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    int. ojiaha Sunday bee: march 24, 1912.
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I M k v w VS U a. as- TU T e .Ja M
em ffife
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A W a. 1 "a.
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.FINE... , JV
baTa ben wed te most of the fine looking reddenee, church,
partateatt sad office bail discs erected of Ute yesra I Omaha.' '
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, : -ISM
hoadred paaeU. . .... f- HwL?
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PiTPft!I7P 1 RPAIT.Y" nnMF ffilPAMY
mono niniey xiou . r. .wxJTi'J
' . f . t r t- lt.'Srl
4S19 Dodf St
Built th Hipp Theater and Many Other Promi
nent Buildings in Omaha .
Thos. Cusack I
20tti and Harney Sts.
fT Fowcr Company ?? raajs
of the
1508-10 Harney St.
1. m t
Newest. Best and Most Exclusive
Picture Theatre
Well Ventilated. Commodious, Beau
tifully Appointed
A Desirable Amusement Place
''r for Ladies and Children:'.
' ' - . a I a a1.
Will fsrnish electric sernce for botn uiumi
nating and power needs of the
00 I
Hfller, Stewart , & Beaton
4134547 South Sixteenth Street
Furniture, Carpets, Rugs,
Drapery and Interior Decorating
r,i Ct' '-
;j km
' 1
The Decorators Supply "Company of Chicago
Furnished ; the Elaborate Decorations for the Front of Hpp Theatre
Big Campaign This Week by ua
Commeroial Clnb.
nit'r Haw Xaam a Dar.l t
at Watoa tk. CaaaHttea
! aawt hf th Rrat
- tls Daw.
Ftftr Bern ben a day tor th Bt als
tiyt tar th. Conaierolal club la th
aumbar th. mambcrstilp oommlttM of th.
club aofNa to laad. Th. eampiiia baa
ban under way for teveral WMka, with
rraat aueeaaa, and the (upreme .ffort
will be aiad. thl. week, tor But wwk
InlUaUoa tM aed owe will be advanced.
Seek member of the otu. thl. week
will weir a amnberanlp button la bla
lapel and tne men without the button
will be a fair target for the esUduttone
of the BMmbanhlp conuolttM. Each
member of the club tor all membwa will
be expected to aaaat be amiberahlp
eommlttae-wtll be armed with a booklet
clvlnc torty reaeaae far btlooflnf to the
It th. expected M new memten are
awured thl. week the atembwehip of th.
club will be broacht ap to Utu, which
will put the ersaamtloa "on ewy atreit."
e tar ea parlnc expense, la the mac
alflcent new club room ta the Wooamea
of the World building.
The booklet .taeued ta atembera bean
th. followlK ea the title sage: "Omeha'a
future will b. )ut what rea make It
Good readtns for member, ef the Omaha
Commercial club and them who are not
member, but oagM ta be. iHued by the
tM memberehlp oemralttee ef the Com
BMrclal elub ot Omaha." . ij ..
Rewaaaa Why.
The following la printed at the top ef
'" 5 1 ! v
Civet Quickest and Surest
Cora Fr All Sort Feet
The following la absolutely the eeret
and quickest cure knowe to ecleece for
all foot ailment.: "Dtattlve two tahle
epeonfula f CaloraOe compound In a
hum of jrarm water. Roak the feet in
Mtus lor lull fifteen
.-ubbing the .era
parta" Tee affect
1 really wonderful.
All eoreneee goes
jnatantly; the feet
feel eo good you
could elng for My.
Com and callouaeB
be peeled riant
off. It elree Im-
meaiaia relief for acre banloae. eweety.
wneily and aching feet. A twenty-fire
txot boa of Caioctde la mid ta be uf fl
clent to cure the woret feet. It work,
through the pore and ren.oTM the cause
ef the trouble. Den t waene time oa un
eertaJa rem ed lee. Any druggist .haa
tJaiocide mnpoucd In stock or be caa
get It In a few hours from hi whoie
aie bouse. It le not a patent mettldae.
eut I aa etUcai prierua, Adv. .. i
f 1 y t
the tint page: Tbece are so many
reaama why every lira buatnen and pro
fesajeoal men of Omaha should be a
member of the Commercial dab It le Im
possible to enumerate than ell. but here
are a t.w." . , ' "x
Here are some expressions from lire
Commercial dub meo relative to the
value of membership la the eiub:
a Haverstlck, President Omaha
Commercial dub: "Through the Com
mercial club are conducted all ot the
necessary activities for Omeha'e eommer
dal., industrial and dvlc inngrem. it le
the only medium organised and equipped
tor this purpose and la therefore Invalu
able; the developer of the highest type
ef dtlsenshlp and prepared at all times
te cone with any situation affecting the
city's material welfare.
C. C Belden. Thorn peon, Bcldeo a Co.:
"It la impomlbla for any business man
le be well, ana favorably knowa unless
be belonga ts th. Commercial club, and
U be wea and favorably known hi a great
tet to a man's business.' v
' C eerted Fere. '
3. H. Dusaont, J. U. Dumont a Boa!
The value ef the commercial dub of
Omaha Mm chiefly In the concentrated
force waic. the dtiaena of Omaha are
enabled, through ft, ta throw tnto every
effort made to Increase the business and
the prestige ot the city and protect It
against unjust discrimination and unfair
competition, lacldamally. the mlngans
ef the various dements comprising Ita
membership smoothes out many differ
encea which otherwise would ietord de
velopment and apllt the community into
factions. The work of the dub Is cee
telnly arrataable to the dty. and every
loyal ettlaau shoald aire It ala support."
TV. H, KCor4 President McCord-Brady
oomnany: "It It the desire of thl. com
pany and- all of Ita 'officers to work for
the welfare of thai Commercial dub I
this dty la an unselfish and. Impersonal
way.- It Is.. i.ellSv the desire icf the
majority 01 me memoers m m. tvumw
dal elub to work In the same way for
the welfare of each one of Ita membera.
It Is. therefore, only fair that the Com
mercial club should have the earn, cordial
treatment from each one of the business
Institutions la this dty, whether retailer,
wholesaler or manufacturer. -
George H. Kelly', vtce preatdenf execu
tive committee; president Adams a Kelly
company: "The Commercial club Is the
only organisation embracing all llnea of
business through which Intelligent and
effective action uiay be taken on any sub
ject, it Is the business men', clearing
house and the greatest single power for
material development In the "city. . The
dub la working all the time for the. good
of the community and therefore to the
direct benefit of every d titan. Its policy
and work are carried on unceasingly until
Its objects are accomplished."
J. E. Baura, ea-presldent; The Bennett
company: "The one great big fact that
the Commercial club lands for Omaha la
the essence of the whole thing, and to
lightly represent this city the Commercial
club should be an Institution strong, alert,
aggressive and high-class, and representa
tive of bvery business and civic Interest of
the community, and that la Just what I
think H U."
County Board Goes
to Marble, Colo., to
' N Inspect Quarries
Four members of the Board of County
Commlsstonera left yesterday morning for
Marble, Colo, to Inspect the quarrtea and
shops ef the Colorado Tula Marble com
pany with a view to determining whether
everything possible la being done to hurry
marble to Omaha tor the new county
sulldlnc and complete the building. The
board thought It had better make the
trip before finally decMlng whether or
not to oust Caldwell a Drake, county
building general contractors, for delin
quency. Tne commissioners oa the trip are John
C Lyacb. eoalrmaa. and Tom O'Connor,
A. c. Harte ant. Frank Beat. - Commla
etcner Elaeaser did net go, he having
made a trip to Marble last December
with. O. i. Plekard. then a member of
tne beard. The ooaamlmlonera will return
la about Ave eaya. . .
Least Drake, ot Caldwell A Drake, ac
companied the eommlaai oners. John p.
Stout of Stout Rose, eouasel for Cald
well . a Drake; John I a linear, county
building architect, and J. -A. C Kennedy
ef Mahonxy A Kennedy, ooec eel for the
Fidelity and Deposit .company of Mary
land, CaMweil a Drake'a bonaemen. were
uaable to wet away., W. H. Morrow of
the building company left thie afternoon
and will join the party at -Denver or
atarhleu.A "
Woodmen Will Combine to Give Big
' . Ball at Aaditorium.'
Order of geottlah ties a Is Basy Mak.
lac Preaarattaae for Its Me
morial Services Kest
' May.
Announcements are out ta all members
of the Woodmen of the World In Omaha,
South Omaha. Benton and Florence ot a
big Joint be'l given at the Audi
torium Tuesday evening April t, the
proceeds to be donated to the Joseph
Cullen Root Memorial home tor ' aged
and Indigent membera of the order. John
N. Crawford, clerk of Omaha-8evmour
camp. No. It, and Charles Unltt, clerk ot
Alpha camp No. i, have been named aa
chairman and secretary, respectively, of
the general committee from all camps,
and a final meeting will be held at Ba
rlght'a society hall Monday evening to
make final arrangements.
Iadeaeadeat Order of Odd Fellows.
Sovereign Grand Lodge Secretary John
B. Ooodwln reports there la aa extensive
demand for the new official receipt which
la now being furnished to subordinate
lodgee. The receipt la patented and la ex
pected ta fill a long felt need la the
order. The aame style ef receipt will
later bo furnished for the encampment
and Rebekuh branches of the order.
Omaha lodge No, t will have thru, can
didate, for the third degree next Friday
South Omaha lodge. No. leX held a
very anccmsfal social gathering last Mon
day evening. A Large crowd waa la at
tendance. Addresses were made .by Rev.
Wheeler, Pro! Cummlnga. Sidney Smith
and Judge Sutton, Mr. ' Carter aang a
tenor solo, and muate waa furnished by a
mandolin club.- A. C Pancoaet presided
and after the speaking supper was served.
On next Thursday night the membera of
Canton Ezra Millard No. 1 will go to
South Omaha and aaslst Canton Efter No.
it muster tat three recruits.
Triangle encampment No. 79 will have
a largo clam ot caadMatee for the Golden
Rule degree next Tuesday evening.
Dannebroc lodge No. Hi will have work
ta the third degree next Friday Bight.
The next meeting will be "hat. nJgnV
when each man will put' the name of
tf subject In', the . hat. and upon the hat
helng paaeed around each man picks out
a paper and speaks on the subject Indi
cated. . ' ''''"'.
. Memorial services will be held In May
and ' preparation. ' for the servlcee are
now going on.
Fraternal Valoa of America,
Mondamln lodge. No. Ill, gave an en
tertainment and dant. at its hall. Twenty-
fourth and Parker streets. Monday even
ing, March IS. The folowlng participated
In the program: Mary Creed on and Helen
Adams, Irish )lg; Helen Kroner, dance
specialties; Pauline Cappa, dramatic
reading; Baby Francis Harrison, smallest
classic dancer In the United States;
Adolph Brandea, character monologue;
Qulnane Twins, boy boxers and wrcetlers;
Annabel and Helen Sinclair. Highland
fling; Mrs. Draper, dramatic reading;
Mary Britten, aonge; Messrs. Christen-
aon, Johnson and Waugh, the owl trio,
songs; selection by Parkinson's orchestra;
Cyro Bllngerland, character sketch and
songa The hall waa tilled with aa Inter
ested, audience, and luncheon waa served
at the conclusion ot the exercises.
Aaalveraary Celebrated,
V. S. Grant Women's Relief Corp. No.
104 celebrated the twenty-third anniver
sary of the organisation at Bartght hall
oa Monday evening. Membera of C. 8.
Lpost were guests ot honor.
The following program waa carried out:
Vocal solo, Mr. A. Ounn.
Radiation, Dorothy Kayre.
Recttetlon with piano. "Daddy and
Baby," Mrs. O. Wscner: atlas Alice
Uorat, ranlst.
'History of the Corns.- Mra, R. 8.
Wilcox. "
"The Caoture and EscaDe. Comrade
Andrew T raj nor.
Vocal eolo. "At the Bound of Reveille."
Mr. A. Uuna. . .
' Order of aeertf teh Chaaa.
Regular meeting of Claa Gordon Ne. O.
Order of Bcottleh Clans, waa held Tues
day evwnlag. The attendance waa good
and aeveral visitors tram eastern clans
were present. There waa on. applloaUoa
for . membership and one by . transfer.
wo .were balloted.
Cainsmaa Alex McKm made aa address
upon "The Literary 8odetiee ot Scot
land" aad Chief James Camera gave a
very mterestlng talk upoa his tea weeks'
trie- through Fterlla.
Royal Achat ea.
Oa Thursday evening Union todgej No.
lit Royal Achtea, will act aa hosts for
the lodge of Ben Bur whlcb meets .on
the same evening la Bartght'a halL
There will be aa elaborate luncheon
served, after which dancing and cards
will -be the feature.
Weaeea Will May Carta.
The womea's auxiliary of the Interna
tional Typographical union will spend
Friday afternoon at cards In the Vraa-
desr .assembly room. Hand decorated
china will be awarded to the successful
. Tribe of tra Bar.
Omaha court No. lie. Tribe ot Ben
Bar. will give a card party and dance for
tls membera and friend, next Friday
evening at Frenser hall. Twenty-fourth
and Parker streets.
roee aad Carpe to Meet,
George Castor poet Ne. f and Womea's
Relief corps Not St will hold aa apea
meeting Tuesday evening, March M at
Frateraity hall. Lunch wlU M served.
Beclarei She Bid Hot Act Improperly
While Wife of Another.
lalerrallag Affidavits Read la Hall's
Aetlsa ta Freelade Payment of
Allaaeay gooa Dae to Hie
Former Wife. , .
Emphatic denial of all the charges made
against her by her former maid, Mia J
Anna Klelson. was mads by Mra W. It
McKcen, formerly Mrs. C. W. Hull, In an
affidavit read before Judge Troup In dis
trict court yesterday. '
The reading of the affidavit by Byron
O. Burbank, attorney for Mrs. McKeen,
waa a (art of the hearing on Mr. Bull's
motion for aa order restraining Mra. Me
Keen, bla former wife; from cellectlng a
K.00O alimony Installment due April 1.
Affidavits charging Mrs. McKeen. then
Mra. Hull, with tiding around the city
with Mr. McKeen in the early summer ef
1910 were read by F. A. Brogan and T.
J. Mahoney, counsel for Mr. Huil.
Mr. Hull was the only party to the suit
who appeared In court '
Did Call Occasionally.
In her affidavit Mra McKeen denied
the maid's testimony that McKeea fre
quently visited her wbea she waa Mrs
Hull, but admitted that he called 'occa
sionally. She denied that he frequently
remained until midnight, and declared
that oa the rare occasions on which he
called he always left about le o'clock.
She denied that when he called he was
entertained la dimly lighted -rooms, hut
declared there were BO doors between the
rooms aad all the rooms ware well Il
Mra. McKeea denied the story of Miss
N lei son that once when Dr. "Paul Lud-
dington, Mrs. McKcen's brother, called, '
she let McKeen hurriedly out the back:
door. Regarding the girl's statement that 1
onct after Mr. McKeen'a departure she
found In the library safety pins with,
which the petticoats of Mra Hull had ;
been fastened, Mra. McKeen said (be bad
no recollection of any such Incident, but
she knows positively that no safety ping
were removed from her clothing at any
time when Mr. McKeen was at her home.
' Dlda't Read McKeea Flowers.
Mra. McKeen denied that she frequently
sent Mr. McKeen wafflea and flowers,
denied that she had a system of signals
for communication with McKeen, denied
that she took automlble ride, with him
and denied that sne conspired with him
to get alimony from Hull.
In affidavits by McKeen and Mra lie
Keen denial was also made of state
ments of George W. MvClaln, Joseph
Cooper and George H. Pettis that they
saw the two driving together In th. early
summer of 191. These statements were
made In affidavits read by Hull's at
torneys Mr. Borbank read an affidavit by him
self denying conspiracy to secure alimony
from Hull by threatening publicity. Ha
said be (lied the original divorce petition
for Mra. Hull and withdrew ft from the
file It charged cruelty and adultery.
Later a supplemental petition waa filed, -he
said, and Brogan, aa Hull's attorney.
destroyed the original petition and asked
that the papers be kept out of the office
of the clerk of the district court so ha
newspapers would not get them. .
Two witnesses to show that McKeea
brought a property for H.509 shortly after
Mrs, HuJl received her first alimony m-
stalment, were placed on the stand.
Baraea Beya Oraaalso.
The Immsnuel Parses born at Twen
ty-fourth and Plnkney have reorganised
a train this year and expect to be aironger
than ever. Any one wiehlna to book
camee should call Red wn. or .iMruoo
r n. jonnaon. manager, at eaf Bouta
Twenty-fourth street.
Housework Drudgery
Homework is" dradfery for the weak wosaaa. rhnhraa.
as, darts and serahs, or is oa her feet ail day artradud as
the away actaim of the household, her back echuxfac
temples throbbmg, aervea enivermg aader the stress of
earn, possibly ditxy feehags. Soawtimee Rat m had ia
eat ratraebiag. because the poor tired servos do aot par
aait of refreshing steep. Tap real weed of weak, aan oaa
woaeee eabaaod by Dr. Pxrce'a Favortta Ptmwrajrtma. -.
It Make Weak Women Sfvag
and Sick Women Well.
TUm - fMsoaffoa" rvasoree ree awsma
f wweaoer-a m,mkmtmu9 AaalatorvSsaT
awarfsa ait mlwmUum, aaa nm iau
euiarun aa aecal.r ra woasauir
?"'" awea. wmiZtH tl
evaettfte ewe iwdecoa rOml tttnf.
sua - Favorite Prrccriptioa " nafaim. . rnmnla 1.7.
WmW. o. the bortiwr,r7D ot let -y mr.
sioos drstfat rjarsuade yea mat ail eaastimt st ,,..nM
eompoaita ia " tasf as jeW " m ocoer taat aa saay awaa
a bitter proa. Just smile aad asaae yaw kaad 1
Da. fsrree'. flniast f diets aaiasBv