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Bow lo Dress Girls ol 8 to 14 Years Tastefully
and Economically
A very important question, Indeed, to every
jnotiier at this time 'el Abe, eV.- Mother who
lave carefully compared the cost in time, -labor
and money to make thenliMsea afhome are guicfe
io see the decided saving nd id purchasing the
children's dresses here. L . c i - . .
The aseortmehta Eri"cmnpiet ed bow Is-the
best time to select one or several of these service
able, prettily fashioned dresses..
For Play. School or Outing there is an abund
ant showinjr of fresh new waeh dreeses of percales,
plain ehambrayn SJid ginshams in dainty col'trs"
of tan, pink or blue in many neat patterns. Also
a number of beautiful plaids In an ft lone.
Cleverly styled ajd effectively trln.mel discs
& to II years.
Prices tuio,,, sajso, two .
... - . , . ' .;. - -
For afternoon or "iifea-m " affairs one may;
select from a viry complete citlectlon of UcllxM
' ful little frocks of Kronen Repp. Krench Linen
and Wexford clotn. Trimmings of trish croviiet
lace, emhtoldery and hand embroidered designs
together with fancv collar and cuffs make them
verv attractive and pleasing-. Many styles have
the much wanted plain skirt. livery new and
favored ahaie-tan, pink. navy, rose, leather,
blue and. whit Hues $ to it year. -.
Vrtesa 3.5, M 50. as.75, m0, M0, ti.7 a 0 110.
th tohm
Bapllly BsoomlEf Omaha's Moat Sxcltuive Was
Supposition Someone Copied Them
in (or Judge Wetover.
IVntklag a noeanrat 1 Show Who
Wrote la S asses for Seeaad
IM.Irlrt Klehcr to Speak '
Twlrr la State.
. ' (from a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March a-iHpsctal Telev
Siam.l-A count of the sixnaturea on tbel
trillion ot W. II. Westover. as a demo
crat delegate to the national convention,
allows Sat names from the Second dis
trict or forty-six mors than required by
taw. Of this number, however, J appear
to he senuln and H7 are in the hand
writing of four different persons, which
It eliminated would leevs him much leas
thaa the reoulred number. Th petition
was filed on on of the last days pro
vided by law and th supposition is
that someone, rather than hustle for
names and take a chance of not getting
enough even tltsn, copied some poll hook
or similar list
T. 8. Allen, who tiled the petition, says
that so far as he knows all the signatures
are bonsflde. The fathering of names In
South Omaha, he said, was In charge ot
Jerry Howard. There Is, of course, roth
Ing on the petition to Indicate to anyone
her who wrote the names, hut the
handwriting to so similar on page arte
M4h of them that it seams Impossible
they could havet been put there by
th parlies whoa names appear. . '
Ftaber a Speak Twler,
Secretary Frank Currte of th Taft
league haa received word from Congress
man McKlnley thst Secretary of th In-
Quirk Relief Trial Parkas Mailed
Prep to All Jn Plata Wrapper.
Pile la a fearful disease, hut can be
cured If you go at It right . , . .
An operation with th knife" Is dan
gerous, humiliating and rarely a per
manent success. ,
Then I Jut
on ether way
to be cured
painless, aa f
and in the priv
acy of your
own horn It
Is Pyramid Pll
We mall a
trial package
' free to a'l who
, write ;
It will giva
. you quick . re-'
Jlef, show yea th harmless, painless
nature of this gnat remedy and start
yon well on th way toward a perfect
cure. . - '
Then yon east get a full slsed boa
from any druggist for it cants, and
often o box cures.
Insist on having what you call for.
Just nd your nam and address to
Pyramid Drug Co., tie Pyramid Build
ing, Marahall. Mica., and receive free,
by return mall, th trial package In
a plain wrapper.
Hew Telephone
ws necessary as our bus
inlets has outgrown the
old service. " 7 ' '
riumberi i ;::.:t
had to be chaned to ob
tain, thisplease remem
b$r to call
Douglas 2560
?kYaons. Everywhere
t i,...,, 3
Quality Laundry
I Rll
of apparel shop for
terlor Fisher can make but two speech
in Nebraska, Instead of five, aa had
been planned. The speeches will be billed
fur Omaha and Lincoln, respectively, but
the date cannot be given today, though
Mr. Currl expects to b able to make
th announcement tomorrow.
Lincoln's ftabareaa Light a.
Tho people of University Plac have
three tickets In th field tor otty officer.
Th republican nominee ara: Mayor, W.-
F. Miller; clerk, Oectl Gates; treasurer.
M. W. Kllnei city engineer, W. F. Payne.
Tho prohibition nominees are: Mayor, E.
J. Hanoock; clerk, Clifford Butler; treaav
urer, F. W.. Miles, W. F. Payne, candl-
data for city engineer oa th republican
ticket, waa endorsed. Th democratic
nominees ars: Mayor, F. B. Allen; lrk.
Roe Sands; treasurer, F. ' M. McKlroth.
No nomination waa mad for city en-
g.neer, and Payne, the republican candi
date, has no pposltton. Candidate for
school hoard ara: H. B. Bmltk. A. J.
Alway. K. K. Butler and C H. Kopar,
They ware named by a republican oausus,
but It la not believed that the other partis
will plac a ticket against them. Mrs.
1. U Claflla waa nominated by tha Prohl-
bttlonlsta to run against H. B. Imlth, but
she declined to make the race.
Over at College View the exciting ques
tion la water works against anti-water
works 1. II. Morrison and William
Campbell were nominated at a maaa ooa-
venttoa for members of the village board.
They are known te favor th building of
water works Th anti-water work rest
dents are threatening to nam a ticket
to run against Morrison and CampbetL
Charles McWillkuna haa been talked ot
aa on ot th appostUra oandtdaw. Arm
strong is at present ohalrraaa of th vll
htgs board, i; i '.'
At Bethany th water works question
waa settled hut year, and It la declared
that ther an no burning problems facing
th people. J. J. Armstrong end Wdal
Mataon have been nominated for mem
bers th vlliag hoard. Thar ars do
other nomination
SANTA Tt. N. M , March a-A con
t ere no of repubUraM that met last
night, presumably to tak steps t Ira
peach H. U Baca, speaker of th New
Unite hows of wpnssatatlv, ad
rourned after midnight. Partletpanta re
fused to dlaclnao any aathM taken. It la
believed no open attack apoa Bpeaker
Baca will be mad la th house. Baca,
according to claim. Is charged with bar,
Ing withheld th contest papers ot three
republicans because democrats, whoa of.
forts an being made to staple, an
voting for Baca for United eHatea amav
' NEW TORK, March XL -Cracksmen
I set off as much dynamite under a safe
In tha offfe of a htaln Island manu
facturing compaay early today that the
explosion waa board for mil and sassy
parsons thought then waa aa earth
quake. The Ave safe blowers fled after
an exchange of shots with watchmen.
Th safe waa blown to pieces and some
of its contents destroyed. There 1a do
clue to the crackroea.
' Mrs. C A. MatbeYfsrd.
Word has base reoalved tn th city an-
noundnf the death of Mra, C. A. Itutber-
fotaV at Has Fraacleco, sks having died
of cancer Thursday of this week, a dis
ease with wateh ska had beea afflicted
for eereral year.
Mra, Rutherford waa tha wife of C.' A.
Rutherford, for many year with th
Koch Island la this city, ah waa th
mother of Mra. 1. P. Fronaar, who wa
with her at the tiro ot bar death, Mra
Rutherford lived la Omaha all her life
untU her removal ta California a few
years. ago. .
J F. Twetla.
1 J. F. Tustln, gonoral rrdgfat claim
agent of the Missouri Pacific, died at 81.
Loals Frldny evening. Tho funeral will
he held Monday at 8t. Lout and some
of the local officials will attend. .
William A. . '
T. JOSEPH. Mn, March S. William
A., Brows, secretary of the Aaaertcaa
Association ot Issinser aad Baggag
Traosfer compazuos, died at hia horn
here today, aged as years.
NEBRASKA CtTT. Neb.. Marchv St
(Special. -a. E. Bart bold and Mia Chris
tina Ganfcsl wen married at the home
of Rev. Zlmmermaa by Re. lisngbovwt
of tha Bethel langflcal chore. The
bride I from Denver. Colo, sad was
sornawty a resident of TaJxeage. Their
marrtag ts tha cchxrinattow win-
n snii -ri gsaum waa called ta
last year ta attend th mart age of his
brother aad whit than net his brute
aad they c6rrepondeJ, whtetv rosutted ta
their Barrlage.
We call especial attention to a beautiful dis
play of confirmation dresses of mercerized lingerie,
Datiate, rTencn laws ana wait
voile, exquisitely faahloned and
trimmed. Sites 8 to 1 4 years.
Price. gD5 3.75 S4.50
An mi. . i. ay 1VA
Xea, Womea aad ChUdres.
(Continued from Ftrat Page.)
rnlraJ Charles t. Rlgsbse, who com-
manded the Maine at th time ot th ex
plosion; Rear Admiral Richard Wain
right, Lieutenant Boyd and Medical Di
rector L. O. Heneberger, officers under
him at the time. For Admlnl Dewey
and LleuU'iust General Nelson A. Miles,
the ranking officers of the navy and
array, special place had beea set aside.
During the memorial exercises tha com
mttte had arranged far the totting ot the
"Paul Revere" bell of All Bool's Unltar.aa
church, which haa been tolled at the fun.
arsis of presidents, admirals, generals
and other prominent men.
Pageaat ta Cemetery.
Winding slowly out from behind the
aavy building Into Pennsylvania avenue,
the funeral procession found Its way
through th older parts of Washington,
across th aequaduct bridge over the ro
tomae river sod up the gray road to Ar
lington, To Rear Admiral Bradley A. Flsk had
beta assigned command ot th parade,
and behind htaa wen placed first an
eeoort of polios, a detachment of troop
from Fort Myar. th Marine band, a
squadron of cavalry and tha tint bat
talia of engineer.
Th naval oort oomprtsod a battalios
ot marinas, tw battalions of araa,
th Naval hand and the District of Co
lumbia naval militia.
- Just ahead of the thirty-roar army
caissons, bearing th leaden caskets,
wan plaead Chaplain Bayard and Father
Chad wick, and lust behind th flag-draped
coffins tha pallbearers from the aavy,
the honorary pallbearer from tha United
Spanish War veterans and forty-eight
body bearers.
. President aad Baeart,
Th plao at th head of the mourner
waa given te President Taft la th Whit
House automobile Ms secretary. Chart
D. Ililles and his naval aids. Lieutenant
Tlramona, also had seata The president's
personal eeoort waa a troop ot cavalry
and th Ho behind hi automobile In
cluded the secretary of war, tha secretary
ot the navy, the assistant secretary of th
aavy, officers of the Maine, skies to th
Secretary of the navy, chief of bureau
af th Navy department and the major
general commandant of th marine corps.
Just behind these officials place had beea
left for the distinguished persons, th
United Spanish War Veterans, ladle
auxiliary ot the veterans, societies and
Over the grans la Arlington tha simple
exercises Included burial services by
Chaplala Bayard and Father Chadwick.
with I he firing of three volley of mus
ketry by a company ot marines, a,
tlenal ealut of twenty-one guns from
aa army battery In the cemetery and
the eoundlng at the plelative call af taps,
tha dead wen given te the earth.
MINNEAPOLIS, March It.-Follewmg
the recent announcement that the Chi
cago, Milwaukee M. Paul railway
purposed to spend K,0M,n 1 Improve
ments oa Its line In the north west, espe
cially In Iowa and Minnesota, It waa
announced hen today that the road prae
ttcolly had arranged to build a new Una
iiwm uuiie. Mom., Into Canada. It la
said thst part of the proposed route haa
hem surveyed and that at will pass
through the Flathead Valley and Into
PHILADELPHIA. March B. -General
Henry H. Bingham, member of ooagresa
fress th First Peaaaylvania district aad
"father of th house," died at hi hem
ken at s at o'clock this morning. He had
beea a miatsir af the house eoatrauoualy
slaca March 4. M7. He was 71 yean oM.
Ooacral Blaghasa had beea HI for a lo&g
tias frera a eaBpUcatJea at disss si a
RED OAK. La-, March B. (Special Tel
egram.) A double deWiratloa, eoatalnlac
aa equal number of Hanuon. Wllaon aad
Clark delegates, waa dram by Mont
gomery county dceneerata this afternoon.
FUllaa- with Watwa.
RAGAX. Nab.. March a - Special. -Th
lew suds north of hen known aa
tha "Waoas an rapidly filling wtth
water fro tb oaeltlag anew. - By tha
tlaaa th snow Is all melted they wot
so so fell as they ware at tha Base at the
flood tea yean age. Tueae lagoone
dry for tha last fin rears.
Darts ara earning ra droves and the
shooting pnnam t he better thaa any
Haa hi recant yeaja.
Committee of Five Goes to Cleveland
to Consult Over Wagei.
Jadae Bradahaw S a pease Attorney
Silas B. Allea for Oae Day
Followta Dtahanaeat
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS MOINES, March a.-Wpeelal Tele
gram.) A committee of five miner was
sent tonight from the convention of dis
trict No. IS In session here to Cfeveland.
O., to consult with the miners In the east
aa te what demands shall be made aa to
wages nd conditions. The committee
sent consists of W. H. Rogers. John Gay.
Thomas Lewis, Thomas Stevenson and
Andrew Swanson.
The action taken at the Joint convention
of miners and operators here will depend
upon the report of this committee.
The Joint convention today undertook
settlement of the trouble at th Ogdea
mines, when a strike has long been
In progress, by sn agreement to take all
the miners now working Into the union,
but requiring that the striken be given
the places If they desire them. This will
be submitted to the minora at a refer
endum vote.
Allea Sasaeadrd Oae Day.
'Attorney Bllaa a Allen, former candi
date for mayor, waa suspended from the
practice of law for one day by Judge
Bradshaw aa the result of an action to
disbar Allen brought by the Dee Moines
Bar association which charged him with
conduct unbecoming an attorney. In
stead of ruling that Alien be disbarred
from further practice In the courts of the
state Judge Bradshaw decreed that he be
suspended for one day and that be pay
the costs of the action.
' The actios was based on a contract be
tween William See and Allen, In which
the latter agreed to pay a fee for solicit
ing business and bringing him law suits.
Sea waa to be paid per cent ot all
money secured aa attorney's fees In the
suits secured for Allen.
Doctor Close Meeting.
Four difficult operations formed the
entertainment for th Medical Society of
the Mlaaourl Valley la a clinic In one ot
the local hospital today. Th society
had adjourned Its meeting at Colfax for
a Meat on In this city. Th meeting closed
this evening.
Maine House Refuses
to Pass the Local
Option Amendment
AUGUSTA, Me., March S. The legls
latun today defeated the proposed
amendment to the Maine constitution to
allow local option on the question of
permitting the manafaetun or sals of
intoxicating hqsora la all the ettlea and
ID such towns as accept the amendment's
prnvtslona The democratic majority In
tha houee failed to muster the necessary
two-thirds affirmative vote on the final
passage of th resolution and It was not
carried. The vote was 71 In the affirm
ative and M In the negative. f
The amendment previously had passed
the senate by 11 to .
It la planned ta elect April I a United
States senator to succeed Obadiah
Oardaer, Idem.), who waa appointed by
Governor Plaisted after the death of
Senator W. P. Frye.
Mrs. Lucy Drexel
Dahlgren Files
Suit for Divorce
NEW TORK, March tl-iult for abso
lute divorce wsa brought hen today by
Mra. Lucy Drexel Dahlgren, against Eric
a Dahlgnn, son ot Rear Admiral Dahl
gren, ot civil war fame. The plaintiff
charges Infidelity, Implicating an un
earned correspondent In this city. Mr.
and Mra. Dahlgren were married In
BM sad have eight children. Mrs. Dahl
grea la a member of many prominent
New Tork duos. He declined to discuss
the suit today.
ABERDEEN, ft D.. March B. -(Spool
si.)-K. O. Lea, a farm tnaehlnerv
dealer hen. baa received European pa
pers praising the work of his daughter,
Mlsa Mabel Cordelia Lee. who is attain
ing fame In Europe as a violinist The
papers all speak highly of her work as
a musician arS also praise her beaaty
in extravagant terms, one erttle calling
ker "the prettiest American girl en a
European concert stage." sod another
commenting upon her blonde complexion
and dark eyea In extremely eulogletto
terms. Miss Lee haa appaared at Berlin,
Vienna. St. Petersburg and other promi
nent European cltleo and everywhere has
elicited highest praise. She was born and
reared In Abr rdeea and waa seat te ast
ern school and afterward to Kurape
when her exceptional musical talent wae
CHICAGO, Mar oh a-Frank R. Baker
waa found guilty ot th murder of his
wife and hut punishment waa fixed at
flfteea yean In the penitentiary, today.
Baker waa acueea ox naeiiuj miaa n
wife after a disagreement and to hav
shot her while he caressed her. pleading
with her to rem hack to him. The un
written law waa suggested In th trial.
Baker on the stand declared thst ha eouid
sot remember any of th happantng at
the day ho shot his wife.
H. M. Bchrtver. after suppressing aa Is
sue of a weakly paper which published a
story objactloaabl to htaa. attacked John
Lma. the aubllsher. In the city hail to
day. Th mayor compelted the pubusher
to max aa apology ana eamn xn au
he had written about him was falsa.
IsrrlaasataeT Caateat at thvlhy.
SHELBT. NeK. March . (Speclsl.)
At the dwsaawtory easiest held hare
last eight Agnsa Neweeener of tha dra
auUM class won first ptoos; subject.
-Bobby Unwelcome." Evelyn Donaldson
ot the same das area eeeaad : rnb-
Jsct, -Frees a Far Country. Mis New
eeaaer will serastnt thi school at tV'
dtatrlet contest to be held la Fremont
.March .
Let Us Tailor Your Spring
Suit to Your Measure
Something different, sooietiiing more Individual and snappy that's what
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appearance, the smartness of styles and the Indefinable "air" of the real man
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Tailored Suits to Order
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If, perchance, your suit does not come up to your highest expectation,
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Also SKIRTS, COATS and DRESSES To Your Order
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Colonel Roosevelt
May Visit Nebraska
Late Next Week
' Pfinn-ANI). Me.. March 38.-CoIonel
Roosevelt, who arrived hen today to
make a speech tonight, gave the first taik
of his New England trip at Dover. N. H..
when hla train stopped a few momenta
Judge Ben Llndaey of Denver, wno
reveled nart of the way from Boston
with Colonel Roosevelt, urged him to
vllt Nebraska and other states not In
cluded in tha Itinerary of the next week
trip. Colonel Roosevelt took the matter
under advisement,
"it eam to m that what I preach te
you In New Kampsbln la actually being
accomplished by Governor Bass.' said th
former president. In bis speech at Dover.
"Tha m-oeresslve movement meana te
apply courage and common sense In order
to get Justice, Tou have a chance, to de
cide whether you Intend ' te rule your
selves or to have other people rule you.
It Is up to you to deride."
i-Mion! Roosevelt said that the people
in order to rule themselves must exer
cise self control, "and I believe that the
American oeoDle an not only able to
govern themselves, but to govern them-
eelvea well,' be said In closing.
Robbers Try to Use
Turnstile Door to
Trap Their Victim
KANSAS CITT, Mo.. March SSThree
mew made an unsuccessful attempt to
hold up Dtonysos Yrokaris, a wealthy
Greek. In the poatoffic hen this after
noon, while scores of people wen In the
lobby. Aa Yrokaris suited through the
turnstile door, two men stepped Into
the same section and attacked him while
a confederate held the door fast. When
the Greek's cries brought asslstsace.
the three men fled. Two of them giving
k. a.m.. of Charles Hamilton of Omaha
and Thomaa K. Kelly af Joplln, Mo..
were captured. . :
NEW TORK, March Si-Lawn tennle
promises to have one of Its best seasons
this year, according to memhen of the
executive com, nil ice of the National
Lawn Tennis sssodstton. who met hen
twtev tn atrance the annual schedule of
contests the country over. Applications
for dates, especially mm me west,
hnwerf a Urea tncreas ever last year
and a large number ot new ctubs hsve
applied for membership.
The numerous conflicts in dates and
other matters will require several days
to straighten out. and It was said after
sn allday session that the dates would
not he tn shape to maks pubile before
another week. A list ot about M contests
Is expected.
CHICAGO, March 11 The directors af
th Heater Golf aasoclatloa announced
today that no change would be made In
th date of the Western amateur gob.
clumpsoBBhlp tournament, which will ha
held at tho Denver Country dub the week
f July M. -
Owing to the change In the dsts of
the national amateur clumplanehip
matches, the western opes chamseonshtp
dates alao were changed te August S
aad S) at the Idlewtld Ceuatry dub,
rioseasoer. lit. te allow Herald H. Hil
ton, the British amateur champion, who
won the Americas tkle last year, to eom
pete. Tha new dau I only a few daya
prior to the national event at Wbeatoa,
DAVENPORT, la.. March tt-AprO S
la the date set for tt.s enaeacratloa of th
Rev. Austin DowUng a first bishop of
th Ruenaa Cathotle diocese ef Dee
Moines, according ts word received from
Provldenoa. R. L. by Bishop James
Darta of Davenport today. The eon
srerattoa will take plac ta tho cathedral
at Providence and Btshop Davis hi aakd
to assist at the ceremonies.
It yoa have anything to exchange. aeV
vsrtlx tt la The Bat Want Ad columns.
Women's New Shoes and Pumps, &9 CA
The kind that other stores sell for $4 and $3 "aaaaatalsni'maF
At this price we feature scores of new designs in tans, gnu metal.
Velvets, suedes, white bucks; also the new Colonial Slippers and Pumps.
The novelty 6.
Z-h8 No g-gr OMAHA
Venezuelan Folk
Give Knox Notable
Popular Welcome
CARACAS, Venezuela. March SL-tVlth
th capital In holiday attire. Philander
C. Knox, tha American secretary of
itate, arrived here at U:3a o'clock this
morning from La Guayra and was ac
corded the greateat popular welcome
given him during hla tour of tha Latin
American republics.
Today and tomorrow have been de
clared legal holidays In honor ot Mr.
Knox's visit and the city la profusely
decorated. When the American secretary
reached here, attended by Lino Duarte
Level, under secretary ef sute, he waa
greeted by the foreign minister. General
Manuel Matoa, and when he and his
party took carriages at the station thou
sands swarmed about the vehicles waving
flags, cheering and giving other Indica
tions of friendliness.
On th drive to th residence of the
prime minister. General Linares Alcan
tara, which had been selected for his
occupancy during his suy In Caracas,
Mr. Knox's eye everywhere met Inter
twined flags of the United Statea and
Venexuela, multi-colored buntings, tri
umphant arches, garland of flowwa and
ftiedalllon of Washington and Bolivar.
WASHINGTON, March SS.-Secretary
Knox today by wireless from the cruiser
Washington advised the State department
that th result which tt was hoped
would come from hi tour ot L'tin
America had been attained.
PARIS, March U.-J. Ferdinand Pog
genburg of New Tork, tha American
champion, today defeated Count da Dree
In the continuation ot th International
j amateur billiard tournament. Poggenburg
I scored too polnu to 123 by the Frenchman,
i At. Art us, a Frenchman, playing under
the name of Blanc, has made the best
(showing In the tournament to date, hav
ing won tltree games and lost one. Pog
renburg and the Belgian, N. Maura, an
tted for second place, each with two
games won and one loet.
StlmvlaU your business y advertising
In The Bee-1 he newspaper that reaches
all of the buyer.
. . JF -- ' I
. V . ' , I '
V . -v . v ..(. V f f
Nit - v 4
Mr. Hamer, who to republican candidate for state treasurer, is presi
dent of the American Safe Deposit Co. of Omaha ud Lincoln.
Special Sale
Shoes and
"Bart," Cartoonist,
Gives Exhibitions
Here Twice Monday
Charles Bartholomew, cartoonist on
the Minneapolis Journal, will give au
exhibition Monday evening at tha Toung
Women's Christian association of the
double art of chalk-talking.
The chalk-ulk calls for a double con
centration like the trick of rubbing one's
forehead herlsontally wtlh one hand while
rubbing one' face vertically with the
ether. It demands a double action ef
the will the crayon monologtst must
spur his head to keep pace with hla mind
and put the chock on his tongue to
go wtth his aeaca
Thla mental acrobatic feat ha been
the subject of study by Mr. Barthol
omew for many years. In summer he has
practiced m the woods near his summer
home at Lake Mlnnetonka and In winter
tn the basement ot hi city home. For
three years he has given chalk-talks
throughout the west.
Bart, aa ha Is better know by his
newspaper cartoons, Is a western product,
having been born In Charlton, la., and
graduated from the Iowa SUU college at
Ames. Since then he ha beea on the
Minneapolis Journal, aa reporter, editor
and cartoonist for over twenty year. His
political cartoons are familiar not only
to readers ef the Journal, but to readera
ef both the American aad European Re
view ot Review. Many ef his cartoons
hare been n produced tn The Bee.
He will alas give an address at th Uni
versity club Monday evening at a lunch
eon. Key to th situation Bo Advertising.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., March tt-Mrs.
Helen H. Brttton of Cleveland, owner of
the St. Louis National league base bell
team. Is hen today In consultation with
president Edward Sttlntnger and Man
ager Roger Bresnahan. In order that
women can buy base hall tickets In the
business center Mrs. Brttton arranged
for tha sale of tickets st a drug store
Instead of in a saloon aa baa been the