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A LI Wednesday J nesday 1
" li inursaay inursaay g
W Informal Opening g
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' : Kifl lit ' ii
The public interest in Brandeu Stores 30th Anniversary Sale increases every day! AC
entmui&auc! mnaiia nas
w m.. i : - r 1 1 m.. .nt. u
never witnessed sucn a celebration and no store m America ever conauciea bjc
Every day's special bargains are fresh evidences of the power of Brandeis per-
fected bavin? oreanization. Here are Wednesday's events: J
1 Zjvery oay s special oargains are iresa eviucm
Z fected baying organization. Here are Wednesday
75c All Wool Challies at 29c a Yard
; AVe have just received it shipment of. So yards of All Aool JtYench UiaUie f, 5
epecialy for Anniversary AVeek,' It is an. excellent quality and comes in the newest (,
patterns and colors for spring. Included are the new bordered effects, Persians, Bui- (
garian, Chinese and Egyptian patterns, allover designs, dots, stripes, $ 4
. rings and pretty border designs very desirable for Dress Kimonos, Jf ' ?
Children's Dresses, etc. gj i
Regularly worth 75c, on Bargain Square while they last, at per yard (
if Yemen's Fine Embd.Unmade Robes Ea.
Made of beautiful Swiss, Batiste, Voile and Unen raoncs in tne newest pauenis auu
combinations for spring some allover embroidered, others with deep Q
embroidered flouncings, in white, blue, linen, etc. worth up to 2 I M i
$3.00, Anniversary sale price, each
25c Galcy & Lord Wo?cn -Iladras at 7c a Yard
Here are woven Madras Cloths that are made into shirts and waists that retail at
$2.00, $3.00 and $4.00 each. The large range of patterns in light, medium and dark,
colorings are a pleasure to select from Here is a bargain that will be I
remembered. Wednesday from the' original Gatey & Lord bolts 2C
Anniversary Sale" price, jer yard
3.00 Solid Gold Cuff Unit with filled poaU. The ,
r A Rood, hry link and come In linry doalcn
and plain tgnaia for moaocram. Aoqlvrar7
Sale price; a pair 931.49
$1.60 Solid Gold Tie Claapi all atylea tuth An
nlvcrmarr Hale price !! J. 19
$i.00 Solid Oold Cuff Link, vwj heavy algnrla lor
00 Solid Gold Lapet Cbalna new. apring atylra
la fancy llnki and -ropee fancy and plain buttona
for engraving AnnWersary Sale price. -S3.49
$S. 60 Solid Oold Cigar Cutter, a large heavy cut
ter In beautiful design Annlrerasrjr Sale price,
Any wild gold Baby Ring In atock; worth up to
11.60; apeclal at , 69
$3.60 Solid Gold Cigar Cutter Anntrary Sale
prlc S2.19
$.00 and $$.00 Solid Oold Fob with allk ribbon In
buckle effecta, alao with charm wonderful val
uta at tbla Annlvertary Sale price of .$2.49
$10.00 and $12.00 Solid Gold rob with large,
heavy lock or charm exceptional bargain for.
the Annlrereary- Sale, at .SJ4.08
$3.00 Solid Cold Link, aet with' chip diamond.
apeclal at SI. 98
Uroochee, Locketa, BUrk Pin, etc., at aboat
Owe-half Off.
$13.60 Diamond and real Ptarl Sunburst Anni
versary 81 price , 87.50
$10.00 Diamond and real Peart Sunburst Anni
versary Sale prle S6.08
flt.St Diamond Broocuea, special at ....(9.98
There are different atylea In thl lot large dia
mond and real pearl sunbursts, fancy heads aet
with genuine diamond and real stone.
1.00 Solid Gold Locket, aet with genuine Dia
mond at S6.9S
$13.00 Solid Gold Lockets, set with genuine dia
mond at S8.98
$17.60 Bolld Oold Locket, aet with genuine dla
mend at . S9.93
$20.00 Solid Oold Locketa, aet with genuine dia
monds at i S12.98
$S.t0 and $4.00 Solid Gold Ladle' Rings, set with
ruby, emerald, aapphlre and all color stone
Annlrereary Sal price 81.50
$0.00 and $10.00 Solid Gold La Valllerea and
Pendant Necklaces, big bargains at ....$5.00
$1.60 Solid Oold Stick Pint with all color atones,
at ........ ROe
$3.00 and $5.00 Solid Gold Stick Pint aet with gen
uine turquoise, real amethyst, real to par, real Jale
and real pearls, at , $1,49
See Brudeis Stores Big Special Ad ca Pi.e 4
Lace Dyeing
No matter bow fine's piece
of lace yon may have you can
safely trust it to u.
W dye lace and trimming
to match your goods. If you
cannot buy the shads of trim
mings yon want for your dree.
boy white or cream color, anu
w will dye It the ahade you
desire and guarantee a perfect
Jt Will Cost Yon from f 1.00
ta S1.SO.
We have been doing good
Dyeing and Cleaning In Omaha
for the put fifteen years, ana
today w have the largest plant
and do the biggest business ot
any Cleaning establishment lu
Nebraska or Iowa.
Out ot town bosUeas re
ceive prompt attention.
UoodGuajiers AMD Dyep V
1513-17 JONES ST.
We announce with pleasure that
Mr. Luciuc Pryor
bus again taken charge of our sheet uiusio department
The service that made a recent change of management
necessary will now be a thing tjf the past.'
Jo More Long Waits for Ucsic '
Trompt, intelligent service like you used to receive,
when this department was under Mr. Pryor's former
management. ' ' .
Mr. Pryor will enjoy seeing all his professional and
amateur musical friends again at this department.
"We will make a specialty of procuring unusual and
imported editions which remain a "sealed chapter" to
amateur and inexperienced musical managers,
Largest Sheet Music Department in the West'
Recent heavy buying has placed it on a par with anyf
metropolitan music bouse.
1513-1515 Douglas St. ,
Omaha Italian Social cmn, with etv.
esty-ftvw charter members, was formed
at a meet Ins m Cuitln hall. EM&teeotn
and Harney streets, Sunday afternoon,
and permanent officer sa follows were
elected: 8. Ralerno, president: Joseph ft.
.lAcns. vice president:- BUrH rsrrnro.
'eecretarjr; Toey Costanso. treasurer. -;
The etab's object is to make Omaha
.Italians better acquainted with each other
tr fraternel suetlnas and other est lal
enterulnments. -Any Italian off good
-et&odln ta the community may secure
.membership la the club, provided be is a
OUsen of the Vetted State. ffoe who
tmply soioarn -brfe ;nd still dne'al
iectaaee to luly cannot belong.
Secular meetings wUl be held every
: Sunday aiternooa at I e'dork in Curtb)
"ban. -
. Tor" Kansas Fair Sunday; Monday fair
and somewhat colder. ; -
N these days it is not hard ta
find a desirable Boarding House,
because all that is necessary is' to
turn to the Want Ad Pages of The
Bee, and there will be found a list of
many 'of Omaha's , best Boarding
Houses See TODAY'S Want Ads.
. The past two days you have been enjoy-
inp the new goods we have presented for
your inspection from the various
departments; reveling in their
beauty, realizing more fully the
position this store holds in
Omaha and the entire Middle
West as an authoritative style
For Wednesday we wish to
direct your attention more par
tlcularly to the women ready-to-wear
store la which yoa will
Saitt at $19.50 to $59.50.
Coat at $12.50 to $35.
Drt at $7.50 to $50.
Lingerie and Tailored
Wautt at $1 to $15.
Silk, Net and Chiffon
Waitttat $3.95 to $25.
e-ocA prica rtpr$nting
tht maximum of valat-
giving and thorough
good ttyla.
All eia'ferated feature have
been entirely eliminated In our
adaptation, while the simplic
ity and sraoefil outlines to
which the styles, rightly Inter
preted.' lend themselves so
charmingly have been emphasised; making
our spring exhibition of spring and sum
mer apparel one every woman will find a
personal Interest in.
Dress Accessories
You will also find the very beat and
choicest furntahlnga for women In style
and coloring to match any costume or
dree scheme madams may have In mind
neckwear, hosiery, gloves, veilings, shoe,
etc.; all, a fairly priced as the quality
warrant. ,
And There Are Yard Goods, Too
Representing the best afforded from the
n.t reputable looms of the country. Painty
nil Roods, delicate silks, sturdy wool sonde;
each with Its own peculsr mlulon to perform.
You will enjoy every minute spent In examin
ing these beautiful new fabrics.
'It's Time You Were Thinking
Seriously of a New Corset
Every woman knowa that It la necessary to have'
new and correctly abaped and fitted corset before
purchasing a new gown-else the garment may require
unnecessary alteration and it beautiful line be
polled. Bnt It 1 more necessary this season than
ever before for the new models accentuate the na
tural figure lines and In order to properly preserve
tbem you must have a corset designed for the sea
son and fitted by an expert corsetlere. .
Varloua lines at thla atore, priced up to $26.
A Cortet Special for Wednesday
FOUR DISTINCT MODELS, that regularly aell at
$1.15. Wednesday only. 79. Made of batiste and
coutll In the medium bust style tht will be most In
demand. Have hip confinera, extra long aklrt, hose
supporter nd non-rustable boning.
Wednesday only, $1.25 values, 79c.
25 Peerless Vacuum Cleaners to be Disposed
of Wednesday at
Less Than the Wholesale Prices
Th Peerless vacuum cleaner have long borne the reputation ot
being one of the beat of the kind on the market and the reduced price
re only because we wish to reduce the stock to sample line at once.
We will demonstrate them for you and show you how to operate
and car for them. In addition to doing the work better, they will
save yon many hour of hard back-breaking labor. Investigate.
$15 Peerless Vacuum Cleaners, $7.50.
$25 Vacuum Cleaner of the Regina Type, $12.50. '
$85 Portable Electric Cleaners, for Hotel or Room
ing House Use, $49.95. 1
$60 House Size Portable Electric Cleaner, $35.
$45 Portable Electric Cleaner, Slightly Shop Worn, .
Wednesday $14.95.
' Notion Bargains for
Wednesday Only
tr bolts blank aunsrtse skirl
braUs, flee yards to the bolt.
Wnlueeday. 1 bolts for s
Black or whit darning eettoa, a
spoils for e
se box smalt ) Bins Is
sc nickel plated eafsty ptas, all
elsea. I cards for Se
Women's nnd children's ISe pin
en hose enppoitsss In all colore,
nair for an
tic pa. Unen tape In fire differ-.
ent widths v.ioe
Chinese Ironing wan 1
znameiea ware pale
One lot of four-coated Irory
ware of an extra heavv quality,
roneietlnK of (4-iuait UppeJ
eauie pans, t&-iiart prsaerrlnK
kettles: !, a and 4 -quart pudding
pans; larse nit wanh baxlna. 10
Inch etra deep pte pans, Ion and
handled dippers, quart cups, etc
Wednesday only
Up to 35c f C
a mnnmoi rom wiinisiT omr
It Iba iranulated sugar , I .IS
t can Evergreen corn .... .10
1 can Knrly June pee . .10
J-lb. enn a C baking powder .3
Kettle B. C. extract 18
pint can OnUUrd e ollv oil 4
Walker's hot tamales
sad Is atamps. can lie
Vegetable and newer
eeeds ef all kteaa, at,
pacitagt ... H
Candled peel, asyorte
end 1 stamps. In. Us
pint can Frsnce-Amerl-
cna soup, ansorted.
at JS
Four cakes Dutch R;e
toilet op
cakes Klactrtc 8park
soap and, t atmpa.
full cream cheese snd
IS stamp, lb. ....ass
Blus liable catsup and
tie stamps.
Dill pickles and 1
stamps, bottle ....10a
Snider's ehile asucs snd
1 stamps, bottle
1 -1 e s n Bennett's
Breskfaat coffe and 40 for aa
Assorted teas and i
stamps, lb. see
Tea sifting and IS
stamps. lb Is
U-'e. can pure pepper
and s stamps loo
cans Cottage milk and
IS stsmps for ....SSs
La nee can Snider" pork
and beans and 2
stamps for aoo
Another Car of Redlands Oranges
Ready for Yoa Wednesday
Alwaya fresh and good-firm, yet tender;
richest flavor, Juiciest and 'best oranges grown.
To will agree with na they are the beat or
ange yoa have ever bought at 1 Sc. 20c, J 5c,
30c and 35c the doxen, according to the alae
and grading.
i. J , fTesb. rhnbarb. 2 lb, for 25t
B4uarta asparagus BIack Walnnt. peek o-l
ss:...i..rrsirst, ib. tor gj
Meat Bargains for Wednesday Only
Choice Pot Roast ....8V1C I Lamb Stew, 6 lbs. for 25c
Country Sausage 10c J Lamb Chops-....... t. 10c
Informal Opening
A Display of Imported and Domestic Designs
'in Spring Millinery That Witt Surpass
Any Ever Attempted in Omaha.
Bewitching creations from the workrooms of the
best makers in the world.. ,. , .
i . '
Designs from our own workrooms that we're
proud to show with the best.
, 4
Right Styles and Right Prices. - Your
Money Bach If Yoa Can Duplicate Value
We do not claim to know ecerytning-, kmt we Jo lutmm that yu 'I
find big sseitmenrs ens' fossesf prices at Omakn right A ere. '
Pattern Hats, $25 to $125.00.
High Class Street Hats, $5 to $13.
English Walking Hats & Sailors, $1.25 to $7.50.
Wt guarantee Wu7ow Plumt as moO as eoeryfnutg- ebe we e&
Si Si ss aavna wna wav a. av -
iaazzHIIVIIE- Mirflivc mi
Beys' Blsass
Waits II Tallies
In black sateens,
madrss. percale,
etc., all colors, all
perfect, on sale
at e
Oklldrss-s Wash
' Salts 1 1 tsIups,
plsin colors. fi-i
ures snd stripes,'
all sixes t to 1
years, en sals
ehlldrsss Wash
tanu "Hydea-rado
brand, stripes snd
plain colors, new
spring styles, 'on
sale Wednesday
$3.00 Nemo Corsets for Slender Figures All sises 18 -lot
. 24 while they last in ednesday's sale at, Q
; tf a
New Long Hip Dorset with draw
tape, extra klrt hook and 4
to t garter; $1.06 ACkt.'
values, Wednesday. ... X7 C
$1.60 Corset All standard
makes, die 18 to 80, new mod
el but broken line,
t 88 ! .......
Domestic Room Specials
J0 Bed Hpreads fl.25 yslues
Yard wide fine half bleached Muslin, Ulo vslusf...
Lrfinsdals Can.brlv the regular lie grade
Amaaanaltte 7zx00 Rheeta regular Sse ealus
Kelvedere SlxtO theta, regular 6c value ........
sterling, regular tltoc Pillow Slips 4xl( .
Blackatone, the beet unbleached Muslin, mads,. liUc value -.PWs
bleached Tiirklsl Towels, ralus lie ; loo
No. I wo Brown Linen Crash, regular He value H
Ked Beat (iinghams and Tell du Word Dress Ulnghams, regular l!So
goods, on sale at THe
Fllk mixed remnant, tie values ,.MHs
White goods that sold st lsc, lie and itc, yard .....10
St A. XL I case of Hope bleached , .. S,s
At 10 ISO I caao of il.00 Bheeta, li0. beet made, at .fr...7S
At I P. XL 1 car of Ttr bleached Muslin at a,s
At 4 F. St. 1 case of 11.16 large, heavy Med Spreads, full slxs ... .Te
High Grade Wash
Goods Sale
15c French Fntlste, fins colors,
at a
lta Psumatua, fine line of rot
ors aio
lso snd lie Dlmllles on sale
at "H
Trench Organdlea, tio values
at le
40-in. French side band Batiste
ftj 3fts
(0 different lines of fine spring
jvh novelties now opened up.
st lme, l&o, ISo, sas, e
and . , , POs
At A. M. I cane of llc
printed Batiste. 10 yards limit,
at, yard
Wednesday's Specials in
Our White Goods Pept
Sheer Victoria Lawns, full JO
inches wide, worth J 5c per
yrd, at ........ ;...5
Full bleached - pure ' Linen
Walitlnga, worth J 5 a yd.,
Wide Wale Bedford Cord
and Pique, worth 75c per
yard, at....... 39
Dotted Swisses and liadraa
checked and striped, worth
SOe a yard, at -25c
Spend your noon hour hearing -
Grand Opera t Victrola Parlors
Free concert every day 12 M. to 1:30 P. M.
Extra in Our Hardware Dept.
Wednesday we are going to put on another one of our famous
broom sale. Wo have just 200 doien left out of our car. We are
going to sell these same tOc brooms for lie for Wednesday only.
Yon had better get these while they last a It wtll be roar Isst
chance to get such a bargain. Watch our ad for Saturday' bargain.
Trade at Xaydenw and Mtim right
the Srusv
IS lbs beet granulated sVvar gl.O
IS bar iAinox. Beat 'Km All yf Dia
mond 4 soap S&o
Keltogg's Toasted Rice Flakes, g
st .
li-os. eats Condersed Milk .'....
1-lb. caita Pork and Beans ......Sin
E. C. Vrn tlakes. f kg. .H
Grape Nut. rA- loo
14-a peg. beat domestic Mscaroil
st . THe
48-lb. saAs beat hlgli grade DiamonJ
H Klour. nothing like it.
per each $1.83
1-lb. cans assorted soups 7
Gallon cans Golden Table Synip 3So
I-lb. cans fsncy TaMs Apricots, Pears
nnd sliced Peaches. In nesvy ay run.
per can te
OH or Mustard Sardines, ran Se
100-lb. ssckn Oyster Shells, tor
chickens .....S
IS lbs best mixed Chick eed ..
pint botUes Canadian Maple Sugar
Svrup lae
Sllieco Scocrlng soap. pkg. like
aapollo ; '
The best Tea Siftlnga. lb.
The beet Santos Coffee, lb. SSe
Bpsolal Sale Soda Crashers. -Thrss
are packed in boxss cooiaitng
lbs. beat selected Soda emitt
ers, hlglet amils, special sale
Wire, pr box . . . .
attar. Eggs and Battwrtae'apseiala.
,iJ'iKCMwr Bu"r. carton i
Ths best country creamery ' b'i
The best dslry Butter, lb. . - . 17.
Iba, good Butterine . laso
2 Iba. Table Butterine .... ..' Z
The beit fresh eggs, per doaen'aae
The Trait an WegetakJa atark .
Osaka. ?
1 f,r.K i.e i...
1 bunches fresh hothouse radishan
3 green peppers
California pieplant, lb. '
rancy eaulirionsr. lb.
New poutoes Sa. ....
California aeparajrna, lh.
Kancy ripe tomatoes, lb.' II
Long sulks celery ......
large soup hunches ... in.
Freeh beets, carrots or . VurWlpT
F4ih miaaeh. nwi "
Fresh wax or grre. hiana! ' ik" Jo!
j 1 bunches fresh paraier
Try HAYDEN'S First