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    ift " - ' THE BEE: OMAHA, THUKSDAY, MARCH 21, 1912. - -
1 "
II.. ,vr v) ) y LAI y: v'
r . '""I f A?P4, D i J y a&H. Green Trading Stamps Given f j)
lj -r- , ViLtlJ. - .-J j U . With All Purchases- at .This Store.,.,. Jf .
Anniversay Sale of V omen's Neckwear
Lace Collars in crochet and Venise effects, lace trimmed
and embroidered Dutch Collar Sets, embroidered coat
sets, Queen Ann .collars; side effects, jabots, etc., in the
newest creations for spring-
two big lots worth to $1.
Anniversary Sale prices.
H 1
Soft Finished and Begular Finish
Here are all the wanted plain colorings in
desirable lengths that are perfect lJFfcc
is the regular selling price of these fine
chambrays, Anniversary
Sale price, per !jP
At 10c Yard.
We have prepared a wide assortment of
these popular and desirable Silk Stripe
Voiles in pretty shades, perfect goods
right from the'bolt these
regular 25o voiles, special,
rat a yard..,
10 c
25c Roman Stripe Tapestry Slips at 10c Ea.
These slips come in all of the now oriental designs, finished with tasseled corners
just ready for .the pillow. On sale Thursday in the Art Department.
, On Pages 9, 10, 11, 12 of This Paper.
Greatest Bargain Features in the History of Omaha
Aitoniihinf Mind Beading- Tuts of
An Indian GirL '
Hlladfelded See Beeete Aae Trm
. Claw. Heede Ward, Tell
lkm and. Deaerlhe
' r Ohieeta.
" la defiance ef Prof. Hugo Muneter
Jirg'S IMftlM that mental telepathy
does not sxlat, Lolo Chlnkpsva. a nw
tnen-year-oid Hiour Indian girt, I dally
performing mind-reading test which
.mm to show that ahe, at least, li sole
to dtrlne hat la In another person's
' Whether aha Inherited th Power of
mental suggestion from her Indian for.'
beara-ehe la a granddaughter of Chief
RaiB.hv4JM.rac. who fought wtth Bit
ting Ball at the battle of the Utile Big
Horn or developed It herself la not
known. She flret exhibited evidence
of her snucual mental power at the age
of 4 aad br eonetant practice bai de
veloped It antil today ah can do the
meat aetoundlng feau apparently by
mentrj suggestion.
With her featar father. J. U Cotton, a
former Indian- agent who adopted bar at
the death of bar parent, aha baa bean
appearing recently la the Percy William
ehata of theater about New Tork glrlng
exhibition of her power of mental sag-,
Tented' wr Experts.
While bar performance on the stag I
remarkable-blindfolded an can read all
the aarde or letter per footer father aa
lseta tree ecorea af persons . In the
snihwre It waa a private teat held In a
Hew Tor atftce building before a gather,
tog af azparta that really revealed her
remarkable ability.
Mind readlrf teats on the (tag are el
waya open to suspicion. Doeens of al
leged mind readara have been xpoed
gala aad again. Th part of thl.
dlta Ctrl' periormuca la which an
aboeta a cigar from th tneuth of bi
teeter father with a rifle when blind
folded and make other wonderful abet
without th aid of bar ye a -above
.uenitioa. bat aa audleatc Is entiuea to
doBbt her power of mind reading for the
raaaoa that the aaetboda ah employ are
' atmllar to thee nsed by
-mtad reader" who ara known t work
hr neaM of Bcrvata coda.
Vhen Cottas goea throagb. the. audi-
rnce aaklac for letter and earda and
Uiea Baking lola. wh I blindfolded on
tlia stage, to tett what is written
tan. It a quit peeeifc-1 for bla .ilea
tiona to tudioat what bar anawera ahauld
be. Vartoua "salad readeraT Bv as
DlsTed eodea auceeaafally.
Bat at tb prtrata teat which was
given to Lola aba told what waa wrutea
eo card and anralope .without having
anything epokea te bar.. Ja taiet. bcr
foatar father waa another room etnr--teg
aaass af the tests, and as they could
sot avea sea each otber any communica
tion other thaa through tranamiaatoa
wa lnuwealble.
Treteew luuaere.
After trading the name and addresat
a a dosea or more enralopea aad batter
which war shewn to Cotton In rapid
eweeaakoB a aha doe en the stage. Lai
'Jbmitted t tare tests which of
those pitetwt aeuid expiala.-
In readtng tk names oa the envelope
and cmrde Cottos asked her. after aeetng
dt one, what was wrhtea on taem.
Free Land hformation
The Twentieth Century Farmer, to meet the demand
of its readers for land information, has gathered and
compiled, data on Boili, climate1 and farming conditions .
In all parts of the country. It is willing to gire out this,
information, free- if postage is sent with inquiry.
Do You Want to Know
About government land laws, location of land of
fices, etc, . , '
How to get irrigation lands, location, of projects,
laws governing same, etc.
Best sections for fruit growing, general farming,
stock raising or dairying.
Your questions will get prompt attention. State
plainly and specifically what yon want to know. TTrite,
. Land Information Bureau
The Twentieth Century Farmer
Omaha, Nebraska
Introducing for the Fint Time Thurs
day Some New Style in
Women's Garments and
which arrived only yesterday. And, in
their respective departments, you will
find neckwear, hosiery, gloves, shoes
and other accessories in the, proper
styles ana colorings xo maicu any
AAcinmA v-rvi. ma xr ca1fvt x
Our Spring Fashion
"Z Review is Exclusive
la that no ordinary styles arc ihown-nono
bnt corract, smart. UlBtlncUro models can
find s Dlac in this store.. It Is also in
clusive, for nothing the world ot fashion,
demands is misting. Yon and your friends are
Invtted to inspect the wonderful assortments at
your earliest convenience.
Drtttet for Confirmation Wear
. Beautiful low and high-neck styles with i!
three-quarter length sleeves ot fine quality
lingerie materials. They're handsomely fin
ished with cluny or marram laces and will com
pare favorably with lingerie dresses selling inf
many estaDUsnments lor as mucn-as t lo.uu.,
We price them 9. 5. ' ' :
Foulard and serge drraees tor womm and
misses are shown In great variety of the choicest
spring and early summer models. Side effects,
high end low . necks, plain tailored and tasty
novelty styles. $15.00 buys fine model but
there are other dresses at both lower and higher
prices so all purses may be suited. - ( (
,i tl
8" !
New Wash Suits for the
Little Fellows Have Arrived
nd we know many mothers will be specially inter
ested in me snowing, we think It Is quite the fin
est line of wash suits we have ever had, being
widely varied In materials, colorings and trimming
schemes. -
Thtrt are Ruttlan and tailor bloas
ttyUt with military or Bailor cotton.
New idea embodied in tht making. ,
The mothers who are in the habit of making these
suits will find It more economical and satisfactory to
bny them at this store. Present nrlcee becln at a
dollar aad range up to 13.60 according to the material
and finishing.
There Is a a mail lot of boys' spring salts, worth up
to $4.00, to be closed out Thursday at $2.39 for your
choice. Rare bargains if we can fit your boy.-
"Little Tntlor" rompers-the best made-50c) the
garment for ages one to lx years.
Larger Grocery Specials for Thursday
at I I In
Bennett's Capitol flour
special offer of a ear.
for 1JS
1-pound ran Benoett'a
Hreakfat coffee and
40 atamp SSe
Assorted tea. and
alainpa, lb. ,i an
Tea slf tings and IS
stamp, lb. 15
U-lh. can pur pepper
and I stamps 10
Vsn Houtea's cocoa and
k tan.v. can ... lee
Full cream cheese and
, 1 stamps, lb. ' aa
1-lh. can Bennett's Cspl
. tol baking powder and
te stamps
cans Cottag milk and
iv atauip ......
( bar CryMal While
soap and It atamp as
Onion aalt and I atamp.
haul for ........ la
Bin Label cataup and
1 aump, bottle Sve
IMnt can rYanco-Amerl-
can aoupa, assorted,
for II
Dill pickle and I
-stamps, bottle ...110
Snider' chile sauc and
i atamp, battle . so
Pint can Oalllard'a ollr
ou specially priced. 40
Cleaned currant ant 10
stamp, lb. 11
Tegwtsal aad . riower
Seed ef Ail aUads,
" SW
Walker hot tamale
and It tamp. can la
tlH) Jar Blahop'a frultate
"T at.
Large can Snider's pork
and beans - and i
stampa ftir ........SO
I tana Kvergreea sorn
i . a tain we
Mb. pkg. Dewey Cleans
er or Compound and
20 etampe see
10 bare "eat-TBm-A.U"
oeap for s
Pour cakea Dutch Roee
or Violet toilet aoap
for as
Hoyc before the moving season
You will have a -much better se
lection of offices now than it you
wait until the
1st of April,
or the 1st of
When choos- ; a"
building, the pol
icy and organi-1
zation of which
have, been tried
and never. found''
,wanting. It takes years to develop "service" and a ;
seasoned organization in an office building. A build-.,
ing which is kept in constant repair never grows old
Select a buUding, the location ot which to known- not'
, only , to everyone here, but to everyone, who has ever been
In Omaha. .. .. - ' . . . ' V
The best "service," the building that is kept .in
. the best repair, and the best known office building '
in Omaha is . , ' . . '
There are only eight offices vacant today,
- but among them ore some very choice ones:
i i
fteceotlon Room, nrtvate office, two hire closet, tars
workroom with two north window. Ideal office for engineer,
architect doctor or other profeealnil man. Keotal per
month. ......... ,9iMa
Ota Thl la a long narrow room, 10zlf. harm if a north
light, bental, par month --.
eoo In 11-OTl In alae. located oa th court. cIsm te eky - i.
light, thus Baying excellent natural light. - Tb space cool
ha divided so as to mas two Very pleasant rooms. Price,
per month ........u.....a374d
S90 Office in th northwest corner, having four large win
dow A fireproof vault for th protection of valuable sapor
Is much in demand and la afforded In this room. There la a
total of ISO aquar feet or floor apace ana aona wouia a
. aqoippoa with partltlooa to satisfy good tanaat. The rental 1
price la per month MwnuNMI
The Bee Building Co.
Bee Business Office 17th and fantam Sts
tSM Faroaai fit, fffwja, Pbon Doug. 1TSO.
PUtia $2.00 lp
Extracting Met p
rulings .... ....60c l
Crowns g'AJM Dp
Brldgework . . . sa.60 1
, v I v I a rvA
a Tear 4uu Ofrlee
Mlaalag Teeth supplied
without Plates or Bridge,
work. . Verves rrnaovwl
without paia. Work gnsr
aateed tea years.
was tb suspicion that the Inflection of
hla vole or a signal of soma sort en
abled bar te do It. despite th fact that
she waa hUndfoMod.
At th (uggostloa of th writer Cot lot
went Into an adjoining room, where It
was tmposslbl for him te -see Lola or
be en by bar. Several envelope, cards
aad other art 1c lee were bowa to bins by
Ua writer, and Inuaediately after each
on Vaa seen by htm be asked "What
have I 1b my hand?" And Lolo waa able
te tall Una correctly. Thus signal
were unpoaslbla,
A teat was then made without asking
say questions of Lolo. Kaveiopes bear
ing address war shows to Cotton, He
ooacentrated Ml mind on them, and with
out addi mlng a word te her ah read
what was writtna oa them. '
To eatabllah this absolutely th writer
scribbled the word "Alboquero,ije" ea a
trip of paper and handed it te Cottoa.
"What did I writ on the paperr tb
writer aad not Cotton asked.
jui-uquunue," said Low without a
atoaunrs hesitation): There seemed Be
deoM 'tbat aha had read what waa hi
her foster father' salad,
On of th men present at th test had
a erudftx and It was placed la Cotton's
hand, walla Lolo waa still MiadfoMed.
-What has he la his hand?- arked the
writer. - . . , , . j-: I
"A cross,' answered Lola,
- -No." aald the writer.
"A crucifix I should bar said," she
answered. .
BJawt EHftlralt resit.
Her foster father considers bar ability
te shoot aacvreteiy whee blindfolded the
most difficult thlaa aha does.
Sh doe not only (hoot at a target.
tut she snuffs out a candle which ta held
and alao ahooU a pier of candy which
a hoMa between hla finger. .
8h la aa lndlftrat abot with bar era
open, but eh claims ah I able to abewt
accurately wbea her eyea ara ctoasd. be
ts use she can read her faster fat faerie
mind exactly where to aim. Nsver has
she nilssed a shot while blindfolded.
The strain of "mind reeding" for bai:
an hour usually Urea her out, hut In
very reapar-t Lolo In a normal, healthy
girl. 6h dor not pretend te forteU the
fature. Nor Is ah ckUrvDyant
' AU ah el alma to do Is te read bar
taster father's mind. New Tork World,
Bawwee ef FaaaUhed Banal Attack
GraearOee ta W
Mad desperate by hunger, horde of
femlsbed. jaokrabbtr are raiding the
farm yard and feed lota oa
Kansas reaches, according ta
from that aeetloa of th state, and rob
bing cattle aad -ether Hv stock ef their
Deprrre of their, usaal toad by the
deep snow which cover that section ef
the" state, th -rabbits Inrad the farms
and granaries and cause great lose to
th ranchmen. Where eon has b
left ta th shock, or where hay aa been
stacked, the little aalmals eeearregate by
thowanda aad. la their desperate stralta
eat thousands of dollars worth ef grain
aad other teed that la gr-atiy needed by
the fanners for their tcfe ' -
8 nanatrou are ta rabbits that tt Is
Impossible for the farmers te protect
themeelve from them. Thousands ef
th -I'm1 bar beea killed and asany
WB know we selt th BK8T hoe for IJ.C9. and aa an extra Induce
ment to yon to try ON IS pair, on Thursday of thl week, w aiva
you absolutely FREE a pair of tie hoe with each pair of our
Harold Baueri
" The Great Pianist )
Will tJse the -V 2 J -
Mason & Hamlin V (.
the Straidivarius of
Piano, at the Lyric
Theater, Friday
Evening, March 22.
1513 15 Douglas Street. Western Eepresentative.
Have You Read the Want Ads Yet Today? , u
You Will Find Most Interesting Beading on the
Want Ad Pages. t
glVen our most prompt attention.
Hend In -your photo drawing,
waterr lnrs, -etc., to he framed.
We handle everything with . In
greateet of rare. Write for .our
price IipI en framing
na ovtl sfouxciira a ax oo.
11 Hewer Osasa, ee-
ration, hut' there appear te be 'little
diminution la their hum her.
gome farmers report that tlia raoom
have tovaded bog pens and by sheer
tone ot aumbera driven the hogs away
from their toed, on fanner whoa repu
t.iiM re truth sad veracity I aood.
raportlng that be saw a drove of rab
bits Inrad hi hog pen. take ear of
cor In tbetr Jaw and leap hack ever th
fence and retreat ta a aafe distance ta
devour their am.
freak Wlnetow, a ranchman la Hodge
man eounty, also said that ha had ssen
rabbits tnvad th hog lots and grab
oera out of th mouth of the nogs.
-Si ery day since the Big snow. - air.
wfinelow said, "the ranch hands hav
- uiu a bunch of cattle la tb
feed lata, hat they reported that the
stock appeared t he hungry all the tiros
and appeared t be growing weaker and
thinner. I and aa meastlgatMB aad
found that aa eooa as the aaaea wouia
get the feed dumped a the ground aad
leere for Ur fields that hordes ef
jackrabhlu woeld ruah pon tb feed
ad deveur !t."-Kans aty Star.
Key te the-i tusUca Bee AdrerUslBg-
The Sho Without a Hurt
Xamlag the Bey. ;
Old- Jam. gardener aad reneral
aa rs-t every saiaa correctly, but thcr by her faster tatber tienty 7rdj away.ihoufasda of tbca bar died from star.
. umniiuM oa dar hr a
hnsht-looking lad I or year old.
I thl your oyr- asseu. -
-v w k Am laet one I got.
ua Junior, mur wuffleea niraer. ssek
roe maanara or ee biii'wm.
"Juator." 2 ootnmented. - 'aa he st
named aftr year .
Nsweuh.- ta aia maa nvue
Indignantly: -a atn' nam fur ase!
u um. Jtmiho. wbar my mammy gtt
oufn the Bible. Ia ayar Chile i nam
Junior cue h waa kora la June. KF-
IpuMott s alint'ne.
Foot-comfort from the
day you bay 1 your first
pair is the experience of .
every wearer T of Eanan
The man or woman who
id shoe-wise wears Hanan
Shoes. They have found
from experience that for
style, comfort and wearing
qualities the Hanan Shot
is the peer f all shoes.
For Men or Women
1419 Farnam Street
"BEIT The whole picture spectacle ta sphmdld, the coloring of tb
vlear so vivid and beautiful that many people uttered exclamations ef
commemtattdh. . - ,
"NKW8" wenes of magnificence In Klnediacolor Durbar. . ,
.'WORLD-HERALD' The audience was Impressed - aa much by the
instructive and educational features as by the brilliancy of hues and spec
tacular aplendor.' .
... nxcxa, as ajts so. -
The Orphean Road Show
r.rriT1iiV URTIV RpTK
Mat. Snry Bay Sila, Bvary Bight 8:11.
tmht r'alac liirls; Ulmon de Beryl;
un-r imM Thieees:- Rar Hsmuels:
Rchenck a Van. Cunnlghan Jk "rlon:
Kremka nromera " .
. in, at - - -" a&e. IS,
ospt aatasday aad Baaday.
rhene. Dong. ; End. A-144-
American Theater
Toalght, state. Tnea, Ihara, i Bat.
lv.Ih.. - V
. and the
OMO. stL COKAK S araslcal Comedy
4S aOsTffVBa IrMM BBOAv. 11"
p,it Week Th Fidom of Basanne
KRUG iHhlAiivK
a. Today, aoa. ' sngat, a-aa.
leetdag Ttessr Walker, aTsriasei
if BOX atokaff, Boaasstaa Chasm pioa.
P ' . II
ta a Blew Orlgiaal Oeaaedy
sTWht, as a. saeA, SSa s SI J
Friday Eveaiiig, March 23
rxm rxxwairr riArar
Beste ea Sale at tb Owl Drag Compaay
i oiiRiiw uwttUK JACKS
'Ruby loni A stolli Williams: Three
, Heuraans: La Dense D1 Enticement- wil
; Hams A Brooks: The Beau Brummaul
i Big Beauty Chorus. -Iteatee
Sdate KaUaee Xvary Weak Bay.