks. per 1-gJ-. S bbl..
at: per tt gal.. bbL, ts.t: New York
Mott's. per II-gel.. S bb., tt.10; ner le
gal, bM.. tVte. Honey: New, 24 frames,
tt-Tt, Kraut: Per M-gsl. keg, t.7t; per
e-trsi. keg. LJk
Via! ale lapply at 4eala.
NEW YORK. March . The visible
supply ot grain In the United Btatee
slarch B, ss compiled by he New York
Produce exchange. Is as follows: Wheat
H.U,JS bu.: decrease, LC7 ) bu.; In
bond. I.S37.SO) bu.; Increase. 7s. bu.
Corn, IU1II bu.; Increase, Xttost bu.
Oats, 11-tTIl.OuO bu.; decrease, . bu.; In
bond. AM PU-, irerease. so.eev is tvyw,
aw 00 bu.; Increase. M.W bo. Barley.
2.41.00e bu,; dexxreese, 101 O bu.; In
gond, o44) bu.; decrease. toJ.0 bu. Ths
risible eupnly ot wheat la Canada last
Saturday waa ,tff7,4M bu., aa Increase of
SS,t bu.
Sagrar Market.
at A kfusnvsda St teat. AAV: cen-
irtfutfaL M teat. 4.47: molasses sugar, st
test, I 47c, refined, easy.
26, 1912.
Cattle Are Generally Steady with
Lut Week't Close.
Sheep Weak ta Test Crata Lower,
While Lambs Make a Dewllae at
aa Mark aa Tew 4a rif
teem Cents.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hotn. Sheep.
Estimate Monday 4.7ie e.70 JO.OuO
earns day last week.... teat t.7c
.Same day 2 wks ago... 4.7 t.M S.1U
name day 1 wks ago... :tis S-W 1.4:
Same day 4 wks su... 1.17 4.W7 . lis 10
Baune day last year.... 4.11 IM 1.44
Trie following table shows lbs receipts
of tattle, hogs and sheep at South
Omaha for the year to date as compared
with last year: '
1112. 1S11. Inc. , Pee.
Csttls ST.M SatUeJ Is.t41
Hogs 9.i43. 571.XK S65.M9
Shsep .UU.2W 4J4.itie UJ,iI ..
The following table allows the range of
prices paid for hugs at South Omaha for
the last ft-w days, with comparisons:
Iiate. I U12. .lU.iiw.tli.!liia.wi..iiBii,
M'th iS ,1 It, 4 4V I i 4
M'ch 14, ( idSI f B W l 4 ill 4 4ii 4l 4 91
M Ctt 11 1 Si W SS, S JSI - I o u
M'ch ltl 4 64i i2,l Wi 4 &s t 48
M'ch IS f M si I W 41, t 44! 4 3 i 4 TO
M'ch an Ii lkS X o , i ,, s 4W ii
M'ch Jlj 7 0H.I 4 46,1(1 U I 4 B t S I It
M'ch -'li 7 I 4 47,111 4 t M 4 1 s U
M'ch 3 t Ml It 45 10 41 M 4 t 1 4 21
M'ch ! I 4 lilts 4 sl 4 it il
M'ch ts 4 M) IM 4 ; 4 nw 4 tt; s
RereiDts and disposition of live stock
st ths L'nlon stock yarda, South Omaha,
for twenty-four hours ending at J e ewea
HfcCr; I PTS
Cauls. Hoss. rjheep.H'sea.
-.. m. at. p. R-.
H uii i!
s J
t 1 1
ii ii 'i
is 77 11
Wabash R. R I
Union Pacific ft R. 14
C. A N. W., east.... til
A A. .. weat.. s
C, St. P., M. A O.. 39
0., B. A Q., east.... 4
C, B. A y.. west.... 47
C 11. 1. A P., east.. W
Illinois Central K) .. 7
C. O. W. By. t
Total receipts ...9.1
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omsha Packing Co i
Swift A Co
Cudahy Packing Co....l.wi
Armour A Co
Bchwarts-Bolen Co. ... St
J. W. Murphy
Morrell TD
Benton. Vanssnt at L.. XI
Hill Bon 4-a
r. B. Lewi W
Huston A Co
J. B. Root Co iM
J. H. Bulla 1
U Wolf IKI
MoCreary Carey lw
8. Vvertneimer JM
H. F. Hamilton ti
Lee Rothschild 11!
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co.... til
Cllne A Christy 11
Other buyers 44
Totals i.5S 7.389 11.5M
CATTLE Cattle receipts were a fair
average for a Monday, being lust about
ths same as one and two weeks ago.
snd only a few hundred head Isrger than
for the corresponding dav a year ago.
Buyers of beef steers were out In ths
vsras in very Istr season In ths morning
and evldentur wanted ths csttle but then
toeaa old not entirely coincide with sell
ers' Ideas so that the market as a whols
ws rathsr slow. The prices paid were
lust about steady with Friday's lower
close, but were not so good ss those
psid on Thursasv. Tne qusllty ot the
csttls wss very poor mere being nothing
choice In the yards. There were, how
ever, some csttls good snougn to bring
Cow and heifers were In very fair
demsnd and ths trsds wss reasonably
active on that class of csttle. Ins
price paid were luny steady wttn last
week's close.
Desirable graoes ot reeoing came, ins.
la, cattle having quality ana carrying
tome little fletn. demanded good llrm
prices as compared with lsst weea. The
lighter and interior sino oi came u
not show very much change, selling gen
erally In Friday's notches.
guotationa on ceuie useu 10 cwn-v
hoof wears r oMiauii: fair tu good beet
steers, t&lutyi.Oi); common to fslr beef
stssrs, Met.!); good to cholos hellers,
lo.eurel.lo; good to choice cows, M.iHs.M;
fair to good cows, S4.wws.ts; emmnw w
fair cows. t2.7Kl.0ti; good tu choice strik
ers and feeders, lASutfAto; fslr to good,
tt OOtfkeO; common to tair. ttuKJt : stock
hslfsrs, nowo.; vest caivss, ei.vjvs.w,
bulla stage, stc, 14 oowioo.
Represafltatlva sales:
Ns. .
Ar. Pr
... TM i U
... it 19
...114 4 41
... M 111
... Ml 4 M
... 17 4 4
...IM II
... tot 4 se
... IM I M
... M4 4 U
,,..111 I 7
171 I li
....!! 4 Ti
....ten i
....HI! I ei
... ITT! ts
... ICt tt
....leti tsi
... IIM I M
....1141 M
....IIM 1
... ITT I 1
....IIM 7 M
....Ml I U
....117 T M
... lilt I M
1041 4M
IIT1 4 44
ita tti
tea ttt
lilt' 4 4i
ISM 4 7
I ...
1M1 4 M T ...
... 171 I XI
... Ut ill
...144 I M
...mi i tt
... Kt I tt
...IIM I
... lot 4 M
...1141 111
...ITS 4 It i m
...ltii i a
SM 4 M
..... It 4 M
lest 4 41
....I M III
M Hi
Ml 4 M
1141 4 7i
M I 4
101 I t It
IMS i St I
11U I !
...171 4
... 401 4 i 4 u
... m in
... tu i
...lot I ti
sa i m
.... Tt IN
.... Ml It
.... Ttl I M
....let m lit
...441 It 1...,
. Ml I 4t
BCLIJJ. 4 71 I
...IMS 4 M I
...IM 4 M I
...tit i M 1
...iia I it
... St 4 5 1
... 43 I M I
... 441 4 : I
... 4M IS 1
... IM I M 1
...I7M : ss
...,1M 4 is
... ill I M
....1T1S I M
. IM 7 SO
. lti T M
, IS 171
. MS I M
1 It To 1 IM I o
1 SJi 4 ) IS U4 I T
IS MS IW U..... 171 4
It 4M 1 SS 14 4X5 1 Tl
1 tat IS 177 I T
I i II 17 174 4
..., 711 I M M Tl 4
IT Tt i to tt too s to
U til IN I SM 4M
A Ill l- S lot SU
HOOft The hoc market ruled steady
m a nickel hiaher on a limited supply.
Condition of trade In the east waa a
hoarioh inrtuence. nut tt waa more tnsn
offset by smsll receipts and an active
shipping demand. Outside btiters took
an aggreeslvs interest In offerings st ths
start paying prices little different from
those In rorce raturaay. iot in more
select kinds of hogs. They purchased
Khout thirty loeda In all fully one-third
Lot the total receipts.
Packers were less aiscnminating man
shippers and bought freelyl all along
he line, a pnase oi ine wbui iw
due directly to deficient supply. The
run wss estimated at a moo est eigniT
innrfa evervlhirur clear! ns In verv good
season. Mixed (tuff showed strength ss
a rule whlls ths more costly shipping
hogs seldom were quoted better than
Bexit heavies on sale brought 17.25, while
bulk ranged from M to Bacon
weights claimed the row spread, usually
moving from 17 40 upward.
Ilepreaaniauve aaies.
Ma At.
1 17 .
n I7i .
... 4 14
... 4 M
44 4 M
I st
1 SI
1 st
I st
m m
ti. MS
7 IM ... 4
11 17 ... 41
11 JO ...
It IM 11 IS
14 1M ... 4
tl ... M
u tet M a
X IT ... 4M
43 IS St st
4 3 MS t
tt IM 4 4 to
is m
31 It
44 21 ... I M
4T So N 1
w m IM
H a ... 1
7 HI T 4
1 si4 ... T a
71 14T M I SS
Tl a ... I s
at . I.... rat 4 4K 47 at ... t
4t Set ... I H M 17 4S I
41 ITS ... 4 to 71 144 14 1 SS
M lot I " Tl B I
U 3SS ... 41 a J
TS Ml T MS m I
M Bfl WS t i
s It 4 471, 71 t ... I 1
UT? ... t!S 7
7t. ;it ... t ts n mt ... t !
n Mf n in o ... 1 1
44 m n in m i '
71 J14 ... I M 11 ... t 14
ft lsi ... T SI 71 ... 1 U
Tl M4 M T at u Jo Bl
5 Ill ... t e tt lit ... 1 li
7 IX ... t SB U 1 I7t
23 S3 7 M U 144 ... t JS
Tl m M 7 Ot a) JB... Ii
M 13 4 7 4 4 re ... 1!
n ii ... i tt 44 m e 1 1
m lti ... 7 e si 34 ... i a
M Ill ... let tl Vol ... t Jo
41 74 ... t SI
M ii ... a
SHEEP A heavy supply of sheep and
lamb, together with bearish advices
from ths east, enabled packers to dictate
prices, moet classes of stock ruling weak
to lower. Trade wss uneven and slow
In stsrting. but bear sentiment we pro
nounced In sll quarters and cheaper cost
Inevitable. Fst lambs outnumbered sheep
by a liberal msjorltv. snd In most in
stances fat lambs suffered the greater de
clines. Karlv sales Indicated a market
generally rut) lie lower, with sheep sell
ing weak to a dime off.
Receipts were estimated at about S0.000
head, a total tlMtt Incladed twenty-five
or thirty doubles of western stock con
signed through to eastern feeding na
tions. Offerings usually carried very fair
flesh and big bulk ot the run came In
the fleece. From all reports, very little
sheeting will be done this spring by
sheepmen hsvlng strings ready for mar
ket, as premiums for wooled stuff ars
unusually wide this sesson.
No toppy ssles were made during ths
fore part ot the session and prices quoted
cannot be credited with tested orcuracy.
Good western lambs sold around ti.uv. In
dicating a possible top of 17 K for choice
Mexicans Fat ewes were In more active
request than lambs,-goed to choice grail ee
ranging within Wethers were
scarce, and yearlings were also the ex
ception, some fair Mexicans bringing
Feeder business showed no new features
worth mentioning. Country buyers
plcksd up a few strings of stock hers
and there that packers refused to bid on,
but the total purchase lacked volume.
Actual buy on country account last week
waa much smaller than the official total
Indicates, as It Includes a train load ot
through offerings thst srrlved Saturday.
Quotations on Sheep and Ioxmss:
Lamba: Good to choice. t7 Hm(7.3t: fair to
good. 3137.10. Yearling: Good to
choice, t'; fair, to good, t6.eoija.Ni
Wethers ' Good to choice,. to.764r.0f: fair
to good, e3.o0fio.7a. Ewes: Good to choice,
K.lous.e9: fair to good. M.ifI6.1&,
No. . A. PrtcA
511 fed lambs -. .J. 77 1 1
219 fed lambs 8 J SO
112 fed lambs 4 (0
375 fed ewes 16 4 10
SS fed yesrilngs tl t Tt
K4 western lambs, feeder .... W i 71
317 fed ewes Si t 40
121 fed lambs M 7
121 fed lamba 41 7 li
1 shorn lambs 41 4
4 shorn Ismbs, cull b IIS
Kt fed wethers ill t K
4X fed lambs 1 14
a fed ewes tot
Tt weatern lambs, feeders II t 10
22 western lambs, feeders II 1 40
fed ewes 4 PJ
2U fed ewes 4 t 15
tl fed ewes 4 4 76
7W) fed Col.-Mexlran lambs.... 78 7 40
tatted Col. Mexican lambs .... it 7 60
Drmaatl far Cattle Flrta Hoge aad
kheep Steady.
CHICAGO. March' 28. CATTLE-Receipts.
21. Oun head; mArkSt firm; beeves.
tVeS4M.: Texss steers.; western
steer. K.JWi.0; Mockers and feeders,
HM.iii; cows and heifers. K.Ot4.7i;
HOGS Receipts. & 000 head: market
steady, trade light: light, r.suni.ei;
mixed. t7.2Str7.4D: heavy. 17 2MP7 A): rough.
fT.2fvtx7.4a; pigs. XUAPM; bulk ot sales,
head; market steady for best grade,
others weak; native. I' TfSni; western,
t4.40O4.2S: yearlings. IVtCtfi : Ismbs, na
tive, eo.4tv7.7t; western. 6.-Udt.0t.
tt. I.eals Live Stack Market.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., March Ss. CATTLE
Recelpts, 1.300 head, Including lot Texsna
Market Mktrltc higher: native shipping
snd export steers, f7.torl..30: dressed beef
snd butchsr steers.- K.oOtrt.00: steers un
der 1.00U pounds, te.25dWi.7e: Blockers snd
feeders, t4.2otte.2o: rows snd heifers. tJOO
61.54; cannon. t?.M.M: bulls. tLWetaO:
calves. t6.0tieMj.0t: Texas and Indian steers.
Ib.u0f7.00; cows and heifers. ttSOCAai.
HOG-Receipts, 140 head. Market
steady, tc higher; pigs snd lights. 6-164
7.4s: mixed and butchers, 7.4et7 tt; good
heavy, t7.70ti7.8l.
8HEEP AND I.AMBS-Recelptt, 1.JO0
head. Market steady; native muttons,
h.7oM.09: lambs, M.SOfRB,; culls aad
bucks,; Blockers, fl SOtJlM.
Kaasas flit Live Stack Market.
Receplt. B.ouv head, including WO sou th
orns. Market strong: dressed beef and
export steers. It.aXfS.IO; fair to good.
tK.u9tr7.Ot ;weatem steers. tS-7197.24; stock
en and feeders, 44tf7U; southern
steers. K.70tv7.S: southern cow fatot
5.6V; native cows. li.4QaA.2j: native heif
ers. H7M7.W; bulls. t4 25j5 7i; calves.
HOGS Receipts. ai head. Market
seady to tc higher; bulk of sales, tT.JOO
7.&t: hesvy. t7.su47.ofi; packers and butch
ers. t?.3!&7.: llghu. 17 .00-U-.4J; pigs, tt.0
SHEEP AND LA MB-Receipts, it MO
head. Market 10 to ltc lower; lambs, M 00
,.&; yearlings. &.T.av: wethers, K7t
tpiw: ewes, etttitju.w; stocksrs and feed
er. f3.00trt 50. .
I. Jasepk Live Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. March J6. OA TTI. Ra
re ipto, 2.100 head: market steady: steers,
K.OOvs.OO: cows and heifers, M t57.0.
calves. 14 5041 4.
Hi Kir Receipts, u.vus neao; market
weak: too, 17. 06: bulk of ssles. 17. 40417. 40.
KH KEP AND LAMBS Receipts. t.5M
head; market alow: lamoa, Vt.iyf,.tt.
Stack la Sight.
Receipt of live stock at ths five prin
cipal western marseia esieruay.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
S.mth Omaha 4.750 i,70 AkOrti
St. Joseph 1.I"
Kansas City ."
rtt Louis 1 .tot
Chicago a.
11 om
-ji tut
. tS.loO S6.2CO) 7110
Evaporate. Apples aad Dried Pre Its
Market quiet and nominally unchanged:
on the spot, fancy. Vr61ec; choice, l,t
mc; prime. HswTV. Prunes steady with
1.. nnun to sell, quotations ranging
from tSc to He for California up to tMOs
snd jIc ror oregon. siiriwM un
settled and barely steady,' owing to In
creased offerings of consigned stock;
choice, mei-Vec; extra choice. ttotisjio;
fancy. l,1Ti,c. Peaches dull and fea
tureless; choice. r5eio,c; extra choice.
Utrimr; fsney. 1IVt13c Raisins Inac
tive, with prices mostly nominal. Loose
muscatel. 64Tc; choice to fancy seeded.
ttr7c: seedless, S-fltrTc; London layers.
tl.40tfl.4o. ,
Phlladelskla Prod we Market.
Market unchanged; weatern creamerv.
special, JJc: western creamery, extra, cc.
western creamery, nearby prints, extra.
KGGS Market firm, Jtc per case higher:
xMnovlvania and ether nearby first.
free cases. t7 20 per case: Pennsylvania
ex.! mhar current receipts, free esses;
rr 0i por case; weatern firsts, free, caaea.
$7. sj per case; western currant nwiiw,
ire. mms 17.4S oer case.
ctiKiraR Market firm, tsc higher: New
Tork full creams, fancy. 20c: New Tor
full creams, fair to good. lSClSa
Dry Gaietle Market.
Cotton Broods hava Been aovancea iui
ther, denims and tickings, c a yard; nar
row print cloths. . 1-14c and Everett
da-Kir trlnirhama. -hV. Drees sroods are
In active demand. Worsted yarns are
much firmer. Jobbers report a tair
Waal Market.
c-r i nnil March WOOL tHeedv
territory and western mediums. ltrUe;
fine mediums, toiji.c; um, '-'
Breach of Promise .
Suit Against Rich. I
Bachelor Dismissed
CHEYENNE, Wyo.. March (Spa.
rkxli-Tha suit of Miss Ora iawreica os
Tienver against David Pickle, the Promo
merit wool grower of Heeteetse. wyo.
for e50.W damaxea for alleged oreacs 01
wromise. has been dismissed In tha fed
eral court here at the request of the
Plaintiff. Miss Lawrence, who la a.
Denver school teactier, cnargeu was
Dickie promised to marry her, and wtiew
he failed to make good she brought tha.
suit Dickie was a member or tni
Grey-bull Bachelors- club or tsreyouii,
Wyo. Several years afro the club ado
vertised for wives, and Miss Lawrence,
then Ilvlns; in California, seeing Dtckle
picture In a Denver newspaper, wrote
to him, and for several years they cor.
responded with each other. They also
met on several occasions, and three sum
mers ago Miss Lawrence visited Dickie g
ranch near Meeteetse. Dickie all alone
denied that he had ever promised ta
marry Minx Lawrence, or thst ha are
had any thoughts of marriage.
HOT" SPRINGS. & D.. March JS.-
(Special) The body of Perry Sickles.
heavy land owner of this county, was
foood last night in a room over tha
Eureka saloon. In his pocket was a
vml of strychnine which he had bought
yesterday morning, and his death is)
evidently the result of suicide, though),
the coroner will make on peaitrva
statement until the contents of tha
atomach have been analysed. Sickles)
was a rancher and bad lived near Oral
for many years, and bis property, too
get her with much property belonging to his)
wlfs, acgregated several sections of land.
His friends are unable to account for Ma
act He carried 13, OU) Insuranca
In the Modern Woodman and A tt,
policy with an old lino company of
Tha room in which Sickles died la galot
to possess a hoodoo, and ho Is tha third
to take his Ufa there while the fourth.
sn undertaker named Joyce, went
rectly from his room to his homo and
shot himself last July. George Hllleer
who owned the building, committed sul
dde hero three months saw, and tha
woodwork of the room bears A scar
where the bullet ot A suicide struct
twelve years ago.
SIOLX FALLS, 8. D March Sf.-8pe-
clal.) After prolonged suffering. Issaa
Armstrong, carrier on A rural mall dee
llvsry route In Lincoln county, died from
Injuries received when his horses ran)
away. Tha animals got beyond his cone
irol while he was counting money wnirk
had been paid him by A patron of tha
route for a money order. Rather than)
relinquish his hold on the money and hatro
ing It scattered over the landscape, ha
retained It with the result that ho tost
his Ufa Tha mall wagon was tipped ore
and he became entangled In tha lines)
when the horses broke from the wagor,
and was dragged a considerable distance.
For eleven years he had been rural mall
carrier and was highly esteemed for hi)
bualnessllka methods and devotion to duty.
HOT SPRINGS, 8. D., March S.-f8pe
cisl.r-'TreBldent Taft Is gaining every!
day. The people ara coming to under
stand him better and realise that no la
nrogreeilvs and strong and doing a largo
work for const ructlvs statesmanship."
This Is ths way Ccwigreaarnan B. w.
Martin of South Dakota ax pressed him
self today In a brief Interview at hla
ranch where ho Is getting a quiet rest.
Hs thinks ths situation In regard to tha
president has shifted materially In the
last sixty dsys and said that while two
months sgo his nomination wss rettardert
as certain, his election wss not bo sore;
while at the present tiros Tail's nomlns
tlon ts more than probable. If ho wins
ths nomination ho is sure to be eleetedl
In November.
Congressman Martin will make aa ad
dress before the Taft rally to ha held
In Chicago. April 4, In response to A re
quest wired him today by Chairman Mc
Klnley. He win leave hero Monday.
morning, stopping; at Brookings and othef
places In ths eastern part of the state.
A gadaem Collapse
of stomach. Hear, kidnsy and bowels ut
most surely prevented with Electrto Blt
tera, ths safe regulator. Me. For gala by,
Beaton Drug Co.
Gaffe Market.
NEW TORK. March 24.-COFFEB-.
Futures market opened firm at an ad
vene of 11 to 1 points on active cover
ing by local or foreign shorts who were
supposed to bo Influenced by the firm.
European and Braslllaa markets. Ie
sptt reaUxlng at the opening figures'
the buying was aotlvs and tha market
Improved another I or t points during the
morning, turning a shade easier In the
late trading when the support appeared,
to ba somewhat less la evidence. The
does waa steady st a net advance of
ttflt points. Bales, t4.25t bags. March.
U.oc; April, 1177c; May, llMe; June,
U-Stc: July. 11x5c; August 14.0zc; Sep
tember, 14.13o; October, 14.15c; November,
14.00c; December, 14 04c; January, 14.01c;
February, 14.42c. Havre waa 1 to
franc blgtter; Hamburg was H4 Pfg
hlgher: Rio, Tt rel higher at KM); San
tos firm, t role higher, 7s. 7860. Re
ceipts st the two Braslllaa ports. 11. ot
baara against a holiday last year Jua
dlahy. 4.000 baga Today's special San
tos cable reports 4s tt rets higher and
ao Paulo receipts of II bags sgalnst
I0.049 bags the previous tdsy. Rain was
reported la two dlatrtcta of 8a Paulo.
It waa rumored that one ot the leading
roasters had purchased 7V baga ot
spot coffee tn the local market lata oa
Saturday and also had been a buyer ia
poTcoffee firm"; No. 7 Rio, 14c; San
tos. No. 4. 14srHttc. Mint, firm; Cor
dova, IwSltVtc, normal
rattan Market.
NEW TORK. March ot.-430TTON--Spot
closed quiet 4 points lower; middling;
uplands, r le: middling gulf. lOJEci
salss. 1.7WI hales. Futures opened barely
steady; March. 14 40c; May, l.4c; June.
Mile; July. Mc:. August ML54C: Septeat
ber. MlSsc; October. 10.45c: November.
M (2c bid: December. rkc: Jaauary,
10.04c; February. rV.iBc offered.
Cotton future rloaed barely steadr.
Closing Mda: March, 1022c; April, MJc;
May. tt.tsc: June. M.ttc; July, IBiw;
AutPoSt 10-ale: September. r.37c; Novecs
ber. to 5c; December, tt.Oc; Jaauary,
W 5Bc: February. 1457c.
Twrpeattae aad Nla.
TINE Market firm, 48c; sales, til bbls.;
reosptts. IX bbls.; shipments, 414 ttbia;
stock. 11.(14 bbls.
ROeJIN Market firm: sales. 111 bbls:
L receipts. Ll bbls.; sMpeaents, I.4M bbls;
stoea, 10,011 0010. vuoxei x. 00.0,-1.
t7.: E, fT.eV. F. O. H. tT.I-. I. fT.lStr
K. f?; M. FK, N. r.W; W. G fT.Cs:
w. w.. fr.Ts.